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Creating Length in the Body

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Create gorgeous length in your body with Monica Wilson's Mat workout! She focuses on using the shoulder girdle muscles and the powerhouse to find lift in the chest. Monica also uses more advanced cues and concepts to take your practice to the next level.
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Nov 23, 2014
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All right ladies, let's come to the front of our mats and we're gonna stand up on top of our [inaudible]. Matt's nice and we're gonna just go ahead and start in a Pilati stance. So toes two to three inches apart and heels together. Good. And feel the weight of your body on the ball of each toe, on the side of your foot and the heels. Good. Just start off like that. Getting comfortable with your powerhouse being like two feet taller than me.

Get real comfortable with that. That's good. Um, so we have mats today that have a few extra things, which I hope doesn't prevent you from doing it at home if you don't have those things. But they, if you do, go ahead and, and make sure your mat has those. So we have a strap at the end that's going to help with our neck pool and then we have a bar through the back part of the mat that's going to help with our neck roll and some hip circles today is going to be all about stepping up from just the pool in or the scoop. We've even talked a lot about pulling in an up, but today I really want to focus on the shoulder girdle muscles and using your powerhouse to lift your chest bone or sternum. So taking your traditional c curve teaser to a real nice lifted straight back instead of complete scoop, more beginner staging of teaser. So things like that. So it's going to be an intermediate advanced mat with that theme continuous throughout. So with your feet in this knife Pilati stance, you have a little lift in your arch.

It's not fallen your way is also on the heels. You're trying not to push back your knees. And we have a nice engagement of the outer thighs and the back of the inner thighs and your seat and imagining two barbershop polls rolling. Good. Your powerhouse is pulled into your back. And here's the important part. Even when you're standing around in normal days activities, I want you to feel the opposition of you pushing the ball every toe into the floor, grocery store, whatever, and feel your belly. Not just pull in, but pull up and lift that chest up. That's gorgeous.

We really always need to be fighting gravity. So get that nice in and out. And then one arm on top of the other and trying to keep that lift as you lower yourself down to the mat. So one foot in front of the other. And Go ahead and keep your stomach pulling in and up as you sit on down working on that. Great. Good. And put your hands behind you. Lift your bottom halfway back. And we're gonna roll out nice and long and we're gonna stretch first.

There's the lie down and you're going to reach your arms back in one direction and your legs and the other. And it's the only time I'm going to let you disengage from that powerhouse I want. I love thinking about for a horse on each limb, pulling you, just really stretching you to all lengths. You can't get any longer than those arms. Can't get any longer in those feet. And now I want you to inhale, bring those arms up to the ceiling and exhale, bring them down by your side and just stay there for comfort. Let's go ahead and bend your knees and put your feet flat on the Mat.

And we're going to start off just getting us completely on the same page of these feelings. And then we're going to keep the theme going throughout our mat. So we're going to do a nice shoulder roll here. So pretend you're really tense. We're not. None of us are really tense and bring your shoulders way up by your ears. Then with them up, we're going to push them back into the mat.

And now I want you to think about your shoulder blades and your labs and I want you to pull them down towards your tailbone as low as you can get them. It's like your underarms are getting closer to your hip bones. And now I want you to close your chest by bringing your shoulders forward. Really, really tight chest, yes. And then bring them up to your ears. Will full circle again. Open them into the Matt's lie, those shoulder blades, lats down. Good. Close the chest. One more in that direction.

Up by your ears. Opening down towards your shoulder blades. Good. Let's go the other way. So now we're going to go open up to your ears. When they're up, it's hard. Close the chest there. Then come down as low as you can. Then open them up to your ears, closing the chest, and one more time down towards your tailbone. Open on the mat, lifting up to your ears, closing the chest. Good.

And then one more the other way, the first direction. So up tents. Open your shoulders and again, really connecting your shoulder blades and lats and even the bottom of our trapezius and pulling all of that down towards your tailbone. Nice job. All right, so we have our shoulder girdle muscles, so that is kind of the band right below our chest, right here for us ladies. It's the right below our bra strap in the front and on in the back. But you can also think of a gentleman about it being the bottom of your shoulder blades. Okay. And right here over your ribs.

So this area needs to stay engaged when we use our arms and when we open up our collarbones and lift our chest. So I want you to put your hands right here on top of your rips and take a big breath and exhale. Good, good, good. When you inhale, it would be ideal that you picture a old fashioned bucket with two handles on the side and you lift up that bucket by lifting up those handles to the side, your rib cage and your lungs would love to fill up with air laterally to the sides. A see a few. When you take a breath, instead of lifting an inch off the mat and letting a little tunnel form up, see if you can open your rib cage to the side and then exhale, getting even more connected with your back and taking a big breath, opening those ribs to the sky and exhaling, connecting, feeling your lads. All of this really nice and connected. One more time in with the air. So when we're in a seeker, we actually want to really open up those ribs in the back like that. And exhale. Ladies, you all did really, really good here. Now I want you to lengthen your arms by your side. Good.

And I want you to think again, shoulder blades going down towards my tailbone under arms, getting closer to my hip bones. Good. And think of the back of your neck long and like someone's pulling on your head, pulling you in the opposite direction. So the great length in there now extend the right arm up towards the ceiling. Good. And so it's just going straight up to the ceiling and often that'll pull our right shoulder up off the mat. Make sure it's also plugged into the mat, into your socket. It's also not up towards your ear. And with it plugged in, how long can you make those upper arm muscles reach for the ceiling.

Try Not to hyper extend that elbow and take it in the joint, but feel the muscles in the upper part of your arm work and get long. And now working those muscle, reach them down towards your feet reaching, reaching and we're going to bring them back up. Good one more time and feel that the front of the ribs and the back of the ribs are really working with you to stay connected with that shoulder and arm and bring that arm up. And then we're going to reach it all the way down one last time, but it'll stay down this time all the way down to the mat. Let's lift up the left arm again. When we lift it, it likes to pull up off the mat.

Let's make sure it's plugged into your shoulder, into the joint as well as not lifting up by your ear. Reached the upper arm muscles, not hyper extending the elbow feel at work and now pulling down those lats, pulling down and connecting to your shoulder girdle muscles. Reach ample it back up and two more times pulling down. You feel all of that shoulder really lengthening good and and one more time down. So Nice. Now keep it down and really feel like you can reach your arms even a little longer on that map.

That's going to be a huge cue that I'll give you throughout this mat class. All right, so we've got our shoulder girdle muscles. We're trying to breathe a little more laterally. Okay? I want you to go ahead and draw your knees into your chest, good stomach, and nice and draw your head up to your chest. We're gonna reach those arms on the mat as long as we can then lift them up to the level of your hip bones and we're going to pump up and down for the a hundred inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two. Good.

I want you to forget about your legs. They're loose, they're light, they're not working hard. I want you to make sure the bottom of your shoulder blades are touching the mat. You haven't curled up so high that those are no longer touching the mat. I want you to try to get your underarms closer to your hipbones. While you're doing this, I want you to think about these two bones in the front and I want you to open those collarbones and plug in your shoulders. You all are pretty advanced, so you know you can inhale two, three, four, five and exhale.

Keep reaching along. Good. If you can do all of that, then work your belly in and up like it's on a rolling stair, a sliding, a sidewalk going up under your bra strap under your chest. So belly is pulling in and up. And then to fight that on my last 20 I want you to reach your legs away in the other direction, but make sure you feel that your belly always playing against your arms, against your legs. Last exhale, two, three, four, five and hugging those knees. Nice job ladies. Good. Straighten your legs on the Mat. Good. And I want you to reach your arms up to the ceiling. Good.

So now we have both arms up. Make sure your legs are still working. They're hugging a midline, they're wrapping, they're squeezing, your shoulders are plugged in and the under arms are closer to your hip bones without lifting up your shoulders. I want you to try to reach both a little longer and now keeping your back of your ribs on the Mat. Reach back as far as you can. Don't lose the back of your ribs. Stay connected to your shoulder girdle muscles. Good.

That's your start position and every time you finish you're going to give a little extra reach up and back. So we're going to start with the arms up as you inhale, head up. And now exhale, rolling up one vertebrae at a time. Good reach, reach, reach, head stays between those arms and we're gonna roll back, pulling in your lower belly, middle back. Everyone pause once their head is down. Good plug those. No. Pause for a second, Rebecca, bring the arms back up. Great.

Plug your shoulders down. Another half an inch for me. Yes. Reach them longer the arms and reach 'em back from those shoulder girdle muscles. Good. One more time. Slow arms up as you inhale, head and exhale. See if you can keep your arms parallel to the mat as you come up, but yet your ears between your arms reach, reach, reach and will. Back arm. Stay parallel heads trying to stay between your arms. Good ones. Your head is down against pause. Plug those shoulders in. Another extension.

Up and back. All right, five more to tempo. It's arms head rolling up. Reach for your feet. Exhaling. Inhale, rolling back, lower back, middle, and reach back. Arms head, curling up. Reach for those feet and rolling back. Lower back. Good middle, reaching up. Then back backend arms us three scoop. Good and reaching back. Try not to let go of those shoulder girdle muscles when you reach forward also and up. So here is you stretched her spine, not your shoulders going up by your ears when you reach could correction and two more arms. Head scoop it in. Good. And we're going to roll back, lower back, middle and last one. And arms head. Good.

Reach it forward. Good. So now I want you to slide these here. [inaudible] and reach the spine forward instead. That's a lot better. Joel. Watch those. Yeah, they keep creeping there and rolling back. Nice. Good job. All right. Make sure your head is on the mat. Arms down by your side so your shoulders are plugged in.

You know what, ladies slide down a little bit more. It's nicer when you're feeding. It's another classes staying in place. But it's nice that when you have Matt behind you to put your feet against, so your shoulders, even though your upper body's not gonna move much in this part, it's still very active. Shoulders are plugged in under arms are close to those hips.

Go ahead and bend your knees to start into your chest. Extend the legs up and we're going to pull your belly in for the roll over. Touch the feet to the mat behind you. Flex the feet on it. If you can slide apart shoulder width and roll down one vertebra at a time. Sweep them together and over. Good. Push them into the mat.

Open now as you roll down, lengthen your arms away from you so it goes like together and over. Good and open and again, press so shoulder. Shoulderblades away from your ears. Reach those arms. We're going to reverse it so you open and over. Good and squeeze together sweets together on the way down my saying that wrong. Okay.

And down and open and over and squeezed together. And Lincoln as you length his shoulders away. Laying that all that one more time. Open around. Good. Back of the arms are pressing into the mat. Squeeze shoulders, sliding away from those ears. Everything good? Keep your right leg lower. Your left for single leg circles.

Go ahead and grab behind the right leg and stretch so we had you feel those ribs earlier. When we do single leg circles, we love to come up with the ribs and be a little bit mobile in that upper body. So really work at here. Arms press down by your side. Shoulders are plugged in. Everything's reaching away from your neck. Feel that Bra strap down there. Okay. Use your belly to pull the leg up high. Do your nose cross around and up and cross around and up.

Good stability. Cross the round and up to around up. One more. She's fighting not to hold onto the mat. Last one. Cross around and pull. Reverse. Reach long around in up. That's right. No movement, no shoulders at all. Really hold them stable. How much effort is that? It's a lot of upper body work. One more down.

Cross around, up and hugging that knee. Good, right leg down, left knee and bend and stretch and grab behind it and stretch even when you're stretching. Be careful not to go into a kyphosis stretch, but really nice and open. Hands by your side arms I should say. Feel the back of your arms. Feel the triceps. Press into the mat, lengthen them even further down and pull with your belly. Use that belly to bring your leg up to your nose and crust around and up. Good. Cross around and up. Beautiful. Stability, crusts around and up to around it. Up to that shoulder, around and up. Hold rivers down. Cross all the way up here. Good. Yeah, up to me over here. Good Dad tried to kick me. There you go.

And two and one more. I love how stable you are. Hugging that knee length in that leg down and with your powerhouse. Roll up to a seated position and we're going to make sure that we use our strong arms and shoulders to bring our body forward and we're going to balance for the Raleigh. Likable. How'd that transition go, Rebecca? That was good. Good. All right. Hands on your ankles. If you can and try to separate your knees a little bit.

Okay, let's make sure that we are getting our lower back into a nice round, lower back. So you want these two front hipbones to really be facing up towards the ceiling on this exercise. Kay, that is nice for Becca. Good job. You really worked hard on that transition, keeping that. Now can you open and spread the ribs behind you yet? Bring your ears between your knees.

That's why I had you open your knees a little bit. Goal is to try to keep the pelvis like it is. If stretch the spine so much, you can get your ears between your knees. We're going to roll for six counts. Here we go. Roll back in with the air. Exhale and Holt. So Stage one, did we tense our shoulders?

Can we relax them and keep them in our powerhouse in with the air back? Exhale, it's an upper stomach crunch to come up. Not a shoulder strug in with the air back. Exhale up in with the air back. Exhale, upper stomach in with the air back last time. Exhale. Shoulders are relaxed. Upper stomachs more. Rest your feet down. Nice job ladies. Now we are going to put your hands back. Keep them away.

Shoulders away from your ears as you lift your light. Bottom. Good. And you're going to bring your right hand here. We're going to do single leg stretch, so right hands on ankle, left, hands on knees and your want your elbows never drooping on the floor. When you're back, you want them working and you don't want your shoulders up here but pulled away. Lift your left leg up.

Good and try to leave your left leg there. As you roll down your lower back, your middle back, or just and bring your knee into your chest. Plug in those shoulders again, lift those working arms and switch. Pulling in left and right and left. Good. Keep switching legs focusing on those shoulder blades going away from your neck towards your tailbone. Your powerhouse is pulling in and up. Good. Try to get that knee in a little deeper. That's it.

Scooping in one more set and grab both ankles. Nice. Open those collar bones for me. A little more beautiful. Knees are almost to your ears for me. Little more. Yeah. All right. Inhale, reach in opposite directions and hold good. Stay there. Curl up your shoulders a little more, but take your arms back.

Fantastic. Exhale, circle it around. Good. Inhale, reach your belly, goes out your fingertips and exhale and inhale it. The concentration is powerhouse out your fingertips. Exhale, not shoulders up to ears. Inhale, reach powerhouse. Yes. Exhale and inhale, reach. Take your arms a little lower and exhale. One more. Inhale, reach a little lower for you too, Rebecca. Not the feet. Yes. An exhale. Good. Yeah. Right leg up, left leg forward. Grab onto your right ankle for single, straight light and switch. Left and right and left.

Curl up your shoulders a little more. Yeah, and then open them a bit. Perfect. Good. Eyes on your belly. Yes, yes. Nice switching and right and left and stable. No Rock and right. Those legs are coming to you. It's like there's a big spring attached here and they're just flying up over this way and one more set and now both legs up, hand over, hand behind your head.

Push your head into your hands with your powerhouse and challenge that feeling as your legs go down and up and pulling in and up. Use your powerhouse to push your head into your hands. That's it. And three beautiful and two dad and pull up. Curl up just a little bit more. Yes, last one. Perfect. And now bend that right knee and look at your elbows there are nice and wide.

Keep them bended into your chest and keep your elbows that wide as you twist, twist, twist, and switched legs. Good twist, twist, twist. Good. Think leading with the shoulder instead of the elbow and last side. [inaudible] right shoulder up to that knee and hug both knees in. Nice job, ladies. Everybody sit up, spine, stretch forward so your anybody. He'll in the middle of each block. If you don't have blocks you can and just make sure they're about three inches wider than your shoulders are. All right, feel those sip bones.

K they go down through the floor, your tail them goes down through the floor. Your powerhouse pulls in the behind the line of your hips. But then this whole area has to grow a few inches. So really work with your arms up at shoulder height. Nice Open collarbones you've picked your, your back muscles, they're going down, rooting through the floor and your front of your body is pulling your belly in and up under your chest. Lifting your sternum up towards the ceiling.

Crown of the head. The head is growing another inch up. It's a lot of work. Just this position. So take a big breath and then exhale head first and curl into yourself to go down. Dan, Dan, Dan, and now starting from that tailbone, push it down through the mat. Rolling up your body, up one vertebra at a time. Shoulder blades are down, but heads up and exhale down. I'm gonna try to exhale the whole way down and then we're going to inhale the whole way up. Good, good. Keep rolling here. Here.

One more inch back and again up off that bottom and go in down. Really feel your stomach scooping in and up. Crown of the head down to the mat if you can, you can get there. And then pulling up, lifting. Use your stomach to lift your sternum, your chest bone, but not your shoulders.

One more exhaling down. Good. This is another one where you want to be careful when you're reaching with your arms that your shoulders don't get out of joint. Rolling up. Use your belly here. Almost imagine that you're pushing down with your arms right now on something. If you know the push through, it's like pushing down on that push through bar so that you can lift that much even higher. Nice. Nice job ladies.

Keep that feeling in your transition for open leg rocker. I'm going to go ahead and let you pull back in the pelvis. Okay. But I don't want any of this. Lift last, bring your legs together, all your energies in here. Slide your feet towards you and then put your hands on your ankles. Good. So we normally are really, really concentrating on rounding, rounding, looking at our belly.

I want your belly to be in and your lower back to be nice and supported. Never pushing it forward like that. But now we have to lift, lift up our chest as high as we can, shoulder blades down, collarbones open sternum to the ceiling, eyes forward and keep that as you. Extend just the right leg and bring it down. Try not to make this a leg exercise. It's all in that powerhouse left and yeah, and right scooping in and up, up with your chest, uplifting and and left. And Dan. Now we'll extend both legs, who your powerhouse pulls in and it pulls up up.

You can even use those hands to kind of pull up against for your chest and bring them down and pulling up, up, up, up, good and down. Gorgeous upper bodies. One more here. We're going to scoop your belly in and feel it. Lift up your spine to the ceiling. Bring your legs together, separate and bring 'em down. And last time going up and really feeling your belly up and lifted and strong. We're going to now roll, so you're going to bring your head to your chest and roll back and come on back up.

Exhale up and hold the up so that your stomach pulls it and you lifted, you lifted you live. Good job and round down in with here. Exhale to lift. Let me see that lift all the way from your stomach. Beautiful. And inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up and inhale, roll back. You're even trying to come all the way forward when you're here. Let's see. Can you come forward a little more onto your sip phones?

Just a little bit extra effort. One more time. Inhale, rolling back. Exhale. I keep using that belly to lift and lift and lift. Squeeze your legs together and leave the legs there and roll down for your corkscrew. God. Nice job. Bend the knees into your chest for a second. Good. Again, upper body's not going to move much in this exercise, but you, I want to see those triceps on fire. I want to see those shoulders getting sculpted. Okay, so legs up to the ceiling. Beautiful.

And we're gonna circle to the right around and bring them center to the left around and bring them center a little bigger to the right. Goes far to the rise again, far down to the left and center left. Challenge that upper body and to the right as big as you can make it and to the left round. Now once your center, I want you to lift your bottom up and go all the way over and high up to the ceiling. Lift the legs up. Good. Hands down. Yes, and we're going to roll down your back and do one set like this. So roll down through each vertebra. Think about those shoulder blades, arms lengthening.

Go to the right around to the slept center and all the way up and come down through this by lengthen your arms away from you. Go to the left around, scoop it in and all the way up. And now roll down straight down, arms lengthening, shoulders, plugging in and sit up for saw. Right on up, up. You go and your legs open onto those boxes. Good. And we're going to again, pretend that we are pulling up against that push through bar, but now our arms are just in our peripheral vision and we're going to keep those sit bones down as we lift, as we twist, and we're going to exhale reaching past that baby toe. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Starting by pushing your sip, bounce through the floor. Europe Tillman through the foreign.

Roll up that spine and twist to your left and exhaling down. Good. Good, good, good, good. And inhaling up and twist to your right and exhale. Hold that. Exhale. Your right pinky wants to be working in lifting behind you.

So it's going to come back a little further here and let's see if you can use that tricep to lift that right pinky and coming up through the spine. Twist to your right and now exhale down and out your left pinky that's working from your tricep to get up higher and higher and higher and up. One more set, twisting to your right and reaching. Feel those ribs. So as you exhale, they pull in a little deeper and deeper to get you lower and reach past that baby toe. And then in [inaudible], inhaling up, rolling up. Nice open and twist and exhaling. Really squeezing at all that air. Nice and inhaling up. Beautiful. Relax your arms. Squeeze your legs. Yeah, they're flip onto your stomach. We're going to get to use those bars.

Do proceed with caution though. They're not quite fascinating. So they kind of slide back and forth. A little pre-warning there. Come forward a little more. Ran Up. There you go. Maybe one more inch. [inaudible] good. So your shoulders are lined up with the pole coming over. Juliana looks good. And put your hands on the pool. Good.

Yeah, so it just slides back and forth a little bit. All right. Bring your hips and feet over. Just a hair. So I want you to squeeze your back of your inner thighs together. Push your pelvis down into the mat. Kay. And really work in those legs for stability.

Now I want the crown of the head not crowded, the head forehead essentially on the mat. So try not to have your chin up too much. Thank you. Got to give it a kiss than that. And I will want your shoulder blades again, pulling down towards your tailbone, your underarms pulling there. That's it. And I almost want you to be okay pushing your hands into that bar. So push giving opposite energy.

Now your stomach's going to pull into your lower back, but then up towards your chest. And we're going to start lifting up your head and your chest and keep coming up with your stomach until your straight arms and your [inaudible] really pushing your chest forward against bars almost. Yeah, pushing it forward. Heads up. Look over your right shoulder. Hold it there. Can you look all the way over your right shoulder? Then look down to your chest all the way over your left shoulder, like really look behind you and look forward. Don't throw this exercise away. Look over your left shoulder and then circle down around over your right shoulder. Watch those shoulders from moving and look forward.

And a quick abdominal check. Is it in? Can you lift up in your chest a little bit more? Ooh, that's nice. You guys were both over here. A little collapsing right there. Now keeping that spine long. Come down onto your mat. Really still long out the crown of your head. Gorgeous.

We're going to come up and do that again. Strong lower body belly in and up. And we're going to come up one. Yes. Head up pushing with those arms. Landing. Let's start over the left shoulder all the way over. Chin to the chest, all the way around and look forward. Make sure those shoulders don't move and look over your right sir. Going down around your left. Does that hurt at all?

Go ahead and look forward and now you're going to come down, but quick stomach check as it in and reach it. Long lengthening your spine, out the crown of your head. Nice job. Go ahead and lift up onto your elbows. You might have to fight back a little bit. Good. And I want you to make a sphinx position. So you're like this. Good. So parallel. Yeah, and the elbows directly under your shoulder. Love it. Good.

And I want you to think about your powerhouse pulling in and up off the mat. You don't want to take this in your lower back, okay. Maybe just a half an inch forward, your Elvis and I want. So I want your stomach really lifting up and supporting that lower back. Then the shoulder blades pulling down away from the neck.

Your sternum and chest bone are pushing forward in front of you. Beautiful, good. And your forearms are really pushing into the mat. Good. So keep that upper body energy that we used to say. I could see a whole movie being projected onto your chest if I wanted to. So I don't want you to let that chest get concave at all with that opposite energy. I want you to squeeze your legs and lift him up as high as you can. And now starting with the right heel, we're going to kick your bottom twice.

One, two and switch left to beautiful, right? Two and left two and right. One leg never touches the floor. They both stay up and working. Good. Lift up that chest. Lift up that powerhouse out the window. One more set. Let's do right and left. And that's enough. Nice job.

Melt into the mat. Place your right facial cheek on the mat. Hands come together behind your lower back. You kinda hold three fingers. Perfect. Brianna or something like that. Holding. You're going to hold couple fingers. So does it hurt at all? Okay, so we're gonna start down low legs together because I want your elbows like they are, but your hands between your shoulder blades. So keep trying to creep up and up and then feel that big stretch trying to get your elbows to lie flat down with your hands really high up.

Then try. Um, Rebecca, you're really good with your hand. Place a yes, that little extra correction of bringing your shoulders away. Beautiful. All right. Squeeze your legs together. Lift them up as high as they can and we're going to kick your bottom three times. Hamstring curl. One, two, three. Inhale, press your legs down and without dislocating your shoulders, your belly instead to lift up and higher and higher and higher and switched cheeks. Thanks for being patient with me. Pull your hands up as high as it can. Elbows, legs, up, and hamstring girl, one, two, three and lift up higher and higher and powerhouse. Beautiful. And switch cheeks and lift the legs and kick knees up off the mat and down and up and up and up. And last time, how high can you get those thighs and knees?

Two, three and lifting up into a backbend as if only your body is pulling you up, not your arms and everything else, and melt into the mat. Round your back and sit onto your heels. Really Nice. Get a nice round. Lower back for that good stretch. We're going to do neck pull next. So as you turn around, grab that strap at the end of the Mat, slip your ankles underneath it and you're going to be parallel and hip width apart. Good. And we're going to start with your hands one over the other.

And right under there's these two bones are called your occipital processes, but there's these two bones. You can feel them. You want to have kind of the meat of your thumb or the heel of your thumb there. Really pulling underneath it cause that's how you pull on your neck. We don't pull on your neck on the way forward. We only pull on your neck on the way back. Okay, so we're gonna push your tailbone through the mat.

We're going to squeeze up off that seat and we're going to pull our belly in and up so much that we can get taller. Good. And now we're going to start with a little pelvic tilt and we're going to push your heels away. But keep your stomach a little more pelvic tilt for me. That's it. Keep your belly point in and pushing into your hands. Good. And Inhale, lift your head. Exhale, curl all the way to your toes. Inhale, roll up your spine and now lifting off that seat. Exhale back, back, back. That's it. And three more in with the air Xcel for more actually inhale, rolling up your spine and squeezing up off your seat.

It pushes your heels away as you roll back and in with the air. Exhaling for inhale, roll up your spine. Good. And now I'm going to help pull you, but you're going to pull your belly back into my tone more. Yes, yes. There you go. Into your middle back. That's it. Gorgeous. And two more in with the year. Exhaling forward. Inhale, sitting up tall. Good.

And we're going to lift off your seat and we're going to pull back, but we're going to pull into my Aha. Now we have that spine. Beautiful. Last one in with the exhale. Inhale, rolling up. Sitting up tall. Good. And we're going to hold under that spine. Beautiful. A little more into here. Nice. Beautiful. Good. Stay right there. That is gorgeous length.

And I need it to look like this when we do your sidekicks right now. So we're gonna lie on your right side. So Juliana is correct. And I want you guys to just pretend that straps not there, but sit up and bring your lie on your right side this way. How's that sound? Yes. Very coordinated of you. Yes. All right.

And I want your right elbow all the way on the back corner of this mat. Good. And I want your legs on the back edge of the mat. So you're a straight line from your elbow and we're going to have everything flat. Uh, Rebecca? Yes. Uh Huh. Yes. All right. So normally, and so we're going to be here right now getting in front of you, Juliana. Sorry.

And yes, Rebecca, we're going to bring your feet forward to that front edge. This is a little more forward. [inaudible] good. So when we're more beginner, we add these nice comfy boxes, boxes, and they make a nice angle for us that make it easier. But we are more advanced. So your angle is a little less, the legs are not quite as in front of you. Also, we're going to rest your head on your right hand, like a beauty queen, but that's also more beginner where we kind of break the wrist and hold our head. Ideally it's the neck pool position. So I want you to use your belly to balance and take the left hand.

And they both go behind you and they both go under that bone of your, those two bones of your head and they pull along. Hm. Not Delicious. It is. So unfortunately in the single leg kit, forward and back, you don't get to look down at your feet at any time. It'll still move. So we're going to lift up that left leg at hip level and turn it out a little good. And using your belly and looking forward and just thinking of posture.

So your tailbone is still going one way and your powerhouse is still lengthen your spine the other way and we're going to do 10 kicks kicking forward and back and it takes a little bit to get your balance. That stomach really has to work. I'd prefer a soft but throughout, but I'm easy going. It's more important this elbow, all three of you ladies are doing fabulous. It is not waving back and forth at someone. It's staying straight up to the ceiling. I think you have about four more.

Is that right and back? No comments. Okay, beautiful. Keeping it still at forward and that's enough legs together. Keep your elbow there. Okay. And I want that right. Left leg. Pardon me to go right up towards that elbow. Right up to your ear. Kick it up and hold it there.

Now I want you to pull your belly in and up in opposition of that leg so that leg is reaching long. Let's go ahead and reach it long down to the other leg, but your belly is reaching up out the crown of your head and up and school. Press it down while you lengthen. Good up and pulling your neck as you Lincoln and up. And you really stretch that spine and up and you use that inner thigh. Good. And one more. And you pull your belly in and up, up, up, hold.

Keep that great posture link and five quick circles. Circle one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. Beautiful. Keeping those legs long. Make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands and lie down onto your belly. Those legs are long and lifted up on the mat. Okay, and we're going to do to lift up the legs high and we're going to do 20 beats with those feet and open. Close. One, two, three, four, five, six. Think about your chest. Are you taking it in there? 10 more. Two four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 roll to your other side. Really Nice Lady. So now your left elbow is on that back corner. Your legs are long and then you can bring them forward to that front edge.

And now your left wrist is not broken anymore because it is not holding your head, but your head is getting length and your neck is getting length as you can stretch. So it's one arm, preferably over the other, and your powerhouse is pulling, not just in, but helping stretch away from your tailbone. Lift your right leg up at hip level. This time a little turnout and we're going to kick it forward and swing it back and forward. Good and back. So now that right elbow is pointing directly to the ceiling, it doesn't wave at all. It's super stable. Beautiful. So that leg can get a workout.

It's now having to work cause everything else is stable. Pulling away, stretching away. Let's do two more. Kicking it forward and back and now forward and back. That's two and legs together. And now Mike, this is really one of my favorites. A turn out the leg a little bit. Yes, your outer thigh is going to pull it up, but really pull the belly in and up and stretch against that little school wheezing, leg down and up. And my lower back starts to hurt. This is one of my favorite oppositions and up cause it's usually because I'm overworking my legs or something crazy like that. End to bullet in and up in the opposite direction. One more. Really?

Give me that neck pull, feeling hold and five little circles. One, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. One, turning out the leg a little more for five and rest it. Beautiful. Ladies, bring your legs over this direction and go ahead and lie down onto your back. Good. And you're gonna bend your knees into your chest and then lift them up and shake them out. Like you're throwing a tantrum. Cause we're going to do the hunt, the teaser now. All right, so legs are straight and I want you to lower them to a 45 degree angle. Reach your arms back, God.

And we're gonna roll up and reach for those toes. Good. And I want you to lower them about right here, pulling away from me. Now can you pull in and up with the chest? Taller, taller, gorgeous, and roll away. Go ahead and you're gonna come up, scoop it in and up. Beautiful. Right there. Now with your belly and up, keep your body, but keep that extension as you lift your arms up to the ceiling.

And now reach out your fingertips as you roll back. Yes. So your arms stayed where they were. And one more time. So coming on up. Good from your waist. Lift your arms, keep reaching out your fingertips with that powerhouse and go back, reaching behind you, behind you, behind you. Fantastic. And up and this time you're gonna stay here and we're going to do the legs. So the legs go down and they pull up one and they'd go down and they pull up too. And they go down and they pull up three.

And then try to reach your arms up and pull your belly out. Your fingertips. Pull right here. Pull in, pull into my toe. Thank you. You got it. And everything's down. Pardon me ladies. Everything's down. Everything's going to come up. Folding up. Absolute daisy. It is not easy. Arms lift and reach your wait.

Yes. One more and coming up. Good from your waist. Lift up your chest. Lengthen out and keep that energy. Energy, energy. Good job. Nice work ladies. Good. Hug those knees into your chest. Those are hard. We are going to turn around for swimming.

So flip on over arms. Just go ahead and flip and arms long in one direction. Legs long in the other. Good. Good. And I want you to keep your um, left arm on the mat and let's lift up the right one. As high as you can. There's your straight [inaudible] good and down.

And I should have said your opposite leg too. So left I'm going to come up, right leg is gonna come up and I'm keeping one side down because I want you to think about that shoulder. Is that lifting up? Can you lift it? Arm Up as high as you can from the right shoulder girdle muscle and then bring it down. One more each side, right arm, left leg. So we're really trying to keep that connection while lifting. Get your head up also. Beautiful and down. And last time left. Good. Pulling up. Find your powerhouse.

Lifting up your head and chest and down. Now lift all your limbs up an inch, just an inch, because now I want your right arm and your left leg higher than that. Okay. Significantly higher. Head up, out of the water. Powerhouse in, and we're going to swim. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. High your Rebekka and longer arms for me. Go ahead and higher. Get your chest up. Push down on me to get up. Yeah. Push down on it. Yes. And Melt.

That was a nice back lift. Round your back and sit on your heels. Good work. Good, good, good, good. And now we're going to go back out, but let's Tuck our toes under. So the ball of our foot on the mat. Good.

And reach your arms as far away from as you can. Plant the hand into the mat and lift yourself forward into a plank position. Good. So how is that? Do we have open collar bounds? Do we have the shoulder blades going towards our tailbone? Squeeze your legs together for me. Beautiful.

Because this is all going to be about the hamstrings and glutes besides the stomach that's supporting you. I want you to almost feel like you're pulling the mat behind you so you stretch your spine forward longer. And now from your right cheek and hamstring, we're going to lift up your right leg, rock back and now use your lats and everything to come forward. Switch legs, left leg squeezes up, rock back and your stomach and lats work together. Switch right lifts up, goes back, good and left rocks back.

Feel in that and right last time. Good and down and left rock back forward. Good, right hand to left and you're going to extend that left arm high up to the ceiling as you turn around, try to keep your hips up good and keep going around. Switch your ankles good and you can switch your hands. You've got it ladies. Good. But you wanted to keep your bottoms lifted. Voila. Open collar.

Try not to take it in the knees and right leg to the ceiling up and flex it down. Switch legs left up and flex down. Right? Watch those [inaudible]. Yes. Left. So you're really opening. Why mortgage your bottom to lift up that leg? Yeah. Last I bought him to lift up that leg and sit down. Good reach for your angles for a stretch. Was that a little tough one, Julie? I know that was good. How's really good?

All right. I want you guys to do a little rocking and we're going, we're going to do some crab. So I want you to lie on your belly, but your head's going to be this way. So feedback that way and you can adjust, lie down and now go ahead and bring your feet towards you and grab onto your ankles or the top of your foot. Good. Good. How are those shoulders? Are they dislocated? Are we okay in the upper body? You want to keep always your powerhouse in, but we're going to push your pelvis down into the mat, otherwise known as, use your bottom to squeeze down your pelvis and support your lower back. Push your feet into your hands and come up with your chest as much as you can. Pull up, up, up, up, and then come back down and pull your feet into your bottom three times like your one pressing two, three and in.

Push into your hands again and use your belly to lift shoulders a little bit away. No rocking yet and come down one more time. Time will willing one, stretching two, stretching those quads and now push into your hands coming up as high as [inaudible] you can chest up to the ceiling, had back ripped back. I look up to the ceiling and now Rocko back and forth and try to keep your head up all the time. Don't let your head go down. I want to see you. That's it. Knees down. You body up. Oh yeah. One more knees down buddy. I love it. And let go round your back and sit on your heels. Nice job, ladies. God.

So we're going to get into [inaudible] into the crab. It is not an easy exercise. Oh, stay there where you are for our fancy transition. I think you've done it before, Rebecca. Do you remember it at all? She's like no. So from here, from our nice round back, our arms are wide enough for our legs to go through. So your knees are gonna come through your arms and your ankles are going to cross.

So you're going to pull up into a nice c curve as you jump forward with the knees, grab onto your toes. Notice that my bottom is not on the mat. Voila. And you're going to use your belly to lift up your seat over your knees. Touch the forehead down to the mat and then roar on it gently to stretch the neck. Beautiful. Nice. Using your belly, you're going to roll back. So your bottom is up. Switch feet. Roll back and switch. Good. And now roll back up. Knees go down, belly lifts gently forehead and stretch forward and roll back and see if you can use the inner thighs as you switch.

Good and cross and lifting up and hamstrings are working too. As you gently stretch and roll it back and switch feet and rolling forward and stretching, there is an element of a feeding your crab. So roll back and see if you can hold it back there with your light. Juliana. Knees bent. Beautiful. I'm going to help you even though you don't really need help, but I want you to get a different element. Have your knees bent.

You're good there, Juliana. Keep them bent at that angle and slice your crab feet. Open your crab meat open by using your inner thighs. You switch by opening. Why those bent and switched the ankles? Yes. Good. Grab onto your toes and roll back.

Forward and forehead. Nice job. Good. Go back and sit on your bottom. Switch to seal. We're gonna do three seals and we're going to stand up. So come a little forward for me, Briana and arms go underneath your ankles. Scooping in. Good clap round that. Lower back from me on this one. Juliana.

Thank you. And you're going to go clap two, three, roll at back. Clap two, three. Coming up. Clap two, three, two more. Keep that lower seeker because you're going to have to use power. Exhale on this one. You're going to let go of your feet, cross your ankles and stand up. Use your powerhouse to come up, pushing through the mat. Stay here gorgeous. And Open your legs so that they are hip width apart. Oh, sorry. Shoulder width apart. Okay, good.

And I want you to just reach your arms forward. Good. And reach back into a nice upper back extension. Okay. A Little Greg ball pillar. And now you're going to go down and reach through your legs and stretch and do that again coming up. And you can even drop your arms in front of you if you want and extend and then bring yourself through again. Good, good, good. And they'll standing up tall. Slide your heels together.

And Romana used to love to end with this. Let's go ahead and run in place. So have that energy up. Run it in place. So powerhouse in, that's at Julietta in lifting your chest. And now I want you to put your arms like this. Put both feet down. We're going to start with your right leg. Stomach lifts your chest constantly.

Shoulders are plugged in and lift your right knee to your elbows and one little energy here and left and right. Use that powerhouse and right and left. Get Taller. Every time you put that foot down, you use it to push yourself up. Taller up one more. Set right and left. Now open the arms out to the side.

You guys should be okay and you're going to try to get your elbow to your knee again, so right elbow and push up taller and left and dog right tall. Use that belly to grow tall. That's it. Left, right. Nice. One more set. And now you're going to have a little fun with me. You're going to go ahead and get into the earth and come up up, and we're going to start getting a little spring in the step here. And we're going to do three jobs.

So we're going to go down and jump up as high as you can and Dan and jump up as high as you can. And one more. Just nice work. Good work, ladies. You're all done. Very good. Thank you.


Excelente clase, como siempre. Resaltar que las atenciones son excelentes para sentir y ejecutar el ejercicio óptimamente.
Como profesora decir que las clases de Mónica son un placer. Muchas gracias
Monica Wilson
Muchisimas Gracias Mercedes!
Beautiful class! Love the transitions and detail to form! Monica you inspire me very much! Thank you for your attention to detail and excellent cues!
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I will probably never become best mate with the Crab and the Teaser, but really liked your imagery for the different exercices; thanks a lot!

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