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Ease and Contraction Play

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Play with ease and contraction in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She invites you to use breath to bring awareness so you can discover how these two contradictions interact. She includes challenging variations of many exercises including Double Leg Stretch, a Jack Knife Teaser Combo, and so much more!
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Oct 07, 2015
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So we're going to be going class. Today's just sitting rx with our hands behind our legs. And I want us all just to get organized in your posture, in your body, and then close your eyes. I'm gonna dedicate this class to Carly, who's moving to New York by Carly. Okay. So feel as your eyes are closed, just feel into your experience right now in your body and feel that you could lift perhaps longer through your spine, feel maybe lighter in your body, or look for a sense of, of lightness. And then bringing your awareness to your breath.

Feel the inhalation and the exhalation and how the body expands as the inhale occurs and contracts and can narrow and tighten or, or become more aware as the exhale occurs and feel that the head pulls the spine up so the spine can be floating from the head. And then just do a little sway side to side. Feel your weight shift off each sitting bone, and then bring it right into the center and look, open your eyes. Look, inhale, exhale, feel the pelvis rotate first. So we're gonna round the spine. We're drawing deep, so you pull with your center away from the hole that you have with your arms. And I'm not going to rent and take us back yet. Um, and we're going to say right over the pelvis with the shoulders and then we're going to lift back up. So it could be, you could think of it like as you round, you're just finding the top of your roll up.

If you were to just let your arms go, you would be in the top of your roll up and then feel your arms just energetically sliding down the backs of your legs as you lift your spine back tall. And then we'll do two more like that. So just round. So using the breath to bring awareness to contraction, using the breath as we inhale and lift to bring awareness to ease. And so we'll work a combination of that ease and contraction all day curl and then reach your arms forward here, maintaining the shape of your curl. Inhale and exhale. Take that whole piece and bring it back to the map. Inhale and take that whole piece back forward.

Exhale and inhale and exhale. That whole rounded spine does comes almost like a hinge from the hip joints and Exhale, oh, I've just looked out. It's so fun to have all of you here and in here and exhale and in here and lift. So we'll add some extension, but not yet in here. Exhale, curl back, bring the arms out to the side, bring the arms overhead, and then as they come forward again, roll up and the spine and lift the arms and then open the arms. Reach forward and roll back.

So we do that again. We bring the arms out to the side, up over the head, forward and up, and then we reverse that. We go up with the spine in the arms, open with the arms and push the air through space as you round your spine. Then roll back out to the side with the arms. Reach the arms overhead, take the arms forward, exhale to lift. Inhale as the arms lift the spine up. They open out to the side and we exhale.

Curl the back and roll down. Take the arms out to the side. Paul. Inhale, exhale, lift. The right lane and inhale down and exhale, lift the left leg and inhale down and lift the right leg. You're just holding your flection and working from deep within the trunk to lift the leg. One more time through x here and down and x, Sam and down and then reach the arms overhead. Oh, can we roll up from me here? Do you think?

All the way and reach out and around. It's good to try though and a rule back. So again, once we get to the bottom, we're going to take the arms out to the side and then we're gonna lift the leg closest to me and the arm closest to you. Come across and you rotate towards me. Inhale, find center. Exhale other way and inhale center and XL up to go over and inhale, center and up to go over and any heal center.

One more time through reaching across and back and reaching across and back and reach up or not right gear. The arms could come forward. They could come at a diagonal, wherever it's going to be to challenge you today. Right now, lift the arms, take the arms out to this side, reach forward and a roll back to the shoulder blades. Once you get there, slide your feet in or scoot your pelvis towards your feet. So we want the feet to come into where we can touch and then we're, I'm going to move forward on my mat and then we're going to lie down all the way. Inhale, feeling your feet on the mat. Firmly planted. XL Flatten the spine and began rounding up into a pelvic curl.

The arms press down as the hips lift through. Space the knees. Reach out the heels, drag back. Inhale and exhale we roll down so the neck could be felt reaching in the opposite direction as undulate imprinting the spine into the mat. Inhaling at the bottom, exhale as we curl the spine, pressing the feet down, feeling the length of the arms, feeling the height of the hips without overdoing their ribs. Inhale and exhale to rolled and India and exhale, lifting on, reaching up. Inhale, pause and exhale as we roll down, noticing where the shoulders are and noticing where there's tension in your body. Where we can release tension in the body. Last time. Inhale, exhale, roll. Ah, pause in here and reach the arms overhead.

As we roll the spine down, coming all the way down. Once the pelvis touches, reach back, hands behind the head. Lift one leg than the other into a tabletop. Keep the elbow slightly off the floor so your head is heavy in your hand. We're going to inhale spine.

Twist the knees towards me without moving the elbow or the shoulder on the opposite side of the body. Exhale as you come back through center. And then inhale as you reach across and exhale to come center. So notice what your range is from side to side. Is One side bigger than the other? Remember the elbows aren't pushing down into the floor. They're just hovering and wait.

You can think about is as the knees are going to one side, the opposite. Elbows pulling away, using as an anchor but also creating a reach in house. We reach over. Excellent. As we come back. One more in house, we reach over. Exhales, we come back, place one foot down. Then the other place the lake.

So that they're together. Inhale, exhale, curl that head in, chest up. We're going to do a little spinal rocking. Well, it won't feel like rolling like a ball rocking, but we're going to come down with the head and was soon as the head touches. We're going to pelvic girl lifting up, keeping the legs together. This time as the spine starts coming down into the mat, we curl down, dropped the tail all the way down and curl the head and chest up, cramping, and now the head comes down, legs pressed together, Corolla, hips that inhale and exhale, letting the chest fall as you make it about to the ribs. Let's say start the head lifting and then follow the dropping of the tailbone down with this spine. Nice in here and yeah, and exhale, lifting the hips.

I'm not being very clear with the breath pattern, but all of us here know how to breathe and we will breathe and I hope everyone watching this video will also choose to breathe and lift. Pause here. Inhale, keep the feet stuck to the mat, but imagine that you're going to pick them up so there's no movement. You won't see anything. We're going to inhale and exhale like you're trying to just take your feet off, a whole foot's worth of glue and then let them rest and inhale and exhale. Try to float the feet and inhale really sad and one more.

Inhale and try to float the feet. It's sometimes for me, it's almost harder than lifting both legs off the ground. And then inhale, we're going to go chest lift with rotation. So as you come towards may try to float that foot that's closest. It's still on the floor. It's just energetically trying.

And Inhale Center and Exhale, try to float the other foot, spiraling up and around the ribs and inhale, come center and exhale, lift up to go over and center and lift up to go over and center. So the dedication of this class was to Carly. Carly requested ads. So that's what we're doing and we go one more time to the other direction. And then we come to center. We're going to take the arms out and straight.

We're going to take one leg out and take the other leg out and in him turning the palms to face in. Excellent. Curl the spine. Then the elbows lifts the spy. Rotate the palms to face forward. Reach up and back through the arms. We get just a little moment of extension. Rebuild the elbows, turn the palms to face down. One more time like reach. Rotate the shoulders, lean for the little car.

Carlene, come this way a little bit with your body and then reach up and back and then bend and then take the arms back. Stretch the arms out, round the spine, roll back, but not all the way, not all the way. We're going to go just to the shoulder blades. Once we get there, we're going to float the right leg up so there's options with your arms. You could reach. You could also put your hands down, which is surprisingly helpful, and then we're going to flex that top foot. It's going to swing in around, in, in around enough. You could also choose to put your head down to more.

Let's inhale a circle and exhale a circle so each circle gets its own breath. Pause, river's reach and swing catch. So the catching sensations comes from the abdominals and the freedom sensation comes from the hip. Last two, last one. Point that foot. Take your arms off the graph. Start to push the light down. Feel that the pushing of the leg down. Pools the spine up in space.

I'm lowering my leg to the floor and here we are. Bend your arms. Sit Tall, rotate the shoulders, reach up and back. Bend the elbows. Rotate the palms to face down. Stretch the arms forward around the spine and roll. Roll back. We feel the lower spine coming down, finding the shoulder blades floating the left way. Arms can stay reaching.

They can come down. Flex that top foot and swing to the inside of the body. Inhale and exhale. Use the leg that's on the mat to help you stabilize the pelvis. One more. Pause and reverse. Cross the body and out. Down around dinner.

I'm trying for five circles on each leg. I hope that's what we're doing. I'm trying to remember to say my numbers out loud. Start to lower the [inaudible]. Lower the leg, let it the lowering of the leg. Lift the body up. Reach all the way forward. Lift the spine up, arms up over head. Bend your elbows. Place your hands behind your head and flex your feet. Inhale here, drawing the abdominals into the spine. Do a double twist towards me. It's pull, pull and center and pull. Pull and center.

Feel you're holding onto your head and trying to pull up. Pull your head up towards the ceiling so you're pulling your spine up as you're going in through that rotation and pull pool, center, pool, pool, center, and lift. As you twist, you guys are doing such a great job keeping the legs still lifted. You twist. One more time. Hold here. Take the back hand around to the front leg. Hold on. Okay. Pull into your twist a little bit more. Take the other arm back. Then the arm that's holding onto you comes up too.

And we're going to lift and do five little [inaudible]. Paul says, one, two, three, four, five weeks. Take the arms up and come back through center. Hands behind the head, twist to the other direction. The hand closest to me comes to the front leg or the other leg and lift up and then the hand that's still behind your head comes behind you. The hand that's holding onto your body. Let's go and we do five little poles. One, two, three, four, five.

Reach the arms up simultaneously. Moving your body back through center. Slide your feet in and reach for your ankles. Drawing in [inaudible] feet are still on the floor in this moment and then see if you can just by trying to deepen your curl at the feed, just float. Nothing else changes in the position. Tighten the legs together. Inhale, rock back and balance and rock back and balance and rock back and balance and rock back and balance. One more rock back and hold.

Take your hands to your knees, pressing your knees into your hands. Start to curl yourself down. Curl with control. We're going slow. We're going slow and bring the knees just over. The pelvis and paws are pushing down on the knees. Lift your feet, just a little Becca.

And then we're going to reach out and pull around five and reach up and pull around four and [inaudible] pull around three and reach up and pull around to reach up and pull around. When. Now we're going to do double leg rivers, so we bring the knees with us as we take the head down and then we inhale the legs, go out the arms, reach into the a hundred position. Exhale, the arms reach, they come around, we roll up, let's go all the way up. Why not wine reaching for this fee? Start Rolling your way back down. Get the lower back down all the way before the knees start to bend. They come into the body. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, little less high. Yup. Around reach, reach, reach up and then old keeping the legs to until the lower back is down.

And then we come down and inhale, reach up and exhale and around a rule. We just flow it up into our teaser because that's the kind of girls we are. You know, there we go down and we imagine ourselves to be in that way anyway. Or I'm just speaking for all of us. I imagine myself to be that way. I'm gonna try and let to be that way. Anyway. Here's our last two.

Is the five already? Well, if you can't count and I can't count, and who's going to count? I don't know either. Okay. One more going to reach out. Come up. So once you get into your teeth, we're going to transition from kind of here. Not Quite. So we're going to start to come down. Pause, left knee in, right, like drops down a little. Then we're dropped down to the shoulders and here we go. We change one, one to two long legs.

Use your arms to one. Hold that leg, push that knee into your hands. Curl just to then change legs. Curl back down and go. Five y one, two, two, three, four. [inaudible] five them to get the right knee back into our hands are that first knee. And then we curl. Kirra.

Kirra just sit in like a roll back. Hands behind your head. Notice the leg that you're rotating to. We might be different. It's okay. I don't mind twist. One, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five. Back to the starting side. Arms forward. Want you to then link it? It's Ben. You're gonna kick it out. Lift up in rotation.

Tell me, Matt, I'm just making it up as I go along. Come to center, twist the other way. Bend that knee. Roll down. [inaudible] back and here we go. Five, five. Karl, is this enough abs for you? Four, three, three, two, two, one. We're back to that first slide. You're gonna kick the leg forward. It's helping us. It's helping us. It's helping us center. Separate your likes. Put your feet down with it. Not much true.

If you can imagine it, it could be real. Maybe. Who knows? So spine stretch, inhale, exhale. Taking the head forward so we know what the relationship over of her abdominals too, that forward movement is, right? So we know that that can still happen right now. Inhale and exhale. Feel here.

Just allow the spine to float back up or stack backups here. You're right up to vertical. Lean forward a little Carly and he also as you go, Carly, just think about going forward with your spine as you're rolling up further forward than you think you can or you think you need to I think. And then I think if you think of leaning forward, I think, I think you'll get straight and then Rola. I am right again. And so just when we're like this ladies, enjoy MILCON and then lifting and then we're going into rotation or extension. Excuse me in here. And exhale, roll down length enough through this spine. Find your flat spine. Go Lower Emma. You can.

And then round down and float up and India and exhale, reaching forward, reaching her, reaching down and rolling one more like that and yeah, and reaching down and reaching at. Well if you're just Anna reaching down and her ruling a K, we didn't get to that end position again. I'm going change yellow, no rule. I'm find your flat back and then let your hands come down. Give yourself a little more flatness. Oh for those of you who need a loss assistance like me, and then lift the arms back up.

So turn towards me the hand that's coming towards me. It's going to go inside the leg and we're going to pull up his re rotate and then shoot back to center and then rotating, reaching forward and now, yeah, shoot back. So we find that stretch, that beautiful stretch and let me find centered and we find our beautiful stretch and we find center and one way pulling out through the top of the head, dropping down into the opposite side of the pelvis and center and twist center. And then just effortlessly we can sit up. We'll all be so easy to be there right now I've got your sides, arms back overhead, twist this way and soft. So we split the arms, reaching the arms away from one another. Now as you're coming back up, reach the front arm on the diagonal, reach the back arm to the mat and do a little push off the mat and then back to center. Both arms overhead, twist in hand and dies. Great.

And then reaching that front end for the back room can push you, give you a little help, both arms overhead as we come to center. One more time through twist and I and Ilan. Gay Center and twist and, and then Ilan, gay, yeah, center. And then slide the legs together. Bring your hands behind you, pull your clothes down if necessary and lift your back back. Support heals the other way or out to your side.

So fingers face in or out to the side here. Dig Down through the heels. Push away like someone has a fist in the center of your spine. And now lift with your legs. Reaching up. Allow the head to respond to the movement of the pelvis. It doesn't get thrown back, it just comes with you.

So the hinges we come down, happens in the pelvis. Great job analysts drawing the abdominals down, reaching, reaching, reaching and down. And we'll do two, one, one like that, lifting off and explore as you're coming into that top range, that place where your hips are lifting. Maybe you'll get to a place where you're like, Nah, that's the end. But maybe you can push past that and then you can go a little further and then you're going to come back or we're going to sit up all the way. Bend your knees, reach forward.

Sit back just a little. Stretch your legs out combination. Okay. We're going to roll down and we're going to roll over and then we're going to lower and lift the leg. So we'd jackknife pressing the legs up and away. Same thing I was telling you about earlier today. I'm a lift with your back. Push the legs away and let me fold back in half.

We lower the body and lift the body all in one fell swoop and we're back. Probably started. And inhale and exhale. Rolling down. Hands come down, reach over, inhaled down and then uh, standing the back, pressing through the backs of the legs, pressing into the hands and then reach back. Fold in half. Roll down. Roll. [inaudible] one more. Roll Down Rollover.

Yeah. And then [inaudible] and then take the legs back down. But don't roll down yet. So the legs are going down. Going to reach the arms around for the seat. Taking the right foot in both hands and then reaching the left leg up, up, up, and bring your spine with you. And then change reach. So you're reaching up to touch the ceiling and then change and reaching up to touch the ceiling. Remember, you need to use your back extensor muscles here.

Reach and it'll hold it both legs down, both legs young. Keep your arms here, roll the spine down. Lift your arms with your head. Okay. Rola Hall.

And we're going to go to the right with the body to the left with the lanes. Legs go down, arms go up and center in here. Rotate the trunk to the right. Make oppositional circles with your arms in your legs one morning and you'll, this is for Ama. And then go the other way. Body to the left, legs to the right, down around, and center.

Body to the left. The trunk just moves with the arms or was it too crowded last time? Oh, I'll bend your knees and lower into his stretch. Forward it. [inaudible] MMM. Okay. So come up all the way. Come up onto her knees, taking me arms out to the side, feeling the alignment of the pelvis, the head, the knees.

I answer, not leaving our butts behind. And now we're going to reach over. Keep the arms in a t, reach over and stretch that upper side body and then lift back up. And inhale as we reach over and the XL, the lift, Duh. And reach over and an accent. I don't know Rachel.

Excellent. Can we go all the way over this? Bye. Now lift the knee. Stretch the leg hand behind the head. I'm gonna start by just taking the leg down and then up down, and then press your head into your hands down and then down.

And then, uh, last one. Hold it. Flex the foot. Swing the leg forward and back. Forward and back. [inaudible] forward. Keep the hip, not leather like nice and high. Aim above your pelvis. Last one. Then the knee swing, bicycle and press bend. Reach and pull. Bend, reach, kick, pull to back one. Watch as your leg goes back, you're not hyperextending your back. Go the other way. Forward. Bent.

Reach up as you go back. Fo bent up as you go back three up and back, two often back, one up in back. Then take it to the side, place it down, lift the opposite arm up, step back underneath that Lang. Inhale and press into your feet. Reach through, flattening out the back into the twist. Inhale, we come back and let's bend our knees today then, but don't go down. Just hover in here. That's a good, we'll have her windy when he's hovering higher than anyone today. Reach through and keeping the head in line with the spine. Tom Back Bend and again, one more.

Inhale and reach through that holding. Lower your pelvis just a little bit holding. Bring the knee in, bring the other knee in, reach around for your front hand with your hand in the air and sit back onto your hips and then continue in that direction. Continue in that direction. So your on your opposite hand like this from the floor into the side bend. Here we go. Feel go. I just watch your elbows in and reach out. Inhale and exhale. Reach up and over. I know.

I know. Christie. I have a plan. Chris is looking after it. Christy is looking after, she thinks I've lost my mind but I haven't and reach out. I actually put that top foot down on the ground there. There you go. And that happened over and then back and then down. Go One more time. Huh? I've been over back. Oh look, come down. Come down.

Come on and reach this way. This time put your arm against your thigh, push into your lei and reach. Reach very easy on the top and then reach over. Your arm comes down a presses the like you reach out to go over and then back and then over again. One more. This time we're going to do a little quarter turn at that end, stretching the back and then back all the way up and over it.

Find your side stretch and find your corridor. Turn drawing back through the center of the body for support. Come back and then reach out. Going in the same direction. We just came here we go. Lean over. Hand comes down, leg comes up and goes behind the head. Check the pelvis and we go down lift, AH, down lift. So we're not just working our lateral hips, right?

We want to think about working our obliques at the same time. For here's our last one. We hold, flex your foot, swing forward and back and forward and back and kick and relaunch and two one and then hold bend. Bring the bent knee through. Stretch out and pull back. Bend. Come through, stretch out and back. Three more. Pull. Lift as you pull too. Lyft is [inaudible]. Last one. Checking in with your bottom.

Sh arm, your bottom elbow. Go the opposite direction forward. Ben, lift up and back. Forward bend. Lift up in back. Three more. Reach up and back. Good. Stay stable. One more. And then we come from the back to the side.

We step in, get ready, step through and then he come from here and reach back. Lengthening out the spine as we go into the twist. Inhale, Zicam side and then Axa to kind of hovering. Reach. Inhale, exhale. SMI come through, reach back. Bend one more, ah, under and back. And then bottomed me in, taught me in, reach around and find your stretch and then continue on to that hit and the legs come around to the other side so we have a nice fresh arm. Yeah. Okay. Ready?

Was pulled back a little with your shoulder, Mandy. Perfect. Reach out and ah, Ben over in just the eyes turn and then back and then down. Hover India who reaching up and over and back down. Last one. Yeah. Reaching up and over and back. And now, sure. And let's go straight up into a pyramid first. So lifting, pressing the heels down into the floor, taking a stretch through the spine. Now we're going to roll up over the toes and come forward over the arms.

We're going to do three pushups, Ben, press one. Then keep the abdominals strong. Hold it there. Lift the left leg. Five, four, three, two, one a, lift the leg and the body. Reach back. Pyramid with Arabesque, obstruct Aribel mask. And Becky, you can keep your leftovers down. Just a little end down, kicked back, reaching dad kicked back Dan and reach back. And now that needs going to come into the chest round and kick the round and kick back round and kick back and step in and then roll the spine forward.

I don't know. Three point shots. What? Two three bend your knees and sit back and curl back forward. And then stepping the legs back one at a time. Three pushups, one, two, three. Lift the hips, press down through the heels. Keep the head just between the arms.

Articulate back [inaudible] right, like goes up and down. Five, four, three, two, one and into Arabic, reach and, and [inaudible] and back reach. Last one. So we did three but we have to get there again. So we have somewhere to come in front, knee into the chest. Kirra Kirra and back. One more time. Curl back and step in and roll the spine forward at three patients.

One, two, three knees on the mat and sit back all the way. Okay. So the people who are facing the same direction as me, just come straight down onto your stomach and then y'all on this side of the room spin to come up and turn around. So just we have a heads in the center, so we're going to take their, I'm just just down at the sides of the body. The forms can be either right on your mat or just outside of your mat and the thumbs or maybe just slightly in front of the shoulders like, okay. So what I want us to do is start by lifting the back of the head and then do a little backward glide. Like you're trying to pull your elbows down towards your pelvis.

And then with that just pull your spine up and forward. So it's not a push, it's a drag. You're trying to stretch your body forward and then lower down. And then again, so backward gliding of the elbows forward gliding of the head, lifting the breastbone, lifting the ribs or not lifting the reds, lifting the front of the ribs of the, keep the bottom of the ribs on the mat. Nice. Again, we could inhale to lift, keeping the legs active.

And now I want you to start with that same intention lifting, so find your same place. So essentially you should be able to pick your hands up off the mat here with no trouble. And then once you get to that place, then push into your arms and lift your body a little higher and then start to push into the elbows. And then we can't use the elbows anymore. We start to stretch the arms, sliding the shoulder blades down the back, go wherever it suits you. You don't have to come into straight arms, but I did think that it might be nice to have a little stretch to the front of the body after all the fluxion we did. And then bend the elbows first. Keep looking forward, looking forward, looking forward and sliding back there. And then again, so backward. Glad with the arms forward. Glad with the head and reaching out.

Then press into the arms, then present to the elbows. The elbows finally have to leave the map. Beautiful ladies. Beautiful. Keep the front of the body working for support if feel like strong and then bend the elbows. But keep lifting often forward through your spine, up and forward, and articulate back down and going. One more time backward. Go ahead with the shoulders, head on Justin. Now, arms now hands and then Ben.

And then as you come down, turn your head to come this way. Reach back, placing your hands or interlocking your hands behind her in her hands. Nice and high at the back. Shoulders down, elbows down, abdominals and legs flop. And like one, two, three. Reach the arms length. Lengthen out through the spine.

Look down slightly, but don't leave the head behind. And switch. Kick one, two, three. Reach out. Strong legs, strong arms. And again, reach to reach out. Okay. One, two, three. Reach Ya. I last one, one, two, three.

We're going to go both ways with the heads or have one more repetition. So turning the neck this way, I want to reach out and let the legs come down and just relax the arms and let your back have just a moment to settle. I'm going to press into the arms in to come up onto the knees and the hands. So finding a neutral position with your spine in here. And then as you exhale, allow pelvis to roll forward or roll underneath. Yeah, the deepening into that lumbar curl.

I want you to hold that present to the tops of your feet and try without sticking your stomach out to float your knees off the Mat. You're using the tops of your feet, you're deepening into your flection. And then keep deepening or go deeper as knees go down. And then let the tailbone lead. We're going to go all the way into an art. So go ahead. You can let your pelvis go with you. Lift your eyes, inhale, and then starting from the tail, tipping the tail.

So don't maximize the flection in your upper back here. Maximize it in your lower back, pressing into your feet, drawing and float the knees whole as the knees go down deep and into your abdominals. Recheck you elongating through this spine. Last one, flex hone, lift down, and then cross your ankles behind you. Roll over your feet and bring your legs out in front of you. We're gonna finish with boomerang. So crossing one leg over the other, reach all the way forward over your length, all the way for keeping the head just above the spine.

And then we're in a roll back. We're going to find the place where the arms can come down, the legs can float, and then we rollover, uncross and re cross the lanes. Roll to sign up, lift the head, reach forward with your arms, reach up with your arms, reach behind you, stretch the arms, lower the legs and the arms come around to the side and we reach forward and a roll back. Or I'm sound legs up in, over. UNCROSS re cross roll down and up. Lifting, reach out, reach behind, legs come down. It's fine or each. Yes.

And roll back. Two more times I've been over. Stay light on your head even as you go over. As soon as the spine comes on, the head brings you up. Floating pulls the spine up with you. Reach around, keep it like that. Down and around last time.

[inaudible] yeah. And then roll that. Reach up and stretch and then down and fall and then a roll back up. And the knees. Take the one arm underneath. We're going into the seal puppy. We go under with the elbow just under the cricket, the knee, the hands come just onto the front of the foot. So push into your knees with your elbows, into your elbows with your knees and deepen your crow. And then we go open.

Close. One, two, three and rock back balance. One, two, three and well left to balance. Whole. One, two, three. Rock back, one, two, three. See if when you go to the back you can hold your head up off the mat. Balance on your shoulders. Last one, rock back and one, two, three.

Lift up, lower the legs, slides so that you're in a comfortable position sitting just over your hips, taking the hands to the front of the shins and do a little bit of backward pressing like a chest expansion action or just a backward press. The chest expansion doesn't mean anything to you. And then pull the navel to the spine and as you press back on your shift, lift your sternum and lift your eyes. But killed the pelvis still. So I'm not going into a, into a huge extension. I'm just focusing it mainly in my upper back. And then let the, I'm just comes, just float up from there and open and then round.

So quieting down [inaudible] and then as you roll your spine back up, allow your hands just again to roll and rest until they're right on the shins again. Let me press it back into the Shins and extend lifting and center. And then, I don't know that, did you ever play that game where you pushed into a door really hard for all and go long time and your arms would just float, right? So that's what I'm thinking about right now. Like you create that like a real push energy and then when you stop pushing, just let the arms float up by themselves. Thank you. I have to do it for longer for it to really work.

And then just easy open and round. One more time. And again, we bring awareness to our selves to ease and contraction and the difference and the playfulness of them as they interact. Last one, left foot and flow. [inaudible] floating the spine taller, more alive and all the way down. And thank you for coming to play with me.


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What a class! Thanks for a super challenging and fun experience! Loved the stretch at the end. Jenny Foster
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Absolutely perfect pacing and excellent class! Gracias!
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loved it! wooo my abs!
Louise T
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wowsa....just perfect....loved it. Thank you.
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Lots of good challenges. I have a request. How about a mat work at this intensity but without the neck and head flexion. I think we can work just as hard in the core and feel heat without spinal flexion.
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Aaaawwww Thank you!!! Loved it!!! Great workout!!!
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Great class! Congratulations
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Meredith R
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Beautiful experience with you ladies!!! Almost as good on my mat in my apartment but not quite!! ;)
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super workout, thank you!!
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