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Get ready to work your powerhouse in this Mat workout with Adrianne Crawford. She focuses on maintaining the scoop in your abdominals and finding precision in movement. Adrianne teaches mostly intermediate exercises, however, she throws in a few advanced exercises like Rocking to challenge Alejandro.
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Yeah, I'm Adrian. I'm going to be teaching Alhondo. I'm kind of a mixed intermediate, Matte, possibly some minute at fast exercise. But we'll see. See how we're going. It's gonna Cross when like over the other and try to sit down with grace and control without a thumb. Move itself back and lie all the way down and he's going to begin with this. Hundreds. So a hundred.

Let's start with your knees into your chest and then you're going to extend your leg straight up. And as he lowers his legs down to about 45 degrees, he's going to end up with his head up and his arms out. Long breathing and two, five and out five. Let's get those legs a little bit higher. Keep going right about there and I want you to lower your upper back, lower down your chest. And I let those legs keep them up cause I want see you really working with the scoop, right? Not letting your back arch off that mat. Breathing in, breathing out about three more times.

Deep breath in, breath out. So remember it's a full five counts in and a full five cans out. Five last one. Keeping that flow and the breath. Very nice. And Bend your knees, lower your legs, lower your head and chest. Extend your legs out long. Going into roll-ups, extend back with your arms. Reach away, round yourself up and over. Put your head between your knees all the way over.

Get over there and come on down and begin to move up all the way over. Nose between your knees. Relax your elbows a little bit. I like that he's reaching. That's really nice, but not to hyper. Extend those elbows so much and come right back down. Keep the wrap in the scoop more. He's losing his pants here to fix that.

All the way over. All the way back down. Relax your feet. Two more. Up over right back down. When your head touches come up and Andover and stretch at all the way down. Let's go ahead and move you down just a little bit just cause he's sliding off the mat a bit. Using that, those tummy muscles to come up. Bring one knee into your chest, extended up arms are down, going into circles. He's going to circle five times, not letting your hips move.

I want to see your hips very still, especially right in here. Can you squish my hand? Three, get down into my hand square. Yes. Now stay in here. You lost me. Three. Stay on there. That's it. Stand here for one more day in here and reversed that five times. Keep pulling in one and touch your nose.

Way Up there to cross the Uber at. Up Out for one more time and five you're going to bend that knee and you're going to bend the other knee as you switch sides. Extend your left leg so there shouldn't be any movement in the hips. Let's keep those still today and Wa to sink into here. Squish my hand. Three, stay in here. So extend that right leg out.

Keep using your seat for Walmart up to the nose. Now reverse five times one. Stay in here. Squish my hand to stay on this side. Sorry, I'm making him work on that right side a little bit more. Four and five. Ben Journey and you're going to sit up to roll like a ball.

So he's going to lift to seat to sit at his heels and then grab his ankles. One Hand on each ankle. Let's just do that fingers in head forward. Really give that scoop back round forward more. Good. Alright, now he's going to begin to go back all the way up and now move back and right back up to and back. All the way up. Three, two more back. Don't touch the mat. Try to come up and balance Walmart back and all the way up. Drop your feet last one.

Then drop your feet and he's going to move backwards. Get set up for a single leg stretch. So right leg in. Good. He's got his shoulders up off the mat and transitioning from one to the next to two. He's going to do six sets. Three. Each time he switches his arms and legs. He has to deepen that scoop that Tommy has to pull down. Five, five shoulders have to stay down. Six double leg, arms, legs, extend out. Bring it all together. One breathe in.

Reached the body away. Two so the arms are reaching for the ocean as the legs reach for the Los Angeles over there for two more reach, but don't lose the powerhouse. Keep your box engaged. Five. One more. Reach and go into scissors. Extend the leg up and post. One, one, one. Breathe. One, one, two, two, three, three. Let me see those shoulders drop. Feel those rune deepening, pulling in for five.

Do one Marcet, pulse, pulse and double leg arms, legs up. Excuse me, lower. Now don't go all the way down on the first three, two or three more. I want to see a crease right here, so curl into yourself more. Let me see that grazer out there. Hold that, hold that up there. Three now up now go all the way down. Tap the Mat. This is advancing all the way up. If you feel it in your back, obviously keep it up, but make sure you stay in that powerhouse. He's has to curl up into your sternum more. Yes. Do One more step and that sternum around and Chris Cross elbow to the knee.

One. Are these stretching, trying to get that full length through the side and stretch and tap your knee though. L 100. Pull the knee in. Yes, but your knee come to your ear. Way In there and switch. Pull the knee in. And now three quick one. One, two, two. Keep pulling in with the navel. Three ads set up to stretch, good around up and his legs are apart, flexed and he's ready to go down into his c trying to get the top of his head onto the mat all the way down. Now let's move through this. You're gonna come right back up. Deep breath in. Grow Tall. Exhale, keep lifting, lift. Exhale all the way down, all the way up and all the way down.

Touch your head to the mat all the way up. He's continuing the flex of the V last one. All the way forward. Forward. She stretch up and rushed the arms. Bend your knees, grab your ankles into the open leg. Racker make sure there's room behind you. He's got just enough.

He's going to drop his head forward, rounding into his c curve. Come up and balance. Make sure you get the balance so that you can extend and get that stretch in your spine. Three more round back. Follow your center. Come up hole. Lift the hips up around, back around. Up. I'm gonna add two more. Bring your feet together. Grab your toes, control it. Don't roll onto your head. Come all the way up.

Hold the toes. Lift and stretch your back row. Tall teaser. One more time. See Curve shoulders down. You bring yourself up without the hop stretch. You're gonna lie down for corkscrews so the legs are going to net. Alright, do one more. I did one more for good measure and lift. Lie Back Down. Legs are up and circle down without the Jackknife. Just circles.

Center left. Keep those hips from moving with you. Try to keep them still for now. Very specially. You're right. One l a Honda Center. And now add the Jack Knife. You can go as high as you like or you can keep it as low as you like. In other words, you don't have to lift all the way up as he is.

That's advanced. You can keep them small. Walmart set. So you're reversing each time you do your circle up. Come back down. Last one towards me. Okay, so up. Come back down and do one more towards me just so you're even none of this way. Okay. Come on down. That's okay. Sit Up and go into your saw.

So arms are out to the side. Legs are straight. He's tall. He's on top of his hips. Lean back just a little bit. Oh, okay. Now turn. Take your pinky and saw off that toasted. Turn your fingers this way. Reach those fingers out. Put your nose on your knee and come up. So your hand is your saw.

You're going to saw the toe off and up in center and saw the toe off reach. Put your nose on your knee. Hold it down there. One more to the left. Rich lift and center. That's enough. Let's have you flip over to your stomach. It's going to go into his neck roll.

So he's gonna come up off of the chest by pushing into the palms. His hands are not my underneath his shoulders. He's gonna lift up, keeping those ribs up, getting the small the back to stay supported. Look to the right, drop your head, stretched the neck, left center. Look left down around to the right center. Come down, get up into the single leg, kick position up onto the knuckles, elbows and get those ribs up. And so right here he's collapsing a little bit. So get up higher.

Lift those rib scale a hundred more up and lift and kick. Kick. You should feel that stretch on the top of your thighs. All right, he's gonna lie down. That's plenty. And put his hands behind his back for double leg kick three kicks. So he's turned his head. He's clasping his fingers at reach. And now switch sides. Turn your head and kick one, two, three and reached the ankles while more time to each side. And kick one, two, three and stretch and switch and kick. One, two, three stretch way back there. Lift your chest, tried to touch those ankles and rest that back on her heels. Stretch back, round over.

Put your head on the floor. Good. Just kind of let her your back. Relax. Then I'm going to have him lie back onto his stomach and go into his seal. Or excuse me, you're roping like your rocker, sorry. No, no. Lie onto your stomach.

I'm going to have you do your rocker where you hold your legs and your rock. He's got the flexibility. All right? So you're gonna bend your knees and you're gonna reach back and grab your ankles. You're gonna rock on your stomach. Okay, so your forehead is down and then he has to get himself moving. So he's going to lift his head and chest, and then he's going to start rocking on his hips, up and back, up and back in. And he's going to start to get a little bit bigger up and up, puts a weight on your right. One, two, three, four. I had five lower the legs and once again, sit back on your heels to stretch out and then he's going to turn over for neck pool. So legs are long feet flex. You'll lie all the way down.

Do it in a nice formal way. All right? Taking his time. He's going to first curl his chin towards his chest. Keeping the neck long and the shoulders down. Get around himself to sitting and then around himself down. He'll do two more like that.

And then you're going to add the hinge up all the way over. Try to keep those feet from lifting as you're moving. Don't let your feet Bob up and down. That was better all the way up. Keep those feet down. Go ahead and now tall. Now add your hinge. Stay as tall as you can for as long as you can up off the hips.

And then when you can't go anymore, you round a lie down and two more. All the way over losing his pants again. Up and over, little blooper and sort of tall. Flex your feet. Stay Tall. Now stay tall. Stay Tall. You kicking controlled taller. And now come on down. One more time. Up over. Flex your feet. Don't lose your flex tall back now. Hinge, hinge.

Keep in g, push the heels away and now bring yourself down. All right, I would have him lie on his side for some kicks. That's it. Can I move himself back? Problems up, up on his elbow. Make sure that he's nice and straight. Hip to shoulder, hip on top of hip. Keep those hips right on top of each other. When your leg is moving, don't let your hips move around. Kick forward, kick, kick and bat.

Now he's doing it with his arm behind his head. That's advance. If that's too much, put your hand on the Mat for support. Sorry, and kick, kick. So hip on top of him is more here. Okay. The other thing is you want to make sure those ribs are in so you're not arching your back. Kick, kick and back. Hip on hip kick, kick so you can go as far back as you like. As long as your hip isn't going with you, that stays lined with the other hip. Tomorrow kick, kick, kick, kick.

And now up to the ceiling. Up and down. Lift and reach. Lift and stretch the leg out. Two and three. Right hand forward. It's falling back. Four. There you go. Add five. One more. Up and do little circles. Five each way. Two, three, four, five, reverse one, two. Keeping those hips. So four, five rushed your leg into a ground, Rhonda Zhang, you're going to take the right leg forward to the node, up to the shoulder.

Now here's where you really have to adjust your hips. That hip has to push forward as like goes back and then swing the leg forward tomorrow to have the nose. Try to touch the shoulder way up here and then as you go back, push your right, have forward, forward, forward, and one more time to the nose. Shoulder. Hip moves forward as the right leg stretches back, right head forward. There you go. Yes, and then he's going to reverse. He's going to go backwards.

He's going to lift that leg and try to touch his a year over here. Touch your note and two months back, all the way up left. This is a great hip loosening exercise and one more time. Good for your tummy muscles too to keep that control. And three, that's enough. I'm going to have him lying on his stomach for transition. Beats Palm on top of palm legs are law and clapping. One, two, three, four for 20 cans. Put a little weight right here, but more weight over here. Six, seven, eight, 10 and let's go ahead and stop and switch to the other leg. All right, so getting himself lied. Yeah, he's using the back of the mat to check his alignment, which he's done. Great.

I don't have to do that, but it does help you to understand where you are. You're a little too far back here. Move your shoulders forward. All right. Just so that you don't fall backwards. Okay. Hip forward, kick, kick, wha as you go back Dole, let those ribs pop forward. So keep your chest and shoulders on top of each other just as much as the hips are on top of each other. You don't the shoulder moving around that your box. Stay square three and kick kick six times four and kick kick five.

Keeping your gaze forward so your neck is long and up to the ceiling. Up and downs up at a reach away. Don't let your hip fallback that left hip has yes hip hop on top of hit. Pull up. Don't forget that you're still lifting up into that powerhouse.

Three reaching away for stretching that left like five into your circles by B. Twice are going. One, two again, you can have the hand down or behind your head reversing five circles. Keep the hips from moving. They stay still. Four and five rest. Getting ready for ground. Ron Deshaun's, you probably want the hand for this rage forward. You can move your hand around though to adjust now as light goes back, make sure those hips stay on top of each other and two more times. So he's doing a total of three. Reach back.

Pull up and use that seat. And one more time up Julie here. Reach back, stretch and leg on top of leg. Reversing back up to the ear, to the shoulder, to the nose. And two more. Don't own our chair back. Don't sacrifice your back to move the leg. Your back stays long, stays nice and long. Nice and strong and three and the rest I'm going to have him go ahead and turn to his back.

So turn to your back and let's have you go into teaser one, two, and three. Get yourself centered. I want to move you just a little bit. Oh Hondo. Okay. Move your upper, your head and chest a little to the left. Perfect. Alright, so bring your knees into your chest. We're all a little crooked. Start with your legs and 90 degrees. And then you're going to begin with your turnout. Let's have you turned out for this.

And then you're gonna take your arms up into your teaser, around into the toast. Now his legs stay there, but now he's going to stay up here and you're going to lift your arms to your ears, but lift your back. So grow tall. So you come forward, you hold. Now lift your back taller to all our list and come back down. Do One more. All the way up to the toes. Now can you lift your arms? Yes. There it is. And now come down.

Now you can come back up and hold and then you're gonna Lower and lift the legs three times one. Now try not to go all the way down. Little down, all the way up though. Little on the down, higher on the up with the legs and Lamar. And now everything down together, everything up together. Three times two the toes. Lift and stretch your back. I want to see your back stretch so you come up. I'm looking for you to lift here. Lift yes and come back down. One more. Reach for the toes, reach for the ears. Bring yourself down and rest around. And Count One, two, three and go back. One, two, three round. Keep your focus down.

So don't let your eyes, your gaze. Come up. One, two, three, up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three, up. Let's move. Keep it flowing. Two more. All the way back. All the way up. Only roll to the tips of the shoulders and then come back up. Do One more back up. Come up to standing. Cross the legs, cross the arms, turn around, pivot, walk back. Maybe take two steps back or one step for you. Good.

So you're still on the mat. Grow Tall. Lift and walked down your legs into pushups. Walk down, walk out. I'm going to have you do your balance control first. So you're in a pushup position. You're in. Take one foot off the mat. Keep your positioning. So hips line with hip, one flex back, switch legs.

Just one time, one time, and I'll switch and stretch forward. Walmart. Shoulders will move up and down. Last one. So three sets. And now push up five pushups, elbows to the ribs. One don't lead with your head. I want your hips to go with you. Squeeze one. We'll count that one tooth left. Three, four, last one.

And walk back to your feet all the way. Drop your head. Keep the legs long. Keep the weight towards your toes, hips on top of your ankles. Particulate back up, arms up. Deep breath in and exhale. Lower your arms and rest. And your done. Nicely done.


I absolutely loved the sequence thank you
Wonderful fast/accelerated pace! Your ease of explanation brought new meaning to the exercises.
Kinney F
Great pace. Effective, to the point verbal cues and hands on. Really, really nice.
Thank you all for your feedback, much appreciated!
Great coaching!
This is a great quick workout, thanks!
Fantastic wake up and easy to do on travel!
I love this workout!! unfortunately, FOUR times during the workout the video stalled and a window popped up to advise this video was not available. This has happened with the Dana Santee workout as well. I am able to stream from other sites so I don't know why this keeps happening here. VERY frustrating. I would love to know if anyone else has this issue or if anyone has a suggestion.
Linda ~ I am sorry you are having trouble viewing the video. It may be your video player, so if you have already restarted your computer to clear away the processes that aren't running, I would suggest changing your video player settings by:

- clicking on "My Account"
- selecting the "Video Player" tab at the top of the page
- selecting the option "Show Options For Low Med and HD"

If your internet connection is slow on a particular day, it may require the video player options for "Low" or "Med," which should stream the video without any stops. If you continue to have issues playing this video, please email us at
Sorry Linda, hope that got worked out alright. Thank you all for participating!
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