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Postnatal Mat Workout

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If you're a Pilates Instructor and pressed for time to work out as a mother, try Daria Pace's advanced Postnatal Mat workout. This class is a great way to connect with your baby and your body at the same time. Daria teaches traditional intermediate Mat exercises which become much more difficult when adding the weight of your baby into them. She advises you to start slow and basic with your baby exercises, trying her Beginner Baby Pilates class first, and letting the movement with your baby evolve over time.

Please be advised that this class is intended for Pilates professionals with extensive Pilates experience. This class is very advanced and requires knowledge of the body's limitations and safe movement practices, as well as a Physician's clearance for weight-bearing movement of the abdominals. Please also be advised that before performing ANY exercises with your baby, your baby should be able to hold its own head strong and stable, as well as have the ability to almost sit up on its own.

Please see our tutorial on Diastasis Recti for even more information.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, my name is Daria Patay and this is my daughter Viva Stella Fox. I am the granddaughter over monikers and off Scott, prodigy of Joseph and Clara Palati. I'm the daughter of sure. I'm an HIA Santo w...


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oh my garsh! The cutest thing EVER! Especially when she holds her own toes for open leg rocker! :D

Nice juicy joyous practice, too!
I think this is so dangerous for new and even moms after 6 months postpartum! There is no mention of diastis and those long lever loads are pulling right on the rectus muscles. These exercises can worsen the problem -- not heal it. More and more people are coming to my studio with diastis yeas after having kids- that were doing too much, too incorrectly, too quickly. Some are herniating and at worst.. having to get surgery. Pilates in its true form has so many contraindications to postpartum rehab, I think as instructors we need to understand what happens an educate our clients on building the body back safely.
HI Sara, I am certain that Daria agrees with your statement that this class is not suitable for new moms. Everyone at Romana's Pilates takes safety very seriously and she tries to say as much at the beginning of her class. Daria is also aware that many of our members our Pilates teachers and moms who like her, struggle to get back to their practice. This class is really for them and we should have labeled it as such. We really appreciate your important feedback and will adjust the description of this class designate it for the Pilates professional with postpartum education in relation to Pilates, over and above clearance from their Dr's. Thank you.
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This is too cute!! Beautiful baby and Mother. Both my sons did Pilates as fetuses too. Thank you. Joan Breibart
I am teaching a first time parent teacher class for 1&2 year olds
I have not ever taken a parent teacher class and am struggling formatting the class
Any suggestions or resources out there would be appreciated.
Thank you
That's a tough one Jenny. It would seem this population deserves extra time and attention to sort out structure and format given so much of what we learn will have to be modified depending on so many factors. Daria does a really good job of demonstrating two levels of classes that involve baby, but both of them assume some Pilates experience. My advice would be to focus on the concepts she offers throughout class. To my mind, Daria takes the classical work she learned from her Grandmother Romana, and finds ways to make sure Mother and child remain connected through eyes, voice and playful exchange and above all that mother and child remain safe while trying to achieve the goals of each exercise. Good luck!

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