Class #1793

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Diane Diefenderfer joins Pilates Anytime with a Mat workout that focuses on centering, breathing, and awareness. She starts with a warm up to find the correct alignment of your spine and pelvis, and then moves into more challenging exercises to strengthen your core. By the time you get to the breathing exercises at the end of the class, you will feel more connected to your center and you will stand taller than you did before.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi, I'm Diane Diffenderfer. This is geo. And this is Laura. We're going to do a at class today. We're going to focus on some of the fundamentals of the [inaudible] work on correct brea...


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Diane's work is flawless, detailed, and beautiful. What a great mat class!
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briliant, great detail
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Really enjoyed it loved cues and pace for teaching
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Good mat class, very smooth.
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Glad I picked this class! Really enjoyed it.
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"No movement without thought" wonderful take·away message from this precisely and smoothly taught class
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Brilliant class. Loved it. A great weekly class.
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Great all over workout. Flowing and controlled :)
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What a beauty of a class and how mesmerizing to watch Diane's every glorious gesture.
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