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Abdominal Mat Challenge

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In this BASI workout, Meredith challenges us differently by moving at a brisk pace while still expecting precision and integrity. Look for the details in movements like Side Bend, Jack Knife, Twist, Leg Pull Front, Back Support, and of course in all of the abdominal work!
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Jun 04, 2010
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Okay ladies, my intention for tonight, does anyone have an intention they would like for me to try to achieve for them? Work out. Okay. My intention is to move as well. So we are going to do that and we'll start sitting and just holding the backs of your legs for a moment. Feel that your take a couple of moments and then he'll longer through the spine and feel the weight centered over both sitting bones. And as you inhale and exhale, feel the rib cage expand to the sides and contract back through center.

Almost like a course that likes sensation. So breathe in, feeling up through the sides of the body. Let the elbows even rise and then exhale. Press the ribcage back together. We're only gonna do one more. So give it all you want. And then inhale, exhale, tuck the tailbone under. Start to roll back. Just keep your hands where they are or let them fly down the thighs a little bit.

But keep your hands on your thighs to create resistance in heel at the bottom. Exhale, pull yourself forward and Elongate the spine. On the inhale. We're going to go a little quickly today. Xcel to around back, or hopefully I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try not very good at going fast, but that's my baby. We gotta do it. We're not good at live. The rules of Palladia is Xcel rollback. Inhale, pause, exhale, roll up. Cofo orange, and then straight down the back. Lifting the eyes forward, letting go. Exhale how coming back, you know, go a little deeper this time. Start exhaling, curling forward.

Using your breath to carry you forward. Stay around until your shoulders are over your hips, and then elongate through the spine. Two more like that. Exhale as you round back, heading towards just the bottom of the rib cage. Potentially maybe a little bit higher than that. Arms up overhead in here. Exhale. Push him down and roll up.

Inhale to sit to all. One more. Exhale to roll back. Letting your breath dictate your movements. As soon as you're ready, arms raise. Exhale. Push them down. Roll up as you exhale, finish excelling. Anyway. Turn too or make a pointer. Turn towards me. Well down that side of your spine. Keep the knees aligned, the pelvis align, come across center, keeping the pelvis steady. Roll up the opposite side, staying around again until the shoulders are over the hips and sit up and come center. Go the other direction. Shoulders down.

Keep the collarbones long coming down one side across, through center with control and up to the opposite side. And then back to center. A couple more. Turn from the waist, not from the arms. Let your breath be or movement. Keep your feet on the floor as as possible. And as you do that, try to pull them backwards a little. And what I mean by that is just a trying to get you to feel the backside of your legs. Work in a little, they should help you stabilize. All that's better, Jennifer, we're going to come center and open up the arms and unwind.

Go to a place where you can feel strong but stable and feel working your abs, not your back. And then stretch one arm back. Look at it, pull it back to center. As you exhale, you could hold on to the opposite leg if you wanted to. You reach back, you come back through home in heel. If one arms off the leg, it reaches forward. You stay lifted, you come back. Feel free to hold the leg. It's just as effective and come back. How about one more opening up the by opening up through the chest. Jennifer, keep your feet on the ground. Push him down. Another one probably back to center and we're going down all the way. Slide your feet in close to you for the pelvic curl. I had flat arms, long feet parallel to one another and we roll.

Press the low back into the ground. Lift the spine. One Vertebra at a time. Coming up onto the feet and the shoulders. Pubic bone higher than all points in space except maybe the knees. Xcel round down, bringing the chest through the arms, bringing the ribs through the arms, coming down one bone at a time until you come all the way back to a neutral spine position to elbow and annex. I'll roll up again. How's that Christi? That am I going rolling down? Oh, using your hamstrings, but try not to cramp like me.

Here we go. We're rolling. Christy wanted to fast class, tried to say everything I wanted to say. All right, here we go. Three more times ladies. Articulate this spine. Tuck the tailbone, feel the backs of the legs. Engage in, feel the arms are reaching for your feet. Last two. So as the spine comes down, the shoulders are going to want to pull up towards the ears almost without thinking. So your job is to pull him down. Rolling up. This is the end weight on both feet. Emily, I think stopped there with your ribs and try to Tuck more to lift your pelvis.

Yeah, and then come down and picking up both legs, arms on a Low v shape in a low v shape or going to the window. Inhale. Exhale. Come across center in your shift the opposite direction. Exhale, come across center. Feel try to create in your body and I'm going to help you for just a second.

Essence of resistance go. So your pole holding the legs back instead of just kind of swinging them through space in hand and hold and try not to let the feet go and keep them just in front of the knees is what I want to say. Keep moving. Inhale across center and exhale back and we'll do one more to eat. Side. Exhale to come home. Last one to the back. Exhale to come home. Place your feet down onto the ground and bring your hands behind your head.

Interlock your fingers. Take a breath in, exhale into the chest lift. Position the ribs. Press down the highest. Go forward. You curl up to your maximum without tucking the pelvis right away. Inhale, exhale to roll down or lengthen down. Exhale to lift up again so you let me three phrasing you want to lift as high as you can.

Try to maintain a neutral spine if that's impossible without a flat back go down. Then you talk a little if you need to, but what you do want to avoid, exhale to lift is a lot of upper thigh activity in your reach behind your thighs. XL should curl a little bit more forward. Not necessarily up. Let go. Raise your arms over your head. Go away back there, but don't let your body fall down and exhale. Press him down in. He'll go over your head. Way Back there. Exhale, push him down. One more time, warming up. Push him down, arms back overhead. Interlace the fingers, hands back, and exhale. Lengthen your spine down. Create length. Give yourself some traction by pulling gently on your neck.

Exhale, come straight back up again. Inhale, hands behind size. Exhale, curl up a little bit more or forward more. Inhale, hands back behind the head. Exhale, turn to your right big rotation through the trunk and inhale back to center. So it's a feeling of going up and across. Inhale, center. Exhale to turn. Inhale, come back. Exhale to turn. This time as you turn to the your first side, pick up the leg that you're turning to lift and rotate. Put it down. Come Center.

Look for stillness in the center of your body is your move in the upper body area. Stillness in the pelvis and in the trunk. Back to center. One More to go back to center. Hold. Reach your arms forward. Lift one leg, lift up the MLA, lower your head and chest. Arms overhead. Oh, here we go. Exhale to lift the head and chest. Inhale to stretch the legs for the hundred XL one, two, three, four, five big breath in long arms too.

MMM, three to feel the lungs expand on the inhaling contract on the exhale. Well the arms consistently reaching forward and try to keep the trunk still as they pump up and down. I'm not counting as anyone. Thanks Christie. [inaudible] you're ready to be done, Huh? Let's exhale to bend the knees. Pull them in, pull them in, but keep reaching the body. Ah, wrapped your hands around your thighs and roll up. Stretch your legs out. Sit Up, hands behind your head, a legs together please. And let's Benj just for a moment and lift a little taller.

And all of us know how to do that. Now support that from the front end. Stretch the legs out again for the twist, the spine twist. It comes from the obliques. Turn towards me pulse again and come back to center. And when I say pulse, I don't necessarily want you to think pulse. I want you to think challenge so it's a cross and then give it a little more and then back. Here's when we're, we're trying to dare I say, find some, relax, so no shoving.

Just go and then look for more. Maybe look for longer. Spines are taller spine and then go and then look for a little more and then come back. And again, lots of oblique. Regrowing the spine and back. Perhaps building the spine is a better term and back one more to go. Opening, twisting, and back.

Last time and back, reach your arms forward. Point your feet round your spine by scooping your abdominals back. The shoulders are still over. Your hips. Roll down through your spine. One Vertebra at a time. Imprinting the spine into the ground. As the back of the head touches, the arms are overhead. Inhale, lift everything back up and around.

Keep the shoulders over the hips at the top end. Breathe in again. Breathe out as you roll down, feeling the hip slide underneath you. Sorry. Excuse me. Lift. Rolling. Jennifer, try not to bury your face between your arms. Look straight ahead of you. Rolling things that help smooth it out, the inner thighs, believe it or not, the back of the legs, believe it or not. So squeeze your bottom and then pull your belly and see if it makes a difference. Oh, it does. And again, curl staying around. Did you come to the top of one more?

Rolling back. Okay. All the way lifting, Huh? All the way. Stretch all the way forward. Roll all the way back and bend your knees. Lifting the legs to a tabletop position. Press or just hold onto your knees. Press your knees into your hands.

Curl up off your shoulders right now. Right here. Think about not using your hands, but letting your chest go forward a little bit. Stay there, let the legs and the arms go. Reach everything away from everything and circle to come back. Pulling the abdominals down. Keep the tailbone down as you bend your knees in school, pulling deeply into the hips to come back. Think about stability. It's all about that. The arms and the legs are just a distraction. All about working the center.

Let's do three more, a little faster. It's rich to come home and reach to come home last time. Say that. Stretch your right leg forward. Change as you change from side to side. We're gonna do three slow. And here's the last one. Feel the inner thighs squeezing towards one another.

Why the toes up on a horizon? And now change path. Keep putting intensity into the center of the body. If you're holding onto your leg, push down on it with your back muscles. Three more. One, two, three and hands behind your head. Three slow crisscrosses to both sides. Work it out. Lift up to go across.

Head heavy in the hands. Uh, to go across. Think this is three coming up now and then we go a little faster with the same integrity and we reach to reach. And last three both sides. One, two don't give up on it where Carter bend both knees in. Hug them to your chest, lower your head and chest down. Turn your eyes to look over your right shoulder. Pull your left shoulder down, bringing the gen three center over to the other side, back to center. Let go of your legs. Slide them out onto the mat in front of you. Squeeze them together, push them into the ground. Raise your arms up over your head.

Lift your head and chest. Try to go straight up and then over. Oh, all the way forward for a stretch. Okay. Sit Up. Separate the legs with a spine stretch. I'm straight out in front. Back straight you. Then eyes up, breathe out as you drop your head first. Feel the ribs. Pull back the abdominals, pull back, bend the upper back first.

Then continue to bend the entire spine as you bring it forward. Inhale there. We're just gonna do one to restock from the bottom, and then we're going to have the extension coming all the way. Eyes forward at the top. Shoulders down in here. Exhale. Let the head go down for us. Pull the ribs back as you bend the upper back. Then the lower back starts to move as well. From there, we inhale.

Just stretch the spine forward, reaching the arms right up towards the ears. Exhale to take the body back down and roll up on the same breath and inhale again. Get Taller on the inhale. Exhale as you round down. Can you feel that? If you squeeze your touch and squeeze your inner thighs, what does that do for your movement? I don't know. You'll know. Inhale, lengthen. Lengthen this. Fine. So come up on a flat diagonal spine. Exhale, round, back, forward and articulate. Roll. Getting longer. Keep squeezing the tissues. You sit up. Let's do it again.

Rounding down, folding your spine forward, keeping the shoulders away from the ears. Inhale, lengthening on the diagonal. So what you need to do is not so much eyes, but a little bit more chest. Yeah, and just look down right in the middle of your legs. That's where you want to be. Staying. Memorize it for just a second and then go down and then come up. We're going again. Here it is. The last one.

Maybe round down. Lincoln out the spine. Finding that nice flat Jennifer. That's much nicer. I had to between the I'm stay there breached. Let your hands come down, intensify it, stick your tailbone back, pull your ribs in, pull your ads and go a little further forward with your spine. If possible, let go. Float your arms up for each in the direction of your fingertips with your body.

Inhale, hands down. We have a little more exhale. Inhale, float. The arms should feel weightless. Heaviness should all be in the upper back. Hands Down One last time. Refine it or give more or just stabilize what you've got. Arms up and pulse. The arms back to gentle. Squeeze of the shoulder blades.

The heads of reaching up between the palms of the hands. The ribs are pulled back. The abdominals are supporting. Jen, that's a beautiful line. Last two. One more. Go down, roll back. Point your feet all the way on to back. Bring your legs together as you do. Then Jeanice we're going to do the hamstring series. Hamstring pull one, two and three. So we started with the chest lift than the chest lift with rotation.

So all of the same rules apply. The flection right. Then the flection with rotation, with control, adding in a little bit of a challenge. Hold on to one of your legs. I don't mind which, draw it back towards you. Stretch the other leg out and then bring the chest towards the leg. Can you let go there? Can you curl your body forward a little?

Now you may, you can hold on again and bring the leg towards you, but keep the body stable and still as your legs pass through space. There's a double XL as a leg. The top like pulses in the bottom like anxious pulse, pulse. Here's our rhythm and retreats. Change. Retreats Change. You're pulling the leg towards you from your abdominals, not with your biceps. Retreats. Change, reach, reach, hold, arms forward. Keep anchoring the bottom leg, but continue to try to pull the back leg towards your, the top leg towards you. Put your hands behind your head here if you wish. It's a little harder, but all support your neck. [inaudible] turn to the leg in the air. Keep pulling it towards the body.

On the two pulse cycle. [inaudible] you're trying to anchor the bottom like Jennifer up to go over. Ah, lovely. Let's come back to center both legs up, Bend your knees, put your head down. I'm heading into the roll over. Starting from here. So pull the dominoes down. Stretch the legs out on whatever diagonal that you could maintain.

Controlling your abs, meaning flat back. Inhale to bring them to vertical. Exhale as you wish. Roll yourself over trying to maintain the ingo at the hip joint. Flex your feet. Separate your feet, lower your legs if possible without changing your spine and roll yourself down. Coming down with control, reaching the arms in the direction of the spine. Point the toes, circle them until they touch them. Means legs.

Inhale up. Exhale, rollover straight, straight over. Keep your eyes slightly forward. Flex and separate and roll down. Wendy, your left side seems to be coming down first or heavier suddenly that I've been working on personally. And you can keep moving and I'll tell you a little story that's better. Um, oftentimes one side of our back or the other is more developed so we feel it first. So we roll down onto it first. So I don't know. Think about that. See if you can find both sides of your body evenly and it might take some pulling away from the tight side or maybe the more developed side, or perhaps even the strong side. Pointing the toes.

Circle them and till they touch. We're going to one more time. Exhale to rollover. Flex Separate P. O. Circle them until they touch. Bring them back up. Bring your hands back behind your head. Lift your head and chest externally.

Rotate your legs. Lower them down on the count of one. Pull them up. Three, two, take them down. One, lift them up. Three, two, one. Lifting the chest towards them. Take them down. One more time. Lift them. Three, two, one. Now push them down on the count of three. One, two, three and pull up on one. Go down to squeeze your glutes. Squeeze your NFS and pull up on one. One more. Yeah, let's do three. Pull up on one. Bend your knees. Stretch your right leg out onto the mat. Hold onto your left thigh. Twist to your right. Look over your left shoulder.

ABS in. Great. All right, so I'm about to head into the Jackknife. If you've not done the Jackknife or don't know what it is, it's probably a good idea to look at what it looks like because I'm change sides. If you haven't already, if what in that exercise, it's not a good idea to be turning the head around. So if you need to see it, look, I'll show it to you. If you know it, come with and then I'll help. Okay, so here we go. It starts in the same position as the rollover, so we go start with bed, knees stretch the legs out, the arms are long and straight in.

You'll pick him on, exhale, rollover, any of the feet lower down, and then they go straight up and now I'm pushing away from me with my legs and I'm trying to reach my toes towards the ceiling and I'm trying to kick the ocean. Okay. Then I rolled down, I tried to come straight down keeping my toes off. It sit my eyes. That's the end. The legs, then lower to lift back up and I'm back where I started. In the rollover. Yes. Okay, so here we go. Legs on the diagonal, lift them up towards the vertical. On your inhale. Exhale to rollover. There's an energy to the exercise that goes down, up. That's your inhale. And then you exhale to roll down.

Slowly use your stomach to bring your spine into the ground and keep using your arms to press your shoulders down, lift back up. Exhale, rollover. Inhale down, up. Try to kick me in the face. Let's do it again. You guys can go on your own. Kind of go where you're going. I stopped cueing and started healthy. Same thing here. Kicked me there. Now if I go away, but yeah, and so find that, find that place and then let your, then you have to bring your feet in a little bit. So price out just over. Yeah.

Shall we go again? Lift that roll up and over. So although you are go down then up, you'll, although you are attempting to arrive at vertical, you probably will have to let your legs come backwards a little bit as you come down. Yeah. Good. How'd that feel? Oh, that was fun. Okay. I'm going to go give Wendy one and then we'll move on. So you guys do whatever you want to stretch.

Open your knees and stretch forward over your feet. Okay. Kick me in the face. Sway this way. This way, this way, this way. It's like you're trying to push with your hands and then go up. Yeah. And then go down slowly. Yeah. Yeah. Like you're trying to kick them out in space, but not now.

Now you have to let your legs go a little bit so you're not, if you are still pushing there on the way down, then you'd be contra like they would be doing the opposite thing that this wanted to do. Right. So you've got to let them fold back over. But to get to that place it's like up and up and away from your face hits the hamstrings. Okay. What should we do now? After all that Sun. I don't know either. Let's do the open league rocker. Okay, so you got to sit up for it. That's the first step. And you're gonna s shift backwards a little. So you're behind your tailbone.

Hold onto an ankle. If you want to keep your knees bent, please do. If you can go to straight legs and hit the chest open. See if you can hold that just for a moment and around just the lower back without thinking the chest. Then lift up through the lower back. That's all around. Just the lower back. But this time rock, whoo roller and roll back again. Tucking the tailbone, reaching back, rocking and finding that length, that stretch at the top. Go and again rocking back. You can go.

If you don't want to wait for me to talk, you can just keep moving. Let's do three more. Back up train. Here's what I'm trying to do. Not Lift my shoulders anywhere and it's really hard for me. Okay, stay. Can you let them go?

Can you raise your arms up? Can you now lower your legs with control? Sit Up, bring your arms to your sides, or I have to bend my knees for a minute and I'm not going to bend anymore. We're going to turn towards the window and do this all reaching one hand down on one hand back, they pull opposite to one another. Inhale, lengthen out and up and come back and he'll just churn. So that last exhale, the one I didn't talk about was as you came back to center Annie, Allah and center who you rotate at though waist. Push the back arm back to help you rotate more. Oh, there I go.

Go and slow against, sorry. We're going to do one more slow turn and reach. [inaudible] analytic. Now all of those things that you're feeling in the slow movement, can you find and go a little faster? Reach out and linkedin like a dance and turn to reach.

Keep the sweet still linkedin and back. And again, try to reach to, well, if I come home last one and come back. Hands back behind you. Um, legs together. Maybe just this tiny little soften in the knee. Not a lot. A little. Let me do the back support. Press down to the backs of the legs. Lift up away from the arm with the the arms up with spine. Lift your hips, push your toes down towards the ground. Sit down, but send your chest forward. So it's a hinge at the hip.

Exhale as you left, eyes go slightly up and slightly forward. Inhale, sit down. I almost think of it. Keep going. Sorry. Slow again. It's up to go down. Teeter totter. Hips go down, chest goes forward, chest goes up, hips go up. How about one more? Here it is, and down and stretch forward all the way. If still a moment, prepare mentally for the neck pool.

It's coming up. So while you're lying there, forward or hanging out there forward, try to lengthen a little bit further out through the lower back. Think less down but more forward. And then bring your hands behind your head. So you're [inaudible] and that's trying to pull gently on the back of the neck and pull it towards your feet. Then roll yourself up so you're straight. Sorry, I lied there cause I wanted that stretch hinge back at purely selfish reasons. Exhale, Tuck the tailbone slowly roll through the spine to come down onto the mat. Inhale the head and chest come up, all the thing, things that apply in the role up to help apply here.

Meaning press your legs down, squeeze them together, reach all the way over your thighs, reaching out through the top of the head. Inhale, Rola, hinge, back support. It's all about the front of the body, less about the back of the body rounding. So there is some about the back of the body book. Let's see you as our front for support. Oh and reaching over all the way and inhale, set up and hinge back and exhale as you start from the pelvis.

Rounding down to the ground, back at the head touches. Lift the head and chest roll up and over. Go forward. Not just down. Lift up. Last one. What I mean by that is not just over, but like you're trying to touch your head to Christie's head. Yeah, that's I'm talking about. Shall we do one more to get down?

Just to get down. Chris, he's giving me the evil. I'm the dumb. Say One more to me. Okay. All the way down. Okay. That's all the engineers again for the shoulder bridge. So let's just do one pelvic curl to get ready to 10 hello, can we compromise it when two Cruela rolls up, reach your knees in the directions of your feet. So in the Jackknife, that's what I'm talking about. That really from back of the leg contraction roll down, except for the in that exercise you're pushing through free space and in this exercise, your feet are connected to the ground and roll up again.

Articulate this fine. Move forward with the spine to create space between the bones. Stretch your arms out long. This is the last slow one and we're going to go again rounding down, but give yourself the time to or think about what you're doing to look for integrity and precision. And here comes the shoulder bridge. Roll yourself up, stretching the knees forward. Pick up one leg. Perfect. Emily, stretch the leg into the air.

Take it towards the ground and flex it back. Just one note, one more slow so that you can feel how low your leg can be without dropping the hip and back. And let's do it quicker. Up and up. Press to lift. Pull the leg up with your abdominals. Push it down with your hamstring and balloon. Last four, three, two. Hold it there down. Put it in. Check the pelvis roll down just to the bottom of the ribs.

Make it like you can't. There's your stretch. It feels nice. Roll back up onto your shoulders. Pick up the opposite leg. Stretch it. Serita take it down slow once. Take it down slow.

Once more [inaudible] trick you there. And then fast to push it down. Pull it back so there's energy in it. Last three, two more. One more. You get up. Oh, lower down. I forgot. Sorry. My fault. Put it down.

Check it out and give yourself as much time as you want to roll down through your spine. Like for evenness on both sides of the spine. [inaudible] oh, that just felt so good. Okay. Turn towards me and come up. I don't know what to do with this on off, on off. Hey, let's do, what do we think of aside then the twist side. Bend, twist. How about twist upside? That hand on the ground links crossed.

How about two of each? Top leg in front. Pull away from your arm and here we go. Straighten the legs, push the legs together. The top arm comes up. Then make a rainbow with your waist. Look down at your hands. Bring the top arm over your head in. He'll find your straight line. Exhale, bend your knees. But think about stability in your shoulder joint as you do it. Jennifer. I think that if you bend your elbow a little bit, like a little lift up and over that it will be better for you because it's locking and that's why I think you feel like you have to lift your shoulder up.

So he did a little soft bend down. Pull down this way. It was better. Oh, two of each. Here we go. Here's the twist. Lift your bottom hip. Reach underneath your sauce. Ring out the spine. Inhale back XL bent one way. Huh? Under turning through the body back.

And Dan, I think that's helpful. Bring your feet a little closer to you. Raise your arm that you're just resting on up towards your ear. Go up tall, like you're going to grow three inches and then stretch oh over the top. Hmm. Maybe we could stay here for a long time and then Ben forward a little and then come home and then Ben backward a little. If it feels okay, I didn't come home. And then go onto your elbow. Keep the bottom like bent, stabilize the shoulder, lift like stretch it away from you and then try to let it go. A little.

Flex the foot kick forward, point back. So I think we all have done enough for these classes to know that the focus here is on trunk stability. So what can you find? I like to put my hand around my trunk and see that it's still or feel that it's still good. Good. Last week I'm back pulling the shoulder blade that you're arresting on down. Bring the leg forward, touch down, lift a big arch, and bring it behind you and lifted up and forward.

Now it's harder to keep the body. So what can you do? Reach it away as it goes to the back rather than thinking about taking it all really far back and forward and up. Ah, don't let the body turn Foad when the leg goes back. Keep it face straight ahead. Should we do, I dunno. One more. Just one more enough? Yes. Oh good. Here's my favorite stretch. Lift the leg back. Pull it away from you. Rotate your spine, stretch the arm forward.

Use another purely selfish move for me. Hope you enjoy it. Okay. Back. Cross the leg over the other leg. Sit Up, pull it towards your chest or drop it up into the side. Either stretch. We'll do. This one feels better to me. Or Christy does this. That just feels hip flexors to me so it doesn't work.

Yeah. So whatever you'd like to stretch that hip and then we're going to go to the other side and do the side bend twice. And the twist twice. The arm is relatively, it's not directly underneath you. Anyway, pulled up away from the hand. I've got the shoulder reaching down. Yes, lovely, and here we go. Breathe in. As you come to a straight line with your spine, squeeze your legs together. Breathe out as you lift your waist. Take your top arm over your head and just look down with your eyes. Breathe in as you come back.

Breathe out as you pull your shoulder blade towards your hip. That's going onto the ground. I think that way a little bit more with your arm, Jen. It's going to be better. Here we go, ribs and then half and over. [inaudible] oh, it feels good, and then back and then go away from your arm as you come down the twist. Inhale, start the same position as you. Exhale, reach, start to pick up the bottom half. Rotate there first. Reach to your ankle, and then just continue rotating your spine as you reach underneath your armpit. Inhale. As you unwind all of those and exhale as you come down. Hey, now as you lift that, that's what I think anyway. My thought process, bottom hip up hand toward ankle to go low and reach the hips back and then continue turning and then home and home.

Let's get you feel a little closer to you. It doesn't matter if they didn't want to separate or not, just so you can hold on to him. Lift up first and stretch over. Yes, and maybe it would feel good to round forward just a little bit or maybe it would feel better to arch back just a little bit and you do what you want. All right. And then we're coming all the way back down onto the elbow.

Pardon me, c-span for the sidekick. Top Light, Huh? Pull it out away from you. Can you feel that when you pull it out away from you, you could potentially even pick up that on. That's how little energy you want on that arm. Okay, now rest on it a little bit, but keep the energy that way. Probably like forward point that like that. Probably like forward trunk, totally stable. Stretch it back as only goes back.

Squeeze the back of the leg and try to Tuck and maybe you'll get a stretch to the front of the hip. Hopefully you will. Good. Lovely. That looks fantastic. Last four back three, stretch to stretch one. And here it is. The meanie go down. Oh yeah. The meany and up and back. And I've been following and kicking.

That wastes lifted and that shoulder blade pulled down. And don't worry about how high it goes, even though we're more about the trunk than the leg. But try for the leg. I think we did five [inaudible]. Oh, this is our last one right now. We had you to the back reaching it back. Sure. And reach. Sometimes it even feels better to put your leg on the floor and slide it away from you. I don't know. And I keep changing my mind. So decide what you like best today.

Okay. And then we're coming up. Gonna turn onto all fours. We didn't stretch our head. Okay, let's do that. Let's stretch the hip. We have that. So you're stretching and there's all sorts of different stretches you can do.

We talked about that. So just whatever the one makes you a good stretch, the muscles that you've just worked is okay by me. Okay. Now please come onto all fours. Okay, thanks. Um, hands under shoulders, knees under pelvis, and we're going to do the leg pull front today. Like it doesn't really matter to me which way to go. Um, the like pull front. So draw the shoulders down the back. Can you see how that kind of bends backwards?

That's what I mean by just softening in a little bit. I think that's going to make a world of difference in your life. Pull your shoulders down. Okay, here we go. Um, yeah, a little bit for you too. I'm willing to go look a little hyperextending too. Okay, one leg back. Sorry. Take the other leg back. Check in with yourself. Can you feel your abdominals?

If you can't, maybe talk a little indefinitely. Squeeze them, lift your head in line with your spine and breathe. Three full breasts. Don't move. You can come down just a little space. I know what you're trying to do with this. This is perfect. Okay. Pick up one leg. The right leg point at reach it out and back.

This way I'll let them out and back. Out and back. No movement in the spine. Two more. Last one. Put it down. Restabilize if necessary, pick up the other leg out and back. Go down a little but that foot down deeply. Pull your abdominals and shift your hips up and back.

Dropping the heels down towards the ground, all the way down. But uh, same thing here. You want to keep your head between your arms, so go up. Yeah. And then chest down, but just not head. And then lift onto your toes. Articulate, round your spine, back forward. Roll it, roll it, roll it until the, until you arrive back into that Nice, neutral, strong spine. Bend one of your knees and pull it underneath you on your exhale. Keep your trunk as still as possible. Stretch it out and change sides.

So you're alternating legs, you reach back. Place you pull. How much can you create stillness. How much can you turn this into an abdominal exercise? I maybe one more on each side. Stay level. Yeah. There's a little here when you've done an even number on both sides, put both feet down. Bend your knees and sit back on your feet all the way. Sorry.

Sometimes I forget. Those are really, really hard. Usually I forget that they're hard when I'm not suffering the, he'll lie down on your stomach all the way down on your stomach. Hmm. Let's do this. Woo. I don't know. Straighten your arms over your and let's do the swimming, but we're, I want to start with the prep first. I'm that quickly. Shoulders down. As you pull your shoulders down, it may feel like you're trying to pull your chest forward.

Do pull your abdominals into your, just a little bit lifted up off a about to the ribs. Pick up the left arm in the right leg. Go down and change sides. Please look for stability in your trunk. If you feel your body wiggling around and if you're not using your abdominals enough, maybe you're trying to go too big probably with the leg. All right, it's gorgeous. Are we ready to take everything into the air?

Here we go, and then a little quicker. Inhale for four, three, four, exhale for two, three, four. Inhale, eyes down on x and two more and read readout. Were you then and then read out? I did, I think, Huh? I'm sorry. I did say two more, but I was counting my breasts. Not Yours. Is that nasty? It bring your forums just outside of your biceps, but on the ground. This is this one. Prep. Okay, so your ball, your forearms are flat, they're not underneath your arms.

They're next to head down. Pull in and up to your abdominals. Start to take, stretch your head forward and then start to pull the chest forward and then start to activate the arm contraction or pull the shoulders or press the arms into the mat and keep going slightly forward as you continue to lift up, maybe not two straight arms, maybe two straight arms. Who knows? You know, and then as you come down, bend your arms first. Let them come to the ground as your Elvis touching your spine. Undulates back down, pick up the legs, lift them up as high as you can, and then as the legs lower down, we start that process again. So the head goes forward. The shoulders pull down.

Go as far as you can first without using your arms. And then as you start to use your arms, use your upper back to support you. That is absolutely gorgeous. Every single one of you, bend your elbows. Undulate back through your spy thing, belly button, chest, chin, nose, four headed. Then the legs go up. If you're in front of me, keep going. Legs go down. Spine goes up. So as we turn it into a faster exercise, keep it precise. Body goes down, elbows pull in, legs, rise.

Head goes down. Look for oral rocking motion in your body as your legs lift up. Avoid Bending your knees. This is going to be our last one, wherever you are in space. So finish and take your time and then press yourself back onto your hands and knees and sit on your and keep your arms where they are and stretch. If you don't want your arms over your head, you could always move them backwards next to your legs or reach around for your feet. But we're going to do the combination next which requires that you have your arms overhead. So if they're not there, put them there and here we go.

First things first, you pull your abdominals up to start hovering the hips. Then you continue to round your spine. As you bring your hands over your shoulders. That's when the pelvis is going to start to drop slightly forward. Support that with the back of your legs.

Let the chest reach to the arms and the eyes go up and forward. We're going to inhale now. Exhale, abdominals and curve the spine. Almost feel weightless on the legs. Make it an art and just make it all about the movement in the spine. Please don't sit on your feet, just hover and then Rigo again.

Rigo around the spine. Curve the spine. As your hips drop forward, your chest begins to raise your eyes, raise up at your stomach muscles in your the back of your legs are supporting you in when you're ready. Exhale. When you're ready to scoop back. Reach all the way back to sit down on your feet. Keep the arms reaching lightly out in front of you. Let's do it again. Curling forward. Looks good.

Shoulders dropping away from the ears as you put weight onto the arms. Those of you hyperextend elbow people. Think about a little bed might change how you feel it curl back. Let's do two more. Reaching all the way back, like you're being pulled with a rope around your waist. Here's our last two. We roll the hip strap back.

The eyes start to travel for the shoulders are definitely down and we're super supported in our back. Maybe even feeling the stomach more than the back. Exhale to come up. Reach up almost like you could take your arms in your legs away from the ground. And here's our last one. Curl through the spine. Drop the hips or press the hips, but lift the spine and sorry, I hung up.

Hung us out there longer than we maybe needed to. Well, who should again on my part? All right, we're going to sit up. When you're ready all the way and sit however you want. Comfortably. Straight legs bent. Knees sit on something. I don't know. Turn your palms to face each other. Go Taller, lift up taller.

I don't think I think of it. It would be better for you to do that. Okay, so just say your knees can be down a little further or you can sit me on your knees. We are pressing the arms out to the side. Almost like paddles. But yeah, the action of the paddle comes from behind. I think you're doing that a little bit. That's better. Okay. Now here's your process. Start to raise your arms out to the side. Feel no pushing or shoving or anything in the arms, but feel that the work is coming from the back as the arms raised lightly in space, the back is pulling down to support that.

Then lightly press the arms back and raise the chest in the eye. Then take one hand across each shoulder. Drop Your Chin, keep your spine straight. Huh? So I had the hands down the front of the chest. We're going again, palms out that to be the inhale, I suppose. Amia lightly as your arms raised lightly out, can you feel your spine growing? Taller. Exhale, press the arms back.

It's not a movement in the pelvis and what I mean by that is are not doing that. It's just the upper back changing. I know where all their hands across the shoulders, eyes down. Couple more times. Starting from the hands facing one another. Push them how away from one another. Sending the bat, upper back into activity.

Then keep the upper back heavy as the arms. They are like weightless. Let them go slightly forward like that. And then only at that last minute do they press barely back and it's like as they go back the chest is just lifting a tiny bit and then cross the body and I down and let's do that one last time. Eyes forward. Open the hands a lot. So work in the upper back, guide the arms outwards.

Feel the shoulder blades draw down, get a little bit heavier. Feel the neck on top of the spine, the head pulling upward toward the ceiling stretch. Don't shove the arms back, lift the chest, just the littlest bit, reach across the chest and I stabbed. Oh, and I think that's a good ending, but let's not injust yet. Keep your legs where they are. I've maybe crossed the other one on top. Let's just do a little bit of gentle moving with the spine, so sitting tall. As you exhale, Tuck your tailbone, pull way back with your ads, but keep your arms where they they are.

See how far back you can continue to round your spine with your hands there. When your collarbone staff, hopefully that will give everyone a stretch. Then lift back up the bend your elbows. Go forward and gently press the chest forward, pulling the shoulder blades down and do that a little bit quicker. Now you're going to Tuck back in a rock back. Press the hands into the knees. Keep the collarbones long. Go back as far as you want to or can, and then lead with the head bend.

The elbows gently extend to the spine and let's do that one more time. Rounding back, bending the arms, taking the head and chest forward. Well lifting this spider, let go, reach the arms forward as you, they come up, you come up and his drop them, and then he'll pick them up nice and light and exhale, drop him down and then he'll pick them up and exhale, drop him down and keep them on the ground. Take your head over to one side. Well, it's through the center of your chest over to the other side, and then [inaudible] and do that same thing in reverse. So they armed to just gently kind of reaching away, head over spine, stable, sto, eyes down over to the other side. And you can do that again or you are free to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Good work. Thank you. You're welcome.


Outstanding workout! Moves smoothly, safely, and effectively!
Great workout! Thank you so much!!
Thanks for the kind words girls.
Great class, thanks.
loved this class.
thx, cheryl
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great as usual.. I was hoping for a brisk class as mentioned in the description... but there were many modifications and stretches dispersed into the class which would make it more level 2 and moderate paced. I don't think brisk described the class. It was great otherwise.
1 person likes this.
Nice workout! Like the fast pace.
Thank you and happy holidays to you all!!
Good class Meredith, I like the smooth flow, it is more of a level 2 and moderate pace though. I would like more of a challenge next time.
Thanks Ava...I'll keep that in mind.
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