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Standing Archival Exercises

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The Dynamic Duo, Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt, are back on Pilates Anytime with a Standing workout. They teach exercises that Joseph Pilates did in archival footage they saw when they worked for Romana Kryzanowska. Enjoy exercises like Standing Saw, the challenging One Leg Squat, and much more including an encore at the end where you can try a combo that Joe did in the archival footage.
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Tim and we're doing this standing workout. We are, so some of the exercises I'm are actually exercises that Joe did himself. So they're from um, where the opportunity to watch the archival tapes when we worked for Romana and we took our notes to Romana and she went through them. And so we've incorporated that a lot today in the standing class. A lot of that exercises are quite difficult, so modify as you see fit.

We'll try and give modifications when possible. Um, so be gentle with your bodies and we'll be gentle with you. Anything else I missed? No. So I think we should start. Let's do it. Here we are. Let's stand. I'm just dent in a comfortable position with your legs hip with or if you prefer body stance. Either way would work for us. So just placed the hands right in your center.

You're going to take a big breath in and open the arms and expand yourself as much as you can. And on the exhale you bring it back to the center and just inhale, open that exhale back. And now we all have different rhythms of follow your own rhythm. You can go faster than I am or slow than I am. I do not care. What I want you to do is not to pull back too much but think of reaching out.

So think more side than back. Lets do one more big one and then just take the arms down and just relax for a second before we move on I want you to take it a little infant story of your body right? So where do you feel your body is in space right now? Don't change it. Just take a note of it of like you might feel yourself being more on the heels or more on the ball of your feet.

You might feel yourself more standing on one leg or the other or tensioning your knees, your hips, your reps, whatever it is. Just take note of it and there was check at the end. If there is a difference, there might not be. So now we're going to talk about the concept of Eve gentry with her fertile skulls. And you're on her horizontals. So just stay nice and tall. And I want you to think about the five furcal lines in your body. And they are the spine, the two arms, and your two legs, right?

And the fertile goals hang in your body. So if you imagine to stand and let your spine hang out from your neck or from your head, and the two vertical lines of your arms, hang down from your shoulders and the leg vertical lines hanging down from your hips, right? So just take a note of how that would feel, if that was all just hanging there. Then we have the horizontals of our body, the horizontals, we have six of them are your head, your shoulders, your rib cage, your pelvis, your knees, and your ankles. And imagine that the horizontals, they float. So they are just like on in the ocean behind me. These are the, like Bob on the water, right? So the Furtick aligns, hang the horizontal lines float.

And if you tried to keep that concept while we're moving, um, keep it a concept in your mind because it really can help you keeping your body relaxed. Sometimes we get really tight if you're trying to do something too much and we start to clench and we start to tighten up. And if Jen, she used to say like also what Joe used to say, like he looked at the body almost like an like an architect it and even in the bridge it has to be loose. It the bridge has to be able to move. If it doesn't move, it cracks. And so will your body, Eve gentry used to say so keep it loose as we're going yet. Hang loose, vertical, horizontal, keep them in mind. Good. Put the weight on your right foot and you're going to just use your left foot and we're going to pool like we pooling a towel, moving it, and then push it back and then pull it in quite fast. I know we don't work our toes often and it's going to be really strange.

And Paul, there you go grab it and grab it. Now lift your toes up and think of playing the piano with your toes, rich and rich and rich and rich and rich. I always do it in my hands because my toes don't do it this way. You get it a little bit of an idea of what it should look like and now reverse it, which is even more fun, right? It's really impossible for a lot of people, but try, you know, you never know. You might be the odd one who can do it, right?

It should be possible. Now just stay on the outside of your foot and just rock forward and back, only on the outside of the foot. So rock all the way from the outs of the heel to your little toe. Just precedent and precedent as dude. One more time. And I go to the inside of your foot to go on the inside, inside of the heel, bone to the ball of the foot, right behind your big toe.

Just press it in and push. Now we're going to create a little spiral. So you're going to spin on the outer of the heel, ending onto the big toe. So you're going to curl and you press and you're curling up press and you're currently in your press and keep the foot on the floor. Don't lift the heel. So once it's on the floor, it stays on it a day ago.

So you get it right there and right there. One more time and right there. So now stand up. Do you feel different about the two different feet? If you might feel more activated, you might feel more grounded. You might feel no difference at all, but just be aware of that difference, right? [inaudible] so let's go to the other side.

So first we're going to do towel, towel, towel, towel pulls in, and you can usually do three to five pools and then bring it back. You don't want to do it too slow, so you really want to work and wake that up, right? We're going to be standing on our feet the whole time. So we want to make sure they're ready. Lift your toes up and let's play the piano. You can play a little bark [inaudible] whatever you like.

Chopsticks. It's all depends on how talented you are. Let's go to the other side. Larry, very short. Tried to do it only with your toes. I know that cheat have gone like from the inside and outside of the foot. Really tried to work your toes. Yeah, you got a rock on the outside of the feet and really press it down and just really press into it. Now make it heavy.

There you go. And then go into the insight. Don't lift the heel up, down, lifting it up. Just stay in it. Just press and just press. There you go. Now let's go into the spiral. Out of the heel to the big toe. And, and so it's sort of like you step right on top of your foot for a step on it and step on it and step on it. Let's do it one more time and step on it.

And let's find our center. While you're here, feel your feet grounded into the floor. Lift the toes up and we're going to move right from our ankles. So what you're going to do is you can stay nice and long and you're just going to lean forward. So the weight is right on the ball of your feet, feeling the big toe and the little toe, the ball behind those toes, digging into the floor. Now lean slightly back so you're right in the center of the heel.

Don't overshoot and be on the back end of the heel right in the center. Now rock between those two. So you're gonna rock forward and you're going to rock back, rocking forward and back. And now slowly make that rocking motion smaller and smaller, smaller and smaller until still with those toes up until you are right in the middle. So there's even weight on the ball of the foot and heel. Now relax your toes. How do you tell us feel?

They might feel a little bit relaxed, right? This is how your toe should feel. Oops, had a lot of times we gripped with our toes. We want to keep them relaxed. Look at your feet, lift your toes up and relaxing them. Lift them up. See what happens in your arch as you lift your toes, relax them. So lift your toes in. What did the arches do? And relax. They lift up as well, right? So lift the toes. The arch comes up, and then as your toes relax, he's relaxed. Now let's play with that.

Lift the toes up. Now keep the arch lifted and just relax the toes. Key, the bottom side of the feet active, and then relax. Lift the toes. Keep the r-chop. Just relax the toes. Try to keep that like you're trying to sug it off the floor and then relax. One more time. Lift the touch. Keep the eyes lifted.

Relax the toes and relax. Lift the toes again. Stay up nice and tall. Don't lean back. Relax the toes. Now lift the heels a quarter inch off the floor without moving forward. So you're going to pool a tried to lift the heels without rocking forward just a little bit, and then relax them back down. Just lift the toes without leaning back. Relax the toes.

Lift the heels without moving forward. Feel the connection of the legs, the inner thighs, and the abdominals. And relax. Let's do it one more time. Leave your toes, relax the toes. Lift the heels just a little bit, just a little bit. It's a little bit, there's a little bit. Don't lean forward. Find it, find it, find it, find it, and slowly lower town. Now that you found where to stand and we're going to work on the breath of it. We're going to start with what we call diagonal breath.

You're going to place your hand right on the side, right around your ribs. You're going to place the other fingers right on your shoulder. And from here, just that comfortable stance. I don't care how your feet are, whether they're open and second underneath you plotty stance, parallel. It doesn't matter. From here, just take a deep breath in and exhale, have really sin. Think of the side being like a balloon so you n house had expands and then acts hell, your balloon collapses. So you want to think of inhale, the separating the hands and big balloon. And then ax. Hell, I don't even care if your shoulder goes down in bed and how stretch. And then exhale, bring it down. Two more breaths on your own with them.

Remember it's your breath, not mine. And one more. Breathe in and relax and just take a breath with both arms down. You might feel a difference. Cause what it does is it opens up your intercostals and often our backs are tight because the intercostals are tight, not because the back is tight. So to make sure you stay even, let's do other side so you can bring your hand as high as you can up in the wrist on the rib cage.

Place the other hand just here and think of the point being expanding a big balloon so your balloon expands and then at the flights and really just get that breath going. Good Candace. And it doesn't matter if your hand position doesn't quite match what I did as long as it's in the vicinity somewhere because it depends upon your flexibility. So good question. You just want to get, we're trying to open up the intercostal so it doesn't really matter about the hand or the foot position. Just breathe deep and relax and bring it down. Just take a normal breath and what you're going to do is you're going to interlace your fingers.

You're going to just stand in a comfortable parallel stance. You're going to bend your knees and just place your hands. We're right on top of your head. From here, you're just going to inhale, look up and stretch your shoulders. They gonna slide up and then you're going to ask how burning it down. You just inhale, slide and exhale down.

Relieves that breath. Inhale and exhale. Good. Inhale, exhale. Last time. Inhale. Inhale. Hold it there. Release the fingers. Circle your arms down to your STI. Staying in parallel. You're going to bring your arms to your sides. We're going to squat.

You're going to inhale. Think of sending your sits bones back and up. So you just go down. I'm thinking of sending my sits bones back, keeping my heels on the mat, on the floor. Just inhale, extending your arms forward. Exhale, and again, inhale, exhale. Last time. Inhale and exhale.

Place your hands right in your thighs. Bend your knees from there. Still sending the sitz bones back. We're going to do standing cat stretch. So what you want to think of here is rounding thinker, bringing your nose to your pubic bone, so what you'll do is you'll round. Now from here, I'm going to think of sending my sitz bones back and lifting my chest forward. The hands might slide. They might not. That's up to you. Accidental rounds.

You'll curl the coccsyx. Good. Inhale, stretch. Send the sitz bones, lift the chest good and round and bring it back in and again, inhale last time, axe, hell around. You're brewing it up. Then we're going to go into what most people call Pilati stance. Kathy grant called it military stance, which makes sense of Joe and the men in the military potty stance, position, whatever you want to call it.

The next one we're going to do is the standing lap pole, which is one of Joe's arm's going to just going to start down. You're going to inhale, bring the arms up, shoulders will be up. Exhale, just release them down. They found their place. Inhale, take your focus up. Axe how? Relax your head and neck down and look at your feet. See you. Inhale, arms go up, exhale to Rapa down. Remember, he was a bodybuilder. What does this look like? And inhale. Exhale, bring it back down. One more. Inhale, fill up. Exhale, feel the connection with the shoulders and the lats. Inhale, stretch up and bring it down.

Now the next one I'm going to show you from the side in the back. A lot happens on the breath. You're gonna from here. Inhale, bring your arms all the way to the back. Then you're going to exhale. Slide him down the back. Then inhale back up and exhale, bring it back down. So inhale, arms up and behind your back. Exhale, release. Inhale, release the arms up and exhale barium down.

Inhale, bring the arms back behind you. Exhale, stir hatch. If you think about what you're seeing, that's the double leg. Kick on the Mat, but only your standing. Joe was pretty creative. Arms behind you. Exhale, stretch. Inhale up. Exhale, bring it down. Good. One more. Inhale, class X, Stir Rach. Inhale up. Exhale, bring it down. Standing side bend.

Take your right arm and you're going to inhale, bring it up. You're going ask. Hell over using this arm to keep you from collapsing on that downside of the waist. Inhale, bring both arms up. Exhale burring a town. Inhale, exhale over. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale, exhale over you. Feel like a little soldier in the army. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale, exhale over.

Inhale up. Exhale down, and just relax. From there, what we're going to do is the forward bend, so you're going to take a little bit of a wider stance. You're going to hold on right behind, right below your buttocks. You're going to take a deep breath in and you're just going to exhale round forward. Think of bringing your pubic bone. It's not tucking, but bringing your pubic bone towards your nose and your nose towards, but not going all the way down and rolling back up. So from the side it will look like a sitting spine. Stretch forward.

I'm rounding forward and by bringing the pubic bone you're keeping dropping the sitz bones. Bring it in and slowly roll it up. One more time just to roll it forward and roll it up. Now bring your feet back to the parallel position. Bring your arms up and from there, think of the squat we did before. Keeping your arms up. Send it back from there. Now round and reach for the floor. Place your hands on the floor.

You're in a parallel position. Try if you can. Keep your hands on the floor or your fingertips and you're going to stretch up your legs to the ceiling and bend back down. So from the side it's squatting and then you're stretching up long and you're bend and you stretch. Good. One more. Just warm up those legs, band and stretch. Last time, Ben, place your hands right on top of your thighs. From there, slowly start to roll yourself up. Okay.

Then you're going to open your legs wide to a side lunge. From here, you're going to hold on again, right be though your buttocks. You're going to take a big breath in and you're going to exhale over and you're going to lunge over that. Now in this position, think of the knee going out towards the little toe will help in the tracking of the leg to protect it up and back center. Inhale, exhale over. Really your arms can bend.

Okay, and how up. Exhale over. Think of that inside of the knee, going towards the little toe. Help protect the leg, keep it in line and how ax hell over. Yeah, you'll see pictures of Joe. He often held onto his body parts to give himself resistance, so that's a sandy inside lunch from there, we're going to take no name for this one. This is from Joe too.

We just called it Vitruvian man cause it looks like Davinci's. Big Guy with a circle on the x and all that standing there. You're in the inhale and on the exhale you're going to think of bringing your pubic bone up towards your nose so there's no pressure in your lower back and you're going to arc and then come back to long neutral spine. Inhale, exhale. Going back. If you think about it, what you're doing now is just the standing version of the swan dive. Bring it forward.

That guy was pretty smart and bring it back in and one more time. Good. And bring it back in. Now we're going to add onto this. We'll keep your arms up or bring them down for a second. Shake them out. They want to make you go. I hate that I had all my arms up. Bring your arms up. See here, we're going to do what he called the swing through.

So you're going to inhale doing just what we did. Now on the exhale, you're going to bend your knees and reach between your legs and then you're going to inhale, roll it back up, and then ax hell over Ben Jeanice. It's a bit safer that way. Now since you're all such talented people, you can keep your legs straight and go through. So you're going to inhale, I'm the exhale you go through with straight legs reaching and brewing it up and again and over and reach with straight legs and bring it up and open your arms. Now we're going to put it together, or I should say Joe put it together in a little combo. So we had the sidelines is with the Vitruvian man with the swing through. I don't know what he called it, but it was just on the old archival footage.

So you're gonna start in the back. You gonna take a deep breath in and you're gonna ask hell over. It's a contraction. Really think of contracting over. Inhale back to center. Acts Hello over to the other side. Then inhale Vitruvian man up. Exhale, suing through in how up. Exhale, arms open to the sides. Inhale acts. Hello.

Inhale. Exhale over. Inhale up. Exhale over. Inhale up tall and relax it down. Now that was the dress rehearsal. We're going to do it again, but just watch for a second. You can either stick with this version or you can do it the way Joe did, which on this party went up and he bounced two, three up. He went here he can and when you can tract over, it's really, it's not just pretty, it's remember 1930s think about the image of doe with the little swim trunks pose pose.

There's a lot of pictures and I think some of them might even be online floating around. Who knows? But anyways, got it. So do it with bounces or do it without. It's your choice. Life is full of choices. Choose wisely. So grab ons from here and take a deep breath in. Exhale over. Inhale up, exhale over. Inhale up, exhale over to three up and let's do it again. Inhale, exhale over. Inhale up, exhale over. Inhale up. Exhale, pounce two, three up and bring it down. And relax.

That was pretty good. I thought it was good. So here we are. Let's bring the legs to a parallel position for the standing spine twist. So you're just going to bring the arms up, you're going to twist to your right and open the arms, bring them back up as you untwist yourself in. Inhale, exhale, region. Just keep going on your own Tambo or reached the arms away from each other.

So each fall forward and backwards. At the same time, try to keep the hips as square and forefront as possible. They'll move a little bit. That's okay, we found, forgive that. And one more time. [inaudible] bring it back up last time per s, bring it back up and lower the arms to the side. Open the legs really quite wide and let's place the feet straight forward, right? So not turned out, but try to point forward. Place the hands on the thighs. You're gong to bend the right leg, sit back with the hips and reach forward with the body.

So you've might feel the stretch in the inside and then bring it back up and then come back forward. Try to stay flat on the foot that you're going away from up and press and lean into it. Make your body as long as you can up and reach forward again. That's good. Let's do it one more time on each side, reaching long. Bring it back up on the exhale.

Reach and come back up. And just stay there. Leave the legs where they are. We're going to do distending saw. So the right arm goes up. You're going to fold forward and saw of the little toe. The other arm comes up. Inhale, come back up, and then bring the arm back down, lifted up, and then stretch.

Come back up and then bring it down. Lift the right arm. Now make sure that the right foot stays firmly on the floor when you twist to the left, right? Bring it back down. So lifted up, go down, but push the left foot on the floor as if you were sitting up. We have one more set to go. Lifted up, anchored the right hip, bring it up and down, lifted up, and anchor the left hip. There you go up and bring it down. Let's bring the legs to gather. So just turn the legs out, but don't turn out too much because the whole point is trying to keep the heels together while we doing the exercise. Okay, so here we are.

Bend the knees, keep the heels on the floor. Don't change anything in the body. As you lift the heels up, then straighten the legs without lowering the heels and, and slowly lower the heels back down. So bend the knees, lift the heels, try to keep even weight on the big toe and the little toe. Straighten up nice and tall and our stay long as the yields come down. One more time in this direction. Bend, lift the heels. There you go. Length for not more. Think of lifting higher as the heels come down.

Let's reverse it. So we're going to go up. Bend the knees, but not too far. Watch out because as you load heels, you don't want to be pushed up. You want to be able to stay down. Now straighten the legs, lift the heels out, bend the knees, lower the heels, press down, and last time I bend the knee, lower the heels. Think of pushing the earth away. Push it down. There you go. Good. The next one, place the hands behind your head. The hands are going to help you in two ways.

You can press the hands into your head and your head into your hands. That oppositional push is going to give you a little stability. What works for me as well is to hold on behind me and think of lengthening myself up so my arms pool, my head out of my spine. Think of those fertile skulls. Again, the spine hangs out of the head. So here we go. Try to keep the heels together as much as you can. Five counts to go down. We're going to bend two, three, four, five and I'll pull up to three, four, five. Sound effects?

Four, five and lift two, three. Let's do it one more time to ITV chest. Lift that as much as you can and then come up. Now remember what Michael just did with the bouncers. We're going to do two more times and you can choose to do the bounces as Joe did. So he bounced. Every count is one bounce, five pounds is up, five bounces down. Or in this case down and up.

Here we are getting ready and got one and two and three and four and five and lift into entry. One more time, one and two and three and four and five and lift and two and three and four and five and bring the arms down. We're going to do the straight leg lift, so I'm up to decide as you lift one leg up and then just bring it back down and long body and bring it down. Stand right in levels like the height of the leg is not important. You're trying to keep the pelvis as still as possible so it doesn't shift and we don't curl. Let's do it one more time for perfection and bring it down and long body up and down. Let's do to the back so the arms are going to go forward. As the leg goes back and you lift and bring everything back in, you'll end up, you can take the head with you and in Ireland, lift.

Exhale, bring it down. Last one, up and down and just find your center. Here we go. Hey, it looks like you found your centers and tones. Got You warmed up for the squats. One like squat. Let's all turn to the side because although you all have great backsides, I think the camera could see your profile for a change. So what you're going to do for the one leg squat, we'll build it up. It's not as scary as you think. Just start, pick a leg.

I don't care which one. Just pick them from there. You're just going to bend and you're going to slide that foot forward, leaving it still on the floor. You can leave it on. Never. Don't make it harder yet. We're going to make it hard and slide it back in and change the other leg and just slide it out. You don't have to lift it off. Don't worry. We're going to lift it off enough from there. Now we can lift it off.

So you're going to lift good. And again, just slide it forward. Now as you slide forward, think of sending your sitz bones back. Good and back up. Now try and take that a little bit deeper. So all you're gonna do is slide forward. It's like Candice and I are reaching for each other across the room and then you go all the way down and you come all the way back up. See you did it. And I slice.

So we're just gonna stretch. I wheat reach lovingly for Christie. I bring it back in. So that's his one leg squat. I told you it wasn't so bad you didn't believe me. Now from there we're going to go to the side.

We're going to just bring your arms up, forward bend, just rounding from there, you're going to bend the left leg or the right leg. I don't care. Again, pick a leg, you're going to bring it forward and you come down into a little lunge. Now, you're not going to stay here too long, so don't worry if you have bad knees. Bring this foot a little bit more forward in this lunge position from here. Don't think of squeezing the glutes. Think of moving the pubic bone. Bring the pubic bone forward and take that motion into the stretch.

Bring your hands down, curl your toes under. Stretch the back leg out and relax it back down. Stretch it out without lifting your buttocks if you can, and bringing it back down. Stretch it out and hold it there. Put the weight into your hands. Bring the other leg back. Guess what? It's pushed up. Time. Go forward. Think of going forward.

The plot is way bringing your chin down and up. We go forward and up. One more. You can do it and up and from there, come back down to your knees. Bring the other leg forward. See, it wasn't that bad. Slide the foot a little bit forward. If you can. Make sure that back leg is parallel. Get into it by thinking of dropping the sitz bones down, bringing the pubic bone forward, letting that take you see, get the stretch from there. Place your hands down, lift up, curl the toes under and stretch the leg.

And this band and stretch and ban last time for Candice, who seems to be moaning with pleasure from there, but they hands out into pushups. We die forward and up, down and up. Once more down and up. Now listen carefully. Hold the position. Open your legs wide. Push back down into your heels. Walk your hands towards your feet.

We are now going to do what Tony and I called Joe's elephant walk. Since it was a silent film. I don't know what he called it, right arm and right leg are gonna move at the same time. So you just walk, walk, walk, walk forward. If you want to walk in circles, if you know Mary Bowen's tape, you can see Joe doing this, walking in circles out in the middle of the woods in November with no shirt on and everybody else's in their coats and relax. Bend your knees to make it easy on yourself. Now that you felt like a total fool and place your hands and slowly roll back up and it's on camera. Who knew from there? Just take a nice, let's do it. And military stance. Plotty stance. Bring your arms forward.

Chest expansion squat. You're going to inhale up from here. You're going down. Then you're going to look to the right, look to the left look center. Then you're going to go back up. Then lower your heels in, lower your arms with the breath. Inhale, exhale down. Hold your breath. Look to the side side, front.

Inhale, exhale back and release it. So we inhale or do it in partners. Then we're going down. Good. Look to the side, side scientists. We're going back up and you're slowly lowering back down. Good. I thought that looked pretty good. I thought they were fantastic.

So now we're ready to jump around like crazy. People turn to the front. Here we go. So you're going to have your arms bent. The whole point of this is that nothing, nothing changes from the pelvis up. Right leg goes up and then it comes back down and the top comes down.

So don't bounce forward. The leg comes up to you and let's speed it up, up and up and up and up and keep it up. Bed, up and up, up and up and up and up and relax. Arms open to the side. Now make sure the legs close each time. So you're going to open it, the site, bring it back to the center before the other one goes, and out, up and down and down.

Excellent is down and down and down and down and down and down. Close it. Otherwise you end up here, right? Cause did I close it? It's not like those balls to keep wishing. Boom and boom and boom and boom and boom and boom and boom and boom. Relax. Legs are hip width apart here, let's swing our arms and legs. So we're gonna swing up and, and reach and back and up and right.

So just bounds. Make it nice and light. Every time your leg straighten who go up to the heels, lift the heels, lift the hills, lift the front, lifted back, lifted front, lifted back, lifted front. Every time you heels lift, that turns into a jump. So jump front, jump back, jump front, jump back, front, back, front, back two more times and relax. It was one of Romanos favorite ways of ending that classes. Not that we're done yet, but that's all man. Use that for.

Okay. Legs Nice and wide. It's time for a stretch. Here we go. The trick in this stretch is just to keep the heels lifted for as long as possible until you're all the way turned around. So you're going to lift up the heels, turn all the way around. Now lower the heels, bend the front leg and reach for the back leg. Come back up, untwist yourself and lower back down. Other sides. Lift, twist, bend the front leg, reach for the back leg. Come back up all the way up, all the way down. Now up tourists. Exhale, reach. If you can reach behind the leg, that's that's possible to come back up and untwist yourself and bring it back down. So you do what you can do right up to waist.

Just reach for that leg. Reach for reaching youth. Come up all the way. There you go. And be like spinning the legs together. Una roll down, standing around the world, roll down all the way forward. Bring the arms up so your body's in a tabletop position. Try to keep the hips still and with your upper body you're going to scan the room, scan the room scanner and make sure nothing strange is going on.

And then low back. Bring it up. Let's scan the other way. Look around the car and look around the corner. Look behind you, look around the other corner and go all the way down. One more time each way. Lift up and scan. Try not to move the hips so the hip stays still as possible and go down all the way first. Lift up into a tabletop position and then go to around the corner all the way around, all the way around, all the way around.

All the way around and end up at the bottom. Once you're at the bottom, you slowly roll yourself back up, moving your heels away from each other. So we are in a parallel position. You're going to do what we call the Relevate hinge. So you're going to come up onto the heels. Your body's gonna stay one piece of steel.

You're just going to bend your knees and lean back, lean back, go as far as you can go. Then come back up and then lower back down. Take to the hit above. Here we are. Think of pushing your pubic bone up. Keep pushing it up. Keep pushing it up. Keep pushing and keep pushing up the air too. Lean there to lean there, to lean.

Be Brave. Go where no woman has gone before. Come back up and lower back down. One more. Okay, one more herth left. I guess someone needed revenge going down. Go down, go down, go down, go down, leaning, leaning, leaning, leaning, leaning in there you gotta you gotta how? Hello? Can you go? Come back up. Beautiful and bring it back down.

We're going to do the kneeling squat and what does, this is sort of like an overgrown courtesy. You're going to lift the leg up, you're going to bring it down to touch the knee on the floor. You bring it back up and you place the foot back down, up and down. Now trying to keep this foot off the floor. Don't do this right. We'll be wrong, so you're going to keep this foot up. Keep the foot off the floor to come up one more time. It's possible you can do it. You can do what you can do. What you can do is reach forward to think of all the squats that we've done before. There you go. You got to add up so close and hang it back down. There you go.

Room for improvement. This is not the only time you're going to watch this video. Here we are. I'm sorry, rural. Turn the palms open, the lift the arms up into a tabletop position. Come all the way up to straight.

Press the hips forward and make a big circle to come home. Inhale, exhale, roll down, palms turn, lift the arms up and goes all the way back, all the way back, all the way back, all the way back. One more time. Inhale, exhale, roll down to each inhale, bring the arms up, turn them this way. There you go. And then exhale, press all the way over. We're going to reverse it. People are always surprised that this was actually one that Joe did. You know everybody thinks it's a yoga exercise. It is not. Arms Up.

Bring the arms down, press the hips forward, lift all the way up. Go all the way through a flat back. Relax at the bottom to roll yourself up. Inhale, exhale. Swing it around in your reach all the way forward and go all the way down.

Relax the body. Roll back up. One more time. Inhale, and the arms go back. As you go forward, reach all the way forward across the crowded room. Relax at the bottom and roll yourself back up. Bring the arms in front in here nice and wide. Just how we started in range and inhale, reach lies in wide and exhale last time in here or last time. Now exhale and bring the arms down. Take a little inventory of your body.

Does it feel different, right? You might feel different on your feet. You might stand differently, your weight might have shifted. Let's do a little balance exercise. You're going to place one foot straight, make sure it's absolutely parallel and then the other one goes right against it. So heel to toe. Make sure your feet are not turned out. Now move your body forward and backwards until you have even weight on both feet. Right? Pull up.

The tendency is to go down, tried to fight it. Go as tall as you can be. The longer you can be, the easier it's going to be here. Once you're ready, all you have to do is close your eyes and just stay there. Fight it, fight it, fight it. Stay nice and longs and nice and lungs and eyes and lungs and eyes and lungs and nice and long. Very nice and just open your eyes and let's change legs.

See. And here you are all worried about the balance exercises. Feet are parallel, even weight on both legs. We are totally long, tall and beautiful. Keep the weight evenly on both feet. Once you're ready, close your eyes. Now all these little adjustments that you feel your body is doing, that's what your body does every single moment of the day.

Every time it tries to find its balance for every step you take. For every Coffee Cup of coffee you pick up every damn it changes, the balance changes and it's always doing what it's doing right now. You just never aware of it, right? So just find your stance. Open your eyes there nice and long. Take a nice big breath in and exhale and relax.

Good. That was the end of the glass. Thank you so much. So welcome to the encore of the standing polarities class. Um, this isn't combination of exercises that Joe actually himself did. So you might see it on some of the archival tapes. Maybe you've seen it already. So it can be quite challenging.

You do as much chicken do and we can do your modified. You modify and you do it the next time. [inaudible] start with the legs. Hip width apart. There we go. So you're going to lift up the heels. You're going to bring the knees forward and you're going to lean back like we did before in class, and you slowly lower yourself down all the way to the floor. Then curl the toes under, then lean back all the way in a big hinge.

Sit down the heels when you need to round your back, place the hands on the floor. Move yourself forward into a cobra or arched position. And it's a beautiful extension. Now the whole thing reverses itself. Bend the elbow, sit back, lean back, and come up straight. Curl the toes under. Lean back to come back up to standing.

And there you go. Let's try that one more time. You ever go so I can watch. You can watch. Are you ready? Girls or women? I should say. Lift the heels. Bring the knees forward. Lean back into a hinge. Slowly lower the knees down to the floor. Once you're down, curl the toes under.

Don't go too slow. Grilled the toes back. Point your feet, lean back, sit on the heels, plays the hands on the floor and round forward. Go up into the extension, reverse it. Bend the elbow, sit back on the heels, roll all the way back. Come up in a straight back. There we go. Curl the toes under and now magically come up. And there we go. And there was your encore performance by the girl.

Good job.


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I'm excited!
The are so many ideas.
Thank you!
REALLY great. Just my kind of class. As a reflexologist, I particularly liked the foot work. Thanks guys
Magic! Can't stop smiling, had some great laughs at myself! Thanks for the awesome ideas. You guys rock!
Absolutely loved this and will be re doing very soon. Didn't do encore yet but def will. Thanks.
genial la clase, muy diferente y exigente!!!!!
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Thank you everybody for these great comments. We are glad you are enjoying this workout. We always have fun teaching it.
Love the standing work. Excellent balance work. Thank you!
Showing that Balance can be achieved in so many ways. Perfect.
one word - WOW...two more - THANK YOU
So much great information (per usual from you 2) and the encore - again, WOW Will study this one!
I am so impressed my very first Pilates Anytime class and wow what a Intro! Thank you. I so want to be the Very Best Teacher I can be - So many Ideas.
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