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Meredith Rogers teaches this Mat workout for those who love the Fitness Ball. She hopes that you can do this workout even on the busiest of days because it offers many opportunities for extension of the spine and challenging your balance, which are important in today's world of flexion. Work on evening out your body's asymmetries using the Fitness Ball through Pelvic Curl, abdominal work, Side Overs, Push Ups, and more.
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For those of you who love the ball classes. Here comes another one. We're going to do a short workout on the ball that hopefully you can fit into even the busiest of days. So let's get started. Standing on the Mat, finding the center of the feet. Feet are lined up parallel and holding the ball in my hands. Gently allow the ball to be pressed against the front of the body.

So just feel the back body turn on. And as the ball is pressed against the body, feel that the buddy doesn't lean forward or arch, but it just elongates. We create that energy. And then we're going to inhale and we're going to exhale and we're going to take the ball forward. So you're gonna Round, checking the chin into the chest. Let the ball roll down the front of the body as it comes to the floor and it will rest on the floor. Reorganize your hands on the top of the ball.

Start with the pelvis, reaching out as the pelvis reaches out. Start taking the ball out in front of you. So the reach out the tailbone and the arms reach away from one another. Round back in. As you bring the ball towards you, find our grip on the outside of the ball. Inhale. Exhale. Roll the spine up. Start to reach the boat up in front of you.

And as you take the ball up overhead, feel that the spine rises up and lifts up into the ball. We're going to inhale and reach over to the right, letting the pelvis drift over to the left. Exhale, pull from the left side of the body. Lift the body up in your reach over to the left. Let the pelvis drift to the right and exhale. Feel that right side body lift you up there.

Just turning on the body from all different perspectives. Take the ball down again in front of the body. Press it against the body on this time. Let the spine arch, so we press in, we look up, we reach up through the chest and we come back to straight again. Inhale, exhale. Roll the spine down, Pike. So we use the weight of the ball, the heaviness of the ball to create a direct resistance away from about, we'll come to the floor, the spiny long gates, the re reach it up. Eland gating, finding that nice flat body. From there. Exhale, roll the spine in. Pick up the ball, reach the ball out in front of you. Lift the spine up. As the ball lifts up, we get taller and taller. We reach over to the right again and exhale standing on the right leg to help us lift up.

We reach across to the left and exhale. Standing on the left leg to help us lift up and inhale and bring the bar down. A ball down the front of the body. Press into the body. Lift the chest. Look up neutral spy. Roll the spine down.

Finding the ball on the one more time. It reached the body out. Long tilting the tailbone. This time we're gonna roll the spine up. Just standing on the feet. Piking up through the center of the body and then he long the body back out, stretching out tailbone and lifting abdominals, drawing up towards the spine. XO, we roll the spine up and any of the tailbone reaches out. We let the ball travel out in front of us.

We find that long line with our spine and XL rounding in and reaching out. And one more like that. Raw rounding and reaching out. Pausing here. Well, the elongation of the body. Feel the stretch across the back of the legs. Roll the spine up. Pick up the ball, round the ball. Oh body, all who we have taken the ball up overhead for the last time. I'm gonna reach to the right. This time we're going to rotate the ball to the left hand and the right hand become parallel to one another. And then we're going to de rotate.

Inhale and exhale, Tacoma. And then inhale as we reach up and over. Exhale drawn on that leftover bleak. Take the right arm forward. Inhale, unwind, and exhale to come all the way back to the top. Take the ball down the front of the body, place it down onto the floor.

Come around and sit down on it. So pleasing your lower spine on the ball, fairly low. You want to be able to sit on the ball with the lower body connected to the bond, feel fairly, fairly safe here, fairly easily placed, reaching forward with the arms are getting in here. We're going to exhale, keep the pelvis where it is and just start to take the spine over the ball. This is one of the reasons I love working on the ball so much that we get such a beautiful such, there's so many opportunities for extension of the spine, arms forward, spine in neutral, dive backwards, reaching over. Feel the feet equally pressing into the ball. Another reason I love the ball is because of the challenge it gives us for our balance or or how it can perhaps magnify or show to us our asymmetries and reaching around and forward and then hands are going to come behind the head.

The head stays in the hands right away. You should feel your abdominals have to work a little harder just to hold the yet just to hold against gravity. Here I'm going to take the spine over the top again. Inhaling as we go. Exhale, feel the front ribs draw down and bring your body just up to a straight line. Inhale as we go backwards, exhale the Fitzy press into the floor. We lift, we find our straight line.

The tailbone is still reaching back against the ball and inhale, reach back an XL liftoff. Okay. And inhale, reach back. And as I lift my chest, I give my head a little backward pull. I'm almost increasing the work against my abdominals. That way I'm pulling that way or away from my pelvis with my head.

And inhale and exhale and reaching over. Breathing and reaching, breathing, pausing, deepening, and inhale as we go over the top and exhale as we lift up and we'll do three more reaching back, uh, curling up and reaching back and curling up. [inaudible] ah, and reaching back and curling up. And now just continue to roll forward and walk towards the ball. So you're sitting on it. I like to hold my feet all the way together here, which provides me a strong challenge with my balance. You can also do this with your legs separate in here. We're going to rotate, spiraling the spine to the right and come back to center. And exhale as we heard, rotate, spiraling the spine to the left.

Feel that as you're rotating in your spine, your head just stays still in your hands. So all the movements coming from the trunk in here. Notice that the knees stay aligned, indicating that the pelvis is aligned and reaching up through the spine and center. And exhale as you rotate sliding that inside rib, the one we're turning towards towards the center of this spy and lifting and rotating and center and lifting and rotating and sent her one more time here, excelling to turn, reach the arm, rotate a little further, needs still together, hands back and bring the spine to center and rotate the spine and arms wide. And we wrote he just a little further and we bring the hands back and we find center and we can walk forward again.

So finding our initial position with the shoulder blades in the pelvis in alignment and then take the upper body backwards in here, find neutral. And then Cory, just a little bit of flection. My bottom rib is still on the ball. Inhale to center and over the top. Exhale as we lift, neutral and rotate. Center and back again. Lifting, creating rotation, finding center and back.

Lifting and rotate. Fine. Center and back and exhale to tour in. Yell to go back. Exhale to lift and turn. These should feel challenging and if they're not challenging or enough try going further backwards or looking deeper. Center and back.

As the body goes backwards over the ball, it's important that we stay lightly connected to the front of the body, just creating a sense of support there. In addition, the backs of the legs, the hamstrings can help us support through the spy and back lifting to turn center and back. One more time. Through Xcel we lift and rotate. I want us to hold right here and do five little curls, four three, two, one center and back. Lift up and turn and five little curls. One, two knees are still aligned. Three for five, center and back. Reaching the arms over head. Reach the arms around to the side and walk forward so that the pelvis comes away from the boss. So I'll have both feet planted on the floor.

The arms are going to reach out in front of me in here. I'm going to straighten my knees, dive over the back of the ball. So now my back legs are very much working. My arms reach around to the side, opening through the front of the body. The head comes forward and we bend the knees and lower again. Press through the legs, reach up and back. Spine dives over the ball.

Arms reach why? To the side had comes up and we bend the knees to come down. We'll do three more. Reaching back, elongating the body, arms reach y and forward and the knees bet man. Two more. Reaching back, diving over the ball wide, arms, eyes forward and bend. Last time reaching up and back.

Such a beautiful opening through the, through the front of the body. I Dunno about you, but I don't spend much of my day in that open position. And then just reach yourself all the way down onto the floor. Take your ball out from behind you. Bring it around to the front of you, lie down on your back and bring your heels onto the ball. Setting up for some pelvic curls. Arms are down on the floor.

Pelvis starts in neutral, heels are pressed into the ball. We take an inhale as we exhale, we curl the pelvis up, pressing the heels into the ball, rolling up into a nice high lifted bridge position. Straight line between the knees and the shoulders. Pause to breathe in. Breathe out. As we start to move, the chest reaches down their ribs, reached down the lower spine rounds. I'm a little tippy today. Think that's normal days. Some days are like that.

Excellent. As we curl, press down, trying to equalize movement, equalize connection in both sides of the body. Pause and inhale and exhale as we peel the body down, trying to find the center of the spine, dropping the pelvis all the way down in here. And exhale. Press down to lift. Rising up, up, up, arms down, neck long and rolling down. Trying each time, each time to become more centered and uh, [inaudible]. And we lift the spine, pressing the hips up, pausing here, we're going to stretch the legs out and bend the knees back in. Waking up the backside of the body, the back of the legs, the back extensors, the back of the arms, pulling in two more reach, lifting the hips and pulling in. And the last one, reach out, lift the hips and pull in and then round the spine halfway down.

So now your spine is curled and we take the legs out halfway and we pull back in and we take the legs out halfway and we pull back in and we stay so round concentrating on the flection of the lower spine, using the abdominals to really draw the pelvis up and in. Last one out back and we lower the pelvis all the way down. And now we're going to make a bridge. We're not going to articulate, we're going to lift straight up in here. Exhale, press into the ball, pick the pelvis up and drop back in a neutral spine and press and pick the pelvis up and drop back in a neutral spot and pick the pelvis up and drop back and pick the pelvis up and drop back. And two more. Her lifting. Oh, this is not easy and back and lifting and back. Can we rest the shins on the ball and we reach the arms out to the sides.

Placing the hands down onto the floor. We inhale to tilt the knees to the left, taking the body across, keeping the right arm in the right scapula heavy and then drawing the body back through center. And inhale as we reach over to the opposite side, letting the knees reach away from the ribs, which are ray from the fingertips. And exhale we pull back and inhale as we reach over going further and further and further and XL to pull back and inhale, say [inaudible] and XL to come back. We'll do one more time through in house. We reach over. Right arm is, is reaching oppositionally take your head and look over that right hand and then head come center and the ball comes back and we reach over and then we take the head and we look over the left arm and we bring the head back to center and bring the ball back in. Usually likes to pick up the ball and place it into your hands.

Stretch your legs out along the Mat and hold the ball just directly up over the chest. Inhale here, lift the head and chest. So the heads just right under the ball. And then we're going to curl reaching up and back. So I'm just lifting my chest forward. I'm reaching to try to flatten and I'm trying not to let the ball go in front of me. And yeah, like the top of the head is pushing the ball up at the arms.

Keep reaching back and down to more lifting up. And uh, last one we're going to lift up, the ball's going to come down. We're going to roll the ball forward, reach out past the feed, Elongate the back, picking the ball up overhead. Get Nice and low, reach long, long through the spine. Lift the spine up in. Inhale, turn to the right, turn to the center, turns to the Left, turn to the center and then attempt to keep the ball where it is as we roll back down. If you need to or you feel like it would be easier or more effective for you to find your abdominals by bringing the ball in front of you that's allowed. Or You could challenge yourself and keep the ball right there and then we take the head down and just let the ball rests in the hands. Pick the head up, reach forward slightly with the ball and roll the spine and then reach out.

Elongate through the back. Find that nice long spine. From there, we bring the body all the way up. We turn to the left, we come center, we turn to the right, we come center, we roll down, roll down. We're not going all the way. This time we're going to come to the lower back. We're going to let the ball reach down.

We're going to from here float from the center of the body, the left leg up. Inhale. Exhale. Bend the knee into the chest. Reach the ball just over that knee and come back down onto the lower back and curl the knee into the chest and back and curl the knee into the chest and lowering down. Last to bending and and then d and in the leg comes to the floor and we reach back and let the ribs stay heavy on the mat and inhale the head and chest. Come on. We're going to rural the ball up in our reach. Past the feet.

We're going to e Longie through the back, bringing the top of the head into the ball. We're going to take the backup all the way in a turn to the right and center. Turn to the left and center. Roll the spine. Now let the ball just rested in the hands. It's nice this the ball gives us a little bit of arm work, which is nice to have in my opinion.

And now we lift that right leg and now curl the ball just over the knee as the knee comes into the chest and then we reach out. When you're reaching your leg out, try to hit the same target every time so it doesn't drop down. It's as though the heel stays along a straight line as it comes in and out. Last too curly and one more curly and back and it goes down and the body goes down and I don't know about you, but my arms are starting to get a little bit tired, but that's okay. We're not done yet. Let me take the spine out. We even need the body.

We were highs that we turned to the left. We come back to the center, we turn to the right, we've gone back to the center, we round the spine, the ball comes down in front of us. We find our way onto our lower back. We float the left leg. Inhale, exhale. Bring the knee just inside the ball and turn towards the knee and stretch and turn has you reach across? My lower back is staying on the mat all the time and curl in, lift and the bottom leg is actively pressing down, curl and lift and back and two and back on one and the back end down all the way and inhale, hadn't chest and exhale. Taking the body forward, reaching all the way [inaudible] through this spine.

Reach all the way out, [inaudible] to that ball and lift the body and take the body to the left and to the center, to the right and to the center and around the spine. Sign in the lower back, floating the right way. And now we see her and him bring the bowl just outside of that right knee as it bends and center and turn wringing out this spine feeling that's spiraling in the of the reds, keeping the shoulders under control, managing the ball. If you want more arm work, squeeze the ball last to rotate and center and Rot and center and go all the way down and lift up an oral lap and reach forward and Elan game and holding here we then the obvious, we pull the body into the ball and then we keep that back nice and long as we stretch out, we bend the elbows, pull the spine into the ball and stretch and pull. Stretch out. One more. Pull up longer and lift up all the way and turn to the right and center.

Yeah, turn to the left. Lifting, lifting, lifting and center and dive down over your lanes and take up all and push it out over the toes and make that nice stretch to the feet. Dropping the head between the arms holding onto the shape for just a moment. And then lift the back. Rolling the ball in towards you. Try to arch the spine as you come up. Are going to take the ball and come up onto our knees.

Start with the ball underneath the left leg. So we bring the ball right up against the thigh. Use the right light to help you over onto the ball. Either hold the ball or hold onto the floor. I like to reorganize my left leg for comfort.

Once I'm sure that my body is well supported by the ball, we're going to lift the leg up and lower it down. Woo. We're gonna lose. That was me tipping over. Lift up and yeah. So what you could also do is if your hand is on the ball, you could push down and get a little peck work, a little pecking and backwards and lift up. We can also find our obliques here and lift and lift and hold.

We flex and bring the leg forward and back and keep it nice and high and attempt to keep the ball still and forward and back. Excuse me, on forward and back. Last one. Forward and from the back we go down and up, touch and reach back. Tip and reach forward. Such and reach back. Touch and lift.

Forward touch and lift back. Warming of the side of the body, at least my side body feels very warm. We're gonna leave the leg at the back. I'm gonna take the top arm in reach overhead, finding a stretch. Take that leg out, right, like straight out to the side. Again, left hand behind the head and now we lift up into that side body and all the way down and lift up working that upper waist and, and lift up and yeah, yeah, lift up and then we'll do four more here. Reach shortening, bringing the rib closer to the hip and three and, and to and and the last one and, and then we're going to take ourselves off the ball and to come up onto both knees. The left hand is going to stay on the ball. The right arm is going to come out to the side. We're going to end you on.

Press the ball away and reach out and stretch that top side body and bring the arm back and lifted. Tall and inhale as you reach over and exhale as we come back. One more. Inhale as we reach over, nice and simple, so effective. Finding the stretch, finding the work. And now we add rotation. We take it over. Inhale, exhale, turn towards the ball with that top arm. Inhale, unwind and lift and reach up and over. And exhale, rotate this, um, unwind and left and last in healing over and rotate and unwind and lift.

I'm bringing the ball around to the other side. Whoa. Don't let it get away from you. Placing it right underneath that right leg, leaning over onto it, bringing the arm around her onto the floor. Left-Hand on the ball, left leg out. We take that leg and down and then we added a little arm push. Ah, and as the arm pushes down, feel the side of the waist, that side, body contract. Press one more. Press down holding here. We now kicked the leg forward and back, keeping it nice and high all the time. Forward and back.

A notice as the legos forward how much the ball wants to roll back and see if you can keep it still and back and to [inaudible] on back last time, forward and back. And now it goes down and up and forward and up, trying to kick up past the head up and forward and Ah, and and ah and ah, and last two, lifting up, tipping the Mat, lifting up, coming to the back. Last one forward and reaching it down to the floor, taking me reaching overhead. So any nuts stretch, let me come all the way back up into the knees. Come down, we rest the hand on the ball. The left arm lifts up and it reaches over.

We roll the ball, the ball's not getting pushed with the arm and is moving in relationship to the movement of the spy and Ah, and the left knee presses down as we take that left arm and stretch. So we have two points of reference, the tips of the finger and the anchor anchor of the knee reaching over and lifting. And now we inhale to go over and exhale to rotate and in uterine y. Exhale to lift and inhale to reach over and exhale as we rotate and Inyo is the on y and Xcel as we lift up last time. Inhale is we reach over. Exhale as we rotate.

Inhale, as we unwind and exhale as we lift up. Oh, oh no, I forgot our side list. Let's go back. Let's go back. We bring the ball underneath us. I'm so sorry. We'll figure it out. I'll figure it out. It's okay. We bring the hand behind the head and lift the body and then we get another stretch over and he lists the body and back.

And I left back and left and, and for going all the way. Oh and three and oh the way over and two [inaudible] oh the way over. And one man all the way over. And let's reach over one last time. Take One, one more beautiful side stretch. And then coming back. Now we're going to set up to do some pushups because what workout would be complete without pushups in my mind? None. So we're going to walk back with the ball and you get onto the ball far enough back so that when you walk yourself out along your mat, you can be on your mat and on just underneath your knee. Yes. So we find our position stabilized to the waist and the arms and press.

Staying strong in the center of the book, Bend and press and bend and in here and now around the spine and Paul the ball into the body and recheck and around the spine and bringing the ball into the body. State equal on both sides and recheck her around. I know Cha and pass and Ben the arms and press and Ben the arms and press one more [inaudible] and press and now roll the body X. Yeah, and Jarat and trying to create around back before the ball moves and, and I don't one why we're rounding it and back in three more pushups. Here it is. Bend and reach in here, taking care enough to drop the head or bend in the back and bend and reach up and walking back or simply stepping off and then bringing the ball back onto the night and pleasing your body against it. So my knees are not up right up close to the ball. They're on a slightly diagonal backwards. You could keep your toes tucked under where you could flatten out your feet.

How many choose tucked under cause that's a more challenging position for my feet. So we let the body stretch over the ball and then on the inhale we simply just lift the head and the arms. And on the exhale I want you to press your pelvis into the bulb, turn the hands up, reach the arms back, letting the chest open, letting the body, it's like flying here, flying backwards and then find Neutra and all the way down and [inaudible] you reach out to the eye and exhale, rotating the thumbs. And then we start to bring the arms down and back. That just lifts up and forward. You know, I'm just coming back to there and we go over the top of the ball. We'll go in three more times. Reaching out, breathing in, reaching open through the chest. Press the pelvis forward.

You use the backs of your legs for support, Ben, way back, reach back out and down. And last one we're reaching you and open and [inaudible] and all the way over and then climb onto the ball and just allow your spine to drape over the ball. And then you just rock back and forth over the ball until you find a stretch that feels particular early important to your back. And once you find it, settle there for a moment. Let in the back of the body release, letting any stress in your body really s and then coming down onto the knees again, taking the ball in the hands, bringing the arms forward and up.

Inhale here. Exhale, bring the ball out in front of you and around the spines you're reaching, reaching oppositionally, reaching with the ball to the body and then lift up and then round the spine. Drawing backwards in a stretch through that back body and then lifting up and feeling the back body engaged. The whole back body, the back, the arms, the back of the legs and around I a reacher and right, and just keep rounding. Sitting deeper into the heels, deeper into the heels until the US just rests on the feet. Placing the hands on top of the bar, rolling the ball towards the knees, lifting the chest, and then coming back to a straight body. Taking a moment just to sit, feeling the energy created by movement, simply giving ourselves a couple of moments of quiet, of being present with our experience or moving experience. And when you're finished with that, enjoy your day.


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Love it. More please
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Thank you , Meredith for the emphasis on the back body. So needed.
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I think this session is indeed perfect for those busy days when we mainly work behind the computer: it's short, represents a nice workout for the muscles and a good release for the spine in the same time. Perfect! Thanks, Meredith :)
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Always a great day when it begins with a Meredith class!

Karin H
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Thank you! I love the extension, and the way you teach rotation and use the mini-curls. Also, love the fushia tights!
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Thank you so very much. So nice to complete mat work with some basic equipment. Great class.
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You covered everything.. Refreshing may WO with ball!
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Started my morning with this, so I will enjoy my day! Thank you!
You are most welcome, Bonnie!
Ruzica N
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Very nice class. It would not be so perfect without that sweet forgotten side lift :) so now i can remember it to add it to my classes
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