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Ladder Barrel Lengthening

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Niedra Gabriel is back with another Ladder Barrel workout that will be sure to lengthen and stretch your body. She takes you through Ballet Stretches, Back Stretches, Tree, Cartwheel, and variations on those movements. This class is great for challenging those who have already attained some flexibility and mobility in their bodies. Enjoy!
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Jan 05, 2014
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I Have Mesa here and we are going to do the latter barrel, which I love. We will start with shoulder stretches and he said it's very flexible but she actually has stiff tight shoulders. So this will be interesting to be able to see the stand with your back to the barrel. And let's have you start draping yourself back over the barrel. Drop your head, not like that girl. Come back up, drop your head, pull your hands down to your belly and just drape yourself. So you actually let the spine drape over the barrel. Yes.

And now let your head go back and take the arms back. Can you get all the way to here? Yes. That's okay. The legs along the three circles with the legs. One way the legs will be together. So circle them one way, like both natted one, two and three. Reverse it. One, two, three. Let the legs hang down long and low. Suggest from relax your knees. So just for a moment, let the hip flexors open.

Then bring your feet to the floor. Bring your hands to your waist, lift your head in chess and roll yourself off the barrel to an upright position. Walk your feet back in. Hold the sides of the barrel with your hands. Drop your head and walk all the way down so you don't have your hands guide you and do not hyperextend your knees as you go back. Keep walking down with the head walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. Grab that, that allege underneath and pull.

Give yourself a nice, good stretch here. Yes, heels are down. Sit bones are up, and then scoop the belly and roll back up again. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. Now you will go back again. You have a curvy Archie back, which is wonderful, and I would like you to get the sacrum anchored and then with your hands, lift out of the sacred. So as you walk backwards, you're stretching your own spine so you can have your feet apart. You can have your feet apart. Bend the knees just to begin with. Bend them to get the sacred anchored right now as you start lowering backwards, literally use your hands to stretch more. Get that chest back. So you're looking at doing that. So you're making yes, yes, you added. Keep going back, going back, going back to you stretching. Keep going back.

And now take the arms back and reach better. So you've just added another inch of length to your trunk. And again, three circles with the legs, keeping your stomach long reverses circles the other way. Relaxing these at the legs. Hang now just for a moment, let's take [inaudible] I put at a time. Hook it here and use it to stretch your hip flexors out.

So you stretch and open this line and the other leg stretch. Bring your feet to the floor. Bring your hands to your waist, lift your head, scoop your navel and roll up and you walk down the farther side. Again, get your feet closer in this time. Your goal eventually to be with your ankles or your Achilles right up against that bar. Roll down, roll down. So you really have to open up this part and not fall over as you go.

Grab the bar with your hands. Pull. Have the knees soft and stretch now. Length in the body down long, long, long, long, long, long. So you iron out this back. Yes. Roll up again. One more time. So you're separating your back, separating your joints. Bend the knees to get that lower spine anchored.

Stretch out of your lower spine as you go back. That's it. Keep ironing your waist out. Stretch it, stretch it. Use Your hands to help. Get more traction. You're doing good. [inaudible] and make sure as you go back, lift your head for a minute. You want the same thing with the neck? Did you just crack about five times this time you're going lower.

Lower, yes. So you have even more lanes, long legs or togethers. Circle three times. Circle one, two, three. Reverse it. One, two, three. Relax your legs for a minute. Let them hang. So I'm opening her hip flexors. Take your feet, Hook them in that ledge. Check that the back of the neck is long. Roll the shoulders wide and see if you can slip the hands even lower.

Yes. Whoops. Are you okay? Okay. There and there. Keep opening the armpits. Long, long, long, long body. Now let the hands come back up. Walk up, walk up. Reach those legs down. Bring your hands to your waist. Lift your head up. Lengthen. Good. Come back up. Get your feet close together. Slide [inaudible] stance.

Knees are slightly bent and again, hands. We'll walk down with you and tiny little circular movements or your whole spine opens. Pulling that belly in. Walk those hands straight down. Straight down. Keep walking them down, walking them down. Grab that bull bar. Bend the knees, pull yourself down. See if you can get even longer. Good.

Can you walk your feet even closer in and one more time out of his long and lengthen the sit bones up and your head down. Good girl. Wow. Then see if you can come up with your feet there. If you can't, you adjust. Use that stomach. Use Your hands. Roll app. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. That was amazing. Okay, let's have you do ballet stretches or coming over on the other side. So standing full back opened up there. Um, lift one leg up. When you lift the leg up, I want you to bring the leg across your body in front.

So swing one leg across and up. Good. Now, heel opposite the center of your body. Let's have you lift this heel. Upsert against the wood. I want the little toe. That's it. That's it. So your little toe is on, but I don't think you're right on this leg. I really want you standing on it.

So let's get you into the middle of the ladder. Barrels a hop the foot more to the middle. Yes. So even though you're, you're in this grid, you want to feel that are high, high on this hip socket, and then this hip is dropping down, but the waist is on it there. So you've shifted onto the side to your supporting site. That's interesting. Side for me is this side, not this side. So big lift through the crown of the head. Drop your head in, scoop in onto this lake. That's it.

Now roll up again. Lifting up, lifting up, lifting up long. I want you to use your hands to help get even more height. Lifting broad shoulders and back. Bend going back, opening the chest up. Come back up again. Lift up. And now instead of going round, I want you to go long. Bring your chest to me and lengthen out as far as you can. Good.

Come back up. Good. Fill up the back ribs and lift. Shoulders a download. Now lift up the back of the head. And as you go back, don't let the neck break. Look up at the ceiling. Yes. So the neck is long and now bend from here. That's it. That's it. That's it. That is the face is very open. Come one more time. Stretch forward.

Now scoop the belly in and roll yourself back in up. Broaden the shoulders. Lift in one more time. Keep the neck long so as you go back, lift, that's it. And make the upper back work very, very good. And come back up. Okay. Then this knee and three times been forward and up and back over.

Roll up and lift. Up and back. Nice and straight. And again, over and up and lift up and back and straight. One more time. And over and up and lift up and back and straight. Now stretch the leg in front of you. Slide forward.

Can you slide or is it hard with the your skin? Let me get you a towel. So Duh, Duh, Duh. Okay, so big lift out of the hip. See if you can slide forward that works and pull back and up. Good and slight forward. Forward, forward, forward. Can you go further and pull back and up? I know it's not ideal, but what you're doing. Okay, one more time. Slide and come back.

Now really lift up on this hip. Lift up on the right side. Float this leg up three times. Lift up one, lift up to lift up three. And this is old [inaudible] gym. Lift up that right side. Lift up that right side. Now push down into me and release.

Push down into me and release. Push down and lift that leg up. Lifted and down. Okay. A little dance for training here. Turned with your back. See facing the ocean. Uh, you going to be okay with this heel?

I think you can deal with it cause you're flexible. Okay, let's have this hand here underneath for me. This way, this hand is up. This hip is down. Let's have you a Pi in your toes as well to demi point. [inaudible] so very high up in this hip. This side is really lifted right hand to the ceiling. This hip is dropped. Lift up and fill up the back ribs. Fill up the back even more, even more, even more. Right there, yes. And now or we go to the right or over.

Come back up. Drop this hip down. Change hands. Lift the left arm up and stretch away. Keeping this hip long and come back up. Fill up the back ribs, change hands and lift and stretch over to the left and come back up. Change hands and lift and over to the right and keep this side long.

And for one more time, change and over to the left, over, over, over, over, over, over and over and come back up and change hands and drop the hip and reach away and come back up. Now let's have you bend the knee, right and you won't be perfectly aligned because the angle of the knee is higher. You comfortable with this foot? Take the right hand up and you will bring this shoulder in front of this knee so you have kind of this twisting inside your own body. Come back up, change hands, lift and stretch away. Stretch out. I let it go for it and come back up. Change hands and lift and stretch. Press the knee back and come back up and lift up out of the right side and stretch out to the left. Very, very good. One more time. When you hold, by the way, if it's easier for you, you can also call them and it's up to you.

The holding right hand goes up, lift out of your head and over to the right, left, I mean, and back. Change hands. Lift and stretch away and come back up. Stretch this leg out, slide out and in three times slide and pull in from the power house and slide and pull in from the powerhouse and slide and pull in. And let's have you try and lift and lift and lift. And let's drop this hip lift up on the right side.

And here we go. Stretching our press down. Good. And let's go higher. Press down and let's go higher and press down and let's go higher. See if you can hold it, hold it, hold it, and put the leg down. Now slide your bottom out towards me. Rotate your hip away from me.

So you going into arabesque that set. Now bring the left shoulder and rib forward. Bring your chest a little bit forward. That's our friendly Carpenteria. Train the, here we go, right? I'm sorry. No, keep the knees straight. You want to think of your heel opposite the center of your shoulder blade.

So there's this kind of these lines. Your hips can't be perfect when you're above the 90 degree angle and you're going for it cause you're an athlete and a dancer. So slide back a little bit and then slide forward and lift the chest up as much as you can. You look into get height here. Let's have you lift up on that hill. That's it. Slide back again. Now Neisha, I want links in the waist. So just for a minute bill, bring a little bit more forward. Get the length. So as you come forward, pull forward and up. Don't think so much coming from the waist, but coming. That's it from the hip.

Better one more time back and come forward and lift. Nice. Then go back a little bit then this knee, and just for a moment I'm going to give you a stretch in, stretch out, stretch in, stretch out. Stretch in, little bit of a stretch into the side. See if you can lift the leg three times. Lift one up, and to keep the left shoulder forward. Three and bring the leg down. Nice work. Yes. So you're coming around doing the same on the other side. Swing the leg up. Hey, so he'll opposite your sternum.

Both heels. So if you were standing, you want the heel? Yes. So you're always working everything to the center of your body. So literally the feeling is that you over cross can you drop the right hip down, but now get high on the left hip. So top priority is that you're actually standing on this leg. That's your priority, number one.

Then you attempt to get as square as you can any way. And I would like to bring this across. So here we go. Roll down in towards your leg round, roll back up again, lift your head and chest and arm up and back, long back of the neck and come back up. And I bring the chest forward. As you go down. Bring it [inaudible] chess to me. As you come up, lift even more and hinge up and back and back in.

One more time. Come forward, pull your stomach in and roll yourself back and up and lift up and arch back. Back on straight. Good. Very good. Bend the knee Arab attitude. Try to stay high on your standing leg. Yes. And Bend over three times.

Bend over and come back up and lift up the chest and arch back and straight. And again, go forward and back and lift up and back and straight. One more time. Come forward and up and lift up and go up and back. Up and back. Up and back. Come back in straight. Strips the leg out.

Slide forward and back three times. Slide and pull back and in. That's at the heel opposite the center again. Slide and back. One more time. Slide and back and lift. Three times lifted. One, two, three and four extra. Drop the right hip, lift up out of the leg. There we go.

Keep thinking of space in the socket and the lift through the center of your body to push down. If the little more push down, lift a little more. Push down, see if you can float it up and down. Okay. To the side. Turn good hand underneath. Left-Hand up and stretch up. Always up. First up, out of the hip. Drop this and over you. Go over, over, over, over. Come back up. Change hand, right hip drops down and lift this side and back. Change hands. Both sides of the ribs. Lift out of your lower spine. Yes, and over you. Go again, long and back. Change your hands, lift and long in the other direction and back.

One more time. Change hands, lift and long and back. Change hands and long and back. Very good. Bend this knee and three times bend in, stretch over so you stretch over bringing this knee back. Good.

Change your hands and stretch away and up. Good change hands and stretch. Bringing the neat back as you stretch inside and back. Change hands and stretch away and back. One more time and stretching.

Nigos back as you reach a little bit deeper and back and change. Hands on. Stretch away and back. Good Chase. Stretch your leg out and slide it out and in three times slide and one slide and to slide and three lifted three times in your own one. Keep that left side high. Three good. Now really lift up your supporting side up out of it.

You can never lift up enough out of your supporting sites of push down to me. Lift a little bit more, push down, lift a little bit more. Push down. Now lift up the supporting side and float the leg up. Floated up and down. Good. Slide the leg to me. Rotate away from your leg.

Bring the heel opposite the center of your shoulders. Good. Bring this side forward so you're always looking to get length of the leg away. So slide the leg away from you backwards and pull your chest forward. Slide back and forward. Slide back and forward. Keep this left right rib forward.

Bend the knee a little bit and just to loosen the hip, loosen hip, whoops. And loosen the hip. Good. And to stretch the quad, stretch the leg and lift the leg three times. That's a tried to get it coming from underneath. Good, good, good. Bring the leg down. Slide it off. Sit Up on the ladder barrow. We are going to jump.

We doing the, I'm short box variations but we're just going to go into tree and Cartwheel for good fun and games. So I would like you to bend your right knee into your chest, lift the leg up and down three times just to loosen it up. One to fill up the back. Rip Three, walk your hands up. Stretch the leg towards you because this is for flexibility. Read now this foot is nicely flexed and flexing point once and now start climbing down the lake. Going back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, all the way down.

So I know you reached down with your hands and I am being the ladder barrel for her. So she's flap. This goes right to the FRASCO. Cartwheel to the floor. Good. Go into a split. Yes. Good. Bend forward over that front leg. Walk yourself back up and square your hips and lift the chest and bend and the right shoulders back. Lift children. There we go. And then come back. Pull up right. See if you can cartwheel.

Now the foot going into the air is coming right back towards the latter barrel. Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup. You got it. But this leg has to be in the air. Now you are a little bit short. So I'm going to be the latter barrel. This is terrible. I don't mean short, but you are going to climb up. Climb up. Let's get you hooked in. Good.

This is by the way, only to be done with assistance. Lift the leg up again just so you have ended up. Yes. And let's do this. Let's have you step down. We're going to do the same thing in the other side. I'm going to make it smaller so you don't need me the same way.

Okay? For the other side, let's have you do the other side. I just shortened the ladder barrels. So Nisha is, it's more appropriate for body size. So lift your leg up three times two and three. Walk your hand up to your ankle. Pull it in, drop your head and walk down the lake. I'm holding you here so she doesn't slide it. The hat. Yes.

Cartwheel. Slide down. Bend forward over your front leg. Walk your hands back and up. Lift up the chest and arc back. Open those shoulders while you have a chance. Good. Come back. Very nice. Can you pull yourself up? Not many people can do this now, right close in here and yes. Now this foot should be in the air. This foot.

Bend the knee, bend the knee enough that we get it hooked. Yes. Now climb up the lake. You did it down. You come very, very good. We're going to do the last one, which is a bally stretches to do Dragos gym. So we will move the the ladder bell for this. So this last stretch was really given mostly for ballet dancers, people who really wanted to move open the hips, not for everybody but really worth knowing about Neisha. Turn with your back to me.

Open your legs into what we would call a ballet ballet as a second person. You get your feet right up against the wall. Yeah, a little less wide, a little as wide. And then the knees just a little bit. So she starting this bend to the side and I am pressing the ladder barrel in against her sake room to help her settle in. Now go a little bit lower. Yes. And I'm pressing it in again, this is called Spanish inquisition style politics and go a little bit lower if you can. So she's down and pressing in.

So her thighs are almost exactly to the side, and I am using the pressure of the ladder barrel to really open out the sacred and the hips. And now let's see if she can get up. That's the big massive test that have you come back up, come back up, come back up and step out. You're still alive. I used to love having people do this to me. That was awesome. Lisa. Thank you so much. Have Fun.


How wonderful to see what can be done on the barrel. I enjoyed where I could get too and loved watching what I couldn't get too!... yet. Loved the spotting and you could really see how Niesha responded to both the spotting and cues. Thank you both.
Amazing workout. Totally loved it!
Niedra Gabriel
Glad to see you enjoyed the ladder barrel it is such a great and under used piece of equipment.
Wow that was really interesting! How useful the ladder barrel is!
Loved that, thank you. Is there a "rule of thumb" regarding the distance the barrel is set? For example, if a client is 5'9" compared to the client whose 5'2"? How do we know what's the correct length for individuals?
Niedra Gabriel
Really good question Ann, and I am sorry not to have an exact answer for you - as different manufacturers have different dimensions. I personally check that when the person sits on top the site bones are slightly in front of the top point of the barrel, and the legs are comfortable bent. I use LOADS of common sense as size of client, flexibility and type exercise ( from sitting on top, standing in front facing away or standing facing the barrel - all affect what the dimensions are I choose to work with. I suppose the only rule I can suggest is that the body looks relatively comfortable and aligned so not too much distortion in the skeleton.
Thank you Niedra for this video. I would like to please know the brand of the ladderbarrel...thank you.
Marcella ~ I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this video! Our Ladder Barrel is from Balanced Body. I hope this helps!
Just got a ladder barrel at the house and am so grateful for this wonderful video! Great instruction and cues! I had never seen the cartwheel but am going to practice it until I master it! It is a great exercise to help me master my handstand presses from my yoga practice!
Niedra Gabriel
Have fun Mande, its always exciting to learn new moves and work with them.

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