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Celebrate the holidays with this festive Mat workout from Meredith Rogers. Meredith once again provides variety to your Mat routine by incorporating the Overball into the exercises. You'll experience exercises like Saw, Helicopter, Balance Control, Rollover, and Knee Stretches - all with the added challenge of the Overball. Happy Holidays from Meredith and Pilates Anytime!
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Dec 25, 2013
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It's time for the annual holiday. Santa's class. I don't think it's actually a Sante class. We're just going to wear a Santa hats and do [inaudible]. So here it goes. It's dedicated to canvas because she is the person who makes sure that we organize the Sans Class every year. And also my lovely friend Lisa, who suggested that we use the book. So that's what we're going to do. We're going to sit, so separate your feet parallel to one another and line them up with your sitting bones. And then we're just going to place the ball in the insides of the thighs.

Reach your hands behind your thighs and lift your spine and close your eyes. So as you sit for just a moment, feel that the spine is lightly reaching upwards and the rest of the bones of the body, the shoulder blades, the pelvis, just heavy on the mat. Just taking a moment, breathing in and breathing out to let go of whatever else is in your world at the holidays, which is a lot, I'm sure, and to ease into your breath and to ease into your body. And when you're ready, open your eyes and breathe in, and as you breathe out, curl through the spine, so press into the ball as you roll backwards. We're just going to keep the shoulders over the pelvis for now and then ran left pressing into the ball as we rise to the spine. Inhale, exhale. Press into the ball. Draw deeply back through the center of your body. Round the spy, and inhale, lift up an exhale, draw backwards, and inhale lift. We're going to go for a little further this time. Exhale, draw backwards, continue to present to the ball.

I'll allow the arms to start to straighten and reach your body down. Find your pillow back on the mat. Let go. Take your arms on, open your arms out, reach forward. Inhale and exhale. Roll. Seems a little strange to be wearing a Santa. Had 75 degree weather and the sun. That's okay. Inhale, exhale, curl. The spine.

Press in could be worse, right? We're all backward, all the way in your reach. The arms up. Try to go behind you without losing your curl. Take the arms around to the side and forward and roll up. Find the backsides of your legs and lift your spine up in here. Let me go one more time. Exhale to round the spine. Continue rounding the spine down towards the Mat.

Let go when you can reach out, reach around, reach forward and roll out this time. Don't hold your legs. Simply lift your back. Rotate your body towards me. Both hands. Face this way. Exhale. Roll the spine down onto the mat. Press the feet down into the mat and press into the ball. Inhale, come across the center of the body. Exhale, roll up all the way. Lift all the way up tall and unwind and inhale as you rotate the opposite direction. Exhale as you round your spine down.

Inhale as you come through the center of yourself across to the other side, and exhale to lift up, reaching all the way and then unwind. One more time, reaching across. Exhale, press the feet down and press into the ball. Feel the center of the body strong as you turn. Roll up the opposite side and center and last time like that. Inhale and exhale rolling down.

So feeling that powerful contraction through the old leaks. Rolling, lifting and center. Turn your palms to face down. Nope. Keep them facing in. We're going to roll down, we're gonna do one more thing here. So just stay right at the low back. Take just the right arm out to the side. Out to the side. Yeah, and back. And just the left arm out to the side. So you feel just by moving the arm, we'll go again, right arm out to the side. You can hold on with your other arm if you need to.

Left arm out to the side and back and roll that. So just by moving the arm middle, changing the center of gravity you feel that worked through the center and come down again. We're gonna make it a little bigger here. So finding the low back, we're going to reach the arm closest to me. Open twist, look back at it and center. Other arm, open twist. Look back and center. One more time. Only. Open twist. Reach the opposite arm forward and center opens with look back and central holds center. Slide your feet in. Reach them all the way in until you can touch yourself on your ankles and put your head down on the mat.

So we move into the pelvic crow. We're pressing our arms down the sides of our body, pressing the feet into the ground. We're going to hollow out through, roll through the spine, reaching a feet pressed down, hips, press up, arms reach long. Inhale, exhale. As you slowly start rolling down, feeling the chest draw, feeling the backsides of the ribs manipulating your spine, using the front of your body. Reach all the way down through the pelvis. Xcel flatten the spine. Start Curling your spine. Reach the knees out over the feet.

So try to line the knees up with just over the ankle joints in here and exhale as we roll down all the way and inhale and exhale. As we roll out, we're going to hold at the top here. Keep the right leg on the floor, press into the ball with both legs and straighten the left leg. Inhale, bend the left knee. Put their left foot down. Exhale, straighten the right leg and switch. Try as you work from side to side, not to let the pelvis drop. And notice if you're shifting from side to side on your upper body and one more and down and last time on the other side and down and breathe in and just round through this. Fine. Roll it all the way down.

Dropped the pelvis all the way. Inhale, exhale to roll back up. Pause there. So we're going to keep the body in a neutral position now and it's a straight light. We're going to drop the whole body back into the mat and one piece and we're going to lift the whole body. I take the whole body down one piece and lift up. So just notice as you're going down with your pelvis that you're not thrusting the ribs forward and same as you lift up.

So the ribs are heavy as the pelvis comes down and they drop below the pelvis as the pelvis lifts, reaching up and back and up and Beth and five reached down. Keep the arms long for and fury and to and from the top roll down. Take your time, stretch to the back, release all the way down through the pelvis. Take your arms out to your sides, slide your feet closer to your body until you feel that you can pick them up without straining your low back and bring the feet together for the spine twist. So we're going to inhale and reach over towards me. Okay.

[inaudible] exhale, draw back through. Center in. He'll take the legs over to the other side. Pull away from the knees with the center of the body, and exhale as we come back to center. Inhale, reach across and Xcel to center. And inhale as you reach across and exhale to center. So we're going to go over to the other side again. We're going to go over, we're going to stretch the legs out. We're going to pull back to center.

And as the knees bend, the feet come together in. He'll reach over, pull back on the abdominal, stretch the legs, pull back through the center and bent to more. Reach across, stretch out, pull back and bend. Last time, reach across. Stretch. Ah, pull back, bend your knees, take the ball, bring your knees into your chest, stretch your legs out along the Mat. Bring the ball just over your chest and then try with your oh hands holding the ball to take your arms back as far as you can. Excuse me, without elevating the shoulders. Then bring the arms up, the head and chest up. Look straight ahead at the ball and you're going to Rola.

We're going to lift up at the top. We're going to twist towards me, back to center, over to the other side, back to center. And we're going to roll back down. I want you to round, but I don't want you to go all the way down this time. I want you to find your shoulder. Yeah, blades, pause. And then just rebound. Baca twist at the top towards me towards center towards a way towards center. And then round pause in here. Just a little, just a little rebound, nice and easy.

So none of the things that I love to play with in my own body is how can we find ease in our movements. And sometimes it's just changing the way you think about something and it's not to say that I don't want you to feel where, but her body will do the work maybe more efficiently if you allow it to relax and come towards me and center and away and center. Stay here. You're going to come back just to the shoulder blades. Gonna bend the left knee, reach up, and then just touch the leg with the ball and then take that leg. You're just gonna reach it to the mat and reach up.

Kick reach to the mat and reach up. Kick reach to the mat and reach a kick. One more. Reach to the mat and reach up. Kick. Make a small circle. Come back to the ball every time. Breast the bottom leg down. One more pass. I'm going to go the other way, right.

You're cross stabilizing with the bottom link. Keep the ball still, but bring the leg to the ball each and every time. Last one, pause at the top. Lower the lay down. As the leg descends, start lifting your body up and then reach out with the ball down and your legs and take a stretch forward. Roll yourself back up in here. Axial roll down, rounding, rounding. Find the shoulder blades, and now, now the right leg kicks. It finds the ball and it pushes away.

It kicks up to find the ball and pushes away holding that ball still. And using that ball to remind yourself that you're constantly lifting. Last one, hold at the top across the body, into the inside, around a nun, and two and three and four and crossed to the outside. One and two and three and four. Touch. Start to lower the leg. Start to lift the body [inaudible] and lower down. So now we're gonna take the ball over to one side, and we're going to pull back through the waist and we just stretch one side of our back. Stay there, put your hands on the ball, and then roll yourself up. You're going to have to kind of walk our finger, the ball towards you. We lift the back on the diagonal.

I'm gonna press the ball back down. We're gonna pick it up in a pike like action. So it's very um, very waist centered. Yep. Rotate the other side. Either way, press the ball down and stretch forward and then we're gonna roll out. So we lengthen out on the diagonal. So what I mean about the pike is that we're, this is it, we're picking it up just from the waist and push it away. That's Nice Lisa. And then pick it up with your ads and bring it all the way up towards you.

Bring it into your chest, hold it right against your chest and press. Let's press it into the body and then inhale here and we're going to do a double twist, twist, twist and center and twist, twist and center. Rotate, rotate and check in with the shoulders. Keep them down and check that the ball's not rolling back and forth on the chest so that all the movement is really occurring at the spy. We twist, twist, center and twist with center and twice more. Each side twists with center last time and to the side.

Push the ball forward and flex and separate the feet. So let's inhale here and that's a roll the spine down. So rolling out. Just let your hands roll over the Balsa. You're going to want to be able to move it underneath your hands and then you're gonna reach out through your spine. Reach up, up, up, up, up, up, up, through the back. Pick the ball up. Bring it just in front of you, like an Arrow twist towards me. Keep the spine on the long diagonal. Find Center, twist the other way.

Find Center, and then sit up. I like that candy. I'm going to add on. So we're going to round down again and then take the bottle away. And then you roll yourself back. You find that length that left. I'm gonna pick the ball up. So this is candy's Idi to Sar. Gonna take the arm to me.

Keep the ball in it. Put the other hand down on the mat and reach to use both times to help you find your rotation. Well done, my friend. Find Center switch. Reach open was that a modification started as a modification and it's oh good. One more reach lifts.

That's west and center. Anri lift, twist and center. So good. And I left. So we're going to do a little bit of extension over the Baba. Before we do that, let's add a little fluxion. So want to take the ball behind you and I'm not putting my ball right up against my back.

I want to have a little bit of freedom in between my back in the ball and you can always reorganize. So you're going to come back on the ball. Just I guess it like you want the freedom that the free area to be like above your pelvis in your lower back area. Okay. And then just sit here and rest on the ball. Okay. So that's what we're not doing. Okay. So now feel the difference between just being on the ball and then really curling up off the ball and trying not to pop the ball or trying to stay floating. We're going to hold, we're going to Tuck the tail and press into the ball with the abdominals and then we're going to release back.

And for some of us that should generate a stretch. Exhale, press. Let the tailbone flow and reach back two more times. Exhale, flow and down. Do you guys feel a stretch? Just feel work, stretch. So we're going to stay there. Now we're going to lift from the waist.

Left leg up and left leg up again and down. Pause. Put that laid down. Right leg up. Feel there's a little and instability, right? Whereas you have to change legs. Put that lay down now. Left leg, right arm. Yeah. And uh, say inside.

Okay. And down. And I will left arm, right leg and um, and same side and down. And then hold here. Pull your heels towards you and just not like don't move them in. Just drag them. And then lifter, take your hands to your knees, lift your spine, arch your back and lean back a little. Let me take that beautiful extension. Reach the arms forward.

Roll down again into the ball. So find that place that feels like a, almost a [inaudible] arresting place. But then challenge it. Now we're going to do what we started. We're going to take one arm out to side and that same arm back the other. I'm out to the side just feeling. And now here you have to look deeply, right?

You feel you try to absolutely eliminate any shifting in the BOT. Exhale back. One more. Reach and back. And inhale here, rental Rola. And I find the knees. We're going to reach Ah, left. Look up round again. Roll back, find the bar. Hands off.

Open the whole body out and back. Open the whole body. Up and back. One more time through. Inhale, reach. Exhale back. Inhale, reach. Exhale back. Lift up Marie CIAA. Open the knees and stretch forward over the legs.

Roll back up through your spine. Bring your knees back together and reach back and put your hands just underneath your shoulders behind you. The feet are on the mat, the knees are separate from one another. We're gonna lift up into a bridge position. We precedent nice and high with the pelvis. And then we're gonna sit back down and we're going to lift up bridge and we're going to sit back down.

So what I want you to think about here is the backsides of the legs contracting to push the pole. This up, the belly pulling down to support the spine. And two more and down. And one more. Hold here. Yeah, maybe turn your hands just to the sides. Candy. Yeah, so not so like that. So here more. Yeah. So you can have your hands to the side, but make sure they're not turned behind your game. Do.

The reason for that is we're going to come down a little, we're going to round, we're going to bed. Go back towards your wall and straight and go back towards your ball and straight. The reason for that is because it's safe or when you're bearing weight on it and bending your arm. I'm going gonna do three more. Two more. Last one. Sit Down, pick up your ball, separate your legs and lift up. So we'll start with the arms to the outside.

We're going to keep the ball in the arm furthest away from me. Then we're going to twist. We're going to take that ball and we're going to reach it outside the outside foot. Gonna reach up, lift up, arms overhead, arms, arms to your sides. Inhale to rotate. Exhale to dive. Inhale till reach the back arm back and the front arm forward.

Spiral the back arm up. Switch hands. Open the yards and inhale and reach and Lincoln Lankenau and pick up the ball and open the yards and rotate and reach. Reach out, pick up the ball, open the arms last time before I lose the choreography, reach down, reach long, lift up, change arms open and last time pre for real, reaching out, elongating the back, taking the arm up, bring the ball in front of you, point your feet, roll through your spine just as you are just as you are and just keep reaching through the legs. And then as the body comes down, let's slide the legs together. Okay, we're going to take the ball. It's going to go just underneath the lower back now.

So the arms are resting on the mat. I want you to lift one leg at a time. So from there the legs will stretch up. I'm going to scissor the legs, one leg towards the body and one leg back. And then stabilize and change. One leg down, one leg back, stabilize change. So try to feel as though the ball is like a flotation device and you're trying not to push down into the ball, but instead to be light on the ball as you're moving your legs. Last one and last one. [inaudible] now we're going to do the helicopter. So we're going to go into the scissor. We're going to start to take the leg wide and around.

Find all the points of the circle and reach up and you do three in that same direction. Reach wide and around all the way and back. Last way. Why didn't around and back? So we're going to reverse that. So left leg towards the body or whatever you were doing in the opposite direction. Try again not to sink into the ball as you circle and lift. Scissor the legs. Reach around for a circle. Controlling, controlling, controlling and lift. Last one, reach your around or down and then around [inaudible] lift up and then just pop off the ball and rollover. Flex your feet, keep the legs together here and now roll down through the spine.

And see if you can land right where you were on the ball. Allow the pelvis to drop into it. Point the feet, allow the legs to drift away. A little breathe in and lift. Breathe out as you just pop off and rollover. Flex through the feet and reach through the legs. As you peel down pelvis comes down onto the ball. We're gonna do two more.

You gonna take it down and lift them and pop off to rollover and flex and yeah, you guys have for control. Balance. Yeah. So here we go. We're going to roll up and over. I'm to reach over. Reach your arms around for your feet. Let's take both hands to the left foot. Lengthen and lift the spine and then reach that right leg straight up into the year. Pulse twice. I lost it twice and switch.

So you want to reach through your back and reach through your leg and switch. Reaching up and up. [inaudible] the leg that you're not holding onto is reaching into the ground. Oh. Or reaching into the or. The other one's reaching down through your hand into the ground. Last one, rich and rich.

And then both legs down. Find your feet gently. Draw your legs closer to your body. As you peel the spine down, find yourself down on the ball. He's going into bend your knees, place one foot down. Place the other foot down. Lift the hips up, slide the ball away and just slowly roll yourself all the way down. Bring your knees into your chest, curl your head and chest up. Well, I was just over the top of the knees. Here comes the double leg stretch where you reach out just in time for the sunset and reach Ah, and, and shoulders down as we just hold that ball and you don't have to hold onto it, squeeze it. You can just let it lightly rest in your hands. Three to one. Keep the ball stretch. One leg foreign.

Try to reach with your back so your balls all the way out over your ankle. So it's a smaller position today. One knee and one leg on one knee and one leg out. And four, four, three, three, two. Here comes our rotation so we take the ball to the ankle. On the outside, up in a cross and two and three and three and reach. We're going to do six.

So here's six. What we're gonna add on. Yeah, hold it. Notice little pushes just for six, three, four, five, six, switch one now with your shoulders, right with your spine. Four, five, six, center and rest both feet on the floor. Wide Feet. Put your ball over your head and just yet let rested on the ground.

Just look at it. Give yourself a little twist here. We're going to drop one knee in when we use the back side of that leg. That's dropping, depressed forward into the front of the head was having a couple of moments of breath there and then come back through the middle. Switching sides, reaching across. It's finding, exploring that stretch and then finding center. And Brett, grab your ball, grab your knees, roll up, round your spine. It's your ball on your ankles in Drano. Put your ball on your belly. So what I want us to try to feel is that we get in really close to that ball.

And then as you're going to lift your feet, try to do so by hollowing away. So creating space between the abdominal muscles, skin of the waist, and the ball. We work now pull back even more to rock and we lift. Let me pull back even more at a rock. And we lift and we pulled back even where the rock and we lift and two more and last one and come all the way.

Take your ball and come up onto your knees. [inaudible] someone's paying me cramping right now. I've been trying to class. Is it over? Now? Take your ball on your right hand. Bring your arms out to your sides. Lisa, come just a little bit forward with your upper body. You're gonna reach out Jane Tan's candy. No, you're right. I'm wrong. Reach over. Put the ball. On the other hand, open up, reach over. Candice is bragging about our hat in case you can't hear.

Okay, so pick it back up. So we're all going the same way as that we want. And then, okay, so we'll go back the same way and now left. So the ball comes to the bought hand without the ball. It picks it up and we let it go. Use your shoulders. Okay. And we lift up. Okay. Reach.

You can bring your arms a little forward if you want. Hold the ball, take care of your arm away. And lift. Last one, reach, switch, lift. And so we're going to go into the hand with the ball. Okay. So we're going to go down, we're going to put that ball on the floor and I've never done this before. So let's see what happens. Okay, so you're just going to hold and using that ball for stability, lift the leg and just hold your arm out to your side. We're going to go down to three Oh two three down, two three, two, three keeping the waist long.

Ah, two, three down to three a two very last time. Uh, two, three, forward and back and forward to three and back to three and forward. Snarly and back. What did I just say that out loud? No, I didn't. No I didn't. I'm back one way. Okay, so stay here. Turn towards the floor. That hand comes down.

The other hand's going to come off the ball. I'm going to rotate that knee, so now it's parallel. Okay, so now we going to have that leg nice and high. I'm going to just going to tap, kick, tap, kick. As you're doing that, organize your ball so it's right underneath your chest. Last for three to work in the waist and one hold it here. Now we're going to bend the elbows wide arms and our reach down. Touch the chest on the ball and push away. Lift your leg up. Has you reached your spine down and push away and reach and press and reach and press. And two more.

And last one. I wanna say here. Gonna turn back around in a, pick the ball up with the hand that wasn't on top of it. In a, reach the leg back up. I'm going to take the leg to the mat and they take the ball down. Gonna roll the ball down. The ley dropping the hip into place and reaching over.

I love that lift. Ah, okay. I'm slide in and now you have the ball on the right hand. Let me. Here we go. Thank you. Here we go. All right, so the leg stretches out nice and light on the ball.

Now we just go down to three. Reach out with the arm as you reach out with your leg down to three and a two, three and down, pulling into the waist and up and down and up. And to [inaudible] the knee. A little bit turned in downwards. Last one. Oh, I know. Forward to three and back.

Is this like does it make it a hundred times harder with the ball? I'm back and three and back and four and back. Here's number five. [inaudible] I'm back. So now we turn, we spring the knee with us. So you're in one knee plank and a drop the leg and reach out and back. So now what you want to just watch for here is that when you're lifting your leg, you're not moving through your center body. Good, good.

You guys look great. We have two to go. Wanting to go. Now we have the wide arms. We've got the ball just underneath our chest. We're going to go down, touch and push off. Remember as you go down, lift your leg up. So it's leveraging you [inaudible] and up and down and up to more down [inaudible] down. Ah, so it's the hand that's furthest away from me that picks up the ball. Returning back towards the center. Lift the ball.

We lift the leg, we lower the Ley, we lift the body, we drop the half, we roll the ball, and then roll it up all the way. Let's try and do some knee stretches. Okay. Said, take the ball, arrested you want. Let's say, how do we want to set this up? So bring your shoulders over your hands and then I'm gonna take my, I'm not going to be right underneath me with my knees. I'm going to have them a little further away and we're going to arrest them there. Oh yeah, I'm on both of them. Yeah, I'm on the ball. So let's from there, find a neutral spine and then find a round spine.

Him with that round spine, we're gonna pull the ball in. Well, that's not easy. It's not easy. And press the ball and round. Pull the ball in and press the Bala. One more. Pull the ball in and press the bell out. Hold there. Extend the back, reach out through the chest. Keep this pelvis neutral now then three more pause. Exhale. And to and back and one and back. And then reach back. What's your weight on your feet? Separate your legs. So the ball's just going to go between your legs.

I'm gonna sit down over the top of it. Rest and rest position. Walk both arms over to one side. Stretch. Come through center. Lot of times over to the other side to stretch. Come through center. Come take the ball away and lie down on your stomach. So you want long legs and low energy. Deanna, we're going to take a ball and it's, I didn't go pretty close.

See you're rally like with the center of your chest. Upwards of the neck. So you ladies were much more well endowed. Make it out of your boobs and go more towards your neck. Yeah. Huh. So that's actually an interesting lesson. Like if you're well endowed will say and you're, and you're just lying down. If you notice that you're already in back extension, you don't need to work a lot more back extension for this.

So I'm going to keep the ball real close to the neck row. Just not so it's choking you, but just so it's comfortable. No, I'm standing next to your sides. You're going to slide your elbows backwards. Slide your shoulders backwards. Now I just want you to lighten up your chest on the ball and feel as though you're trying to just let the bone move away from you. Yes, feel good work. And then release down and then again, slide the shoulder blades down.

Slide the scapula down. I said that. Lift the chest and just, it's like you're arching just above that ball and release down. One more time. It's like, so we just reach out. [inaudible] get a hold there. I want you to slide your arms out in front of you this and then you don't have to lift off the ball here. You can use the balls, a little bit of support and stretch the left arm in the right leg away from one another. Lifting arm. Nice and hot. Hi and I'm right. I'm less leg with him. Nice and high and down.

Left arm, right leg and down. Right. I'm left leg and down. Left arm, right lane and down. Right. I'm Leslie. And on one more reaching. Yeah, and down and reaching now and down. So now here, just want us to bring our arms around to the sides. Allow the ball to support you a little bit and reach the arms up and back.

Just back and back. And that and that. Three, two, one. Reach behind you. Bending your arms. Class two, your fingers. Stretch your arms up. And now you can lift off the ball, reaching back through the arms. And now lift the arms. Five, four, three, two, one.

Take the arms around to the front, then then put them on the mat lifter and sit back on your feet. [inaudible] so let's roll through the spine. Coming back up onto the knees. Turn and face me again, right as honor. Nice. And with just a little spinal mobilization. So want us to reach to the heel k ratio, the heels of the hands.

Take the arms out, open the chest, open, open, open, open all the way, and then hinge back. Round the spine, reach the arms forward, press through the heels of the hands, open the chest, look up, lift the chest, and then round the spine. Reach forward and press back. And this time we open the chest. We're going to reach arms overhead, going around down. Gonna. Reach through the heels of the hands, press open, take the arms overhead, and just come up right from there and allow the ons to kind of, yeah, yeah. And Merry Christmas.


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What a soothing way to begin my holiday mornng. Thank you for my gift!
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Dear Meredith and PA, a merry Christmas to you too! Thank you for this class - Meredith's class is truly a gift :) As always, I loved it, especially the creative variations of Saw and back extensions. My Christmas day really ended up calm and relaxed with you. And those hats are looking cool!
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Nice back opening exercises...Thank you Meredith for the lovely gift! My Fav teacher!
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Fun and a great workout. Thanks. Merry Christmas!
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Like always- a wonderful class with a great teacher.THANKS! You're amazing. Merry Christmas. And you are right: The weather could be worther, like here in Germany...rain, rain, rain...
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Really enjoyed this workout. I always love a good overball class.
Thank You, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays :)
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Great!! Felt so good...especially the day after Christmas (too many goodies)! I remember last years Santa hat class and how much I loved it! Thank you Meredith! Keep them coming!
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Thank you Meri Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! Your classes give me clarity!!
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I feel so good after this class. Thank you,Meri for all your classes. I just love them.
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Great class! Merry Christmas
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