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If you're a Pilates Instructor and pressed for time to work out as a mother, try Daria Pace's advanced Postnatal Mat workout. This class is a great way to connect with your baby and your body at the same time. Daria teaches traditional intermediate Mat exercises which become much more difficult when adding the weight of your baby into them. She advises you to start slow and basic with your baby exercises, trying her Beginner Baby Pilates class first, and letting the movement with your baby evolve over time.

Please be advised that this class is intended for Pilates professionals with extensive Pilates experience. This class is very advanced and requires knowledge of the body's limitations and safe movement practices, as well as a Physician's clearance for weight-bearing movement of the abdominals. Please also be advised that before performing ANY exercises with your baby, your baby should be able to hold its own head strong and stable, as well as have the ability to almost sit up on its own.

Please see our tutorial on Diastasis Recti for even more information.
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Hi, my name is Daria Patay and this is my daughter Viva Stella Fox. I am the granddaughter over monikers and off Scott, prodigy of Joseph and Clara Palati. I'm the daughter of sure. I'm an HIA Santo who also studied with Joseph and Clara [inaudible]. So I'm a third generation Pele's baby and this viva is the one and only fourth generation polarities baby.

So being a new mom and a studio owner, I found it impossible to find the time to work out. I always prefer to get in a lesson with a Romanos pilates instructor whenever I can, just to make sure I get into the right alignment with my body and really take care of my individual needs. However, as a new mom, I really didn't have the time. So what I started to do when I wasn't working, I would play with her and do a little plots with her. And this was a really wonderful way to start to reconnect my body after a c-section. Cause then I started to feel where I'm as weak and feel my strengths coming back, getting deeper into my powerhouse, etc.

I could feel my abdominals after my c-section, which I found bizarre because I was cut in half, but I didn't feel my back muscles as much because I'm hyper mobile so she actually really helped me with this because she would sit on my belly and helped me open up my lower back in the right way without compress it. What I'm doing is really super advanced because even though its intermediate exercises for the most part with a baby, it's 10 times more difficult. Okay, so you really have to be careful. Take it easy. You should have already been either a pilates instructor or a very advanced Pilati student who's been doing pilates for years before you just jump into it, start slow, start basic and let it evolve slowly. That's what I did and that's what you should be doing too.

She's already seven months old and that's why she can do this. A couple of little things that I do want to discuss before we start. When you are working out with your baby, it's really easy to push your neck forward because you just want to Ooh, kiss. Try not to push your neck forward like a turtle, right? Because it's not good for your neck or your back.

Try to keep it nice and long because remember Leilani's is all about lengthening and stretching the entire spinal column. So if you're compressing any of your vertebraes, whether it's here or here, then you're not really doing that. So you always have to keep the length and the strength through your spinal column, placing your bell, you baby right here on your powerhouse so that she really gets into your lower abdominals and helps open up your lower back and your obliques. That's a really great way to reconnect. Again, keep it small at first and then as you feel more comfortable and get stronger, it can get bigger and bigger. All the movements with a bigger baby, it's a lot more difficult. So you have to be that careful of that to your baby's head should be at least able to stay strong and stable like this.

And she should be basically almost sitting up if possible to do most of these advanced exercises. Being careful with your body. You only have one and you've got to stay strong for your baby. Okay, we are going to do the hundred ready to lift your legs. Don't push your neck floor tooths cause you're looking at your baby. Keep your neck nice and long and inhale, two, three, four, five, four, five, two, three, four, five minutes.

And exhale. Now for a challenge we're going to do with this inhale and exhale and the heck sail. You're beating your legs to get your blood circulation. Inhale, exhale and, and the heck sale one more. And Xcel on harassed. And that is a great challenge. So the next exercise is the rolled up.

Lift your baby and articulate your spine role. Well, one vertebrae at a time. Axial forward stretch. Inhale, roll back. Slide your baby down. So you go one vertebrae at a time and hail up and exhale, stretch forward, exhale and exhale. Exhale, inhale and exhale. Inhale, roll down. Slide your baby down your body and heck yeah, the leg circles. I like to do it with a baby.

Put your baby right on your powerhouse to the bottoms on the powerhouse. Lift one leg up and she lifts one leg up and cross. Hold her cross cross and cross em five other way. Cross keep your hips 30 she'll help you with that. 3:00 AM four and five she wants to do the other leg and cross two and 3:00 AM five other way around in one oh she's getting tired of this.

Two and three and four and five. Hold your baby and then roll up. Bend your knees into your chest. Baby goes right in your powerhouse. Open up your lower back. Hold your baby and balance and then roll back and up.

Keeping your lower vertebraes opened, rounded from your powerhouse. Roll back and up. You really got to use your powerhouse for this one. Rural back and up. Try Not to touch your feet to the floor. Roll back and up. It's a really great challenge to do that and up and baby really helps you open up your lower back and get into your powerhouse. Now, done, done. Done. The single leg. Stretch, one legs in one leg is out, one and one.

Remember not to push your neck forward just because you have a baby too, and to keep it nice and long. 3:00 AM three Stuart's mom, four or all. Deepen your power off. Five and five. Six, six, seven, seven, eight short your lung aid. Try to lower it became nine, nine, 10 10 relax your neck. Stretch it down a little bit. How now? The double leg stretch. Inhale, bend your knees, baby. Exhale. Inhale. Now she doesn't really want this one, and exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, stretch. Exhale, inhale and exhale. Now if you want, you can also do double challenge.

Make it really hard. Exhale. Remember not to push you. Next. [inaudible] exhale, inhale and exhale. It is very tiring and very deep to do this. Single, straight leg stretch. One and one. Two, two, three, three, four, five and five. Six six, seven, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10 legs. Ready, baby and lower and lift.

Low power lift. Keep your back totally flat, nice and long and up. Inhale and inhale. Exhale, keep your back flat. Inhale, exhale, push your neck forward. Inhale, exhale, stretching back a little bit if you need to, and then set up. Okay, great. Now there's several ways to do this. I like to do this way because I think it's kind of fun. Lift your arms cause she's practicing her sitting. Inhale, exhale, stretch your lower vertebrae in and exhale and we all stretch in and exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Exhale in.

Inhale one vertebrae at a time and exhale. Looks, it looks hell out. Yeah, and exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Okay. The next one is my very favorite one, the open leg rocker. We'll see if she does this for us today. She's going to grab her toes cause she's been working on this and we're going to lift her legs, hold her balance all from the powerhouse and rock back and balance up and rock back. Hold your toes, baby. There we go. Back up and back and back and up and up.

Hello. Okay, corkscrew Sir Sir. To keep your bottom, your baby's bottom. I ride on your powerhouse so that you don't cheat. You keep your hips totally stabilized. Long neck in the back.

I'm like, I just did for a second there and up and then fed up and the saw your baby goes right in front of you. Hold your baby with one hand. If she's not sitting on completely on her own yet, I'm gonna lift your opposite arm up. Reach Pinky to Pinky and inhale, lift and exhale. Keep your hips down. Your baby should help you. Keep your opposite hip down and up. Inhale, lift and exhale, stretch it. So it's a wonderful stretch here for new moms. Exhale, inhale and exhale and AH, okay. This is her least favorite, the tummy time. So we're going to try this today.

I'm just going to grab her blanket. We'll see if she does it for us. Okay. Sliding on. You're telling me we're going to look up at each other. Hi Dad. And we're going to do the single leg kick. Say Lift, say strong. In your stomach. Lift up with the funny and say, lifting, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick.

Now slide back a little bit. Why don't, once you got on the mat, hands back, kick one, two, three, and then change to three and under [inaudible]. One, two, three. Hi, and one more. One, two, three. Hello, answer right back on your heels room. Hands by your feet. Stretch your lower back. Okay, good job, honey. Now we'll do the neck pole. Hafter c-section is one of the hardest things, so we're going to start off with the baby helping your powerhouse so you don't cheat because it's really easy to cheat on this one. Flex your feet, parallel them right on the powerhouse.

Now Chin to chest and they're rural on a path. And exhale forward and roll up tall. Stretch your neck and then roll down one vertebrae at a time. Inhale and exhale forward. Inhale and roll down there. If you don't cheat, you can turn it up a notch like this.

Lift the baby up and another flying baby time. Inhale, exhale, inhale. Exhale, roll town, one vertebrae at a time, and exhale. Inhale up. Exhale, don't turn your neck like I just did and I'll roll down one vertebrae at a time. Fine in Haleigh. Exhale. Inhale, lift, and exhale.

Roll down and rest. Oh, right now we're going to do the spine twist. You're going to bring your baby over your right shoulder, stretch your spinal column out so that your tailbone is lengthening down. It's the nape of your neck is stretching up. Okay. Bring your right elbow out, stretch the backs of your legs. Inhale, lift and exhale. I exhale. Exhale and center. Now for the other side, because of my mic, I'm going to bring my baby down, but put your baby over your left shoulder and inhale and exhale, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and center.

I'm going to bring her back up on the right shoulder. Inhale and exhale, stretch deep into your powerhouse and exhale. Inhale, lift and from your waist. Exhale. Exhale, exhale. Exhale. Stretched the backs of the legs and lift from me. Powerhouse. I rest. Okay. Next we're going to do the sidekicks series. I'd like to lie the baby down here and we can do it like this.

So stretch your neck, tickle your baby, lift your leg up hip with the part and kick front and stretch back and up. And to lift three, keep your hips stable and for working from your powerhouse up and five stretch back up and six TTT up stretch seven one more up and eight now up to the side and down and two and three. Four. One more up and five little circles. And I know what? Two, three, four, five other way. One, two, three, four, five. Now you want to lift your baby up and we'll all go to the other side. You can just roll over that.

I'm going to do this and kick up to the front and I am, and to stretch long extended long story. Don't let your back up. Um, and she wants me to do it up and five and six. Two more up and seven. One more up and eight. Now to the side up. You don't want to do to the side or you want to do the other side. Okay. And up and cheer.

Three stretch your neck long up. Four up and little circles each way. One and two and three and four and five other way one and 2:00 AM 3:00 AM four and five. Oh, you want to do more? No, I think that's enough. Let's do the teaser now. So the teaser always start with your baby with her bottom bright on your powerhouse. You really get into your lower abdominals and hook.

Open up your lower back and you'll stretch your legs out to 45 degrees and then rural Alanna Lyft and roll and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Lift Hound. Roll down. Two more. Huh? And one more. Lift and down.

Now [inaudible] for those that are brave, try it like this rural Alanna [inaudible]. Oops. And roll down and roll on up. Woof. Don't strain your neck. Looking at your baby. Well now rolled and Rolana Woo and rolled down teaser and up one and two and throw everything down or that wasn't very good.

Mommy didn't articulate [inaudible] and how rural on it. Thank you for making me use my powerhouse. That's it. And lift and roll. Step on Mommy's. So she uses her powerhouse. That's it right there. And rural lift end rule down one vertebrae added [inaudible]. Good job. Thank you baby.

You help me use like how our house is exactly what mommy needed. Now my least favorite exercise, the pushups. I really do not like pushups. I'm not good at them but I have to do them. So I lie my baby down and she's my inspiration to try to get better at them. Lyft roll down one. We were way ahead of time.

[inaudible] hi baby. Hi Baby. Wow. Yeah. And and I'm going mock forward to her. Usually you walk back [inaudible] one more. Woo and Dan with the arms. One, two and one and two and three Oh five thank you baby. You helped me get a little bit better at them. Hold on.

I'm not good at them at all. All right, now let's see the seal. So hold your baby. And now I remember her coordination but sometimes I'll forget my own him back. One, two, three. I am back to three and back to three, back to three and back to three. Lift em back and up and back, and that is how we rock.


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oh my garsh! The cutest thing EVER! Especially when she holds her own toes for open leg rocker! :D

Nice juicy joyous practice, too!
Local Motion Project
I think this is so dangerous for new and even moms after 6 months postpartum! There is no mention of diastis and those long lever loads are pulling right on the rectus muscles. These exercises can worsen the problem -- not heal it. More and more people are coming to my studio with diastis yeas after having kids- that were doing too much, too incorrectly, too quickly. Some are herniating and at worst.. having to get surgery. Pilates in its true form has so many contraindications to postpartum rehab, I think as instructors we need to understand what happens an educate our clients on building the body back safely.
HI Sara, I am certain that Daria agrees with your statement that this class is not suitable for new moms. Everyone at Romana's Pilates takes safety very seriously and she tries to say as much at the beginning of her class. Daria is also aware that many of our members our Pilates teachers and moms who like her, struggle to get back to their practice. This class is really for them and we should have labeled it as such. We really appreciate your important feedback and will adjust the description of this class designate it for the Pilates professional with postpartum education in relation to Pilates, over and above clearance from their Dr's. Thank you.
This is too cute!! Beautiful baby and Mother. Both my sons did Pilates as fetuses too. Thank you. Joan Breibart
I am teaching a first time parent teacher class for 1&2 year olds
I have not ever taken a parent teacher class and am struggling formatting the class
Any suggestions or resources out there would be appreciated.
Thank you
That's a tough one Jenny. It would seem this population deserves extra time and attention to sort out structure and format given so much of what we learn will have to be modified depending on so many factors. Daria does a really good job of demonstrating two levels of classes that involve baby, but both of them assume some Pilates experience. My advice would be to focus on the concepts she offers throughout class. To my mind, Daria takes the classical work she learned from her Grandmother Romana, and finds ways to make sure Mother and child remain connected through eyes, voice and playful exchange and above all that mother and child remain safe while trying to achieve the goals of each exercise. Good luck!
Really nice lesson and inspiration. Thank you for that :) It is visible that your baby really enjoyed it... :)

AWWW  gorgeous baby and inspiring for new mums x

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