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Centering Magic Circle

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Find your center in this Magic Circle Mat workout with Amy Havens! She uses the Magic Circle to help you work on imbalances in your body by testing your balance, coordination, and control. You will improve your stability with innovative exercises like the Floating Hundred, Side Planks, and so much more!
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Everyone. I've a magic circle mat class planned and I have three amazing movers with me. I Have Jia, I have Michelle and I have Sadie and we are dancers. I don't perform anymore, but I still like to think I do. And anyway, bringing in some ideas with the circle to bring us into our our center.

So we're on her leg, better force, pure wets or balances and things. Uh, the magic circle in my opinion is a great way to check into too that you know, and also you'll be doing some exercises probably in this class that illustrate maybe your good side and then maybe the other side, you know, I'm going to not say it's our bad side because I don't think we have a bad side, but just our other side. So let's go ahead and start. We're going to start in parallel. We'll be doing a lot of parallel, but a lot of turnout as well today. And just take a nice scan through your body so you can start from your head to your feet or you can go from your feet up to your head. But just Kinda let a nice calming wash come through yourself. And I want you to start focusing on your breath and the levity that breath brings us. The lightness that breath brings us, the power that breath can bring.

Okay. Spread your toes on the mat. Just start to feel the surface that you're standing on and your relationship to it. And just notice if you're standing either on the front edge of your ankles or the back edge. Try to find a neutral place or the medium and not too far out or in.

Let's take two breaths together. Inhaling through our nose. Nice, easy exhale and another breath in and an easy exhale. So we'll do another inhale to get ready to roll down. So as we roll down, we'll let her neck round. We'll let our upper back round. We will let her the whole spine round. You can soften your knees if you'd like to, depending on what you've done today, just feel the weight in your arms is hanging from your shoulders as you breathe in. Try to expand the back of your body.

And let's exhale as we roll up bone by bone or as close to that as you can, the restack and reconnect to that levity within your body. Another breath in and exhale, head and neck and shoulders, upper back, middle back, all the way down. Again, it's your choice. If you want those knees to be bent, you can put some thought right now on your abs and that you're trying to pull them up up away from the floor. Let's breathe in and widen the back ribs and exhale as we re stand. So you get that pelvis right on top of your thigh bones and you rebuild bone by bone. One more plane, one deep breath in. And exhale. I'm gonna start to kind of start thinking, how am I going to get more inside my body? In will contract. We'll breathe.

We'll press the circle. Deep breath in, widening the back of your ribs and exhale as you start to roll yourself back up to stand. Nice you guys. And one more time, a deep breath in and exhale and start rounding forward. Ah, this time, let's all four stop when we're halfway over. I didn't catch him in time. It's fine. Yeah, we're halfway over so that you have this really nice archway rather than just folding at the hips. Because as we know, as dancers, we go right into what we're good at, which is stretching and using our hamstrings. But with this, this is much different. This archway that's happening, there's this real different appearance and a lot more space between you, chest and legs. Okay. And just spend another breath. Inhale, exhale and gather that energy from your abdominals up into your ribs in the back of your ribs to your spine. Good. Now go down and you're going to see them all go right into their happy spot.

Just walk for real a little bit. You guys just did, not that you can pick up your circle. That's fine. Get Ahold of it. Put it in your hands. Take another breath in and let's re roll up to standing. You don't have to press too hard on the ring. We're going to stay in parallel legs right now. Okay. And then as you just are here, just lift your arm slightly up away from you so you feel against some space between the ring and you and we're going to call that air and breath. All right, so let's start working our feet just a little bit.

I want you to do it some for starch, which is just that lift of your heel and press down, alternate and lift and lower and lift the alternating feet and left. We'll be doing eight of these. Really work to spread the ball of the foot on the mat. Lightly press into it as fine, easy breezy. We're going to just do that in turnout, right from those hips. Here we go.

Right side press and press. Now when you lower your heel, let's try to think of using the inner thigh right away to bring the leg against the leg so it's not just plopping the heel down but its inner thigh toward the other inner thigh. She really feel that contraction there and last time and hold. Okay, easy. Let's go back to parallel, a little bit of space and lower your ring. We're going to talk about the arms and the relationship of them to the back.

Easy lift to chest level. Inhale and exhale as we lower. So I want us to start pressing lightly into the ring with our hands so that we feel our arms and our chest muscles slightly just simple arm raisins and we're monitoring that our shoulders don't elevate. We're going to hold here. All right, four times ring to chest and exhale. So let's inhale the ring to us and exhaling in a way and as you bring it into you inhaling widening the back of the ribs so that we don't flare those ribs out. We actually fill up the back of our rib wall. There we go. We're going to hold four arm raises going a little higher. Inhale, you may see us all in different places with our rib control.

That's what you should be thinking as well. Sometimes the reach lift of the arms, the ribs will thrust ahead of the pelvis, which we are not in our center that way. Good and lower. Last one, we're going to keep the arms up and just hold for a moment. So if you can feel right now in the back of your body and that your shoulder blades are kind of wrapping around, I'm going to be at home. If your shoulder blades are on the back of you, wrapping around the sides of your ribs a little bit here to get more stability and a little more sense of those muscles.

Now you want to keep the upper arm right where it is and just bend the elbows Ringle behind your head and exhale extent. Okay, this shows up in a little bit on another exercise. A couple things, so we'll get it now to re extend and four ribs are controlled and we'll just simply lower the ring all the way. We'll do that series all again in turnout. Okay, so even before we do the arm work, gather the inner thighs together. We're not locking, but we're thinking of pulling everything up away from the floor except the shoulders lift to chest level, lower widening your back with your inhale. If we had a view of that, you could see what I see that the back of their ribs are really like billowing wide rather than pushing forward. Excellent. We're holding here. We're bringing it to the chest. On the inhale and reaching forward, you can press more on your ring. Feel some activity in your chest, your arms are getting a little more blood and squeeze.

Last one. Inhale and exhale. Reaching now a little bit higher now. Inhale where you can control the height of your shoulders against your ribs. Good and down. Two more in the arm. Stay up on the second one and lower. And last time we're lifting, we're going to hold and the tricep, Ben's one and stretch trying to hold the upper arm right where it is and just isolating the elbow flection with rib control.

Lats are stretched. That's our fourth one. And let's come all the way down. Give arms a little break. Okay, so back to parallel and a ring in front of our chest. We're gonna do some forest arch with pulsing meaning. What I mean is just this, while the ring comes to us. So we go in two, three, four and a way to end the other foot and eight, seven, six. So a little element of coordination but not so tricky for these guys. Other side, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one and eight.

So there's this like internal bounce that's happening within us. We're going to switch right away to turn out. Here we go. And one, two, three, four and five and seven heel down switch sides. So it is starting to trick our coordination. I can tell a little bit the timing in for four counts and out for four accounts, other heal and in two three, four and that is all of that. All right, now hold the ring down in front of your legs. You can keep us off turnout and really gather the back of the legs.

Arms Nice and straight for quick pulses of the arms coming up. So it's this down. We're going to do this four sets and want you to think that you're reaching out in this space with energy. Remember there's like the breath and the air, five, six, seven, two more sets just to the limit. Where you can stabilize and feel control of those ribs and lasts that we're going to stay up there. Five, six, seven, eight hold and eight. Again, flex the elbows and extend and flex and so we can think of lifting the top of our breastbone up toward the top of our head. Yeah. If we're suspended from the ceiling there and lit and squeezing through the end. Thens and bent. Nice. Yah. Good. You guys look so great.

Bend and stretch and then just reach slowly down. Slowly down. You're growing taller, taller and tall. Good. Okay. I'm going to put my ring on my right side. Why don't you guys do the same and on the side of our thigh we've got that knobby bone known as the greater trow canter. It's kind of a pretty easy to feel when you're super lean.

I've got a little more pad. I'm going to put her right there, but it's, it's right above that greater choke canter. Got It. Okay. Now let's just form the other arm in a low porter bra or a little low first position. And what I'm pressing on the circle is the heel of the hand. And let's just kind of for a moment actually I'm gonna stop this and just take our other hand to our shoulder. Follow your collarbone right over to your uh, shoulder and then just do the mistake for a second of moving the whole shoulder head forward. Okay. And then move it back too far and kind of do all the wrong stuff forward and back. Okay. Now if you try to hold the collarbone and shoulder kind of in one line and then see what of rotation you may have in your humorous. Yeah, just your upper arm bone, allowing it to rotate it.

It kind of swings also in there. And you may see that when I do this external rotation, my elbow comes forward towards you all or out here. And when I do internal of my arm, my elbow goes back a bit and you guys are doing that too. Okay. So we're going to work on that. Eight little internal external rotation started in somewhat of a neutral alignment lifting. Here we go. Inhale to external rotation and external, internal and exhale. Inhale external.

And so we're at the ready to Relevate if we were going to, which we may inhale and exhale. Now hold here. Let's press the ring and release. So where are we pressing? We're pressing from our tricep and the relationship that it has to our lats, the side of our ribs. Two more press and open and press as ad for relevance.

With that easy breezy, lifted up or not. And now and as you press, let's think about this as starting to gather even more. Uh, centering. Centering. I won't make us do a little, you know, say we could and hold. Okay. The, your left arm is going to do some porter brown movement while this one pulses. [inaudible] you can make up your own too. That's fine. [inaudible] let's do two more sets.

The little poles grow taller and taller and Taller and seven and eight. A last one, two, three, four and five. Six and seven. And hold, hold, hold. Hold. So I'm doing something that I didn't tell them to do yet, but I'm going to do it. Don't move your feet. Try to connect your inner thighs together and your heels together, which may lower your Relevate down, but I want you to feel the work in your ad doctors.

Now if you can keep that and go higher again, try that. It's just a little different way to do our relevant knots at the heel. Separation is bad. It's just different for what I want us to do is stay in the muscles more. It's different isn't it? Yeah, a little bit. Okay, let's try that on the other side guy. So switch it over.

Find that platform place on the bony landmark of you and your arm is out to the side. We won't do our marking cause I think we know what to do. So we will internally rotate. Excuse me. We'll externally rotate as we inhale. You can't get it together. [inaudible] and kind of hard to despise oral or rotate the humerus without the whole shoulder deltoid structure coming along for the Rye. And that's it. Press the ring four times. Just easy press and release.

You may be feeling though as you press the ring and that is connecting into some of our oblique muscle system. Do you guys feel a little bit and press okay. Adding a relevated this, here we go. It's up to you if you want to separate the heels or not knowing what's coming. You may want to practice heels together and squeeze and lower and squeeze. So we want anything raising higher through our spine as we'd come down.

And last one, let's stay quick pulses of the ring for porter raw sections here. So we have their heels are together this time get and [inaudible] and I'm just setting this breath rhythm mainly for that, for rhythm. Last one, add Dr. Lee, use those in our legs and let's hold and hold and hold a little longer and rest. Good. Okay. Shake your legs out. Huh? I feel, yeah, I feel a little like, okay, let's put this down at the ankles in a parallel position. Okay, great. Now look down there and just check your parallel and make it a little narrower parallel if you can. Okay.

Here we go. And just notice that the, this, the shrinking of the ring that we just did probably to maybe not with you guys, but tempting you to roll on the outside of your ankles. Of course you're trying not to do that, but not overshoot it either. So find that happy medium. Try a plea or not. Try do a play and see if you can keep your weight on the back edge of your heel a little bit more and rise. Okay? Just simple. We're going to take our arms out like this. So let's inhale [inaudible] exhale and inhale.

I'm not going to tell you where you should be feeling the squeeze or when when you're squeezing more and want you to feel it. Do you feel like you don't have to answer out loud? Do you squeeze it more when you play a or do you feel the squeeze more when you straighten? Let's go one more time. Hold. Okay, now a contraction it. Yeah, I'm going to have you gather that air that we talked about. Good. Michelle at the beginning. That's the squeeze. Let's breathe in on this.

Believe it or not. Exhale as we stand. So it's like we're gathering all this ear here in front of a strong and exhale two more. And where again, you just answer it for yourself. What am I feeling? That contraction in my inner thigh and my feeling and on the rounding, bending in my feeling and on the extension it's up to you. Hold. Let's Relevate now I do want us to pulse. Inner Thigh squeezes eight times in fine. I'm an an whole, let's try it with the arms up here.

Eight more. Yeah, I think just muscles, muscles, muscles. Then hold it there and let's come down. Alrighty. Keep the ring near but a slight external rotation of your femurs. It'll probably feel different. I'm sure. Well cause we're in a different standing position. Okay. So same idea, a very small plea, a as we open the arms, you can't move much at all cause we'll lose the ring. And then as we exhale, stand, I think it's a little easier to feel where the squeeze is.

Inhale as we lower and gathered right up as if you're zipping into your tight skirt or two too. And of course set for us and just feel the strength in these smaller movements. Although they don't look like much. We're feeling a lot of work in our body. We're going to hold. Okay. Now just find your contraction. Now as you come in and the contraction, let's go ahead and straighten our knees.

Here we go. Inhale, bend contraction thing. C, curve of your spine, and exhale, lift. Three more. Gather that air. Put the breath in the body. I'm going to watch you guys feel like you're widening your low back ribs and exhale, press the air away. And one more. Inhale. That's it. And exhale. Okay, let's try our relevance or a rising up. Hmm. Hmm.

All right. Little squeezes she'd be feeling kind of the nice low butt muscles. Those high rear legs and way up in the high leg for three. Hold right here. Higher arms ready. It's like the Scapula or hugging our ribs and four and three. How are we doing feeling your inner thigh. Now I warned them that they may feel their inner thighs after some of these exercises. Very nice, but a lot of the, you know, well the conversations come up, you know, we feel our quads a lot.

We feel our hip flexors a lot. We want to get a little more focused on inner and back of legs. Okay, let's get on down to the mat. Okay, so what do I want you to start with guys is same place that ring at your ankles, but you're going to start on your back. So just find your way down. How how you will ring should be face up ish but not resting on the ground. Okay, so similar feeling in the legs and the foot correction and foot alignment. We're going to start it and just a nice easy level pelvis, arms in a comfortable position for now, just take a scan of what did it, what is your rib cage doing? If it's feeling, if you're feeling like, oh, I'm really in my melodic workout but the ribs are kind of hovering or floating, it's okay. Just take that extra moment, feel your mat and widen the back of your low ribs.

That'll probably get you more into your body. Okay. Now specifically, place your hands right on your thoughts. We're going to be doing a bridge. Okay. Arms will stay straight. Let's take a deep inhalation. Exhale into those abdominals as you crawl your tailbone off your mat, roll up and get up to your plank line, your bridge line and just hold so you should still have some contraction inner thighs. Try to get your pelvic bones, your hipbones up toward your wrists or four arms that sent you guys' shoulders are back. We haven't curled those deltoids forwards. We've got good posture. Inhale here and we unroll the shoulders.

Might get broader as we unroll. That would be fine with me. Elbow stay long. Three more and so the arms are somewhat creating this foundation or framework for us, for us to roll our spine in to breathe in. Exhale, unroll upper back. It's almost like from the throat in the back of the neck. Then the upper back ribs all the way to tailbone.

Two more and exhale, just really feel the fluidity from you're rolling tail. The knees are reaching across the room energetically, your chest, reaching towards your thighs, thighs toward knee. Inhale, okay. To squeeze the glutes of course, and roll down as we exhale. Okay, one more and we're gonna add a little something to it here. Inhale. Exhale, roll back up.

It wouldn't be this without some extra pulses and days of that same little sniff. Sniff blow below. Here we go. Thing mainly muscle contraction. Not a lot of bone movement. So much contract. Yeah, that's it. So we're working deep in those deep muscles. You don't have to see us moving to know that we're doing it. Three, two, and one. And unroll.

Keep those shoulders pressed. Hopefully you're feeling into your center body. Okay. Rest your arms on the mat for a moment. Breathe in, take both legs at the same time, up to tabletop without destabilizing your back. Okay, so it's tabletop ish. I'm okay. If the shins are just a tiny bit higher than your knees, that's fine. They can also be just a little bit lower.

I want us to just take one more inhale. Exhale, settle those ribs even. Alright. Easy arm gesture. Inhale your arms up to the sky, back behind you, and then open out wide and all the way down by your hips. You've seen these before in life. This is about, I want you to feel that the mat is really just supporting our bones, so we're resting right in to more the other way. Hopefully you're feeling the work the abdominals are doing to bring those ribs into the mat. Okay, last one, and there's going to be something that changes just here and I want you to, if you had the magic circle from that tricep press that we did earlier in class, but you don't because it's between your ankles. Pretend bend your elbows and put your fingertips right by your ears on the Mat.

Elbows pointing up to the sky. Okay. Stay there for just a moment and I want to, again, it's like the, I want you to think that your ribs, you're wrapping them, hugging them around your rib cage. That way your spine and your ribs can just nessel right into that. Exactly. Okay. Now without losing that, take a breath. You have been exhale. Extend your legs on a forward diagonal. It can be low if you want to inhale as you bend, so get the XL going before you move. Exhale, deliver those legs, long hip flexors and adductors. Inhale, bend and exhale.

Start the movement at the hip and then the knee and breathe point in those elbows up and last time, exhale as we extended hold. Rebound the knees. Inhale. Now just the upper body is going to curl the chest lift. We're just going to do two plain ones and then add some legs. I know these are simple movements. Slow, deep work. Inhale down. Abs are active on the descent. Exhale, curl up in Hylo or let's put it together with the leg extension twice.

Everything lifts. Inhale, we lower with control. Exhale, and we lift. Let's challenge ourselves and just take her legs down. Just an inch or two. No, you're not doing the 100 yet, and Ben and unrest. Something great before that. Okay, come on up. So you just have to be a little informal about this. Put your right, a kind of lower leg on top, not the heel. You can think of Achilles tendon and I want you to place your hands behind your knee so that we don't hyper extend the knee. Sit Tall, move the other leg out of the way. Press Down with your hamstrings and lift. Press Down with your hamstrings in your abdominals.

Yeah. And left and again, pressed end. You might start feeling your low tush around your sit bone. Anybody feel that? Yeah. So c great. Do we ever feel all of that inclusive and the 100 I mean, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Okay, let's check it out on the other just for, feel free to do more home if you want. Okay. The hands behind the knee kind of helps so that we don't press the knee.

I don't want that knee to do the work. I want hamstrings. Here we go. You can exhale prs and notice these spines, these beautiful postures, these ladies are not changing that and dropping and rounding. So I want you to work on the same thing. It's almost a more of a lift up in the spine when the leg presses down. Last one. That beautiful job of explaining the uh, opposition or an example of opposition. Okay. Now guys, this is where it's fun.

It is fun to do the 100 this is the floating 100 Michelle. So come on down and you have to just kind of take a peak and figure it out. I want us to be in Pilati v I'd love if the magic circle were straight up and down, but it may not be perfect right now. All right now. Hmm. Can we not push the magic circle down? Can we let it float and be like a little buoyant rubber raft for us?

It's okay that our low belly and possibly tailbone is curled off the mat. In fact, I want all four of us to have a little tail curl. Also include those low glutes and you probably are feeling your high hamstrings. Let's float our arms up. Yep. We're doing it. Curl on up. Our roll low. Our job is not to push that circle. No bouncing circle. Here we go. Two, three, four, five x Sam, so we can still engage those muscles.

The concentration on this I think is really fun. It's almost like we don't really need that circle there, but that little mental game, you know it moves so we have to not move it. Three, four, five and I want to bring us back for the three last sets. Breathe into your back. The back of the chest is coming up and forward over the top of our chest. Exhale and rest. Okay, now you can press it down. Relax. Good, different.

Any different connection in there? Kind of fun. I think it's fun. Okay. Come on up and also have short legs so it helps. Sadie's legs are twice as long as mine that might not have been as fun for Sadie. Okay. Maura abs with a little flair, so take your circle and put your right hand on the inside of the left pad and then cross your left over the top. We're just going to take a deep breath now. If we round our upper back for just a second and try to spread your scapula now it's okay. You can use your hands to also press into the ring.

In fact I want us to do it. Really just sends that that that flection is occurring. Okay. And then if you sit to vertical, see if you can find a press in your arms but not have that flection occur in the mid back. Let's take a breath. Low belly curls back. Can think maybe go to your, the base of your sacrum or the top of your sake room. Inhale, exhale, come forward. So let's try to avoid upper back flection if we can.

Good. Michelle. That's it. There's the, the chain. More so occurring XL Corolla at the lower spine. If we can try to keep that mid, keep going. The mid back to upper back, a little more in long. Gated. Nice. Gea. Yeah, so the curves happening mainly brawling and under and all the way up. Okay, one more basic. One curl. Shoulders are open and exhale, curl forward.

Rotate to your right by pressing the left hand into the pad. Hello. The [inaudible] bleak. So let's do four there and exhale back. Don't have to make it very big. Inhale, exhale, curl forward. Keep your left hand pressing the ring. Inhale, exhale. Curl. The space between the knee staying pretty well, exactly the same and curling up. Remember that good side, bad side thing I told you about in the beginning.

So we have some sides of her body more developed masculine, lean coordination and the other side. So it's just the way it goes. Dancers I think are really good at pure weds one side and not the other. So if you're a good side righty, this might feel easy cause they're used to using that side to move your body. Okay. If you're not, you might feel the other side but I'm more so let's change hands. Put the right on top. Yep. And then rotate left.

Press your right hand into that ring and try to contract your left abdominal muscles more. So breathing, roll back with pressure in that right hand. Inhale, exhale, roll out. But it's of course going to trigger the opposite side as well. You guys are doing a great job of not dropping those knees or a shifting. There will be micro movements going on [inaudible] last to inhale. Exhale.

So keep those knees tracking parallel. Same space between them. Good Sadie and rolling up and restack nice and tall. Here's your last one. Breathe in and exhale and roll halfway down. Inhale. Good. And think up through the spine, up through the spine. Return to your centers. You breathe in and rest. Good.

Okay, let's do rolling like a ball with our feet in here. And so step side by side, hands on the outside of the little foam pad is fine. And since you did all that wonderful lumbar fluxion, do some more now and let's do this. Pull with our arms, pull the arms and try. If that makes your knees come closer to you, wonderful. So you can get a little more tail curl. Okay, we're going to try avoid pushing with our feet. You know what I mean? Right. You know what I mean? So roll back. As you roll up, you can pull with your arms. I did a little over pull.

Inhale, use your arms. Just enough c curve. That's right. Inhale. And if it's too easy, guys, I'm sorry, but I'm not make it smaller. You can make yourself a smaller one. Ball.

Three more. Inhale, we roll hips up. Exhaling back last two. Our next aren't tense are they? Oh Amy, we're using our laps so our neck won't be tense last time. We'll balance when we get to the top and just because we can, let's find a teaser position. Oh yes.

And hold and hold and hold. Okay guys. [inaudible] so the rollover, there's a little bit here. Roll back on your back step your right foot in on the ball of the foot. Left ankle is like the ring is on the ankle, not the balls you've got right ball of foot on left ankle, pulling in and just check it out. Do you feel like you're getting pulled to the right or left at all with a little bit of rotation? I hope it's, I hope it's happening a little bit so that we can minimize it.

So what I want us to think here, we're working the extensors on this right leg, hamstring, glutes, the flexors on the left hip flexors into the ABS. So try to connect both right now. Okay, now bend your knees a little. Good luck. It's got, it's hopefully you're going to say straight. Mine's not perfect. And extend some steel. If you bend your knees, silver, see if you can get hamstring sustained fired glutes to stay fired and the opposite hip flexors. Okay, two more bend. No weird and extend. No one thinks it's weird but me and stay there.

Now imagine doing a little mini rollover like this because we're going to go for it. I think you have a space behind you. Take a breath. You can use your arms. It's fine. Roll over now. Straighten your legs. Breathe in. Let's roll down with straight legs until you get to your pelvis. The ball of the foot presses the left ankle. Pause in again. Inhale, bend, Rollover, bent knees. Way over the legs. Extend. Breathe in.

Here we go. So try to use those right hip extensors. Two more little Ben and rollover. How to extend them legs long. Notice you have a space between your thighs and your um, chest. Inhale, bend. Exhale, roll down.

And truly that role. One more. Bend the knees. Exhale, roll over. Bent, knees extend as your overhead. Gorgeous. Inhale, roll down. Exhale all the way. Then we get to change sides. Remember it's not your bad side, it's the other side, but there could be some connectedness that's not happening on your second side.

So this is a good time to kind of find out what is not connecting. If there is anything. I'm noticing for myself, a little lack of connectedness on my left hamstrings. That's what I know about myself. So for me, I'm going to put more attention on that. Then this hip flexor. Okay, so you can kind of play with what you need. Let's practice the knee bends four times bend and extend. It's also hip flection. Can't forget that. Hips and knees. Good inhale, anything happening you guys weird kind of.

There's that like where am I thinking? Oh my goodness. Okay, there we go. So here we have formal rollovers. They're small. Inhale, bend the knees first, roll over, use a strong abs on the way over. Legs extend and this is awesome cause no one's dropped the ring. Inhale, bend. I'm sorry this rolled down straight. Really want to bend my knees, don't I probably make it easier. Inhale, bend, exhale. Oh and now extend.

Rolling down straight. Connecting into those hip extensors. Two more. Inhale, flex your hips and knees. Exhale. Oh, we're in stretch. Breathe in. Rolling. We watch you guys. One more time. Inhale, bend. Exhale, roll over. Extend those knees breathing. Beautiful. And exhale. Roll all the way down.

Yeah. And then take the ring off your feet and just bend your knees and just kinda think about that for a second. It's kind of fun. Okay, good. Let's go to some side lying work. They're looking at each other. I don't know. Huh? Kind. Kinda cool. Yeah. All right, so I'm going to show you, why don't you guys face me heads that way. Oh, we go opposite of you. Okay. Left. No. Your rights incl goes in and you press down, press down and let's just put our years, your left foot behind for just a second and just look at, look at yourself.

Okay. Chances are your pelvis might be back and your hips maybe flex or creased. What I want us to do is we've just done some hip extension extensor work, so right back here, hamstrings, glutes should be active to press your pelvis forward. Okay. We're on a weightbearing side arm position. Press your bottom leg down and start to hover this hip.

Well, Amy lost her ring. No, she didn't. And then hip down. So I want you to think how do you get your hip up? It's not just about the elbow pushing down on the mat. It's not just about lots. It's not just about oblique. It's the hip, the lateral hip. You had, you good and down. It can also be this back foot helping to push us up.

Those are the glutes push. What I want you to really press your, the outer Shin down on that ring and lower one more and then it changes. Press and lift. Okay? You can stay with that version or the next one is just a slight bit more intense. This leg is going to go up top. Okay?

Same story, but now this one has to press down. Ready? Here we go. Hmm. Whole boy eyeballs just piped out. One, two, three, four, five, six popped out or, and we lower. Now what do we feel? I don't have to tell you. I can see it if this whole side body right here we go. The bottom ankle presses down. This one presses in, but we really lift.

Yeah, we can't rely just on our lap strength to get us up. It's hips. Two more. Again, I'm kind of having an advantage of short legs. Sadie's doing such a great job this long ballerina body. Last one. So good for stabilizing. We're going to do add one more thing you guys. So if you're on point and you're about ready to do a pure wet, if your ribs are thrusted out of your butts behind you, you're going to fall out of that. If you're wet, you're going to pure what?

You're going to pure. What? We're going to relax. Oh, eyeballs are popping out. Let's do that on the other side. We don't need a lot on the side stuff. Okay, sneaky. Huh? Sneaky little devil. So here it is. Yeah, plot is has to be fun at the same time of being worked on her elbow. I'm going again, just say the good side, bad side thing or the other side. So press down on the ankle, lift your right now.

No eyeballs popping up for some reason not. Yeah, pressed down lit two more. Press down. Volift can track those hips and try to get yourself a little higher. Good you guys. So one thing I didn't mention, but they're, they're doing a great job of it. Even that is as we press up, nobody's like dipping their pinky toes on the mat. That when she was just cause it just happened to be happen.

But no one's like relaxing that bottom foot. That's fine. Press your pelvis is more forward here. Take the wrinkle out of this part of your hip. Right? So less hip flection and more hip extension. That's, that's right. Okay. And then down now the harder one on top.

We're almost there guys. Okay. No we are ready. Press down. Bottom foot. Press down, top foot, hips up. Thing per what? How do I want to be on my point or just a bath? Inhale down. Without that exhale press. It just got warm in here was the comment from my dear friend Michelle. I agree.

Press down. Press down, lift. So see, I mean this is awesome because we're kind of all finding our little, what the heck is happening now? Moment press down, press up. Do you use the same word? Arm overhead? Okay. Oh Yup. Made you sad. And then what I just experienced was again, this lack of connection on my top leg. It wasn't my undersign cause I noticed when I was down here, my undersides fine.

I mean relatively this pressing down, it was like where is the work? Where, how come I couldn't get the contraction back here to help me? So just some kind of, I would probably do more of those then would you? I mean on the, on the other side. Okay. So come on up. We're going to do some all fours and can face in. OK. And put your right hand at the bottom. Push down on it.

Neutral spine, left hand on top with your elbow out just a little bit. And then Nice. Neutral spine. Again, this is a place for dancers where ribs like to just flare and drop. So we're gonna lift. Let's take a breath, lightly. Press the ring with your left arm. Inhale, release. Exhale, lightly press in, heel release.

Before you press that, renew XL, you gather the stomach muscles, you gather them into your spine, you linkedin out the head entail [inaudible] and release four is enough because the next little part might be a little harder. Take your right foot back. Square your pelvis. Chances are the right hip is rotated up. So try to square. Let's do two more. Yeah, that's straight long. I want us all the contractor, glutes, our quads, our calves, our back and we're going to hold. You can lighten up your on your pressing arm. Can you float that leg off the floor? Hold.

Keep pressing down with the right hand. Press down with that right hand. Find how that will assist. Let's breathe in and exhale and we relax. Okay, cool. Other side, right? Just the other side, the bad side, the other side. Long spine, bottom hand presses, right elbow out.

Breathing for presses. Exhale, release with control. Press down. Exhale. Good. You guys breathe in. Breathe out. Wow. Last one, and now back leg stretches. So it's your opposite leg left on our situation here. Bree, press down with the left hand on that ring. Also, the right hand joins in for two process.

Last one. Exhale. Okay. Ready? Mentally prepare. No pressing down with the left hand float the left leg. Maybe it's your inner thigh. Maybe it's those hip extensors. Again, saying that loud out loud for myself. I feel more connected. Finally using it. Okay. And then come down. Same arms with the other. Same thing, but um, another pattern. So right hand down left on top. Marie, you'll love this XLE. However your knees, we're going to tuck our toes for a second here and sing in neutral spine.

As you press the right hand down in a hover, your knees get ready for some abdominals and that lat and shoulder combination. Inhale, set them down. Three more exhale and her belly doesn't drop. And inhale, think how much better your peer wet. So jumps, we might have more powerful jump if you can get yourself off the ground right and exhale. Okay. Yeah. And for on the other side, it is warm in here.

Inhale and four times ready. I light press with the top hand. A big push with the bottom Hana we have are one. Try and making sure that the torso doesn't rotate. The shoulders don't rotate and we simply hover. I'm saying that out loud. It's not feeling simple to me and exhale and that's my other side. Again, inhale and exhale.

Yeah, good you guys. We're done with that. Rest of the toes come up on these walking a little bit together. In fact, you can actually just put this here. Place your hands on your thighs just like we did earlier in the pelvic press or the bridge. We're just going to no pelvic press, but we're going backwards for a hinge, so as we hinge back, you don't have to go very far. I want you to keep your wrist in your hipbones connected length in your sternum and out the awkward part of your head and come back contract those hamstrings.

Keep going up into your glutes, those glutes up into your back, your back out your head. Two more times. Tilt. Go a little further if you can. I think you can do guys, that's it and up. One more. Yeah. Okay. Ring in front of us four times. I could get fancy. I think I won't let this go like this. Okay, here we go. Hinge back. Collect yourself though. Bring your whole center back and contract your glutes.

Bring your stomach to your spine, your ribs between your shoulder blades. Two more. I love the last one, right? Meaning the last exercise, come into plank. No ring, no more rain. Come into your front support. All right, you're about, see you get to use both sides. Lift your right leg. Let me just point your foot. Lift your leg up off the mat a little bit. Okay. Now if you go into the up stretch Arabic risk, lead with that upward foot and push your chest back to your thigh.

Push your chest back more CT, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest. Now come back into your plank, but keep that leg hovered. Okay? Three more lead with your pinky toe. Whole leg goes up. This is amazing because you are really looking for almost a vertical line. Do you see three vertical lines here? Amazing and back down.

So put all that good, keep going. All that stuff together that you just kinda small movements and let your body just really express good and come down. One more on this side. Press enjoy pressing your shoulders, your hands into the mat and then come back down. Set the foot down, bring your knees down. Just rest your wrist for a sec. IA Four on the other side here. Almost done. Good. You guys is gorgeous. Here we go. Plank position, left leg hovers.

Use those hip extensors. Use those glutes and lift. Yes. Now think for CD lesson, your low back and more vertical to the ceiling. That's it. Okay. And then as you come down, chest long tail, tailbone long again when a coordinated by the time you're hitting the peak of that extension, you're in your upper back extension as well and lower down last to reach and it's just simply amazing what's happening and down. And last one you guys and lift good Michelle Press. And that was an example of flexibility, right?

The rest go ahead and arrest most of the up part of the class. The rest of it was stability. Those find small movements but did it. Hopefully it felt good to do something kind of large, right? Come into just this you guys. Just an easy kind of on the balls of the feet.

Just roll it, rock into your hands, rock back to your heels, rock into your hands, rock back to your heels. Couple more rock forward and rock back and rock forward and rock back. Say there, straighten your legs, dive your head down. Go ahead and stretch your hamstring. Fold in half cause you can hands can go behind the ankles.

It does feel good. You used your hamstrings a lot so it's okay to feel that. But now as we take our final roll up to standing, take the arms forward. Have you again come up into that halfway lift that we were at near the beginning of the hour. Just hold there. Just take it like three to five deep breaths in this position. And once again, you're just recollecting yourself, getting ready to go back to your normal activities or rehearsal or class and those abdominals relating to the spine, spine relating to the ABS and the legs. Let's just take a nice, easy eight counts to roll up one and two and three. Just really rebalancing.

Four and five and six and seven. And your last one is eight and let's just all do an easy relevancy of your choice. Yeah. And release. Thank you guys so much. It's beautiful. Thank you. We're done.


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Wonderful teaching in the deeper connections, loved the roll over on this.
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dang did it again. Definitely sharing a few gems 100s with ankles on ring, the rollover with staggered ankles in the ring, side hip lift sequence, bird dog with ring and YUMMY split down dog/sgl leg plank! as always - THANK YOU!
Paola Maruca
I just got inspired for more exercises thanks to this great class. Amy, you are awesome as always
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Wow! Love all the new exercises with the Magic Circle! Challenging for sure. Thank you as always Amy:)
no hay forma de ver una clase completa

Leidiana ~ Siento que está teniendo problemas con este video. Recomiendo probar el reproductor de vídeo alternativo que le permite elegir una menor calidad . Usted puede encontrar esta bajo Mi cuenta. Si continúa teniendo problemas , por favor envíenos un email a
Thank you everyone!
Thank You for a really fun class, love using props !!
This was an excellent class...thank you!!! :)
Outstanding class. Love the new exercises with the ring. Fabulous!
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