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Pilates Mat Fusion

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Jonathan Oldham teaches this Pilates Mat fusion class which fuses movement from Ron Fletcher with the traditional Mat exercises. This class is for those who may not have been consistent with their Mat practice, and could use preparatory movements before the exercises. Jonathan also uses percussive breathing to keep the class together. Enjoy!
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Jan 07, 2014
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Hello class. Hello class. This is, um, I'm going to call this a Platini Mat fusion class. I teach a class like this in Denver. And what I find that what I views is, um, uh, some of the work I learned from Ron Fletcher, so it's, um, and this class is not going to be like a hardcore mat class. It's, um, perhaps for the person who hasn't been doing a mat as consistently as one could or perhaps should. So it's, there's a preparatory element to, um, how are we going to approach the exercises and, um, that would they inform the full map, but we're just going to do a movement experience that, um, helps you experience, uh, what helps your body be prepared for the mat work we're going to do. All right, so I'm going to ask you to start where to start with some of the percocets breathing just to get used to that. So we'll use that. That's a really, um, nice way to keep them class together and to make sure that we are breathing.

And if you, uh, check out the tutorial that curious Saban did, um, it'll, it'll give you a lot more information about the cuts breathing. We're just going to do it. All right. And what we're gonna do is take the hands just on the low belly, just above the pubic bone and your, the, the horizontal line of your fingers. Suggest the, the line of the muscles we're going to be focusing on or isolating as we breathe. So take an inhale through the nose and as you exhale through the mouth, you're gonna make a little sound. And again, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, sure. And feel how when you close your, uh, teeth in that way, there's more work coming from those horizontal fibers to push the air out of lungs. Go ahead and keep breathing and we'll take three more breaths.

Just like that. Exhale deep in those horizontal muscle fibers as you XL and again and again. Very good. All right, now I'm going to ask you all to just reach your arms up towards the ceiling like cell. And we're going to do a forward bend. You take a full breath to just bend forward. Here we go. Inhale and exhale.

Full breath to come up. [inaudible] then you're going to take your hands just to the small of your back. Take an inhale and just make a nice arch through the whole body. So it's really an arc through the whole exhale, back to center. We'll do that again. The arms come up. Go ahead.

I'm just going to watch curl forward. Inhale and exhale and rise up. Inhale and exhale, reach back. Inhale, press forward and hold the breath and moment is you. Extend forward. Exhale, back to center. We're going to do one more member to tell you is I want you to use this movement or these movements just kind of as an assessment.

See how things feel as you do it. Just remark on that. Here we go. Inhale and exhale forward. Inhale and exhale, lift, inhale, stretch forward. Exhale, come center. Very good. And with the same kind of a inquisitive, evaluative, uh, feeling, you're just going to rotate towards.

When we rotate, maybe let's rotate towards your left and what everything rotates with your feet. And then back to center. You're gonna rotate to the right. Everything rotates. But the feet, just notice where things rotate, where they don't. And pilates teachers don't like to rotate their pelvis on. This one I could feel, am I supposed to tune my pelvis? So yeah, go ahead.

Let it go. Let everything rotate, but the feet. Yeah. And just notice that and center. Yep. Good. Yeah. One time I was teaching a class that I had one Palladio's teacher in there and she was the only one, not rotating the pelvis. But yeah, it was very good. So we're well-trained. Yeah. So let it move and just notice where things feel tight, where a few things feel loose. Does it feel easier one way than the other?

One more each way. Very good. And the last inhale and exhale. Very good. Now just um, stand right in the v the center of your Mat. If you would take the arms up and we're going to just do that forward bend once again. Inhale, exhale. Make the forward bend. Good. Now you're just going to bend your knees and hips and come down, down, down, all the way to the mat. Go ahead and just have a seat. Very good.

And I'm going to ask you what [inaudible] just a place your feet about the width of your mat. You're going to take your hands underneath your thighs and you're going to sit up tall. And I'm going to ask you, go ahead and just use your bicep muscles. You know, use your arm muscles to help you really come up into a vertical position. So think of the arms is kind of like an assistance, like just like how we use the spring sometimes to assist, um, a movement. So your, you're focusing mostly on lifting yourself up from the intervertebral muscles of the spine. So I like to think of those muscles as almost like, um, lights we put up in the holidays.

So if each of your muscles that correspond to your vertebrae were light, they're all lit up holding you into that vertical position. So feel them all lit up. Now you're gonna keep this, the spine lit up as you just lift the feet. Good. That's hard. And then go ahead and lower down. It's surprisingly hard. So it kind of takes you by surprise. So anticipate that without letting the spine think or collapse it.

All right. And Inhale, lift. Exhale. Lower. Inhale, lift. Exhale, lower. Now you're gonna lift. One more time. Inhale, deepen the low abdominal wall and you're gonna make a contraction. So that's that curve of the lumbar spine. Just curve back. Now you're going to reorient yourself back to your vertical vertical position all the way up, and then lower the feet down so it goes. Inhale, lift, exhale, contract.

Sure. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Lower the feet down. Inhale, lift, exhale, and contract. Very good. And Inhale, lift. Lower the feet down. One more time. We lift, we can track.

We lift and lower. Yeah. Very good. All right, now I'm going to ask you all to just bring your feet together, knees and feet together. Good. And we're just going to take the arms here and just make sure you have plenty of room behind you because we're gonna roll back. So we're going to do a hundred CEO, progressive, hundreds. And what I'd like to do first is just, um, is just establish our pump here and we're going to inhale for five, exhale for five. Inhale, two, three, four, five x on. It's, it sounds like this, and sure.

So you can make sure that you're really getting that full breath filling your lungs in in fifth. Good. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. No, very slowly. You're going to start rolling back. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. You're going to stop just as the tips of your scapulae come down to the mat and we're going to come to a tabletop position very slowly. Now you're going to extend your legs up to the ceiling. Exhale to please and make a Pilati v. Good.

Now we're going to lower the legs as far as you can and still support your back. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Excellent. Let's do four more sets. Yeah. Three more sets. Sh and too sh last set.

Sure. Very good. Hug the knees in and lay the spine and head down. Good. And just turn the head gently from side to side and feel the support of the mat underneath your head and just let the muscles work gently to, to get some range of motion in it.

Deck couple more to the one side and the other. Now we're going to reach the legs up to the ceiling and the arms overhead. And this is the, this is a Fletcher variation on the roll up. W you're going to curl up and you strive to make a shape here and it's like it's as if someone's trying to pull you apart and you're gonna pull yourself together and using minimal amounts of momentum. You're going to rise up into that forward position here.

And this is just a little pulse. You're going to reach into the stretch. And what I'd like you to think about isn't that so much that you're reaching your hands away from your body, but feel your, your spine, specifically your lumbar spine and just feel like you're opening up the lumbar spine to deep in the curves. So it's a, it's a very subtle specific movement. And we do two inhales, two inhales, two exhales. Now from here, you're just going to roll back. Lay the segments of the spine down, one at a time. Inhale, exhale, reach overhead. Both knees now are going to bend in and then you're going to extend the legs straight up to the ceiling.

Curl up and bring it forward into that round position for eight pulses. Here we go, [inaudible] three and four. Two, two, three. Roll the spine back. Inhale, reach back. Exhale, bend the knees in. Inhale, extend the legs. Exhale, curl up and forward and stretch.

I'm going to watch you work and pulse. Two, three, and four by six. Roll the spine back in here and exhale, reach back, bend the knees, extend up and curl up. And four nice. Now really think of that deep curve here. Not so much that you're trying to touch your toes, but deep in the curve. Pulse two, three, roll the spine back.

Inhale, reach back. Exhale, pull the knees in, extend the legs up and curl up and forward. One more time. We [inaudible] pulse two, three, four, five, six and roll it back. Bending and curl up and forward and reach and then just come up to tall. Very good. Alright, I'm going to ask you to just, you're gonna pull the knees in and you're just going to, um, um, actually let's keep one leg straight and you're just going to keep it. So pull the right knee in.

You're going to just pull your leg in towards you just like we do on the box and we're just gonna do a little stretch your stretch and bend stretch and just four. Stretch and bend and stretch and bend. Now just circle the foot and the ankle around four times in the other direction and stretch the leg out. We're going to flex in 0.4 times. Flex and point. Flex and point. Flex and point. Flex and point. Beautiful. Let's do the other side. Hug the leg in. Here we go.

Stretch and stretch and stretch and bend. Good. Stretch in the circles. One, two, three. Well, I reverse it. One, two, three. Straighten the leg out. Flex and point. Flex and point. Flex and point and point. Last one, we flex and point in Bandon. Very good. Yeah.

I'm going to ask you all to just lie down now and just take your arms out to the side. Okay. Bend both knees and you're going to a feet flat and you're going to cross your right knee over your left knee, right knee over left knee. Good. And then you're, you're simply going to rotate your pelvis and spine to your left. So rotate to the left. That's your inhalation. Exhale, bring your spine back to center and to the left again. Inhale and exhale and inhale.

And exhale. Just one more feel hot. Feel the rotation of the spine and feel how you bring it back to switch legs please. Good. Yeah. Over to your right. Back to center. Driving the movement from your oblique abdominal muscle fibers.

Right? So feeling those angular fibers of the abdomen pull you back to center. One more. Inhale and ex hail. Very good. Both legs extend out long. Good. I'm just going to talk you through a one leg circle.

Let's just take the arms down by the side and the right leg will come up. So just as when we had the legs cross, you just went, you crossed over to the left, brought it back to center, you're gonna use the same spinal mechanics as it were as we do these one like circles. So you're gonna let the leg come across the body deep across the body and allow that pelvis to rotate a little bit. And then as you circle around, you put the Pelvis back, center, Knights and across, around and up. Inhale and exhale. Good across a round and lift across, around and up. One more. Inhale. Exhale, reverse. So it goes deep across. Good.

Let the pelvis go deep across. Try not to let it rotate to the right. Just let it rotate to the left. Do you feel that? Let it go. Keep it stable and let it go. Very good. Switch legs. Ready. Here we go. Across, around and up. Rotate right and back to center, to the right and back to center.

Nicely done across, around, and lift one more across the round, reverse side and across. Up. Inhale x hair side and rotate. Place it down. Rotate the pelvis, place it down. Two more just for good measure. Here's one and two. Very good. Hug that knee. Go ahead. Just pull yourself up to sitting. Scoot forward on your mat for a rolling like a bump.

And what I'd like to do for the rolling, just do kind of an experiment. So I'm gonna ask you to do first is just find your ball position. You're going to take your hands to the side of your, of your, of your thighs, and you're going to push out. You're going to abduct, right? So find your ball position, abduct, keep that going and just roll back onto your shoulders. Inhale and exhale.

And just notice if there is somewhere along the path where you lose your ability to press into your hands. Just notice that. Good. I'm just going to watch again. Inhale, exhale and inhale. Exhale. Now bring your hands to the inside. Same thing. So now you're going to add a duct.

As you rotate back in here and exhale and notice if there's a place where you let go. And what I would propose to you is those places where, where it lets go is not so much where your ad doctors let go. It's probably more that the core muscles let go and then it's just reflected in not having the leverage to keep that muscle recruitment in your, in your inner thighs. So it's just kind of a an experiment. Inhale. Exhale. Last one. Inhale and ex. Nicely done. Roll back. And we're going to do our single leg circle. We're just going to go, I mean single leg stretch rather. We're just going to go for it.

So use your hand. Hold, extend the leg long, curling up, elbows wide. We're going to do single and double and then we're going to take a break and then we'll do the, the, the others. We're going to single and double together. Here we go. Yeah. Switch, switch, switch, switch. Good. Inhale for two. Exhale for two.

[inaudible] Shh, shh. Hugin. All right. Now both arms and legs. Extend and curl it. Inch. Inhale. Exhale. Good. Linkedin out. Take it as low as you can go. Two more. Inhale. Exhale. Good. And then I'm going to ask you to just delay the head and spine down for one breath so you can recharge your battery.

[inaudible] there. Inhale, exhale, curl up. And we'll go right into our scissors. Pulling in the right leg. And we're just going to do, I'm not a, not a pulse, but just switch. So goes switch, switch, switch. Same to inhale to accelerate to in health to XL.

Left that inhale for two. Exhale for two, both legs straight up to the ceiling, hands behind the head and lower the legs. Inhale, pull up. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, Nice. Four more. Sure.

Last good. And we lie back. Recharge the battery so we can do the crisscross very well. And I have to make a confession. When I do the cross, I hear it to the tune of jeopardy. So we're going to do it and feel free to sing along. So you're going to curl up. And, and the, uh, the lyrics of the word of, of the, of the song is twist.

So we're going to start twisting to the right. And here we go. And twist and twist and twist and twist. Twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist, twist and twist and twist and twist. All right. Alright, so we won't go up to it's Dan twith, Dan twist. We'll just let the [inaudible] don't do that at home. Let's go ahead and roll up and I'm going to ask you all how to just sit here like so. All right? So now everyone knows, right?

But I let my filters go with that one a little bit. So, um, one of the things that I find is it's really hard to sit up straight with the leg straight forward. Um, maybe you find that too. So we're gonna start here. I'm just going to ask you all to be very, um, honest with yourself. For some people it's very easy to straighten the legs out, but I'm going to ask you just straighten your legs out as much as you can without collapsing and losing your holiday Christmas lights on, on your, and your spine. All right, so you'll stretch as much as you can. So I'm gonna do it here today. Okay. I'm just going to demonstrate it here so that I can really make sure I'm in my vertical position. We're just going to do our spine stretch.

Does that make sense? Excuse me. So take your inhale. Exhale, round forward. [inaudible] pardon me. An inhale, come up, exhale, curve forward and lift and carry forward. [inaudible] and then straight up to vertical. And the last pulling in, curving, reaching, stretching, and then feel the spine reorganize into that vertical line. Now the arms are going to go out to the side. We'll go right into your saw.

I'm going to ask you all, yeah, go ahead and stagger yourselves a little bit. We'll start to the right. So you're gonna twist to the right. And I'd like to see that twist. Let's just practice this twist and back to center. So you're just going to establish a rotation. Wow.

And back to center and twist and center twist. And Sandra. Now we're going to add, uh, the, the curves. You twist and exhale one, uh, exhale down and come back up and center. So you're just going to come back to that twist each time. Exhale. Inhale back to the twist center. No, I'd like to do the three exhalations as you twist so you twist right and exhale.

One, two, three backups is tall, center twists and XL. One, two, three up to rotation center. Sure, sure. Last. So we just finished saw and we're going to do another rotation to, this is more, this is a pelvic rotation. So I'm going to ask you all to just lean back like so just on the elbows and you're not hanging back though. You're lifting, lifting the center up and just the minimal amount of of your spine is on the, is on the, it's on the mat and you're going to take your pips.

You're in pelvis to your right. Go to the right. And then to the left in the end to the right, we do three of those. Keep your thighs right where they are. Extend the legs long. And Ben, this is our cancan. There we go. One, two, three, stretch Ben. Okay, we're not ready for, for the date, for the full Leesburg share yet. So everyone go right. Here we go. Right, left, right stretch then and left, right, left stretch. Bend, no, three inhales. Inhale.

Inhale, inhale, exhale, hair last. Good. And I just want to give one little technical piece. I'd like to do a couple more of these. When you extend, make sure to get your full benefit that your thighs to stay at the angle they are. And you just extend out from there. So it's a developer and Ben. So let's do two more each way. Here we go. In one, two, three, stretch. Bend, one, two, three, stretch. Very good. And that's our cancan. And I bite you at home.

You can sing there can can song as you do it. All right, we won't do that today. Alright, you're going to all please just turn over onto your belly. Let's do heads towards the center. Very good. So let your forehead come to the mat and bring your hands just right underneath the shoulders. I just like to see the swans. I know you all know the Swan, so let's just see what happens. You're going to lift, lift the forehead off the tee, off the mat and rise up.

And we'd like you to do is make an inhale. Good and an exhale. Very nice in lower back down. Now one of the things that we know is that where your rib cage meets your spine. So that's the Thoracolumbar junction. That is an area that tends to be an area of excessive give for most of us.

So what's you're going to do is you're going to just lift the chest and the second you get to that bottom rib, pick it up, pick it up off the mat. Yeah, I mean, you know, you don't have to pull it up too much, but just make sure it doesn't linger on the, on the mat and you lower back down and, and lie all the way forward. So I'm just going to ask you to be aware of that segment as you rise up and make sure that you pick it up, rising up in, pick up that lowest rib. Very good. And then exhale, lower back down. Two more of those. Inhale, lift, exhale, lower inhale, lift. Beautiful. Feel those vertebrae between the shoulder blades bend. And then you're going to sit back on your heels. And around it position.

Lovely. All right. I'm going to ask you all to just come forward again lying on the belly. And we're just going to do a prep. So you're gonna take your, um, your, your forehead on your wrists basically. Good. And what I find for me personally, the leg kick is very, very hard and I'm never ready for it. So I've been doing this, um, to prep myself. And what's you're going to do is simply bend your right knee and your right knee and you're gonna think about, um, just lengthening the front of the thigh and you're just going to unweight the thigh a little bit. Just lift up just an inch, maybe even less off the mat.

You're gonna hold that for three, two, one, lower the thigh and extend the like, then you'll bend the other knee and the knee, and then you lift up for three, two, one, lower the thigh, extend the knee and bend the right knee and really feel the movement initiate from what my friend calls it, the bum crease. All right? You all know what the bum crease is. It's a very nice way of putting it. And then you lower the thigh, extend the leg. And so your your not only extending the the leg or getting extensibility in the thigh muscles, but you're working your glute. All right and lower than he thinks.

And let's just do one more each side then and lift three, two, one. Lower the thigh, extend last one then and lift three, two, one and very good. And that's all we're going to do with that. Go ahead and sit back on the hill. All right, very good. And take three breaths. Sure. And very good.

Alright now go ahead and lie on your back with your heads the other way. And your knees bent, feet flat and will prep for bridge. So go ahead. Yeah. However you want to be this. Let's go heads that way. Feet this way. Good. Alright. [inaudible] all right. Knees bent. Feet flat. We're going to go right into the bridge and I'm, I was talking earlier today about the eager tailbone versus the reluctant tailbone. It's a sail, same tailbone, just depends. So, so if you can think of the tip of the tailbone, and as you rise up to your bridge, the tip of your tailbone is eager to lift.

So feel that lift and you're going to rise up, up, up, up to your bridge, all the way up. Good. Now as you lower down, the tip of the tailbone is reluctant to lower down. So you're gonna lay all of the vertebrae down, but the tip of the tail doesn't want to come, doesn't want to come, doesn't want to come. And finally the last moment it relinquishes and finishes. The movement comes down. Now it's eager in hand and exhale lipped. Now it's reluctant.

Inhale and exhale lower last minute. It's like, and you roll up again in hell and exhale. Very good. And then the reluctant tailbone all the way down. Nicely done. Okay. Please rise up and face each other. Um, I'm going to ask you to just again, be honest with yourself and just extend the legs as much as you can. Keeping up a perfect vertical. So I'm just gonna, um, demonstrated here.

Fingertips to the shoulders. It's an exhale. We're going to just twist to the right. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale, left, left center. And this is what you're ringing the air out of the lungs, right? Yeah. Sh rotating on an axis that goes from the crown of the head. Shrewd, the pelvis, no leg movement.

So there's no sharing of the thi you all look very good when we're, each site should last. And that reminds me of something Ronnie used to say. Sometimes we'd get going like that and he'd say, where's the off button? And it felt like that we could have just kept going the rest of the time. All right. Um, flex the feet.

You're going to take the hands behind the head and we're going to hinge back. You're just going to hinge back to here. Now you're gonna make a contraction, pull the belly in and round forward, and then come up to vertical and hold. It's an inhale to lean back. Hinge. Exhale to contract. Sure. Inhale to come forward. Exhale, rise up.

Sure. Here we go. Sure, sure. I'm going to watch and lean and contract round forward and like good. So I have to give a little more instruction. When you round forward, I'm going to ask you to just come forward just until the shoulders are over the pelvis and then you're gonna reorganize back to your vertical line from there.

Does that make sense? So you're going to hinge back, hinge, back and contract. Beautiful round. Now come forward just until the shoulders sit over the pelvis. Now articulate the spine. That's it. Good correction all the way up and hinge and contract and round, forward and left. Now I have to tell this whole [inaudible] but think about that.

The raco Lumbar junction, that area there. So, um, monitor that. Here we go and hinge much better contract and round four takes one to know one and live. Let's do that again and lean and contract and rise up. And very good. Okay. I'm going to ask you all to lie on your right side facing me.

Okay. And I'm going to give you some specifics here, right? So the elbow is going to go about a foot away from the back edge of your mat. And so you're going to really be at the back edge of your mat with your elbow. Did you see? So yes. Yes. And then the pillow, this aligns with the elbow and the feet go forward in to the front of the Mat. Alright. And you're gonna, um, just from, just for illustrative purposes, feel about a seg. Feels like, okay. And it doesn't feel good, but sometimes it just happens.

So just notice that we're going to lift up. All right, top leg up. Now we're gonna do a breath and maybe it's a little bit different breath, I think, than what we normally do. I'm gonna ask you to exhale front. Inhale back, and it's a pole pole back. Exhale, exit. And this is just a long reach. So we'll just post to the front and reach.

Sure. Last. Sure. Good. Now you're gonna take your hand behind the head. We're gonna add a little spinal mo movement to this.

I learned this at the [inaudible] center when we were looking at the archival work. And this is, I think, very cool. So what's going to happen is as you bring the flex forward, you're going to curve for it. Exhale, exhale. Just the, it's just a high contraction. So just the upper back curves forward and then it's a high release. It's a high extension as you go back and we go hormones and contract, extend contract, extend two month contract, extend last contract and Stan. Very good. And just reach your arm forward and stretch your limbs long. That's been the tough knee.

Let's take a moment to stretch the front of the thighs. I never, I try never to miss an opportunity to stretch the quads. All right, very good, very good. And then you're gonna extend down. Now let's just come down. Turnout point the toe pointer, flex down point, reverse the foot and very good. The top leg is parallel now flex foot. Then you're going to internally rotate. So the knee cap is pointing down.

Think about the center of your heel and you're just going to make a small circle about the size of a bread and butter plate and reverse [inaudible] and you're going to lay the f the leg down. And this. That's a gift because we're going to come forward. Now turn inwardly and same thing. Sure. Very nice. Look at this. Very good. Reverse.

Sure. Good. Isn't this fun and good feet together. Lovely. Bring the legs long now. Along the Mat. Head down. Yeah. We're just going to go ahead and lift straight up and lower. I'm going to ask you to think about keeping a little space underneath your right weight lift so it doesn't collapse there.

Keep a lift under the right ways. More lift and down and lift. One more for good measure. Lift. Flex the feet. We're just going to scissor. Kick. Inhale. Exhale. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Last set and good legs together. Wow. This is a great group. Look at you and lower down. Very disciplined. Alright, we've been, we're going to come into this position. You're going to take your right arm up and this is where we fuse a little Fletcher and we pulse. Sure. Very good. Now you're going to reach your other arm.

Sure. Looking good class and good. Now you're going to come up to a vertical line of your spine as best as you can, even though you're in the asymmetrical leg, hip position, spine vertical up up. Now you're just going to twist and you're going to fall forward down. Okay. Now I'm going to ask you, we're just going to lift up and extend up. So it's like a, I call this a twisted swan and down.

Oh, and now, sure. One more. She's good. Well now from here you're gonna come up. You're going to go all the way up to that mermaid position on the other side here at ready. Here we go up and Oh, lovely. And come up. Take your top leg, bring it around, cross it over.

This is a hinge, so it's not rounding forward. So for me, really just to be upright, I feel it already. If you need a little more, you can hinge forward a little bit, but try not to round. Try not to flex. Try to keep the spine straight. Yeah. Good. So you're working again. Those intervertebral muscles, they're lit up. Yeah. One more breath. Go ahead. [inaudible] and let's get a match set so we're going to go to the other side. All right. Elbow about a foot away from the corner.

Pelvis lines up, feet line up. Flex the feet. Flex the top. Yeah, flex both feet and we exhale forward. Here we go. Sure, sure. She Nice for mine. Sh Sh two more. Wow.

Hand behind the head and flex. Flex. Extend. Flex, flex. Extend. Sure. [inaudible] sure. Tomorrow she laughed and hold and rich. Stretch the arm. Stretch the legs. Bend the knee. That's it. Yeah.

Take a couple of breaths here. Lifting the waist. Just take stock, take inventory. Make sure everything's in place. Good. You went that about your thoracolumbar junctions again, didn't you? I could see it. Yeah, me too. All right, here we go.

Turning out. Point the toe and good. Reverse the foot. Here we go. Shh. Shh, Shh, shh. Top leg up. Turn inwardly circles. Sure. And reverse.

Okay, sure. And take it down just to recharge your battery. Bring it forward. Turn down ants and reverse [inaudible] and bring it together. I'm down. Head down. Go ahead and just bring the legs in line. Make your little space underneath your left waist. And we lift [inaudible] lift and lift.

Form or lift, lift and float. Lift it slopes. Last one. Lift and hold. Flex the feet. Scissor kick. Sure. And good feet together and down. And we come up. All right. And we go over.

Sure. Eh, the arm. Sure, sure. Lift up, twist and fall. Twisted. Swan in hell. Exhale forward.

Inhale, lift. Exhale. Forward last one. And contract forward. We're going to go all the way up and over. Here we go. Up, bend over. Should we pause here? No, we come up. Thank you. Take a leg across and around. Alright. [inaudible] forward and three breaths. Sure.

It feels good after doing all that side work. Very good. All right. Um, I'm going to ask you all to lie on your backs. Head heads that way. Alright. Okay. Well we're just going to throw ourselves into this, so please reach your arms overhead. Please bend your knees in and extend the legs up.

Take the legs to 45 degrees and just show me what you got. We're going to do some teasers. Inhale, lift, exhale. Lay it back. Very good. However you want to do it. And inhale, lift and back. Yeah. Where did the answer, let's go back. Let's go back with the arms and then come up. Good. And back. One more just to say we did inhale.

Lift. Good. I'm gonna ask you to stay there. Lower. Just your right leg. Down and together. Left and together. Good down. That was a surprise, huh? Down. And when we're each side down and lift down and lift and lay it all back down. Lay it all back down. Oh, let's go back up one more time. Inhale, lift, exhale, and lay it out. Very, very nicely. Done. Good. From here, just to save time, I'm going to have you just flip over and we're going to swim.

We're going to swim, but we're going to start with a slow swim first. All right, so lift your head out of the water. Good. And what I'm going to tell you is that when you lift your right arm, it's, you're going to focus on, on working from your back. So just feel your shoulder blade muscles work to lift your right arm. Just good. And then your left leg, just straight arm out, straight leg up, and the leg lift comes from the backside, right from the bum crease. And then lower those two limbs down. Let's do the other side just to, just to make sure the movement is coming from your center and down.

And the movement comes from the center. Lift and down. Last one, lift and down. Now lift all your limbs and we swims. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Nicely done.

I'm not going to just come up and do a plank on your elbows. Just an elbow plank. Let's just see what happens there. Go ahead and lift up. Go ahead. Alright, good. Now, um, I'm going to ask you all to flex your spine now, just to really make a contraction in bend. And then you're gonna take your pelvis towards the mat and lift the chest and that's your inhale. Good. And then exhale, curl it up, right. I learned this from Debra lesson and at the PMA conference.

Inhale or something like it. Exhale. Debra's would, might, might be like, we didn't do that. And you know, that's what I got from it. Yeah. And XL. Yes. You're going out of the way into extension. Yeah. You're swanning and then you're contracting. Good. Let's do one more. So now that it's clear, we're swanning, we're contracting. That's probably enough of those. Good. Let's sit back on the heels. Good, great, lovely. And they're going to have you turn and face one another.

And this is, this is another one I got, um, from a, the Palati center that this is an archival boomerang and it's really nice because it's more available to, to, to all of us. And it's a hinge forward, which we haven't done much yet. And we're gonna do three hinges forward and the arms come back. See that? So it goes one, two, three. We lift up here and actually let's do that again.

Crest your right foot over the left. That's hinge forward. One, two, three. And lift. Now you're gonna roll back onto your shoulders. You might want to skip forward a little bit. Sorry. You're gonna roll back onto your shoulders. Lift the feet, switch the feet and you're just going to come back up to tall. Hinge two, three endless. And now we know the uh, the choreography. So here we go. And up bend back, switch the feet, curl up. Pins. Two, three, lift up. We breathe. Sure. Switch me, lift up.

She, Eh, switch me up. Shh. Shh. Shh. One more. Switch beat. And one, two, three and left. Good. I'm going to ask you all to face me. You're going to come up onto your knees.

Okay. So you're going to be it. Beep, it's come to the center of your mat. Actually you want to be in the center of your mat. Okay. And uh, this is a Ron piece. Uh, Diane defender, not Diane Severino rather cause this pizza in the oven. And um, I've added another little piece to it. I'll share that with you in just a moment. So it starts, you're gonna just cross your arms, you're gonna take your, your right leg to the side, okay. And so when this nice lifted position and you're going to just think about your hip crease, be very kind to your hip crease. And we're just going to stretch into it. One, two, three. Feel that crease four. Yeah, that's good.

After the airplane to seven. Hey good. So you're going to come up now you're going to crease into that hip round forward and put the pizza in the oven here. Okay. Okay. Now come back up and crease the hip. Open the chest and come to here. Very good. Sure.

Put the pizza in the oven. Come up. This is and give me lots of love it and put the pizza in the oven. Come back up and give me a lots of loving. Sure. One more [inaudible] and it's good. And we'll do the other side.

So right in there. Crease, crease, crease, crease, crease, Greece, Greece and [inaudible]. Lift Up, put the pizza in the oven, come up, give me lots of 11 pizza in the oven and again [inaudible]. Okay, last, put the pizza in the oven and give me lots of love and come to center. Good. No invite you all to just come up to standing. Go ahead and reach up and we'll round forward.

Just see how things feel doing this forward bin now. Hopefully better. Oh, good. That's what I wanted to hear. And you rise up and take it back and forward and [inaudible]. Sure. Good. And everything. Twist with the feet. How's that? [inaudible] Center and uh, and center that will conclude our mat class today. Thank you all very much.

Thank you all very much.

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Paola Maruca
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Simply looooooooved this class. Jonathan, you are an amazing instructor. Perfect cueing. Rolling like a ball was very revealing
Looking forward to seeing more classes from you on PA.....Thank you!
Great class Jonathan! Really enjoyed the fletcher roll up. The classical of TPC and the grace of fletcher is a really nice combo. Look forward to more :)
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Simple, elegant, classical, refreshing: thank you ! See you soon on PA, I hope, Jonathan .
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OMG Jonathan. I loved this class with your expert cueing and innate sense of fun. I can't wait to try it with my ladies in my next class. I always say we should have FUN with Pilates!!!
Wow! Thanks for these kind comments. I had a great time teaching this class to wonderful students.
Wonderful class, enjoyed every movement to the fullest . Thank you thank you!
Fantastic...thank you for sharing you! Fun yet disciplined!
very nice- glad you had in the description the tickle for those who might not have been consistent lately. this was a great way to get back in and add some new stuff. Loved the jeopardy theme, too.
Fantasticcccc!!!! Thank you!!!, muchas gracias!!! Eres Genial!!!
the video stuck on the 40th minute
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