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Strong Intermediate Reformer

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Junghee Won joins Pilates Anytime with a strong intermediate Reformer workout. Her class flows from one exercise to the next as the transitions are part of the workout. Junghee encourages you to challenge yourself when you can during the class so you can keep improving your Pilates practice. Welcome Junghee!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Apr 27, 2014
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Hello, my name is is Chung, he won. And here I am at Dell, Gladys, uh, anytime and today I'm going to do the for my workout. And so you can just enjoy with me together. Okay. So I'm also doing about maybe intermedia, maybe Mesa with the advance we will see. So, uh, something you feel like you can to do it, you shouldn't do it. Um, something you can challenge yourself. It was good always. Uh, you shouldn't be like that way. Uh, so I'm going to start right here. So always lifting the power house.

See here and just to in one motion I get into the reformer. Okay, so here we go. May Push and come in to 10 times. So keep the heels all the way up, four and five with the flow. Six, seven, keep lengthen your spine and then you do a 10, change you to the arches and push and pull. Push and pull. Three and four and five. Always lengthen.

Lengthen, lengthen. Nine and 10 heels. Now here, push and pull. Push and pull with your powerhouse. A four hole, everybody's law and seven, eight all the way. And 10, and come begin onto your toes. Now you push you out, lower the heels, stretch and f two and three. Four we do 10 times right and six always.

I lived your powerhouse. Lived your power house, even grow taller. Last one, 10 and come begging now. Foot bar down with your feet and take out the handles and stretch it out. And pumping. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, long neck and long arms. Last breath.

Stop all the way here. Hand those in one hand. You sit up, take a two springs and there you'll line your back here and you put the headed roasted down. You fix your straps of four shorts by massages. So here trying to get into the uh, um, ploidy right away. See, I lived in my, this is a part of workout too and you'll bring the hills with Dow. I'm still your side stretch. [inaudible] lift up and over in hairband. As you exhale, roll it out and bring the hose it down.

So out and up. And then over control in. Hairband articulate your spy and bring the Huizar. So here go creek and control XL. Last one and control in hairband XL finish. So finish always a here. Hold the handles, take out those. And we do coordination. [inaudible] hold your breath. Exit. Excellent. Ben, exit and Ben.

So inhale Hauge of breath exit and Ben Exit. And Ben Inhale. That's why it's a cold. LGO Coordination. Move a mountain. The breathing at the same time. So the last one, inhale. Hold your breath. XL still XL.

[inaudible] both the hand dozer. Oh actually I wasn't gonna do dia rowing Hodo medically, but I'm going to do the a long box. So here you want to do the long box. Hmm. So one spring check this free. And then you get those straps right here and then you put your leg tie and slide it out. So shoulders at the edge of the box. So attention under stress.

May sure you're gonna keep the whole body's a lengthening. So you prepare from shoulder of late Paul Long body and then release again in that MPO hole and excel. One more time, Paul. Again. No, you want to go to the side and pull again. And XL. Inhale. [inaudible] and XL. Last one again, he or shoulder Xcel who did the handles c and then step off to the side.

Now you want to add the dos phrase. So we have two sprays over, just step back so you can get into the post petition and z. Here you get into the right away. So you slide it, keeps it down right here. Boom. Up Open and rich. Tighten your ass. And Ben and I get up open work apps. One more time up open and rich told amber both Anderson one hand again, sit up, take out the ones free and get into the oppose for teaser.

So here, teaser one, two, three up. And then you roll down control, control down. I think I went to Tuba. So I'm going to move down a little bit. And again here too. [inaudible] three holded it out. Roll up again. So let's do the arm circle. One, two, three all the way up.

Oh all the way down. So both the hands are going to draw. Step off. And you're going to do showbox right here. And then this is your bar. Two Springs, always a cheque strap.

And you'll put your feet under the rack. Now here, okay. Hence, see here, arms are on job dominoes. So bring your chin on your chest. She don't churches. It's not just a dropping your head. Always lifted from Your Power House, your chin on your chest, and then you roll down Rola. So roll it down, articulate your spy and come Becca.

And if you want to go deeper and deeper, deeper here, head when you Rola, you can stretch your legs more all the way back. Okay, now we're gonna do the a flat backs. Arms up here, hinge by flat, and come up in Japan and come back on again. Hinge back, come back out one more time. Hinge back and come back on. Now we going to do the side stretch and side stretch. You can go a little bit here and uh, the side here. Now with the twist and so twist rich and calmer and twist rich and come back one more. Set Rich, come back off last one, two ways and rich and come back on. Um, the lower down ratio by neck and shoulders.

And then put the bar down. We do tree. So here important, that thing is the length through your legs. And so here are more lengthen your leg lifted the backoff so you don't want to be collapsed, right? So here then if you can go up higher, even even up and go higher. So you walk up to your ankle, bend over from your abdominal, bring your leg with you, your body here. Now here it's different. So you want to keep lift again and back. You walk down the leg, roar down through your spine right here, and then come back up XL and you're gonna lift your back a little bit. You don't have the all the way flat by little bit, okay.

But you don't want to hang ls as you want to be lifted a little bit. And again, bend over that. Make sure you want to be even walk down the leg here, walk up the leg, pull yourself up literally here. One more time, all the way. So gradually you want to be really, really get the stretch, right? So you know, get into the more, into the pose.

And that let's you to add to the side one. So here to the open. You can go to your parents right to this side and then come back. Switch your foot here, flex your foot and arms. Reach it to the back. So here Paul, and twist your body. It's about more twist. It's not this way. You are. So I'm here. Your body goes a twist. Bend your knee. Always lift your power, Hassan and over. So you don't want to collapse.

So key lift is bend over and change other signers. So here, one, two, three. If you can go up higher a little by little and walk up again, lift your power. So always bend over backwards. Keep the stretchy here to square the hips. Roll down, Rola. So lift your back again, roll down, Rola, and then lift your a little more. Last one back. So get little by little, get into d or more. Stretched. Sigh, open, stretch, stretch and come back up.

Flex your foot. Put always a little sad. As you know, we don't want to be like this. You want to be here opened. So trying to really open to the side here instead of this, this right. So here and then you bend over, lift your powerhouse, bend over, stretch, and you get off. Well, I'm gonna add, do the other side. Sit Up here. So let's go here. This a foot is a toe is a Doussou gravity or strap. You want to sit in the one button? You don't want to be too comfy.

So I'm by body's lean this way already. So hands it behind your net. Maybe a little range of motion. But I want to keep the flat here instead of this. Okay, so here, two dynamic rhythm, four and five. And then you go arms along, reach down deeper. And then all the way, okay, reach it down and come up.

Now you're going to go side stretch here. Size deeper, deeper. And then you just come up right away. And then this side of stretch. Okay, so other side. So I'm changing my foot. I'm sitting with the one bat, right? This one is up in the air here. So one, two, three, four and five. And then I'm going to go deeper down this.

This is more challenge. You don't have to and go down and come up and then you can go down all the way and stretch more, deeper, deeper all the way. And they use us comma, always live to SRE and that you don't want to hang down the knee either. Keep it up over. Okay. I want to make sure you want to bend the knee because this is a blocking the movement. So you can drop your knees, open up the space, you can go here. Okay.

And the box goes aback. Here we go. And then this goes down and we do long stretch. So here, here, so because I'm bare feet, so I don't really have to use a [inaudible] pad. So here, hand, foot shorter is over. Your hands right away. So here and then you push you right away. Pole push may show. Don't want to drop your hands or keep though your neck SRE all the way.

Come in, knees slightly open and down. Here's again to show the loss so you can get into the motion right away. Inner Push. Exa come up higher, higher, higher in her. Again, it's about going up, up, up last one, up, up, up, all the way to your fingertips. So even more here and there with ups raises their hands on both knees a little bit, slightly forward. Your fit is a Mesa space and from your shoulder blocks and they live to the hills, uh, up here. So you get into the pose, lower your hips, and then come in more rhythm and rhythm right here. And then you go, here's the downpour, the elephant.

There is many a version of this. This is a more stretching the hemstry. When you go more and more forward, it's challenging to your powerhouse, to the or more abdominal. So upper abdominal. So if you have a stiff lace, maybe I will do this way, but obviously you don't want to hang down. You want to be lifted. Okay, so I'm going to go this way and press out and coming and press out and coming in. Press on and come back. Press on and come all the way back again. Okay, that's good. Now we're going to do, I'm going to do the stomach massage.

I'm doing the intermediate, but I can make a little bit harder. I a two springs and I'm going to stay right here. Now using the parents sitting in the back. If you have a good hip flex, uh, fluxion you shouldn't try. If you don't have it, use the pad and the seat. Trying to be farther back on my case. I have a good flection here, my hips, so I can challenge myself more. So I'm going this push a little bit, my table on to the edge of the, uh, uh, this, uh, character. So here, here, so I start right here.

So we're down in our pain. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. I'm going to just say, and then hands back. So because it's too far, because I'm sitting so close to here, I'm gonna, I'm gonna put my hands on here. So lift your powerhouse. Angle two in three. It's more in four. I move the carriage in now by springs in last one, and [inaudible] right away. Exhale, more. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Last one. And all the way in.

Now I do twist and [inaudible] tourists. So more here, more here, here, and then step off. Okay, a semicircle. Next exercise there. So semi circle is a great exercise for everyone. It's a harder to get into the pose about your sins.

Do you understand this exercise? You get the really good benefits. So it's all about opening the hips, your back. So I start to hear always, I look at my feet, get into the center position, and then my body is already here. I don't see it right here. So here, lie on your bare hands on you come down, lift your bottom. You have to lift your Jabara move. Your shoulders are down like this.

If you have clothings on, on your shoulder, you can just slide it down. Otherwise you move with walk with your shoulders. So you get into the post, open up. The here is a very important too. So here as a much as you can use Rach, you wrote down, so articulate, fine, make sure always open up here is important to here. So hip down. As much as you can push it away. You don't have to stretch your knee, you keep the bend any and then call your table under.

Don't move the carriage at the time. So lift and then come in control and again, roll down owl [inaudible] and colander up, controlling hormones, time, Korea Taber up and then you come in reverse and et cetera. So I get the really, really stretch and come back in and the all the way up here, so really stretchy here. Again, come in and up. One more time down in [inaudible] and then you all the way up. Hold your balance here so you can grab Yanko Ziva, trying to put the heels down if you can. Here's the down, even your stretch even more.

So according to table under here's a down you stretch. So we've got to really stretch here. I'm sorry, TBA put herself there. Okay. And then last you do the leg circles. So I grab everything at once and just like this and then you add the strap are the ones I choose. [inaudible] my client to do this too.

So everyone has to do like this way and go here. And just the goal here on your bay. I look a made sure this a metal part that goes outside here, ebook, get into the fit into those reps is a part of exercise. I know some people pull like this. I read the reach of my bottom to fit into those rafts. So, so you want to understand how to use your powerhouse in your bar to able to lift. Okay, so here, get into the pose has to be right position and stretch it out.

And then, so this is, I think of the more your spine, push the carriage out this way instead of laser out. So I'm pulling the carriage back in with the my back, push the carriage out, out, out, pull the carriage back in, in, in pushing the carriage out, out out some more, I think of a here then legs and come in, in, in the push, the carries out, holding the carriage here and circle. So more manage and the movement and more smooth. Yeah. So here.

And the reverse instead of a too wide is a, you're opening year, you're stretching the hips by instead of they're more focused on smooth movement, controlling the movement and Beth. So here, take that out, drop, step off and you just need structures. So here, hands here, food the other hand. So I get into the pose right away in one motion and you go out any work on the rhythm in n in, in and the arch right away. Strong arms and in and go in two, three, four in, in ink and the in. So it's important to get into the dispose and not all the way up here. So real horrid and gently Duh.

And we're going to do runny. So I got called back to forest springs again, getting to the right away to Patricia, push it away, run [inaudible] holding onto the par has really funny. Now the way up, keep the Hughes of, as you call me, I see a lot of people dropping the hills. I keep the heels off. So keve lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Now here, pelvic lift. So Fiera here, lift your bottom about this much or one fist here. Suppressor bombing your botox so you don't want to rest is about forming your buttocks and allow last one as your XL.

Hold on. [inaudible] tight, not sloppy. So holding, hold the carriage in. Don't move the carriage as you roll down. So we have the key. Work your ball all the way down. Okay now let's see. Do you side is split. So side display, I put the pad on here. So this boy is holding the pad and I'm just going to get into the post. So send a, Oh I use the one spring and this foot first.

Always a stabilized first you put your foot and then trying to now move the carriage and she me so you don't move the carriage parallel feet. Press the little saddle so you don't jam your knee. So will be out to the tall and what you are engaging the eyes. So here are so Pressana hold the three counts, come in and then hold the three counts. And again three recount in whole the three counts and one more time.

Inhale, hold it. And then come back in. Hold it now. Don't move. The carriage work on the both lays, of course, include a powerhouse. So don't move the carriage. Stand to the center. You just the turn around. So here, don't move. The cares. I know many people go like this. Try to now move the carriage all the way out. If you can, and out and hold three counts and come back again. Hold the three counts and again, and then grow tall one more time.

And then come begin. Hold the three counts. She mean. So try to now move the clarity that's part of the workout. And I will step up to the side to protect the knees. Okay, so this is my Hubba strong intermediate workout on the reformers. I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you can try something more harder. Uh, push yourself harder so you can get better results. Thank you very much.


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Thank you Junghee! Concise, informative, and great technique...inspiring for me this morning.
Paola Maruca
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I feel so privileged to have had the chance to meet you in person Junghee and work out with you on that very special day.....You are inspiring and beautiful to watch.....Hope to see you soon in NJ....
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Always enjoy your classes. Such a treat to see you on Pilatesanytime. Thank you for a wonderful workout!
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Thank you what a great workout!
3 people like this.
Nice fast pace. Enjoyed transitions in workout. Thank you!
2 people like this.
Perfect workout for little time. Precise and simple cues for perfect classical execution! Thanks Junghee!
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I really enjoyed this workout but found that it moved just a bit too fast. I feel great but felt rushed through parts of it. Just slow the moves down a bit and I think people could be a bit more precise on moves rather than trying to keep up. Like I said, I feel great and overall enjoyed it! Thank you!
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loved the attention to details and getting quickly into the exercises. Nice transitions and great form. Teasers were amazing!
2 people like this.
Loved the straightforward delivery.
1 person likes this.
Thank you Junghee. I really loved feeling that the legs in straps series comes from moving the carriage with your head and tailbone. It really changed the feel of the exercise for me, connecting me much better to my powerhouse.
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