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Standing Reformer

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Cecile teaches a standing Reformer workout that requires you to use control throughout your entire body. She built the movements on seated and kneeling exercises that you already know, but she added more difficulty by bringing them to standing. This workout is a great challenge for any advanced practitioner as she includes exercises like the Jack Rabbit, Star, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights

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Hi, I'm Cecile Bankston. Today we are going to be doing a standing reformer routine. Um, we have Amy havens here with us and Tyler back. Um, the one thing I want to say before we begin is that, um, spanning reformer very obviously is a very advanced class. So if you have not mastered, um, movements on the reformer kneeling or sitting, standing is not the one to start with. Okay.

You graduate just standing. But that said, what I like about this class is that I have built most of these moves on moves that you do sitting are kneeling already. So many of these things you will have already done. You're just adding or you're adding a difficulty level to it by taking it into standing. So always, always, always be sure that you are using control throughout the full body for this and not just muscling your way through it, power your way through it, through just your arms or your legs that you're using your abdominals. It's fine to have, uh, a pole to hold on to if you need to or any of these or if you have a friend with you or do you want to hold a hand? That's fine too. Um, I do it sometimes myself. Okay. So, um, just know that and here we go. So our first movement is standing splits.

So we're going to start by standing with, we can hands on the reformer and stand within, put one foot against the foot bar and on the standing plate, the other foot is out on a sticky pad. We have sticky pads here for them so that they do not slide. They've got a nice medium spring on there. You don't want it too heavy. Okay. We're going to start pressing, just straight out. Inhale and exhale.

Pull up to come in and again in height and exhale, pulling up. Nice to come in. Inhale. What'd you have to watch with this one? Or is it as you go out, you're not letting the backswing and one more inhale. Exhale. Pulling up to come in. Good. Now this second movement, we're gonna bend the back knee and we're going to drive the movement from that back knee. So we're sort of pushing down to the floor and bringing it back in, pushing down and pulling it back in. So what you should be feeling is your glutes working on this one.

Okay. If you do more of a push forward with your back leg, you're gonna feel more quads. Good. One more and pressing down. Good and coming in and as see their bodies are staying very straight. Okay. The next move, when we bend the front leg, we press out, we straighten the leg and then we come in with the whole body. So inhale, exhale to straight. Now pull, squeeze the legs and the body pull up all the way. Nice. And again, Perez. Inhale, exhale, squeeze to come out. What you see is work great here.

Both hips are exactly forward. They're not twisting in their hips. Get the chest and the chin up. Good. Pulling in and up. Nice. Good. And last one, press out. Ben. Now holding for us out and am with that front leg for us. So stay out there and just bend the front knee. Good progress.

Good. Now Amy, would you show the modified version of this? If this is too difficult, you can always, you can keep going. Hang on here and move this foot forward or hand. Put the hands here. Okay. So that's a nice modification if you want to. Good. Okay. And come on in. Good. So for that one, if it's too much, you can always put the hands down. Very nice. Other side.

So we're going to do the other leg and same movements for, we're not doing many reps of each because you're doing so many different movements. Okay. So we're starting, make sure your brace here and that the foot is in line with the toe pressing out and pulling in. Make sure you're pulling up to come in, pressing out, pulling, ah, to come in. Beautiful. Good. Dressing out, knife and pulling up and in. Good and pressing out to pull up. Nice and and good. Okay. Now let's bend the back leg and press and polarity and good.

So you're driving with that back leg and pulling in. Both hips are pressing forward at the same time. Good and pressing out. Their weight is on the center of the foot, not rolling to the outside or the inside. Good and in. Good. And one more out and and nights. Okay. Now you're going to bend your front knee, Ben.

Now press it out and straightened. Squeeze everything in and out to pull in and again then and exhale. Press it out. Inhale and exhale to come in and use those abs. Good. Inhale, exhale. Now the body doesn't change here. The design doesn't change. Put optic come in. Good. And again, Ben, as she straightens that body design does not change this.

That leg changes and come in. Good. Now we're going to go out with a bent knee. We're going to stay there and we're just going to press in and out in an l and n and think about big about using your hamstring here as well so that it's not just a quad movement that you really squeezing the backside of the leg. Good. And for us, one more for me and for us. Come on in. Good. Beautiful, slow and controlled. Very nice. But step off for a second. Good. Okay.

The next movement is going to be facing side and we actually are going to use some arm whites here. Um, we've got um, whatever you want. Two, three, four, four pounds, five pounds for the guy sometimes, um, depends on what you want to do. Um, and a nice, once again, medium spring, you won't, you don't want it too heavy to you. They've got their feet quite close in, which means that it's already, that makes it difficult to already. Okay. So the first movement is that they begin to press out and their arms are going to go up as they go out and we'll in to come together good. And pull it in Nice. And Perez, the re and the back's not sagging.

The ads are held good and one more four and pull it in. Okay. Now bend both knees and we're going to press just the outside leg out and the arms are going to go up and down for us on and, and, and to and in. Nice. And through and in and four and and do one more. Good and in. Okay.

Now the other leg is going to bend and I'm going to allow you to tip slightly forward and we're going to do a tricep press. So we're pressing the other leg out in it and the one that's on the wood, out and in and out and in and good for us and one more and for us and in good shape right now up. Okay. Now we're going to go out with straight legs. We're going to bend our knees, sorry, not straight like bend our arms. We're going to bend our knees, we're going to press the Audi. Inhale. Exhale, straighten the knees and the arms and pull it in with straight arms.

So we've been, we press out, we straighten the legs and the arms and we squeeze everything together to come in. Been and out and up and pull it in. Last one, inhale, exhale, reach. And actually how to pull it all in. Beautiful. Good. Now, arms come the front of us and we're going to do a twisting movement. Make sure that your arms start in front of the center line of your body and they stay there.

We're already twisted in the beginning and we go to press out and we rotate the spine and we rotate back around and again, rotate their shoulders are nice and down. Arms are slightly rounded. Good. The closer in you hold those weights, the easier it is and breathing out and twist using those obliques and pressing out and pulling in. Let's do one more pressing out and pulling in. Good. Very nice. Okay. Other side.

All right, so we're going to, if I were a teacher, I would hold this for him as he turns good. You could step off to make sure you're safe there. All right, so we begin with our straight legs. We're pressing in and out. Arms are going up as we go out, pulling everything in now, looking at them from the back because this is very nice because you see this nice knife or long open, open back, good, nice in and 4s. Beautiful, good. Shoulders are down. Not a death grip on those weights. Good. So that we get a nice, nice, even good movement. Nice. Okay. All right, good.

Now let's bend the knees and we start from the arms are up at the sides. We're going to press the arms up and push the leg that's on the carriage out one and in good and pressed two. So you see this work going on here and three good. And, and for good. Bring them up by your ears. More for me. Five good. And, and six good. And nine and seven and and last one and good ad.

Pull it in. Very nice. Good. Alright, very good. Okay, now other leg, they're slightly bending forward and pressing out and banding. Good. And again, press it up and palladium and pressing it out and pull it in and for, I said out and pull it in. Good. Press it out. And, and rare. Very good. Okay, good. Now last one, bend the knees and for us it out. Straighten the arms and the legs. Squeeze to pull everything in. Beautiful.

Good for RSA down. Straighten the legs, arms go up, squeeze. Beautiful. Good. So really keeping everything nice and still here, which is great. Beautiful. [inaudible] last one. Where I it out and lip now. Schoolies good to pull it in. Arms go in front.

Nice and rounded for our twisting movement. Good. Rotech add to it. You see how far where they've got those arms away from them. Rotate the whole body, beautiful and good and they're really, really pulling with those legs. Good. Both legs are working equally, even though we do change sides, we are pushing from both legs. Good. And Palladian and last one where I set out and pull it and very nice.

Okay, let's step off very carefully. Good. Very nice. Okay, so now we're going to a series. We can put our whites down. We're going to a series of arms facing the backs. So the thing that you have to be careful of here is that um, you have to be very controlled. Okay. Other wise, if you're not, if you're muscling your way through with your arms, you are going to lose your balance. So be very, very slow and control with these movements. First we're going to start with both legs together. Standing.

Then in the middle of the carriage kind of feet separated them. Yeah. And you're going to grab onto those straps. Okay. We're going to start. Yes. With a bicep curl and a squat. Okay. So we're going to separate those feet a little bit and we're going to bend our knees and reach and exhale.

Extend. Nice. And Ben and reach. Exhale. Extend. Knife and bend. And reach. Yes. Good, good, good, good. And extend. Yes. And Bend and reach. Nice and extend. Good. Good, good, good. One more. Bend. Yeah. And rage.

So let's do now from here, this one where it's kind of hard. This is my eagle wings. So we're reaching up into the ceiling. Change your feet to tell how Tyler has them here so that one leg is in front of the other. Okay. That is so that you brace yourself and you, you want them apart enough so that you've got, um, stability there. Okay? So you see how their hands are, they've got a thumb out and we're gonna reach up and out. Now Tyler gets to go really high because he's a man. Okay.

And up and there we get breasted out and up. This is, this is great, but yes, that's it. Beautiful. You can hold it either way. On hands through or fingers. Good. And you're going quite high. Nice and through. So the idea. Yeah. Nice. Chest expansion there. Good. Yes.

And overreach. And two more. Reach it up. Come on, keep breathing and reach. Beautiful. Good. Okay, now I'm adding one to this. Put your hand all the way through and stick one thumb out. This comes from Kathy. Corey. Um, I'm gonna Change your spring, Amy. Okay.

Alright. You're a tat. It's, it's this, it's lighter because this is hard. Um, this is, um, our karate chops backwards. So you gotta be very careful. Just bring them out to your sides and you're going to reach to the back wall one and just slight. It's a tiny movement back and in and that and in Knights back. Shoulders down. Yes. Back and back. And, and now turn your palms up. Reach on. Beautiful to do you see the control here?

They're really both that beautiful with the control for good and good. One more good. Brought two shoulders relaxed. Beautiful. That's incredibly hard. I know. Okay. And incredibly mean for me to have thrown that in later on them. All right, good. We are gonna put one shoe. Uh, we're going to put those straps down. No one strapped down. Yes. And Cross it. Okay. So you see how they have a a cross strap? Yeah. Okay.

So they're going to hold that and we're going to start pulling that arm up to the shoulder and exhale down. So [inaudible] up and exhale down. Good. And pulling that elbow up high. Trying not to twist the body with it and pulling it up high. Good. Drop this down.

Good and good and pulling it up nice. And extend one more. Come on and put like good. Nice. All right. Now. But I sat, curl and reach flat palm on. Keep that upper arm stable too and extent and three and extend. Beautiful floor and extend. Hang onto those abs.

No arching and fun and extend and keep it going. Beautiful. Extend. Two more to go. Come on. And seven beautiful. And a nice last one is like a chest expansion single or more. And to show you really keeping that chest up and that shoulder open and why? For good and fi?

Yes. Shoulder down and away from the ear. Beautiful. So you're working nice in that upper back and last one. Good. Now we're just going to do two of these just to show you this. It can be done as a combo. We been the arm one and extend.

We go up and extend and then we go straight back and extend. So we go up and extend and Bicep and extend and then just sweep it back and extend. Good. Okay. Let's go to the other side and you may want to switch your feet. Okay. So some people like doing that Combo. I've taught it both ways. Some people like doing it as the Combo. Other people find it confusing.

So we, you know, we do it both ways. So all right, we're going with the single arm one and keep that wrist nice and long so that it does not break at the wrist. Yes. And reach three. Exhale good. And Four. Yes. Nice. And five elbow comes up high. Good. And six. Good, beautiful. And Nice. Savane.

It's looking good and a very nice. Good. Okay. Now bicep Uconn, and we're keeping this really hot. Yes. And three. And that's how you're getting the full movement of that bicep or good. And Five. Good.

And exhale. Good. Two more reach. And last one a good. All right, now let's go for icing. Straight back. Good. And two very nice. No twisting with the shoulders. Keep that. Yes, yes. There you go. Four. You got it.

And five and six. Good. Seven, last one and eight. Now we're doing the combo just for two and one and rudely and bicep. Good. And pull it straight back. Beautiful. And last one up. Good.

And going into the BICEP. Nice control here guys, and reach it back. Good and very nice. Good. Now hang on for one second. If you notice Tyler's got his same foot as arm in front, Amy's got the opposite. Either is fine. Whatever feels comfortable to you. Okay. All right, let's step off.

We're actually going to stand in the well now. Okay. Um, we are going to have this either probably. Um, a red or blue spring is probably plenty for most people. Okay. Um, depending on the manufacturer, you're going to stand in the will and you're going to put your hands on to the shoulder rest. You want your feet, um, in a position where you can be on the balls of your feet. You don't want to sit back under your heels with this, okay? So, um, some people may find Amy finds that she, she does this better with bent knees and that's okay. Tyler's going to do it with straight knees. Okay? So we're going to take a nice deep breath in. As we exhale, we're going to really increase that roundness of the spine, pull the carriage towards us and release it and exhale, pull it towards us and where he Lee's beautiful. So length and all this out really around good and good and reach beautiful.

And when I say where I'm, what I love with them is that they're not rounding only from the lower back. It's coming from the Ad's good. Okay, now turn the feet just the heels to one side. Okay. Now put your hands on that same side. So if Tyler's got his heels over there, his hands are on the same side. Okay.

We're working the obliques now and pull one and pull it up too. Good. And 30 and 94 and keep going. Exhale five and really round six. Beautiful. And really around seven. Nice. And last one, eight. There you go. Other side heels move.

One, Eh, too beautiful. And three good. [inaudible] four, eh, the exhale. Five. Six. Exhale. Pull into the ABS. Last one and a good.

Okay. Relaxed. Very nice. Good, good. Lots of Ab work there. Very good. Okay, so now we are going to standing. I'm going to go to our v need first. We're going to go here. This is a movement I had done in another reformer class of mine on this site. Um, it comes from Kathy Cory's repertoire, but it is a good preparation for the movement that we're going to do next after it. So, um, I'm, I'd like to do it first.

So we're going to put our heels against the shoulder rests. Okay. Okay. Now hands are on the, the foot bar and your head's down. Your weight is off of your arms as much as possible. Good. So what I want you to do is press out into a nice plank. So reach out to a plank. Flatten out now, right here, round the spine.

Drop the knees down as low as they can. Really round, round, round. Pull it all the way in and stand up for acid out into that plank. Good. Drop those knees wound. That's fine. And stand up. Good. Now we're going to reverse this. We're going to drop the knees as low as we can.

Press it out and come up into that Nice v beautiful. Drop those needs and press it out and come into that Nice vape. Beautiful. Good. Okay, so that was our preparation. Okay. Now we're going into our single knee stretch. So we're going to keep one leg against the shoulder rest.

Tyler actually doesn't you keep yours in the middle, right? You want a sticky note? Okay. Alright. And the other leg is in front. With the heel lifted, you're going to bend both knees, round the spine, keep the weight off the arms. Okay, now we're going to thank you. We're going to let the hips move freely and just press in and out and pull it and really drop that seat down. Re Yas good for, keep this heel really high and one five.

Good. Okay, now stay there. Let's stand up this straight. Now we're going into our Jack Rabbit. Okay. So we're going to have two different versions going on here. Amy is going into the more one you've probably seen where our leg is gonna straighten. Uh, Tyler is going into one that's a little more advanced where the, the leg that you're standing on never gets to straighten. You're going to pick one knee up to your end, to your chest and press out and then pull in an extended to arabesque.

So for I said owl and prescient. Yes. For us at out and for us it. And you got it and press it out and for us sit in. Okay. One more good, Amy. Good. Okay. Now Tyler, the next one is they are going to now press it out and as they come in, what they're going to do is kick their think of kicking their head with their back leg. Okay, but you see Tyler's knee stays bent the whole time, which is incredibly difficult. Amy's doing it there. As she goes out, she's straightening, she comes in, she's bending it, and you see the beautiful stretch there, that beautiful position she's got in that aerobatics. Yes, yes, yes. Good.

Okay, let's change legs. We only do four of those because they're really hard. Okay. All right, so we're going into our first single niche strapped. We're in relevant on both legs. Round that spine. Tuck the tail under, say off the arms. Good. There you go. And good and pull it under you. Nice. Oh, and pull it in. Beautiful. Okay, good. All right, now stand up.

Pick up one leg for me. Yes. Okay. Here we go. Press it out with a bent knee and straighten the leg out as you come in. Where I said owl good and stretch. Good. And the head is always in line with the spa and Politiken control.

Beautiful. There you go. No slamming. Good. And pull it in. Good. Okay, now let's try the hard one. Here we go. Pull it in and we kick it up to our head. Lift the chest. Good. Now don't pop the neck. Make it come from the full extension of the spine. Beautiful. Good. And, and extend that whole spine. Nice guys.

Yes. And the spine, not the net. Good. Last one. Okay. Perfect. Good. Very, very nice. That's very hard. Step off. Very good. Okay. Now let's go into a little stretch. We're going to put our boxes on the reformer. Okay. Um, this is a stretch. Um, give them a little bit of rest.

Um, I'm moving this year bar out so that she's got some room here to put her foot in the well. Okay. Um, and I have to give Michael King, um, credit for this stretch. It is, I've modified it a little bit from his stretch, but it is the general idea of his, his movement. So I just love, it is a great stretch. We've decided to put a box on the reformer because, you know, we have some tall people and some older people who can't quite reach down that far. So we've put a box there for them. So they're going to extend for ESL, extend and reach and lengthen that spine. Good and then round up. Good.

Inhale, exhale, extend. Get a nice long position of that bat. Good. And they're keeping their hips square, which is great. Good and coming up. Nice. Good. And extend. Get Nice and flat. I love the movement in both of their spines because it's very sequential.

It's really working good. And up. Now on this last one, I'm going to have them stay there. Go out and they're just going to bend and extend the arms on and harass and to and for us and three and press one more and four and press. Come on up. Beautiful. Other leg. Good. Okay. Up wants to do. You're right. Let's go sideways first. I'm sorry. Okay, so side stretch.

So put one hand on the box. Okay. Tyler likes to put his hand here. Amy, you can put it here. It can go up guys. Whatever feels best to you. We find that being here gives you a really good stretch. Press out and come progressive down and come in.

What you want to watch is the hit that you are standing on is not sliding out away from you. One more like that for us out. Now we're going to add a little rotation here. Press out and rotate towards the box. It may come towards you a little bit for open to the side. Stretch into the ceiling. Come back to the center and come in.

Press it down, rotate towards the box, open to this side and to the ceiling. Get a nice stretch and the chance and come up and two more breech and rotate and rotate. Now open that chest. Get that nice stretch, good and come center. Last one. Reach and rotating and rotate. Open, open up and good and come up. Beautiful. Other leg for the front. Stretch and reaching.

Stretching that leg in the well. You want to make sure that your hits are square. Okay. All right guys. Here we go. Press out on and roll. Pool it up. Good and exhale, reach. Extend the spine.

Get that nice long stretch in those hamstrings in the back and pull it up and it depends on the person. Some of you might feel more of a stretch in your back. Others might feel more of a stretch in your hamstrings. They're very, and pull it up. Beautiful. And last one, four, reach it out. Don't drop in this hip. Good. And come up. Bam, the arms one. And, and to press it out and in now and act fail. Last one. Inhale and exhale. Roll the spine up. Good. And come onto the side. All right, so side stretch and we are bending over to the side.

We want to really get this length here. Okay. Really opposition and up and again, lengthen. So really get that nice long stretch, good and pressing. I give him a little bit of a push sometimes. Good. Keep that rib cage in and stretch. Good.

And come up now reach and we're gonna rotate and we rotate and look to the ceiling to open the chest. Beautiful. And come back side and come in. So we reach out and reach, rotate. Exhale. Inhale, come back to the side, open and exhale and inhale and come. Center and reach and rotate and center and open the chest and center and come up. Last one. Reach and twist.

Really hold that, that contraction in the abdominals there and open the chest. Beautiful and Nice. Amy and come up and come in. Good. Alright. So let's take the box off the reformer. Very nice. Good. Okay. Yeah, it does feel good. Okay, good. So now we're going into a reverse.

A reverse of our elephant. Okay. Um, and Jack Rabbit. So we're gonna put our hands wherever they're comfortable with our stickies. Okay. Um, and our feet are actually going to go here. Um, he's going to Tyler Tyler's got a green, whatever you think. Um, yeah, red or green or red in a book. Either one. Okay. So I've turned it around. Um, so we're going to put our hands in the middle of the carriage and we're going to stand up in a Nice v position there. Good.

Now our feet are braced against the sh the against the football. We are, we're head down now. We press out into a point. Good. And we come back in to a v. Good. Nice. And again, for us it out. Reach and lengthen the spine. Good. Keep that head long and come back in. Good guys. And reach, plank. Good.

And come back in. Beautiful. One more like that. And reach. Just keep that head in line with the spine. Beautiful. Tommy pulled in and up and come up. Good. Okay. Now we're going into our Jack Rabbit, so all we do is pick a leg up and straighten the standing leg for I said owl and come in with a straight leg into arabesque. Lifted up to the ceiling. Good. And for s n e n and up to this ceiling, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Good for us it in good.

Now what you have to be careful of here is as you go down that your hips stay fairly level. You're not sinking into the side of the one that's picked up. Good. And Ah, okay. As we change, they're going to change into their m just into the Jack Rabbit. Okay. I do not mind if you open that leg. That's going into arabesque just a little bit to get more height and pressing out and reaching one and pull it up to the ceiling and pull it in. Now pull it up while the toe lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Good.

And in and exhale. Porres drop the head. Good. Stretch that foot for us in him pointing the toe and reach, reach, retreat. Point that toe. Good and come in. Nice. Very nice guys. Okay, good. Alright, so now we're going to face the front for our arms. So going here and you've got a red and a blue. Okay. Just a red. Okay. Just a wreck. Alright, so we're going to face front once again, do not power your way through this with your arms. Okay?

You've got to use your whole body. No, red's good. Yeah. All right. So now you got a really, really use your whole body for these movements, okay. Because if you do power your way through it, you're going to fall. But we've made sure by standing in a splitted split foot position that you're, you're protected a little bit there. Okay? So get those feet nice and wide so you're comfortable. Okay.

Hands are by your side. You've done this movement sitting already, I'm sure serving applied or reaching up forward reach and pull it back and reach and pull it back. Good and dory and pull it way back. Good one moment. And reach. Don't pop at the end. Good. Now let's get advanced. We've reached forward. Exhale and inhale, open.

Exhale to close. Inhale, bend and reach. Exhale, use those abs in Halo, open. Exhale club and Ben. And one more time. Reach and up. When these are hard. I know. And close and last one. They're tough. And Marie, open.

Close. Beautiful. Okay, good. Let's change our stance. Good. Thank you. Okay, so now we're going into our salute. You can do this from behind the head or in front. Either one is fine with me. Any is bending or front knee, which is fine with me. Okay, so we're going from here pressing out and been and pressing out.

So you've got, again, you, what I love about this is you've got two different movements here that are both correct. Neither is right or wrong. They're just different versions. One is harder than the other one. One is probably better for males. Okay, good. And relax. Good. Very good. That's a quite difficult movement if you've not done it sitting, don't try it standing. Okay. All right, good. Let's play those down.

Good. Okay, so now we're going into our tendon stretch. Okay, so we are going to put our feet on the edge of the carriage. They, I like to use the two outside bread springs there so that my feet don't hit the springs. Okay. You want your heels dropped way down into the, well, I e tendon stretch. Okay, so you're going to keep your head down. Your body design never changes. This is pulled in and up.

This ad, those abs are pulled in and up and we go for [inaudible]. That's fine. Yeah. Okay. Dropped. Oh, you had three on. Oh, that would've been something. And come back up. Add harassing out what you can see as their body. Design does not change as I go out now at w as he comes up, his body really isn't changing. All it's happening is that his, his body is going up and down in the same position. You only need to do about four of these if you're doing them right.

Four is plenty. Good, relaxed. Good. Very, very nice. Okay. That's very difficult on the shoulders. The most important thing is that you're keeping that body designed throughout the entire movement. Okay? Alright, now let's go right into our side support. Okay. Which is a preparation for our next movement. Okay. So if you are just doing this for the first time, this is your test. If you cannot do this movement, then don't go onto the next one. Just keep doing this movement, okay?

Because this is, you have to have the support. The amount for this as Amy is showing is we go here, she's going to have her hand on the, and then she goes and steps up onto the carriage. So she's safe there. All right. Tyler's got one foot crossed in front of the other and he's got one on top of the other. Again? Both are correct. Okay, so we're going to press in and out just from the shoulder. What we're testing here is that we are strong enough in that side plank position. Okay. That we can hold that. Okay.

Because the next movement is going to require that shoulder strength and that full body strength. Okay. They're pushing into their feet as well as your shoulder. Last one. Good. All right, let's go to the other side. Okay. So it's full distribution of the body weight. I always try to stress that to people that that say, oh it hurts my shoulders so much.

It doesn't hurt your shoulders so much if your weight is distributed throughout your entire body and you're off of your shoulder. Yeah. Right. So really that's it. Good. Really push into those feet. Good caress. Knife into my hand. Good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Knife and progress and good. Okay, good. All right. Very slowly. Nice. Okay, so the next movement is going to be the star. Okay.

So this star is the one that I'm talking about. If the side support was too much, was enough for you, and that was challenging enough. Keep doing that. Okay. Now they're going into the star. We're going to do, we're going to show you two different versions. Okay. So we're going to start with a leg free. Okay. And the arm up. Okay. And leg goes up here.

Okay. As we go out, the leg goes up as we come in, the leg goes forward. Sorry. Yes. And again, go out. I'm gone. That's, that's fine. Cause we're showing we can show two different versions. Yes. Amy is showing yes, yes. Amy showing what? Yes, they're good.

So what it can be is good. Good try. Good. Nice. Okay. What it can be is as you go out, you can do the exact opposite. You can bring the leg forward as you go out. Yes. And extend as you go side. Yes. Forward and extend as you come in. Nice.

Okay. So it can be either way. It's fun. Okay. Alright. So you're gonna find as, as these guys will tell you, one side is gonna feel way, way harder than the other one. Okay. So the side that doesn't feel easy is probably the one you ought to practice. And and and or h l good in and again, reach and, oh and reach.

Pull into those abs and pull. Good. Nice. Amy. Good. And come in. Beautiful. That was a nice redemption and that was beautiful. That was beautiful. Yeah. So, so, but what you see too is that if you feel unstable and good thing to do is just put that foot down on that shoulder rest rather than sort of twisting your body and letting yourself fall. Just put that foot down on the shoulder rest and you should be fine. Okay.

Alright, so now we're going into our last two movements. Um, we have a combination of the twist and snakes really. Um, so we're going to start by putting our standing leg. Our hands are on our former one on the shoulder rest one on the edge of the carriage. The foot is flat on the sh on the bar. Uh, Tyler's got his bar own and both y'all have it on the low bar. Okay, so you're gonna cross the one that's on the floor, comes up and crosses in front of the other one pointed. Yes.

Now we're in a v. Now we press out flat to the floor. I want you to look at the floor. Now I want you to swing your hips around and down and look up. Yeah, there you go. And then come back to your flat position. Polenta, those abs. Drop that seat and come into a v and again, press out flat, flat, flat, flat. Drop that bottom. Drop it. Good. Now go into yes, beautiful twist. And then we flatten out and we come up into that high v.

Good. One more. Press it out and drop it down. Beautiful. Flat. Get that seat down first, then go back up. Okay, and carefully, step off. Good. Again, if you're doing this correctly, three is plenty. You don't need to do a million. You will see that three is plenty.

Again, I find this much more difficult on one side than the other, so you be careful on the side. That doesn't feel good. This can be done with the bar completely down as a beginner level. Drop. Good. Come up and come in all the way. Good. Go out.

So you want to get it all the way out there and then drop. Beautiful. Amy. Good. Go back to that Nice, flat, flat, beautiful. And then hinge up. Good. Now get a little bit flat or a little bit flatter. A little bit flat are good. Now go nice and come up.

Very good guys and come in and step off. Very nice. Good. That was beautiful. Okay. Our last movement is, um, we're gonna show you the movement that you probably already know first is our kneeling lunge. Okay. And then we're going to take it into a little bit more advanced movement. So we're going to brace one foot against the shoulder rest, and we're going to have our hands on the bar and foot on the bar.

You're going to push from the knee that's on the carriage first. So you're getting a nice stretch in front of this thought and come in. So push out and then try to straighten that leg, drop the head if you want to a little bit. But keep your, your chest close to your knee as you come in and bring that chest up. Yeah. Good. One more time like that for us. It out. Good. Nice. Nice Amy. Good, good, good. And then as you come in, bring it up. Nice. I know she, she can go very far out. It's, she's not cheating, she's just, she's very flexible. All right.

So now we're gonna make it harder. We're going to stand up with this leg and straighten it. Yeah. So now they're getting an extreme stretch and those hip flexors. Now if you can, you want to balance here. You do not want to draw down as you straighten that leg.

If you drop down into that split, you're going to have a hard time coming back in and reach it out. Beautiful and come back in. Good and enough. Good. Okay. So what I mean by that is when, when we do this, um, people that are, that are very flexible like myself, I tend to sometimes drop down into that split a little too far and then I find myself in trouble coming back in. Good. Progressing out, drop, drop, drop. Good. And then come in, bring that chest up. Good. Nice. And again, press it out. Get a nice long stretch in the front of the thigh.

That's kneeling the back of the hamstring. That's on the bar. Yes. Good. Okay, good. Here we go. We're going to stand up. Give yourself a nice, make sure you're on balance here before you let go. Good. And caressing owl. Now grab from the hand from the hamstrings as well so that it's not just a quad movement. Really use the back of the leg as well.

Focus on the back of the leg as well as the front of the leg. Good. You can have your hands either way. They're showing you both ways, not [inaudible]. Wow. They dropped down a little bit cause I, they did great. That was good. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay, so that's the end of that class. Very difficult. Very hard.

So keep practicing. If this was extremely difficult, keep doing it. It'll get easier as you go. Thank you.


Great class for balancing.
I would like to mention Tyler's snake is beautiful!!!! Great class Ty!
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love the exercises but I wish instructors would not overuse the word Good. It becomes a little much.
Sorry if I say good too much. That actually comes from 20 years of teaching dance as well as Pilates. Of course in Dance, when you are teaching children, you have to be encouraging! Also I would rather someone leave my class feeling successful rather than frustrated. But I will definitely take that into consideration.
Laura I will make sure that Ty will get your comment. He worked hard on that!
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love this workout! so creative and challenging!
Cecile you never disappoint. I feel like I just had a real fun time! Thanks so much for sharing your talent w/us.
Wow!!! perfect for a sunday morning. Thank you very much.
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A little addition: I personally liked the "goods" I needed them to get me going in this one:))
Ilaria S
I aimed this workout really challenging Thanks
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