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Find your flow in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She teaches a short class going through the entire repertoire of Mat exercises, doing only a few reps of each exercise. Amy reminds us to keep it simple so we can find a better flow in our practice.
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Nov 18, 2014
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Hi everyone. I'm going to do a mat, a workout. I hope you want to join in. I'm going to try my hardest not to do too many cues. I'm mainly for the reason of just keeping us in a flow. Um, most of us know the mat exercises. I am going to try to do all 34 if I forget one or two, I'm, I'm, forgive me now, but I'll try my hardest and I'm not doing very many repetitions of the exercises. So come on along, grab your mat and grab a bottle of water maybe, or a towel. And we're going to start, I'm coming forward and just starting legs together. Just do a little bit of lower back. Warm up here. So I'm going to bend my knees, just round my back, scoop my arms for, let's do about five of these.

Use Your exhale to curve, pulling those abdominals to your lower back. I Know Ben, that spine is, we know so much of the work is that flection. So getting a sense of rounding right now. Let's go one more. Now coming down to the mat, I'm just simply gonna move my hips down and roll back. Take three pelvic curls to a bridge before we start shoulders open.

Feet planted, ribs anchored. So let's take a breath in through our nose and using the exhale, deep low abdominals to curl, feeling your hamstrings. Help to assist the hips in that little escalator move. Take your breath and let's roll down. As we exhale, trying to massage that spine for more mobility. Here we go. Exhale number two, rolling up.

Trying to connect into the back line of the body as well. So slight press of the arms. Breathe in and exhale rolling down. It's really your chance to check in here, the beginning so you can smoothly roll as often as you can through your flection exercises. Take a nice breath and exhale. As we roll down, we're just going to do one or two more little warm up exercises here.

So bring your knees in towards you. Place your hands on your knees and then extend your arms so your arms are straight. We're going to do some thighs circles or stirs, warming up those hip sockets. Five each direction. You're just, I'm just slightly pressing my hands down on my knees. It's okay if your spine moves a little bit here. Other way for five, start to tap into a little bit more engagement in your lower abdomen. Four and five legs can just stay right there.

Let's reach the arms up and just go for a little, some puppet arms can immobilize the arms and the shoulders one more and then just do some singles. Just kind of wake up the back of your shoulders. Wake up the back of your back. There we go. Okay. Ready for the one hundreds. So extending the length lifting up. Here we go. And pump. Four five XL, three four, five, two [inaudible].

So as we know our mat work, I'm just going to try to keep it simple. Squeeze the heels, squeeze the inner thighs belly down, get some vigor. Open the collar bone, uh, nine [inaudible] 10 and the roll up. Extend the legs, arms overhead. Let's go for three deep exhale. D, pull back with the stomach and sensor articulation. And Roll back and two, I'll try to keep it fluid today. Fluid through your mat. Work for last one. Deep stomach scoop. Big reach. Roll down, arms by the sides. Let's go for a rollover. I'm gonna Bend my knees.

Slide my feet in. Inhale. Exhale up a Noah. I'm going to try the feet down and open. Stretch out the back line of the body. Rolling down. Simply bringing the legs together. Men Did you want in the reverse? Flex the ankle. Slide the heels together. Push through the heels a little more.

Breathe and rolling down. Next is the single legs. Circle one leg circle. Lower the left leg. Keep the right leg up. Square the hips. Three repetitions. [inaudible] reverse switch legs. Square your hips. Three circles. [inaudible] oh other way.

[inaudible] lower the leg. Look up. Reach toward your toes. Coming up for the ball. Pull yourself in. Let's do three repetitions. Lift the hips, lift the chest, roll through the back. Roll through the back. Last one on left, left leg out, right hand down on the ankle. That's coming for single leg. Stretch. Three sets. Pull, pull, pull. Paul elbows open.

Stretch that leg out. Last set. Now double leg stretch. Let's go with hands to toes first. Just reach and pull. Then add a coordination from the Ma or from the reformer. So reach open, close and in full form, legs and arms.

Big Circle and in straight leg. Stretch for three side pull. Pull, pull, pull. Keeps squaring the hips. Pull, pull, pull, pull. Last set. Last one. Both legs up. Straight leg, lower lift. Three times. [inaudible] get ready for Chris Cross. We'll do three each side.

Twist and twist and twist. Your chance to reach, reach, and reach coming up spine. Stretch forward. Three repetitions. That's breathing. Sitting tall. Slide your arms across that imaginary table.

Pull the waist back and up. Roll up, breathing. Let's see. [inaudible] roll bend. Try to get your head down. Squeeze. Roll up once more. Exhale, stretch that back and roll up. Okay. Open leg rocker together. Legs, hips forward. Hold on the ankles. Find your balance. Here we go. Three times today we roll.

We come up. Pause like again. Roll, roll up, pause, and let go. One more together. Corkscrew. We're going to go roll over corkscrew one round each way. So take a breath, roll over the shoulders. It's coming down the left side of our back today. First up the right side, square at the top. Down the right side. Reach out through your legs. Circle left up and over. Come down the center.

Come all the way to the tail. Come up for the saw. Three each side. Let's twist left today. Breathe in to the Pinky toe saw. Saw so to the pinky toe saw so, so sit a little taller. Reach a little more. Two, three, wring it out. Exhale, one to reach a little more. Three. Last time you've signed one.

Reach in both directions. Reach in both directions and all the way up. Swan. We'll do three. Lengthen through the top of the head, through the chest.

Press into the arms slightly. Lift the belly up away from the floor. Broaden your chest. Come down longer than you were when you came up. Number two, let's try a little rocking preparation. So I'm going to use my hamstrings to rock me forward and come down.

Next one, a full dive. One full die. Well it's actually kind of two isn't it? And then coming down, let's pull herself up and making a slight cat-back shape just as a transition. Well, coming down for a single laid kick. Three each leg. Lift the stomach. Proud sinks. Busy position. Here we go.

Heel, heel, low kick, kick, kick, kick, lower kick, kick, belly up and kick kick. Now double leg kick one each side. Breathe in. Three kicks one, pull him in, two and three get the legs all the way down. Stretch, lengthen, other side and two, three and lift whole. Once again, hands by your chest. Press up for a little cat position and pause. All right, let's move on to the next one. Our neck pool.

Start seated legs apart. The width of your pelvis. Hands behind the head. Pull up on the neck, bend your knees. If you need a little support, start leaning back, roll under. Don't get comfortable. Come right back up to the, keep the elbows wide and flex that spine. Roll up to sitting tall, keep it flowing. Going back, roll. Reached the tail to the heels and curl up.

Elbows wide and over. One more time. Lift tall, lean back, flex and up and over and rolling up. [inaudible]. All right. Bring your hips towards your heels. Roll on your back. Let's do a rollover for scissors and bicycle. Hands in the small of the back. Arch your back a little to sit on your hands and move your legs more vertical.

We'll do three scissor splits each leg pull and pull. Pull, and that's one set. Again, you're reaching in opposite directions. Reach sends your hips up off your hands rather than resting in your hands. Start to bicycle. Reach across the room. With that leg, you may be able to touch the mat with the foot as it comes down.

Brush and brush. Three versa. Brush. That's one set. Two [inaudible] three and three and lower. Transition for shoulder bridge, you can bicycle again, set the foot down. Bring your hands out from underneath you onto the mat and lower your ribs. Hips, squeeze your legs together, right leg up. Flex. Reach across the room, up across the room and and across the room and up and place the foot.

Other side, reach out. [inaudible] Ben [inaudible]. Roll your spine down. Let's extend our legs. Send the arms overhead for a roll-up. Reach, reach, and reach. Roll to sitting tall. Move your hips back slightly.

Spine twist. Flex the feet as if they're up against a wall. Arms Open with palms. Face up today and let the shoulder blades come closer behind your back. Breathe in three pulses to the left, to the right. Set number two, go a little further with each pulse.

Last one. Up and around. [inaudible] who just twist with an relax. Hips forward, Jack. Knife, rollover. Touch the toes. Press the hips up. Roll down, Sloane. Lower to 45 inhale 90 exhale over. Touch the mat.

Press the hips up. Roll them slowly. Next one. Third one. Lower. Press up, rolling down. All right, I'm off laying out a little bit. Diet teasers, everybody lower your legs. Take your arms overhead. Here we go. Let's do one teaser one.

[inaudible] we'll do two tis or twos. Here we go. So that's our teaser. Up Teeth are two legs, legs, three of three arms and legs. Remember the legs don't rest there Hubbard. Everything comes up. [inaudible] number two [inaudible] with the legs. Last one. [inaudible] alright, keep the legs up. Hands behind hip circles.

[inaudible] one more. [inaudible] go for a swim on our bellies. Reach Long. Lift the body, arms and legs and paddle. Last breath. Exhale, come down. All right, let's bring your hands by our chest. All as the feet to the mat. Push up for leg. Pull, front.

Adjust. If you need to unlock your elbows, Riley will come up. I'm going to go forward back three times for rent, back, push, pull, push, pull, change sides and front back, front, back, front, back. Now if I go to ward, you flip over. Reposition. Set your hips down. If you feel like you're a little Wackadoo, hands in your hips or to the sides of the Mat. Leg Pool. Here we go. Press up. I'm not going to kick the legs.

I'm thinking about it. I'm bringing my hips down facing you for some side work. Come on to your elbow. Leg slightly forward of the hips and behind the head. We're going front, back just two times and front, front, back, back. Square that hip back and back to in. Turn out, up, down. Keep the foot flexed. Up and down.

I'm going to go for a little Rhonda Xom three each way. Reverse your circles. [inaudible] long abdominals, long spine. [inaudible] lift your top leg. Bring your bottom leg to meet it and lower three times.

Switch sides. Front. Back up, down. Rhonda. Zam Adduction. Here we go. And Front, front, back and back. Front and front. Back and back. Up and down. Turn. Now point up. Flex down. Flex up. Point down, Rhonda. [inaudible] front first three times long.

Abdominals, long spine, other way two, three and lower. [inaudible], bottom leg and bottom. Leg and bottom, leg and rest. When it come up onto the knees side kit, kneeling. I'm going to go back to my first side, hand behind head lift at small circles. Two, three, reverse in one, two and three. Bend your knee. Come all the way up other side. Lifting your thigh, little circles. One, two, three, a little higher, two and three. Then the knee lift going back over to that first side onto my hip side, Ben. Arm, overhead, arm, back down. By your hip. Look into the palm side. Bend toward that Paul.

Push up. So I'd been toward the ceiling. New doubt. Other side. Inhale. Exhale, press. This arm goes back by the hip. You look in the poem you side than to it. You press open your ribs toward the ceiling.

Want you to put your knee down and come into a little rest pose for a moment. Boomerang. Now here we go. Turn to face your feet. Just one with each leg on top. So two repetitions. Take your breath, roll yourself over your shoulders. Open, closed the length. Roll up to teaser [inaudible]. Bend your elbows and shave the sides. Reach behind and pull.

Lift your chest. Let the legs bring you down. Arms pull up, circle, stretch, roll up. We have one more breathing roll back and then over open. Close the legs. Reed roll down to a teaser. Then the elbows keep the chest up as you pull the arms.

Lower. Scoop the belly as you left. Circle. See where seal hands underneath the ankles. Hold on. Tank. Three repetitions. Oakland closed the hips three times. One, two, three. Rollover all up. One, two, three over up. One more time. Roll over, roll up. Cross your ankles.

Let's do one crab, two grabs because you'll have to do each leg on top. I'm going to go slow. Balance for a moment on the crown of your head with very little weight. Lift your belly roll backwards. Change feet. Lift yourself up. Balance lightly on your head. Lift the stomach and pause.

Rocking. So I'm going to sweep my belly. Hold the feet. Knees close together. Shoulders Open, lift. Let's try rocking. Three times one, two, three. Press up to push up position. Jump your feet forward. Control, balance, and then push up everybody. We're almost there. Rolling over.

Beat down. Hands around and hold the left foot. Reach the right leg up. No strain on the neck so it's up to you. How far you want your leg to go. Pull your spine up to the sky. Change.

One more. [inaudible] let's roll up the standing. Walk to the back of your mat. One set of pushups, just three of them. Here we go. Roll down, walk out, get centered. Here we go. For three. One, two, three. Oh boy. Walk back before we roll up.

Thank you for taking the time to work out with me. Tried to keep it simple with Q, so you can come back and repeat this class and find a flow in your practice. Alright, thanks everybody.


Nice one Amy. Wow that didn't give much time to think - great way to get into the body and out of the head. :)
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Thank you Amy! What a great way to wake up and warm up the body first thing in the morning! Always enjoy your classes!!
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Wonderful condensed class.
My new favorite class! Loved the flow and lower number of reps. Thank you, amazing Amy! (And you didn't forget any of the original 34; in fact, I think you added a few for a truly great class!)
Hi Summer! Aw, thank you......somewhat had you in mind really when I put this together. We all know time is precious so I thought to offer a complete Mat workout with all 34 (thanks for verifying that indeed I had them all in there!) in a nice swift way. Glad you enjoyed it and will want to come back to it again and again!
Amy! Just what I needed for my 30 days of pilates:) I got a great class and got to have some "Amy" time in the comfort of my own home xx
thank you Lesley!!
Love the short classes! and I always love your classes! in fact I went to my favorites yesterday and there was a list of Amy Amy Amy Amy!
Amy, that was awesome!
Hi Amy, like so many others I love this class. Thanks so much for putting it together, it is my go to class for maintenance. I found you guys because I was searching for a studio while on holidays but now it will be weekly from home - thank you so much.
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