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Advanced Reformer Flow

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If you're looking for a flowing, advanced Reformer workout, try this class with Adrianne Crawford. She adds in challenging variations to the already advanced Reformer exercises (such as Horseback, Breaststroke, and Control Balance), which take this workout to another level. Even though the class flows, Adrianne reminds you that the focus is still on control. She assumes that students taking this class already know the names, order, transitions, and spring settings of the exercises.
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Good afternoon. I'm Adrian and this is Ella Honda who will be demonstrating and advanced reformer today and I'm fortunate enough to have such a fantastic client to work with. Go ahead and lie down on your reformer. Understand this is advanced so the pace is going to be pretty flowing, but we are looking for control throughout the workout. So fast does it mean fast control? So He's beginning with his footwork, extending out, getting the full length of the stretch when you're out there.

So do get the length in the leg and don't shorten it or chop it up. And at this level you should know your accounts. We should be counting along. There's 10 of these. He's on his toes and now he's transitioning to his arches. Getting the full lift in and up through the navel, getting the back to lengthen. Shoulders, relaxed neck is long. Concentrating, bringing the springs in, staying in control and not rolling on the ankles.

He is now on his heels. Warming up. Three wrap. Get that full extension. Squeeze your seat, get the inner thighs working. The shoulder stayed down. The arms are long and out. Stretched, really flex as you come in, back to his toes, into the tendon. Stretch shifts your heels a little to the left, Alejandro, yes, and now go back out and lower, lower, lower. That was a correction for him since he had a foot injury or with an ankle correcting his feet. Making sure you've got weight on that big toe as well.

We're rapping so all 10 toes are on the bar pulling up. Still get your navel in and 10 now he's transitioning to the hundreds. He started on three springs. You can start on three or four depending on your ability and deep breath in. Long breath out. Now at this level, his legs can go even lower.

Still extending the length, reaching from the hips out, long and rapping. Breathing in, breathing out. Phillip, the diaphragm. Deep breath in breath. Really deepening that breath and again, doing your own, counting up to a hundred, pulling the shoulders down, keeping the energy moving and that should be about a hundred. Let's go one more and bring her knees in. Now his head rest is already down and he needs to sit up and drop the spring going into his overhead.

So now the legs are long. He's working on the shoulder, staying down and moving simultaneously with the legs over and the legs up. Lower down one vertebra at a time. Draw up your Chin a little bit and make sure you don't string the neck to do this. Lift all the way out there. Get your toes to the ceiling. Squeeze the seat and they'll articulate, pulling in all the way down. This time. Don't let the legs go so far back, just about 45 and then jack knife up. Hold that. If I let go, could you hold it?

Keeps stretching their arms and now bring herself down two more times over. One. Up to hold. Three lower for five. Come on down. Arms Up, legs down. Six Walmart, Uber, lift, hold. Where's the reach? And bring yourself down.

He's continuing to reach with his arms to help control it down into his coordination. Extending out, open, close, round into herself a little bit deeper. There you go. Get deep into those ribs. Don't pop up in the chest. Keep scooping. Go into Chris Cross beats for eight counts and crossing one to keep your reach six keep your upper body still knees in, arms at eight count beats, reach out and one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight bend and bend. Now he's going to sit up. It's taking the straps. He's going to drop one spring going into his rowing, getting nice and warm. All right, so you want to make sure you have good hands with for the back. And I started from the sternum. Okay. Curl your chin towards your chest.

Keep the hands close to reach back. Touch the hands. Big Lift. Circle and touch the toes. Pull in as you stretch and six counts on these hinges. One open to keep the arms body still move the arms back. Stretch over. Lift, circle and nose between the knees.

Enjoy the stretch keeps scooping. One more time. 30 of these, he's going to hand you one opening to push back without moving the upper body. Over three, four, five and now on six you touched the toes. Six up tall, 90 degrees. He's switched legs. You don't have to, but it's a nice transition. You reach and hinge back one up and over to pull back right away on three alongside the carriage touch.

Four lift five and over six. Let's move a little bit quicker on these 90 degrees. One up and over. Nose to the knees to hold back. Three up, four, five and six. Last one. I'm going to help him get a nice stretch this time and Djing one and stay tall.

Long. Get that scoop over for big lift. I'm going to give them an extra stretch here together and reach to the toes. Six. Good. All right. He's ready to turn around into his front. Rolling.

Sitting tall legs are long from the chest up one all the way down to lift in. Breathing for five, lengthening tall up. One, two deep breath in. Long breath out. Exhale. Five, six, one, two. Let's make it sharp. Three, four, five. Keep growing. He squeezing his seat as his lifts from the hips. Flex your feet.

Stretching one. Sit Up. Two, three, four, five, six. So from the hips. Stretch one, you sit up sharp, two arms or shoulder height. Lift three, four, five, still in lifting six Walmart from the hips, reaching one up to lift three, four, five, six. And now cross your legs. Adjust your hands into shaving. Ben, the arms, lean into it, but stay tall. Don't let your bar back go into an arch. Keep those ribs pulling in and lifting up. And one more time. Stretch all the way out that does arms nice and straight. Now open into a hug, very heaving in very they out. Hug that tramp.

Push it away. Inhale, exhale. And now reverse the breathing. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Push it away. Inhale, exhale. And inhale rest. Let's go ahead and have you put the straps on the peg and go into Swa Kitty.

Let's do swack a tape. So you're going to kneel on your knees and take one of the straps in your hands. So let's face forward. Good theatre, good hooked, kind of on the back of the knees against the shoulder pad and end. He's going to open up, push away without twisting the body, trying to stay perfectly square. And swack at three out two and one more time.

Breathing three. And now you'll move over. Lift and extend up to only three. One more time. Straight up three. And now one more. Set Open one. And transitioning too. So he's transitioning one arm to the right, one arm skins that year. And one more time, right?

And one more time. Straight up left. And then I'll have you move over towards me. One Hand on the shoulder pad over the head at lift and come back down three times. Pull in Alejandro, get those ribs back and squeeze your seat. And now a big circle and he's going to go up, down, around a, back over his head one more time. That's where it really comes in control. You have to breathe and exhale, be very strong here. Reverse those two times. Exhale up, keep pushing those hips into it. One, use this seat up.

Bet around and rest. That's enough. He's doing one extra one for show. Okay, that's enough. Let's move on to the next side. So he's going to turn around, go to the other side. He's on one spring for all of those. And he's transitioning and making sure his springs are, even though he's waited on the same side and open. This is called Swati. Romana always said, put the fire in your belly and married and then he's transitioning to skim the or three times one. Yeah, their arms reaching down. Well, he left two. He's still tall. Keeping the spine long, using his seat and now one arm transition and switch and two and reach and lift.

Keeping the body perfectly square, not moving. Those shoulders are twisting and left and down. Now he's going to move over getting ready for the overhead, up and around. Now these are difficult. You do want to keep those hips square. Push your right hip forward. Keep those hips in it.

That's one and oh man, and over. Now he's going to do a big circle up around, down and one more time and inhale, exhale and one more. I've been around and already to reverse and up. Push that right hip into it as the arm comes up. Right hip forward to and rest. That's it.

You did want extra on the other side, so you might as well do that. Now and rest. Alright, go ahead and place the traps down and step off and let's get your long box ready for your swan. So yeah, you can get rid of the bar in the pole. At some point you will need the bar in the pole, but right now he's getting up for his swan, so he should be on Tuesday. Sprint for that. Yeah. And do you want a pad for this or you're okay? All right. Some people like using a pad for their hips, but it just depends on your comfortability.

Now the idea is to have the knees between the carriage, so inside the carriage, and now beginning lift. Breathing in, breathing out, open the chest. Inhale. Exhale, reach out. Long deep breath in. And exhale, come back down with the scoop and hail up. Exhale, open rest. Inhale back up. Reach out long, scoop the ribs and bring yourself down. Walmart time. Deep breath in. Exhale, get a big lift, grow tall and reverse the lift and reach forward.

Scoop the ribs and bring yourself in. Now this is where he has to stand. Drop a spring and he's going in a transition forward, getting set up for his pulling straps. So let's go ahead and grab your handles. Get to the straps you want. Nice and tight. He's on one spring. Shoulders are on top of the box. Reaching down. Open the chest, lower down. Let me see that again.

Low or they arms pull way up. They're all Elvanto up with his arms and yes, lower. I knew you had it in you and reached down. Lift ruled those shoulders back. Hold two, three, add lower going down to the teeth. So he slides his hand down, arms are up, holding the ends of the shot. Now that's when he can lift his chest and bring yourself back in.

Put a little more weight on this side and reach back. But a more weight on that left hip. Open to three and one more. Reach back. Squeeze your seat and hold two, three, and very nice. And he's going to now take his strap, swing his legs to the side, add a spring, and then he's going to adjust the straps behind his back for his backstroke.

Smiling all the way. Good. All right. Beginning the arms and legs were reaching up. Open reach for me. Stretch, float. Let's see the stretch in the shoulders down and come back in. Lifting up open. These are breathing exercises. Oh, you're holding two, three. Exhale. Inhale on the up.

Exhale. Inhale, hold. Two, three. Exhale. All right, let's go ahead and go into the reverse. Reaching out, open the legs and arms lift and bring it all together. Inhale, stretch. Let's get those legs really reach and squeeze your seat and open. Lift. Exhale and come back in. One more. Reach out long. Get those shoulders down. Curl into yourself.

Hold open up together and in is now taking this straps and gonna drop this spring. He's in his teaser position to do that. That takes some balance and control. Oh right, he's going gonna do teaser one where he comes up, articulate first, finding the balance three times up to the ears, down to the top of the hips too. And now everything can come down with control. So control the straps, the up and down, and now is getting ready to circle first. Get your balance. So hold first. Now take it slow staying control of the straps, especially as you come down. Don't let the them get loose.

You want to keep reaching forward and circle. You're going to come back up, right? We'll try that again. You're gonna now come back up hole. Let's go ahead and reverse. Go down around. Keep your chest open. Don't hunch in your upper back. Keep your back tall and up to the years and down two and up and behind your head and stretch forward. This is for men. Stay Tall. Long to grow taller.

One more time and reach. Lower down. Rest, articulate and rest. Alright, you are now going to take your straps and one hand because now you need to get ready for your horseback. Horseback. Yes. Do you want another pad for this? Okay, he's going to stay on. Turn around. Face me the other way. He's been working so hard. All right, so you're going to face me.

You're going to sit down towards the back. He stays on his one spring and he's going to get into a nice c, so he has to lift his hips. It seat off of the cares. There should be a gap between your seat and the box. And let's have the elbows come in three times. One up to the ears, honed to the two up, and now you can come down and arrest. You can even bend your as if you'd like.

Go ahead. All right, so this time it's going to do a little circles. Three times up. Get that deep. See, put a little weight on your left hip and one that's a correction for him to stay up there. Three. Now come up with the arms and come down and arrest. Okay, last set. One more. Okay. Same. Same circles. Not Reversing the circles. He's doing the same circles.

Try to get up a little hierarchy, reaching and hugging that carriage with your inner thighs to get your bottom up and one more up and go ahead and come back down. Very nice. Very nice stroke. And now this is where I'm going to help him. He's going to first put his thumbs in the straps to lie down. He pulls back a little bit. You have to get comfortable.

All right, and now he's getting ready to kick. One, two, three. She's going to drop this feed to big circle up, open, open, open, and come back down. So three kicks. One, two, three. Drop your feet. Deep breath in. Exhale, lift l under, lift in the chest and come back down. One more time. One, two, three, lower end, big left up. Open. Open weight on the right and come back down. Now he's reversing the circle. Sorry. You stay there. You're kick. One, two, three.

So you're going to circle the arms the opposite direction. Okay, one, two, three feet. Drop up around. Now he reaches forward like Superman. Good. And come back down. Two more sets. One, two, three, lower, big left. Reach forward and come back down last time. One, two, three, lower way up there, reach forward. Good. Very, very good at down. And that I would say is enough. He will put the straps back and set up for his Short Fox. Yes. So you don't need this. Lower the headrest.

And then you'll need a bar and a pad on top of the box, that bar there. And he should be on two springs now. Great. What's nice about this routine, any of these routines is it's very flowing. You don't stop and continuously mode that being from changing your springs to adjusting the gear and oh, okay. All the way back. Pull on. I like for the first one just to go back without the head going all the way back. Do one without the head. Tuck your hips more.

Squeeze your seat and now pull in. Exhale. Oh, but now go back. This when you can grab onto the roof, former underneath and give yourself a nice stretch. As you're stretching, you're still engaging. Squeeze. Good. And now wrap your arms around your waist. Deep breath in and offer. That's it. All right. He might scooch back a little bit and go into your flat back. So arms are up. He's tall through the hips, tall through the waist, right from the hips to the ribs long. And he'll just do a three, two softer in those shoulders and elbows.

Sorry, could rush their arms in between. Bring them back up. Forward to side. One, two, three. Up like a waltz. One, two, three. Up to three over. Let me see those rudes. Pull in a little bit deeper. Keep those hips down and up. I want you to do one more set. Let your hip lift, push the hip back down, left hip, push it out. Good, and then come up over. Let your hip right hip lift. Go ahead even more and then pull there.

I have down very good and up restaurants into the twist. Arms are up, legs are long but not locked and up and center. Left and up. Center. Now whole go fishing pool and handle Poland, Poland, Poland, and a left center. Twist to the left. Let me get those ribs in a little bit more. Okay, now hinge left. Go Fish.

It's a big heavy fish lifted up and center rest for just a moment and you'll do one around the world. Arms Up, twist to the right, stay along center left. Reach out, come up and center to the left hinge center, right reach, lift and up. Rest of the arms. Give yourself a nice stretch and then I'll place the bar back underneath and the setting up for his tree. Okay, let's just do one of these. You're gonna stretch three times two, three. You're going to walk up, grab your ankle, get your positioning, flex your other foot. Now he's going to drop his head. Go back and can go all the way down. He'll do three circles. He can either reach back and hold on or push up. Three circles. Give the kick up to all that. Those hips move though. Three reverse.

Don't let your hips move. One, stay in control. This shouldn't have wobbly hips though my head. Just keep the range of the circle smaller. Grab your arch. Rock forward. Flex your foot. Now let's see your back lifting. Good. Three flexes. One, two.

Can you lean a little over this way? Three. Good. And then he's gonna grab one his ankle. Rub the edge of the box around and take himself back. Go ahead and take your head back again. Deep breath in. Exhale, pull and keep that leg behind your shoulder. Rock forward lift and crossover.

Grab onto the back of the box. Check that your square, and then stretch over around relaxing, breathing. And then he's gonna switch sides. Exactly. Good tall to begin. One, two, feel those hips. Are you square three are they aligned hip with hip. And then see that he's got gray flexibility.

So it makes these look pretty easy. Go ahead and lie down. Reach back so I shouldn't see your hip move. So keep the circle kind of small. Don't get too big with those to keep those hips still. Three reverse up. Y to your nose. Alejandro, kick up. Yes. Walmart to the nose. That's it. Now round forward. Occur all up. Grab your arch, fall forward. And let's see this one right here.

Let me feel that lifting and to put some weight on your right hip, it can feel your falling left. Two and three take the arch or the ankle, leg to this side, squaring off the shoulders. Take your head, let your shoulders drop backs and your chest opens. Curl forward, legs, days behind you. Big Lift and then crossover lifting arms back and stretch forward. Yeah. Alright, he's ready to get rid of the box or that.

Keep his pad. He's now setting up for his long stretch series. Headdress goes up. He's still got his pad so that when he moves, he's not slipping around. Yeah, that works. So getting on hand, foot, hand, foot, right into position, opening up his chest, little lower with the hips. Open a little bit wider here. All right, breathing in, breathing out, he'll do it. And two more of these. Breathe in.

Open up the chest to one more and then he's going to drop to one spring and lower to your knees to do that and don't go too fast. It's very light. The lighter the spring, the harder the work. Deep breath in. Open the chest, stay in control of it. Keep opening up to open your chest. More Guide Walmart and straight in and lower to your knees and add one spring down.

Stretch hips are forward and nice and broad and the chest brewery. This is a good breathing exercise. You can really fill up the lungs here. Use it. Exhale, ring it out and left, left open one more and then left and left and go ahead and arch back. Take your head back and pull the shoulders back. Drop your head as you go down. Lift your head as you come in. Let's see that again.

So head Durham's down now. Push way back now. Lift, pull in, lift and lift and lift. Walk to the tips of your fingers. Alhondo and exhale. Take yourself back. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Let me feel it here. You breathing. Good. Curl your chin down towards your chest and reach for the bar.

And then I'll stand up for his up stretch. Very nice and a good position. His shoulders are right on top of the springs. Okay, and out. Now you need to open up your chest, lift your head up, lift your head, your head lines with your spine. So let's see that with your head. So first push out, then get your positioning head up a little bit more. Open. Open. Not all the way up, all the way. Do that.

So your one straight line. So get a seat. Now push out. And now open up your chest right here. Let me feel the shoulders pull back. Chest expansion there. Now try to bring the carriage in. No, straighten. Straighten. Okay, so let's see that again. Head down. A little variation for him.

Push-Out one straight position straight over the bar. That's it. That's what I was looking for. Now reverse those. Go out. Get into that straight plank straightened. Not An arch and round. That's okay. New wording for you. Push out plank.

Now stay just like that. Open your chest a bit more. Now come straight in. Straight in, straight in, straight in. That's it. One more. Just like that. Take your time. Stay in control out. Here's the control. Take your time straight and stay down there and drop your head. All right, go to your elephants.

So head is down that a little different for you. Push out now there should not be any banging control. If you're pulling it in. Don't let this brings, bring you in. Three counts on that. Slow it down. One, two, three. Lift one, soft, two, three, one more. One, two, three. That's it. All right, let's have you go ahead and stand on her toes. Get into a c, take one extension up into your elephants. One leg.

This is great for now. If he lifts that leg even higher and keeps it up, there is corrals back in. No, you can come back down. Switch legs, he'll get more of a stretch. So there's a couple of variations to that to the higher the leg, the more stretched through the hip, the square, the hips, the more powerhouse. Go Scoop, scoop and come on down. That's enough. Alright, let's have you step off and he's going to go into his stomach massage. Oh, sorry. You're right. Long back stretch.

How are you doing with, do you need a towel at all? Okay, got a towel. Just in case you're going to push down. Push out big lift and this is really important. Pull their shoulders back, skim your back against the bar and then come in. Can you open up your back? More tall, tall, tall, and open up the chest. Now one more time. Down. Out. No turtlenecks. Nice. Long neck and shoulders back. Reversing three times out down. Now he should open a chest, get the shoulder the way back.

Special that left one out lower and get that left one to pull back. Open. And one more last time out. Lower in tall and sit on the bar and set your to sit. On the bar and go into tendon stretch where you're standing near Risto and okay, there. Okay, so this where your stand, he's still on two springs. That his thumbs are looped.

He's on his arches and now his thumbs are back together. So all fingers are together and he's first going to push out. Control it. Don't fly out there. Control. Go slower. Slow it down. Go slow here. One to think of three counts in three. Last one. Nice and easy out. And one, keep your head down. Two.

All the way in. Three. Sit in, rest. Take a break. And now one leg to the side. Okay, let's do three on one side. Just one leg out. You could do a variation to here. So he's gonna take his right hand in and one again, control it. And a two. Don't go too quick. Three. It's not about fast. It's about controlled.

Left leg out and head down. One slow on the end. Slow it down to, let me see the control slow. Yes, that was better. Three, add, rest. Alright, off you go. And then he can go into go, uh, set up for your stomach massage. Okay, so he's back to his three springs sits downs very nicely, nice and centered, rounded. Lower lip pull in though. Let me see the scoop as well too.

So drop your head forward. Two and three. Let's see more accent on that end. And in four out five I'm just going to come over and check over here and make sure he's really stretching over and in, just give him 10 last time. Now that he saw him. Three spring kicking stay there, but move his hands back and now out. He'll do 10 of these. Now he is pretty flexible. You could move forward to, sorry. How about six of thee and three or four without charms or five. Stay on this hunt lane. A little left. Two more. Oh, that's it. This is that powerhouse. Tall, tall, tall.

Now drop one spring, reaching out. Come in and grow taller. Lift your back way up here. Reach up here. Try to touch my hands right up in the palm of my hand. Walmart when I feel your fingers touch mine. Yes, that's enough. You're going to come in and get ready to twist and to the right top and come in.

He'll stay up to the left, open your chest, relax those shoulders and in, and one more set to the right and in Nice stretch to the left. Relax this shoulder especially very good and in, it'll give you a little treat, give you a stretch forward. And then he's gonna step off semi-circle so you can get rid of the pad or use it. It's up to, this is padded, so don't have to have that blue pad there, but you can. All right, so he's going to place his hands back, adjust himself, and then he's going to push himself forward so that his hips are up in the air. Good. Yeah. Alright. Fairly comfortable.

And now he's going to begin by rolling down and not letting his nick do this, but keeping his neck along by keeping his chin low and then he can come back in and keep those arms straight out. 100 lower into the will. Push all the way back. Keep the carriage still as you lift the hip foot. Don't just pop up. Roll down, push out now, really articulate all the way up. Good. Keep the hips up and then get that nice stretch forward. You get a nice stretch on the top of the legs. Reverse it three times out.

Stay out there all the way, all the way, all the way. Enjoy the stretch. Good. And they'll come on and lift and forward. Get those ribs in, a little awakening with the train going by down. And now there are also variations where you'd go halfway out and go down or you can go all the way up and lower, lower, lower all the way in. I'm going to give him a little stretch forward. Push those ribs together.

He's going to reach for his ankles pulling in through here, deep through here and both hands reach back at the same time. He's going to pull themselves back. Alright. And then you can step off if you'd like. Um, you can do your frogs on here and short spine. So we'll just go ahead and lower your, his headrest is going to adjust the straps for his and we have them do a few frogs and then a short spine. Asage [inaudible]. All right.

And at this level you're doing all of your transitionings from springs to straps to bars, pads. Uh, you're do about three frogs. And then short spine. Yes. Three, five. So next time three frogs. So start again. Bend your knees. Come Down Jay, just do from normal frogs down here you are doing for, okay. Stretch out. One, just three, two and three. Then he's going to come in and your knee and now he's going to go into short spine, up and over your thinking. Long back stretch I think.

And rural. Keeping the feet and stretching and come down and stretch out. Up. Bend over. Bend your knees and lower, lower low. Get a nice stretch down there. Bend. Go lower on the extension. Get the hips up with the leg. So no pause.

Don't pause out there. Band to come down. Rolling. Extending those arms. Keep them straight. Just reach down from the shoulders two more times. Reach out, hips up over. So don't go out. Hold and then lift. Go out and lift and come down.

One more time out, up and over and bring yourself down. And then you'll get rid of the straps and you can go ahead and step off and he'll go to your snake and twist. Yeah, I'll just drop those off to the side. Actually. Good. Now you could do this on one spring or two spring at this level.

You should do it on one. Yes. Unless you're feeling a little jittery today. He does want US head rest up. Okay. Okay, so his hips are square. He's getting push out. Breathe in, and exhale, pull that left hip up. So this is the working side.

This side is the working side. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Open up the chest and scoop. Now you're getting ready for your snake. You're getting push, shout and twist. Oh, thin greed, shoulder back. Deep breath in and come back up. Walmart, time and Ham. Exhale. Exhale, open up and open and lift the hips. Drop your head and bring it back. End Carefully. Step off the back, round yourself up, and then head to the other side.

So one spring is very challenging because you only have a light amount of weight supporting you on the end. Deep breath in. Exhale. Exhale, stay square in those hips, that drop that left hip. Drop your head and come back in. Usually we'll have a stronger side. Exhale, it looks like this is his stronger side and calm back is so it's good that he worked his weaker side. Now exhale and twist. Scoop. Drop your head and bring the carriage back in by lifting that powerhouse. Exhale open. Look towards that back elbow, shoulder, and then come back in.

Carefully step off. You can add a spring before you come up or you could add a spring now and then you're gonna drop your head rest and get set up for tic talk and corkscrews balance control. [inaudible] okay, so it's gonna start with just a tick tock. Tick Tock. Yes. Now he's got great flexibility and mobility that he can go all the way over.

You may want to start smaller on this. Listen to your body and one more time. Over and centered. Now he's going to go into corkscrews. Now here too, there are variations with the twist of the hips. You can do it. I like in the beginning you don't want to twist at all.

You want to just circle the legs, keeping the hips still around and now get a good lift. So his feet, that's it. Way Up there. So he's reaching and now come back down. Now he's going to start moving around and up and around and up. Ready around and left and lower back down and to the left all round. Don't let daycares carriage move left much better and very pretty and come back out one more time. Right around and you left.

Don't let those elbows lift and come back down. Keep those elbows wide to the left. Last one around. Big Lift and hold one to keep reaching three and bring herself down. Very good. And then you're going to go to balance control. So he's going to move himself forward.

Make sure that he has two hands with from the back. Okay. Clearing his neck. Take your time. He's going to tap. He's going to come back up and then he's going to go to the other check. Keep reaching up Alexandra and come back up.

Keep reaching with that left leg over, rolling onto the shoulder. He's going to step back towards me and then he's gonna reach forward clearly and Relevate. One time dropped that left hip. Square your hips and Relevate. Now take your time on to the shoulder center and lift and now reversing. Oh, now this second just goes straight back so he doesn't do the tap, tap, tap, and then into position. Cleo, lift that back leg, reach for the ocean and irrelevant.

Can you get that leg up there and now onto the shoulder and up he goes, lift. Very good and burrowing yourself down and rest. Now I'll move back. I'm going to help him with this. He's going into a long by massage. I'll go ahead and transition your care. I'm going to get his straps ready so you can just take a moment.

I know I did say to do all this drops and changes, but I am here. I can help him with this. Give him a little break. Okay. It's gonna put those on his feet. Do a few frogs here as well and get the straps comfortable. He's just gonna do a few frogs. One, two, just kind of feeling out the springs and it.

Now he has stick that head rest out. He'd go to, kept it out, but that's fine. And Oh, now you don't want to pause up here. You should already be coming down and reaching out, reaching out. I'm going to move this box out of the wet, open reach and reach and reach. So Alejandro, all the way down together, up open, come back down. Reach forward. Reach yes to get the heads up and then come down. Drop your Chin a little bit, two more up together. Right? You're going to do three of these. That's it.

Long Spine. See how nice and long his body is. That's what you want coming down. But with the length, you also have to articulate from the upper back to the middle, back to the lower back. End Up together and have you do one more after this. [inaudible] reach those toes to the other side of the room. And one more time. Open up together. Reach and see. Moving down, down. Stretch the arms. Very good. And Bend and come in.

All right, let's take these off and have you go into your kneeling knee stretch series so you can drop those over his head or however that works. So get your bar up for kneeling. Knee stretch. Okay, so into a c. Nice line with your hips. Bring your knees in a little bit. They're two wide. Great arms or long sit on your heels. Way Back there.

Drop your head mark. Drop your head. Okay, now you're ready. Oh, and under two you'll do a keep those arms straight. Don't let them move. Three, stretch the arms. Four, five, six long arms. Don't let them bend seven and transition. Head up instead. Way Back there. Stretch back more.

Sitting on the heels for eight of these six, seven and these off. Get into your C, shift forward. Now control it. Don't fly up. They're not so quick. Slow it down a little bit. Stain. I want you to control the more. Slow down. That's better. Six, seven deep seat tuck. Yes. See there it is and down.

Add your spray. He's now going to walk recentering back to his toes and then he's going to extend out and walk. Two, three, four, five, six, seven getting long and tall. Yeah, ted. And now he's going to run, keep the flow going. Three, five, still lifting seven, eight, nine, 10 and in you go into your pelvic lift onto his arches. Now again, he's flexible so he's able to really get a nice turnout. The dancer in him too, but without the hips bobbing up and down. Keep them level with each other. Three, they're about six. Four he moved his hands to check his placement.

That's good. Five and a stay in Greg yourself down. And then you're going to step off. I'm gonna do your side splits. Say a drop down to one or two springs. I have an extra pad on the bar so that you have that support for your feet. Okay.

And he's going to start with those left foot over and she made the other one out and he's gonna take his arms out and make sure his back is nice and long and tall, that his neck isn't crunching. And now he's on two springs. Take your time. Pull up through your center so it shouldn't look like that coming in. Should come straight up right through the top of the head, through the spine. Left to now. He's going to go out whole and, and get ready to pick some flowers.

Lauren down now control, articulate up round, round. Drop your hips a little bit. L Hendra squeeze your seat and we're in yourself and now he's going to keep the carriage. Still. Don't let the carriage move round into yourself up. Give the flowers to the gods. Exhale open.

And now he'll stay in. Bring his foot back in. Shimmy. Step onto the carriage to turn around. Ready for the other side. So this side, he's going to demonstrate the saw. He's on two springs. Depends on how fatigued you feel at the end of this workout.

How many springs you use. All right, take your time. He's going to push out. Pull into here. There you go. Now come back up. What? Two more. Pull in and lengthen and now he's going to stay up there and saw reaching for the toenail, trying to get that carriage from moving as he comes up. Very deep inner thigh work and drop your chin.

Now let me feel that lift and here. Round, round. Keep the carriage. Still get that lift and bring yourself back in. Now he's going to do it here with the carriage intake, getting his time, not letting that carriage mu keeping his bounds and not putting all that straight in and his knees. Keep your knees kind of relaxed through this long legs. Just not locked and enough. He's going to shoot me his left foot in, step onto the carriage and carefully stepped down into his front splits.

We'll get rid of the pad unless you want it and one foot up other foot. We'll hop back. Okay, head is down. He's going to push out. Relax your neck. He'll do three of these. Just warming up into the stretch. All that work. Ready to stretch. Now, shifting his weight back, getting ready for his balancing position.

Ants can go side or behind his head. This hip forward. Get your hips to square off and keep those ribs deep into here. Arms can reach up. Al Hondura. Get the scoop as you go down. Shimmy or shift onto the toes as he lowers the knee. And then a Goo, get a nice stretch out.

You go out as far as your body will allow you without straightening. Very nice. These feel great, especially after all that hard work. Thery and then he's going to come in and sit on his heel and give them an extra little stretch. If he wants to do the arch back, he can or he can. Yeah. Ready for the other side. We'll laugh. Exhale. God. Excellent. Excellent. And Chin ribs down. Alright, he's going to transition to the other leg, right hip forward. Yes.

Squared off like sometimes can always feel that, but hopefully at this point you know what that does feel like to keeping those hips firm twisting. And then I going to shift back to this foot around themselves, up and open their eyes. Get that lift through here, pull it two and three up with the arms. Three do what actually went up, scoop around and then transitioned to the knee lowering slowly down and now stretch out and come in. It's nice to enjoy that stretch. Pause, get a nice stretch out of it. And then last time and out to about three and I'll give you a little stretch here.

I'm going to give you this little push forward and he's gonna lift. Deep breath in. Exhale, exhale, exhale, breathe. There you go. And now spooked the ribs. Drop your head and abrupt. Okay. And then he's gonna step off and you can do your Russians and excuse me, your pushups, the ballot control cruise ships yet. Yes, you're the first ones for forward.

So he's still on two springs and then he's going to put his feet on the bar. Uh, no your Russians. No. The balance control pushups with both feet on the bar and I'm talking. Yes. Together. You're both theater together and you go out, you lower your hips. It's quite all right. Alright. Ready out one straight line.

Open your chest too heavy. You want to go to one spray? Okay. One foot comes off, point back and then come straight in and transition one foot at a time and, and then he's going to stay in and push up three times. Elbows in one. Don't lean with your head. Take your whole body, take your hips with you hips and drew up your head. Come in and step off. Now you're going to go into the backward arms with kicks. Okay, so he's back on his toes.

Chest is open, one leg kicks up and the other leg kicks up and he's trying to keep his chest open. Then he's gonna Circle Shoulders, back circle. Don't let their shoulders roll or add. Reverse the circle and up at hold. Add three depths, one and two and three. And now stuff. Grace going, breaking the character. Yes. Now you're Russians. Little different. Yeah. All right, cool. Endeavor.

One foot forward. One foot on the corner here. He wants a good gripping with this, right? Or excuse me, his left. Yeah. Yeah. All right. He's going to do surgery in and out to keep those hips level with his knee three and then he's gonna bring his arms up and behind his head and three times to three. Now he's going to stay in as he reached out next time hopefully. And the name has to move his foot forward to go into the split and hair too.

You can relax a little bit and then come up, get this hip forward a little bit. Alright, one more time. Hold. Relaxing. Good and enjoy. All right, you're in. Hop your right foot back. Left foot forward. Bend your left knee. Okay. And pushing out. One, drop your neck a little bit.

L A hundred relax your chin and neck three and now he's gonna bring his torso up. Hands come behind his head. He's learned a variation with the arms, which is fine. Different variations and reached down and then he's going to hop his left foot forward a bit. Ready for his Russian split out. Drop your neck hold. Try to keep those hips square. So right. Head forward. Yeah. Getting their footing. Okay. Last time out.

Very nice. Doesn't he make that look easy and come back and Shimmy your left foot back and then both feet on and then you can step off. Round up. And that concludes your reformer workout. Thank you.


This video became scrambled and I was unable to see the video
Jackie ~ I'm sorry the video became scrambled for you. I just tried it and it worked fine for me. Usually when there is a problem with the videos, it is because the internet connection is not strong enough to support it. I recommend choosing our alternate video player which will let you choose a lower video quality. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at for more options.
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Wonderful Class - I feel so strong! Shortest 60 mins ever - and toughest 60 mins at the same time. . Great class. Thank you!
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P.s. I watch on a MacBook and had no issue with video.
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Wow Alejandro, that is impressive! Jackie great cueing!
I Mean, great cueing Adrianne
Wow! Great workout! I was an elite gymnast and I found this challenging! Nice job Alejandro! Thank you!
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I love the focus on speed AND control!
Thank you all for watching! Alejandro, my student makes this look easy. Glad you enjoyed it
Sue B
love the control balance roll backwards off the reformer excellent!
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