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Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Jonathan Oldham teaches a Reformer workout that focuses on the sensory experience of doing Pilates. He gives lots of variations that he learned Ron Fletcher to experience exercises you already know in a different way. He also uses the Fletcher Percussive Breathing to add a rhythm to each exercise.

You can watch the Percussive Breathing Tutorial to learn more about the Fletcher Breathing that Jonathan used in this class.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


This reformer class is focusing on really the sensory experience of doing [inaudible]. I'm gonna be giving a lot of, uh, variations that I've learned from Ron Fletcher, just pieces of ...


Beautiful class! Loved the cuing, the clarity, and the great information! Thank you so much Jonathan and PA!
Thanks for this very nice class, Jonathan. I shall be stealing some of your ideas for my next reformer workout ;)
Wonderful class! Thank you for the variations and different awareness points. It was a treat.
Great cues and ideas!! Thank you
I really enjoyed this class. Loved the variations and the thinking through on rotation in the sockets. Thank you. I feel great!
Having video problems with the picture and sound moving togther
Judy ~ I'm sorry you are having problems with this video. I have sent you an email with a few options that may help you with this problem.
Great video but it would've been far more helpful if we had been given the color of the springs instead of just the number of spring is used.
Rochelle ~ As different brands of Reformers use colored springs that can be the same color but different tensions, we ask our teachers to reference springs in terms of resistance or number. This article may help you determine what spring setting would be best for you and your Reformer.
Thank you Jonathan Oldham! I really enjoyed those variations, specially on the rowing series, and the stomach massage.

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