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Clear and Calm Reformer

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Sally Anderson teaches this Reformer workout in a clear and calm manner while playfully encouraging you to work hard and with precision during each of the exercises. Much focus is placed on keeping the backs of the legs engaged throughout, while exploring the traditional nuances of the movement. You'll work through Series of 5 on the Short Box, Bridging, Feet in Straps, Candlestick, Chest Expansion, Thigh Stretch, Logo (preparation for Snake and Twist), and much more.
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Dec 20, 2014
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Hi, I'm Sally Anderson and I'm going to take you through a reformer session with the help of my lovely demonstrated Jennifer. So we will start with a roll down please. So I'll have you standing just parallel feet hip with the part. And I like to do preparation before we come to the leg and foot work. And the roll down for me is part of the preparation. So as you're rolling down, I want you to feel the heels anchoring into the floor and find your hamstrings active. So take a nice breath in, nice and tall. Exhale, roll down, but stay in the heels into the floor and into your hamstrings and soften the knees a little as you come down. But keep those hamstrings active.

So what I want from this is nice, soft neck, soft shoulders, but anchoring through the hamstrings, heels, keeping the hamstrings and the abdominals really active around the pelvis. And then exhale, you're going to roll back up, stacking the spine on top of the pelvis as you come through and hold your inhale. So breathing in, breathe out, find the hamstrings, come up and over, roll forward. And let the shoulders and the neck hang. So we're getting two things. We're getting some release of the upper body, some length of the spine and I want to get that nice attachment of the hamstrings on the base of the pelvis to start setting up our connections here and here. Good. And breathing into the tool and soften the chest. Exhale, roll through state in that Nice control, that hold of the hamstrings and abdominals as you come forward, letting the spine stretch the next stretch and breathe in there. Then exhale stack through so the pelvis stacks first, the spine specs, not stacks on top of it and all the way through to the crown of the head.

One more and exhale good. So getting the hamstrings and the abdominals working together will give you some nice preparation for support on the pelvis and allow the body just to sit on top of that. Nice hold and stacking through. Fair enough, thank you. I'll have Jennifer come around and sit on the edge of the long box where you can just start with some rolling back or roll ups, roll backs, however you wish to term it. Sitting on the long box facing the back. I'll have you holding the buckles if you would please.

And arms are straight out in front. I'm not going to worry too much about how much you work through the shoulders. I want those just to be kind of easy. I want your feet slightly off the head rest a little bit more if you would. Good.

So that instep heel position is again anchoring into the headrest so you're finding some supports and tension through the hamstrings which allows you to inhale and lengthen up through the spine. Exhale, use the abdominals to roll you back in. Place the spine into the long box as you go and all the way to a long chest lift position stay. So we'll just keep you in a little bit more head lifted there. That's where you inhale. Now exhale, allow the straps to bring you back, pressing the feet into the head, rest as you come through. And when you come back stack with your inhale. Exhale, use the abdominals to roll the spine into the box. Press the feet into the headrest.

You would get to that nice long chest lift position. Stay breathing in. Now breathe out. Do very little in the abs and let the springs bring you back. Good. So we're allowing the back to open the abdominals to deepen all the way to shoulders over hips. Then your inhale stacks the spine pressing your feet and getting nice and tall. Beautiful. And then exhale good. The abdominals are laying the spine out, so they're working against gravity there. Stay, breathe in.

Now exhale, just soften the rectors. Come through letting the straps bring you. So that's kind of an act of faith to let the reformer do the work for you in hell. And I'll have two more and abdominals. Lay the spine out. Hamstrings are active, heels pressing into the headdress, beautiful work, breathing in. And then enough who would allow this to go back and in. Very nice. Press the feet in as you stack the spine.

And last too good with a lovely smile. All right, so we get that last little bit of length there in the chest lift and then exhale, return letting the bed do the work for you coming back so the springs are helping you last one and just soften the chest a little, roll it through. So least possible tension in the upper body. I want to really start the set up to your hamstrings are great. Good and roll it back through good so that pressure into the feet really helps the support of the base of the pelvis. Excellent. I want you to stay there now. We did that on one and a half springs that helped Jennifer get rounded in the back and bring everything back with the use of the reformer.

You can take it down to one red spring if that's better for you. You don't want to work against too much tension. We're staying on the one in the half for now as you do a lap pool back for me. So press the shoulders back and let it come forward. Good. Now keep that same stack up through the crown of the head, head to the ceiling, feet pressing into the headrest and bring it back.

Now I want you to hug the sides of the box as you pull back with the arms. Now hold that. They're good. I want you to wrap the head of the humerus back to the scapula. Very nice. Without the ribs coming forward, and then bring it back and exhale. Very nice. I'll have four more, so we're just setting up the back of the shoulders, giving a little bit more activity. My thought with my preparation work is always release and activation, so I want to kind of find the best ways or facilitating muscle patterns for the rest of the workout.

Getting some releasing muscles that are possibly working too much and activate some of these that we really want on. I'll just have one more for you and come back. Beautiful. Bring your hands all the way forward. Now we are heading adding one more for posterior shoulder, but I want to take the spring down. I'm taking it down to a half spring. So this is quite a tough little exercise. It's very specific. I want you to exhale and pull the elbows out into abduction.

Just in line with the shoulders. Hands are in line with the elbows, elbows in line with the shoulders, and then keep the humeral head coming back into the shoulder joint as your arms come forward. Good. So it's all about this back of the shoulders here and Paul and for now keep those hands in line with the elbows as you pull back. So the positions really specific. Stay there. I went scapular apart and Reed's just coming together. They're beautiful and forward. And let's do eight.

So this is four and come forward for more. Lovely. I can see these activating very nice. Elbows go wide, good and good. As you come forward. Just allow the oboe to s to lengthen as the humeral head comes back and then lead with the elbows as you're pulling wide lead out wide and then come forward. Good. Let's do two more for me and exhale, pull back. Good.

Softening through the upper traps and come forward. One more and exhale and food. Very nice. I'll take the straps, placing those back down. We're just going to stay on the box to do some abdominals. Still a little bit of preparation, but just getting the abdominals fired up. If you would sit for just slightly and then roll back onto the box.

Good hands behind your head. I'll have you legs up to the ceiling. Now I want everyone to think of the thighbone down into the box. I really want that long position of the pelvis. Support your head with the hands and you're doing a chest lift, keeping the legs nice and tall. He's so loud, the abdominals to lengthen back as far as you can and then bring it back up. So we're not going full extension over yet.

I just want lengthening and then scoop it back up. Good. Now keeping that nice and long and hit that it heavy in the pelvis. Good. So the most important part here for me is to keep the pelvis long, to keep that disassociation active in the hip joint. So if your hamstrings are not able to facilitate that position, just soften off the knees and squeeze the heels. Good. I'll have three more. So really bringing the upper abdominals into it. Nicely.

Lift good length and, and holding that position. We'll start to feel the low abdominals as much as the upper abdominals. And last one. Good and hold. Beautiful. So let's do one more back. So breathing in and breathe out. Bring the ribs back, hold that position. Excellent. Bend the knees in for single leg stretch.

I want 10 to your knees. Good. And I'll have inhale for two, exhale for two and breathe in for two and a exhale. Good. Keep the abdominal contraction and last set. Let's do inhale and exhale. Good. So we did 12 in the end. Bring those knees back in. Foot bast, double leg stretch. Inhale, reach and scoop it back in. Good in health stretch, arms come wide and scoop. Beautiful. Two more only and deep and very nice. Last one and back. Hamstring pull one.

So one leg comes extended out, the other one up to the ceiling and pull. Pull and pull. Pull and low. This leg a little more. Try and get it below the box. Pull, pull and elbows in and into and last one both legs to the ceiling. Then you can bend them back in. We're going straight into Chris Cross. Good. So same breath pattern is single leg stretch with the rotation and breathe in two and exhale good. Keep those shoulders, elbows wide and a eggs.

Hair loss it in two and last it hold back to the center and sitting up for me. Good. I think your abdominals are active now. Yes. Perfect. Come off the side and we'll take the long box off. So the long box will go back to its little storage spot and we will come onto your back with the head rest still down. And I am adding springs so I'd like three red springs with the possible addition of the blue one. So three, three and a half depending on how heavy your springs are. Good.

So then lining up heels parallel under the hip line. So a nice kind of generous hip line for me on this would be good and shoulders, a little to the left, but the headrest is down. We're going into a pelvic curl or bridging. So working into the heels again, I want these hamstrings to really be on to help that movement of the pelvis. Start with an exhale, pull the tummy and start to roll the pelvis up, pressing into the heels to help draw the pelvis up and over. Knees over toes. When you get to the top, breathing in. Now breathe out.

Go through the sternum first to one, fold the spine into the mat, all the way through and beautiful, good breathing while you're there. And exhale, abdominals first. Then the hamstrings. Draw the pelvis towards the foot bar. So think of bringing the carriage into the stopper as you roll up. And then exhale, roll through, laying the spine out all the way into a long position. Good, Eh, exhale. Roll. Pulling the bed into the stopper.

As you come up now finding this nice shoulder girdle position. So in your stand here, feel like the humeral heads are going wide and you're really standing on the shoulders. Hamstrings are helping keep the pelvis up, standing on the shoulders for the position. Eggs, how rolling down. Now working really widely across the shoulders, engaging the triceps so you start to really get that back of the shoulder active again and good and very nice. Breathing in at the top and breathe out. Sternum leads you roll back through. Good. Lengthening the spinal all the way down, pulling the bed to the stopper.

I'll have two more. Please. Breathe in at the bottom. Next, nice and soft and exhale roll all the way through the movement so I liked that breath to last. The full movement. Art, stay, breathing, and then exhale the full movement all the way down. If you still exhaling as you get the sacrum onto the bed, they're good. We've got one more nice shoulders and exhale scoop hamstrings. Draw the bed towards the carriage, towards the stopper and [inaudible].

Nice Long. Exhale out all the way through. Staying on your heels there. I want the headdress to come up. If you'll lift your head. And now we're going into the leg and footwork. So everything's switched on I hope and pressing to the heels to push the better way. So I want to keep you on the heels here and keep you in the hip extensors and then back in. Beautiful. Good. So it's flat, a position in the feet as you can go for and pull back in through the hamstrings. I'll have eight, so stretch and scoop it back in.

Remembering we're still on three red springs here, or three and a half if you've gone for the extra and back. Good. So now that you're feeling the hamstrings, you're really able to access them through the heels without turning out. Keep a little idea of the wrap on the thighs as you go. So you rapping and pulling back in. But the inner thighs are still on crude, so I really want that work actively drawing you back in and good.

So you've gone for an inhale, exhale back in. Perfect. You can do it either way. It's a long as you're getting that work through the back of the legs, you're able to keep the shoulders wide good and working in the abdominals there and scoop it back in. Let's do one more good now, both feet at the same time, placed to the outside of the bar on the heels still. So we're staying on the heels. I want to stay in that idea of really switching on hamstrings, hip extensors, and by rotators. So now we're in turnout position.

Give me a little more of the rotation of the femurs in the hip joint. Yeah, so you're nice along in the pelvis. Femurs are in external rotation. You still have the access through the heels to work in the back of the legs. Exhale, press away or in hell if that suits you better and come back and stretch. But keep the work spiraling in the thighs spiraling as you come back in. Nice. And reach it long. Good, fair enough. Have you swapped your inhale out? Good.

So the exhale is helping you get the muscles on the way back in that we're looking for. So the rotation and the hip extensors. Perfect. Last three, stretch the knees and make sure you get a good stretch of the legs all the way out. So you're stretching and draw it back in. Good one. Last one. Keep this. Keep the fives nicely spiraling both directions. Perfect. Stay for a moment. Think of both feet at the same time. Coming back onto the toes in v position on the foot bar. Well done. Good.

Now I want the seat just a little flatter. So not aiming to rise up into your Minolos as blossom would say. We'll just keep it flat in our Birkenstocks and out you go. So the back of the knees coming together and then return. Beautiful. Good. Keeping your spiral, keeping all the works through the back of the legs, which allows you to facilitate the abdominals in keeping the shoulders wide.

Very nice. Good. And not forgetting that we've got all five toes on the foot bar and good. Very nice. Not a lot to say on your beautiful positions here. Well good. Let's do two more. Nice flat position staying there.

So we're pivoting around the ankles as you come back. And the last one. Perfect in that position. Don't change the toes, just turn the legs into parallel so it's just a little swivel on the ball of the feet. Back to your nice parallel position. Push all the way out for me. Stay there. Make sure the toes are evenly weighted. So you want even weight across all five metatarsal heads in this position. And we're going to do raises.

So heels come under the bar and then rise up. Good. What I'd like now is that the back of the thighs stay on. You keep the rep without turning out. So we're really trying to keep the sense of the back of the legs working and well done. Good and heals. Go all the way under now. Just press into the metatarsal heads to come back up, up, up, up, and control it under.

Good, good. [inaudible]. Nice reaction in your day. Good. Just a little less gripping in the toes and try and work through those metatarsal head joints. So that's it. Yes. Good. And we'll do formal good eggs.

How long to lift? Good. Last two. Very nice. And hold that rise for your last position and then bend the knees coming back into the foot as we're in the back of the legs and doing such a good job. I would like to do just six single legs with the leg that's off underneath the bar ever so slightly externally rotated the foot on the bar. We're still on the heels so I'm staying on the heels for the access to the back of the legs primarily at the moment.

I want this top leg to also be slightly turned out and you're just going to push out. We're staying on the double leg springs, so we've given a really solid position through the heel. We'll give it for all of you. Keep that idea of the solid position through the heel and stay on that double spring. It really does give you good load into that back of the leg. Good and you breathing last two. Can you feel this beautiful? It's on there. Good. Just what I wanted and perfect. Stay there.

We'll change legs. Sorry. He'll little bit of turnout and the underneath leg reaches long with that little bit of turnout dog with the turnout too hard for me. Just make it a gentle spiral in the hip joint and away you go into the back of the leg to reach your way and return stretch food. Make sure you get a full stretch in the out position and come back more. Nice. One last one.

Rude and very gentle reformer work. Lovely. Pop the legs back up. Alright, so you should now have quite good sensation through the back of the legs. Being able to find them as they go out into leavers. And that's something that I work on quite a lot, is to be able to give that sensation so that the lever position is supported as much as possible from the back of the lake. So I'm taking the springs down now and we'll go to one red. So a pop your hands in straps, so one strap each hand, one red spring and I'll bring your legs into your bent leg position off the bar.

Good. Not too deep for me yet, but definitely into a little bit of hip flection. So we've got the pelvis long, little bit of hip flection, feet together, knees together. And I want them to bring the hands over your shoulders. So that may entail a little bit of tension on the straps there, depending on your reformer. So at that point, I really want to feel that the humeral heads are back the shoulder joint nicely. Just keep it right above the shoulder. That's your start position. All right. And in response to those shoulders being nice and back, the 12th ribs are together and bringing the rib cage into the bed.

We're going out to the hundreds position and then coming back in. So hundred position, hold now, scoop the stomach and pull back in. Um, it's coming back just to above the shoulders there. So you've got another inch and eggs. How rich and pull back in. Now I want the pelvis to be really long as the legs come out, reaching us. Stay there for me for a moment. Keep the feet where they are, but length in the pelvis. Yes. So you see that lovely length and and then the chest lift is in. Now scoop the belly and pull back in and pull the knees back at the same time.

Good. Three more. And reach it. Hold that position now. Find your length without dropping those feet. Yes. Nice and pull back in. Good. So two more. Finding your position, your hundred position, but we're not doing the a hundred today. Just going to find that set of the shoulders and find the rep and the hold of the back of the leg as you get there. Really Long Pelvis, Richard, a ritual and yes, she's giving you a lovely demonstration and pull back. Now one more to go out and hold. Good. And on the way back in, now we're going to go to coordination, but you're going to keep your arms there.

Just pull the legs back in, try and put your forward between your knees and then bend the elbows. Keeping your chest. Now Coordination for me and out. Open close. And these jewelry in and Ben. Good. No, I'll have to exhale all the way. Exhale, open, close. He can hold you for three more. Keep that smile happening. All of you.

Good. And relax the stroke. Keep it working from the abdominals. You've got a lovely long position of the pelvis. Good. And as the knees come in, you deepen them, but the pelvis stays long. Let's have one more. So nice food and bring it all the way back down. Beautiful feet on.

Excellent. We're going into feet in straps. We've got two red springs. And the way I like to put fit and straps is to keep the feet on the bar, push the bed out for me and take one foot and put it into this strap first. Good. You're gonna hold that leg bent. I know it sounds very basic, but you know it's part of my training. I can't help it. Good. Heels together. Knees slightly outside the straps for me. So I do you want one? A little frog position, which is slightly externally rotated. Heels together.

Now toes relaxed for me, so I want the focus to be through the heels. Just drop them down a little. And I do want deep hip flection. So I'm going to ask for very deep hip flections or knees coming over the chest, but not at the expense of lifting the pelvis. So you only work two ways. Pelvis is down, knees are coming into as deep a hip flection as you can get really work those two directions. Then you're going to exhale and stretch the heels out to the foot bar and then in return them back. Beautiful. On the exhale. Start from the hamstrings.

So now we're back at really find that sensation that you found in the leg and foot work and pull back in. Good and from, he will keep your heels right in line with the knees as you come back in and then go for your hip flection with the pelvis down. So you're working the two directions. They exhale. Press good. Inhale return. Nice. I'll have four more please. Good. So the more you can work the two directions, a pelvis down, knees in, the more you'll keep active in all the muscle groups that are working around the pelvis. Yes. Very nice. Two more. One last one I exhale. Press and inhale. Control the return.

Good leg, straight up to the ceiling for me. And again, yes. So we'll start just above the hip joint. He will put a little, yeah, tension on the straps. That's your start position for the top of the circles. Soft toes, a little bit of spirals. So we're in the rapid the thighs and activity of the hamstrings, which you are. Beautiful. Exhale, press down. So hamstrings, press down.

Now think of keeping the hamstrings on as you come around or and back together. Good. Exhale, press inhale as they come around. You work on the spiral of the thighs and exhale, press or the back of the thighs doesn't switch off for me as you return the circle. The more you stay active in the hamstrings and the wrap of the thighs, you'll release the front of the hips and stay in abdominals. Exhale and inhale. Good. Two more. I could use the breath last one in this direction and we'll reverse it. So now the eggs, how brings you around and down?

Good. The inhale keeps the back of the thighs working as you come up the center and exhale comes around and down. Good. Softening the front of the hips as the hamstring. Stay on on the way up formal. So we are doing six in each or we'd done six in the first direction. Six in the reverse before we move on. Good. Last two.

Soften those toes. Keep all the tension or the work. Hit the work all around the upper thighs and into the pelvis and the toes. Soft energy out the tips of the toes. Last one. What did we do? Seven maybe somebody will trim that for us. Good. Alright, from your top position now just open your legs out wide.

Could let them go into abduction as far as are happy to go. So I just want to take a moment and let that sit there. Allow the tension to come out of the hip joint and then think about x. How bring the feet together pressing towards me. Beautifully done. Good. And inhale. Now the same thing.

I want you to keep the spiral on the thighs as you opened. So this is the most important part of the opening for me in this exercise and ex how pull back together everything will work. Now I want you to keep those muscles on as you control the position open and four more for me. Exhale to come together. Definitely. Or exhale on this one here. Soft toes in how keep the Pfizer wrapping. Very nice.

Last two and exhale, bring them together. Inhale, wrap defies and exhale, bring them together and hold going into the extended frog. I want you to carry it all the way out and pause now with the pelvis down. Spiral the knees in, keeping the bed. Still bring the heels together. Very nice. Push out to me. Good. So you're opening the legs as wide as you can. I want you and you full reign.

So at this point just make sure the tailbone is down and you're in is wider point is you can with your legs apart. Now the bed stays still the tailbone down. Yay. That's the look I want. And the heels come together. So we're working the range in your hip joints and press out all the way. Stay there. Drop the towel bone, but keep the abdominals nice and working and draw that. Yes. Knees up to your shoulders. Exactly. Wrapping the thighs.

So you working the head of the Femur, rotating in the hip joint. Good. Last one could remember to carry it out to the side. Not just let it release and pushed to me. Let's reverse it just for too. All right, now hold the bed. Still work that long position of the pelvis as you open the knees, then the heels. Good. Good. Keep the spiral on the fires and eggs. How?

Bring it around to me. Beautifully spiraled. Good. Relax the toes. All right, it comes in. Heels are at your tailbone. Now keep the pelvis down as you go out and exhale around to me. Alright. Soften the toes. Just bend them back in and pause for a moment. So you're back to your little frog. Stop position. Good. We're going to do short spinal and then along spinal prep the headdress comes down. Good. Just make sure your, you have a little leeway on the shoulder risks there. Yeah, cause we're going to go into a shoulder stand. All right, so that's all.

This is his little frog start position. So the pelvis is down. I do want, yes, I want that deep hip flection pelvis down and we're just doing a little frog to start. So exhale, push out and at that point pelvic curl up and then the pelvic curl carries the legs overhead. Good in that position. Bend the knees in. Exhale, the abdominals are just rolling the spine into the carriage roll. Roll, roll, roll as far as you can go. And then press the heels using and abdominals. Depress the pelvis through. Good little frog out. One pelvic curl up. Yes, go with your pelvic CareFirst and your into shoulder stand. Lifting up and the pelvis lift as you pull the Nasan abdominals.

Roll the spinal way. Keep going. Keep going all the way that you can keep going even further, further, further. Now dominoes and hamstrings. Bring the heels through to your start position. Three more. In a way you go, I'll let you have a little movement, a little room to move, but that's the pelvic curl to lift your legs and bend it in. Good. Sternum first suggests like you're uncurling your pelvic curl.

Pell at the sternum leads you and you roll the spine out. Bring your heels to bottom and press it out. One pelvic curl up to nice, good into shoulder Stan. Give me some triceps and lift the hip says that. Knees pull in. Exhale, roll it out and press through. One last one. Good to keep good. Work the back of the shoulders. So give me that nice strong shoulder stand position, wide humeral heads lift and then exhale, lead with the sternum, rolling the spine out. Keep going, keep going, keep going. And then bring, yes, that was the last one was the best. One. Two good leg.

Straight up to the ceiling. So this is a preparation for long spine that I do again, slightly turned out, not overworked, but you've got that spiral back on heels right above your sitting bones. And the bed will stay. Absolutely still. It's a strong spring. I can take it down if we need to. So we haven't changed that spring from your leg and foot work yet.

We won't need to. You're nice and strong. All right, so the bed stay still at all times. Throughout. Exhale, I'll have you roll up. So again, you pelvic curl all the way into shoulder stand and hold. Stay there. Open the legs, shoulder with the part as you breathe in. Then exhale, roll it back through your uncurling, your pelvic curl all the way to the tailbone down hills. Come back together to more in this direction. Exhale, use the back of the shoulders and the triceps should work a little. Open the legs and roll back through. Good.

Back together. Last one in this direction. Exhale, roll it up. Good. Keep reaching, keep reaching. Keep reaching to the ceiling. Go, go, go, go, go. Open it out to shoulder with, and exhale, roll it back through. Nice. Keep that tension in the straps. You're doing a great job and reverse so the legs come open. Exhale, roll up.

As you go through these repetitions, you'll find that the upper arms and the shoulder girdle are working even more. That's perfect. The back of the shoulders and triceps should be well and truly involved. Andy, inhale, open last to exhale. Rolling up. Good, soft toes and as much length and reach to the ceiling as you can. Go. Go, go, go with keeping the tension on the straps. Squeeze together. Inhale, exhale, roll it away. Good. Have one last one. Good. And a big smile for it. There we go. Good to keep the spiral. Keep the toes relaxed and reach it. High, good triceps, active shoulders at the back or working hard into the bed. And exhale, roll it all the way through. Very nice.

Bend your knees in. It's take your feet out of the straps. One at a time for me so one can come out and your foot's back on and then you're in control of the bed. Good. Lovely. If you come up off the side of the bed for me and onto your knees with your feet against the shoulder. So I want to do a kneeling tricep press out. Now I like to do it on to red, but I'm going to give you one red, which will give you a little bit more core work as well as the shoulder work. So anywhere between one or two red springs is usually good.

So find the spring that suits you. Toes tap done the heels right up against the shoulder rest and you'll push out to a fully flat back. So the bed goes out. And I want you down between your arms like a long stretch position there. Yes, head between your arms. And that's not going to change. All this is going to stay. The same ribs will be supporting the spine and just pushed the bed back ever so slightly. So it's just behind your hip line. So ethic now. Perfect.

I want you to hold the pelvis with the hamstrings, drawing on the issues. 12th ribs up into my hand. Oh, nicely done. Good. And now elbows will bend into your ribs as you come over the foot bar all the way over, over, over, and then elbows go down, shoulders roll back, you push out. Coming in, we will have eight to 10 let's see how we're going. And exhale. Pull the ribs up as you go back. Good. Breathing in and breathing out.

So the idea here is that you're holding a really strong core position, but you're getting this wrapped back of the shoulders. Each time you go back, you will feel triceps, but it's working on that scapular stability and shoulder activation. So as you come in more ribs, which we'll draw serratus around and keep the scapular wide and exhale, press back. Let's just do three more ribs in hamstrings. Active scapular apart. Exhale deeply. Yes. Inhale, nice and long through the crown of the head thinking, long stretch.

And then exhale back. Last one. Breathing in, give me the ad's ribs. Yes. And exhale. Press back with lots of course. Support. Beautiful. You save your best one for last. Each time did good. Now sit back on your heels and with them.

Go back to one book. Uh, [inaudible] do one more and let's finish it. Good. So can you do over the bar and then exhale. Push back and sit. Good. Perfect. All right. Coming up into an upstretched starting position. So heels halfway up, the shoulder rests good. And I call this up stretched too. So it's a preparation for the full up stretch head. Between your arms.

So if that's a good position for you to get length in the back, hamstrings, active and head between your arms. Great. If I'd rather the back long. So if you need to bring the head and shoulders up a little, that's fine. So your starting position is a long back, supported through the ribs and abdominals. I want you to inhale and pivot into the long stretch position. So good.

That's your breath in. Beautiful. Exhale, scoop the belly and pipe back up to your start position. Excellent. I'll have six and in how? Come into the plank. Stay there. Work the shoulders wide and exhale. Start from the abdominals and send the tailbone high to come up. Inhale, stay active in those hamstrings and abdominals and exhale back up. Good, trainable. Hold that position there for a moment.

Now go from the abdominals and send the tailbone high, high, high, pivoting both joints at the same time. Shoulders and hips. Inhale forward. Good. Now pivot both at the same time. Exhale, sanded up, but support with the ribs. Beautiful. One last one. And exhale. Stay there. Drop your heels down for the elephant. Now I want to do two versions of the elephant today. Heel slightly forward, a little bit more. Perfect. Good.

Just to bring you off the shoulder as slightly. Now I want to start with the round back. So if you bring your body, upper body forward over the arms and little try and take the weight out of your arms, but give me that little spiral so the shoulders are wide and I want you to think of the upper abdominals that yes, upper abdominals here. Now round down and connect the shields with the hamstrings and draw that down like you did with the roll down in the beginning. These are on heels and down. Now the heels going to push the bed back and under. [inaudible] under good. Now from here and here, so tailbone comes under.

Good and good. Work more from the heels and the hamstrings and that will give you your abdominals. Perfect and good. Good from the heels down. Nice work. Two more. So hamstrings, heels last one and stay home. Now send the tailbone up to the ceiling, lengthen the spine and draw your head down between your arms again.

Now I want as long a flat back as you can. Get shoulders nice and low, but ribs together. Now I want you to do the elephant sending the tailbone up on each position that you come in, but heels down without dropping through the center here. So it's really active in the back extensors. Ribs in together to support it and hips up ribs together. Good.

And send the tailbone up, heels down. So we're getting length in them now and up. Good ribs together. Last one could use the exhale. Get those reads in as you come up. Hold, hold, hold. Beautiful. Hands down to your toes. Good, good. Relax the arms. Relax the neck. We just gonna do a roll up just as we started in the beginning. Heals it down. Hamstrings, draw the pelvis down, down, down, down. Yes.

And stacking the pelvis up. You stack the spawn on top of it. Beautifully done. Good stip off the side of the reform. All right, time for a little bit of chest expansion. Tire stretch. So chest expansion. I'm going to go back to one and a half and we'll see how that goes. One one and a half would be good.

I want the four foot off the edge of the carriage for me. So [inaudible] with the pot and just come forward a fraction more. So I do want to get the top of the foot at four foot there connecting with that edge of the front edge of the carriage. So then taking your straps could pop your hands into the straps for me. These ones are a good length. Just come back. Just hold it. Yeah, so that's a perfect length for me at the moment. So depending on strap length, that position of the arms is what I'm looking for.

So you back into the shoulders. Ribs together. Now I want you to work your feet so hard that you can bring your pelvis forward more over your knees. Come good. So you now try and take your hips off my hand. Go forward, forward, forward, forward. Yes. That's where I want you with your chest forward over it as well.

So you've got to work hard through here. So these are on, I know you are all working hard. Good. And just out with a lap. Pull back. Exhale, press and worked our shoulders just as we did in the beginning. Nice and tight to the body and control it forward. But all your works here and here. Yes, you got to work those feet and good will. You've got to have the fee active of yes of the edge of the carriage to have these hamstrings on. Perfect. Good. Now at the head turn, so pull back, look over your shoulder. One the side, two back to the center.

Bring it home, are the side and pull good workers. Hips forward. You're doing a beautiful job center and one more. Each side will do it all the way over the shore. We're going the same side. Good. We'll do one more to the right this time. And good food.

There's a lot going on there. We didn't talk brick. Can we do two more so we can talk breath. I do like the inhale to pull back. Hold it for the turn. Turn. Exhale as it comes out. So two more for us in hell. Look all the way over the shoulder and shoulder and center.

Now exhale it all the Aigo stain here. Last one, pull it back in and look, look, center. Exhale, let it all go. Perfect. Good. Come forward, knees against the shoulder rest and I will add one more red spring. You can go to two and a half, three depending on your body size. You want a little bit of support. So now I'll have you holding the buckles nice and high.

Now these just replicates what we did in the roll back on the box to start with as well. You just want to let your body weight go into the springs, but arms are staying up with sort of like that anyway. Good. So from here you get, just stay there for a moment. For everybody. Just sit that position. So you're going to set the hips under the abdominals on, but a nice tall lifted and you can take a little bit of head looking down, but it's a long lifted position. Now don't do anything except that your body weight. Take the springs back. Good. Good.

Now breathe in and exhale. Use the hand streets to bring you forward in. Up. Good. You okay? There? Good. Just let your body weight go into the springs. Don't do too much. Just go, go, go, go, go. You've got a bit more. Stay there, breathe in. Then exhale, fire everything at the back to bring you back up to more and just let your body Waco into the springs. Go. Go, go for nice long fires. Breathe in. Now. Work the back of the thighs to bring you up. Last one. Good. So you want a long five position. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen.

Just try not to arch as you go back there and then hamstrings when you up. Good. Sit back on your heels for me. Good. All right, coming off, we're going to do what I call the logo, which I think almost nobody else does anymore, but we're going to do it. Come down to the side and we'll start this side first. It's a variation or a preparation for the full twist.

So front hand is around the front, shoulder, wrist, and the other. Hands forward on the base of the carriage. Similar to the twist position, but not up on the shoulder rest. It's wrapped around the bottom. So if you sit on the registering, I'm going to change the springs. You, we're going to go down in spring. So sitting on the carriage first and finding that hand set up. Good. So that other hands just down there. Good. I am going to take Jennifer down to one red but one red two, one and a half.

So the one and a half we'll help the carriage come in more if you need that. The one's probably a good woman. Spring. Alright. The legs, these top legs are, this top hip leg is back on the foot bar and the underneath leg is wrecked over. So this unbelievable legs not going to do a lot. His top legs going to be your anchor. So to start with you just nice. It's all just easy. You sitting on the carriage, we're going to go out into there as sort of a side support position.

So stretch this leg and lift your hips to take the bed out to a side support position. Good. Now in this position, like I said, this foot's not doing much. This legs, really active, active, active, and then the chest and hips are forward. Good. From here. Exhale, use the obliques, pull the bed up and hold. Good. In this position are up the shoulders open and inhale. Bring your body out over the underneath arms. Good. And then exhale, scoop it up. We're only going to do four or five. Inhale as you lengthen into the side support and exhale scoop and bring it back up. Yeah, she's getting it nicely, Ian Hale and wrap the bleak scene and stay wide in your shoulders.

So you're going from side support to a pike position. Last one and exhale up now will come off by stepping off from the pipe position so you can see all the resemblance to what you're doing through twist, just a reduced hand and foot position. You've very welcome to the other side. Good. Let's see your very nice toned hamstrings and buck going into the air now. Good. All right, so that front hand is wrapped around the shoulder rest, but down on the carriage and the top leg is just at the back part. So we're not really structuring this to the full twist position yet, but it's close and that underneath leg is not doing a lot. It's just working with you. Start by going out into the side support position, lifting your hips and justifying the hips. Active.

You do want both legs working for you. And now exhale, pike up. Wrapping the obliques around. Yes. Beautiful. Good. And coming up. Good. You Go. Keeping the underneath hip active as you take the bed out and exhale. Good. And take the bed out a little further and that's it. Good.

Exhale, scoop and wrap. Good. Stay there for me. Good. I'm going to bring you around a little further. There we go. And now as you come out, think length. So you lengthening out, keeping the abdominals and rube connection and eggs held up. Good. Good. Keep that in it. That it. You've only got one more and breathe in and breathe out. Good. Hold that position at the stopper and step off. Good.

Lovely. I just realized how color coded we are. It was not planned. Good in nearly there. We are doing some long box just to finish. No. If you long box goes over, the shoulder rests. Great. If not just in front of the shoulder rest and I will stay on one red spring. One red.

You're going to lie on your stomach with your chest just at the back of the box please. And we're going to start with the pull ups. So if you hold onto the side of the reformer and sit a nice active in a thighs. Hamstring positions. Yes. Right back into exactly what we've been working on. Hamstrings, drawing the pelvis down, letting the lumber lengthen. Now if you walk up to the risers, I'd like to start with shrugs and pull ups.

Good, good. I'll have hands up on the top of the risers if you would for me please. Perfect. Now just let the body sit down so that the shoulders shrug and then exhale, draw them wide and just come through in a long position. We're not rising up yet. So one long line from crown of the head to the toes, the shoulders, shrug and eggs. Help pull them through. Beautiful and inhale, let them release.

Take that nice stretch and exhale. Pull them back down. One more like this, just a long position. Crown of the head to the toes and release. Good. Now you're going to come through with the crown of the head coming up and bringing you into a little thoracic extension, just the shoulder girdle. So as you come through, there you go just today and lower the head and shoulders as you come back down.

Good and pull it wide. Comes through, lift perfect and let the shoulders go up to let them really release up around your ears. And two more pulled back. Draw them wide and forward. Make sure you're still anchoring so that you're long in the lumber and, and come back down. Good. I'll have one more if you'll just come through for me and hold. Good. That's the position I want us to hit when we come back now and do pulling straps, so no higher than that. Lengthened active.

And so low that down and walk yourself back to we pick up the straps. Good. The carriage comes all the way in. We're still on one red spring, hands in hand onto the buckles and take your arms out in, flex the body for. So we're going to start with pull straps. Once you're down arms are forward. Same thing you let allowing those shoulders just to lengthen out and stretch their heads down. Upper body's flexed. So as you come up, come out through the crown of the head, pull the arms back just to the top of the box there for me, and then control that forward. Beautiful Streamer and the head comes through the shoulders, pulled back, grabbed the top of the box and give me the back of the shoulders and forward.

So you're thinking of the humeral heads coming back to the Scapula and come forward. Good without squeezing the scapular together, I want reached down and pulled back you. If you're all doing as good a job as Jennifer, that's perfect. Shoulders back and now hold that position. Take the arms out to the pull straps too, and just slide your hands to the buckle a little more so you've got a little more strapped. That's it. Good. From here. Now I want the hands to come into your top of the button and all the way back and hold keeping that spiral and control it out. Good.

Three more into the bottom. Now keep the spiral on your upper arms like we have been doing on the legs. Perfect. So that opening is my focus here. Open the spiraling last one. Hold that there. Keep the spiral on the upper arms.

And Are we getting one more and then you can hold that and come down from that side there. Perfect. Put the straps back down and turned over onto your back. Good. Last two exercises. This time I do want your shoulder blades off the edge of the box and we're going back to the position that we started with with your legs up. So from the box work at the beginning. Excellent. So same thing here, long through the pelvis, heels above your sitting bones. And this is really important to this exercise. This time though, your hands will be reaching to the front of your ankles.

So you're going to come up into your chest, lift as high now as high as you can without losing the position. Now in that high button, yes, that's the key. So go as high as you can. Each time with the tailbone down, you're going overhead with an inhale all the way around with the arms. Bring it back to your ankles without lifting the tailbone. That's it. Good. Two more like that.

Good. Now as you go back, think of lengthening the abdominals. They lengthen, but without releasing off the box, try and keep the carriage or keep the rib cage on the box each time. Oh, can we have one more like that before we add good. Lengthen. Yes. So you drawing into the box as you linked in the abdominals over. So again, it's active the whole way through. Good. Now we add by, you go over with the same overhead. So reach around as you come up. Lower the legs to teaser and roll up to your ankles all the way through. Good. It's a test of faith, right?

So hands is close to your toes as they can be. Now as you roll back, you bring the legs up as you go overhead all at once. All at once. Come back up and let's start that one again. Alright. So your legs will lift as your body goes back up, up, up, up. Yes. And it makes you hold onto the lower abdominals. Right boot and lift the legs at the same time.

Tailbone long that right and tailbone long. Absolutely. Lift the legs as you go. Good, good, good. One or two more to perfect it. Come back to me. Good. So make sure you go at the same time. Feet, feet, feet, feet. Yes. And then the low abdominals prevent you from rolling off the box. Literally come up, up, up and one last one.

Lift the leg, lift them, lift them, lift them that [inaudible] and bring it around and just reached your ankles and then bring your knees back into you. Good. Alright. Give him a little stretch and then you can turn over. We're going to do a little bit of swimming just cause I like to finish with all head here with all the back active, which I know it is. Can I have your little further forward please? So I want the chest just coming off the front of the box, legs parallel and they can be gently together at the back, arms forward. So start by reaching out and finding your position. Now activate the hamstrings.

They are active in the wrap but not turned out shoulders drawn down like you did in your shrugs and there's your start position swimming from there and up. Now I'll have opposite arm and leg lift and hold. Stay. Now at that point it's just the shoulder year. So even if you need to broaden your arms out and change two, three, four. Good. Keep that pace. Keep breathing and in hell for as many as you can.

Pull the tummy up. Good sorts of long breathing. Inhaling and exhaling as long as you can. Good. Now don't need the back to lift any higher. I want to feel the work happen from the back of the shoulders, back of the legs. Long and supported through the lumbar spine last exhale. Good. And you're done.

You can sit back on your knees for a rest position. Good. Arms forward over the box, and if somebody is nicely around you, that can give you a little stretch then. So Nice. Well deserved one. Thank you, Jennifer. Good. Come on up and I hope you enjoyed that.


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I loved this workout ! I especially liked your hamstrings cueing. In my opinion, this group of muscles can never be given too much attention ! Thanks Sally :)
2 people like this.
Lovely well paced class with perfect cueing :)
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Great one. Thank you very much.
2 people like this.
Wonderful workout and excellent cues. I hope to see more of you on PA!!!
1 person likes this.
Sally Anderson what a delight. Loved the long spine variation, and the last long box-teaser variation. Thanks for being so lovely. Hope to see more of you!
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Thank you for a great workout Sally. It's been a while since I've "logo'd". Loved it :)
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Great workout! Great cues! Thank you Sally!
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What a wonderful class & what a wonderful instructor. Thoroughly enjoyed her and her approach. Really targeted abs and legs!
Sally Anderson
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments everyone. Lovely to hear from you all and thanks for taking the time :)
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Loved this workout so much, and the fact that you incorporate enought reps to really allow my mind to connect to my body is wonderful! Thank you Sally'
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