Class #1822

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Sharon Gallagher-Rivera is back and she's ready to test your balance! She uses a Foam Roller to work on stability and to challenge the traditional Mat work. Sharon begins with fundamental exercises to find space in your body, and then moves into fun exercises like her Rolling Like a Ball variation that improve each time you try it.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Hi there, I'm Sharon Gallagher-Rivera and we are gonna do a mat class on the roller today. So it's a really great way to challenge your traditional mat work and add a little balance ch...


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That hour just blew by! Doing the bicycle with the roller gave me my first opportunity ever to experience my toe grazing the mat. Thanks!
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Thanks for the lesson Sharon. I like it a lot
I feel sensitive on my pelvic floor when I sit over ( spine stretch ....)
It' s normal ?
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Wow that was fun and challenging. Going to try some of these moves on my class. Thanks for being so creative! Hope to see you back!
Thank you Denee and Joni. I'm so glad you enjoyed the class and felt inspired.
Hi Monica. Thank you for your comment. Yes, some people do feel sensitive to the pressure. The harder your roller, the more sensitive it may feel. Possibly try laying a yoga mat or cushy Pilates mat over your roller for those seated exercises and see if it helps. Let me know how it goes :)
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What a great class! Loved your cues. It was a great combination of mindful stretches and then using that length to do the work from a better place. Loved it!
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Entretenida, lúdica. Me encantó!!!! Felicidades
Thank you Jacquie. Yes, one of my mentors, Jennifer Stacey, MS, often worked with this concept of preparing the body to succeed. I like the balance of sometimes working this way and doing some work before the work and other times just sticking to Pilates and finding it through the exercises.
Thank you Karina....I have to admit, I had to google for a translation.....(Entertaining, fun. Loved !!!! Congratulations). I love that you loved it ;)
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Yo también fui a google!;) hermoso trabajo, siempre por más!!! Un abrazo desde Uruguay
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