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Can't decide whether or not you want to do a Mat or Reformer workout? You can do both in this mixed equipment workout with Niedra Gabriel. This class is designed for those who may not have a Reformer and wish to simulate Reformer exercises on the Mat, as well as for those who work in studios that don't have a lot of equipment and would like to teach a class that simultaneously uses the Mat and the Reformer. Enjoy the traditional Reformer exercises with this fun and challenging twist!
What You'll Need: Mat, Mixed Equipment, Reformer w/Box

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Oct 04, 2014
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Good afternoon everybody. We're going to do a very lovely group class that I found very helpful when I'm doing group lessons in students that don't have a lot of equipment. This will be a reformer class where we have two reformers and two students on the mat and we are going to flip flop back and forth. This way, if you have three reformers, you can have a group class with six students, have four reformers, you can have eight students. It's always fun. It's challenging and I think we all gonna get started so we will start with the footwork. So you ladies on the mat lie down on your backs. Ladies on the reformer, please pace all five toes on.

We have Amy on three red springs and Helaine on two red and a blue, which is a little bit lighter. The ladies on the floor, please. When your knees into your chest and hands will be by your side, lift your head, chest up off the floor, curl your toes back just like footwork and everybody goes out and come back in and press out and come back in and press out. And three and press out and for and really keep deepening into that powerhouse. The girls on the floor, make sure you're stable on the mat and seven and I want the girls on the floor to point the toes, but pull the toes back. Point the feet, toes back. Demi point, demi, point you dances. And one more time.

Press and backend. Head down girls on the mat arrest. Drop your head back for a minute. Everybody transitioned into bird on a perch so you want your feet more, a little more flexible. Wrap arms law for the girls on the fro. Lift your head and chest and press out. Press and come back in and press and come back in.

And the girls with the feet on the bar reading work to stretch the toes out long and until you're working across as metatarsal is five and six and seven the girls on the floor of your headstarts get tired. You can rest it down and put one hand behind your head to give yourself support. This is your last one. Come back in. Head down. Girls on the map. Flex your feet. All five toes are working and spread hands by your side.

Lift your head up if you want to and out you go press out and come back in and press and in and press and in and press and in. Keep the toes spreading. If you can see, open up the whole sole of the foot and inn and seven and in and eight and in night. Soft Chestnut, lots of ribs and last one in, in head down. Girls on the mat tended stretch the toes apart, heels together or parallel if you prefer parallel and slightly extend the fetal girls on the floor like um, um, what I call Barbie doll position. And every here go press all the way out and flex your feet and point and flex and point and flex and point every time the girls on the reformer feel the length coming in through the back of the legs at the same time, soften the back ribs down to your ribcage y but you scoop up through the naval two more times and one more time. Bend the knees back in and girls on the mat.

Hug the knees in. Now for all of us hundreds we start with the legs going straight to the ceiling and then every 10 you will lower the legs a little bit lower and you will take them to whatever height you feel is the right one for you and you'll get the challenge. Different aspects of the ABS. So holding the handles, the girl on the floor, Amy's just adjusted to two red springs. You want to stay on three? I will adjust your foot bar. Oh yes, we are balanced. Body foot bars days. Okay. Arms down, legs up, head forward. And here we go. Breathing in, pipe out. Two, three, lower, little into three, four, five out, two, three.

Lower more into three, four, five. Nice. Long toes. Lower more into four. Five out, two, three. Lower more into four. Five out, two. Three into three. Four, five. So keep on going, keep pumping. You lower as low down as you're ready to do. Some people take it right down to the feet or in line with the forehead.

Some people don't. Last. Inhalation, exhalation. Very, very good. Bend your knees, Bend your arms and rest. Okay. Set yourselves up for short spy massage girls on the reformer at a spring. You girls, it will be just like you were doing it. You Bend, you roll down, you keep your feet there and you press down.

So Lars, along for everybody navel is long and extend the legs out. Narrow the hips and lift all the way up and over onto the shoulders. Rolling through the spine. Bend the knees down towards the shoulders. Roll your bottom down, away from your feet, and then push your bottom down. To finish. Extend the like out. Lift the hips up and over, up and over, the long and lifted.

Bend the knees down. Keep your feet where they are and roll through the spine, lengthening everything out and push your bottom down and extend out. Again. Lift your hips up and over. Bend the knees down. Roll your feet away, your hips away from your feet. Do not push into those knees. Keep them soft. Push your bottom down. Last one, long toes that don't grip them.

Bend and then roll, roll, roll. Do not push into here. Now press your hips on from your powerhouse. Shift into your hands. Straps for coordination, elbows by your ribs. Let's have elbows and knees in tabletop position. If you can curl your head and chest up, arms and legs out. Inhale, open and close your legs. Bend your knees. Exhale, exhale more deeply. Inhale and deepen into that powerhouse.

Open and close. Exhale, exhale. Last. When we add beats, inhale and hold. Open and close. Now, little beats cross two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Bend your knees, Bend your arms, drop your head back and rest. Hook the straps without changing stations and we repeat the whole thing again. This is two lessons for the price of one, so it will indeed be two lessons where the price of one, so the goal is set yourselves up. You want to be on, you're staying with three springs, three reds and a blue, so it's a nice heavy tension, right lying down. Head rest should be up there. Gajda girls here, you want to be sure with the feet that you have a slight extension but the toes are pulled back just like you would be on the football head is and you drop it down. Okay, here we go.

And reach out and come back and press out and and to press out and three and out and for reaching long with those arms and six and seven and eight and nine last one and 10 come back in. Head down. Girls on the chain for burden, a perch. Girls on the floor. If your head gets tired, you can always support your head with your hands or you put your head down and rest. You don't want to be a hero. So here we go. Curl your head up if you want to. And here we go. Press out and come back in. Don't jam in the knees. Soft knees. So you work the muscles, not the joints. And Fort Jay, he lane Carlos, choose, chose. That's it. And six and seven and eight and nine.

One more time and 10 okay. Head down. Girls on the mat, heels pull the toes way up. Everybody spread the toes as much as you can. Try to get that foot really open. I'm looking at your toes for the first time. Okay. Press out and pause here for a second. Pull the toes way back and come back in and two nice soft sternum and three and in and four and in and five and in and six and seven and eight and nine.

One more time and 10 very, very good. Tendon stretch, toes apart, heels together, so on the map, that's it. The toes are pulled back but long for everybody. Press all the way out and flex and point and flex and point and flex and point and flex and point and flex and point. Flex 0.2 more times, very good and come back in and down. Drop your head back. Hundreds, same thing, lowering down slowly again, if you get tired, you can always go back to tabletop. You can adjust in whatever way you want.

I highly recommend for everybody who started the vertical plane because that's the easiest place to hold the legs. And then every time you go down you just go down a small amount. Each time you will hit different aspects of your abdominal trunk as you go. So here we go. Arms to the ceiling, had up arms forward and breathing into five out to three lower little soften the legs. Exhale out. Lower more into three, four, five. Exhale. Now keep on going. Work on your own. Soften those toes.

The top part of the foot should be soft. Your power is in the powerhouse of from the ribs to the top of the knees is where you want to really have the strength. Everything else is just long and reaching. One more inhalation and exhalation and finish and rest. Oh, case shorts by massage. So two springs, you're on two reds, two reds get your feet in the straps so you put your feet in the straps.

Girls make sure that the strap is just by the heel, just under that little bone. Very good. He needs if possible, in line with the shoulder. So it's totally in line with the box. Just for a moment, check that the back ribs feel nice and broad and the arms along by your side. Also check that the shoulders are being length and away from the ears so you have an inner lift through the crown of the head, but length down through the spine and below. Here we go. Extend the legs out. Lift your hips up and over.

So long diagonal for the girls on the Mat. Bend the knees down. Keep your feet where they are and roll the hips away from your feet and then press your feet to your bottom and press out and lift up and over nice and long. Then the knees down and roll your bottom away from your feet with the kneecaps pointing down and push it up and press out again and lift up and over. Bend the knees down. Kneecaps point about towards the shoulders and then roll down.

There's a tendency and a patient have the knees too turned out. You say you turned out and pushed down last one last chance so that the legs are still frontally angled even though they're in a natural Pilati stance. Roll down. See if you keep the lump muscles of the legs soft, but the trunk strong. Push your feet down. Okay, so you say you pushing into the late knees. You don't want a power from the legs. You're dancing. You're strongly, you want to power from the trunk. This is a reaction, not an action coordination. Change it. Get your feet in the strap, elbows are in tight. Curl your head and chest up and inhale the legs go out, open and close. Exhale, exhale more. Inhale, open and close. Exhale, exhale. More.

Inhale, open and close and little beets. Cross, cross, cross, cross, cross, cross crossing. Cross. Exhale. As the knees comes in and soften, lift the chest even more and bend the arms and lower back down. Very good. Hook the straps behind you and you girls on the reformer set up for rowing you to stay on the floor and you will get it right. You'll switch back. So you need to let make sure that the wood floor is down now thought out of the way you want to be on. Don't you usually work on one spring for rowing? It depends what machine.

The yes springs are not a set universe because different equipment is different. Tonalities. Our, let me put you on one red one and I will add a spring for you if you need it because I also know you girls are strong, I think. Oh, okay. Let's do it like that. Let's be, yeah, let's be, that's an interesting way to think about doing it. I never thought of it like this. Let's go for it. Why not choreography? So here we go. Scoot the navel and roll backwards. Pulling the straps, your sternum stay. They take the arms down and thumbs are down from me.

Paul the hands back and then bring them behind you as you die. Four thumb stuck behind your tail. Stretch the arms from his shoulders down, up. Circle them around which George you feed and let the stomach away from the highs. Come back up again and scoop and roll to a 45 degree angle. Sake.

Room is down and undertake those arms out. Thumbs are down. Push back with the arms and then thumbs come behind you. Nice and long and low. Stretch on the shoulders to the hands. Lift the arms up and when they can go. No for the broadened over. Lift the stomach up and bent down. One more time.

Lift up and roll back. Deepening into the powerhouse. Arms go out. Sumser down, press come forward. Soften the elbows, Amy. Yes, and then from the shoulders though, glock the elbows. Don't lock the elbows. Work their circle all the way around and match. Very nice. 90 degree angle, elbows or shoulder height.

Just pause it for a minute. Check that the shoulders are down, but the elbows are in line with the shoulders. With the spine long, narrow the hips. Get Taller and hinge back to a 45 degree angle. Come back up, stretch the arms out and the girls on the floor bend down. Everybody been forward. Take the arms out and behind you and from here on out, same thing. The arms, go up all the way around. Lift the stomach away from the thighs and forward and come back up and narrow the hips. Go further back. If you want to. Nice long, flat back, come back up.

Yay for you Jennifer. Long and forward. Pull the arms down and back. Long stretch all the way up, all the way over, all the way down and come back up. And last one, lifting a pause here for a second. Pause here. Come back up guy to come back up. Come back up Canberra. So have a look in my direction just for a second. When you're going back, obviously in the first one we were working the scoop. Now it's a long flat back.

He only go back as far as you can without compromising the length. So if you find that you're going too much into this position, you've gone beyond, the extension of the back is working. So some people can go way, way, way back. The further back you go, the more you have to narrow. So just watch out for that cause you were going into the s, the front body and the narrow the hips lift way up through the crown of the head and then hinge back 45 degrees of further. If you can stay there, stretch your arms by your ears towards a ceiling.

Lift up to the ceiling, bend forward, pull the arms down. That was gorgeous. Everybody. Bring the arms back, big circle all the way around. Grab the feet and stretch and come back up and swing around to face the front. I mean I face each other. Good work, feet. Our rock bottom is right against the shoulder. Arrests, lakes along long, straight legs reaching from the shoulders.

Let's have the elbows back. Chest, sternum is lifted and the collarbones wide shoulders are done. Lifting up to the crown of the head, narrow the feet. The Elena had the toes reaching long for the first one, right were stretched out. Fingers opposite the forehead. Bring the hands down, get taller through the crown of the head. Bring the arms up. Peripheral vision. Get even taller all the way out and down. Starting again, reaching from the armpits to the out. Bring the hands down. Bring the arms up, left even taller, all way out and down in one more time. From the armpits reaching out.

I want you to soften your ears. Fill this up. Bring the hands down, push through the crown of the head and float those arms up all the way out and down. Everybody flex your feet, reaching from the hips, hands on the reformer and bend and reach beyond the feet. Roll Up. Bring the arms up to the ceiling all the way out and down and again from the hips. Reach forward. Push beyond your heels, heels and fingers away. Roll Up. Bring the arms up all the way out and down. One more time. Sliding forward. Reach long with the limbs.

Roll through this find to come up. Reach up all the way out and down, shaving, crossing your legs, everybody's sitting. Cross legged Indian style, diamond shape. Thumbs by the x behind the occipital bone behind that. Make sure the fingers touch your scowl. It's not just the, the whole hand presses onto the, the skull. Two head has to be lifted now, long diagonal body.

I want those fingers. I'm very ain. Now lift your head up and look at Amy there. Lift up even more and without losing this. Extend the arms up and reach out of your lower back. Bend the arms back, widen the elbows and stretch up even more and band back and reach from the waist, the ribs all the way to the fingers and back and from the hips through the fingers and back and the last one. Stretch up and hold it for a minute. From the tailbone to the fingertips. Open the arms out to the side.

Cross your feet the other way. Can you change without your hands? Big. Lift up. Big Breath in. Breathing out. Hug a tree. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in. Imagine squeezing a big trunk. Breathe in, hold it and breathe out here. Breathe in, come back. We reversing. Breathe out. Breathe in every time you use it to get even taller. One more times long. Spine and out.

Very good girls, hopeless drafts behind you. Changing stations, you're getting the concept. I really think we should call this two for the price of one reformer workout, right? So feet are, I like to have the girls on the reformer one hand with the way from the edge. So you would want to move. It's actually a sideways one so that just enough for your, uh, for your sake rim. Yes, and I think girls on the reformer, if you feel unstable, you push your feet out to keep yourself from falling. No falling in my class.

So the arms are long and you scoop and roll back, rolling to about a 45 degree angle. Hold this position, stretch your arms out to the side, thumbs down on everybody. Stay right where you are. Just nothing moves in the machine. Just your arms. Push. Now come forward. Bring your head down and touch big circle with those arms scooping through the navel all the way around. Stretch down and come back up and roll back again.

Same Way. Press back, take the arms out. Stems down. I'll pause here. Just the arms move. Now can you bring your head forward without the machine moving where the thumbs come together? Yes. Good. Stretch the arms back up, out and all the way down. One more time and roll back scooping through the naval arms go out. Nothing moves on the [inaudible] in your body. Push with the arms. None.

Nothing moves in the reformer as you come down. A little extra up all the way around. Fifth all the way down and come back up. 90 degree angle. Shoulders down. Nice tip to this by narrow hips and hinge back 45 degrees nice and long and come back up. Lifting up. Reach forward with the arms bend over.

Turn. Bring the arms behind your back, stretch the arms up, all the way around. Stretch down and come back up. Grills in the metic and go further back. Lift in, hinge back. Everybody goes back and come back up and stretch forward in all the way around with those arms. Thumbs, touch, big circle all the way around. Circling and widening through the spine. Reach down and lift the ribs away from the stomach. Come back up.

And one more time. Big Lift in. How far back can you go with control? Stay there. Stretch the arms by your ears. Come up in one long piece. Bend forward, pull down and back and big circle with young. Just to give you a little strange all the way around. Nice stretch and swing around to face the front bottom, his back.

I know. Long laid. So Jennifer legs as straight, reaching from the shoulders. Now Nice lift. That's it. Imagine from your tail up through the crown of the head. [inaudible] inner lift going on. Stretch the arms out. Forehead height. Bring the hands down and lift and reach the arms forward and up even more. Pause here, all the way out and down so they always lifting out of the hip, stretch out and reach. Bring the hands down, reach the arms forward and that's it.

All the way up to get higher in the sacrament down. One more time, reaching out, bringing the hands down. See if you can keep a micro brand and those are sold in elbows. So you work the muscles all the way out and down. Flex your feet, everybody hands. We'll be back on the mat and press forward and slide. Roll up, lift the arms up all the way out and down.

Keep a real strong flexor. As you go forward, the stomach still pulls back, roll back, lifting up all the way out and down. And one more time. Slide forward, broadening the ribs. Roll up and lift. Here's the height all the way down. Okay. Shaving hands behind your head.

Long diagonal. Fill up the side, ribs, Jennifer, if you can, and extend the arms up from the shoulders to the fingers. Long and back. Now from the ribs, shoulders, elbows, fingers, links and back. And from the waist, ribs, shoulders, elbows, fingers reach even longer. And back now from the hips, waist, ribs, shoulders, elbows, fingers. And back in the last one, all the way from the tail. Think if you can lengthen your spine even more arms all the way out to the side, cross your the other way. Take a big breath in. Before we start, I'd like everybody to lift the elbows a little bit more.

See if you can keep the palm facing front instead of down. Lift the spine, big breath in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out. So the palm paces as you breathe in. And now squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. There we go. Breathe. Now breathe out here. Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in. Palm faces, you elbows. More bent. Tip of the elbow should point back, not down and out. Okay. Hope the straps behind you and set yourselves up for pulling on the straps along box structure. You girls on the Mat. What's going to happen is you will be here, you pull the arms down and lift and let's have the arms go back.

So you'll be pulling through, lifting just the shoulders in the neck and the head and then taking the arms out. And then when we do t you'll be here lifting. And this is for everybody in t shape, fun and different. You internally rotate and you try and get the hands above your bottom. And then can you also squeeze the shoulders and by the way, no hyperextended elbows. You will want to do this so badly. I don't want you to do that.

So it really forces the muscles to fire rather than, especially as hyper mobile happy girls. So on your stomach, reach the arms long behind it. That's fine. Guide you can face same direction. Oh, this is going to be fun. Toe to toe. This is good. Long arms. Now see if you can feel that the stomach supporting your middle and lower back no matter what. And then start pulling the arms back. Girls on the mat, you bend and stretch back and roll the shoulders back and release the arms down.

Very good. And again, pull the arms back, lift above my hand, lift the shoulders, lift the shoulders. Yes and really see you. Try and get the bend happening just in the very upper part of the back and pull back again. So from the middle of the Bra strap through the shoulders is where you want to soften that tight area and down. Very nice. Everybody t-shaped. Take the arms to the side. Exactly, girl. On the whole don't hold on.

Helaine let's slide down so that you're right at the bottom. So the arms are right to the side. Okay, so everybody lift your chest a little bit internally rotate and Paul, Paul, Paul, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Lift up slightly. That's it. And release this old Romana and again, Paul back and squeeze. Get the shoulders to push Jennifer and release. I meant to squeeze it to roll them back one more time. Paul, can you get even more now? Shoulder blades. Totally rotate.

Get those some to get together. How high do not lock those elbows and open out. You see how tempting it is. I knew you would go for it. Okay. On your back backstroke. I do all of those tricks too, so very easy for us to ride into the joint and just, but if you're doing this, it really forces a triceps in the back muscles to re. So instead of going, you know the moment I was telling you to lift, you got there by doing that.

But this challenges you're shaped really kind of add another dimension, much harder to do. So you want to get those muscles really wouldn't keep you back wide. Get to triceps, working so knees into your chest. Okay. I think you two will want to be on two springs or once you work on one spring.

Okay. One red spring here. Okay. This is good. This is good. We need all the help we can get. So curl your head and chest up. Girls on the mat, everybody arms and legs to the ceiling, arms and legs open. Deepen into that powerhouse. Can you stretch towards your knees and come on back and arms and legs up, arms and legs open and reach and scoop into that powerhouse and come on back trying to deepen the school even more. One more time. Arms and legs up open.

Pull down, deepening into the position and then keep that as you bend in. So every time you work even more into this upper back teaser, girls on the floor, legs are long and flat unless you feel you would rather. You can do teasers with bent knees or straight knees. Let's have everybody start with a bent bent knees for the first one. Everybody start from bent knees right here to start.

Girls on the reformer especially, I would like your head back. Let the hands externally rotate and let them just just enjoy that moment where you get a real nice stretch across the front of the shoulders. Now from here, lift your head and chest and roll through an everybody. Roll up into a teaser and bring the arms down. Halena hasn't done this in a while. So this is it.

One and back and two and back. And one more time. Three, reach forward with the arms. Tuck the tail under you and articulate through the spine, the arms reaching opposition and roll back. You can bend the knees or you can have the legs long, but let the arm stay in. Just feel the tonality of the strap. And here we go again. Roll up to teaser again, rolling up and circle the arms one and circle the arms to keep the knees three and reach up with the arms and roll back down. Bending the knees into your chest.

Let's have you bend the knees in Helaine so you work that powerhouse. Think you need to be further forward on the box. Wiggle yourself forward. And one more time. Roll up, roll up into your teaser and lift and reverse the circles. Circle around and lift from the powerhouse and two and three, reach forward with those arms and roll down, articulating through the spiny s. Get that back long Amy, let the legs draw. Yes. So you have this moment, you just let the hip flexors open, the shoulders open and now there's a changing of the guards. So you'll flip flop girls on the reformer, lift your head and chest slightly so you know long, straight line and now everybody pulled back.

Pull back and lift the cuff of the shoulder away from the floor and then release down and again pull back. And if you're doing that well try to bend in the very upper part of the back. Yes. And lower back down. And third one long lower spine. Support your stomach so you're only in the upper backs.

You don't go too high if you can't get that part and lower back down. Yes, t-shaped. Slide the hands down. Girls on the reformer, get your hands right at the base. Hands are shoulder height. Everybody lift your head and chest slightly internally. Rotate and pull those arms behind your bottom. Tried to make the thumbs touch. But the arms are long but not locked longer arms Jenifer and open out. So you, yes, drop your head down and again, lift up again and bring those thumps behind you.

That's it. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and open out reaching long with the arms and lengthening the back of the neck. One more time. Lift your head and chest up up with the cuff of the shoulders. Do not lock those elbows. Work the muscles to get the hands together and open all the way out.

Okay, very good on your back for teaser. So we have, I'm sorry, not teaser but that stroke. Okay, everybody on your backs. Then the knees in hands just above the Ford, but curlier head in, chest up a little bit already to contract the front ribs, arms and legs to the ceiling as I will wait as pushing into your ribs down, open out, pull down and reach with the arms towards the knees and come back in. And again, arms and legs go up, open and reach and deepen in. Soften the sternum. Come back in one more time. Arms and legs up open and reach.

Long shoulders are soft and come back in teaser so the arms are long. You want to be, I'll get you on one spring here once a year. The arms are long girls and the reformer. Just test the tension. You don't want to lose contact with the strap, but you want the arms just long and lift your head and chest. Everybody roll up to teaser, reaching long towards the toe, scooping the navel or down with the arms and reach from your powerhouse to the fingers and down and reach.

And one more time and reach deep in the powerhouse. Roll down, articulating through the spine. Let the legs relax with the arms. Relax and take a breath. Take a deep breath in and on your out-breath roll up again, reaching towards the toes and circle the arms and reach up one and reach up to think of reaching from your side. Ribs into the fingers. Pull the ribs away from the fingers and roll down. Roll, roll, release everything out. And one more time rolling up and scooping through the spine.

That is soften the knees, Helene and reverse your circles. The arms go down and up. Try to get this yes and two and three lift the powerhouse up, but back with the spine, away from the fingers. Roll, roll, roll and release everything out. Okay, let's take the box off for stomach massage. This is the girls on the Matrixx is fun. You have to think of it as fun.

So very basically for you ladies, you want to make sure that you have that as, oh, you're on the foot bar, you're as far as possible forward and you're going to work this. Now if you take the angle where ever you can do it and then hands behind you so long back and then you'll get to do this and then you'll get to do this. So yes, let's get you with two a pads right there so you don't slip and slide girls in the reformer as best you can. You want your shoulders right over your hips. Girls on the mat. Here we go. And press out. Lower the heels and lift. I forgot to mention it in, in, I'm pressed and flex and point and two. I'm pressing like seven point and three and press and flexing point and four and five. The soft batted two.

You widen in the back and you keep these bones. Yes, that's it. And eight. So you seesaw back and forth between opening the chest, opening the back. Last one, girls on the mat. Put your feet down and rest. Okay, we did 10 we're doing eight of the next one. So girl, don't lift your feet up yet. Hands behind you. You can have your hands here, whichever works for you fundamentally.

See how much you can lift your back up nice and long without crunching your shoulder blades to gather. Widen the shoulder blades. That's going to show you. See it's in here. Soften a little bit there so you get the width. Now lift up tall. So we get this yes and her feet in the air. Here we go. And press and flexing. Point pointing in end two and three and four.

I can feel it and five and six and seven. One more time and a yes. Put your feet down. Girls on the mat. Yes. Arms are long in front of you and you want to be on two springs. Now here, arms along in front.

We'll do four and then two two with a twist. So here we go. Press and come back in and pressing. Come back in and pressing. Come back in and pressing. Come back in. Now twist to the right and twist to the left and twist to the right and twist to the left. Very good girls on the reformer. Whole girls on the mat. I know.

Just stretch your legs out and stretch over and the girls on the reforming. Flex your feet and point your feet and flex and point and come all the way back in and you the girls on the reformer. You will put the box on four. No, let's do long stretch and then you'll flip. I didn't want to do two doubles, two stomach massages back to bat. That will be a bit intense. So you want to be on two springs ahead.

Rest is up for you girls on the Mat. You're going to come forward and back with the feet. You could even be walking out. There's lots of variations here, but today you're just going to work the heels for that first part. Yes. So let's have you in a plank position. Long stretch for me. I like the shoulders right over the wrist. The heels are forward for everybody.

I want a long powerhouse and the hips narrow. So girls in the reform prints out and press the heels back and bring the heels forward. Keeping the hips strong back and forward. One more time. Back and forward. Down, stretch. Knees come down, feet are against the shoulder. Rest goes on the reformer. So girls on the Mat, you want a nice lift and forward and then you press back.

Girls in the reformer, you're going to go back into a school and then come forward and lengthen up, broadening the shoulders and press back into a school and come forward and lift. One more time. Scoop the naval girls on the floor, deepening the curve of the spine and then come back and lift up. And let's have everybody set up for elephant. So girls on the math, you're in this very funny, awkward down dog. And as they go out you will walk in and walk back out. So everybody, press your heels down as best you can and lift the toes up and round the back for me.

I want a very scooped center of the spine with the NE head. Impossible walking towards your navel. Girls on the reformer. Press out, girls in the Mac. Walk all as foreign as you can with the knees straight as you walk in. And then you will walk back out again. Do not bend your knees. It's all hips and powerhouse and walk, walk, walk, walk.

How far forward can you go? And back, back, back, back, back, back. One more time. Forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward and back, back, back, back, back, back, back. Girls in the math. Bend your knees down. Child's pose. Just relax. And we're doing a changing of stations. So pad for stomach massage and set yourselves up with whatever spring tension you like.

Yes. And the girls on the floor, you will be scooped and pressing out. Flex point and in. All right, so let's, as we've already done one set, we start with eight and then we'll go down to six or toes apart, holding the front of the carrot, fill those ribs back, girls on the mat lift and here we go. Press out, flex and point and in and press lower lift and two and press lower lift and three and press lower lift than four empress lower lift than five and press run those ribs and seven and in last one very, very good feet on the mat for the girls there has behind you. Nice lifted back. You can have any position you want on the mat, maybe a slight back diagonal. Jennifer will be easier for you. Have the option of vertical or back big lift up, lift the legs up and here we go.

Pressing lower end lifting one and press lower, lifting two and press flex and three and press flex and four and press flex and five last one. Flex. Very good. Reaching forward with the hands in front of you on the reformer. The back is stiff. You totally use the hands to start to stretch at the beginner or very tight shoulder person. Once you are more loose and you have more detail, you want to start backing off from the push and in the end you literally hold aside from the side so you have to hold your whole back. So, so not even there Amy, but exactly like you were squeezing the magic circle like, like that.

So it's much, much, much harder. So the floor, depending on your shoulder dexterity, this is the easiest position because it brings about external rotation. As you get better, you bring the hands more in. Can you be more vertical so your shoulders are coming more over your hips? Yes. So you're working because the transition is first you strengthen, now you're lifting so that you can do it without hands. You're preparing yourself to be able to do it without hands. So I would, for someone like you, I would work halfway or a little bit out, just the note to less less.

Now do not squeeze your shoulder blades, broaden this and work the trunk muscles. Cause right here you have a tendency to be a little drop. Yes. So you will need to feel the lax lifting you. Okay? Then the feet, feet lift up in the air as best as you can. Trying not to lose it. Yes.

That's kind of what you're working towards. Okay, here we go. She's ready to go and arms behind you and have you done it? Yeah. Oh, hands in front. And here we go. Four times out and in. So keep trying to emulate that long flat back you were working towards in the first two. And now we add the twist.

So you add even more twist to the right and twist to the left. And you try not to wiggle the hips. We build the hips, you know, and back and girls on the reformer, you hands a here, you press out with the legs, lower the heels down, and you girls can have your leg straight or you can work like that. Just give yourself a little stretch to release the tension. All right, so long stretch series. So two springs over here, so sorry.

[inaudible] so you girls will be in a plank position and you will be working your heels back, working your heels forward as your strong dancers. If you want to, you can grow all the way through the toes and all the way back so you have a possibility of starting in your plank. A long stretch position if possible. Girls on the reformer heels over the toes now narrow the hips. And here we go. Press out and in and out and in length in the back of the neck.

There you go. Helaine one more time. So the spine is nice and long and in bend the knees down, feet in front of the shoulder rests narrow the hips and bring the hips forward for girls on the reformer. So let's have the girls here scooped. Press forward. You girls are gonna go out, I'm sorry. You're going to go back and then you're going to come in and lift. You don't, not sagging down. You're creating links. Scoop. So it's almost like fun. The knees through the hips, the shoulders, you're long, but you're slightly stretching the front body without shortening the bathroom.

One more time and come forward and length and open the collarbones and set yourselves up for your girls child's pose for a minute and then setting yourselves up for elephant Fi heel, the digging way, way, way down. Toes are up to even the girls in the reformer. The weight is into your heels and the toes are lifted. Now girls on the reformer out in, in girls on the mat. Walk your feet forward, scooping your navel and without bending the knees as foreign as you're able to go and then walk out again. But keep the spine scoops. You're not going into kills down hills down the whole time. The heels should touch girls in the mat. Take the, he tried to keep the toes and the ball of the foot off the floor as you work so you may not have as big a range of movement guide. I get those toes up. Yes.

One more time. Can you get the ball of the foot off so you really force the hamstrings to lengthen. And then out. Very, very good girls on the mat. Just relax. Short box so you girls will be rolling down to the Mat and rolling up you girls. We'll roll back as far as you want to. So first nice long lifted this spine.

Scoop the neighbor of slightly round and roll back girls on the box, see if you can get your sacred nicely grounded. Go as far as you want to go and calm back up again so I know you've got a bad back. If you want to go into backbend, it's up to you and roll back again. Nice stable hips and then deep and into that powerhouse to come back up. And one more time. Rounding down. See if you can really articulate that spine girls on the mat and come back up and everybody grab your ankles and just relax over just for a minute to let go of any tension that you build up.

Take the stick with your hands. Girls on the floor, you're just going to have your arms up with an imaginary stick. Lift up out of your lower back. This is just like the rowing exercise hinge back with a long straight spine and come back up. I like the gaze down so the lift is from the crown of the head and back. One more time, leaning back nice and long and then bend forward.

Scoop the navels who you lifted off the size. Soften the ribs. Jennifer undressed. Roll back up again. Lift the arms up with the shoulders down. See if you can lift up out of your side body for side to side. Big Lift and then go to the right and back and go to the other side and back and see how much obliques can work for you and up and other side and up.

And one more time to the first side and up and other side and up and been forward and relaxed down. Just take a moment to relax. Roll back up again for the twists. Girls here, lifting up arms over your head. Everybody twist to the right and reach. I've girls on the mat, you were rolled down a bit. Elbow touches the mat and come back up and to still the other side and roll down. Try to get to the mat with your elbows and come back up to try to get that elbow to touch. Yup. And first side roll and lift and other side and up.

And one more time and twist first and then reach that elbow long and come back up. And last one, reaching out and powerhouse yourself up and bend forward and down. Hard work. Yeah. Okay. Get rid of you. Stick right now for me. I would like you all to slight me roll back of your tailbone so you kind of just on the back end of your sit bone soon as slight round shape like round back. Now bring the knee in as deeply towards your chest as you're able to do without changing that shape. You're not in a long extension.

You're slightly scoop and use that to stretch the hamstrings in the leg a little bit further and two and three. Lift the leg up and walk your hands to your ankle and flexing 0.3 times. Check that you hips a squared. Make any adjustments you need to and walk down your leg as far as you want to go. Girls on the Mack, go to the floor, keep your leg to the ceiling and walk back up. Use your powerhouse to get back up and down.

You go again. Rounding through the spine. Your foot should be right above your hip and then come back up and make that powerhouse help you come up. One more time. Walking back, opening the chest, close everything to come back up. And everybody grab your toes, flex your foot, grab the toes, bring the heel over your hip. If you can get as close to your leg as you want to. Put those toes way down.

Push the heel up and stretch your hip out by bending the knee. Place it just above the bending. Yeah, place it just above the knee and stretching over the leg. Other side, change your leg again, very slight back of the tailbone and just a tad back of the sit bone. So your shoulders are over your hips. And then when the leg comes in, so your shoulders are right over your hips, but you're in a round. There we go. So the hip is way under and yes, and then nothing moves from the knee from this point on your lift as far as it'll go. Kind of relaxed with the foot.

So try not to push with the foot to a pointed position, but allow it to kind of release the back body. Yes. That's nice. Exactly. Lift up again and walk your hands up to your ankle and flex and 0.3 times one, two and three. Very good. Adjust your hips as you need to and then as you go back, try to keep the leg at a vertical plane and walk down your leg as far as you want to go. And then keep the leg there when you come back up.

So you powerhouse brings you up. Your hands are there just to help. Yes. And go down again, walking back, opening out as best you want to and come back up and lift one more time and down and come back up. And this time when you come up, flex your foot, grab the toes, bend the knee a little bit to lean so you get maximum flection in the ankle. Bend the knee, just a tad for a minute, raw there. Now push the heel to the ceiling and get yourself as close as you can.

So instead of jamming into the knee, try to get the release happening differently. Cross the leg over. Very nice everybody and bend forward and down to nice long stretch and take the box off and we will do running. So, so you girls will have an interesting experience because if you want to, again, you can support your head with your hands and it's the Bunyan joint. The big toe joint cannot move. So you have to really figure out how to articulate at the same time keeping stable. If it's too hard, you take the legs higher, you always lift the legs so that you're not straining your spine and your stomach. But you do the best you can. So for me, I prefer parallel position. So the big toe joint is actually together.

The arms along the powerhouses steady lift your head and chest if you want to extend. Everybody extends out. And here we go. And one and one and two, two, three, three. So the girls on the reformer, this is your time to create integration. Calm down, reconnect the right and left side just to kind of become back, come back into your center and one more time guide to get more point the point part and come back in. Yes. So you're almost there right here? No, but there, so you work the ankle joint all the way. You were just going halfway because you have these beautiful feet, pelvic lift. Let's have the feet, heels on the bar and you girls are just going to roll up and then roll back down.

You girl who roll in and out to press out and back and press and to some, a lot of our rolling motion. They had Jennifer, you too much. No, keep going. What I want to see is more, there's less in the pelvis, more in the here the little bit. The sternum has a tendency to roll up again more, just a bit more. And now soften this away from me more, more there. So we start to get this to soften in and to the ribs become more long. That's better. Okay. Roll down.

[inaudible] have you changed stations? So hands on your navel. First of all, lift up your back body scoop and everybody take the ribs a little bit back and now roll back articulating through this file. You go as far as you want to grow, then the reformer and then roll back up and roll back again. Soften the knees a little bit Jennifer. I want that sacred on and scoop. Scoop. Scoop. One more time everybody else. I'm just bullying her over here. One more time. Get those ribs back. Ribs back. So you open up that back, which looks open but they're there. Yes, exactly. Okay Ben, forward everybody grab your ankles, give yourselves a little stretch. Come back up for flat back girls on the Mat.

Imaginary stick lift way up and so from hips to armpits length and then his back. Nice long spine and come back up. And again, nice long spine. So you hinge like a block of wood. One more time because we want you to be a willow and bend forward and relax down nice and long. Come back up for side to side. Nice lift through the side body. And been to the right and up bend to the left to take it and use it like a calm Bray.

You all dancers now use it to open the ribs a little bit and back. So instead of going so much on a forward diagonal, imagine you against the wall and you're bending exactly to the side. Just a different interpretation of how you can work this very nice bend forward and relax down. So many of these exercises have a lot of different ways it can be done. There's beauty and value in all of them. You girls on the mat, hands here twists, lifting up, arms over your head.

You high working with us and you lived way up, twist to the right and everybody go back and girls on the mat, you're gonna roll a little bit. You take that elbow to the floor and come back up. That's fine. And, and with the the other side, scoop, scoop, scoop and come back up. So you girls keep going over there. You girls go, go. But when you do this, you do want to row and you try to get that elbow down and come back up and other side and row and up. One more time. You girls are probably doing many more up there. You're getting super strong. And last one. Okay.

I'm not sure. Have you, are you last one though? Calf. You last one down. Okay. Okay. Um, tree. So bend your right knee in. Remember shoulders over hips just slightly. You want this very slight soup scoop pro seeker position.

And as you lift up, you want to feel the elongation of the back into the foot and down. So as you lift up, instead of stretching this leg, you want it soft so you can start. You literally do not want to be gripping in the knee at all so that you loosen up and let go of a lot of the tightness in the hamstring. So you see Amy how the knee is going out. So there's a tendency to do that. You don't want, this does not move at all.

You work whatever range. I don't care if it goes straight, but you start to release a lot of the tension that can build up in the yes. Exactly. Now walk your hands up, pull the leg a little closer to you and flex and point a few times to loosen the legs up to loosen the spine, mostly the foot and the ankle. And now walk down the leg, bring the leg right above your hip, right away and walk right there. And I know this is tough. And then walk up again and don't move the leg and go down again. So cheating is allowed. Okay? With a little help from your friends, you can get up and down, right?

And then one more time, I know you've all worked super hard. Two lessons back to back and come back up, cross the leg then forward. And I have to say as you relax, the mat part is almost impossible to do slow and you've been doing it slow. You really need to do it faster. But we've all been learning how to do it. So, uh, it is exhausting running. This is it. I'm really running. So Ben, the other knee up, get to your position and three times up and down. One, two, three. Good. Walk your hands up and flexing. Point three times one, two, three. As you hint back, bring the leg to vertical and walk down and then try to try to keep the leg there and come back up. And as I said, cheating is allowed and down. Very good.

Yes. And come back up. And third one, you are on your own and you'll cheat. Hey, I know all the tricks. I do them all the time and come up, bend, stretch forward and relax down. Okay. Okay. Running. Let's take the box off. So for you girls on the Mat, it's, you really have to keep that Bunyan joint.

Two big toe join together and then you work as much articulation. No point of 4.5 feet. Now this, nope. Flex the toes. Now articulate. You will articulate the extent and now bend one knee. That's it. Yeah. Good, good, good. Okay. Everybody out. And here we go.

That's 10 [inaudible] yes, yes. First Time. This is much easier on the reformer and press and press with that parallel. Yes, please. Okay, come back in and pelvic lift for you girls on the reformer, you girls on the Mat, you want your feet a little bit out. You can have the feet parallel or slightly externally rotated and Tuck the pelvis. You girls are just going to roll out and then roll down and you girls on the reformer just out in, in. So for me, I would just like you to stay lifted, not too high. This is too high.

Drop your pelvis more. You want one hand width from the edge, lengthen your pubic bone away from you. You too tucked there more. Now go out and in like that. So you stabilize the pelvis. Okay, roll back down. Then the knees into the chest. Everybody give yourselves a good hug. You deserve it. And as Romanies to say, [inaudible] as you've had an elegant sufficiency for, thank you so much.

This was great.


WoWZa !! how fun and creative :)
Reformer on the go for vacations and when I just can't make it to studio ~ Thank You Niedra, your classes are always amazing and you are SO charming...
Niedra Gabriel
Yogunda, you always make me laugh - your enthusiasm speaks loudly across the internet. it is always sooooo rewarding to get the feed back on classes. Thank you!

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