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Valentin's humor and rhythm will keep you going in this advanced Wunda Chair workout. She progresses through series of exercises based on Standing and Kneeling Press Downs, Swan, Saw, glute work, Push Ups, and more. In Valentin's words, you will learn how to "perturb" your core!
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Jun 25, 2014
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Hello everybody. My name is Valentine and I come from Pleasanton, California. I have two friends who are now going to try and work out with me here on the chair. I have Erin and I have Liana. Today we're going to be working with the balanced body Combo chair and I have the split pedal here. I use this chair at home and so I'm very comfortable in teaching with it. However it has, um, a cactus system that I'm sure some of you have never seen.

So I'm putting it here. I'm hoping you can see it. Now, right here we have two sets of cactus. I'm going to call out the spring edge by one, two, three, four. The lower the cactus, the least amount of tension on the spring. So if this is one, it's got low tension. If this is four, it's got high. It also has two sets.

The outside set is lighter intention than the inside. The inside is black and the outside is white. So if I say black three, take it and put it on the black three. All right. Sometimes I say beat cross bore B for Black. I take and I cross it over and it becomes B cross for black cross for all right, so let's get started. Girls. Here we go. All right, we're going to start out with standing leg pumps. Girls, pick up your dowels please.

Now remember the dowels are a little lower than shoulder. I like to work probably at sternum level. We're going to start in parallel. Put your right foot on the, on the, on the pedal. Now check to see girls. If you were on your balance, pick up your standing leg and don't shift. Excellent. Put it back down. Now maintain, maintain that stability and that central axis.

We're going to go down for eight. Alright, here we go. One lift up and two and go and three very good. Go and four high, four starch please on your right foot. Five and go and six and go and seven. Continue this motion. Ladies, your arms are going to go up.

Lift one and return and two very good. Now think about the hinges of the shoulders, the hinges of the hips. Four left. Didn't know I could talk and count at the same time and go two more out and in and um, and in very good girls change. All right. Again, put your toe on the pedal. All right, let's check to see if you're on your leg. Balance up until the legs don't shift.

Put them back down. Okay. Now poi is abbreviation for points of interest. Points of interest here. Your sitz bone on your lifted leg should be aiming down towards your opposing ankle down there. So I don't want any hip hikes. Got It. All right. Pull that hip down. Ready, set, go. One and up.

And use your breath. How you feel comfortable. Four left to go and one, check your hips, girls. And to see that it's sternum height. Three and go prepare mentally for the lift. Arms.

Go and lengthen here. Remember it's the shoulder and the hip. Yeah, that's very good. And four left to go out and in lift and lower. Lift and lower and up. And give it a rest. Let's do it. Balance Challenge. Girls, turn your feet out and plot these feet. Okay, so we have plot these feet right now. Good.

Now be sure that when you have the plies feet, you have the rep. I'm assuming you have the rep going on, right? Poi. What does Poi stand for? Points of interest. This is a Panini, a Panini thing going on. The stomach is held in and the back is wrapped like this. The back of the bond was rap, so you've got a Panini. Keep your Panini engaged.

All right, girls, place your right foot and external rotation on the pedal. Now be sure your heel is in line with the split. Be sure that your foot is not overly turned out. Ready? Begin. Go down and up and two and up and three. We're going to have a little change. Four left to go.

One very good on those arches girls too. Nobody has flat feet. Very nice. Good and down. Double pump. It goes. It goes. Pump, pump, lift and pump. Pump, lift and lift and four more and one. Good. Just the leg, not the arms and down. Down, up and down. Maintain girls. Do you have your Canadian Gage Panini. Panini. I just saw that as, hey, get off. I saw your left Panini.

Go other side, other side, arms down. Let's begin. Girls' tighten down. All right, put your foot on chest level over here. Have a little trouble there. Alright, ready, set. Go. And down and up. And both of you need to turn out your support leg because you do. You have four left to go. Aim. Your left sits, but down and down and mentally know what the change it goes. Pulse, pulse, lift, pulse, pulse, lift, pulse, pulse, lengthen. Good. Up, down, down, up, down. Paninis, down, down, up and down, down, up, and give it a rest.

Very good girls. Now here's the one where we do it without the dowel. We're going to add a little arm movement here. I already told Leon about this. It's called perturbation. Perturbation cause you preterm, your core. You perturb it. Okay, so right foot is on. All right. All right, so now we're going to press down. The arms are going to be held here, palm spacing, each other, girls, palms facing each other. All right, so then just press. We'll start with four. Let's go. It's one and go and to keep going.

Three and go. Now you're right on. Goes down. We go down, we go up, we go down. Very good and down. Now think of the energy in the fingers. Eight left to go. Finger to finger and go. Very good.

Out and go. Last one. Give it a rest. Other side girls. See it's a little different. A little, little asymmetry going on. Alright, here we go. Tighten down the barrels. Paninis and place palms facing each other. Arms at sternum height. Ready, set, go. Oops. See and go. Four of them down and go. Two more down and go. Shoulders down.

Let's go left arm one and go and two and go and three and go. Stay still with the body. The arms are making you shake your body. Don't do that. Very good down. Very good girls. Give it a rest. Feet down. Now we're going external rotation, right foot is going to be on the pedal. Faced to the side, to the side.

Face this way. Side facing. Very good. I guess you're going to be using your left. My fault. All right, now external rotation. All right from here. Be sure that hip is down. Now that foot is a little turned out because you know your leg is slightly in front. We're going to start with Jeanie arms, girls, genie, genie. All right. As an I dream of. Okay. Now what's down there? Be sure your forearms are at chest level. All right. Are we ready to go?

We're going for four. Moving on slightly idea. All right. Turn out a little bit more if you got it. Yes. Remember your turnout is from your hip. Oh, I forgot to tell you how it's going to touch you. I done all right. Sorry about that. Ready? Set. Press down and up and think about your stomach.

Stabilize through your stomach. It frees your leg. Arms in a t, girls' arms out and up and out and up. Good. Out and up. Two arms overhead like a ladder. Let's go down and up. Energy running. Two fingers, three, four, and five. Perfect. I see that now start with the perturbation. Drop your left, then your right and front end. Go and down. Keep going.

Perturb that body bumper. Keep going out and in. Last two to go add out. Give it a rest. Girls, put your feet together and turn around for the other side. All right, now remember your turnout call right from your rump and now. Yep. Don't overtrain your flood, Jeanie in place. Good. You have a nice view to look at. Alright, ready? Set. Go. One and and two high for starch girls. Three. Keep the Sitz bone pointed down. T arms, one man lift and two and perfect down.

Think about ladder arms. Let's go one man. Perfect. Two. The good stomachs. Go three and go. Drop your left arm. Here we go. We go left then right and down. Good, good and stomach. Get Taller. Girls for left to go taller.

Go even taller. Don't give it up. Out and in and out and in. Very good girls. Come on down. All right, now we're going to change our spring [inaudible] to a pair of twos, so take these and drop them down to cactus number two. All right, we're going into standing roll downs. Girls and the dowels will be out. Okay. I don't know. I don't like these dowels here. I'm going to put them down because I don't want them to impale your face.

Alright, good call. All right. Pele's first girls. All right, so check to see ladies that your heel is in line with the split and the pedal. Excellent. Take the wrap. Panini up. Excellent. Arms are going up from here. We are going to nod our head, bring our lowest rib to our hips and go down. Arms are shoulder with. Drop your heads and drop the pedal. Push. Go down, down, down. Very good. Halfway up. Boom, boom. Go down again.

Down, down, down borough. Beautiful. Halfway up. Good. Last two. Down and up and down. All the way up. Let the pedal stop. Keep the hands over your heads girls and roll up. Shoulders down. Shoulders down, shoulders down, and give it up. Very good. Very good. Okay, from here ladies, we're going to take the [inaudible] and we're going to go over to the right pedal, to the right pedal. Ready arms are up, turn toward your right and let's go down, down, down, down, down, all the way down. Ladies. Down, down, one, halfway up. Boom.

Down to halfway up. Good on the next three and up and four. Here we go. Girls, little the pedal stop. Hands over your head and roll all the way up. Realign face center and coming down. You know what?

You guys do this really good. You don't have toe grip, you know toe grip. You see people like that and they grip their toes. They'll get hammertoes and I like that. All right, arms go up. Rotate to your left. Draw the abdominals in, bow down, and you know the rest of the routine. Here we go. Down, down, down, halfway up, down, down to halfway up, down, down. Three, halfway up, down, down four. Here we go. Girls, bring the pedal to stop. Body comes up. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll. Arms come down. Now we're going to do what's called p feet. Start and pull out.

These girls don't play these and then you're going to take your right foot and cross it behind so that your big toe is in the middle of the outside of your foot. Now, if that does not bother your knee, because some people that bothers their knees, okay, feel free to wiggle your way out. Meanwhile, torso is still facing center squaring to here. Alright, girls square to the best of your ability. No, not in the middle, but your arms will be. Arm was up. Nod your head, roll forward and let's go. Pressing down, down, down, down. I'll stay there and enjoy that. Do you feel it a little differently girls? Yes. No. Very good. All right. Halfway up and up and down and up and down. Theatre, inner thighs. Girls.

Up and down and up and down. All the way up. Come to stop. Hands over your head. Draw the stomach in. Roll girls. Beautiful. And now switch feet. Start cleanly through the plots feet. Then take the cross behind. Good. Alright, square off. Girls, watch out for the tension in your knees.

If it's too much back off, arms up. Take the role again. Center. Let's go and go. Down. Down, down. Halfway up. Control. Very good. Feel your thighs. Press and down. Last one, girls and down. Come all the way up.

Hands over your head. Rural up, up, up, stay long girls and give it a rest. Very good. Okay. Now we're going to do standing saw. You're just waiting until you can sit down on this thing. I know. All right, so your feet have a wide, they're going to be almost the width of the end of this. All right. Now you know, saw. Yes. Seated Saas, standing saw, arms are up. Okay, so your right hand now is going to go down to your left ankle, but it's only going go there. After you touch the pedal, you're going to try and reach for that pedal. The hard part is to square your sitz bones. All right, arms are up.

You're going to take your right hand, cross it over to the left pedal and depress the pedal. Look up at your other hand. Yup. To press the pedal and square your hips. Girls. Good. Come back up. Do it again for you know the routine two and up and three and up and four and up. Come up both arms, up, up, up, up and switched to the other side. Think about how you're going to square your hips and look towards your top hand.

Go. One. Very good. Go. And two very nice and three last one, four and come up all the way up. Up, up. Very good. We're going to do it one more time. Ready? Arms go down. Arms come up. Crossover to your first side. Very good. Take the grab, look at the hand, immediately. Go. One squaring off.

Go and two very good. Go. And three and up and four. Okay, here we go. Girls, bring it up, up, up, up. Try Make, be clean about it. Switch to the other side. Draw the stomach in immediately. Take that shift. One halfway up and two very good. Go.

And three and up. And for all the way up, girls clean all the way up to the x here. I call it x and bring it down. Swan time, girls, now I'm talking about be cross four. When you take that black spring, drop one first before you cross it over. So you take one off completely and then take the other one and cross it over. Leave it on the ground. And the new, we'll pick it up later.

Cross the other one over. Great to the top. One on four. Good. Alright, now grab your dowel and your pedal and put them in. Looks like this. All right, there we go. All right, Swan. You know the Standard Swan. We're gonna make it a little funky right now though. All right. So once you've established yourselves on here, girls, we'll go through it. You'll see no problem. All right, so let's put your hips in the right place. Get a little comfortable, girls.

Now if it doesn't bother your back, have your heels together. If that bothers your back, by all means separate them. I cannot do it with my heels together. So it's your level of comfort. All right, now press the pedal down girls so that you're just completely parallel to the ground. You will not hit the ground. You will not hit the ground. Come up slightly. All right, now show me what you got for your swan up, up, up. Show me the back extension. Very good, good. And go down. Girls. I'd like you to place your wrist forward of the middle so that your risks aren't compromised. Yes, so the risks aren't compromised. Let's try that again.

Come all the way up and down. Keep your legs long. Don't let them tip straight arm, straight arms and come all the way up. Up, up, up, good and down. Keep those manicures exposed. I don't want you to clip your fingers girls, and go down, down, down. Let's get together, down, down, down. Go up, up, up.

Show your fingers. I don't want them to get clipped. Good and down, down, down and up. Up, up. Very good. Now girls, I would like you to cross your ankles. I would like to write one to be on the bottom right ankle to be on the bottom. Now your legs are also in external rotation. Girls, they should so, so rotate them out. Now when you fold your knees, ladies, you're going to fold your knees in. The bottom one is going to be the working leg, while the top left leg is going to be the resisting leg.

Do you understand how that works? Okay, so girls, straighten out your legs and lower your pedals. All right, now when we come up for Swan, make one wall, one leg, the B, the ham curler, and the other one to be the resistor. Ready, set, go ham, curl, Ham, curl, Ham, curl, and then resist straightening out, straighten out. Good Ham. Curl. You're right. Fight with your left and down, down, down. Really work to get the upper torso up. Upper Torso, fight, fight, fight. Good. Down, down, down. Boy, you are a Flexi one. And shoulders up, up, up, fight, fight, fight. Good girls and down. We're going to add cervical rotation here. So I want you to look over your right shoulder and try and find which foot. Oh, we here. You've got your right one here. I want you to look over your left shoulder. Sorry.

Look over your left shoulder for your right foot. Go up, up, up. Look for that right foot and reach away. As you reach the stomach goes up, girls go st, side turn. You've got a fight with that one leg and reach. So going down is not rnr, rnr. It'd be rest and relaxation.

That's not what it is. You've got to work. All right and go up, up, up. Look for that foot. Good. Now reach with your stomach as you go away. Lengthen last. Hit Up, up, up, turn, turn, turn and out. Come up girls. I want you to relieve your back so you come up. Good. Now you're going to hook your fingers around the edge.

Bend your knees and Tuck forward. Okay, here we go. Bend your knees and Tuck. So release those backs to the best of your ability. Excellent. Walk both hands over to the right corner and do the same thing. Bend in. Lengthen, Tuck, Tuck, switch sides. You got to really work out at because your back was so flexy and you're working.

Everybody was working here except me. Alright, here we go. Other leg girls. External rotation. We gotta do four without the cervical rotation. All right, here we go. Re Cross your legs. Girls with your new leg on top. Yep.

It's your left leg is under. Alright, here we go. Where it hover, drop, drop down, hover. Parallel. All right, here we go. Up, up, up. You're good. And Bend your knees. Girls, which is the curler and down. Tell me which led girls. Do you think you're working for? Ham Curl, correct. Go Up, up, up, left, left, left. No, no head yet. Good and extend. This is work. Extend his work ladies.

Again, up, up, up, up. This is 50% of your workout. Then away is 50% of your workout. Good. And again, up, up, up. This is number four. Good. Now be sure to fight as you go away. Here we go. Cervical rotation. Girls, look for your left foot. Go up, up, up. Now. Fight with which leg? Which leg is the fighter? Right on the way down. Go curl girls, curl, chest, chest. Because you know our viewers at home cannot see what you're doing and go again.

Lift, lift, lift or chest and down. Down. Lengthen away and up. Up, up, good and down. Down. Lengthen. Very good. Girls released the pedals. Continue to do that same backstretch pelvic tilt in the center. Good.

Go to the right side, go to the left side. Very good. And now we're set up for mermaid. You get to sit and rest. RNR. Alright, here we go. Girls, I'm doing natural mermaid. Sit with your right leg on the, on the seat. Okay. Tucked. Do you tuck it? I tuck mine too. Can you talk? Okay, good. Now with my people, I like to have the inside of my floor, leg against the edge of the seat, so be sure that you're there, that you can feel that so you're not splitting too much of your center. Okay, now the arms are going to go into a t. This is a very long exercise. Girls' arms and a t.

All right, here we go. Inhale as you lift up your left arm, up and over, girls up and side band. Grab the pedal and push over. Over, over. Excellent. Good. Soften your elbow. Now we sit here and we're going to think about inflating our left lungs and blow as you come home. Exhale as you come home, blow, blow, blow, blow, and make the T. Palms are down. Ready? Let's go and lift. Inhale. Inhale, inhale and come home. Blow, blow t go. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale, blow, blow tea, and inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Good blow. Blow t from here. Girls. We're going to go up and over again, up and over, up and over. Now from here, ladies, I want you to put your left hand down on the pedal and move your right hand.

Rightward do the best you can to square off. Bring the pedal up if you need to. Now stay here, girls. I want you to bring the body up, up, up, up, and push the pedal down. Down, down, down. Good. Both arms are on, up, up, up. Go down, down, down. Good. Go Up, up, sternum, and as you go down, defy your stomach. Your stomach wants to land your thigh. Don't allow that up. Up, up. Get Long. Girls, go down, down, down, go up, up, up. Now put your right hand on the split ladies and side Bend immediately like a mermaid and come home. Make the letter t up, n t adding on ladies upside bend over, up and over. Good.

Put your left hand down and move your right hand over. All right, continuing on. We're going to hold that left hand steady. The right arm goes to the side. Look right look right. Yep. Put it down again, right? Put it down at inhalation. Inhale here. Exhale down. Good. Inhale up. Good.

Exhale down. Last one. Inhale here. Exhale down. Make the trade side bend. You know the routine now and bring your body up in level. T again, we have one more iteration. Holy Toledo. Here we go. Girls upside, bend over. Make the trade of your two hands. Boom and out. Now we lift up your right arm and look at your right arm.

Now you're going to pull it right out in front of you. Go back to the side, pull it in front of you again in the front. Go out to the side, forward out to the side forward. Replace it, put it on the split side, Ben. Girls, push that pedal. Take it home up and tee it. Very good. Other side, girls open up to the tee. Simple side, Ben. Not much. Action here. All right, let's go up. Inhale, inhale, inhale. Inhale, so from the elbow and blow home, so it's like your ribs are like a slinky. Inhale. Inhale, inhale and blow home. Restack your slinky. Get all the way up and make the t good up.

Open up to the slinky. You know what I'm talking about when I say slinky? Okay, and blow. Restack your slinky. Last one. Up and over. Stay there. Stay there. All right, now come home. Now really stretch. When I say stretch, stay there. This again is not rnr. In your mind's eye. See a three and nine o'clock three and nine o'clock make your arms do the three and nine o'clock thing. Good. Here we go. Up and over.

Excellent. And put your right hand down and move your left hand over. We're going to do four presses. Go down now. Lift your backup and sternum lift. Go back down. Sternum. Lift up, go back down. Sternum. Lift up. Good. Go back down. Sternum. Lift up, go back down. Make the tran trade hand goes into the split.

Efficient sideband. Come up and spread to the t. All right girls, look for one second. When I say efficient side Ben, so once you make the trade, don't wall up your hand out here. Just go to the side. Bend directly. All right. Moving on to the next one. Le Arms in the t side. Band up and over. Good up and inhale through those lungs. Make the trade. Girls put the hand down.

Move the left hand to the side. We're going to lift the left hand and look at it four times. Go inhale and down and inhale and down and inhale and down. Last one. Inhale and down. Go to the side. Bend with your hand in the middle. Efficient? Nope, that's correct. And come up.

Restack your slinkies. Okay, we're still moving on. Girls Up, side bend over and inhale. Make the trade girls put the hand down and move it. Now we're going to take that left arm to the side. Hold it there. That was, swing it over your head. One and to the side and two, and to the side and three and to the side and four out to the side. Put it down. Be efficient on your side band. Boom.

Come up and stretch to your tee. Beautiful. Very good girls. All right, from here. Now we're going to go into a kneeling Kat. All right. So in kneeling cat ladies, we're going to put those knees not close to this edge, but the closer you are to the back end, the better the balance you have here is precarious, okay? You don't want that. It gets scary. So I want your knees back here and I want you to do to a rolling cat all the way down, okay? You'll be good. Okay. All right. So place your knees.

Excellent. Now also technically know that your feet are not supposed to touch. So once you get on there and now you're going to hold your arms up over your head as an irregular roll down. You know what to do. Alright? Would you like me to hold your legs? Huh? Okay, we're gonna roll down. Let's go. Tuck and roll. Roll, roll, roll. Push down. Okay. Are you, do you y'all feel comfortable? Yes. No. Now round up. Come up, up, up. Go back down. Down, down, down. Go, Tuck, roll. Be sure you use your glutes, girls and down and Tuck. Roll.

Press those hips. Yes. And down. Think of a Panini on the way up. Panini, stomach and rumpus. And Go. Roll it up. Up to the stop. All right, here we go. Over our head. Arms over your head. Perfect. Perfect, perfect. And release. All right, now we're going to cross our left ankle on top.

All right, when we cross our left ankle on top, we're going to go to the right ladies. Arms up, rotate to your right and let's go down. Roll down, down, down. Press down, down, down, roll. Halfway up. Go. Is the pedal heavier light girls. Okay, that's okay. And down and up and down. Roll up now. Don't come up now as you go down your right arm.

Windmills to the ceiling. Go girls right arm up to the ceiling. Come home again. Times four. Inhale as you rotate girls blowers, you come home. I'm on top. Inhale and blow. Use Your glutes. Inhale girls. Last hint. Blow roll up.

Girls tightened down the barrels. Panini, everything up. Arms overhead and out. All right, so your challenge, you know ladies, is when you come up not to be here and then do your arms. The challenge is having that body length and strength to come up. All right. Recross the other legs, girls. All right, tighten down the barrels. Panini up, arms up, girls. Rotate to your left and let's go. Roll down, down, down, and push down. Down downs.

Weight. Halfway up, down, down, down. Halfway up. Good. Down. Down, down. Halfway up. Very good. Down, down, down. Halfway up. Now let's think ahead. The left arm. Go down, down. Look halfway under. Go Look, look, look, go. Oh good.

Open, open, blow, blow, blow, open, open, blow, blow, blow, nothing. Now think ahead, girls. This is where it gets hard. Let it go. And I get those harms over your head as soon as possible. Press those hips forward and release there. Free. Good. Okay girl, that was a challenge. Yes. No. Yes.

Alright, now we're going to be doing fast in fast. That is where the thigh meets the what? It meets it. Yeah. So this is that type of work. Alright, so initially what happens is you're on a single knee and your leg has dropped. You're gonna do up lifts, okay? You're going to do uplifts and then what's going to happen is you're going to cross it. Then you're going to do circle, lift and touch this and circle, lift and touch that, okay?

Because you know the butt's rounded so you've got to get everything around, not just back and forth and back and forth. Alright, are we ready girls? We're gonna start with our right knee on the seat and our hails, the by hands on the edge of the panel. The left leg is hanging down and it's in contact with the chair. Why do I do that? So that I get full range of motion of that hip and leg and the glue.

I want the glue to go from there and then lift the leg up. Let's go. Lift it up. Girls up, go back down, down, down. Go Up, up, go down, down, go up, up, go down, down, go up, up, down, down, go up. Now stay there, cross it over behind the other ankle, down, down, down. Now establish that. Stay down, establish that cross girls and really get the sense that you're squared. Even though we are not your upper torso is now we're going to lift back to that center line. Go Up, up, cross, cross, cross, go up, up, cross, cross, cross, go up, cross, cross, cross. Use your rump up. Cross, cross, cross.

Now we're gonna make a half circle to the outside of your machine. Go Up, lower it to the outside, pick it up, make the cross again. Up and low. We got some intersecting going on up and you're okay. I'll tell you when it's happening up. Oh perfect. And Cross and up. Beautiful. Down.

Two more. Watch this from moving missy and down. Last one. Up and cross. Lift your leg center. Tuck your knees back in. Boom. Roll Up. Tuck your knees in. Uphill. Roll Up. Roll up, up, up, up. Come back down girls and take a stretch the way we did earlier with the pelvic tilt and right in the left. Okay, you must maintain that stretch because I've compromised the back somewhat. Okay.

Hands to the right girls. Good hands to the left. Very nice. And now come up and let's get the other life. Let's get on our chairs. Girls with your other leg, hanging down in full. Contact with the chair. Now realign yourself, square off. Kay. Get into the squares. All right, good. Now we're going to lift up times four. Go hip extension one and go down.

Be sure you square and lift and down. Let's go. Three and down and four and down that we're going to go up now cross behind and cross stay there girls. Reevaluate your squareness. Flat back, neutral spine. And here we go. Lift up and cross and two.

So this gets the outer corner of your rump. Three. Think about what you're stretching of your fast and four and down. Now go all the way up. Now go to the outside of your chair. Down. Go Up. Recross. Whoops. Up. Go to the outside. Go Up. Three Cross, go up, out, go up, cross, go up, out.

Go Up. Two more girls. Go. Are you okay on your risks girls? Guess no lift and think about your rump, not the height of the leg. And go last. Hit girls up and cross lifted midline girls up. Tuck the knee in. Come off girls. Round Up, arms down, middle stretch. Let's go. Same stretch. Good, good, good to the side and to the other side. Now for seated pumps, arm pumps, girls, we're going to drop it to just a pair of ones. Light, light, light, light. So pair of black ones not crossed or anything. It's just like normal.

Very good. Now we're going to remove the dowel girls and sit facing your pedals please. Good. All right. Sit straddle face on the floor. Okay. Since straddle face. Good. All right. Now sit to your level of comfort. You have to be able to touch the pedals without going forward.

Okay? All right, so are you going to be to hit touch those pedals with your legs? You know, spread your legs. Yeah, there you go. Spread your legs. All right, girls. Let me just see how does it feel? Pressed down and see how it feels. Is it too heavy? If it is, we can back it off to the white. We're going to play the pin. We're going to do this a little bit. Yeah, it should be. I would rather have it lighter than heavier. Okay, so I've got it. Don't worry and I can do this. I've done it for years.

All right, try it now. Girls press down. All right. Now trying to think of our bodies like a, a big flat piece of paper. So if your arms go down, the paper doesn't round. Okay, so just press down and let me see what you got. Okay. Arms a little wider there. Opposite your shoulders. Nothing moves except the shoulders. Go blow. Good and come home. Good and two, nothing new here. Of course not and for hold it mid line girls, hold it mid line. Now we're going to start to play the panel. Pump. Pump, pump, pump. Are we pumping like this or we just pumping like this?

Really put those armpits close together. Good. Watch the neck. Relax the neck. We don't want any skirts or cords or anything like that. We'll lax the neck. Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. Give it a rest to hands wide. Girls as wide as possible. Can even have your hands almost faced each other that way.

We're going to be able to get some of the lats into here. Okay. Ready? Set. Push down, down, down, down and up. Down, down, down. Keep going. As your arms go down, you get taller on your central axis, you continue to reach forward and go press down and, and stay halfway down. Start the pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. Watch that body. If your ponytail swinging, girls, stop your ponies from moving. Go, go, go, go, go. This is another form of per turbine nation perturbation.

I know it sounds funny cause she knows my joke. Somebody else knows my joke too. It's the sister of and give it a rest. Alright now girls, we'd like you to take your left leg, cross it over your right and don't move your right. Excellent. All right, now two hands are going to be pressing that pedal down. It would be your right pedal. Two hands on your right pedal. All right, now be sure your right leg is not in the way cause it looks like it's a little in the way. All right. All right girls. Now this time you round forward, you're allowed to round for it on this go round. Ooh.

And come up. I might have to get a little closer. Go round. Good try and round forward. Not Round back. Go forward. Good. I want you to go forward. Good. Watch the shoulders round forward. Good. Now I want you to really flex your top leg, not your bottom one. Good. Go forward. Isn't that awakening it? Is it a little bit sparkly in there with that heel? It's a little bit hamstring.

Gets a little to go. Gives a little stimulation. Go and push. Switch to the other side girls. So that, that tingly feeling, that sparkly feeling is your Fascia. Fascia does three things, cause I learned this from Elizabeth. It's splits, it stretches and it slides and it's doing all that when you flex your foot.

So it's pretty cool I think. All right, so ready? Here we go. Round down blow. Yup. Remember that you're blowing is here in the core. Good. And inhale and car blow. Slow, slow, slow and core blow. Excellent. Here we go with the flex girls. Drive hard with your heel and go and a and two and up and three and, and four very good girls. And give it a rest.

Now it's time for pushups. Holy Toledo. Now these are not your standard pushups. Okay. The first word. I'm going to show you how to do this one. It really, um, it's nice to have a little bit of tension on going to a black one, a black one. All right. Now, the first one that you're going to do is your feet are apart and you're going to perturb again yet again. We're perturbing our core. See, notice how my body isn't shifting. All right? So that'll be your first step of out in, in, and you're going to be testing your core on that, okay?

All right, so set your hands down on your pedal and walk backwards into your plank. Backwards into your plank. All right, and have your arms show your hands shoulder width apart. All right, now the object is not to translate any of this motion into the upper torso. All right, I'll keep, keep the beat with me. Ready? Go right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, very good. Keep going. Eight left to go. One to keep it gone. Three good. Four left to go. Tighten your glutes. One. Paninis two, three, four. Give it a rest.

Girls to your knees and stretch back and stretch back. It's hard to keep your abdominals tight that long. It was good girl, Huh? It is. All right. Now what happens that now girls is that you're actually going to hold. Nevermind. I'll do it. It's easier.

So now you're going to see that this is going to be held and I'm going to actually lift with hardly any body shifting. Okay? So you're going to do that. All right? So you're going to hold your hands and your feet about the same with the part about the same with the part. Okay? Think about how wide your shoulders are and your feet should be there. Are you okay? Okay, tighten down your paninis girls. Okay, nus. Keep my pace.

We're going for 12 go one and go and two, and go three and go far and go, wait a minute. Five down. Wait a minute. Six down. Seven. Wait, you're so fast down a and give it a rascal and forget the 12 let's see. Do you see how difficult that is? It's that it to hold it steady. Okay, now it gets worse. It gets worse. All right, so from here, just try it. Just try it. Your feet are together and you really have to not shift.

All right? Feet are together, girls. That's what's hard. All right, here we go ladies. Now I'm going to ask you to go at your own pace because this, you have to decide. Feed. Have to be together. All right? They never move. Go at your own pace. Watch the shift. What? Minimize the shift.

Find your big toe. Find your inside. That's good. Find Your insula down big toe. That's it. You have to work. Last two. The slower you go, the harder it is. Give it a rest. Give it a rest and take a stretch.

Take a stretch, Huh? Doesn't matter. It's great. All right, good. Now we're going to do what's called flow. I like flow, sweaty yoga for some reason, but I like it. This is it. And we'll be done and watch. It's long and I'll talk you through it. Okay, so what happens here is I'm on all four.

My toes are hooked. Okay? I start there. Now I'm going to press my heels down and I'm gonna push my behind bat. I'm gonna rise onto my toes. Go into a hover, a neutral hover land, tuck my toes under, round my hips forward, and go to a nice stretch. From here it's a cat, uh, to neutral. And then you begin the whole thing, okay? All right, I'll talk you through it. Don't worry.

So let's start with our hands on our pedal on all four. So place your hands down and push the pedals down. Okay, now establish a comp, a comfortable, neutral, neutral spine on all four. Now Hook your toes under. Boom. Now you're going to come up and go into downward facing yoga dog. Okay, more chest. Now really reach those heels into the ground. All right, now without losing any length in your torso, lift up on your toes. Go and bend those knees. Go into a hover with a neutral spine.

Hover with fix your head neutral, a neutral, and drop your knees down. Hook your toes under girls a flat and round back and let the peddle come up and stretch. Go all the way down. Seat seat. You gotta stretch behind the heels behind heels. Perfect. Stay there and hold your stretch. Now from there, I want you to round up roundup, roundup, roundup, and push the pedal down all over again. Okay, here we go. You're a little far. You gotta move up a little bit. Good. Hook your toes.

Hover, boom. Press back. Good. Stay there. Get the good stretch. Don't lose your body's girls. Rise up onto your toes. Boom. Bend Journey's hover. Flat, back, neutral spine. Hover, hover. Put your knees down, curl your feet underneath. Round back. Let the pedal come up and stretch. Girls stretch, stretch, stretch. Perfect. Last hit. Round up.

Press the pedal to neutral. Boom. Hook girls. Good. Shoot the bottoms back. Boom. And press back. Good. Rise over those toes. Really get over those. Metatarsal is to the best of your ability. Beautiful. Ladies. Bend the knees. Flat. Back. Hover. Curl the feet under.

Stretch. Pedal comes up. Beautiful. And sit back and hold your stretch. Very good girls come all the way up. Let's stand together. We always do this. Kelly, hands up. Hands Together. Alright, let's go. Inhale, lift up. Exhale.

Thank you guys. Thank you. You made it.


Thank you! I love this class! Wonderfull!
2 people like this.
Valentin this is amazing, loved every minute. I am in Alaska till Sunday, gonna do this class first thing when I get home. Cant wait. Get my body moving! So grateful you shared your talent w/us.
2 people like this.
Thank you. You can never tell how challenging her class is until you physically do it. She gets into nooks and crannies that don't always get movement. Thank you PA for bringing her classes to our own studios. It helps so much to keep me excited to move my body and keep challenging my client's bodies. Thanks Valentin, you never disappoint!!!!
Ronda P
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You Rock Valentine!
1 person likes this.
Wow! My new favorite chair class. Very challenging. Thank you:)
Diane L
1 person likes this.
I enjoyed this class. I love how it showed me some ways to use my split pedal chair. This class will be one of my new favorites.
Lucie Bécus
1 person likes this.
This was so delightful! I love your personality, cueing, and enthusiasm - and I'm sure I will feel this tomorrow (in a good way!)
1 person likes this.
Outstanding! Thank you:)
1 person likes this.
Great lesson! I am looking forward to seeing you in Prague in September!
1 person likes this.
Wow! Valentine, you made me glad I bought the split pedal chair! Up until now I didn't know all the wonderful things I could do with it!! Thanks so much!
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