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Ab and Arm Strengthening

55 min - Class


The focus is on the abdominals and the arms in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She uses light Handweights (1 to 3 lbs) as a tool to create mobility in the spine and add resistance for that extra bit of sculpting in the back, arms, and abs.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Today, we're going to film a class with a weights. We all have small hand weights from varying from one to three pounds. If you don't have an weeds, everything can be done without weights. If you don't want to use weights sometimes, then you want to use them sometimes put him down. We don't want him. Here we go. So that's how, oh, and I'm just forewarning.

I have a little bit of a chest infection, so if I, my voice fails. You have been more into, here we go. So signed that. Candice says she wouldn't have come if she hadn't had that information beforehand, but now she's here. Oh Wow. So just organize your feet. Look down at your feet, seated. They're parallel to each other and separate so they're just underneath your sitting bones.

And then close your eyes for just a moment and let turn the palms to face backwards and just let the wish you don't have to grip the weights. Just let the weights rest in the hands and then draw in and out through the waist and start to press the weights backwards. As you press the weights backwards, keeping your eyes closed for this moment, just start to reach forward with your spine like you're at top of ski jump leaning into an abyss. So reaching out, just leaning for, don't fall over, but just test how far can you go. And then bring yourself back up right in here. As you exhale again, let the arms first reach down, then start to reach back and then lean. And so the body and the arms are traveling in opposite directions and we feel the spine elongating out through the top for the head.

And then we come back to center. Open your eyes whenever you're ready. Do that again. Pressing the harms back, allowing the weights to rest heavy, drying in and not feel the navel pulling up towards the breastbone and then release. Back to standing. One more time, engaging through the upper back. It's not a squeeze of the shoulders, it's just a downward energy. And then allow the weights to come back. Turn your palms to face you in here. As you exhale, allow your head to start to curl towards the floor, leaving the weights just heavy in your hands.

Feel how you can create an upward resistance through the spine, through the abdominals in opposition to the weights that are carrying you down. Now that's a little bit imaginary cause they're not very heavy. Imagination is a beautiful thing. However, inhale at the bottom. As you exhale again, the weights rest in the hands, the abdominals draw, and then you pull against the gravitational force that you have in your hands and roll through your spine. Looking for a stretch, aligning yourself against gravity into an upright position. Inhale, exhale. Allowing the our spine to start to round forward again. Try to avoid letting the shoulders reach up into the ears. Instead.

Just keep the shoulders in a gentle way. Hanging on the back. Reaching down towards the back pockets is the spine bends over in healing to pause. Exhaling, create the fourth first, the drawing in and out. The piking action. Then start to move. So we create energy or we initiate and we find our muscle focus. Before we actually bring our body. Right. We'll do that one more time. Inhale tall. Exhale round.

Feel the spine melting forward. Heaviness in the arms and shoulders, easiness in the neck, keeping the hips just over the heels. Pausing at the bottom, taking a breath in and exhale as we roll ourselves up. So coming to the top, we're just going to swivel the heels together. Toes face apart, bringing the weight so they touch each other right in front of your body. And then we're going to bend the obs.

We're gonna pull the weights up and I want you to think of pulling your dominoes away from the weights. And then of course the weights. Waitstaff. So we bend and as the elbows reach, why the shoulders draw down away from the ears and then push the arms down and inhale, bend, pull up like you're zipping up. Your weights are a zipper. They ended the breastbone and then you zip it back down. Let's do two more bend and pull up and press down. How's that shoulder candy? I noticed. That's okay. Are you okay? Then in Pula and press, feeling the shoulders fall down in the back. Separate the arms.

Reach out to your sides. Reach forward. As the weights come down, we're gonna lift the heels off the floor. You arise up. Start to draw the heels back down towards the floor. As the arms come out to the sides, bring the arms forward. Inhale, press back and down. Float the heals. They can separate a little bit. We'll come up onto our tippy toes. The arms reach out, the heel start to lower, and then we come forward. We'll do that a few more times. Press down, lift up, reach out. So the heels go down. I just change. I just changed it somehow. I don't know how, but that's okay.

So let's reach up and lift. Maybe this is new. They go, they go down. So we're going to push the heels and the harms down at the same time. Now keep the arms down, lift the heels off, bring the arms in front of you. Bring the arms of why as the heels go down, press down. But as the arms and the legs go down, we can continue to create an upward energy through the spine.

Float up onto the toes, reach the arms forward, open, squeeze all the way through the upper thighs to the hips. Reach down, grow longer. So here's an idea. As your heels are coming towards the floor, think about where your head is now. Suspend your head in space. And as the weights come down, try to create space in the spine, in the space between the pelvis and the ribs. So that the idea is that the head doesn't drop. Now I don't know if that's physically possible, but it feels as though it to me anyway. And down.

Last one, lifting up. Opening. Yeah. And, and then we're just going to sit down on the map. So what I'd like for us to do here from a seated position is just rest the weight. So the hands are going to continue to hold again. Put the weights down. Any old time the knees are going to start together. The weights are just resting on the shins. Yep.

So not doing much of anything in here. Here, here. Exhale, curl. And as you round your spine without rounding your collarbones feel an energetic down, or like you're trying to slide the weights down, they're not gonna move. It's just an idea. And then push backwards into your shins and use the arms to pull your body up. So beautiful. Nice work. Exhale, we round the spine, keeping the collarbones open, but using that kind of a held arm position to draw back against, to create resistance against, and then press into the shins. Elongation the body, lift tall again.

Exhale as we curl the spine. This is our last one like this in here. Build the spine up. So adding on. Exhale, curl the spine round. Drawn deeply. You're to float the weights just above the knees.

We're gonna roll through this spine coming down into the lower spinal area. Hmm. We're going to hold there. Inhale, exhale. Push the weights. Forward. Weights actually help a little. Huh? But the hit weights down on the hands and then lift up. So I was just mentioning is that sometimes round the spine again, all of us have in our spine float the arms up and round back a sticky place.

A place that feels maybe like it comes down flat or that it's challenging to move through. Having weights in your hands is often helpful to create opposition from that place. Inhale to pause. Exhale, round forward. I love it. Good round. Set the weights down and Elongate the back. Sit Tall. Let's do that one more time. Reach up around, pulling backward through the waist, trying to look for the low back to come into contact with the mat. Beautiful in here and curling forward.

So the weights are pulling forward, but we're constantly creating backward energy all away from them. Lift the spine. Inhale. We're going to stay down there a little longer now. So if you feel like you need to not use the weights and hang onto your legs instead to find your position. Great. So let's actually, as we go down, I'm going to look for the low back and we're gonna let the weights rest on the floor right next to us. Perfect. Anyhow, lift one arm and put it back down in hell. If the other arm and exhale put it down so you, if you want it to be harder, just float the weights up. That's an option. Exhale down. Inhale, opposite arm comes up and exhale down. Feel that the arm that's not lifting is reaching energetically, whether it's on the ground or not on the ground.

Harder still is to take the weights away back. So there's a lot of options there. Let's pause and inhale. Press down and pull back with your heels to bring yourself up. Nice Sumner, that's getting better and I'm excited to see it. Press your spine up. Inhale, lift. Let's actually slide the weights up towards the knees and lean back. Lifting into a little bit of thoracic extension here. Then come back to your first position and we'll round down again.

So we crawl, we float, or let the weights come to the floor. So now we're going to do an outward motion with the arms. We're going to take one arm out, inhale and exhale back and feel how you have to stabilize. Make it small. Make it only so big that you can mean taking your control. Yeah, and exhale and inhale.

Nice. And exhale and inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale. We're gonna auroral ourselves. So exciting and lift.

Press grow the spine. Slide the weights up towards the top of the knees and then come back. Take the weights down, push yourself forward towards your feet. Get in real close. We're setting up for a pelvic curl. Separate the seats so they're lined up with your sitting bones.

Reach forward. That's hard for me. So we want to try to sit up there too. And then we're going to try to come down with control tartar with the legs and closer. Do your best. Rounding down using the weights as oppositional force coming down, coming down, coming down all the way down onto our backs. Good head down, arms down. The weights are going to stay on the floor. We're just going to press down into them with our, so now if you use the palm of your hand rather than gripping the weight, if that's preferable to you, as you exhale, flats in the spine against the mat, then start to roll the spine up, one vertebrae at a time and feel just that oppositional downward press through the arms as the hip hips lift up, pause, take a breath in, and as you exhale, start to drop the chest.

Now here you could create an illusion or a sensation of rolling the weights away from you. All right, we're rolling through the lower back and dropping the tailbone all the way down. Inhale, pause, exhale, flatten the spine. Feel the feet in the floor. Feel equal pressure on both feet as you roll yourself up, pressing the hips up high. Keep the ribs slightly below the pubic, so you want to bias towards a pubic bone towards nose in halo or a posterior tilt or rotation, and then rolling down. Notice that the shoulder blades as the spine is coming down the line, nice and flat. Beautiful. You got it. It's nice in heel. At the bottom.

We're going to do that one more time so we curl up. I'm going to pause at the top. Take a breath in and exhale. So the feeling the energy is the weights are moving as a spine moves, a weights are rolling for the shoulders are relaxing, easing their way flat down into the mat, and a pause as the tailbone drops. We're going to roll up one more time. So we're going to lift all the way up to the top and add on here.

So I want you to stand on your right leg and stand with your hand on your left hand. Hold the weight in your right hand. Lift your left leg and your right arm. Aw, touch both down and lift both up. Touch both down and lift both up you okay Angie. Both de contact, emergency on lift last too down and lift down and lift. Leg goes down, arm goes down. Let's lift both arms together, both arms over the head. Ref. Don't rest them on the ground, but just let the weight sit in the hands there and then roll down and feel an oppositional backward reach of the arms as the spine travels down into the mat.

Release all the way down through the table and slide the arms back through space and place and back down onto the floor. Inhale, prepare. Exhale, flats in the spine. Start Rolling yourself up. So we lift the hips, we stand on the right hand and the left foot. We lift the right leg and the left arm, they just float. And then let's say they pushed down specifically the leg energy in the leg.

Lift and press down and lift and press down and lift and pressed. Beautiful. One more. Lift and press down. Roll through the foot. Place your foot down and stabilize the pelvis. Lift both arms up. Yep. Reach the arms overhead. Roll the spine down. Feel the neck. Settle down into the space between the heaviness that the weights create.

Then slide the arms open to your sides wide open to your sides and let your arms rest down. [inaudible] it's fine. They can just kind of float in space. N, g you and me both lift one leg than the other. If it's not comfortable, you can bend them. So we're going into the spine s twist. We're going to take both knees towards me. We let the weight in the opposite arm anchor that arm so you can reach potentially further than normal. And then pull back through center. Inhale as we reached the knees across towards the other side, letting the left arm or letting the arm, that's your rotating away from stay waited on the floor. Come back to center. Inhale as we reach over.

[inaudible] x. So as we come back, so perhaps the weights will give you an a little bit of an additional stretch in nails. We reach over and exhale as we come back. I want to do that one more time in house. We reach over, challenge it, go for it. Go for it. Exhale to center in. How is we reach over x? How's he go to center? Pause there. Place one foot down, place the other foot down. Lift the arms over the shoulders. Breathe in here.

As we exhale, we're going to reach through the weights. We're gonna press the weights down. I'm going to curl the chest up. Reach way out in front of you with those weights, getting a nice high lit. Then lift the weights up, and then bring the weight backwards. As you lower your body down, start taking the weights forward first in hand.

Exhale, curl the head and chest forward. Reaching the weights forward, drawing down, really connecting, flattening into the spine. Inhale, the weights come up. Belly button presses down towards the floor. We're going to take the arms in the spine back. Ugh. Arms lift up. Exhale to reach forward. [inaudible] inhale, start lifting. Feel the belly drop away from the weights. As the weights come up, start taking the whole body backwards.

Stabilizing those shoulders. One more time. We're going to stay at the top. Lift the arms first, then reach forward. Okay, pause there. Settle in. The weights can stay lifted off the floor or they can go onto the floor. Either way, we're going to lift one leg and in here now we're going to exhale.

Lift the opposite leg. Let the first leg go towards the floor. So we just do a little leg changes and exhale. So we inhale as the legs pass one another exhale as we tip the mat. [inaudible] tip the man and tip the mat, tip them and tip the mat and push the weights and lift the body. And two more and two and one and one place.

One foot down. Place the other foot down. Yeah, take the way to rest them on your thighs. Try to roll up your thighs two inches and then roll up the size two inches. And again, so draw and haul the lift and down to more drawing. Hollow lift. And Ah, one more lift. Good down. Let the weights rest on your legs. Let your head come down all the way. Turn to one side with your head. Look over one shoulder.

Come to center with your head. Look over the other shoulder. Come to center with the head. Inhale. Exhale. Separate the weights. Lift up through the spine. You're going to take the weight furthest away from me across onto the leg closest to me that other weight can float in space. Or it can come outside the fat and now we're going to curl up two inches and yeah, and curl up two inches and down. I love it.

Andrew in the back of the room has got his arm out like this, which makes it about 50 times harder. I just discovered. So there is a choice. Two more and one more. I love it. I like, I like it. I like the creativity. We come to center, let's go ride over to the other side. So either on the size, right, floating in space out to the side like this, which is really hard. Last two for me. And last one. We're going to come to center. We're going to stretch the legs out straight. Here we go. Can we get up from here? It's a big question.

Pause in here and lift up. Put the weights down next to your legs. Take a stretch forward. Okay, so we're going to do a little seated work. This is where you may or may not want weights in your hands. I'm going to keep mine. I'm going to try anyway. Endeavor too.

So let's start just by bringing the weights together. So the knuckles of the hands will come together just at the sternum. Always find a bin. The knees for an upright position. Always, always gonna twist the spine in my direction on the inhale and exhale to come back to center. So visualize an upward spiral. Spine is a spiral and find center endeavor to keep the legs together as you lift and rotate and then center, and then lift and rotate and center. So like a barbershop. Now, one of those old fashioned barber shop poles with the red and the white spirals spiraling effortlessly all the time in space.

We're going to go this way and pass and to take those way to an open app, we're going to rotate the arms and twist a little more. We're gonna bend, bring the weights back to the chest or the sternum or the ribs and back. Let's inhale as we rotate, ask her to stretch the arms out, rotate the pumps of the weights, resting your hands and twist a little further. [inaudible] bend the elbows, hands to the rinse and come back to center. I started queuing breath and didn't. Here we go here. Some breath cues. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Longer. Exhale in here.

Acts has so it doesn't have to be anything except a breath for every movement. And open the hands. Lift the chest then. Yeah, and return. One more time. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Hands rotate. Chest sluts. Exhale, come to center, breathe out. Let's do it the same way in both ways. In here. Exhale, stretch in her hands up. Exhale, back. Inhale, center, and then set the weights down on the floor. Separate the legs.

Let's actually separate the legs and put the weights on the insides of the legs. Bent, knees, straight legs, soft knees, all up to you. So what I'm going to do is we're going to start on our fingertips. Now you're going to just roll the way. It's like you're pushing out a bread dough.

You roll the weights forward and you roll your head, spine forward with the weights. And then from there we're going to inhale and we're going to roll right back up. So just rolling the weights underneath the hands for now. Coming up on just to a straight line, which I just found interesting is is one way getting pulled back sooner than the other. An interesting inquiry reaching forward as when we get pushed forward further than the other. I don't know what it means, but it's good to look at.

And then rolling Baca and lifting talk one more time like that. And then we're going to add on Xcel as we roll down. So pushing the weights forth. I imagine that those words could pull you further for then you could pull yourself and then rural. Okay, so here comes fun part or the harder part.

So we roll forward. So instead of coming in back to an upright position, allow the weeds to roll backwards still, but start to bring the spine out and forward on the dyad. And also we're leaning in like this spine stretch forward. Andrew, bend your knees, bring your body forward more. That's it. We're going to lift the weights up. Oh yeah. And I bend the elbows, pull back, keep that forward. Diagonal the spine and push.

Then the elbows pull back and push bend the elbows pull back. And as the weights pull back, we reach the chest forward and two more reach forward. One more reach forth. We're still on the diagonal. As the arms come down, we're going to push the weights forward and stretch. I'm gonna roll back up. Find that diagonal pause, float the weights, or pick up the weights. Ben, I'm closest to me. Pull back with that. I'm stretch it back as the opposite arm reaches far, then bend and pushed to center. Bend the arm furthest away from me.

Pull to press the opposite arm. Forward. Bend and push. So we pull and stretch in both directions. Imagine that you're pulling something sticky, stretching Taffy, big piece of Taffy, pulling that. Okay, I'm reaching for one more bend, pull back, but also take the opposite weight forward. Bend and push forward.

Bend and reach back. Bend and reach forward. Place the weights down, push them forward, and then roll your spine all the way back up. So now I'm going to take the weights in and bring our arms out to our sides. Just letting the weights rest in the hands. Good. Or You could modify here for candy. So we're going to solve, we're going to twist this way.

Let's put the back weight on the floor and then stretch the front leg out past that outside foot. Then lift the back, weighed up and reach the arms opposite to one another. Lifting the spine on the diagonal and return your body back to the center. Inhale. As you rotate, the back hand goes down. It helps you, it pushes you forward. You've got it good. Then we lift the back arm up. If we can. We take the weights out on the diagonal away from one another. We come back to the center and inhale and reach outside the foot.

[inaudible] and excuse me, left and center and inhale and reach and the back arm reaches up and we stretch the way it's away and we come back to the center. Let's go one more time through. Inhale, lift taller, exhale to die forward. Inhale, elongation out and then find center and then inhale, reach and her. Reach back out and find center. Let the weight you come down for just a second. Bend your knees, screw it in Nice and close to your feet. Knowing that this can always be modify. The position of the legs can always be taken away from your body to achieve more ease in the exercise. If you want to use your weights, we're going to put them on the ankles. We're going to slide the legs in Nice and close so they elbows are been in.

You're using is kind of resting your hands and the weights are in your hands. From there we're going to rock back weights, make it feel different. So just be careful, rocky and listing and in here and exhale and inhale and exhale and Amia. Excellent. I'm going to do two more back and forward.

Nice resting. Just rest, uh, balancing back and forth. Pass hands on the knees. We're going to start to curl away so the elbows will straighten first and then give yourself that little cane. You're kind of holding yourself up a little bit. Work through your lower back. Find your double leg stretch position.

We're going to do a little differently today. We're not going to circle. If you were not going to circle, we're just going to stretch the arms back and stretch the legs out nice and bent in how? Reach out. And exhale, push down. Inhale, reach up, stabilize through the trunk. Exhale, push down. Inhale, reach out. Back is flat, low. Back is flat. And if your low back isn't flat, take your legs up a little bit higher.

That's important. I'm back. So the height of the leg is not important. The stability of the spine is we're going to more times reach and back and reach and back. Take your hands on your shins. Bring your knees into your chest, put your head down for one, two, three seconds. Lift Baca, take the weights forward. We're going to do a bicycle. We're going to take one leg out. The leg that's close to us is going to stretch and then we bent and reach [inaudible]. So again, we use the waist to pull the spine forward, to push the body off the floor and bend and reach and bend. Reach and bend and reach. And then in pause, let's reverse top leg bands.

Bottom light comes up straight and then switch and then switch and then switch. And we go to try to keep the shoulder blades off the mat. One, one both knees in, hands on the shins. And we come all the way down. Excuse me again, take your hands behind you. Let the weights rest in the hands.

Let the head rest on the weight's not super comfortable so, but you don't have to like drop into it. So just rest on the thumbs holding the weights. Oh, and now we curl the chest up. Oh my wasn't prepared for that. That's tough. So let's stretch the leg furthest away from me away and let's cross towards that bent knee and let's switch cross and cross and cross and cross and cross. We're going to do two more to each side. Last one, we're going to come to center with both knees.

Reach the weight forward of the knees. Now as you come towards me, the knee that you're rotating, two hugs in, right inside of those arms and then you come to center and then we reach across the, you know, it's outside and even hugging the need of the chest. And then center waits are always reaching for. And then we rotate, reaching across and then knees come through the arms and rotate. Reach across and these come through the arms and rotate. Reach across and knees come through the hips and rotate.

Reach across. And one more time. So rotate and center, uh, or OT and center and home. The whole place. The weights on the floor. Place the feet down on the floor. Place the head down on the floor, take a breath, coming up into another pelvic curl into another bridge. We pressed down into the waist, we lift the hips again, just allowing the hands to rest on the weights, picking up the left leg, stretching it towards the ceiling of that like it's going to go straight down. I want you to press down on the weights as your legs go down and lighten up is that you flex back. Press down on the weights.

Lighten up and flex down on the weights. Lighten up in flex one more down. Now we're going to take that leg into a bicycle. It's going to go down. It's gonna bend. Brush the floor and kick down. We push down through the arms the whole time. Now I'm lift down. You've got it.

Good. One more down. Ben. Brush and lift. Pause. Go the other direction. Reach out. Pull. Ah Ben, reach out in. Pull up two. More like that last one. Hold the leg on and then start rolling this find out. But as you roll the sign down and what you really active arms, I want you to pull the leg that's off the ground towards your body.

And then as the pelvis drops out, leg will come towards vertical. We'll bend and we'll set it down. Inhale here. Exhale as we start to roll the spine up, lifting up bone by bone. Haas float the right way. Stretch it so as it goes away from us again, we push down on the weights and then we kick, release, push down on the weeks. Kick, release, push, kick, release, push. Kick release.

Last one. Kick release. Here comes our bicycle. We go down, we bend and we kick up. There you go. Down. We bend and we reach up and down and lift. Holding the hips, hive through out. Great job. Last stop and reverse recheck kick Ben. Push lift two and one.

We're going to hold that. We're going to start to roll the spine up, pulling that leg, reaching it in towards the body. As the pelvis comes down, just let that leg bend. Lift the opposite leg so the legs are to matching for the rollover. So we're going to stretch the legs out on the diagonal. We're going to lift them up, press the weight. It's a way from you. Roll over, pushing down on the weights, pause there, flex through the feet and separate the feet.

And then slowly as you roll through your spine and come down, feel that the arms are reaching down. Feel that the weights are reaching away. Roll all the way down to the head points. Circle the legs down and together. Inhale, bring the legs on. So don't go quite so slow. Come to here and then lift. Next. I'm help you roll over. Flex to the fee and roll down.

Just push into my hands a little until we just control the descent. Just like that. We're going to go down and together and then lifting. Rolling out this. Great. This is great. Go ahead and push through your heels. Rolling your spine now.

Yeah. And then when you finish the one that you're doing, I'm going to bend the knees. I'm gonna bring the knees into the chest and then play it. Hug the knees into the chest for a quick stretch, and then you're going to turn over onto your side and come up onto your knees. Taking the weights out to the side.

So draw in and I feel that there's a energetic inward pull, maybe separate the knees, a little jazz, and then pull in through the inner thigh so you don't actually have to move your legs at all. Just feel energy there. We're going to reach over, keep the arms reaching out. Are going to dive over to one side. So there's an inhale, a good inhale breath. Then we're going to pull ourself back up to the opposite ways. Feel the shoulders heavy. Inhale, reach over to the opposite side. Feel the stretch to the waist to stretch.

Maybe I get a stretch in my hip and then pull in on your waist and lift back up. Inhale as we reach across and exhale a z lifter. Nice in house. We reach across and exhale as we lift up. So we're about to go down onto our one arm.

Could either turn the weight on its side like that or you can hold it in your fist. So we're going to go into the sidekick. You're going to reach over as the hand comes down. We're going to let that opposite knee float. Kika okay, so I want you to just keep that arm reaching. It's going to reach out in space. We're going to take the like forward.

We're going to take the leg back. Am I going to take the leg forward? Now this time has your arm or leg. That's a leg. As your leg goes back, reach forward and then find center. Kick forward. Keep the, I'm still reach back and stretch. Find Center, kick the like forward center, reach back one center kicked the like forward center, reach back, come to center. Hold it here. Take the arm up in the leg down. Now I feel that there's a relationship the whole down, the whole side of the body. We press the arm down, we feel the obliques, we feel the hip, and then we reach out and then we draw gathering energy through the center of the body.

Press into your leg a lot and reach down and draw. Lifting the leg, pressing down and released. We'll do three more. So dry to find the weight. Find the arm with the leg before the arm finds the leg, meaning lift your leg up high and then push on and last one reaching over and then down. And then just take that leg. So put a little weight on it, slide it, think of sliding it away, and then just take that arm and reach overhead with your weight in it. Take that beautiful stretch there, stabilizing through the shoulders.

You can lean back a little. Just make sure you're ready. If you've got that shoulder under control and we're going to come back, we're going to bend that knee. We're going to sit into the opposite hip. Excuse me. So when weights aren't important here and do whatever you want, I'm pushing mine away from me now and then rolling back up and come to center. So reorganize. Come back to 'em parallel.

Organize your clothing, lift arms. I'm going to do a different stretch this time. This time though. Let's go to the this way for us. We're going to take the one arm down, it's going to push into the leg. The other one's going to go up. We're gonna roll that way down. Big stretch to the side body, and then start to take the top arm down for us and then just let that bottom arm come up in response. And then take the bottom arm down. [inaudible] the opposite arm down, roll it down the thigh, reach up and over through that upper arm. Start to pull that arm back, gathering energy through the waist. We find our way back to center and inhale.

Feel the experience of ness of that stretch. And then gather energy in the place where the stretch happens to come back up. Reach over big reach, anchoring through the same side knee that you're reaching away from. And then reach up. Here we go onto the opposite leg. So we're going to dive over and lift that leg up.

Either one. You're right. Good. Okay, so we're going to now take the leg forward. We're gonna do that two times this. I'm just reaching like someone's pulling you out and back as your leg goes forward and back. Keep the spine still and center and back and center forward again. So now here's where we start to change the arm. We reach out through the arm as a lake travels.

Try not to arch the back too much and find center. Keep the arm still. Take the leg forward, bring the leg out, reach to like back. Stretch the arm forward and come back like it goes forward. Arms stay still. This is our last one. We reach out, we find center. We're going to hold center. We're going to take the arm up in the leg down. We're going up.

Push lifting the leg all the way into the arm. Feel the whole side of the body working there and then down. Aha. Good. Press Candy. You can bring your leg a little forward if you can. You might be more aligned to the Huh. And then press wait. Comes to the leg. The leg comes to the weight or more specifically, we're trying to lift the leg into the arm, right? And then the arm we can move.

Nice. Last one. Here we go. We reach up. We take the light down, we get a little weight on it. Put a little weight on it and reach oppositionally through the opposite arm. Again, you can lean back, just make sure your shoulder feels safe and then come back. Bend the knee, take the weight across and bring the hips down to the opposite side.

And then whatever. Roll the weights away, separate the knees, do whatever makes you happy to find a stretch to the outside of that hip. Okay, so we're going to come up from here. I'm going to come back upon to our knees. Start with the weights down. I'm going to do that size stretch. I'm going to show you a friend version and then a side version. So here we go.

We're gonna inhale. As we exhale, we want to talk the pelvis. The arms are gonna reach on front like you're holding onto a stability rope. You're going to start leaning away from those weights. Keep the pelvis pressing up. Now start to push the weights down and lift the body back up.

Return the body to neutral. You guys don't have to turn. I'm just going to turn here. So again, there is an adamant talking and adamant posterior rotation of the pelvis, posterior tilt. Then the body goes back in the arms. Reach out. This is your life raft. Go for it. And then push the arms down. Use the thighs and the abdominals to lift yourself up again. Inhale, tuck. Exhale, reach for there's opposition. Push your shins into the mat.

Lift your spine up and lower the weights down. We are going, we are going to do that two more times where it's got a little jumble there. So now we're going to go back. Now, here we go. We're going to, if you're ready for it, if you want a challenge, start to reach up, up, up, up with the arms back, and that's a suggestion. Sometimes I suggest things before I realize how hard they're going to be. So if you're ready to do that again, I'm going to do it. You don't have to, you could just keep your weights right here or you could go up.

You could go up and if you're up, let's go out and if you're out, let's come all the way lower down and then turn. So your head's in the center and rely down on your stomach. So I'd like for you to do with your weights is just take them out in front of you. Whoa, Russ. The heels of the hands on the weights, so elevate yourself so you're just a little bit lifted. So the, the position of the arms is allowing the body to be just floating around the rims. Then you're just going to start to roll the weights down towards the center of your hands. I've got the heels on. My hands were all good.

Roll the weights down the center of the hands. It's like you're sliding your arm bones back into your body and that's good. It's going to generate the lift that I'm looking for your there and then reach back forward. What I would do if I were you, Andrew, is separate a little bit. Your arms, make them a little wider, maybe even slightly wider than your mat, and that's going to give you more freedom in your shoulders. So, um, that's a good lesson for us all. Sliding the shoulders down. If your shoulders are more flexible, having the weights closer together will be more challenging.

But for all of us, if your hands are narrower than your own shoulder girdle, the size of your collarbones, that's going to make it significantly more challenging to do this correctly. If you've got the flexibility, feel free. Just know that that is real. Slide the shoulders down. Feel the almost, you're not pushing down on the weights. You're almost letting the weights roll back and lightening up on them. Yeah. Great. So good. And then reaching back and then we're going to go again. So we'll do three more sliding backwards, elevating the chest. So now you can come up as high as you want to.

Here I'm keeping my pretty minimal, but it's not necessary. So again, make your choices according to your preferences and preferences and needs and wishes. Last one, big or small. I tend to like to keep mine small. I feel like we get a lot of lower spinal extension and not a lot of upper spinal focus or work. So that's where I'm going to go and then reach. So now the last thing that we're going to do is we're going to keep the weights and we're going to keep our chest lifted just a little bit. We're gonna start to, you have two choices. Okay. Choice one, it's harder. One is gonna lift the weight and the opposite leg. So the weight and the leg lift opposite arm, opposite leg lift off the floor. [inaudible] and down. Let's do that again on the other side.

[inaudible] so that doesn't feel good on your shoulders to pick the weight up off the floor. Your second option is to say the first arm goes forward, rolls the weight forward is the opposite leg lift and back. Okay. And then we switched. I actually like that a lot. So if you're not trying it because it's the easy version in quotes, um, you might want to, it feels good. So the only arm I'm really rolling is the one that's the one that's supposed to lift. All right, let's do one more. She was in your version. No, hot and back and up and back. And then right your way to stay where they are.

Take your arms next to your body, press into your forum's, up onto your knees, and then just walk your knees towards your arms and sit back into a rest position. Dropping the heels down towards the hips. Settling into that stretch in the back for a moment. No, you're going to roll back up. I'm going to bring them weights back towards us. Okay. So I love my wrist straight so I'm not bending and kind of resting a bent rest on my weights. I have my knuckles underneath, like I'm standing on my knuckles. Whatever. Jess, if you don't, um, Jess is working with an injured wrist so she may modify as she needs to. So what we're gonna do is we're going to take the left weight forward, the right weight leg, leg back.

We're just going to lift both off the floor. And uh, so as you exhale, the arm and the leg on the opposite sides of the body come into alignment and uh, and [inaudible] stabilizing through the torso and [inaudible] and down and reach out and down. Bend the knee and come back opposite side. So the arm leads, the leg follows or they both move simultaneously. Note that there's an invitation to notice the center of your body and to stabilize the center of your body. Notice what the bottom shoulder is doing, the one that's resting on the floor last too. And one more. So we're going to come back down, back to both knees. Inhale here as you exhale, roll the spine under a rule the pelvis under, and feel as though without actually moving the arms, you're generating a backward pull with them, generating a backward Paul, and then inhale as you come through.

And then as your spine goes into extension, generate that same thing. Like the upper arms are pulling backwards to allow the chest to lift upwards and then find center. Let's do that two more times to exhale around. So I wonder if pushing the arms away a little bit or the energy of an a way arm would feel good. It does. So there's always, you know, room for personal discovery or inquiry. Elongate through the back, reach through the chest, pull the weights backwards. I think that's the best idea in this situation. Abdominal state.

And then back to center. One more time through Xcel, around the spine. Whatever you're doing with your arms, the shoulders are down. Inhale, elongation, exhale, reach up and back. So now what I want you to do is we come in a little closer to your weight, Tuck your toes under the no roll over your feet. You can just have your weights in your hands in a stand up. So there you are in your roll down position.

I'm going to step down onto the floor, but everyone else can just drop their head, can take a breath in. And keeping the weights heavy in your hands. Just start to roll yourself back up to standing again, finishing or ending to coming towards the end of class where we started. So if you'll just turn and face me, I'm gonna take the waist. I'm gonna come onto my knees so y'all can see me. Everyone else can just stand.

Okay, so we're here. The weights are connected together. So I want you to feel that they're powerful magnets, these weights, and they're trying, you know how magnets want to stay together. Okay? So now what you've gotta do is you gotta pull with your shoulder blades in your elbows. Those powerful magnets apart you out to create that energy. Keep creating, keep creating, pull away. Feel the energy all the way out through the hand.

Lift the chest, return to stray as you bend your arms. Those magnets are trying to pull themselves together, but you're trying to resist. Keep the shoulder blades wide. Keep trying to pull the elbows apart as the hands come back together, they touch and then, or you're ripping apart like Velcro, rips, slow reach all the way. Let some of that intensity go away. Rotate and lift the chest. There is center and now recreate intensity, elbows, y and it's coming together.

And then one more zip up the front of the buy. So as the way it's pulled apart, we get narrower and narrower and narrower through the midline of the body. We reach out, let a little bit of that intensity. Go lift the chest, keep the chest lifted. As you lower your arms towards the floor, turn the weights in your hands. Roll down all the way towards the floor, rounding the spine down. And when you get to the floor, softening your knees to get there if you need to. Cause I'm going to ask you to put your weights down. Yep. Just down on the ground. You're going to let them go.

You're going to leave them there. Then a roll back up. And as we come back up onto our feet again, so again, realigning starts to let the arms left. See what it feels like to not have to pull any weight for a second and then let the arms just however it feels right to you. Relax down towards your body. Straight arms. They can bend a little. I like to let my fingers go and let's do that again.

So this is a potential closed eyes moment. Arms Up, you know, feel energy reaching up through the arms. And then as the arms start to fall down, feel energy reaching up through the spine. Almost like you're pulling your energy up through the top of your head as your arms draw tension flowing out of the body. And then one more time, we take the arms up in the front. You long gay, create space, reach y, y, y, y. Come all the way down.

And taking a moment just to feel your self in your own skin. I feel the heaviness of your bones. Feel your body in space. And when you're ready, go home. We're done.


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So good to take class with you again, Meredith! I am 3 months postpartum now and slowly easing back into the 1/2 and 2 classes with you. It feels great, even though I am not always doing the full exercises, still need more support for the neck etc. While doing class I just thought that it would be great to have a mat class taught by you and Kristi together (kind of a female Michael and Ton team-style). You both are such wonderful teachers and seem to have such a good energy between the two of you - I would love to see you teaching together.
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Amazing class! Loved the lightness of the arms at the end and how the weights help to curl. Thank you Meredith!
Viola ~ we do have a Reformer Workout that Meredith and Kristi teach together, but I agree that it would be great to have a Mat workout taught by both (unless there already is one that I don't know about)!
Thanks viola! Meredith and I enjoyed teaching that Reformer class so much together, I think we would be up for doing a Mat class together too! What do ya say Meri?
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Great and challenging class. Instead of weights I used small weighted balls and they turned out perfect (especially with all the pushes into the weights on the floor). Thanks, Meredith! I just can't get enough of your classes. And I totally support Viola's idea of joining you and Kristi in teaching a mat class... :)
Jessss!!!!! I'm so jealous of you! Love you guys so bad
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Staying with a friend so no weights....16 oz cans of fire roasted tomatoes worked fine :) Lovely class with almost a meditative feel yet with plenty of focused work. Thanks!
Thanks for your comments, ladies! I love the creative variety of weighted options for those with now weights. Way to think on your feet. I appreciate your feedback so much!
Kristi Cooper - I say YES YES YES! Let's do it!
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Wonderful class, Meredith! I love the weights. It was truly a thrill to meet you and Kristi this past Monday, and I so enjoyed our morning session and the afternoon mat class at the PA studio, where it all goes down. I am newly inspired. Greetings from chilly Brooklyn!
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