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Invigorating Wunda Chair

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Lisa Hubbard teaches a Wunda Chair workout with a focus on the abdominals, arms, and legs. She starts by centering your mind and body to prepare you for the more challenging exercises that come later in the class. Lisa includes pumping with Hand Weights, Swan with One Arm, and much more. By the time you are finished, you will feel stretched and invigorated!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Hand Weights

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May 21, 2014
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Hi, and thank you for being here with me today. I put together a wonder chair program that focuses on abdominals, arms, and legs. So we're going to be starting standing in a parallel position, feet, hip distance apart in a neutral spine position, pressing down through the feet, lifting up through the quads, lifting up in through the abdominals. Take a big breath, inhale through the nose, expanding the ribs out to the side, front and back, and then exhale, rooting your legs into the floor, reaching out through the crown of the head, and we'll do that twice. More. Inhale here and exhale. Just centering our thoughts, our body. Another breath. Inhale. Exhale. Draw your chin towards your chest. Roll your spine forward, reaching your arms towards the pedal, pressing in through the shoulders, pressing your hands into the pedal.

Take an inhale, lower your head towards the floor. Exhale and draw the abdominals in and up. Inhale, we're going to go down into the standing pike. Exhale as you come up to release the low back. Inhale, lower stretching the hamstrings. Exhale and relax your shoulders, reaching the crown of the head towards the floor. Exhale. Let's do two more. Inhale, lower deeply.

One more. Inhale, lower. Exhale, come all the way up. Take another breath here. We're going to just go partway. Pausing here. Bend your elbows to the sides all the way, bringing the pedal towards the forehead and then pressed down. Let's do a exhale. Breathing out. Inhale, bend. Exhale, press. So warming up the extremities and again, last two. Inhale, press down. Inhale, hold. Exhale, roll all the way up.

Articulate your spine to a standing position. Okay, and good. We're going to go into the abdominal section, so we're going to bend our knees. You can hold onto the pedal here. We're going to lie on our back with the heels onto the foot. Bart, you're going to start in a neutral spine position. Theatre Dorsey flex. Interlace your fingers behind your head. We're going to go into a chest lift with a um, hamstring curl here. So we're going to inhale, prepare. You're going to exhale, draw the pedal just part way down.

Inhale, lower back. And I did not mention the spring that I have, which is one medium spring. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lengthen and articulate. Back. Exhale initially from the abdominals. Find your hamstring connections, delay the feet, make sure the initiations coming from the hip extensors. And again, let's do eight XL. Maintaining your neutral position in the pelvis. Exhale, coming up and over, softening the sternum. Inhale back, exhale and lift.

Inhale to lower and curl the chest forward and let's do one more curl and stay up. Keep this connection and then just pump the legs up and down for eight. Maintaining that neutral position in the pelvis and brewery last for great. Two more. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale and lower. We're going to move into chest lift with rotation.

Take an inhale to prepare. Draw the pedal down, rotate to the right, but anchor your left hip to the floor. Inhale, curl center releasing the tension in the pedal. Xcel rotate, anchoring the right hip, twisting the torso. Inhale, we'll pick it up, Xcel, twist, and and three we'll do five sets. [inaudible] last set, left center, and right center it. Take an inhale. We're going to add the pumps on the rotation and bringing it one and breathe to maintain that Pawas connection. Three good. One more. Draw down lifts center, hold, rotate to the left, to the right, excuse me, and rotate. One, drawed it down. Two and three, four last one, and bring it center and release.

Reach your arms all the way overhead, extending your legs, making sure that your legs are parallel. Inner thighs are connected. The ribs and sternum are soft. Arms are lengthened. You're going to inhale. We're going to come into a roll up teaser position. We're going to exhale. You're going to curl the low back. Draw on the abdominals, lift your arms, inhale, and then exhale to imprint your low back. Reaching the legs away, the mid, the low and arms up overhead.

Inhale the arms, head and chest. Exhale, roll the spine up, pulling in the abdominals. Lift the arms, lift your back. Inhale, roll it down. Exhale, scooping the tail under. Slowly articulate back down. Two more. Arms Up. Curl the chessboard, scooping in. Pull in. Inhale, lift, reaching, and exhale to lower. All the way down. We'll do one more.

Feels Nice. Take a breath in. Exhale, peel up. Really Curl and now lift. Keep the scoop and the abdominals. Inhale and then reach the arms in printer's spine and release. Take the arms all the way overhead. Bring them down to your side. Take your right leg, tabletop, and now your left leg.

We're going to go into the rollover, so extend the legs out on a diagonal. Inhale up to 90 lift and scoop. Take your legs overhead. The legs are parallel to the floor. Flex separate. Lower your feet as close to the mat as you possibly can, and then draw yourself, folding your body in, lengthening your spine, flex your feet point and circle together. Make that connection with the inner thighs. Inhale up. Exhale, lift over, flex separate, lower, and we're going to roll down reaching the heels to the opposite side of the room as you in print your spine. Point and circle together. And again, inhale up. Exhale over. This is the last one. Flex. Separate.

Lower your feats and roll it down. Reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, and point and circled together. Hug your knees in towards your chest and we're going to roll up to a sitting position. Okay, I have two pound weights here. We're going to do our footwork and we're going to add some arms to it. So I'm going to add another spring. So we have two medium springs.

We're going to start with the feet hip distance apart. Good. We're going to take our arms forward. We're going to use our back and our abdominals to support so you don't want to lean forward or back. We're gonna take the arms out to a tee position. Inhale, let's do eight. Exhale. As you open the arms wide and low or the heels down, exhale, reach. You want to initiate the movement from the hips, although you're primarily working your quads, you really want to get that connection in the hamstrings and the rotators and the the back and the arms. Exhale, open in health forward, and exhale open. Let's do one more. I'll try to keep track of the counts and hold.

Let's go ahead and lower the arms down. Press your feet into a nice plantar flection toes on the pedal heel slightly up. We're going to take our arms down. We're going to go into a bicep curl pressing down. Think about as you press down, you're lifting out through the crown of the head and to [inaudible] drawing in the abdominals. Hopefully I'm not leaning forward or back.

And again, last three, pressing down as the arms. Reach up one more and hold heels together. We're going to start with the Rom Boyd's inhale here. Exhale as you press down, keeping the heels squeezing together, keeping the toes onto the pedal. Good. And three, opening your arms to frame your face. Good. Last three. The abdominals in back are working here.

Nice and one more and bring it out and in. Let's take the heels wide. Let's go. Arms are going to abduct. Abduct. We're going to go. Exhale up. Inhale to lower. Reach it up in him and for in.

We're just gonna do eight reaching out. Five, getting into the back, the arms, the deltoids as they're still working, drawing them in and one more and lower. Good. Let's move on to the toes. Let's take the arms next to our ears. You're going to inhale, you're going to take the arm straight up as you press down. Inhale to lower. [inaudible] drawing down in that mid back as he arms rise up to the ceiling.

[inaudible] last two all the way fully extending and one good. Now I'm going to change the weight. We're going to go into a single leg version focusing on our triceps. So I'm going to take it down and we're going to have little lighter two springs. I'm going to take it down a notch and then we're going to take our arms behind us into tricep extension.

So you can either start with the knee bent and then work to extend the leg. You can bend and extend if you wish or you can just keep it out at a 90 degree angle. But if you find that you're rounding your low back, then I suggest that you just bend the knee. Let's do two more. Reach it back and switch. Lift the elbows, roll the shoulders open, pull up the abdominals, take the left leg extended out and stretch. Second set, squeezing, finding the catch in the tricep.

One more and eight bent and switch onto your toe. So let's do this one. You have an option. You can go forward like this or out like a salute. So I'm going to do the salute starting on the right toe or left I think. So we're going to go salute forward. Press it out.

Inhale, bend. And to lengthening the back, this is a real challenge for the quads, the back to abs, the arms. This is pretty challenging. So if you need to just bend your knees. Yeah, last one and switch. We'll do a second set. I'll do it with the the arms facing the opposite direction. So let's lift up, take the leg, tabletop, extend it, and let's press out for another eight lifting to keep the elbows where they are and just hinge.

Seven one more and eight bend and rest. Good. Okay. Now let's go ahead and go into our abdominal section. So I'm going to set the weights down. We won't be needing those anymore and we're going to start with the hundred. So you're going to start on your back.

Bend your knees, tabletop. Reach your arms out, extend your legs out when we're going to inhale and XL in and out, in and out, reaching those legs, pumping those arms and five in and reach seven and reach eight and nine. You're almost there. 10 [inaudible]. Breathe it all out. Bend your knees and hold. Come up to a sitting position. Let's go into frog front. So we're going to do some more triceps and abs and back.

This chair is really challenging for that. So I'm the chair in general, so I'm gonna pick up the weight just to Smidge, and you're going to sit in the wealth of the chair. Take your hands onto the edge of the seat, bring your heels together. You're going to be on your toes, and then you're going to just bring your weight down. I want you to have a neutral spine position, so no tucking press out of it. Now it's your abs in your arms that are going to work to lift you up.

So you're going to lift your abs as you bend. Exhale, inhale straight down. Exhale, press in hell as you bend. Keep the pedals, lifting up towards your sitting bones. Inhale lower and press it up. Let's do three more and lower the pedal. Press it up. Last two abdominals are drawing in big time.

And one more. Inhale. Exhale, press. Sit back and relax. Next exercise is tendon stretch. So this is shoulder abdominals and you're going to get a stretch. So we're going to push the pedal down. You're going to start in a plantar flection position.

And I'm going to just fix myself here. Hands are forward, fingertips or forward. You're going to be up. You're going to lower your head. Keep your head relaxed down. You're going to scoop your abdominals so much and you're going to lift the pedal up. Inhale, lower up, making a lot of noise here. Our tie. Three curl up. [inaudible] oops. Getting a little cramp in my, uh, calves last too nice and high and lower. Bend your knees and take a break.

Okay, good boy. Oh boy. Now what did I get myself into with my workout here? Um, we're gonna go into backwards step down. So we're going to add a little bit of, we're adding more leg, but we're adding some, uh, hip extension, hip extensor, and glute stabilization, which is important. So we're going to start standing and I'd like you to bring one foot to the pedal, crust the pedal down and step up with the opposite leg. Cross your arms. Now you're gonna make sure that the knee doesn't roll in.

You're gonna use your glute hamstring, get your 90 degree position, you're gonna bend your knee, and then press down, maintain a neutral spine, and you're going to pump for 10, seven press eight, press nine and 10. We're gonna lower all the way down. Take your hands on the outside, come off. And we get on the other way the same way as we did the opposite side. So find your parallel position. Press down and step up.

If you need to use your handles, that's okay. So we're gonna Cross our arms. You're gonna lift. Use the back of your leg, find the 90 degree, you're going to lean slightly forward, and you're going to bend and pump and pump. Initiate from the glute, stabilizing with the opposite leg. Two more and down. Lower all the way.

Take your hands to the chair and slowly come off. Okay, good. All right, side Pike. I'm going to keep the weight. So we have medium heavyweight, two springs. Your inside foot is going to come front and the back foot back. Press down. Hands are on either side of your chair. Your hips are going to be close.

Your head is going to be lowering, looking towards your pubic bone. Your back is rounded. Spiral your arms. Now the obliques are going to EQ. You're going to exhale, oh bleaks initiate and you're going to fold your body in half. Inhale lower and bring it together. Lower slowly with control.

[inaudible] go as high as you can. [inaudible] [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible]. Let's do one more and slowly come out of it. Good. If that wasn't enough, you're going to do a single leg, so you're going to take the inside foot to the center. The hands are still in the same position. You're going to abduct the leg out to the side round. [inaudible] bring your body close towards the chair. Exhale.

Two more. Last one. [inaudible] slowly lower other side. Alright. Left foot in front. Inside leg next to the the chair. I'm going to adjust my shirt. Hands on the side here.

You're going to bring your hips close. We're going to do eight. Take a breath in hill. Really get that nice deep scooping. Don't flatten your back. Really Curl. So it's like you're articulating your spine. Rolling up. Keep your gaze down.

Keep the shoulders relaxed. You'll feel this on the left. Oblique. Last two. [inaudible] and lower five side pikes. Single leg.

Find your position focused on the movement. Take an inhale here. Lift the leg. Exhale up. [inaudible] one more and lower. That was a doozy. Okay. Uh, we're gonna Finish with, uh, the Swan gonna. Do a basic swan and then we're going to do with this swan single arm to the side. Uh, let's start with one spring. One medium spring.

Hips are going to be to the edge. Legs are going to be parallel together. Okay. Hands are going to be on the pedal. They can either be extended or underneath as long as you don't press into them. Lift the abdominal shoulders down. Crown of the head, lengthening out.

You're going to articulate [inaudible], Huh? Roll the shoulders back. Inhale, lengthen out and down. Or let's go. Inhale up. Rather exhale to lower. Inhale, lengthen out and up and slowly lower. Two more. I just love this one. Feels fabulous. Lower shoulders open.

Lengthen out an inch to come up in itch and hold here. Let's just add a little tricep. Press three [inaudible] and lift all the way up and lower. Okay, good. Now we start single. Adjust my hips slightly. Wipe the sweat off my chin.

Take your arm directly out to your side. Watch out for the hips. So this is challenging. Inhale, lift, exhale lower. You'll feel this more on one side, working unilaterally and you're aiming for asymmetry. That's what we're all at me for creating a balance. Okay, one more. And try not to take the arm behind you. I hope my arm wasn't behind.

I'll focus on that. So starting with the right hand down, left arm out to the side. Lift the abdominals, square the shoulders. Take an inhale and lift. One side feels different than the other three. Let's do two more. Okay, last one. Okay. Inhale and lower. Let's finish with two singles. Inhale and exhale. Press yourself off.

Good. Okay. We're going to finish. By the way, we started focused how we feel after the session. Are we more stretched? Do we feel invigorated? I do. So inhale here. Release [inaudible] forward. Exhale, the arms reach, rounding your low back, pressing down. Exhale up three, last two.

Let's reach down one more slowly. Roll up, hips forward, low back, mid back, upper back. Had this last chin parallel to the floor. Chest is open and you are done. Thanks for joining me today.


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Lots of challenging fun in this compact, little workout...just what I needed :) Thank you, Lisa!!
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Love the work with hand weights. As always Lisa, you look fabulous!
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Really enjoyed that, not a moment wasted and great chair review as I prepare for BASI test out. Already sore from those side pikes! Arm weights great touch, stability challenge!
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Inspiring to the max! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Thanks Lisa! I love workouts that are short and efficient.
Lucie Bécus
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Fun and challenging! I have some things to work on!!
Lisa Hubbard
Thanks to everyone! This is one really got me working in the end!
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Very nice invigorating little class. I really enjoyed it Lisa.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Djamila, I like your description if it as well ??
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Very nice flow and no moment wasted. Perfect express workout.
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