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Ladder Barrel Workout

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Niedra Gabriel is back with another Ladder Barrel workout that will be sure to lengthen and stretch your body. She takes you through Ballet Stretches, Back Stretches, Tree, Cartwheel, and variations on those movements. This class is great for challenging those who have already attained some flexibility and mobility in their bodies. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel

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I Have Mesa here and we are going to do the latter barrel, which I love. We will start with shoulder stretches and he said it's very flexible but she actually has stiff tight shoulders. So this will b...


How wonderful to see what can be done on the barrel. I enjoyed where I could get too and loved watching what I couldn't get too!... yet. Loved the spotting and you could really see how Niesha responded to both the spotting and cues. Thank you both.
Amazing workout. Totally loved it!
Glad to see you enjoyed the ladder barrel it is such a great and under used piece of equipment.
Wow that was really interesting! How useful the ladder barrel is!
Loved that, thank you. Is there a "rule of thumb" regarding the distance the barrel is set? For example, if a client is 5'9" compared to the client whose 5'2"? How do we know what's the correct length for individuals?
Really good question Ann, and I am sorry not to have an exact answer for you - as different manufacturers have different dimensions. I personally check that when the person sits on top the site bones are slightly in front of the top point of the barrel, and the legs are comfortable bent. I use LOADS of common sense as size of client, flexibility and type exercise ( from sitting on top, standing in front facing away or standing facing the barrel - all affect what the dimensions are I choose to work with. I suppose the only rule I can suggest is that the body looks relatively comfortable and aligned so not too much distortion in the skeleton.
Thank you Niedra for this video. I would like to please know the brand of the ladderbarrel...thank you.
Marcella ~ I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this video! Our Ladder Barrel is from Balanced Body. I hope this helps!
Just got a ladder barrel at the house and am so grateful for this wonderful video! Great instruction and cues! I had never seen the cartwheel but am going to practice it until I master it! It is a great exercise to help me master my handstand presses from my yoga practice!
Have fun Mande, its always exciting to learn new moves and work with them.

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