Class #1925

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Anthony Lett returns to Pilates Anytime with a multi-joint, Reformer Stretch workout. He uses the contract and release method to stretch your back, side, and all of the muscles in your leg. This class requires an advanced level of body awareness, strength, and flexibility to hold some of the positions. Anthony recommends taking this class after you've already warmed up so you can go right into the stretches without strain.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Pilates Pole

About This Video


Today, we have Kaita and Sarah joining us and I'm calling this an intermediate to advanced class because it requires a little bit more flexibility to get into some of the positions and...


que delicia de classe. Eu adorei
it was a very nice experience! i love love this class and I will do it again soon. thanks a lot
Delighted to hear it, Zahra :)
amazing class!!! Ive been doing this class anytime, and every time I join this class I still learn something new.
I had a question, every time I try to do the exercise with Pilates Pole, I feel lots of pressure in my knee(from the leg on the carriage) I've tried with red spring and other time I tried red and yellow springs together, yet i feel the knee from the foot on the carriage a lot. what can you recommend me please. thanks aloooooooooot

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