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Full-Body Strength

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Get ready to work hard and strengthen your body without actually feeling like you are straining or pushing yourself too much. This Mat workout taught by Ed Botha is challenging, but Ed's calm demeanor and clear cueing make the class feel easier than it is. You'll work through Side Planks, Leg Pull Front, Knee Stretches, Rocking Prep, Push Ups, Balance Control, Kneeling Side Kicks, and more.
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Dec 16, 2014
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Hi, I'm Ed Britta. I'm going to be taking you guys through mat class this evening, right? It should be a little bit of a challenge in class and try to stick with me, but we'll, we'll have fun together and enjoy it. Alright, so guys, we're going to start on all fours if you don't mind. So I think get a Ryan facing in and just make sure you have enough room in front of you to reach out with your arms. Super. All right, so I'll go ahead and face this way. What I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be doing work on my fists just to protect my wrist. I've got a little bit of a niggle going on, right?

So what we want to do is want to find our neutral position. So just gently press your shins and the tops of your feet into your mat. Make sure you've got your palms directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips and bring a little bit of attention to your abdominals. All right, so a good thing to do is just to let them relax for a second, right? And feel what it does to your lower back, maybe the back arches slightly, and then just bring the naval in and up right. And bring a little bit of work around the abdominal area.

Excellent. So what we'll do is we'll start with two tilt of the pelvis. So on an exhale we go into a posterior tilt. So we just drawing our sacrum down and your upper back, or respond gently to that movement, but nothing too severe. And then we're going to release back into our neutral position. And then from there, take your pelvis into an anterior tilt.

So not much happening in the thoracic spine, so just allow the back to arch from the lumbar area and bring that back into neutral and we'll go again into the posterior tilt. So we press down into the oceans. Good. So really scooping the navel in and up, dropping the tailbone, and then we're going into the anterior tilt. So we have a little bit of an arching of the back and then some way in between that we find our neutral position. Excellent.

So we're going to take the right arm and we're going to reach it up to the sky. So we're gonna reach up, up, up, going into a little bit of thoracic rotation. And then from there we're going to thread the needle through bending your left arm and bringing your ear all the way down to the ground, right? So I'm stretching my right rear deltoid and I'm going to do that again. So I reach up all the way up.

So movement through your thoracic spine, and then we're going to thread all the way through, bringing your right ear to the ground, bending the left elbow, and push yourself back up to all fours. So let's go ahead and change that round. So the left arm goes up, so big stretch across the chest and bring the arm all the way through and thread and just placing your ear down onto the ground and we go back up again. So we reach up all the way up, up, up, big extended rotation there, and then coming back through and placing the air all the way down on the ground. And we go back to our start position on the all fours. So we're going to lift up the left arm and the right leg in a four point meals.

So we go up left arm, right leg abdominals connected and bring it back in and we go and change. So we go right arm, left leg, keep the middle in and bringing it back in. So we're going to go left arm, right leg again. Alright. And just be aware of the person next to you and we go out with the left arm and with the right leg out to the side and bringing it back in to your center and change to the other side, right? So we get the lateral stabilizes working as well there. So we go right arm, left leg and then arm and leg going out to the side. The leg will go into a little bit of external rotation there, balance, bringing it back in and bring it back. And that definitely deserves to be done again. All right, so let's go again.

So we go left arm, right leg, bring the leg out to you, abduct the leg out to the side. Excellent stubble stability. Good. Bringing it back into the center and bring it back. Good to the stud and repeat. So we go right arm, left leg, excellent abdominals in and bringing it all the way out and back in and back into our start position. Toes tack under slightly or we bring the knees just off the mat for a little hover. We just hold that for five and four, four, three very good.

Four two and one and stretch it back into a wrist position. That's to just allow the lower back to stretch out there. Good. So we're going to go ahead and have a seat on your backside. So legs go back into the center and we're going to roll ourselves down onto our backs. Setting up in our neutral position for our first movement, which will be a pelvic core. So from your neutral position, we just gently melt the back into the floor, a little post Steria tilt of your pelvis and gently rolling your spine up off the mat. One Vertebrae.

At a time until you find the stable position up at the top where we're not arched. Inhaling at the top and exhale to bring it back and down, sinking through the lower back and releasing the pelvis back to neutral. So we repeat that. So we draw navel in and up. So posterior tilt of the pelvis gently curling all the way up, up, up. Hold the top, take a deep breath in, and exhale, bringing it back down one vertebrae at a time. So we'll do one more pelvic skull. Exhale. So deep abdominal scoop, rolling up, keeping the inner thighs engaged as we stretch up at the top.

Inhaling and exhale as you melt your back down into the mat and release right knee. Hug it into your chest. So we bring the knee right deep into our chest. Dorsey flex the foot that's on the ground, so your left foot, so leftward is flexed. All right, so that means the heel is pressing into the mat, keeping your back in lumber flection. By pressing the leg into your chest, you're going to drive up through your left gluteal. So we push up into our bridge. That's it, and feel that left gluten gauge there and come back and down. So we're going to repeat that. So we drive, abdominals, engage.

Press up through the left glute to getting the hips up to the sky, not at the expense of the lower back and back and down to the bottom. We'll do that one more time. So we're going to push up. So you really want to engage that left glute. Feel the little wobble on the way up. All right, we need to stabilize. Take a deep breath in and exhaling, bringing it back down. That's excellent.

And change to the other side. You gotta to left knee, hugged in right heel, pressing down and drive up through the right leg. Exhale, so we fire up the hip extensors. Inhale and come back and down to the bottom. So we do two more and we drive. Exhale, press through the buttocks.

So we use the abdominals, that's it. Deep Press and back down to the bottom. And one more time. Exhale as we press all the way up and we're going lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, fill that glue, tightening up and bring it all the way back and down and legs relax back to the same time, right? So we take the arms up overhead for me, palms facing the ceiling. Exhale as we lift up. Head, chest, hands down at your sides, fingertips reaching towards your heels. So we come up a little bit deeper and lifting the arms up and then lowering down with the head and the chest.

So just a a hundred preparation here. So we're going up. Exhale, head, chest. Now when you get to this top position, I want you feet feel like they dragging towards you a little bit. So I want those hamstrings to engage while you, they see they should tighten up slightly and come up a little bit higher. Bring the arms up, up, up, up and relax. Back and down. Still keeping the ribs contents. So we got up again.

So we lift up. Hey, chest, arms, abdominals, pulling tight. Use the hamstrings again. So if you'd like, those feet are sliding towards you as you come up a little bit higher and then the arms go up and taking it all the way. Super. Two more times. Exhale, arms, head, chest, abdominals. And we, we're going up and are we drawing the feet into wards the fingertips using the hamstrings. Arms Up, back and down. One more time. Exhale as we go up. Head, chest, arms. I'm really flattening with the center coming up a little bit higher, bringing the left leg up and the right leg up and we'll hold here for the hundreds. So deep breath in and out. Two, three, four, five into four, five and two. Two, three, four, five into three Oh five three two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five and four. Two, four, five and into three, four, five and five. Two, three, four and five hands behind your head.

[inaudible] has come up a little bit higher. Lengthen your legs up to the sky. Bring your hands back down and take your left leg down. Just off the mat. And we'll take a deep breath in again and we go into some scissors for the next set of the hundreds and out. Two, three, four, five. Change the legs. Two, four, five and two. Three, four, five and in three, four, five and two, three, four, five and changed. Three, four, five for now. Two, three, four, five. Change two, three, four, five and up to four and hold this time. Bottom leg rests on the mat. Hands behind your thigh.

Lift yourself up a little bit deeper. They're into the hamstring pool one, right? So I'm just going to bring that leg in a little bit closer to me. And it's a double pulse of the top leg. Exhale and chain. Okay. Top leg pulses, fall, bottom leg anchors five and anchor the bottom leg.

Six. Good. [inaudible] seven four, eight, nine. One more time, and 10. So we've got the opposite leg at the top there. And Walk Yourself all the way down your leg. Bend that knee and rest your head for a sec. So we're going to use the leg that's at the top just to push you up into sitting for the road. Likable. All right, so we're going to bend both knees, pans over the ocean head, looking down through the thighs.

So we're going to start just pressing the lower back down to the mat tool. You can't hold any further and we rocking back. Inhale, exhale to come up and off we go again. So we going inhaling, exhaling and I'm keeping my shoulder blades drawing down my back. Inhaling and exhale. Excellent. And melting the back down. Three more roles. Yeah.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. One more time. Inhaling and exhaling and pause. Just Hava left legs. Going to extend hands on the right Shin and bringing yourself back down into our single leg stretch position there. All right, so we get a change so we make it quite snappy in the change. Add three [inaudible] four five, six, seven, eight, four, nine and 10 and again, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, four, nine and 10 both legs in both hands on your knees and just rock yourself back up into a sitting position. Legs out long in front of you for our first road up. So we've got the arms are long.

Rounding down into a seeker and exhale as we sink all the way down. Arms up above the head, rib cage, staying down and connected. Elbows are straightened strong, so arms come over, lifting up, head, chest, exhale to articulate up. Inhale at the top and exhale as we bring it back down so we hollow out through the center, reaching the arms up above the head. Inhale, head chess. Exhale as we scoop up, maintaining the c curve on the top. Inhale and exhale as we sink.

Okay, arms long behind us. Inhale up head, chest, exhale. Inhaling an exhale just to the tips of our shoulder blades. This just to the tips of the shoulder blade, ums up to the sky and we do little lifts. We got four 10 we go on ahead to three shoulders, staying down for four, five and exhale. Six exhale, seven. Exhale, eight exhale nine.

One more time and the 10th one bring it up all the way together. That scooping up and stretch all the way over the thighs. This time, no, just into some deep flection there. Restack the spine up tall, bolding, back up, arms out in front, and let's roll it back down. Arms all the way up above the head and then circling the arms out into a t position. So we've got the right legs, gonna bend up to the tabletop, lengthen it up to the sky. Dorsey, flex the foot and into the leg circles. So we're going to cross the midline. Inhale for one, exhale for one. Inhale for one.

So we move in quite quickly. Exhale for him. So it's three dropping. Lift for sure. Do one more set across and, and hold it up at the top. So let's do the reverse. So outside and up, and exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. [inaudible]. Exhale. One more cycle. Inhaling and exhale.

Hold the top position there for me. Bend your knee, hands behind your thigh, and lifted yourself all the way up into sitting. And we'll come back to the other side in a second. So we're going to bend both knees, lift the shins up to the table, top position, and gently start rolling down into the double leg stretch. So we only slowly articulate and set up in the double leg stretch position. All right, so shins up on their table. Top shoulder blades, drawing down away from your ears. Inhale as we reach arms and legs.

Exhale as we circle back in and we reach arms and legs and reach. Arms and legs and exhaling in and again, arms and legs. Exhale and reach. Arms and legs. Exhale, one more time. We got arms and legs. Exhale, bring it back in and lower your head. Chest. Stand your right leg down. Left leg up to the table. Top arms out to t position. Left leg straightens Dorsey, the foot, crossing the midline. So are we going?

Inhaling and exhaling. Inhale, cross. Exhale in breath and out breath. Two more cycles. So in and up and [inaudible] and in and up and art and uphold the top. So let's reverse we going in and up and two.

Well the three and for good. Using the breath. Yeah. Okay, one more time for five and hold the leg up. Vertical. This time we get to just walk up the leg gently. Hands behind your head. This time, both feet, plantar flexed for the hamstring pool too, so it's a double pulse of the top leg. Exhale and change. Four, five, six, seven Poles at eight four, nine one more and 10 both legs up high.

Come up a little bit higher in the chest. Lift all. Definitely see if we can bring the legs in towards us. Lift the hips up a little bit so legs away. Bring them in towards us and a little reverse lift legs in a little reverse lift and in so deep into the lower abdominal area and two more times one and again up for to bend the knees and rock yourself all the way back up into sitting legs long in front. Flex the feet and legs apart. How are we doing there? Yeah. Okay, good. Can we speed it up a bit? I'm just kidding.

All. I'm Zack, not today. So we take a deep breath in. Exhale, head goes downs early, articulating through the upper back for the spine. Stretch. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale as we restack building the spine back up. Tall arms, shoulder height. That's really important for me so that we working in those shoulder girdle.

So we go head, chest scooping through the Santa's articulating forward. Inhale at the bottom and exhale as we build it back up. Emphasis on the thighs, staying strong and the spinal movement. So we got head, chest, upper back, lower back. Inhaling at the bottom, exhale to bring it back and restack we've got three more to go. So head, chest, arms, navel in and up. Legs stay tight.

Stretch forward. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale to build back up at the way up. Tall ums, go up vertical. This time ums, come down again, roll through it. So we just got to finish each one with the arms up above the head and we go all the way back up. Restack arms up, keep the rib connection, lifting up out of the lower back and we go, arms go down, head, chest, arms. And this time we hold at the bottom, let the arms lift up, up, up, up, up. Extend the spine and we get to hold it up at the top there.

Now from there we're going to do a little rotation towards me. So we turn up through the upper back. So we rotated in this extended position, so I'm in length, so I want you to extend that long way. Yes, arms up and back. That's a good act to the middle and we rotate over to the other side. So in extension we rotating, bringing it back into the center and fold all the way forward again, I think we're going to try that one again.

So we're going to restack up and torso. After we've done our spine stretch, you want to try and get up into a diagonal line, keeping the arms in line with your ears and then just on unmet longer tutorial access, we're going to turn right. It makes sense. Cool. All right, so we'll give it a try. So we go head, chest, arms again. So we rolling forward so we still flection. Then we're going to hinge a little bit further forward. Start lifting up with the arms, try get your arms out in line with your spine abdominals, pull tight, and then we rotate on the longitudinal axis. Yeah, it's good.

Bring those arms up and back. Bring it back into the center and we go the other way and we rotate all the way through that longitudinal axis. Bring it back into your center and stretch all the way forward. This time restack the spine back up and tall and we can bring the legs together and just rolling your spine down onto the mat. Hands down at your sides, bringing the legs up, one at a time into a table, top position one and too for a rollover.

So the legs are gonna reach out to 60 degrees. We lift the legs up to 90 degrees. Exhale as we roll over. Pause when the legs are parallel to the flow. Dorsey, flex the feet separate, lowering the legs all the way down to the mat and then gently rolling down through your spine, keeping your legs absolutely as tight as you can. Once you get to perpendicular legs, just plantar flex your feet and bring the legs together. So we're going up to 90 degrees all day.

So we did that small little reverse crunch earlier. So that's where we are initiating this movement from. So we go exhale up and over so it's not a flop. Flex the feet. Check. Are Your thighs talked? Are you pulling unique apps up? Open the legs, lower the legs if you can, keep them straight and then roll your back down. If you call, keep your thighs straight.

Then possibly just keep the legs parallel to the floor. It might be a bit safer and bring the legs together. Inhaling up, exhale over, and we flex the feet separate, lowering the legs down and roll through the spine again. Once we get two perpendicular legs together again, one more rollover. Inhaling up to 90 exhale, flex separate legs. Go down and roll through the spine, tightening the thighs, tightening the thighs, perpendicular, legs, legs, back together, bending the knees, hands on top of your knees, up with your head and your chest. Use the hands just to give us a little bit of help to come up a little bit higher.

You should be able to come up higher than when we started from the deep rollover position. Hands behind your head. Interlacing the fingers. We're going to extend the left leg out and we rotate up and over to the right side and we're going to change into criss-cross two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and again, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine and 10 bring it back into her clothes. Hold the closed position. Just bring both legs down to the mat. Touch. Take both legs along along the Mat and see if you can roll up from there. Deep in our middle all the way up and over.

Restack the spine up tall, hinting back for our nic pool and then rolling back down onto the mat. So we're just going to do one more neck full. So we're going to go up, head, chest, abdominals, connect and exhale all the way forward. Restack the spine back up, tall abdominals, ribs in hinges, backwards and rolling all the way down and release. So we're going to turn onto our sides facing me. So are we to reach the bottom on and the bottom leg long and turn onto that side top arm just in line with your body. Keeping a little bit of space, a little house for the mouse underneath us there, right both legs.

We're going to hover them off the mat, have say into a side lifts. On an exhale, we lifting both legs up. Inhale, lowering the legs down. Gently. Exhale as we lift up for two inhale as we lower the legs, gently exhale four, three. So lateral lifting and lowering the leg and exhale for four and little o-ring for five and little drop. Exhaling for six. And that'll drop two more for seven little drop one more. And aid and hold. Push the legs up a little bit higher. Little bit higher.

Flex both feet. Place both feet down on the mat, push up onto your elbow, keeping your legs straight. If you can, just be careful if you've got any shoulder injuries here, but we're going to push up into a side plank position from the right. So you can always modify this with a bent bottom leg. Alright, to push up there to make it a little bit easier, right? But from here, we'd like to push up all the way up and hold that position there. So we're gonna sink the hips down a little bit and lifting up. Inhaling and these two. So we are doing this eight times four, three. Inhaling. Four. Inhaling for five. Three more.

Four one in four, two and fourth. Sorry, hold it up all we aren't we? I think we are. We're going to lift the top leg [inaudible] and to just four, five, three, four. One more. [inaudible] I'm five. Bring it all the way down. Super. Swing your legs round to the other side. All right, so into the side. Lift.

Hands down at your side, both legs coming up off the mat. Exhaling a little bit of a Holler, so a little lowering. Exhale and just keeping the two ankle squeezing together. And three, inhaling, exhaling. Four Ah, five exhale. Six. Exhale, seven. [inaudible].

Exhale eight. Hold it up. Wait though, come up a little bit of height with both legs. Flex the feet, lower them down again, prop up onto the elbow and lifting up with the hips, lowering the hips and lifting. Eight times four lateral flection to exhale. Three. Just make sure we engaging the abdominals. Four and five using the outside of the bottom hip. Six exhale, seven one more and eight top leg, four five one and two three, four, four, one more and five and bring it all the way. [inaudible] down. Super Casey, you guys are just turn on to or forms facing the front so you're facing each other, right?

So palms are a pot and our toes are attacking in underneath us, right? Thumbs are facing each other. Push out of your shoulders, go posterior tilt of your pelvis, tighten your knees and type new Nissan match that you can scoop yourself up into a front support position there. So we're going to hold that position, their left foot points out behind us and into a leg. Pull Front five times. So we're going for one and two, four, three and for keep the abdominals tight and five changed to the other side. Five Times one, four, two, three and four. One more and five both legs come down, pushed back into your rest position and stretch it out there for a sec.

Pressing the bum down onto those heels and then back up onto all fours. All right, so we're going to go into the knee stretch position here. So hands under the shoulders or take a walk with your knees. One, two. So get in Nice and close. Okay. It'll feel good. I promise. Tuck toes and underneath you. Now from there we're going to hover the knees just off the mat.

So we go post Styria told and we hovered the knees just off the mat. So we're in that deep little scoop position. Left leg goes out behind you and pull the knee back in one to try key posterior three, four, five knee, just off the ground, six, seven one more and hold the and bring it down for a sec. Right? So if you're feeling it on your bottom quad, that's correct. All right. But you want to maintain that deep flection position and make sure you close enough in and your knees are just hovering off the mat is take it easy here if you need to. Alright. So knees just off the mat again, post Steria told and the right leg goes back, one and eight four two and three and scoop four and scoop four five and scoop four six, four, seven and scoop one more and eight and scoop both knees down on the Mat.

Stretch it all the way back and down. Dr Natalia isn't underneath into an upstretched position. Then walk your hands far forward enough that you can lower yourself directly down into front support from there. So I'm gonna just modify into my fist and we go all the way into a friend's support position there. Strong in your middle. We're going to lower ourselves just to one inch off the mat.

So we pulled deep into us. Same time, we slowly keep your fires tight and you just go to where you can and just that one inch position off the mat and then lower yourselves down all the way you thought we were going to come up. Then get ahead of yourselves today. And then to scoot back a little bit there, bring your palms to your sides. We're gonna work on some back extension. So we've got the shoulders nice and open. Their fingertips are reaching down towards your heels. Naval is drawing in and up and we're going to lift that [inaudible] in a basic back extension. So just head and chest and exhale to come back and down and repeat.

We go up, head and chest, keeping the shoulders open and exhale to come back and down, navel in and up. We got paid chest and bringing it back and down. One more time. Up here, chest, all the upper chest position. Bring the arms all the way over to the front in line with your ears and bring the arms all the way around. Back to touch the sides of the legs again. So we got arms go up all the way over again. Big stretch forward with the arms reach.

Keep them up and circle the arms all the way back and down. One more time. So we go up to the front and this time we hold it in the front, lifting the right arm and the left leg. And then we're going into some fast swimming. And one, two, three, four, five, four, five and two, three, four, five into four, five, two, two, three, four, five into three, four, five, three, four, five into three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five. It bring the arms all the way around, lower the head and the chest for a sec. And then we're going to reach up for the right leg.

Take hold of the foot, and then let's reach back for the left leg and taking hold of the foot. And we'll do a rocking preparation. So really we want to put emphasis on using the hip extensors, so your glutes and your hamstrings to push the legs up and that'll facilitate the stretch of the shoulder girdle. So from there we're gonna push up legs and chest opening up and then coming back down all the way through the upper back. So abdominals connect, push up with the feet to the ceiling and just let your upper back respond to that and come back and down. And we'll do two more. So we press up, feet go up to the ceiling and bringing it back. And Dan. One more time feed going up to the ceiling.

So we push up and through. Good. And then just let go. And under your shoulders, strengthen the legs again, tells in underneath us and from a you're gonna make yourself rigid by tightening your thighs, tightening your abdominals, and push yourselves all the way up into your friend support position and hold it up. All right, so we're going to do the pushup twice for me. So we're going to go down. Inhale, exhale, inhale, and they excel. And just hold the legs in one, two and stretch it back into arrest position all the way sitting down onto the heels. This time we go toes in underneath us up stretch position again. And then from there you're going to walk your hands all the way to your feet.

So walking back with the hands to the feet and rolling your spine up all the way up to the top so you standing up tall. So feet are in the parallel position. Take a deep breath in at the top there. Exhale, rolling yourselves down, right? Then you're going to just drop forward slightly and walk yourselves all the way back to your pushup position. So we go one, two, and three and let's hold the pushup position. They said the abdominals again, really put your emphasis on your abdominals and then everyone take your weight and bring it slightly forward and hold it in the forward position there.

Lift your pelvis up a little bit and scoop the tail end underneath you. And we're going to do five pushups like that. So we go inhale and one, two, three and for one more time, four, five, hold that up there. Bring the legs in one, two and stretch it all the way out and back, right? And then we're going to go to settings. So you just bring your legs out in front of you. Okay, so we're going to do a nice challenge for the middle here. All right, so you're going to place your hands down next to your pelvis.

So you're going to find your sweet spot in a second. All right. Again, I'm going to do this on my, on my fist. And what I'd like you to do is just to take a second, pull in with your middle and push yourselves up and hold your hips up. All right? So we're just going to hold that position there and bring it back and down, right? So it resembles attendance, stretch, position, sorry, there's a little bit of natural curve, right? That always helps to just keep the middle connected. So if you look down towards your FYS, it helps with that. Okay.

Cause whatever your head does, your back will follow. All right? So even if you just get up a millimeter, that's fine. Okay, so that's all we aiming for. So pressing down again, lifting yourselves up. All right. And then from there we lift just the left leg up and hold that, keep centered and bring it down and the right leg goes up and bringing it in and come back and down. Right? So now we'll create a little bit of magic and we'll both legs up. Okay? Yeah. So we're going to get from this position, we're going to push up, lift your hips and your feet up off the ground. All right?

So that's a real test of your center there. All right. We all have one by the way, the center, you just got to find it. Alright. So from there, pull in with your center and we lift up legs, hips, and bring it back down. I felt it. I felt it. All right. So it's a good idea.

It's a good thing if I can see a bit of daylight under this. Okay. But you guys were looking good, so let's try that one more time. Okay. So really tighten up. You know, we working deep, not just in the abdominals but in there deep part of the sowers as well. Your shoulders are working hard, so it's a real all over exercise. So we're gonna go up on the count of three and we're going to hold it for three cards. That's a good deal. Okay, so we take it one, two, and up we go. And we hold for one, two, and [inaudible] have a seat. Good job. Huh? Check that out. Wonderful.

All right, so it's just scoot a little bit forward on your bund and then rolling down onto your backs. Yeah, so into a control balance. So lifting one leg up at a time. So we need to find our rollover position again. So legs go along, lifting the legs up to 90 exhale, rolling up and over. And if you can, placing the feet on the floor. I'm running out of a little bit of math day, but we're going to take the hands and taking hold of your right foot and lift from your left leg all the way up to the sky.

So you want to push it into the shoulders and lifting the leg up to the sky. Double pulse, the top line one, two and challenging. And switch one, two and switch two and switch one, two, one, two, one, two, two more times one, two and last one. Who want to bring both legs down, holding onto the feet, keep holding onto the flute, Louisville Straight and strong and enroll your spine down from there. Variable by variable bone Baba, tight legs, tired legs, tight, tight legs till you angering the bumps who were in the monkey position there.

So we really stretch our deep into that lumber flection there. Bend the knees a little bit, putting both feet down onto the mat, pellicle up. Exhale, hold the top of the pelvic cull. The right leg comes up to the table at, lengthens up to the sky, tightening through the Fi. On an exhale, we going into a shoulder bridge. Exhale down and inhale, four, two and three and four four, five and six and up. Seven up eight Dorsey flex at the top, pointed the bottom one more down and hold it up at the top. Bend the knees, change legs, leg goes all the way up to the top and point. Exhale, n inhale two, three and four and up. Four, five, six and seven up and eight up for nine one more and 10 and up at the top.

Bend. Joanie for me, pressing up a little bit higher. Rolling all the way down and release. And we're going to come up into sitting and from sitting. We're going to go up into kneeling facing the front. We're going to move into our sidekick. Neelan all right, so we'll, we'll start on our left side. All right, so we're going to tip over to the left side. The right leg is going to go into abduction are behind yourself. Let's just take it right leg out.

Left hand goes down to the mat. So I'm, I've got to work on my finger position here, just cause of my hand, but you guys can all be down on your palm hand, behind your head for me, right? Taking your weight over your knee and then lifting the right leg up into abduction. And we bring the leg forward for one and back for two and back for three to the back and four trying to get that leg up to hip height four, five and out for six and reach for seven and reach for eight for reach for nine and reach one more. Double Pulse and back. Bring the leg out to the side. Push over your leg a little bit more and place the leg down and coming back up. Cool. So let's change to the other side, right?

So left leg extends out, placing the right palm down on the mat, hand behind your head, and lifting the leg up and strong, pushing your weight over towards your long leg and double Paul's forward. One to the back for two and back for three and back. Full pulse. Pulse five back, back, six back, back, abdominal seven back, back and eight to the back line to the back. One more, 10 to the back. Hold it off.

And bringing the leg back down. Bend both knees and just coming up into a kneeling position. Sitting down onto your heels for a sec. Okay, so I'm just going to turn onto the side. You guys stay exactly where you are. Stepping your right leg out in front of you so you can move your hands, putting your hands behind you. And from there we're going into a hip flexor stretch.

So you're just going to put it in with your center or we gently push up where the hips up to the sky. So you should feel a bit of the quad stretching out there. Yeah, we'll just stretch out that left quadricep there. It's a great stretch. We do a lot of work with our legs in the airport and polite is important to stretch that out a little bit too. Good. And then release. Okay, so we'll change legs.

So you just go forward on to knees switching sides of me and hands behind and up we go. So pulling in with the abdominals, pushing up through the hips. So a good stretch on that right thigh and bringing it back and down. This time we take both legs out in front of us. Have a seat on your backside. We're going to bring the hands behind us. You can face to the center. Yeah, that's awesome.

Here we go into a hip circles preparation, right? So our buddy is leaning back on a bit of an angle, so you somewhere sitting between your sitting bones and your tailbone. And then we bring both legs up into a long line in front of you. Okay. So we'll do five times to the right. So we go inhale across, exhale around in, up to four, three and four. One more time, four, five and hold it up and do the reverse to the left.

Inhale. Exhale. One, and to cut across three, cut across four, cut across and five hold it up at the top. Lower both legs, down to the mat and in turn your fingers the other way or on your fists or fingers out to the sides for a back support positions. I'm going to push up out of the chest there for me. And on an exhale, purists up all the way up into a long line and swing the hips back just before sitting and up again. Exhale, Perez up all the way out. Find our long line at the back, bringing it back and, and repeat. Exhale all the way up and long line up at the top and back and in. One more time and exhale all the way up.

Perez up out of the shoulders, bringing the hips all the way down and stretching forward over the legs. Ah, rolling the spine up. Okay. And bending the knees and we're going to finish off with our seal puppy. All right, so knees bent, bring the hands in underneath and over the top of the feet.

So under the cards over the feet, hip is looking down. Use a little bit of the adductors here just to keep you in the tight ball. And we got to open the hip joint three times. So we go one, two, three, roll it to the back. One, two, three, and up at the top. One, two, three to the back. One, two, three, one, two, three. And to the back. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Last one.

Coming up to the back. One, two, three, and all the way forward. One, two, and three. Soles of the feet together, placing the feet down on the mat. Hands on the shins. Just sitting up tall. Open the shoulders, lift up out of the sacral area. They enabled, still drawing in and up your spine. Reach the arms up to the sky and we just stretch over the legs all the way over.

Head heavy. Take three deep breaths. [inaudible] okay, rolling your spine up tall. Were you stacking and relaxing? Thank you very much guys. Good job.


Good transitions taught in a slow and controlled manner.
Would be nice to see longer warm up. A few more back exercises required. A lot of exercises on the wrists.
2 people like this.
I really loved this class, it was just what I needed today! Thanks Ed :)
1 person likes this.
Incredibly challenging yet perfect methodical pace.
1 person likes this.
Thank you for your feedback!!
4 people like this.
For me this class is a perfect example of a perfectly structured and well taught class. It has everything a workout needs in order to make you feel toned, stretched and satisfied in the end. I really like your style of teaching, Ed, it is so clear, calm and precise.
2 people like this.
Awesome class Ed! Great core challenge with wonderful instruction and precision. Just what I was looking for to balance out all the surfing and yoga :) Thank you!!
1 person likes this.
Thank you Sam. I hope you got some good waves!!!!!
Thank you Janja
Really wonderful class!
Can these classes be downloaded for offline watching?
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