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Advanced BASI Flow Mat

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Join Meredith in an advanced level BASI flow Mat workout. You will work on elongating the spine and getting deeper into your abdominals. In addition, Meredith adds a creative Push Up/Front Support series and much more to this challenging class. Enjoy!
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Mar 08, 2014
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Hi, today we're going to do an advanced level bathy flow mat class. So, um, there'll be some difficult movements. Uh, definitely look after yourself and modify if necessary. Here we go. So sitting upright, feel the weight of your body resting right over the top of your sitting bones and reach behind and hold onto your legs. Take a moment just to close your eyes. Now as you sit in this moment, feel the bones of the body heavy, the muscles in the body lightly working to support the bones so that there's the energy in the arms. The harms are lifting the spine upright and inhale.

And as you exhale, just allow your body to [inaudible] prepare itself for movement. How? Allow your mind to commit itself to your practice. An inhale and exhale, letting anything else that's okay. Distracting you. Go for the moment and focusing in words and opening the eyes. Gazing straight ahead reading. And as you breathe out, feel the navel.

Press back towards the spine and feel the spine go into a long curve. The shoulders don't back away. They stay just over the pelvis and inhale, build the spine back up again. [inaudible] exhale, curl the spine so deeply, drawing backwards, holding quite firmly with the arms here. Inhale, feel the arms energetically slide down the backsides of the legs as the spine elongates and becomes long again. Exhale, navel draws back towards the spine. The inner thighs pull towards one another and in here.

Left and exhale this time as you round your spine, take the arms forward and reaching the arms in the spine energetically. Oppositionally. Inhale, the arms come to this side, the spine lifts. Take the arms overhead and exhale. Arms reach forward as we draw back. Shoulders still haven't moved from on top of the pelvis. Inhale, we're just creating arms to the sides. Spinal movement, arms overhead.

Exhale, curl the spy deeply committing, deeply connecting, keeping the head just above the shoulders. Inhale, reach out and and exhale. Curl. This time we'll all back through this spine. Feel the lower spine imprinting into the mat. Take the arms to the side. Exhale, bring the arms forward, roll the spine back up, finding your upright position. Lift the arms and the spine. Bring the arms to the side and then press energy goes forward and backwards.

Simultaneously We'd find the lower back. Inhale, the arms come wide. Exhale, the arms pressed back in. The abdominal muscles deepen. We curl the spine forward, keeping the back extensors working as much as the abdominals are maybe not as much but some. So as we curl and create that long round shape, we're not collapsing in on our spine. Finding the low back. Inhale both arms reach XL. Both arms come the rural rolling back the spine elongates.

The arms reach overhead. The arms come to this side. They press forward. As we roll back this time at the bottom, take just the left arm to the side and center, settling in the right arm and center. Feel as the arms change, the center of gravity shifts and we have to use the center of the body to support the change in the center of gravity. Pause and breathe in rolling the spine, reaching shoulders over hips. Elongate the back. Reach the arms overhead. Press the arms open. Reach them forward. Curl the spine, roll back. This time, reach the arm closest to me.

Open it up, look back at it and center other side, reaching out and center and left. Reach Center and right reach and center from center. Class the hands together. Create a strong, energetic forward force. N Twist Center. Twist Center, twist center, twist center. One more. Each side.

Separate the hands. Roll this spine up. Elongate the back. Open the arms, press the arms forward, curl the spine. Turn the palms down on your way down. Inhale, exhale. Lift the left leg in the right arm and down. Opposite arm, opposite leg. Lift and press. Feel the strength in the center of the body.

The commitment to stillness in the center of the body as we take the limbs back and forth. And last one, reach and down. Take a breath. Exhale, roll the spine. Control the spy. Find shoulders over pelvis. Elongate the back. Reach the arms overhead. Open the arms out to the side, and then set them next to you to press the pelvis closer to the feet. The feet are very close to the pelvis. The pelvis is very close to the feet. Reach around to the front sides of the legs and pull the spine very close to the knees, trying to ease elongate the back.

Then try to hold the body still right here as you let go and begin rolling yourself with control down to the mat. Take time. Once you're at your shoulders, slide the feet and make sure you can touch your heels. Hold that, hold that, hold that, lift a little higher and then slide the spine into the mat. Inhale, exhale. We pull the back flat. We roll the pelvis up, lifting up into a pelvic curl. Inhale at the top. Exhale. Feel the elongation, the mobility of the spy, trying to create space between the bones of the spine.

Release the pelvis all the way down in here and fell flat in the spine. The arms are long and reaching the neck is long and reaching with zero tension. Pause at the top, pressing the hips nice and high. Exhale to peel the spine back down. Bony segment by bony segment.

Release all the way down to neutral. Inhale, exhale, flatten and roll. Pressing the feet down into the mat as the hips lift up the arms, press back into the mat, inhale and exhale and take the body up again. Exhale as you rise up through the pelvis. Lift the arms overhead, pause with the arms just floating off the floor and then roll the spine down, reaching the arms oppositionally through the then the spine. Inhale as the pelvis drops. Exhale as the pelvis lifts. Press the arms down to the mat as the hips lift up, and then roll the spine down the arms. Take themselves overhead, the arms in the pelvis.

Find their position simultaneously and then press the arms paths by the hips on their way to the mat. The hips are lifting high. Feel the heels reaching back towards the hips. Inhale and exhale. Rolling the spine down and in here and press the arms. Lift the hips. Pause at the top. Inhale, lifting the left leg. Exhale, one, reach and touch. Keep the pelvis high. Exhale to reach and touch. Exhale. Three, reach in touch. Exhale, four, reach and touch. Exhale, five. As a lay, comes down to the mat, put it down and change lanes with no shifting in the pelvis, right leg lifts. One inhale, reach, touch, exhale, lift to inhale, find them xls.

Three holding the body strong and long lasts two and down one more and really comes down the headstone. Change the arms, reach back overhead and out to the side. Float the arms just off the floor here. And then peel the spine down. Feel this stretch change as we change the positioning of the arm. As the pelvis drops. Place the arms down on the mat, lifting the left leg, lifting the right leg in.

He'll take the legs towards me. Exhale, come back in. He'll take the op legs in the opposite direction and except pull back in her reach and exhale back. So my challenge to myself today is to move with intention and exhale back with integrity. Inhale across, but also to find movements with ease and back. Last time like this, inhale and exhale back. And now inhale, take the legs towards me and then stretch the top leg.

Feel the stretch, the additional stretch that the weight of that leg gives Ben the knee back and exhale to come center in her reach across. Take the leg out street. Feel that elongation that stretch through the back. Fold the knee back in and XL to come back in here we reach over x. We stretch out, we bent, we come back in. How we reach over XO. We stretch out supporting through the middle in Hawaii bent.

Exhale, we come back, we slide the hands behind the head, interlocking the fingers as one lake comes to the mat at a time. Press the legs together. Breathe in, breathe out in. Curl the head and chest up. Looking just over the knees. Pause there. Inhale, look for depth and exhale. He elongate the body. Bring it down again. We exhale curling. Feel the ribs draw down. The head is heavy and the hands working as a weight against the abdominal muscles. As the spine comes into flection. Pause, breathe in and exhale down and again, lifting heavy head. Pause in here and exhale down.

Exhale, lifting this time. Inhale, tilt the tailbone, bring the pubic bone up. Towards the nose and keep pressing the chest towards the pelvis. Then lower the pelvis down, but it continued to follow it upward with this spine. Take the body down, exhale to the left, committing, stabilizing in the pelvis. Recruit [inaudible] up a little bit higher this time just to the bottom of the ribs. Exhale, we lower the pelvis. We continue to lift the body and inhale to come down. One more like that.

Exhale to the left. Curl the pelvis. Continue to breathe. Continue to focus inwardly. Reach the arms to the backsides of the thighs. Give yourself just a little more height. Check that your pelvis is in a neutral position. Let go of the legs.

Take the arms up, bring them behind your head and twist towards me. Exhale and inhale. Center and exhale and inhale. Center and exhale and inhale. Center. The rotations happening around the ribs, the rib cage that you're turning towards.

Sliding in towards the center. Yeah, the body. Inhale, center. Exhale, reaching across. Going one more time. [inaudible]. Exhale, reaching across and center and reaching across and center. Pause in center. Reach the arms forward. Yeah, sly the legs. The feet. They come closer to the body and then they float up into a tabletop position. We then lift the arms and [inaudible] the body back and reach.

Press the arms past the hips, reaching out in space. Inhale, the arms begin lifting and the spine comes down. And again, exhale, tilt, left pass. Reaching through the lifting the arms, keeping the body stationary. I lower the body down last time. We're going to stay for the a hundred XL.

So lift, pause, stretch the legs in here. And exhale. Two, three, four, five and n and two to three. Calm and controlled and three two curling up all the time. And for two, three, four, five and [inaudible] take the arms from the back of the body. Fi two, three, five and 10 and six. Lift the legs to vertical and n and seven Ben, the knees, n n an eight stretch the legs and n and nine lower, one inch, an n and 10 lower. One more inch. And in two, three, four, five. Stay in control. Bend the knees to the Mat, sly the legs out along the Mat. Turn the palms to face.

One another and we roll up from here, gathering energy, finding our control, feeling that we're just exploring that journey through the spine. Shoulders are over the pelvis in here and we take it back. Find the back side of the pelvis, goes slow. Explore Range, arms lift and the body comes back in your head. Justin. Arms reach forward. Exhale, curl, slow control. Finding a long, elongated seeker of abdominals. Drawing in, in back. Pause.

Exhale, rounding down, tailbone sliding under arms parallel to the floor. Fingers Ilan gated and together the arms raise up. The head drops back. Inhale, lift and exhale. [inaudible] continue all the time. Drawing back through the middle of the body. And two more, but slower.

Yes. Slower. So the pelvis and then we go down one edge and down one. No rushy one, one, one. And the arms come back and we lift the same way. Find the head and chest and grow. One inch and one stilled on that lower back, bringing the body forward and into itself.

Curling nice and controlled. Nice and controlled. Nice and controlled. And in here and one more. Rolling back, back, back, back, back, back, back, pause, pause. Take the arms out to the side, hold the arms out to the side, turn the palms up, then the right knee, stretch it to the ceiling. Lay down, flex that right foot and swing the leg into the body around and lift into the body around and left. Inhale for a circle and exhale for a circle and inhale for a circle and exhale for a circle. And now we reverse. We inhale and cross and exhale. Cross and drop, then catch and I get one more breasts cycle and again we hold it, we point the foot, lifts the chest, keep the arms wide, wide, wide, lower the leg, reach the arms forward and slowly we were all rural, rural, rural, rural. Finding our way to the top.

Press the arms out to the sides, lift the back, take the arms overhead, bring the arms forward, exhale to curl the spine. Feel that the pelvis is the first thing to find the mat, the backside of the pelvis. Then we feel the bones of the lower spine imprinting. Once we've down on that lower spine. Just off the show shoulders. We take the arms out to the side saying listed Ben, the less knee.

Stress the lesson to the ceiling and take the body down and flex that foot. Inhale, reach and exhale and inhale and exhale stabilizing with the bottom layer, stabilizing with the musculature of the trunk part at the top. Reverse recharge around and around and around and around. Every legs circle gets its own breath. Last time, pause their leg in the air, point through the foot, lift the chest, get up nice and high, drawing the thigh to the body and the body to the thought and then the leg comes down. We met the legs together, tighten the legs together, hold here and now just Lyft and Lyft and Lyft, Lyft and the arms come forward and we slowly bring the body, slowly bring the body, bringing the arms forward as we can and this time we take the body all the way forward, build this spine backup, arms out to the sides, palms face up, feet flags and we twist and center and twist, twist and center. Feel that the rotation here is pure spinal rotation.

There is no movement of the arm. We reach, reach center and reach, reach center and a reach center and retreat center and bring the arms together. Class the hands and same here. Reach, reach center. So we follow the arms forward and reach. Reach, center and twisting from the waist. And one more like this and the last one and take the arms overhead. Pull up on the arms. Elongate the spine and twists, twists, center, twists, twist, center, twist, twist, center, twist, twist, center, twist with center to a stressor.

Whole reach up. Allow the arms to separate but keep the arms and narrow. Bend your knees, round the spine. Find the ankles, draw in deeply, deeply, deeply and float the feet. And we roll like a ball. Reaching back and back and up and back. Staying in control, staying small and lift and back. Left and hold.

Take the hands to the knees, press the knees into the hands. Start to lower the body to them. Controlling, looking for mobility in the lower spine. Hands on the top, but then nice double leg stretch for your each app and reach out and back fill. There's energy in the arms as well as energy. In the lay eggs, we feel the arms push through space.

We feel the legs dry and against resistance and reach and Mack and reach and back lifting the chest and reach and back and reach and and holding. Here pushing the knees into the hands. Curling the spine. Oh, I'm stuck. W all go together now. Okay, open the knees. Stretch the body forward. Build the spine back straight again. Bring the legs together. Hands on the knees. Lift this fee. Press the knees into the hands.

Curl the spine. Curl the spine. Find your position right leg straightens. Left leg is underneath both hands and we change. Reach and reach. No Rush, nice and calm, Nice and control. Taking time to organize, to feel the stability in the trunk, to feel the shoulder blades every time. Reached down the back as the hand.

Sign the knee and a little bit faster. But keep the position the feet. Just reach out on a straight line and her hitch two and reach on and reach both knees, pushing the knees into the Hanser sir, to bring the chest forward. Curl the spine this time, just place the feet on the floor, lift the chest, bring the chest, were right up close to the knees, lifting the back, lifting the back and then around the spine, around this spine. Start to float the legs, curl the spine down, curl the spine. Now pass holding here and the eye, that late closest to me stays bent. And we twist the crisscross and we twist and we twist and we twist and we're huge.

Reach lifting up all the time, reaching out, oh over, over, over. Now give yourself a little pull and pull and pull and po and one and one. And now change. Instead of pull, push then into the thigh and push the fire into the hand and try to lift even higher and switch and push the thigh into the hand and then thought in the hand into the thigh and curl and find center. And we hold center and we do a little pelvic girl and a little pelvic curl and down a little pelvic girl. And yeah, I don't one more and I know I put the head down, let me stretch the arms out. Stretching the legs out in heel-toe vertical Xcel rollover.

Okay. Inhale. As we flex the feet, separate the feet and lower. So as we roll the spine down, keeping the legs strong, mobilizing through the spine, the pelvis touches the feet point. They come down and together and in here and ruled the spine over and flex the fee and separate the fee and down. And we rolled and we point and we circle and lift and rollover and flex the fee and separate and rolled and the legs come down and together we bend the knees, place them on the mat.

One at a time in, yeah, peeling the body, coming up into our bridge position. Armstrong and lungs, lifting the left leg off the mat, stretch it to the ceiling and now we kick down and back down and to reaching, trying to find the mat, reaching, trying to find the mat. Last one, holding at the top. Make a little in circle, a little in circle and a little InCircle and two and one pass a little outs circle and then another and another and another and another. And bend the knee. Lifting the hips, change sides, right leg lefts, and we'd go down to the mat and back down to the mat. End To reaching long, but also being very careful to keep the pelvis high and back and two and one and lift and a little InCircle. And in three of five, here's five now and the little outside circle and two and three and four and five. And we've been late to the math.

I listed pelvis just a little bit higher. Lift the heels off the mat, lift the pelvis just a little higher still, and then keep the pelvis just that high as you place your heels down at a roll the spine all the way. Okay. All the way, all the way. And then we'll lift the chest, slide the feet together, float the legs, take the legs and we roll up. Let me stretch the legs out. Separate the feed. Arms forward.

Inhale, exhale. Take the head forward. Feel the spine round from the very top of the head through the center of the spine, through the middle of the spine. We take the body out between the lungs, pause and exhale. Heel again, building up, stacking the bones of the spine, one on top of the other. So we just arrive at a very effortless, upright position. Looking forward. Inhale, exhale, rounding down, drawing backwards through the center of the body. Rolling backward. Ah, and we roll up and inhale and exhale. Rounding the spine and now we take the arm. Now you reached the back out on the diagonal. Reach the backout long.

Keep the arms narrow and straight. Dive back forward. Peel the back up. Lift didn't happen. Up and exhale to go down and reaching the backlog, taking it long on the diagonal. Nice flat back load to the legs as possible. I've back forward and in a roll the spine up India and rounding down.

Yeah, I left the back and reached down for your legs and flatten the back even more, even more. Take the arms forward, bend the arm closest to me, twist, reach that arm straight back, look back at it and push it forward and the other arm reached back. Bend and push forward. We take it back, we feel the body move with the arm. We feel that there's energy through both our back bent forward reach, bend forward, reach back, bend forward, reach, bend last time, reach back, bend forward, lift the back. Arms here, sides, twist towards me. For this saw, we dive forward. Elongate left and center and twist and h and elongation and center and lift and long and reaching and center and twist and reach and elongation.

The body and center and twist and dive. Flattening the back and Ian Gaye and center and west and hurry. H and E. Elongate the back and center and twist and region. Now hold onto that front foot and take that arm and reach back. We keep the eyes on the arm. We linked in the body even longer, even longer and then bring it back into the saw and reach up and center and other side. We die forward. Hold onto that outside foot.

Twist, rotating the spine. Take the arm out, reach back, look at it, elongate the body. Go back into the SA, reach up, come to the center. Then journeys, find your ankles sitting just behind the pelvis. We stretch the legs up and then we rocked the spine back and up and lengthen the body and rock the spine back and, and lines in the body and a rock the spine back and, and lengthen the body and rock back and up. And Yeah, Elon Gate. Take the legs. They're together in the center. We let go. And now we just rolled a spy. Roll this spy arms, reach back and nail. The back comes up and we roll. Uh, uh, yeah.

And reaching the spine forward. Keep the eyes forward. Had comes down. Arms reach over at a roll. Uh Huh. One more. We you're all this find out. Yeah.

I'm sorry. [inaudible] back. We roll the sign up. Okay. Take the body down. Not all the way. Lift the legs. You're just off your shoulders. Take a hold of your left leg and pull. Pull right. Like pull, pull.

Keep the body still as the legs change places and pull, pull. Use the bottom leg as an anchor. It pushes into them. Mat. Pull Paul, Paul, Paul and one more. I'm not sick. Hands behind the head. The legs do the same thing. Paul. Paul and Paul. Paul drawing deep and Poor Paul and one more on each side and then we twist. Starting now keep the top like pulling and slowing down a little and reaching across and reaching across and lifting the body.

Oh, the time. One more. Okay. Signed Center, reach out. Try to lift the pelvis off the mat. You're in a pike, you're in a pike. You're reaching for your feet. Lower the body rollover.

Okay. Let the legs come along. Take the legs over the left shoulder. We roll down, we swing the legs around to the right, rolling up and unwind and to the opposite side feel there's stability. Feel that as the pelvis changes from one side to the other, it doesn't drop. Not even a little and find center and twist and down and down.

All around and up and center and twist and all around her left and up and center. Let me say center and reach the arm. Find the feet. I don't have any space up here, but that's okay. I'll just float my arms and I leased the back. Holding onto the left leg. We take the right like all the way to the ceiling and pool pool and po Po [inaudible] from that, they're very easy to do this without some floor underneath your arms and po po Po Po and Po.

Po Po po both legs. Yeah. How do we find the feet with the hands and we role the spine control. Fun stretch very at the lakes. Go and bring the arms to the mat. Reach the legs forward, lift them up.

Rollover. We reached down, we, he said back and bringing it up into the Jackknife and we come down, flow nice and controlled and then likes continued to travel forward and then they left. We roll over and we go down and lift. Ah, well the way [inaudible] I don't know where the length of lower the spot. I'll allow the legs to come opposite the eyes rolling. Yeah. Rolling. Rolling down and take the legs down. One more. Lifting or rolling over. Reach down. Then left.

You can see in the back extensors using the hip extensors and rolling. Although yeah, bend your knees into your chest. Ses me. Hug your knees into your chest, let your legs go. Turn to face me, I'm gonna take the arm down. Let me slide the legs together. Opposite. I'm as on the mat and a skin lift up and down and lift up and, and lift up and down and lift up and [inaudible] and lift up in the hold and split the legs. And exhale.

Exhale, a little scissor kick and reach. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Sorry. Two, two, one. Let me hold the back leg back in the front. Lakeport and we lift both legs up and, and Ah, and Ah, ah, ah, ah. Bring the legs together. Take them down, lift onto the elbow, push the arm into them. Lifting the spine into a long position. Hand behind the head. Lift the top leg and Paul, Paul, rich, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, and rage. Keeping the body long, keeping the body stable and back. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul.

And now take the leg back. Bring the hand behind from behind the head to the mat, pulling forward with both arms, lots of rotation. Let that front hip reach forward and then kick the leg, ah, and Ah, and Ah, and, and Ah, and Ah, and Ah, and Ah, I'm bringing my back. Swing your legs around to the front, bring your arms behind you, lift the legs. And now we take the legs to the left, down around and pulled back across, down, around, and pulled back down around and pull back. And now we go the other way down around the left in, out, around and lift in, out around and lift in.

And now we saw showing the legs all the way around to the other side. Okay. Like the lined up together or I miss down on the mat. I may reach the legs up and down. Make sure as you place your arm on your hair, your head in your arm, you haven't shifted your arm and your head forward. But instead it's just in line with the rest of your spine and are reaching up and reaching up and, and holding the legs this time. And we do a little scissor kick, kick, kick and reach. Reach Paul Paul, Paul Paul using the arm for support. But stabilizing that shoulder and, and holding the legs back. Now lift both legs, ah, and Ah, and Ah, and Ah, and up. Bring the legs together, lower the legs to the mat, press up onto the elbow, push the elbow into the mat, elongate the body hand behind the head. Kick the top, leg forward. Yeah.

And, and forward and re and trying to keep the body pretty still, although we'll be shifting slightly forward and back as that way. Move through space. Last two, um, back last one and back. And now turn the body, turn the body and take that, but like take that topic and let it face the floor a little and I'll reach that top like up and back, driving a nice high line up and back and up and back and pushing up away from the floor with this spy and too, I know one and now the lake comes down and we turn onto our stomach, interlocking the hands together, pulling the spine up and forth, taking the gays straight ahead. You're Donald's left to support the spine. The legs, lift off the mat and we kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, reach, kick, kick. And just the like that's coming towards the body is the leg that's kicking.

The other leg just reaches out. And Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, hold. Nah, pulling this by now we do a little flutter kicks, a little flutter kicks with the legs. I don't flatter. Kicks in the chest. Forward, forward, forward and hold there. Rotate the legs externally and little kicks, little beats with the legs. I've got that, that, that kick, kick, kick, kick, pulling up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up through the spine all the time. And pause legs. Come back to parallel. Take the hands apart, lower the body, reach the arms forward.

We take the left arm in the right light and change and uh, and change and reach slowly at first and right. And now faster. Two, three, four, five, one, four, five, two, two, three, two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, three, four, five. En reach, everything. Lower the legs. Bring the arms out to the side, turn the palms to face up. And I'll just, the arms reaching up in, back and up and back and up and back and up and up and back and bend the elbows, placing the hands on the ground, lowering the body. We bend the knees, reaching back for the feet, lift the legs, pressing the pelvis into the mat, and then we lift the thigh bones, lifting the head and pushing the feet against the hands to find a nice high lift. And then everything comes down. And again, cyclins left head lifts.

We pushed trying to lift the knees and then trying to straighten the knees to lift the back down and one more. Lift the knees and then lift the spine and straighten the knees and everything down and stretch the legs out and lower the body and press that and reach back into rest position. [inaudible] describing my little towel here, my hands, your hands are a little sweaty. Bring yourself the hands. Come underneath the shoulders. We step one leg back, step the other leg back.

We're in front support holding here. Take the right leg and reach him up and down and up and up and up and down. And down and up and hold it up. And now we bring it to the chest and reach out and bring it to the chest and reach out and bring it to the chest and reach out and to and reach. I don't want and place it down. And three pushups, two, three. And how we take that leg lifts up. It comes into the air with us.

So we lift into the Air Basque. We rotate the hip open, we bend that top like opening the front of the hair with stretch like an even higher. We turn the pelvis back into step back, arm, foot, foot into the mat, pressing the spine back and come forward. And the left leg reaches out and down and out and down and out and down and to keeping the body low and one and now into the chest and back and into the chest and back and until the chest and back into more reaching in and out, reaching in and we place the foot down. We do three pushups, one, two, three. We lift the leg, we kick up into the Aribel desk, we rotate the pelvis, lift the leg a little higher, then bring the leg behind you. Stressfully. Huh? Turn the pelvis all the way back. Place your foot down, press back into your abstraction.

Come back over your hands. And three more pushups. One control two, strike three. We bend the knees to the Mat. We sit all the way back on the feet for a moment. Yeah. And then turn to face me. Cross the top leg over the bottom for the side bend. Yeah, we reach out and now we make a rainbow lifting the waste arm goes overhead, reach, duty and then back. And then Ben, but we don't touch.

We just have our supporting the shoulder and reach and side bend and back and just hover and reach and side bend and back and drop the knee and behind the head like lifts up and it goes forward and back and forward and back and forward and back and forward and back and down and up and front and ah, and yeah and Ah, and front and up and down and up and front and back and hold. Take the arm and the leg in opposite directions. Reach out, take the arm and the leg to the side, step onto the mat, step under and into the twist. We reach under, flattening the back. We come back and we take the left body down in one piece, like say straight lift and into the twist and reach. Ah, and the body comes down one piece and I'll lift and reach through and back and bend the knee and lift that top line at reach over your head and start to bend the knee. But keep the arm going overhead all the time. Knees come together. Now we just sit on the diagonal. Yeah, continue to roll over to that hip or going over to the other side.

So top legs in front of the bottom leg setting on long, strong body and yell XL into the site yet and back at I don't touch and up and over and I don't touch last one up. Oh and back and dropped the knee and behind that leg in the air, controlling through this front of the ribs. Forward and back. Kick forward and back. Kick forward and back forward. And we go down, up, front, up, back up, back up front. Oh, okay.

And reach the leg at reach, the take that beautiful stretch and the arm and leg lift in a center and we stepped back down onto that foot. Slide the other leg back underneath and right into the twist. Take the body under and back and a straight body comes down. Straight legs. I lift and hurry and and left and reach and back and the leg comes down. We all have like lifts up.

We start to lower the leg and reached through the arm and then start to bend that knee and the knee comes next to the other knee, but he was still reaching that top arm overhead. And then start to just reach back, sitting back towards the hip on that side for a stretch and then kick the legs behind you and come back down onto your stomach. Turning your head towards me. Take the hands behind the back, nice and high. Drop the elbows down to the sides. Draw the abdominals. Then float the legs up off the floor. And we kick. One, two, three. Let me reach out. Let me switch sides. One to reach and switch. One, two, three and region one to reach.

Ah, last time, one, two, three. [inaudible], stretching the chest, stretching the chest to left and then take the legs down and just take the arms back and up and back and up. Last time, reach the arms out to the sides and them in place and next to you pressing into the arms. And we lift that. We lift the body as much as we can without changing the overs. When we press into the elbows to lift even more in the new reach, Cha opening the front of the body, only lift as high as you can.

Keep your shoulders under control and we bend bringing the elbows down first. The spine is still lifted as the Elvis come to the mat. And then we each elongate the body all the way down. And again, reaching the head up, feeling the shoulder blade slide down and back. Then pressing into the Os, reaching the spine, using the front of the body, using the abdominals, drawing on the abdominals to support the spine, but also feel that beautiful stretch through the front of the body and bend and Ilan, he come there and one more. It had less yams reach. Find the stretch and then we push up and reach all the way back.

Sitting once again in rest position. [inaudible] well our spine up and bring legs around to the front. Reach underneath your legs with your arms. Take the knees into the crooked elbow. Okay, feet are together. What are you going to ask yourself? So you're not cooking?

What is that moment for me? And here we go into the sale puppy. So we roll back and hold and kick one, two, three and a rule and find our balance. I don't want to. And looking inwards, roll back and one, two, three and lift up and one, two, three and rock back and one, two, three and lift up. I don't want to. And then pulling the knees back towards the body. Elan gating the back, sliding the elbows out from underneath the knees, a little more. Purchased, straightening the elbows, letting their feet come to the mat, straightening the spine, pulling yourself right up onto your sitting bones, right up onto your sitting bones. Turn your head in one direction and then back to center and over to the other side and back to center.

And then gently start to sly the arms out from underneath the length. Find a comfortable sitting position with a diamond shaped leg and take the arms out to the side. And then as the hands reach out, this line lifts or grow longer. I feel the energy all the way through the body and then I even forward and rolling. So just feeling and finding the ease in the body, bringing the arms over to the side, allowing this restful, reaching up on meditative centering moment to be just as important and diving forward as the work. Right? This is the work, maybe more so important than in the moments where we're challenging our musculature. You take the buddy up, moments where we settle in our mind and our body, your arms come out. All right. Equally valuable, if not more. So taking the arms all the way. Yeah. Clasping the fingers together.

Stretching the spine in one direction. I remember lefting and stretching the spine in the other direction and lifting and separating the arms and allowing the [inaudible]. This is to slowly, very slowly, very slowly, almost just melt through the air, down onto the body, and as they calm down, they just hang. Then closing the eyes is taking a couple of breaths at your own tempo and thanks vane class.


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Amazing as always Meredith! Thanks for a great start to my weekend.
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wow Meredith, this was so challenging for me! How can you manage to move so perfectly and teach at the same time? GREAT, thank you
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Great flow and energy. I did find the 20 minutes of extreme flexion at the start unpleasant. Would have liked neck breaks dispersed in there. Perhaps in the form of other exercises in extension or lateral that still work the core. Modern society is already so flexion dominant as is. Otherwise great
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Meredith I love your classes!! your in a such great and beautiful flow!
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Great class for an early Saturday morning. The transitions were so smooth. Great challenge on the lateral side planks, and your voice was very soothing Meridith. I liked the placement of the swan after all the other on stomach exercises. My back was so much more warm and ready for that exercise. Again, great class.
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That was a wonderful class. I especially liked the pace, which was almost meditative. The very slow roll ups in the beginning set the stage for a mindful, deliberate session. In the spirit of constructive criticism, I would have liked to see some shoulder opening, working the shoulder extensors.
Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to leave your feedback which I appreciate so much. Pele, I often try to remind myself of your feedback when designing classes...and sometimes remember. Joe, adding shoulder opening work is always a good idea and I will make sure to remember to do that.
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Thank you so much Meredith! As I prepare for my BASI test out, your mat classes are essential at getting me in shape! I'm going to re-comment after I've done this one 10 more times.... I'm sore all over and I just finished it 30 seconds ago. As always, thanks for your inspired instruction!
Thank YOU Rebekah. I will be waiting to hear from you after your 10th repetition :) Good luck with your test out and thanks for taking class with me.
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It's rare that you feel both incredibly sweaty AND relaxed at the end of class! Thank you Meredith I thought this workout was wonderful!!
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