Class #1619

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Say hello to your hamstrings, inner thighs, and quads in this Reformer workout Courtney calls Luscious Legs. She shows creative ways to use the Magic Circle and fuses a little yoga into the class with exercises like Warrior 2 and Crescent Pose on the Reformer. Courtney also sneaks in a little core and upper body work so your legs don't get too tired. Your legs will definitely feel the burn with this challenging class!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, guys, Courtney Miller here. So excited to be back on Pilates Anytime. I love coming here to hang out with you guys. I have a really fun workout today. I call it luscious legs.


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Love this! I was looking for a leg challenge...I got it. Thanks Courtney :)
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Waouw... Totally fan! Great workout.. Thanks Courtney!
Absolutely know what you mean, Courtney, about when stress kicks in that we could stop and put legs in the straps. ahhh...... the reward!
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Great varations! Loved the class!
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Great class, thanks!
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Super Awesome !
I love how creative your work is Courtney :)
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Love the athleticism in your workouts! Get outa my head! Yay! Thank you.
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Great fun! Lots of creative movements and beautiful transitions. Just what my body needed after four days on the road!
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Very Great...Love this class!!!!
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