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Focus on the inner dynamics of the movements in this Mat workout with Rael Isacowitz. While the exercises are intermediate in level, Rael brings the athleticism by encouraging you to push yourself for more quality, precision, and flow through his descriptive cueing and powerful energy.
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Nov 09, 2014
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My name is Rael Isaak Hewitts. I feel particularly blessed today to be here at [inaudible] is anytime a place I regard as home and to be surrounded by people that I absolutely love. So with no further ado, we are going to focus the class today on Matt work, um, intermediate to high intermediate level. But although the exercise themselves on particularly advanced, we all going to push ourselves in terms of the athleticism. So dig deep, find the quality, find the precision within yourselves and keep that flow going.

That inner dynamic, that is what it's about. Feeling a sense of entering a wave that you flowing with this wave through out this class. So, uh, let us begin standing. Give yourselves a moment to feel present to let go of the outside world. Although it's very difficult to let go of such beauty, we are surrounded by, take a moment to feel the harmony, feel the feet well placed on the ground, feel balanced and that sense of elongation as the tip of the head reaches up towards the sky and we inhale and XL and inhale and exhale and inhale as we exit. We tip the head forward and feel the vertebrae of the spine, bending the knees to take any stress of the back, feel that rounding of the back and inhale and exhale as you roll up, straightening the knees and inhale and exhale as you roll down like cascading water, bending the knees, feel how from the sacred to the head, the head and the sacred, more heavy and the spine is stretched.

Inhaling and exhaling as you roller and inhale and exhale as you roll down, resting your chest on your thighs and inhale and exhale. And this time we can thin you up with the arms and taking the arms around and all the way down to the sides. And exhale as you roll down, bending the knees and inhale and exhale as you roll up. Continuing the energy upward, uh, and taking the arms around and inhale. Exhale. As you roll down. Inhaling, exhaling, rolling up.

We just increasing the speed just slightly. This time we open up to that extension. Claws the hands behind your back and stretch like a double leg kick. And we slowly release and roll down. Explore, exploring the ranges of motion of the spine and rolling up, continuing extending the spine.

Clasping the hands and giving yourselves that wonderful stretch. Oh, enjoy it. Even the neck, closing the mouth, lifting the chin slightly, feeling that stretch and slowly come to center. And now we simply squat as you reach down and come up and reaching forward. Ah, feel those legs starting to work as you come up and reaching forward. And so when you come up, you feel straight as you reach forward, you Andre rounding.

But the spine does simply conform to the shape of the legs as you reach forward. So there's a slight flection of the spine and you come up and you reach down. Ah, and we've got one more. Feel those glutes, feel the hamstrings, feel the quads, and you reach forward. Now what we gonna do is we're gonna roll back into a roll, like a ball. I know this is a leap of faith. It's a leap of faith. Yes, we're going to do it reaching forward and boom and roll. And yes, you're all still with me. You're all still with me. I love it.

And role and and role and beautiful and yes. Keep your heels a little closer now to your bottom. Ah Ha, yes, and back and windy. Just watch the scapula creeping up a little bit more than they should. And Mary, keep the heels close to your bottom and inhale and one more and inhale and balance. [inaudible].

Bannon's slowly put the feet down. Okay. As close to you as possible as we wrote down and try and touch your heels here so you're still nice and high and we go down all the way. Feeling the comfort of the mat under your back. Inhale and exhale as you roll up.

Yeah, and inhale and exhale as you roll down. Take the arms overhead to feel that stretching of the shoulders, opening out such an important sensation. Inhale and exhale. As you roll up. Then you feel the hamstrings and my arms press gently into the ground. Those arms are not static. They are dynamic, no tension in the feet.

Inhale and you exhale as you reach back further, further, further reaching that neutral position of the spine, but the arms going even further. And then exhale as you reach out and in here and exit, reaching back, reaching back. Stop Midway. Now just try, go a little deeper, a little deeper. Drawing in, stretching the back muscles a little deeper with they have downloads. Okay, and now we let go. Now that was a little deeper. Inhale, reaching those arms back and exhale as we lift up. Pressing the arms in just that little bit deeper. Yes. Let's come a little, hi Amy. Feeling those skeptics drawing together just slightly. Yeah, to give us that elevation of the thoracic spine and then exhale.

And here we actually go into pause, the neutral into slight hyperextension. It's like a ripple up the back of cat stretching and then back to that neutral and roller up again, exploring the ranges of motion of the spine. Inhale and exhale. Easing into the spine and going through the neutral position, stretching out, feeling even the fingers. Stretch out a little like cat, Aha and back to neutral and then rolling up, pressing down on the mat and stretching back all the way. The Rue, the neutral, not harsh, just gently feeling the ranges of the spine coming back to neutral and placing the hands behind the head. So now immobilize the spine from the other side as we lift up.

Good. And inhale and exhale and inhale and press the heels just gently into the mat. You feel those hamstrings engage and then you come up that little bit higher on that inhale. It's as if that inhale gives you a little bit more lift and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and still lifting up, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting. And He, I sense a little more left. Wouldn't go a mess. So let's put our hands behind our legs. This is for everyone.

Just a little drawing forward of the body. Yup. Well it feels those arms working. Don't be shy. You can see here the arms are really working. Yeah, don't be shy in this position. Curl the pelvis up and curl the pelvis down and curl the pelvis.

Posterially and take the pelvis into neutral and curl the pelvis up and down. Yes, up. We fill the abdominals that you feel those deepest area back. Now take the hands behind the head and now you're in a really nice position. Love it. Love it. Yes Sarah and rotate it. One and two, n three and four and five and six and seven and eight and look at, look at it. If I were to catch it, Oh yes, you want to take it, you want to take it, you want to take it.

Think of those ribs drawing towards the pelvis, towards the Iliac crest and then the other side we think of those rubes drawing and I mean these ribs here, so there's that. No flaring of the ribs but a nice connection between the lower ribs. Bring the legs nice and tight together as you come to center. And from here we left the next in and a little curl up and back to table top and then down and up. And these are abdominals.

Now their abdominal stabilizes the hip flexors work, east centric, Lee concentrically curl and east centric. Lee concentrically curl up. As those legs go down, those abs need to work so that the pelvic lumbar region is absolutely stable and one more, and at this point you should definitely feel those abs working. Let's put our lens behind our legs to lift just a little bit higher. Seeing good tabletop. When you bring the legs just a little closer to you, the thighs, yes, and hold that and they like a bird spreading its wings.

Boom, open outs and bringing the legs toward me as you go. Inhale spine to supine and exhale to center and inhale and exhale. Don't let those arms relax. Those arms are very TIF and x zoo and in here and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. One more to each side. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale hands glide behind the head again. Okay, as you lift up, okay, let's do three more of those. Lowering the legs, lifting up and incurring the pelvis off and inhale and exhale. Curling the pelvis off and inhale and Xcel curling the pelvis and we couldn't be in a better position for the hundred stretching the legs out.

And she XL two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five, sure. Yeah. [inaudible] okay, bring the legs in. That was about 50 so let's lift up a little higher and we're going to add a little leg sequence to this. So for the inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five, long, two, three Oh five Duh Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. Stay there. Bend the leg, stretch that leg out. So we're perfectly positioned for the roll up.

We're there, we're there, but I think we'll take a little stretch out. So palms facing each other so that we can feel the stretch of those shoulders. Feel the elongation of the legs and we lift up and exhale, keeping that round shape and inhale and exhale, sell. I'm just loving the shape of your bodies. I am. I am. I'm not going to hide the pride I feel. And in here.

And don't rush that, Christie, don't rush it. We've got time and inhale and exhale. Okay, so reach this point to everyone. Relish this moment. This is the moment you love here. When the spine is back on the ground, you feel this position and then slowly, rarely the thoracic spine opens out the lumbar spine lift slightly off the ground as you again inhale and another position. We really should, it's back home. This is the position we know so well. And then the arm stay parallel to the floor as we bring the body forward and inhale.

Don't be shy to feel that rounding of the back. We just don't want to slump. It's really the back extensors. Give us that gorgeous shape and inhale and exhale sh and then back and inhale [inaudible] and the XO and inhale and exhale all the way down and inhale and exhale. And now just lifting the leg that's closest to me. Slightly off the ground. Yes. So this is like a tendon stretch.

It's so good to feel those hip flexors working and lower the leg again and then lifting even deeper into that hip flexor. And lower the leg again and lifting deep and lower it and lifting deep. Let's do one roll up. It wrote down and then up again keeping that leg. Absolutely. So look, is it still? Yes, it's still, you're looking at it. You're looking at it. We've got the scissors right there, right there. In fact, you know what we're going to do? We're going to change and change.

We're going to change and change. We're going to change and change, change and change, change and change. Can we roll up from here? Yes, Ken, and inhale and slowly down, but take that leg up, up, up, out to the tee position. Flexing the leg circle going inward toward the other leg. So we do inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale other direction and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. We bend the, straighten it on the mat, take the arms overhead.

We come forward. Your regular roll up, roll up. We back home again. The other leg just lift up and in, down and lift up. Amy, you could round up just a little more, not in the thoracic spine, but just in that lumber. Think of that tendon stretch. Yes and windy. I want your arms a little more elongated. Think of those arms as beautiful rays of light shining out of the shoulders. You don't want to break that ray.

You want to feel that ray of light reaching [inaudible]. Okay, hold it in the air. Now. That's where we are. We're looking at that foot. We looking at that foot and we reached that sweet spot that we just love and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, die we so smooth because we sold stable, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. Hold it, hold it. And we slowly lift up, flexing the foot and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and other direction and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale points.

Bend leg on the ground, take the arms back and we do that beautiful roll up again. Boom. And this time as we get to the top, we open out the chest because we've been inflection. We want to feel the extension. Let us not forget what extension feels like. Thumbs towards the back of the room and just looking straight forward for an answer and boom, and we just get that gentle pull back, gentle pull back, gentle pull. The scapular can actually stay still right now, so the skeptics are actually opening out. Fill the scaps, opening out, using that serratus anterior as you open the arms and open, take them up towards the ceiling. Same thing one and two and three and four and five and rounding up, bringing the knees to the chest and okay, let's pick up the pace a little now. Ready, double leg stretch.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and like a ray of light and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale. Hands on your knees. Push into your knees, roll up, open the legs and pull back with those arms again. I want to feel the strength in those arms. Allow the legs to open out a little Meredith. My legs don't open that much. I know yours probably do. Amy, you can pull your body forward.

Just like that said Amy. Nice Winnie. Beautiful. Sarah, take the arms from underneath. Yes. That keeps the Scapula in such a great spot. In fact, what I'm gonna ask you now is to lift the sternum. Lift the sternum, focusing on that extension. Coming back to center. Bring the legs together. Rolling down. Hands on the knee. Closest to meat and one and two. No.

Just how the feet on the same horizontal line and feel proud here. Feel lifted. Yes. The upper body works. The lower body works. Put some feeling into this and give it a personality. Every exercise has a personality. It's not just a movement. It's an action that has a personality. Duh.

Hands behind the head. Don't rush. Yes. Huh? Oh, we there? Yes. Are there and who and, and, and, and, and, and, and eight and yes, my dear friends that stay a little higher. Let's stop here for a moment and it's regroup. So we lift, lift the arm straight forward. So they something that you reach in.

It's not out there, but it's right there. That is the rotation you want together with flection. Hold that, hold that. Put the hand behind the head and the other side. So Aimee, lift that bottom leg a little yes. Hand on the knee. Lift a little higher. Now don't over-rotate because if you over rotate, that starts opening the rib cage. You go into lateral flection. That's good. Lovely. Chrissy. Sarah, watch that you are on raising your elbow too much. Drop the elbow now.

Reach forward and yes, take it. Take it. You reaching for someone, you reaching for someone. Yes. Come to center. Hands on your knees. Put the feet down. Touch your heels. Roll down into, showed a bridge. Inhale and exhale. Roll. Oh, you lifting that little bit higher. Oh, we love that.

If flicks a stretch. Okay, the leg closest to me. Lift up stretches. Okay. Gather your thoughts, gather the parts of your body and exhale down. Inhale, flex up. Exhale down.

Try and touch the mat up and you don't have to touch. It depends on your hip flexors, but that's where we're aiming up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and reach and down and up and down and stay there. Point lifting, lifting, lifting the thing, and bend. They sit down, stretch the other up and we lift just a little higher there. Okay.

Gather your thoughts. Go through your little checklist or your hip. Adductors working. Yes, they are. Glutes and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up. Good. Down and up and down and up. Down and up and up.

Reaching up, reaching up, bend the leg, put it down. Interlace the fingers, reaching, stretching, stretching. [inaudible] good. And as you wrote down, like we did in the Pelvic Co, the arms reach, overhead, reach, overhead, reach overhead, stretch one leg out, and then the other leg out and inhale, roll up. Exhale, stretch out the back, separate the legs. So as I said, we keeping the exercise relatively intermediate. I'm not even going over into rollovers so we can use this for athletes who may not yet know the control of going into a role of a, maybe you want to keep people off the cervical spine, but we can still go very deep and intense as we're going to see as we move through the session and inhale Sarah A. Little bit for just your trunk. That's it. That's it. And when you, I want you to think again, this type of position is rarely a stylized position. All we're looking for is straight arms, not rigid, but straight.

Inhale spine stretch. Exhale as you roll down through the spine. Inhale, as you stretch out, we get this juxtaposition of a long back, that beautiful back extension and then slowly down rolling up and inhale and exhale as you roll down and inhale as you stretch out and slowly down and slowly up, still seeing a little bit of wide arms. Christy, you could lean forward just a little and Amy, watch those that you don't hyper and throw those ribs forward. We're going to interlace your fingers. This is a great way to keep people's shoulders in place. We inhale, we Xcel. As you roll down, inhale, now you stretch out and then down and then rolling up through the spine and inhale and exhale, sale and inhale, extend and slowly come down that remember you rolling up a wall.

So although we articulating the spine, we don't overdo it to the back. That was much better. What some of you were doing was [inaudible] I'm exaggerating. Okay. But we want to think that there's a wall here, a wall there, a wall there, a war. This is intense back work. Let's go. Your arms are still here, Mary and Xcel. As you roll down, inhale as you extend, okay?

And slowly down and slowly roll up and inhale and exhale as you roll down. Yeah. And elongates, elongates, elongates. And here what you do is you rotate towards me. We drop one arm down to the foot, the other arm reaches back. We get that tremendous rotation of the trunk and we're ready to come back to center, back to clasp your hands and boom.

And then the other side and Amy, I know you could be leaning forward a little bit further. Yes, Amy, let's get that back. Extension working. Windy, a little more out of that back. Yes and all we ready to come back to center. Boom. And it's take a few more and out and ready. Go and two and ready go and three and really go and for [inaudible] Amy take that go back but go back back and me just take that alm of used a little lower and you're looking up towards it on Meredith.

You can give me a little more back extension. Thank you so much. And back to center and then roll down. Roll Up. Ready? We going to do the spine twist in this position. I love it for the twist. We've got a nice tripod here with our legs and we've got this almost like hey in athletics, the hammer.

So we go pool pool and pull. Pull in slightly forward. Christine, pool and pool pool and Meredith, you're leaning forward just a bit too much and pull, pull and pull. Pull and pull. Pull and pull. Pull and pull. Pull. Come to center, rolling down, take your ankles, ready for the open leg rocker, lifting up in their chest. Okay.

Stretching the legs and roll and enroll and we're there and roll and roll and we're there and roll and roll and we're there and roll and roll and we're there and roll and roll. And we're there and row and row and were there with the, Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh, we're there. Oh yes, we're there. Oh yes, we are there. We saw there that we're going to let go of our hands and nothing's going to happen. That's how they, we all, that's how they, we all, yes. And slowly down it's just go into the soul and get a little more rotation. Okay.

[inaudible] and inhale and exhale and inhale up and center and inhale and exhale and inhale up and things and inhale and exhale and inhale up and center an inhale and exhale and up and center and inhale and exhale and up and center an inhale and exhale and up and sinned to bring the legs towards each other. Take the arm between the legs. It gives us a nice stretch for the hip flexors as well as some rotation of the trunk. The pelvis goes up to the ceiling, look up to the ceiling, hand to the ceiling. Of course we got that great rotation, stretching out those hip flexes that have been screaming for a little while and then down and boom, and, and up, reaching, reaching, reaching and boom. And I'm and up and reaching, reaching, reaching and boom and down and reaching, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting and slowly down, down.

Okay, bring the next together facing me. And you perfect. You facing in opposite directions, crossing the one leg over the other. So we're going into some nice lateral work now. Okay. So from here you reach up nice and you go over [inaudible] and you reach back to center and you slowly come down and it's like you touched a hot coal and over and up and boom and over and Cinta and down and three with the rotation and up and under and up. Nice. Wow.

I'm just loving this work, feel house. Everything in the body is working here and then and, and when you go under that back flattens those shoulder flexes work and you come back and we go to one more to enjoy and we going to enjoy it for sure and one and under and back there. Hold that position and I want you to just feel that you lifting the under leg and down and up and down and squeezing. It's tiny. It's tiny but it's amazing how it works. So deep and deep and deep up and bring that leg.

Okay. Hands behind the head. We've got the lovely just to make sure we working at, let's take it down and up and down and up and down and up and down and stay up and pool, pool and pool sidekick, kneading pool, pool and pool pool and pool pool and ta that and pool too and ah, that ah and yes, Meredith's keeping that leg nice and high and windy. Unless your wrist does your wrist hurt you. That's a better position. Yeah, just a little difficult on the fingers. When you do hit up on the fingers and stay back, stay back, stay back, putting both arms down, but keep that leg nice and high and we go up and up and up and up and up. Think more of up then back Meredith.

So we were already in that rotation just so we get the gluteus medius and maximums working. We've got the nice extension of the back. Hold it up, hold it up. And in one fell swoop we open the arm. So we're in that star. Yes, we're in a star. You're all stars. Everyone out there in the world is a star. Shining Star.

Is that leg as high as it can go, Christie. Oh look at that. Look at how all the legs you are, the legs. Is your leg. Is your leg as high as it can be? Give me a little bit more. Give me a little more and back to the center. Sorry. Nothing more. Beautiful. Feeling the power of the powerhouse.

Then the stretch. We love it. So what we do is we go into a post area tilt that is important, feeling that connection of the lower ribs and the pubic symphysis. From there we start going back and back and back. Don't be shy, Meredith. Don't be shy. Don't be shy. And then lifting up. Never known you to be shy and around.

And Amy, then feel that Halloween, Halloween, Halloween and you're holding onto someone. We are holding onto someone. Yes. When he, when he, when he more post Steria total there. There, there. Okay. Amy showed me a little bit of the bodybuilder. Look, we chose. Whew. Okay. And becoming a view. Amy. So ready. And any of you practicing this alone, you want to feel this energy is circular energy.

So this adds to that circle and now you're holding someone's hands. Amy. It's take out poems a little to the seating that may help us. Yeah. Lower Wendy Lower Wendy. There they can you touch your heels? Yes, we can. Oh and just go to one side to stretch out. Put your hands on the heel.

And here we don't hold a puss territory. Here we are getting a nice stretch but then grab hold onto the abdominals as we lift up and boom, hold onto the abdominals as we lift up. And fortunately we have another side. So yes, we're right here. Windy, full of the joys of life and ready, reaching out. I like it. And over and up and down and up and over and up and down and up and over and up. And remember we just tipping because there's a hot cold air to take us up, up and under and boom and down and up and under and boom. And the last one up and under and up.

Mendez little lifts we did up and lifting that bottom leg and three and four and ah, the Ah, the Ah, the audit audit. Own It, own it and bring it in. Oh yes. Okay. Taking the Liger and it's lower it just to make sure that we're there and it's take it up. Cool. [inaudible] back and pool and back and pool and back and pool and back and pool pool. There's a little double pulse then Paul's pool and both and pool and Polos. Stay there. Stay there. Drifting a little bit.

There we go. Here we go. Here we go. Nice. Sarah, love that leg of yours. And we go up and uh, and uh, it doesn't go all the way down. Just to horizontal app and down, up and up and up and down. Up in. Remember Star lifted. Lifted. Y'all want to be shining stars. Shining stars in the universe. Yes.

Yes. Amy, drop your Chin just a little thank you. But still look at me. Look at, look, they learn. Don't hide your eyes. Roomy. There we go. There we go. There we go. A nice narrative. Put the arms down, but the legs down into a push up position into my favorite section. We'll almost my favorite back extension, but remind me to come back to pushups. You know what we're gonna do some leg pulls now just so I don't forget. Really lifting your right leg just off the ground and we go, one, two, three, four.

I've got some exciting for you just for this group. First time to your opposite elbow, back, outside, elbow, back. Opposite elbow outside. Elbow, back. Opposite Elbow, back, back. Put the leg down. Let's do three push ups. Yeah. Now you know why I was so excited and up and to, and up and three and up. Ready to regroup. Let's go into an switch just to regroup. Just a little regroup. The rogue regroup and back to center. Ready leg. Just off the ground.

One. It's not high. Two and three and four. And hold it. Ready. Opposite and outside. Same. Opposite outside. Same opposite.

[inaudible]. One more for good measure. Opposite. Outside. Same. And a beloved pushups. Let's do pick pushups. This time. Last time we did triceps. Okay, so pick one and, and two and up. How many did we lost them? Three. Well let's do four now. Four up into up stretch. Ah, AH, back to plank.

Slowly lower yourself to the ground and we lift the arms and the legs and lower the arms in the legs and lift arms in the legs, lower the arms and the legs. Lift arms in the legs and lower the arms and the legs lift. Okay. Take the arms out to the side. Just lower the legs. Where now some facing the ceiling. We go one and two and three and four and five. Hold it up. They let the scapula glide. Another five, one and two and three. Four.

But keep the thumb up. We're going to do out swimming with a thumb up today. Lifting the legs, lift arm, rightly right arm, left knee, left arm rightly right on lift, leg and go. Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh and hold it. Take the all the way back, lower the legs and we buck the double leg. Okay, so keeping the legs just off the ground. We'd go one, two, three and reach. And to relate related to what we did in the beginning of the claws, that same feeling, but here of course we working against gravity stretch and one, two, three and stretch and one, two, three and stretch and one, two, three and stretch. Lengthen in on gator. Lifting a little higher, just the arms, lower the legs as they go up and two and three and four and five and take the arms around. The legs are down right now.

Take the arms all the way around and hands under your shoulders and just one full stretch as far as you can take it. Don't worry, the elbows are still on the ground here. Everyone can get just to that elbow position. Now, keeping the elbows tight to your side if you want to, and only if you want to get that beautiful stretch to feel the range of the back. Yeah, and slowly lower the elbows from that position, pulling the abdominals into the rest position. [inaudible] tuck that heel toes under.

Okay. Stretch the legs [inaudible] and bend the knees and do a little jump. And we do one of our favorite Bethy exercises called the knee stretch, knees or single leg. We're going to take the leg that's closest to me. Now. I want you to feel that the weight is on your arms, so you literally could do a little handstand here, little handstand, little handstand. Now ready with that leg closest to me.

We go back and in and two and in and three and in and full and in the Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh Duh and in other side out and in and to and in your looking beautiful three when you take the hit a little lower, Duh Duh, Duh Duh Duh Duh, Duh, Duh in and boom, hold it. And sitting down on your heels, arms reaching forward like in the beginning of the class in the beginning of the class and we're going to lunge back into three, five roll like a balls and one, two, three, four and five. And straighten the legs. We're just going to do back support. Ready and lifting up.

Okay. Opening the chest and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up, up, up, up. Bend the elbows. Just lightly just to bend them and then straightened up even more and bending the elbows just slightly and then up and the re and up. Keep those hamstrings working.

Yeah. And are packet sensors up and, okay, let's finish off with some teases and role like a boy. I mean, let's see. Oh, puppy. Okay. Okay. This is the part of the closet I love the most because this is the part where you tired, you fatigued, and you start digging into the mind.

It's easy in the beginning to let your mind drift. Now you have to use your mind because we're tired, we're a little fatigued and we need to get through some difficult exercises as we let go. And we slowly rolled down, we come up and we come up and we roll down and we'd come up and we come up and we roll down and we come up and we come up and down, up and straighten. The leg that's closest to me are the ones on the ground. Look, have the knees or connected ode onto your leg and you knees feel the back lifted. And we slowly wrote down and back and up, up, and we'd go down and reach and up. Now we did two straight ones. We're gonna do two of the twist at the top up and reach and up and twist center and down and up and twist. Cinta change legs and, and back and lifting and up and down.

And back and lifting and up and down and reach and lifting and twist up and down and lifting and twist. Come to center too with the legs in place, reaching back and up and lift and down and back and up and lifting, lifting, bend your legs, stretching out. So you that high. Now that's where we love our teaser, right? That's where we love. That's where I would love it for me for sure. Okay, so you know what I'm going to say to myself? Yes. Rail today is the day you're going to be there because you're going to hold your legs lifting arms out to the side and Ben, they Xander or arms under for that seal. Pappy. Nice and deep.

Deep and roll. Beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, roll, roll. Role and balance. Balance, balance, balance. If you can interlace your fingers, it'll get you nice and deep and then you can actually push your elbows backwards to open the hip joints. Yes, yes. Ah, put the legs down. [inaudible] and stretch the body forward. Eh, eh. [inaudible] if you could just slowly ease your ways around to face me so you can still stay down, no tension would be easier to follow.

So just reaching the arms forward. [inaudible] rolling up through the spine. [inaudible] taking the arms up to the ceiling, taking the arms around, holding onto the knees like we did during the class, and stretching up [inaudible] and come to center. Lifting, lifting, lifting. So you've got the support of the arms. Gazing directly forward into the distance. [inaudible] calming the mind, calming the body, calming the breath.

[inaudible] an inhale together. Ah, exhale. Inhale together. Ah, inhale. Ah, yeah. Inhale.

Taking the arms up to the ceiling again and I want you to squeeze the palms against each other so you're looking up to the sky with those times are reaching towards the sky, reaching up, reaching up, and slowly bring it down. Pressing the palms against each other to keep the back nice and open. Nice and open. Nice and open and inhale. And thank you very much.


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Thank you, Rael,
nice sunday from Slovakia!
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Thank you very much, Rael.
I would appreciate very much to have this class translated into Spanish, because I don't understand all the things you say,and think that they are very usefull.
Greetings from Spain!!!????
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What a workout. Thank you so much
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Thank you Rael!

Radiating sunshine from my limbs in Idaho. Feeling powerful and centered.
I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the warm words in all your comments. To radiate sunshine from your limbs - wow, that feels good! I am sorry (and embarrassed) my Spanish is very limited, otherwise I would offer to translate. But I love Espania!
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Great Monday morning wakeup. Thanks from windy Cape Town.
Thank you Rael from Japan!
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Thank you Rael here from Jamaica, I love your style of Pilates, I have been doing just that for years now and so appreciate the different work, and ideas, one love!
WE are ONE - South Africa, Japan, Jamaica, USA, Spain, Slovakia - I get chills when I think of people around the globe united by this class and united by Pilates. Thank you all! (Leonard, I hope my friends in South Africa are out windsurfing or kiteboarding if the wind is up)
THANKS from Germany! I love your mat class! Only one hour and i felt all muscles in my body!
Nice Start into this autumn week! Take care!
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