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Juicy Mat Flow

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Loosen up and get "juicy" in this Mat workout with Niedra. She uses the Foam Roller to unwind patterns in your body that keep the spine rigid, and then moves into strong Mat work. In addition to fun preparations for Rocking and Neck Pull, you will also work on challenging variations like Open Leg Rocker with no hands!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Nov 04, 2014
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We're going to do a math class. We're going to use a foam world right at the beginning just to loosen everything up and get juicy. And then we do fast and strong math work just to be good and traditional. So I would like you all on your backs, lying with your pelvis in your head on the foam roller, makes sure that you're nicely placed. Um, these are long enough to allow everybody to have a long spine. Fifth, the feet will be um, maybe three to five inches apart.

So quite close together with the toes going straight forward and the knees going straight forward so the legs are going right down from the hips with the fingertips long and the shoulders broad. Now keeping this alignment rock a little bit to the right with your head, your shoulders and your hips and you'll feel yourself almost want to fall and then come back and then go to the other side and then come back. So you just rock back and forth a few times like this to set the center of your body to be able to be integrated, kind of reconnects, right and left side and upper and lower body position. So it feels like you're hopping from side to side and then come back to the center again. See if you can get more length now through the spine in relation to the foam roller and check that the shoulders are starting to feel y and turn your, roll your head to the right.

Just roll it this far over to the right as you can without sliding the head and let it hang here for a minute. So stretch out the side of the neck and then come back to the center and roll the head to the other side. So the head is actually rolling like a wheel. It's not sliding. You shouldn't feel the sliding sensation. Let the right shoulder drop in opposition and back. And one more time, first side.

So you're really stretching out the neck. For some of us, if you build tension in this area, that's a great place to start to get low. Allow it to release and then come back and then roll the head the other way. See if he can go a little bit further now. Still allowing the right shoulder to drop and then back to the center. Bring both arms to the ceiling and then reach the shoulders towards the ceiling and then let the shoulder blades and shoulders dropped to the ground towards the ground, I should say.

Reach them up and as they drop the foam roller is keeping the shoulders from engaging together, so you're just starting to soften up that area of the spine between the shoulder blades that can become quite calcified and rigid. It's also starting to loosen up the shoulders a little bit. Now from here, pause. The pump should still be facing each other. Reach the arm slightly upwards and spread the arms out to the side. They won't go to the floor.

You want the hands in line with the shoulders and just take a moment to stretch without locking the elbows all the way to the fingertips who are starting to loosen up whatever connective tissue across the shoulders or the armpits or the forms of the hands. Start to disentangle, unwind that part of your body. So you reach those arms long. And I started to stretch the fingers and from the heel of the hand, stretch the fingers straight down towards the floor so the fingers are going straight down and to your flexing the hand, really pull those fingers down and stretch the arms apart. Keep the arms pulling apart and now curl the fingers up to the ceiling. So you're bending from the heel of the hand and stretching the fingers up. So the risks, so Casey bend all the way with the risk. Yes.

So you really stretch. And again, pull the fingers down and reach the arm sideways. You want the hands in line with the shoulders. I can t-shaped flex all the way, fingers down and push the heel of the hand back as far as you can see, you press the heel of the hand away from you and then you reverse it. Spread the fingers up and together. But You keep the hand and the knuckles straight and see if you can get the fingers. So the hand will be, the fingers are extended together and you try and bend the elbows along. Yes. And you're looking to get as the elbows along. That's it.

So you're really working. And again, take the fingers down, see if you can keep the hands in line with the shoulders. Exactly. Get the hands going straight down. So we all have zig-zaggy energy and we do funny things and then bring the fingers up. So this starts to unravel the programming that happens. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben really worked those heads. Now relaxed for a minute. Just shake everything out. So any pulling, any tightness, any kind of exhaustion that you feel is a connective tissue starting to tighten up and dry. Tap and pull. Now hands to the ceiling again, make fists. And just for a moment, bend the palm of the hand with the fist down towards your chest. See if you can keep the elbows extending long.

Really curl those hands are the hands are going towards you. And then turn and bend the arms in opposition. I'm sorry, still facing front and then come back and you'll take the arms out wide and you do the same thing. So bend the risks up and bend the wrist down and curl up as much as you can. See, stretch across the tendons and the ligaments and down and again, curl up and curl back and down and then shake the arms out a little bit. Just to release again. Reached the hands up, pop back of the hand, palm to the back of the pump.

So now we're internally rotating again. Take the hands off to the shoulder height and just think of somebody grabbing you on each wrist and pulling you to either side of the room. So you're just tractioning. You want to feel that you are not tightening and gripping the muscles as you do it, but you're extending the bones as far as you can. This is kind of bone stretching, nothing to do with muscles if possible.

The hands of inline with your own shoulders. And again, fingers press down towards the floor, not just the finger, but all the way you bend from the wrist and then stretch straight out with the fingers and then pull them back, pressing the heel of the hand away from you and then press the fingers down and press the fingers up. Yeah. And press the fingers down to working a lot, probably in the forearm and all the way into the palm of the hand. Shake the hands out and then bring the arms to the ceiling and reach the arms over your head towards the floor. See if you can get the armpits to open, going as far back as you're able to go, keeping the ribs long. And then bring the hands down to the mat in the opposite direction and then reach up. So again, you're stretching and lengthening the tissue of the bones.

It's not about gripping the muscles, but try to release the tissue. Okay. And down. And one more time like this, reaching up and over and then bringing the hands back down and then bringing the arms back up to the ceiling, bending the elbows towards the map if you can. The elbows are in line with your own shoulders. If you can. You let the elbows come lower down and from here keep your fine on the mat and internally rotate at the fingers, float towards the floor in the direction of your feet and then lift and float the fingers back towards your head. So back and forth like that.

Again, not trying to push or force anything, but to the Ken, the bones just float in this range of movement. So when you're tight, you're really, you can feel this eventually as a tissue opens in the muscle range frees up and becomes more. We're the natural genetic program of the human body. Is this, did you just flip flop back and forth? But the tissue has to release in order to get you there. And then from here, slide your hands down towards your feet.

Reach the hands from your shoulders to the feet. Long fingers, turn the palms out and sliding your hands on the floor. Reach the arms up and over your head. Try to stay touching the floor and then back down. So if you can't get all the way, you just go as far as you can. The KC touched the floor with your fingers and then slide out.

So some of you may only be able to go so far and you, I mean, if you, can you go all the way. Yeah, and down. And then one more time like this. And now, so again, extend the arms long and one more time. Rolling your head to the right and see how far you can roll that head over.

Now take your right hand and stretch it as far away from you towards your feet as you can. And then let the left shoulder drop away. And from here with a pen is touching the floor. Do this with my right hand. Press the fingers up and slide the heel of the hand even further away and see if you can roll the head a little further to really unravel the neck. And then back to the center. Turn your head in the opposite direction. Let the head really roll and then slide the fingers of the right hand as far down away from you as you can and then slowly pull the fingers up, pressing the heel of the hand away, lengthening out the heel. [inaudible] come back to the center and bring the knees and feet together.

Get your sacrum stable on the, on the foam roller. If you feel very unstable, the elbows, the wrists in the hands are on. If you're more stable, you only get the palm. If you really brave, it's only fingertips. So keep the sacred steady and lift your right knee up. Keep your sacred men trunk study. Put the leg down, lift the left knee up and down.

Lift the right knee up so you're really setting the more deep aspects of into the pelvis because you can probably feel there's a tendency to want a bow to wobble or shift side to side and you're literally allowing the nervous system to figure out how to find center and back. Now adding onto this. The right knee comes up, left knee comes up, right foot goes down, left foot goes down and reversing. This left knee comes up right knee comes up, left foot goes down, right foot goes down. One more set, right knee comes up, left knee comes up, right foot goes down without anything moving in the pelvis if you can. And then reverse it. Left knee, right knee, left foot down, right foot down. Now we balance yourself.

See if you can get an a sensation of even as right and left side, knees and feet are together. See if you can lift both knees up at the same time and with control. Float the legs away and can you keep the neck long and float up again. And the waist and lumbar spine should stay long and stable. One more time and down.

Lift the left knee up. Lift the right hand up and extend them away from each other and back and extend. So you float the limbs back and forth. Keeping that center as quiet and still as you can. Only the fingertips of the opposite hand are stabilizing you.

If you feel very unstable, you put the palm down. If you feel even more in stable, you put the elbow down. Change. So knees and feet back together again if possible. That's very unstable for you. Keep the feet slightly wider apart, right knee, left arm and extend and back and extend and back and extend. I think I heard a destabilizer hand extend and back.

And one more time long and back. Put your feet down and now bring the legs slightly apart. So the hip distance, lift the arms to the ceiling. See if you can lift your head and chest just like you're coming up. Four hundreds lower back down and lift up again. Stretching and long and lower back down.

And if that again lower back down. And last one, reaching long as, stretch those hands away from you through the fingers. Bring the hands all the way to the mat length in the shoulders and roll your upper back and neck down to the mat with care. Roll off to one side. Move the foam roller off and now you can warm your loosen.

We'll do a regular traditional mat. So here all help. I'll be the foam roller Carter and you all lie down on your backs. Very Good Ben. Both knees into your chest. Give the legs a hug for a minute and just rock side to side and feel the spine on the mat.

See how much of your mat back you can get on the map within a comfortable, relaxed way. Cause we're really looking to unwind patterns that keep our spine rigid. You wanted. Just feel that nice loose, long spine. Now curl your head and chest up. Stretch your legs out to whatever position you want for your hundredth and start pumping. Breathing in for five. Exhale three, four, five, two, four, five. Make sure the knees are soft. Three, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, four, two, three. I like the fingers. Nice and long. Five, two, three, four. Five. X Sale, three, four, five, six, two, five.

X Sale, three, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five. Jennifer, keep the head nice and steady so it's not pumping. And two more inhalations at kisses. A tendency for that to happen. And last one and exhale. Bend the knees and give the legs a hug. Wrap your head back down and everybody lengths in the legs out for roll up. So nice long legs just for this first moment.

Point the feet reached the arms to the ceiling. And then as you roll up, flex the feet. Inhale and dye your head down and then roll back on an exhalation. Bring the arms to the ceiling and point the feet. And if inhale as you roll up into a flex reaching long and exhale as you roll down and then point the feet and inhale so long, slow inhalation as you roll up and exhale this time.

Bring your hands to the mat by your side for single leg circles. So check heels together. Hips narrow spine long, even pressure right and left side of your arms and shoulders. Float the right leg to the ceiling and make sure the foot is right above your hip. Here we go to the left crossover and up one crossover and up to crossover and up three keep checking that the hips and body is very quiet and stable. As you move the leg, reverse it, cross the body and up and cross the body and up and crossed the body and up.

Cross the body and up. One more time. This time holding leg with both hands. Give the leg a good stretch. Lengthening the right hip away from you. As you go. Hands to the mat, float the legs all the way down onto the mat. Lift your other leg up. Check the leg is right above your hip and check that you feel the pressure of the hands and the shoulders down and the the left side of your waist is long cause it will want to go short. And here we go. Crossover. Circled around and up. Circle around and up.

Circle the Legen up. Circle the wagon up one more time. Circle the leg now reverse it and crossover and up one and crossover and up too. And Crossover and up three and cross over and up. Four last one and five. Hole the leg and strap.

Sure. Hence to the mat and float the leg all the way down and reach the arms over your head. Keep the ribs down for a minute and just allow the armpits to open. See how much you can fill up the back body. Bring the arms to the ceiling, roll all the way forward and bring your hips forward for rolling like a ball. So pop your bottom forward. Hold your ankles, look down into your navel. Shoulders are down, but for me, elbows are wide. So uses just for a moment to feel a stretch between your shoulder blades, looking at your neighbor, roll back down to the mat and come up in balance and balanced and balance.

Roll back again and come back again. Balance, balance, balance. Roll back again and come back up scooping in the navel. And one more time. Rolling back and coming up. Now take your left hand to your right knee with control c if you can, not fall, but articulate down onto the mat. So from your shoulder blades to your hips, you're grounded.

Check that right and left side are even. Pull the knee in Sweden, switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch both knees in, deepen into the powerhouse. Lift your shoulder, your chest a little bit more, Nicole. Shoulders away from the ears. Yes. Arms and legs. Extend Big Circle and in now big inhalation. Exhale deeply. Inhale, exhale deeply. One more time. Inhale. Exhale deeply.

Drop your head to the mat to relax the neck and roll your head right and left back to the center. Lift your legs to the ceiling. Scoop your navel to roll up. Broaden between the shoulder blades, elbows wide, but tips of the shoulders. Touch. Hold your right leg. Left leg goes way out to the person across from you. Double pouts scissor. Double pose. Double pulse, so every time you reach the leg out in a way. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, hands behind your head. Lift a little higher with your chest. Lower, lower, lower. Lift up. One lower, lower, lower.

Lift up too. One more time. Lift up three. Bend the knees to Table Top. Lift a little further and bring the right elbow and left elbow and right knee. Left elbow works to get to the knee switch. Try to stay almost a table top with the knees and switch again and switch again and switch and which bring the knees in.

Hug your legs, drop your head down, float your legs out and roll up to a sitting position. So legs come down, roll up with spine. Stretch forward. I would like the legs reaching long arms in front of you. Shoulders down, big breath in. Drop your head, just spread the shoulder blades and start rounding down just to the base of the ribs. Lift up in the waist, roll back up. Shoulders a damn nice long spine. Get a little taller, drop your head and roll a little bit further to now you're reaching all the way from your navel and then come back up and lift up nice and tall and third one rolled down even further. So you, it's like a hand pressing back into the sacred them, but you reaching as far forward as you can. Roll back up to an upright position and see if you can lift your legs up.

Yay. Okay. Nice. Long arms, long legs and roll back towards your shoulders and come back up. Roll back and come back up and roll back and come back up. One more time. Roll back, come back up and bend the feet down for a minute. Now let's extend the legs out again. This time, no hands so you reach the hands will be an inch or two in front of the, so for Unicode they can be like that and you can have the knees bent. Keep the knees bent. And here we go.

You roll back and roll up a lot more. Work in the power house when the hands are disconnected. And two and one more time and three now legs come together. How close to the legs can you get? Lift up the spine and then walk down your legs. Hands by your sides on the Mat.

Let's do cork school with the hips down. So nice anchored pelvis, anchored arms, anchored shoulders and do a circle to the right, right down, left and up. Reverse it left down, around and up and right down, around and up and left down, around and up. One more time. Right down, around and up. Left down, around and up. Make a diamond shape with your hands and just pop it under your sacrum. Allow the shape of your hands to cradle your lower back into the mat. Curl your head and chest up just for a minute to look and lower the feet all the way out into the mat. Pop your hands out, stretch your arms and roll up to a sitting position.

Good, good, good. Flex your feet for saw. So the arms out to the side. Shoulders are pressing down. Lift way up out of your lower back. Everybody twists to the right. The right hand goes straight, thumbs are down. Dip your head down and saw three times. Reach, reach, reach, come back up and lift. Palms are pressing down eyes. Nice lift other side.

Scoop the naval and reach. Reach deeper. Reach deeper and come back up to the reading opportunity. Stretch your side. Ribs, twist and the left ribs are being stretched extensively and come back up. Other side. Twist. Stretch to three. Come back up.

One more set. Twist to the first side. Reach. Pull the arms apart from each other and lift other side flexor feet as much as you can recall. Really pull those arms away from each other. Come back up, legs together. Arms in front of you. Sit up very tall. Reach the toes away and roll back just an inch. The tail is going under. Scoop the neighbor roll down another inch so you can get your sacrum on the mat, pelvis on the mat, waist on the mat, base of the ribs on the mat, shoulder blades and shoulders. Head, arms over your head. Keep the spine long.

Discriminate to what that feels like to have the whole trunk down if possible. Roll over onto your stomach and we will do just, okay, let's have you facing the center [inaudible] so heels will be together, forehead is on the fingertips and see if you can lift your navels so much off the floor that it actually a little tiny space there. At the same time, the sacrum is long and the ribs along and relaxed. Now lift just the elbows off the mat, just the elbows. Keep the stomach lifting off the mat if you can. And only the shoulders and the forehead and fingers lift up.

So you lift up another inch. Hands to Nicole. So from your tail through the crown of your head, your long and lower back down. Now if your belly pressed to the mat, lifted up again, that's it. Guided. Yes. Now, so the lift is only in the upper body. Again, lift and come back down. Inhale. So lift again. That's much better there Jennifer. And lower down.

And one more time like this. Lifting elbows just to the side and come back down. Now place the hands on the sides of the mat in line with your ears, with the elbows lifted. So it's a wide position, the width of your mat a little bit. Why don't you call right now? See if you can find the same feeling of lifting in your belly first. And then use the arm to lift up.

You want to get this length, a nice stretch in the front of the body and lengths and down. So you pulling the stomach up even more so you really tractioning the whole stomach area. Lift up again, really traction forward and up. So it's not like a big back bend. It's more like a shallow back bend to create links and come back down. Much better. Very good. One more time.

Retract the shoulders away from the ears and then use the trunk body to lift you so it's, don't let them ribs come out too much, Jennifer. Yes, come back down. Very, very nice. Stretch your arms out in front of you. What I call karate chop. Middle finger is pressed into the mat. The knees are together. This is just to set you up for single leg kicks. Lift your head and chest up, pull the shoulders down your back and then glide the elbows in. I hope you can slide.

So what this should do is give you a chance to feel the rib so you're not dropping downwards, but you're actually lifting a base similar. Make fists with your hands. Elbows closer together. Elbows slightly out. So you use this to get this lift into the lower stomach. And here we go. Right foot car kicks in and left kicks in and right foot kicks in.

Casey, keep lifting that stomach up. So almost for, keep going. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Very good lie down. AA Kicks both hands behind your back, nose to the right kid. You're left to your flat on that Mat. Get one hand. The hands will be as high as you want them to be. Once you're holding your fingers, press the elbows as far down towards the ground as you're able to do to really get a stretch in the front of the shoulder. And now narrow the hips. Can you pull your stomach up again? Keep that lift if you can, and bend the knees three times. Kick, kick, kick, and then pull back and lift as far as you can.

And other side kick two, three and pull and stretch towards the knees and first side. That's good candidates just like that. And pull back. Shoulders pulling towards your heels and other side. Kick two, three and pull again to lift. And one more time. Keep two, three and pull and open the sternum. And last one, kick to three and pull back and lift and lift and lift.

Lower down hands now closer into the shoulders. One last time. This time you lift by Cobra, so just press back and lift up as high as you can. Go get the back to bend now, but open those shoulders wide so you're not letting the shoulders come up. Press down into your laps even more nice lift lengths in the back of the head and look up at the ceiling so you feel this sternum lifting up, lower back down, and bend your knees. Grab your ankles or your toes for bow pose to open the knees or rocking.

We will go into rocking Sonys I hit, put the part, pull your feet to your bottom, but lift that stomach the same way you did again, just to create an opportunity to bury the sacred. I'm a little bit into the buttocks now from here, just three times. We lift up, lift up as high as you can. Go. Use the feet to pull the shoulders back and come back down. Yes, and lift a little higher. I have beautiful backs in this room tonight. Lift and open the chest and come back down. Very good. Candace.

My goodness you've improved. And one more time lifting up. Going right into rocking and rock forward and back forward and back and forward and back and relax down. Sit into your heels and stretch tobacco. Very, very nice. Work Nice and long and come to a sitting position with your legs stretched out in front of you for net pool. So you want your feet hip width apart. You want your hands behind your head and see how much height you can get out of your back with the feet flex and Nicole feet a little closer together so they're just lined up right with your hips. Really pull the stomach muscles in and up and then drop your chin to your chest, curl over, stretching your upper back, your middle back and tried to get the head towards the knees or the thigh so it's a vase, small round shape. Roll Up to an upright position nice and long and just go halfway back, hinge out of 45 degrees and come back up and grab your head and curl even deeper. Really let the elbows come down as well towards the floor.

Just for a minute to stretch it between the shoulder blades roll up again, thing up even longer through the back body and then roll as far back as you want to. Some of you can roll to the floor and then roll back up. Sit Up tall and drop your head. One more time. Bend way over. Roll back up from your hips to your armpits lengths really full and then pull the ribs back. That's a tricky part. A little too much gator. Just have there now. Hinge out and stay long as far as you can go. And when you can go no further straight, you articulate through and down, hands by your sides.

Bend the knees to a 90 degree angle between thigh and shinbone and bring the knees together. So Jennifer, you're too close to your bom and get the legs out. Casey too. You feed a little further away from your bottom knees together and see if you can get the connection of your inner thighs and also the shinbones moving towards each other. Just for a minute. Lift the toes up to feel the foot round. That's it. Put the feet flat on the mat and then without the feet moving, roll the hips up into bridge with the feet for that. A lot more.

Work in the hamstrings. Roll back down and again, talk the tail. See how much roll you can get to happen through the whole spinal column and you reverse the role in opposition. And again, rolling up and roll back down. One more time. Roll up to lift the leg to the ceiling so you roll up. Bend the right knee in and lift it up. Flex, press out too long. Diagonal and lift.

Long diagonal and lift long diagonal and lift and bend the knee. Put the foot down, lift the hips a little bit more and roll down onto the mat. Check that you're grounded into your feets. Roll up against to the legs. Work as much as the spine and trunk, very stable pelvis as you lift your leg up. Lower down long. Lift up, lower long and too long and three bend.

Lift both hips a little bit further if they got low and then roll down. Roll down, roll down, bend the knees into your chest, rock side to side, and then roll on tool your let's have everybody facing this direction for the sidekicks. So lay yourselves out in the back part of your mat with your feet, about two feet in front of you with the feet flex. Check that your hips are stacked. One on top of the other shoulders are stacked other hand up. [inaudible] if it's too much, you bring your hand down at the thing to watch for is this elbow. We'll want a wobble. You don't Jennifer, bring your elbow for the yes.

Really lengthen and lift this hip, the leg, hip height. Reach with the toes and turn the leg out and we're going front and back. Pulse. Paul's Breech. Long pulse, pulse reach. Long pulse. Pulse of the body should be very still and the leg is long and loose. Two more times. Good. Nicole, bring the hand down for bicycle. Bring the leg forward again.

Bend it in. Pressor thigh away. Extend, reach forward. Bend it in. Sigh goes away and long. One more. Time forward. Press the high way. Bring the legs together. Reconnect your trunk and lift again, reversing it reaches away from the hip. Bend towards your bottom. Bring the knee to your chest. Extend. Take the leg, Bach, bend it and bring the knee to your chest. Extended out. One more time.

We went through and back. Bend the leg up inside. Hold your ankle, lift the leg, lift the leg, lift the leg, lift the leg, lift the leg. Extend this leg out and lift the leg. Lift the leg. So guys, that's it. Lift and lift and lower down. Swing around to the other side.

So you, the idea is that you have a long straight, you're creating a kind of a v shape. Your hand is up. So few words stacked up against the wall. You can take your elbow behind the wall. Casey, can you bring the ribs just a little bit so you're a little there. There they are. Good. Now lift the foot up, hit hip height, extend an excite external rotation. And here we go. Forward, forward, reach. Long forward, forward reach. Long forward, forward reach. Long forward, forward reach long. One more time forward, forward reach. Long hand comes in front of you. Come forward, bend, get the hip to the knee, pressing back and reach. That's it. So ideally you're trying not to let the pelvis move at all.

You're just, or the whole trunk, this very subtle adjustments, but it's very quiet. Reverse it. Reach long to the back and bring the leg through. Reach long to the back, bring the leg through, reach long to the back, bring the leg through and bring the legs together. Then lift your leg, lift your leg and lift and lift and lift and lift. Both legs are out. Top leg is up. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and lift.

Let's have you swing around four teaser. So let's start with the single leg teaser. You want the knees in a 90 degree angle. So Jennifer, instead of having the legs close for a little further out, yes, keep the knees together. So yes, Nicole needs for me together. Just take the right like our app without the knees separating.

Just lift your head and chest up and have a look at your own hips. So the nice and even then roll right through the center of your spine and roll back down. This time the heck a roll up again. This time the hands come parallel to the leg and roll down. Roll up again. I'll keep the hands there. Lift the other leg, bend the right like down.

Roll back to the Mat. That's your fancy transition. Roll up and roll down. Roll. Go Up. Very hard to do because there's really nothing to help you but your powerhouse roll up again. Both legs up like stay there. Yeah, roll down, roll up, roll down, roll up, roll down, roll up.

Bend the legs, the arms behind you. Lets do, can, can we don't do that very often. Toes are touching. See them. Get the chest a little bit forward. Drop both knees to the right. The feedback should, let's keep the feet exactly on the floor. Lift up both knees to the left. So way obviously getting Giger twists in the whole spine. Twist, keep the weight on that hip. Flick the legs out in him. That's why it can, can you flicking your skirts and twist and twist and twist.

Flick, twist, twist, twist, flick, twist, twist, twist, flick, twist, twist, twist, fleck. Stretch the legs out. Just bend over. Give yourselves a nice little stretch. Roll back on your backs. Roll onto your stomachs and swimming. So the arms will be nice and long.

Let's have everybody up on your elbows here. So you're like a sphinx pose, but alongside things, the legs along and now without anything changing in the trunk with your right arm and your left leg away from each other. So you want to think the hip stay grounded and back and the other side and back. So can you track the arm and the leg away from each other in a straight line versus y? Other side. First side. Good. The hips do not really flop. Side to side. Good. Now drop down and drop your head to the mat, the arms along, and then lift both arms, both legs. Reach lower, back down, and again, reach lower.

Back Down. One more time. Reach and go for your swimming. Swim, swim, swim, swim. Now stay up. Take your arms all the way out to the side, all the way back. Lift a little bit more. Lie Down and bend the hands. Sit back into child's pose. Stretch yourselves out in this position. Walk your hands to the right so you just stretch out the left side of the ribs.

Walk your hands to the left, come back and come up onto your knees. Let's have the girls over there turn to face the front for chest expansion on your knees so your toes will be long. See if you can lift the hips up. So this is a tricky area because you want to open up the hip flexors, but at the same time get not so much of tucking of the but a lengthening down and out. So bring the arms in front of you. You can yet you can have them hip with the part.

You can even have them together together as more challenging. So if you have any knee or pelvic problems, I would, I would go wider. So from here, first of all, bring the hand right down so they're in line with your thighs. Broaden the shoulders and then take the arms as far back as they'll go without changing the shape. Just opening the chest even more. Turn your head to the right to the left straight.

Release the arms pull down and broaden the chest. Head to the left. Head to the right, straight. Release the arms and get even longer and taller. Head to the right, left straight. Release the arms. And last one pull. Lift up in the stomach. Shoulders way back.

Casey left right straight. Really see arms. Now sit down on your heels and then moves to the left hip comes to the mat. So for Mermaid, so some of you may want to adjust into wider position or you can stay tight or it kind of depends on you. So you want to hold the right ankle or hold. Yes, everybody is on the left hip. So left arm is up. How much can you pull up this left side staying on top of the center of the pelvis.

Now both sides of the ribs will move to the right so you stretch out and push this arm in towards your head. So you open up the side ribs, good. Come back, lean out with the long arm. Now this arm comes by your ear and just stretch out. So you're pulling that, the shoulder go up. So you just, and this hand can push down to get more traction on the right ribs. Come up again. Bring this hand as close to your ear as you can lift.

And now can you wrap the hand around your head so this elbow goes way, way up to the ceiling as you use this arm to stretch and then come back. Now bend the elbow, push the hip away and wrap the hand around and stretch. Come back up one more time. Lift up, wrap, bend to the side. Curl your head and chest down. How far down can you bring your elbow towards your knee? Roll back. Stretch even further to the side and reach. And one more time. Lean out onto your elbow, wrap the hand around your head.

Pull your navel in and stretch your side and back ribs. Bring the elbows close to the floors. You can open out and come up. No, still leaning into this hand straight other way, Casey, you lean out that way. So the leg stretch towards Jennifer. Swing them around. And Ben, this just the fancy transition.

Lift this arm up and try to keep the hand by your ear as you stretch and then lean out and dress. We're going opposite. Lift up now we can. Now we're bending. You're bending right arm up, other the right wrap your hand around your head. Stretch a little bit further so you're pulling to the left, the right, you're stretching the right side and now the right hand comes to the mat, elbow to the mat. Use Your right hand to push your left hip away as you wrap the hand.

Round your head and lift the ribs away from the floor to get extra stretch. One more time. Their ha right arm is up. Rapid round your head. Go sideways firth and twist your chest towards the floor and tried to get your elbow and knee as close as you are able to unravel. Back to the side. Stretch out and then lean out. Elbow to the mat. Wrap your hand around your head, curl your head and chest down again.

Tried to get that elbow towards the floor. Unravel and stretch out and come back up and then bring your head legs in front of you for seals. So wrap your fans inside. Lift your feet up and clap three times. Opes let's pause a minute. Guided, why didn't you come forward? Casey may be, and Candace too, just so when you roll back, you're totally on the mats. Okay. Scoop the navel. Lift your feet up and clap three times.

Clap, clap, clap. Roll to your shoulders. Clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap. Come up. Do a standing position. Let's have the heels together.

Why don't you just face each other so you're facing center standing mermaid right hand turns out. So you want the rotation coming right from the shoulder. Bring the arm right up by your ear. Reach way up in the side body and bend over. This hand was slide down. If you can. The hand is right by your music. Open up those side ribs and waist. Come back, other side. Reach the arm up and slide in the opposite direction and back.

One more time. First side and back and other side and back. Arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up and lift the sternum up so and a little back. Then lengthening up and reaching back. Come back to the ceiling and roll down towards the floor floor. Scooping the Navel, rolling them. Go as low as you can of.

Just for a moment, grab your ankles and pull your head towards your legs. Relax the ankles. Roll up to the fingertips off the floor. Three circles here. Circle one, two, three. Reverse it. One, two, three. Check that the hips are over, the center of the foot. You bring the hips forward and then roll app. Roll Up. Stretch the arms up. Reach, lift up, little back bend. One more time.

Come back to center and float the arms out. Feeding that nice lift through the crown of the head. Broad shoulders, nice center of groundedness. Feel the lightness of the heels could fly up. You're not heavy into the heels. Take a deep breath in and breathing out.

Let it go. You all did very well. Yay.


2 people like this.
Great opening of the upper body in the roller segment. Thank you for addressing the forearms, often so over looked!
Wonderful wonderful workout on the roller, this is so great for opening up the shoulders and stretch neck and arms ! These excercices are worth gold , THANK YOU!!!!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Joanna and Katrien for your posts and so happy to experience your joy in what you felt from the foam roller work.
I love that opening too, "us modern people" spend too much time sitting in front of a computer, driving and eating...
and we tend to close up the upper body easily.
It is important to open up on a regular basis.
Lorie H
Thank you for the roller variations, esp. in the arms and wrists. I taught a roller class last night and am always interested in learning new ways to challenge my students. Enjoyed the slower pace too.
Niedra Gabriel
I hope you find these variations helpful in your classes Lorie, we all learn from each other - enjoy.
Neidra, you are such a wonderful teacher! Thank you!
I enjoyed this class and plan to repeat it.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your posts . I am so glad to know you enjoy the workout.
Have been ignoring the foam roller for while. Nice to incorporate it again and then get into a nice classical workout:)
Niedra Gabriel
Enjoy Elayne, this is my favorite way to move into a pilates session.
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