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Feel the energy in your body with Monica Wilson's strong Mat workout! She teaches a traditional Mat class, but adds many advanced plank elements like Snake, Twist, and Star. Monica offers modifications for those with wrist issues, and she encourages all of us to challenge ourselves while maintaining alignment.
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Sep 11, 2014
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All right, so we are going to do a strong Matt today. Not quite an advance, but we're definitely a lot of advanced plank elements and some snake and twist. If you have a bad wrist or bad thumb, you need to modify things accordingly. Sometimes doing things with the fifth is better for a bad wrist or if you need to be on your elbow, you can do that too. So there might be some modifications shown in this class, which will be really nice. Okay. But we're all proficient and polite. So we're going to start from a standing position.

So come to the front of your mat and we are here to tone our body from head to toe, but also more holistic approach and to really feel the energy through our body. So I want you to look at your feet and see your Pilati stance, which is a small slice of pizza or two to three inches between your toes and you want weight on the ball. Every tone. Okay. So important to bring your mind to your body before you start your workout, especially when you're going to just start off and do map. You really need to be all tuned in. So the weight is on the ball of every toe. The weight is on the side of the foot and on the heel now, so make sure your knees are not pressing back and hyperextending okay?

And you're gonna pull your belly in to your back and see if you can also pull it up towards your heart as if you're fighting gravity with your stomach. Squeeze your hips and lean forward so your weight is more on the ball of your foot. Then on your heel. And then I want you to imagine from each hip bone, you've got these spiraling barbershop pole muscles going all the way down your ankle so you can really engage your outer thighs and your seat. Okay? And your chest should be relaxed, but lifted from your powerhouse neck in line with your spine. We're going to start with a relevant, which is lifting your heels up.

So we're going to pull your belly in and use your hips and we're gonna keep our heels together as we rise for to keep your heels together. Three four and we're going to hold it here and I'm saying heels together cause otherwise we would just be lifting with our calf muscles, but we want higher and deeper. And now we're going to slowly go down, rolling through our arch, rolling through each part of our foot until our heel is finally down. We'll do that one more time. Powerhouse in and up. And you're going to wrap and squeeze as we slowly lift. Two, three, four, five and this should be a really every muscles working in your body. And we're going to slowly roll down to three, four, five. Love being in front of two tall blondes yet, right? Really good.

Okay, so now we're going to let one arm on top of the other and put one foot in front of the other and keep that in and up. Lifted feeling as you lower yourself down to the mat. Try not stick your bottom out too far behind you and then you're going to lift your bottom back about midway and lower yourself down to the mat. Go ahead and take the full length of the mat. Reach your arms long behind you. Sorry Lindsey. Spill the energy out your fingertips.

Feel the energy out your toes. Really, really stretching. Good, good, good. And now lengthen your legs. Canvas if that's okay. Yeah, just really stretchy. And now draw the knees into your chest and hug them in and think about the hundred. Use your powerhouse to lift your head up, looking at your powerhouse. Separate your knees a little bit length in your arms by your side, heels together and now reach your legs at a comfortable and challenging level for your powerhouse. Let's start in with the air. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Reach your arms longer. Lindsay.

Really reach them long, long, long. That's it except for fine in with the year two, three, four, five and try to exhale though the whole time. I's a little lower towards your belly. Yes. Chin a little bit in. Beautiful. That's the nice line I want on your neck. Excellent. He'd be open. [inaudible] collarbone, just a tad.

Beautiful and reaching long through those arms and that 60 at least. And exhale, two, three, four, five looking good. Candice. Maybe a tiny bit softer in the knee joint and more in the hips. Last one. You knew I was coming over here. Getting that Bra strap down a little bit lower and oh man.

And lower those legs down. We're going to go into the roll up. Arms up behind you. Good. You're going to come up with the arms to shoulder height. Bring your head up and curl up one vertebra at a time. We're reaching for your ankles and start rolling back.

Lower back like a big hook is pulling you back at your lower middle. Upper right and stretch back and arms head and scoop it up. Beautiful. Nice straight edge and rolling back. Scooping in and roll down. Lower back, middle. Beautiful and reaching back an arms head. Scoop it up. Nice job, Lindsay.

And reaching forward. Stretch and rolling back. Lower back, middle, upper. Let's do three more and it's strong. Arms head, curl it up, one stretch and inhale to roll back and exhale all the way to more. Here we go. It's arms, then head and rural and up one bone at a time. Reach and roll him back. Try to send your hips to your heels. Really lengthen that one more time. Arms head and rolling up.

And as you go down, reach your long hips. Do your heels, beautiful arms by your side and bend your knees into your chest and legs straight up to the ceiling for the rollover. So scoop your belly in and bring your toes straight over to the floor. Open the leg, shoulder with, and roll down one bone at a time. Squeeze those legs together and go over again. Good. Open those legs and flex them as you roll down and have energy out your heels.

Really resist. And one more. Squeeze the legs together and over in this direction that is, and flex and open and roll down. We're going to reverse it, so click your heels together. Then open and flex to go over flex feet. Squeeze those inner thighs together and roll down. Really keeping those legs close. Beautiful to your body and separate. Open and flex in over flex toes.

Slide those toes together on the floor and roll down lake. Thinning out. That's it. One more time. Separate those legs open and over. Let me see that powerhouse you over. Love it down to the floor. Squeeze and squeeze those inner thighs. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Good job. Lead the right leg and lower the left. Stretch that right leg.

Put your hands either behind your calf or a year, thigh, but not your knee and stretched, stretched. Just staying on the mat if you can. There you go. Nice Square. Really stay grounded in your upper back, arms pressed down by your side. And I want you to start by reaching that leg actually down first down the middle of your body. And I want you to scoop it up from your powerhouse. Bring it right on up. Use that belly. Oh one more of those. So Dan and ends yet leg comes up, your belly goes in deeper. There we go.

Pull it up as high as you can. High, high, high, and now let's start that circle. Cross the body down around, up, crust, down around. Scoop your belly, cross around, scoop your belly, crosses around. Scoop your belly. One more. Cross around, scoop your belly rivers. Reach long that hip bend scoopin reaching longer and scoop in. And I want that hip to get that long and up to more down and scoop. One more and then that knee, hug it in.

Switched legs, left one's in, it's extended to the ceiling. Stretch it. They grabbing behind your thigh or your calf. And now arms by your side. Again. We're going to reach that leg long and down the middle of your body and use your belly to scoop it. Good. One more time down and I want to see those belays scoop up. Good.

And now cross the bike crusts around. Cross around up three more. Keeping those hips quiet. They don't get to Cha-cha, they don't get some dance around. Last one, go the other way and down. Cross around. Good. I like how some of you are stopping right at your notes. Really work on that precision there.

One more cross around and hold and lower down that leg. Roll up to a seated position. So try to roll up. Sit Up. Good. And when you're up here, see if you can use your upper body to lift forward and then get into your rolling like a ball position. Okay, good balancing. All right, and inhale to roll back. Exhale to roll up. Good. Massage that spine. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. This is for you.

So really roll through each bone and exhale, really massage each one down. Try not to hit any bumpy spots by rushing it. Two more. Inhale, rolling back. Exhale up. Last one in with the air. Exhaling up. Hold. Rest your feet down. So we're right here. Put your arms behind you. Lift to go back, dry your right knee in and you're going to roll down one bone at a time.

Good, good. Stop with your shoulders and your head up, knee, almost into your chest. Good. And switch and switch. Good at right and left. Good end, right. Keeping your box perfectly square. Dry your belly. And to bring that leg, bring in that ring in that left. Relax the shoulders. You're saying my stomach is so strong. I don't need a tense.

I hold neck and shoulders. Yes. Last set and draw both knees into your chest and inhale, reach and exhale, pull it. Let's hold that reach. Inhale, reach. Again. You're saying my stomach is so strong. It's holding here. I can reach affinity and then pull everything in. One more like that. NL reaching long, long, long, long, and exhale. Pull it in now to tempo.

Inhale, reach. Exhale, pull it. Inhale, reach. Exhale, polling. Inhale, reach. Eyes on belly pulling. One more. Inhale, squeeze in the seat. Exhale in right leg to the ceiling. Left leg forward. Good curling up and switch and switch. Pulling up from your belly. Loose shoulders. Go ahead and switch and switch. Now to real tempo. It's switch and switch and switch and quick and those legs are flying. Beautiful. Candace sham mounds done. There you go. Last set and both legs up, hands behind your head and lower the legs and pull up.

Be careful that your head and shoulders are sufficiently up for you to lower your legs. Cause if you're not too high up with that and you can't lower your legs too much and two more, go down quicker. One more down quicker. And now bend the right knee and twist to it to three and switch twisting left two, three, come up high as you twist to the right. Two, three. Don't go down as you twisted level back those elbows and hug both knees into your chest. Sit on up for spine. Stretch forward. Legs are three inches wider than your shoulders and your arms are up at shoulder height. Lift up off your seat as you take a breath and exhale down.

And inhale, roll up, stacking your spine and exhale back down. Three down, down, down, down, and inhale. Fill your lungs up with air and exhale all your air out. Squeeze head down first and in how? Rolling up one bone at a time and exhale head to the chest and then down.

Beautiful, scooping [inaudible] correction and inhaling up last one, lifting up tall and then exhaling down. Good. Really pulling right into here and rolling up. Good. Candace, I need you to scoot forward a little bit cause we're gonna just balance for open like rocker here. Okay. So legs are here. I want you to bring your legs together, draw your powerhouse back, slide your feet towards you and we're gonna balance with your feet just up off the mat. I want you to use your stomach, not just to pull in, but also to lift up your heart without popping out your back. And we're going to stay super steady and stable.

Square as you extend the right leg and bring it down and extend the left leg. Let your shoulders relax and down and pulling in your belly. The only thing that's tight here rests down the foot and left is your tummy. And you're stretching your spine. Now both legs extend at the same time and hold it there and lift your stomach up higher and grow taller and bet nice. And again, stomach in good and hold n down and last time up and squeeze your legs together.

Squeeze open them and down. Nice job going up with the legs. And I kind of lied. I think you guys can go into open leg, rog. You're doing so well. Hold them open and let's just do some three of them. Rolling back, rocking back and come right back up onto your seat and roll back and rock right back up. That's it. One more. Rolling back. Find something that you were just looking at and whole looking at it.

Squeeze your legs together. Keep your legs there and roll down one vertebra at a time. Arms by your side, legs up to the ceiling. Why don't you get your heads back on the mat. Slide back on. Definitely you good over here. Okay. And we're going to do corkscrews.

So legs are up to the ceiling and you're gonna let your legs go to the right. Circled down around to your left and center to your left Aurora. Scoop them in center. Hold it here. Think about your bottom. And I don't want you to lift up your back. I want you to lift up just your seat. As you pull your legs a little bit towards you.

Use your belly to pull up your bottom. Nice. Really feel lower belly. Go Down, circle to the right around and pull up your bottom and to the left around and pull up your bottom and to the right around in. Lift your whole back if you like, and to the left around and lift as many vertebra as you like and roll on up and hold it center and sit up for sot. So legs are again, three inches wider than your shoulders, arms directly out, but in your peripheral vision, not behind you and using your power house. Thanks Briana. Yet professionals at this. All right. Using your bare, you're going to twist to the right and exhale, reach past that baby toe. Roll up out of your seat curve and twist to the left.

Still keep your c curve in mind as you do this exercise. Roll up and twist to the right and exhale. It's a breathing exercise. So catch your breath and exhale. Exhale. Inhaling up, twist. Flex your feet for me, and exhale. Exhale, exhale in with the era and twist to the right. Both feet should be exactly the same level here. They're not shifting. Last one, keep your feet even. Don't pull back in the hips. Say Alex.

Alex. Yeah, and inhaling up. Good. Now I want you to squeeze your legs together and you're going to flip over onto your belly. Hands Underneath your shoulders. There you go. One long piece of steel, so you want your stomach in to your back, supporting it and up towards your heart. Lengthening your spine, energy out the crown of your head and out the legs squeezing together. All right, your hands are either underneath your shoulders or three inches forward and a little wide out to the side. If you need to limber up your back a little bit more and we're going to curl up, you're going to lift up your head, your chest, coming up for neck role, coming up as high as you can so you can come to straight arms. Leanna, if you can. If not, you can stay where you want, but shoulders away from your ears. Stomach's in. Look over your right shoulder, like really look over your shoulder, like look behind you over that shoulder and then circle your chin to your chest, to your left and look forward and reverse that look left.

Circle down. Fill up this area for me. Like pull up into it for me. Yeah. And then look forward and then control down. You're going to just look forward and go down. Pulling and stretching. Yeah. Good, good, good, good. And again, scooping in your belly, squeezing your pelvis, squeezing your hips coming up. And this time we'll start looking left and circle the head down and look all the way to the right and look forward and look right.

Circle down around to your left and look forward and come on down. Lengthen your spine down. All right, come up onto your elbows for single leg kicks. So you're going to come up onto your elbows as if they're right under your shoulders. And then you're gonna make your elbows a little wider and put your knuckles together. But all right, pulling in your belly, you're going to squeeze up both legs so the back of your thighs and seats are engaged. Good, and you're going to imagine that you can kick your bottom with your foot. You're going to go with the right is right, one two left to right to left to keep it going right to left to try to get your thigh up off the mat as you kick your bottom, trying to get your knee up off the mat as you kick the balm, push into the floor more bran and lift your chest up. There you go. Last set.

It's right to left to now. Right facial cheek on the mat and hands behind your back. Ideally there. Yeah, up all the way between your shoulder blades, but you need your elbows to go as low on to the mat as you can. All right, squeeze your legs together. Lift them straight and long up off the mat. Good. You have some light under your knees right now and I love it. Keep the light under your knees as you bring the heels three times to your seat.

Squeezing in. One, two, three. The legs. Stay down. Chest comes up. Stretch, switch, facial cheeks and lift those legs. Kicking in. One, two, three legs. Go down, chest. Come up to three. Switch chicks and knees up. Come on, let me see him and stretching up to three last time. How high can you get those ties up? There we go. And stretch. Two, three. Good job. All right. Round your back and sit on your heels.

Good. And we're going to quickly turn over and do neck pull. So turning around and I want you to start sitting up with your legs, hip width apart, and your hands one over the other, behind your head, pulling in your belly, sitting up tall, squeeze up off your seat, and now you're going to roll back one bone at a time. Okay, good. Roll, roll, roll and curl on up in with your exhale up good all the way to your knees. Inhale, stack your spine and exhale back. Pool your belly into your back. Stretch out your spine and again in with the air. Exhaling all the way forward. Beautiful. All the way. Kiss your knees, stack your spine up one at a time and rolling back. Good.

And three more in with your exhale all the way. Beautiful. Inhale, lift up off your seat and Xcel back as you push your heels away and your belly pulls in the opposite way. And one more time in with your exhale. Great job. All the way forward. Inhale feet or flex energies out. Just like you're skidding on your heels, you're using your seat and down. We're going to do some Jack connects. We'll get back on the mat. Good. Long arms by your side.

Bring your knees into your chest and legs up to the ceiling at a 90 degree. All right, Kay. So we're gonna squeeze up our bottom and take our legs over, but not to the floor. And then try to jack knife up to the ceiling and control down one bone at a time. Two more over and then Jeff knife up and rolling down to the beautiful.

One more time over and rolling, Dan. All right, let's get on our ah, everyone had their back to me and we're going to do some kicks. There you go. Nice job. So line up on the back edge of your mat. That's perfect. Lindsey, go a little further, Brianna. Good. All right. And you're resting your head on your hand. There you go. And bring your legs forward. So they're at a 45 degree with your body.

Your box is trying to stay as squared as possible. It's your frame on your body. Lift your left leg so it's just the level of your hip, not higher and turn it out. Engaging your outer thigh in your seat with your belly in supporting your body. Let's swing that leg 10 times. Swing it forward and swing it back and challenge yourself.

How forward can you take it? How back can you take it without moving your frame? Okay and forward. You're doing great and back and keep it forward and back and forward and forward and back and forward and back and use that belly to put forward and squeeze your seat back. And one more forward and back. Now legs are together and you're going to kick that leg up to the ceiling and squeeze it down and it's up and squeeze down and push it up with the outer thigh. Squeeze the inner thigh down, push it up and squeeze down one more as it goes down. Lengthen your body in the opposite direction.

Hold your body here and five little circles that circle. One, two, three quick and five reverse one, stomach, three, four, five, rest and bring those legs behind you and lie on your belly. Making a small pillow for your forehead. Squeeze those legs and thighs up off the mat. And I want you to open the legs, the width of the mat, and then squeeze every bit of light away from the inner thighs. One more of those.

Open the width of the mat and then squeeze him all the way together, all the way together. And now, same range of motion, but hyperspeed. Here we go. 21 two, three, four, five, six. Outer the inner, the insight into hey, nine 10 10 more, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Lower those legs. I'm not sure what you need to do, but roll over so that your back is still towards me, but you're using the other leg. So good. Nice job. Line yourselves up on the back edge of that mat again. Good. Bring your legs forward to a 45 degree and have your head resting on your hand.

Good. Eventually our head r is not going to be resting on your hand. You want it just to be nice, good posture, but we can do that right out holding in your belly. Let's turn, lift up the right leg or left leg, whichever one. Turn it out a little bit and swing it forward and take it back. Good and forward and back. I want to loose with foot for this one, squeezing back so it's all in your stomach or your seat and going okay and everyone's forward and everyone's back and everyone's forward and squeezing back. End Two and squeeze it back and last one stomach and squeeze it back and legs are together and now we're going to use your outer thigh to kick up and inner thigh to squeeze down outer thigh and lane. Then your spine.

Good out and you're squeezing your legs and everything. Good. And two more. Up and squeezing. Hand. One more up and squeezing down. Five quick little circles and circle one and two and use that hip and four and five and reverse. Two, three, steady. Four beautiful and light. That's enough. Good. Do you two ladies? We use swing.

Everybody actually swing their feet towed outside and lie down on your back. Feet this way. There you go and lie on your back. Bend your knees to your chest and we're going to shake out those legs and we're gonna do a little teasers. Okay, so anchoring your belly in. I want you to reach your legs up to the ceiling.

Really feel that Peros and lower those legs to a 45 degree angle. Good. And then reach your arms back with energy. So there's energy out your legs, energy out. Your fingertips and legs are going to need to be a lot lower than that, but that's right. As you roll up, make sure they're at the right angles. You come up and reach for your toes. It's come up for our teasers. There you go.

Leave the legs there now and pull into your lower back as you roll away. Middle and upper and again, come on up. Good. Leave those legs there and [inaudible]. Yeah, one more time. Come on up. Good. Holding it there and you're going to lower the legs and pull them up and legs and pull them up and one more legs and up and now arms that and roll everything down. Keep forgetting my battery packs there and come on up and arms up and roll.

Yeah, just one more for me. Come on up guys. Doing great and arms up and roll, Dan. Nice job. Hug those knees into your chest and I want you to flip onto your belly. Good. Okay. Whenever we do things on our stomach, gravity wants to pull everything down, so including your belly to make sure we really pull it up into our back and support ourselves. All right, I want you to [inaudible] pull your belly in and up. Long arms in front of you.

We're going to do swimming. Long legs behind you. Lift all your limbs up off the mat. Just an inch, just an inch. Cause now I want you to lift your right arm and left leg way high size. You can go and get your head out of the water. And here we go. We're going to head out of the water, up high with those arms. Here we go.

And let's swim. Inhale to go fast. Three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale to higher to the ceiling. Exhale, two, three, four, five. One more in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Melt into the mat. Good. Round your back and sit on your heels. Really Nice job. Good. So we're going to start here. Some of our plank work. Okay.

So our rounding and I want you to curl your toes under and flex your toes under. Good. And keep your hands right there. And now you're gonna lift forward to a pushup position. Good stomach's in Nice, long, straight piece of steel. From your head to your heel. You're going to lift up your right leg, rock back on the left ankle, come back and re switch feet.

Left leg is going gonna go up, rock back, switch down. Good and right up rock, back. Come forward and down. Good. Squeezing those hips and left up. Forward and down. One more. Set right back. Forward and down and left. Back forward. And now hold it. Squeeze your bottom.

It's pressing down towards the floor. Good. Really have a strong upper body. Now I want you to lower your knees and sit on your bottom. Nice job. Turn around so that your feet are facing each other. So I'm going to be like this. Go ahead. All right, hands are going to be by your hips. Good.

And I want you to try not to push your knees down into the mat. Okay? You want to use your seat to lift up off the mat. Okay, so you're going to squeeze your bottom and lift up into, sorry. Your hands need to be way behind you. Did I say by your side, baby, behind you pointing forward. All right, it's important that I do these with you so that my brain connects to my mouth and you're going to squeeze and lift up into a beautiful straight line. Taking the right leg, we're going to alternate. It kicks up, flex down, switch left and flex and right and flex. Kick that left hip up with you. One more set, right and flex and left and flex. Good job.

Lower your bottom down. Good. Go ahead and reach for your ankles. Good. And now you're going to turn so that your back is to me and your knees are really bad for your snake. So your right ankle is going to be in front of your left. Your knees are pretty bent, your feet are in line with your tailbone and your left hand is in line with your tailbone as well. So you have a straight line from your left hand to your bottom to your feet.

And the left hand is not directly under your shoulder, but a little in front of it. Your right hand is going to be not quite on the mat yet, but it will be and it's going to give you enough room to stretch your body through. So a little bit of width here. All right, we're going to use our powerhouse to pull up into a pipe position. Here we go, pulling up, and then we're going to exhale. Squeeze your seat, empty your lungs, open your chest. Inhale, pull up and bend the knees as you twist back and get those knees nice and tight again and see how it's going. Okay. Pulling up one more snake. Exhale, squeeze your hips down as you open your chest and collarbones. Watch that hyper extending elbow and pull up. Good Juliana and twisting back. Nice job.

Now we're going to straighten your legs a little bit as we go for the twist. So the legs are a little straighter and the left arm is still in the same place, but the right arm is resting on your outer thighs. Yeah, and it's gonna reach all the way over into a beautiful rainbow. Okay, so right arm is by your hips and here we go. Squeeze your hips, pull your belly in end. Let's bring the arm all the way overhead. Use that left hip to lift up higher from the floor. There we go. Using your belly curl under your bridge. Exhaling, come forward and face forward again.

Good with that arm overhead. Hips up high. Off the mat, squeeze that left hip. And then if you can open your chest, you can reach the arm behind you and then come forward and break at your hip to come home. One more ladies. Here we go. Modify it if you need to. Don't forget and go into a beautiful rainbow. Really lifting that left hip. Now using your belly curl under that bridge. Good.

And now face forward again, really lifting in those hips. Try to open your chest as you reach back. Beautiful. And come forward and break your hip. Nice job. Good. Now I want you to stay on that side cause we're doing a little bit of starr so your legs are there. Get back into that position, but now we're going to stack them. Okay, so feet are stacked good and you really need to think about your frame so your shoulders are going to get straight, your hips are going to get straight and you want to think that you can tighten your powerhouse so strong. Your arms, legs will move freely in this exercise. So let's start just by coming up facing the same direction, just lifting up. So coming up into that position.

Really using that left hip, stomach and arm is by your side. Everybody good? Now if you want, kick your arm and leg forward and return. Remember they can move freely and arm forward, leg back and return. And one more set arm forward, both of them forward and return. And last one leg back, arm forward, and then break at your hip. Nice job. Swing your legs either side and we're gonna do the other side. Alright, let's so feet are tighter.

They're more bent. Left ankle in front of right, right hand in line with body left-hand. There we go. All right, good. Use your belly and pull up into a pipe position. Inhale. Exhale, slither. Open your chest in with the air back up. Exhale, bending at the hips. There you go. Right back up in with the air exhales. Pressing your hips forward, opening that chest in with the air up and exhale, breaking it down. All right, pull those. He'll make them longer. He can make them longer for the twist. There you go.

And the left arm is now on the thighs. Your feet are still one in front of the other. Good. And we're going to get our nice bridge really working our right hip. So lift up the right hip, facing forward, large left arm all the way over on this one. Feeling this like crazy. Yeah. Now go onto your bridge.

Beautiful and coming out. Use that hip more and then keep using that hip as you open your chest and look forward and break at the hip. Nice job. One more. I love the modifications I'm seeing and coming up. Good. And use your powerhouse to curl under, really wringing out that waist and then facing forward, regain that right hip, really stable. And if you can, open up your whole body to the ceiling and then face forward again and break at your hip. Now we're going to stack the feet one on top of the other for the to uh, start this direction. Okay. All right.

And now keep your left arm by on your side as you lift up and just a straight piece of steel, maybe even a little lift in that right hip, coming up a little bit. So strong that you can move your arm and leg forward freely and then return. Now your leg goes back, but your arm goes forward and return and they both go forward and return. Now your leg goes back, but your arm goes forward and return. Lift up your hips, squeeze. Look forward. Don't break your head. Don't break the neck line and go ahead and bend at your hips. Wonderful.

Kate turns a year sitting on your bottom. And why don't we just do this? Oh well that's great. Good job and like that. And then just stretch forward. Nice job. Now bend the knees, lift your bottom forward, and you're going to slide your hands on your ankles and balanced for seal. [inaudible]. Really get your nice lower back to open up, head to your chest and balance here while you balanced. Clap one, two, three. Again, you're saying my stomach so strong, I can clap my feet.

They're loose and we're going to roll back and try to hold it back there as you clap two, three and coming up and hold and clap two, three and inhale back to three and exhale four, two, three. Inhale back to three. Exhale forward two, three, two more in with the air and exhale on your last one, which is this one. You're going to let go of your ankles here, Cross your ankles and roll up to a standing position all the way up. Beautiful. Go all the way to the back edge of your mat. Go ahead and regained that strong Palati stance. Reach up to the ceiling. Feel all your energy. Reach out your fingertips.

Reach through as you roll off in imaginary well, and we're going to go forward for three sets of pushups. So go walk out into a pushup position. You could do fists, whatever you need to do. Make sure your bottoms squeezing downs. You're a straight piece of steel. I'd rather see that than anything else. And the elbows bend straight back. For one, we're just doing three and elbows bend back for two and elbows bend back for three and now pull up into a pipe position. You're going to pull up and walk back to your feet and roll up an imaginary wall and arms up to the ceiling. Go ahead and roll off an imaginary wall.

Go down. We got two more sets. Walk Out, make sure your shoulders or hands are right over under your shoulders. Squeezing your balm down. Good. Hold it here. Lift your right leg up. Sorry, I didn't mention that. Nice. And high and members' stomach. Strong legs. Loosen up and down. Up One, down, up. Dude. Down Up. Three. Lower that foot and walk back. Good.

Roll up that imaginary wall. [inaudible] one last set. You can do it and energy out of your body. Yes. Roll down and walk out. Shoulders are over. Hands or wrists left. Legs up this time. Squeeze up and down. Up One, elbows straight. Back to elbow. Straight back three and pull up in your power house.

Walk back to your feet. Really enjoy a good back there. Roll up against an imaginary wall. Bring your arms up all the way as you exhale, theatre together, push away the earth. As you inhale, lift through your body and exhale and you're off. Finish. Nice job, ladies. Good work.


Can't wait to try this. More classes by Monica pls!
Love !!!
Great lesson!
I loved this, challenging and got the heart rate up too??????????
Karen M
Great class, like the set up to get into plank. Sometimes I feel it in my lower back, with this set up no lower back at all. I will always get into plank like this. Thanks!!!!!
Monica Wilson
Glad to hear it!:)
Good workout but found that it did not flow from one exercise to another not enough. transitions.
Great class!
Nice flowing class. I like that Monica doesn't assume we know what to do and she gives both basic and more advanced instructions - very very helpful.
1 person likes this.
Lovely class with some nice challenges; have to work more on my teaser but was happy to finally feel balanced and well during the snake! Thanks, Monica.
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