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Holiday Mat Flow

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This one will get you in the spirit of Pilates, if not the holidays! Meredith dedicates class to the owner of the Santa Hat she is wearing, then gets straight to business. A gentle warm up quickly leads to some intense abdominal work both in direct flexion as well as in rotation. You'll practice the regular exercises in an intermediate class but also get a little extra arm work with some triceps dips and some good practice for the Push Up. Enjoy!
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Dec 21, 2012
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Merry Christmas. Candace, this class is dedicated for you. As promised. The hats on. It's gonna get real hot under here. I hope you're happy. Merry Christmas to everyone. Here we go. Holding on the backside of the legs. I'm building the spine up.

Hold on Nice and strongly with your arms. Pull yourself up a little bit more, marina. There you go. And in here and just exhale and let any tension, excess tension just flow out through the top of your head and the bottom of your spine. Inhale and exhale. Use the strength of your arms to lift specifically through the lower spinal area and in here. And now. Exhale, bend the spine, the lower spine. Keep the shoulders where they are. Curl into your lower spine. Yup, and any how we build the spine back to Saul and exhale, curling. Feel the pelvis. Reach under marina. Try not to lift the shoulders up when you go into that rounded shape and inhale, we lift, so it's not a very large movement at all. It's just a lower spinal curvature.

And inhale to lift holding there we let go. Inhaling, exhale. Allow the pelvis to reach underneath. You. Come all the way down until you feel your lower back. Connect into the mat, stay right there. Lift your arms up. Try to go way back there. Circle your arms to the sides. Reach forward. Inhale, exhale, come all the way back up and as you sit up, I want you to open your arms out to your sides and now push the air through space. Curling backwards through the pelvis. Feel the feet on the floor. Any of the arms go up. Exhale, they reach around, they reach forward, and exhale, we curl up. We're going to move pretty quickly today, reaching the arms out. Nice gym and reach forward and curling back and inhale all the way back with the arms and Exa and rolling.

Nice and inhale. Last time here. Exhale, press the arms as the arms press in. Feel the sides of the rib cage. Come towards one another. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms are out. Inhale, full pause. Exhale, we lift, we reach up tall. Open the arms out to the side, bring the back arm to the front arm, bring your body with it. Exhale, curl down that side of your spine. Don't go all the way down. Open the arm out to the side. Bring the opposite arm across.

Exhale as you lift up that side of your body, sitting all the way up in rotation and find center. Open the arms, reach across with the arm closest to me. Exhale as you curl down. Alternating sides is a good way to put this. And we open and we come across and we roll up that side of the body all the way, all the way, all the way sitting tall, open back out to the side. And let's go one more time to words. Me. Yes. Okay.

And and open center. Say right there. Stay right there. Do Three little lifts up. Ah, ah, go the other way. Roll up that side all the way up to the top, all the way up to the top, all that stuff and unwind. Last time. Other side, we curl down. Girl. It would be nice if your a teacher would be more clear, right? Open out holding here, holding your lift, one leg and switch and shoulders down.

Dep and switch and switch. And switch state here. Put that leg down. Come across towards the side, the opposite side and rural all the way up and sit. Nicely done. Open the arms out to the side and from there roll down. I'm scooting forward. Here's this hat's going to get in my eyes. Rolling down. Find it. Find the low back. Don't come all the way.

Reach forward sliding your feet to touch your hands. Slide and touch your feet with your hands and lay all the way down. Pressing your arms down on the mat. Inhale, exhale for a pelvic coral. We flatten the spine. Build the spine of a, reached the spine out, holding at the top. Press the pelvis nice and high. Press the arms down into the mat. Inhale as you exhale, feel the chest reached through the arms, but keep the shoulders held back.

Slide the spine down bone by bone. Feel especially cautious or control through the lower spine and release the pelvis. Inhale, exhale, flatten the spine for us. We want to really mobilize that lower spine, reaching out, reaching a field and knees. Reach over in front of the toes. Pause to breathe in and exhale as you roll down, feel the arms stretching away from you. We're going three more times. Inhale, exhale to curl the spine up. Press down into the fetal, lift up through the hips. Pause to breathe in and exhale as you curled. Yeah, good. Working with control, keeping those arms nice and strong.

Exhale or wheeling the spine up. Don't just lift up, but reach out. Sending the knees away from the nose. Inhale, pull the heels back towards the fingertips. Oh, cramp and XL to roll down. Oh the way last time here. Make it your best one. Exhale as we lift up, pressing up heels, reach back, fingertips reach forward and slowly down and slide your arms out to the sides. Palms up, picking up one leg, picking up the other leg, taking both of your legs connected together towards me. Breathing in and breathing out. As you work your way back to center, breathing and go the other way and breathing out.

We come back to center and again, inhale across. Keep those knees lined up. Xcel to come back through. Center. Breathing into reach across and exhale to come back. We're going to do two more to either side. I want you to challenge your range of motion a little bit without losing the shoulders. Stability, Xcel to center other direction.

Exhale to center last time in here and exhale to center. One more to the back. Nice. Good. Keeping those shoulders nice and steady. Exhale to center. Reaching back. Place your hands behind your head. No, nowhere to put my hands with all these things around me. Inhale here. Exhale, curl the head and Chester. Inhale, allow the thighs to drift away from you. Reaching the toes towards the floor. Exhale, press the chest forward as the thighs come up and inhale to take the body down the lake. Stay lifted. Exhale, lift the chest up. Thighs are still inhale, toes reach away. Xcel toes pull back. Press the chest forward and inhale to come down and exhale left and inhale the toes. Reach your weight. We work hard. Lift a little higher, marina, because you can and then pull back and lower down last two times x.

So we lift the chest. Inhale, we take the toes away, we pull the legs back, but keep reaching the chest forward and take the upper body down. One more time. Exhale, curling up. Inhale, reach the toes away. Exhale, pull up. Don't move. Let go of your head. Turn your body towards me. Hold onto the leg closest to me. Use your arms to help you up a little bit higher.

Take the leg furthest away from me down towards the Mat and now we twist into that upper thigh and now we change not using the arms to hold you up, right, but using your arms to really feel that you're enabling a good challenge. Perhaps challenging yourself more than you could without your hands. Rotate. Animals left, rotate and left. And we go for more of each one and one lifting and enrich the opposite rib all the way across to that opposite side. Here's number one and number one guest wet.

We're going to do the same thing three times. Hands behind your head. Don't lose your curl. One number two of theory. Number three of three, come back to center both legs in the year. Place one foot down. Reach your arms forward, place your other foot down. Can we get up?

I don't know the answer. Let's try. If you can't hold your legs and help yourself [inaudible] hang ourselves all the way up. Take your hands to the front sides of your knees and lift your back tall. Slide your hands down towards your ankles and slide your feet in closer to you for rolling like a ball. So we're around. We've got shoulders down. Lifting the feet off the ground, rocking back on the inhale and bouncing at the top.

Rocking back on the inhale and bouncing at the top and inhale back and exhale to lift and to more. Exhale into lift. One more. I'm going to change it a little bit. It's going to go like this. We're going to hold until we get to our low backs. Ready. Then let go and kick over. Keep the legs together. Flex the feet. Reach the toes towards the floor. Slowly roll yourself down.

Reaching your spine down into the map. As your tailbone starts to touch, start lifting your head and bending your knees. Roll your south. Hop in balance. Oh, marina likes that one. Here we go again. We roll in, kick over. We reached you the heels, reaching the toes towards the floor. Slowly peel the body down, pressing the arms into the mat. Started to curl the head up. Start to bend the knees and rock up in balance.

We're going to do two more, but we're going to add a teaser. Here we go. We rocked back. Kick over, arms pressing into the floor. Feet flex, knees straight. Roll down. Start lifting their heads or bending the knees in first. Rolling like a ball. Sorry Deb lay call. And then just reaching up into the teaser and then curl.

And last one, rocking back to kickoff and slowly rolling down. And we're rolling a find rolling like a ball shape and reach up. Just holding here, holding here. Nice lifting. Our backs start to lower your legs. Here we go. Lower the legs and reach all the way forward. Over your legs for a stretch.

Okay. Sitting up separating the legs so we sit up and separate the legs, reaching the arms forward. Inhale as you exhale, you're gonna bend forward through your spine. Reaching all the way forward along your legs. Let your pinky fingers touch the ground. Start to straighten out your back, slide the pinky fingers in along the Mat. Using that downward pressure in the arms to help you lift all the way to a straight spine so you can use the ground to help you, Jim. Yep.

Pulling with your arms forward and then just lifting all the way back up. Inhale. Exhale. Curling the spine forward, reaching, reaching, letting the hands find the mat. So as we start to reach out on the diagonal, the hands will slide and they'll have to move a little bit. They help us find, achieve that nice flat spine. Good. And then from there it is drift to sitting, which should feel nice and easy and exhale, curling the spine forward, reaching way, fingertips touch. When you slide up through the spine, reaching out through the chest, lifting the heart, and then just nice and easy.

We reach out and look at you now Jim, you're even more forward than you need to be. Back up a little. That straight right there. How easy is that? A one more rolling. Shoulders down. Are you laughing at me or my hat? RHEL [inaudible] good. And now this time, instead of sitting up, we just let the arms reach up and take your spine forward with the arms.

Chin down. Just a little gym. Yup. Just look down at your feet. And now we press the arms back as we press the arms back. I want you to feel that you're getting longer through your spine, longer and longer. Every moment. Reaching back, reaching back. Last three, two more. One more. Sit all the way up and open your arms to your sides. Inhale, as you rotate your body towards me. Excellent. As you reach forward, inhale. Lengthen out long through the body, sitting all the way out, rotating, come center and inhale. We twist. Exhale, we take it forward. Inhale, we lengthen out all the way, reaching both arms away from one another and center and spiraling upwards and reaching forwards.

And the backroom reaches back as the front arm reaches forwards, pulling the spine in two directions and come home and inhale to twist and exhale to find foe and inhale, reach out and home. Last time, twisting here and reaching forward and lifting the spine long and center and reaching over and reaching down and take the spinal longer each time. As you come through center and sit in center, take your arms behind you and bend your knees, bringing your legs together, flattening the back. Yup, and they're a little bit behind us. Now we're just going to hover the hips up off the mat. We're going to do a little pelvic curl, so you're going to Tuck your tailbone in a reach up with your hips.

Start to send the knees forward over the feet, lifting up through the backsides of the legs. Here we open up the front of the legs and now we curl downwards. Going back into that little pelvic curl shape and keep lifting off the floor. Stay right there. Bend your arms straight in your hearts. Bend your arms, straighten your arms, pull down with your center as your elbows bent and pull down with your center as your elbow straight and stay here or roll yourself out.

Reach the knees out over the seat. Hold here, pressing the hips up nice and high. And now start to curl the spine backwards until you're in a very rounded spine. Open up the collar, bunches a little debt, and now we then the arms and stretch. Bend the arms and stretch three out of five to add a five last time. Straighten your arms. Roll through your spine. One last time going, going out. Reach forward with your knees, opening up through the chest.

Come back over your feet. Roll down through your spine. Last five tricep pushups. One Ben, press two, Ben. Now my hat's hot last to last and now we reach out. One more time. Opening up the hips, sending the knees out. Good. Go with the backs of your legs, Jim. Go, go.

And now everything all the way down as your hips touch. Stretch your legs out in front of you and follow them forward with your arms and with your back. From there we roll ourselves back up. Can we take the hands behind the head, pressing the head into the hands. Lifting the spine tall. We spiral towards me lifting.

Even like pull up on your head a little bit and that will help you feel your spine lift and then find center and then rotate the other way. Hold there and pull up on the head a little bit and see about going up more and turn more and center and same thing again, but a little quicker. It's twist, twist and home and twist, twist and home. Reaching up through the spine as you go across, up through the spine as you go across. And we do three more. I need side and center and three.

Nice. Keeping those feet very still like they're pressing up against a wall too. I last time. Give it a minute, give it a minute. Give it a little more and center and last to the other side. Nice, good, gorgeous back gym. Give it a little more fine.

Center. Reach your arms overhead. Slide your feet towards you. Start Rolling yourself backwards. As you roll backwards, reach your arms forwards. Find your lower back, lift your knees, take your hands onto your knees, pull yourself up a little bit higher. Inhale into the double leg stretch. Exhale, always circle the arms and come back. We're going to do five so the arms go from the knees straight over your head.

They come around to the sides and back to the knees. Here is number one and back. Now men change it and do a little brain teaser. We go out, we hold, we lift the arms to touch the legs. We reach back out and we come back around in your reach. Everything XO like you're in an upside down pike.

You bring the feet in the hands together. You open back, you circle around. Keep lifting, marina reaching and up and open and the body never lowers the upper body. Never lower us and reach out. Keep the chest reaching up as the arms reach back and our last one reaching. Lifting up. Open it up, reach around, bring your knees into your chest. Come down, curl yourself back up both hands to your left knee, right leg reaches out and switch and switch.

Keep pulling your body forward. Three, two, two, one. One. I'm turning it into a combination. Ben, reach pole. So now we're holding onto one leg. The bottom knee bends. The top leg reaches down. We Ben reached, pull the cycling motion, then reach, pull. You got it. Take the leg up though the leg that you're holding onto that reach that leg straight up now.

Then the bottom knee that when you're holding onto goes straight down. This one goes straight. [inaudible] so by six go yes, and by sick, go hole and bicycle hole. Whole rate and by sick. Go home. Bring both legs on. Then the knees. Bring the knees into the chest. Lower yourself down for one moment.

Curl yourself back up. Hands behind your head. We take both legs up and now we do a double leg bicycle. We take the legs zone way we Ben pressing that Justin and we reach up. Take the legs away, Ben. Tipping the toes along the Mat if you can and and reach away and Ben pulling in and up. Last one, reach away.

Tip Pullman, reach up. Oh, let's take it in reverse bent. Reach down. Careful how low you go. We pull the legs up for four, reach down and pull and three, reach down. Keep that body up. Marina, lift your chest. That's it. And here's four yes, and up bend your knees twist towards me, reaching into the criss cross, a cross, a cross, a cross, a cross and exhale higher and center and exhale higher and center and four, four, three, five, four. This is the end. Two, two, one, one. Bend your knees and rest your feet down on the mat. Open up your feet a little wider. So open as wide as your mat.

Take your arms out to your sides. Bring both knees over towards me. Opening up through that bottom hip or the hip that lifts up off the Mat. Actually push forward into that hip. Get a good stretch and then change. We reach across to the other side, pushing forward into the hap and switch a cross and press and center. Last time across opening up and center.

Turn your body over onto your side. Facing me. Come up onto your elbow. Both knees bent, feet stacked. Yup. Yup. Lift your sides so you have a straight line from your shoulder to your knee. Lift your opposite arm into the air.

Now I want you to do is press into that shoulder and float your body up so you're resting on your bottom, me. [inaudible] and yeah, and float your body up, resting on your bottom knee nice and down. So we feel that powerful work and our lower waist. Yeah. Last two, lifting nice and down. Great shoulders guys. Ooh, Marina. Lift up. Last one. Okay. Choices.

You can either put your pelvis back down or you can stay here with me and reach your top leg out straight. Take the top leg forward and back. Working the bottom hip to keep us up forward and back and forward and back and to keeping the body lifted and one and take your arm forward and now take your arm back. Has Your leg comes forward and forward as your leg goes back and back is your leg comes forward and one way and back and everything to the side. Everything to this side and touch the floor and left and touch the floor and lift. Keep working that bottom hip. We're almost there. Three, two more. Last time.

Bring the knees back together and settle the hips down. Push yourself up, spiral around to the other side and stack your knees on top of one another. Coming up onto the elbow. So the opt, the free arm is in the air. Got The bottom ribs lifted. Here we go. We just hover for us so we lift to that bottom side, waist holding. And now lift up out of the shoulder as the pelvis just touches the mat gently and lift. Good. Beautiful.

And just gently touch so you're not resting as you come down. It's all I want you to think about trying to lift up off your arms so you barely have any weight, which is not true. You have a lot of weight on your arm, but try to create as little weight on that arm as you can. Um, put the weight into your waist. Here it is. We hold here or come down if you did before. Stretch the top leg. Yeah, you just hold the arm here for the first five. Forward and back holding the bottom body up with the pelvis, with the hip and with the lower only. Last two, keeping the body stationary, keeping that top arm still number one. Now we go forward with the arm forward with the leg back with the arm forward with the arm back with the lay forward with the leg back with Ian and switch one more and reaching and reaching back and everything to center hold here and go down and up and down. And uh oh marina, lift that bottom waist. Thank you. The last two. And uh, here's number one and bend your knees and come down.

Turn yourself over. Hands and knees. Okay. Hands right under the shoulders, knees, right under the pelvis for now. Want you to curl your lower spine, curling, curling, and then restock the spine. Now I want you to hold the lower spine still as you reach out and forward through your upper spine and then come back and curl the lower spine and center and reach out through the upper spine and center.

One more time, curling through the lower spine and back and out through the upper spine. And here comes a little bit that here comes a little balance. Keep your weights supported over your arms. I think of turning the elbows, the upper arm slightly backwards. Take your left leg out behind you staying here.

Take your right arm out in front of you, staying here, breathe in. As you exhale, I want you to take your left knee and your right elbow and bring them together. Underneath you. Inhale and reach out, supporting the left shoulder. Exhale, a right elbow left may come together and reach out. And again, curling under and reach out and to more her reaching under and your reach out, reaching under and reach out. Stay here. Place the right hand down.

Walk your hands about a whole nother handprint forward. Okay. So what I want you to think about is the lifting action of the back leg. Bend your elbows, bring your forehead towards your hands or just in front of list the top link higher and then press up and back. So as we go forward into that push up, we go down and forward in the leg lifts up to touch the sky and then up. And then we do two more reaching.

Lift that top leg in the air and last one reaching. And up and place the left knee on the mat. Walk your hands back so they're once again. Right underneath you. Slide the right leg out, lifted up. Bring the left arm forward. Breathe in. Exhale, elbow, left elbow, right knee pulling together.

Oh and inhale, reach out. And a curl the spine so the knee doesn't even touch the mat. It doesn't even brush and reach out and curling. Supporting yourself with that supporting arm. Keep good shoulder stabilization with that right shoulder and back.

Last two, curling in and reaching back. And last one, curling in and reaching back. Saying here, placing your hand back down to the floor. Take both hands, another hand length forward so your arms are now in front of your body. Bend your elbows, lowering your body towards your hands and lifting the opposite leg up nice and high. Press back up. Inhale as you bring your body over between your hands, lifting the leg in the air and press back and up. Two more. Reaching down and lifting a last one, reaching down and lifting up and bring your leg back down and walk your hands to your left and just sit towards your right hip and come back to center.

Walk your hands to your right and sit towards your left hand and come back to center. Lower your body towards the floor. Alright, so want you to take your arms in a, in a, what's the shape? The diamond shape in it. Sorry. Thanks for waiting for that. A diamond shape. Fingers in the diamond shape as well. No one get to look at the, it's like an ace shape.

If you think of a pack of cards now take that a shape in your forearms and pull back on that shape that's in front of you to lift your chest up from there. Good. Just Chin down a little jumper. You look gorgeous. Otherwise heels together. I mean really tough. You look really tough. He'll stick. He'll see other toes apart. Keep pulling yourself forward by dragging your hands backwards and lift the knees. And I would just do a little beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat. Think about the inner thigh squeezing together. Marina, straighten your knees. Click, click, click, click, click.

Don't forget the upper back hold. Make a small circle. Tennis ball size circles. Squeeze circles, squeeze, circle, squeeze, circle, squeeze. One more circle, squeeze, stop. Go the other way. Reach back and up. Back and up. Back in a back and now staying here. I want you to bend your knees. The knees can stay apart. Naser apart.

Yeah. Heels together. I want you to lift your legs. Now I want you to lower your legs by starting to lift your elbows. They're going to be in the diamond unless you hate the diamonds. And then in which case you can make up something else. Bend your elbows to the Mat.

Pull the spine forward and down and lift the leg. So it's a like a little rocking prep. You, you'll lower your knees, but press through your arms to lift your body. You lower your elbows and lift your legs and let's go a little quicker. Arm straightened, knees draw, elbows come down, legs lift. You got it. Arm straightened, knees drop. Elbows come down, legs lift.

Last one. Arm straightened knees, elbows come down, legs lift, stretch legs all the way out and lower them down. Take your hands, place them just on next to your body. Just next to you, press up, reach back towards your seat with your seat. Reach back towards your feet. With your seat. Sit down on your feet. Rest position. That's a fancy way to say rest position. And then come back all the way onto your hands and knees again.

I'm going to do a little plank work. Okay. So what I want you to do is fine shoulders at hands under shoulders. Slide one leg back at a time. So we're going to stay here. Strong bodies, shoulders down, body lifted. Bend your right knee and slide it underneath your body. Yup.

And straighten it out. Bend your left knee, slide it underneath your body and straighten it out. I want you to imagine that there's a pulley from just underneath your ribs connected to your knee. It comes under and then at and then under, and then out in the legs, sliding along the mat and back. Last one, but now, and to take the right knee again, we're going to slide it along them at towards the left arm and step back. Left knee slides towards the right arm. You got it. And step back, right leg to the left, one and back.

Left leg, right arm and back. Right leg, left and back. Left leg rider and back. Drop one knee, drop the other knee and lower yourself all the way down to your Madigan. Sliding your arms up in front of you. Widen your hands just a little bit so they're more in a a v Shay gonna. Slide the palms of your hands backwards by lifting the chest. Yeah, you can keep them on the floor for now. Jim, just, they're just, I'm just at wanting you to lift into a little bit of back extension with good shoulders.

Then we're going to lift the left arm in the right leg and then we're going to switch. So one hands always on the ground and with the arm that's on the ground, I want you to pull forward, pull your body forward with it. And as you're pulling your body forward, the way you're doing that is by pulling your shoulder blade down. Nice and shoulder blade down. And the opposite leg is pulling in the opposite direction. Reaching out and reaching out and reaching out and reaching out.

Let's do two more and too, and I won and won and everything down. And just allow your back a minute to settle. I'm going to take your hands underneath your shoulders again, impress yourself. So sitting back towards your feet. Nice and easy. Just sitting into rest position.

[inaudible] I'm going to roll up onto our knees and turned to face this way. We're going to take the hands, hold your hands, pull your arms apart. So feel what that feels like in your back. Then take your let go of your hands. Bring your fist together. But see if you can pull that. Create that same feeling, trying to pull the elbows apart. Little lower with your hands, Jim and turn them so they face you.

[inaudible] so the elbows are trying to pull out, but the fifth are magnetically connected together. Now very reluctantly, let your hand separate. Start to open up through the elbows. Don't let your elbows go behind you. Instead reach them out slightly in front of you. Keep them in your periphery. Hold here. Feel that powerful backward. Now let everything but the work you feel in the back.

Be Easy and let the arms float into the air. Float into the air, rising through the spine. Lower the arms back down. Make fists again, but easy FIS. And now start to make the magnetic connections through the fist. Elbows pulling apart, fists coming together, shoulder blades wide and yeah, we do it again. We pull the Elvis first almost almost trying to keep the hands together the last minute, the arms separating as they start to straight and let the fist become easy.

Make them into fingers instead of FIS and then hold the back strongly as you reach up. But only the back. Only the upper back works. Everything else very easy. And now open. And now reach back into easy fist and reaching the elbows wide. We allow the hands to come back together and then as they connect, push through the hands. Flex the heels of the hands. Yup. Push this way. So reach forward this way, Jim instead.

And now I want you to open your arms out and lift your chest. And now I want you to bring your hands back towards one another. Fingertips reaching together as you now round backwards, hovering on your heels, pulling back through your waist. So you're rounding your back. Press your pelvis forward a little marina. That's it. Reach through the heels of the hands again, pulling the fingers back towards the, I was in press, open through the arms, lifting through the chest, and then we bring the fingers together and we sit back towards the heels and was getting a little bit of opening through the back end. Last one, open out, open and round back, and then reach down towards your mat.

Let your hands just brush the mat and then slowly start to roll yourself until you're just resting on your knees. That's all.


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Thank you Meredith - enjoyed every segment of your class - especially the variations on the ab series!! Will use that in class today!! Kudos to you for wearing the santa hat :) Happy Holidays!
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A wonderful holiday gift! A high end of level 2 is always welcome and even more so when it keeps the mind as engaged as the body.
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love love love. love your transitions, hip extensor, upper back work. O and side plank! AND that you fit all this into a 40 min. class. A perfect length when you have a 4 mo. old and a 2 yr. old at home. I'm so glad you are teaching on pilates anytime!
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I really enjoyed your class especially the transitions from one move to the other. Mind and body were both suitably challenged.
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I so love everyone of your classes....You have re inspired me as a teacher! I love how slow and mindfully you move through the entire class and how amazing I feel after every class.
Thank you so much everyone. I so appreciate you taking class with me and sharing your wonderful comments. Merry Christmas to you all!
Thanks Meredith! A great class with a little christmas spirit, even here in New Zealand where I enjoy Pilates Anytime - anytime. Hope to see you again soon. Maybe in Germany?
Great to hear from you Maike! Hoping New Zealand is wonderful and warm. Hoping to see you soon.... :)
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What a great class to ring in the New Year! Blessings to all for 2013!!
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Loved all the variations ~ really fun class! Thank you Meredith! Great one to start 2013 with! Happy New Year!!! :))
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