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Work on creating symmetry and balance in your body with this Mat workout by Tash Barnard. She works on improving the flexibility in her husband's body, particularly his hamstrings. She focuses on keeping the control in every exercise so that he can maintain the integrity of the work throughout the class.
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Hi Guys. I'm Tash from South Africa. I am here at Polaris anytime 2018 with my husband. Can you believe it? So this is Andre. Andre, um, has joined me for the first time to politeness anytime, which I'm so excited about to bring him on my Palerra's journey. And um, we are going to do a math class today targeting a very fit healthy body but with extremely tight hamstrings. So don't judge him. He's going to do space. We have not rehearsed. Um, he is typically not a polarez clients only because he is a crossfit town.

He serves, he's an ex rugby player, so it's not just that typical male mind of strength training and um, yeah. So let's see how his body improves throughout the session and then we'll touch base again. So Andrea, we're going to start with your feet in the hip distance, um, position. Alright. With the Chin parallel to the floor, you're going to start with your polarez breath. You're going to take a deep lateral inhale. Just breathe out via excel, bringing the body and mind together and taking a moment to just feel your body in this space. Two more inhales and breathe out, engaging those deeper abdominal and one more. Inhale and breathe out. Lifting the abdominals, lifting the pelvic floor.

There's some we're going gonna roll down in how to prepay. Engage your abdominals, lower your chin, articulate your spine rolling down, keeping the knees soft and just allow the spine to stretch, so just hold it there for a second. We're going to make a mental note to see how far the body is in this position and then we're going to come back at the end of the station and check in again. Inhale on the exhale, lift the I've dominoes. Bring that pelvis underneath you and stuck the spine on top of the pelvis.

Two more. Inhale on the exhale. Engage the abdominals, articulate your spine, make sure the femur stays over the second and third toe. Inhale, engage your abdominals. Use your hamstrings and stand ups or just turn to face me. We're going to do one more inhale and this time as you exhale, roll down. We're going to make a mental note of where your body is taking you, and then we're going to check in with your body again at the end of the session. Inhale XL to roll back up into your upright posture.

Brilliant. Turn around. We're gonna start with the right. We're going to land 10 times on each leg and add in a straight. You can place your hands on your hips. Press Down with your hands into your hips so the arms are nice and active. Starting with the right leg. We stepped forward.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Inhale, deep lunge. Exhale, press back. Four more. Inhale and up. Big Step forward. Move those hips and back. Two more. Inhale, the next one. You're going to hold it for a straight pause here for three inhales on the XL.

Bring the pubic bone slightly forward, keeping the shoulders and the hips over each other. Two more breaths. Inhale and excel. Drill deep into the abdominals. One more breath. Inhale, feeling the stretch over the left hip from here. Straight your front leg. Hinge your hips forward. Getting a little hamstring stretch today.

I'm here if you need the assistance in hell. Trying to activate that right knee cap. Pull it up. Good job, Andre. Two more emails and excel. Engage the deep abdominals. And one more. Inhale and exhale from here. Bend your, write me. Lift the chase upright. Take a deep breath, lift the island for me. Stay back and we repeat that on the left side and we go in. Hell.

Tabane aches. Hell up in hell, Bain and up. Nice and control. Control. Pylorus is all about control, movement and back and formal. And exhale. Good. Inhale and excel. Two more. Inhale and exhale and one more. And Excel step forward lunge. And we repeat the stretch.

Inhale and excel, bringing the pubic bone forward into that post erectile. Getting the straight over the right hip flexor this time, right, right thigh. One more breath. Inhale on the AFL stretch. The knees hinge the body right forward. So remember this is still a wall. Maps are just nice, easy getting those hips moving and setting us up for a nice mat class.

Thank you for correcting your hips in hell. Good awareness. And Excel. Hinge that body down a little bit more. One more breath. Inhale and on the Xcel. First Bean, the knee. Bring the Body Weight Upright. Set yourself up. Inhale and stay back. Good stuff from here. Open your legs a little bit wider than your hips.

We're going to move into a squat and we're going to in health. Sit down into your squat, prays through your hip extensors, through your glutes, hamstrings, and come up. And again, inhale and sitting on the vague cheating already and XL out and in health. Engage the abdominals and parade up. We're going to repeat that five more times. Inhale to Bain and what is happening with the alignments of this size x help lotteries, think of alignment. Think of cemetery. Inhale, hold it.

Let me check this. Bring your feet slightly infamy, Andre and up. Thank you. An inhale, two more. Hold it. Give me some abduction yet. Eduction and press up. And the next one we're going to hold it down. Keeping the abdominals lifting up into the spine, maintain the position of the pelvis and the heels are going to arise.

Obtain Times left and lower to and lower working through the parts of the feet, moving through the ankle and left and lover. Good. Three more. Inhale. Exhale, two more down and one more. Hold the care for 10 counts. Nine keep the abdominals lifted. Activate the thigh muscles. Inhale. Exhale. Two more. One more. Lower your heels and praise up.

Well done. Okay. We're going to lie in a supine position with your knees, beans. I'm going to get the small arch or you can just get a balance back to elevate Andre's legs for the pelvic calls. Just lift your right leg to your chest and your left leg to your chase. Placing your feet down one at a time on top of the barrel. Right this summer we're going to start with a pelvic call.

I'm just elevating the fee to get a little bit deeper articulation into that spine and possibly also to avoid the cramp in their hamstrings. So let's take a deep breath in. Hell, engage the transverse abdominous that pelvis into a postnatal and articulate the spine up. Good. Inhale. Suppose on the XL roll down from the top of the spine through the lumbar spine, back into your neutral pelvic placement. Inhale and excel deep abdominals. Be Very active in your body using your brain in hell to hold and on the Xcel to articulate the spine rolling down and release back into the neutral, keeping the ribs connected. Inhale, exhale in gage roiling of making sure all tintos stay on the barrel.

Use Your glute Max there. Inhale and exhale to articulate down through the spine. We're going to do three more. Inhale and exhale, two roller. Reaching those arms down towards your hills in hell for me and excel to roll down adductors. FEMUR stays parallel. Good too. To go in hell relaxed that chased.

Exhale to roll up, up and pause. Use the in breath. Inhale. Inhale, inhale, and exhale to roll down through the spine. We're going to do one more. Inhale and exhale to tilt and roll and we're going to pause and hold the Pai in Hell for me. Andre, on the exhale without moving the feet, draw the knees towards each other and back to parallel. Inhale, good egg cell. Draw the knees in back to parallel and excel, maintaining the heights of the pelvis throughout the movement.

For more exhale and inhale, brace. Burn down, ribs down, and to exhale and inhale. And one more exhale and inhale. And Xcel drew in. Hold the for four, five, four, four. Come on users. Adduct is a little bit more to one.

Back to parallel in health for me. Take your time. Articulate one vertebra individually from the next. As you exhale back into your neutral position. Good. Inhale, extend your arms up to 90 degrees. You're going to abduct arms, paint your elbows and just hold gently onto the corner of the range.

Moving into your spine to a supine. We breathe in on the exhale. Lift your right leg to 90 degrees. Roll the ribs down, down, down, down, down, down, down in hell. And on the exhale, bring the left leg up, drawing the legs together, making sure your lumbar spine is imprinted. Engage your abdominals on the engraved. Move over to your right side first. Inhale over on the XL. Draw the legs back towards the same. So we are going to just bring the shins parallel to the floor level, lower level, lower, good and inhale over towards the left side.

Keep those knees stacked on top of each other. Exhale back and inhale. Ideally the opposite scapular shoulder blight wants to stay on the floor and exhale back and in hell. I'm going to give you a little bit of tactile feedback. Draw the opposite ribcage down. Then draw into the obliques to draw the legs back to the same time.

And again we do formal inhale and exhale. Draw the legs back. I'm going to move the barrel away in hell. Keep moving please and exhale back to Mo and inhale over, rotating in the waist, keeping the knees on top of each other and one more. Inhale over and exhale back. I'm going to give you a little stretch from here.

Let the knees release over to the side like your feet raised on the bench. I'm going to place my hands on your ribs. [inaudible] this is a stretch, so enjoy it. Xcel just gently pressing the knees away from the ribcage and one more and you'll feel if your client is resisting you, then the straight is not good for them. Take a deep breath. This is the tricky part. Engage the obliques. Lift the legs up and over. Moving over to the other side. Feet are resting on the bench.

Inhale and Xcel. Enjoy the stretch. Get rid of all the style in the body on the exhale and one more. Inhale and Xcel. Exhale. Exhale. Take a deep breath in. Engage the obliques. Lift your legs back up to the center.

Place one leg at a time on the flow and bring your hands, intellectual hands behind your head. Sitting yourself up for your chase left. Just take a moment. Feel with your hands that you long in the center of your bench over your mat. Everyone off the roll. We are trying to create symmetry and balance in our sessions, which will have a positive impact on the rest of your day.

Take a deep breath. Inhale on the exhale. Draw your head and trace forward into flection pose for the embrace and exhale to lower down and again, inhale, exhale, engage the ta before you do the actual movement, keeping those elbows in your peripheral view, guys, and lower down. Don't rush. Take a deep inhalation. Start the exhale. Then call the Hayden Chase forward maintaining neutral pelvis in this position. Inhale deep lateral and exhale to lower down.

We're going to do three more. Inhale ane gauge. Then Xcel hidden chase eyes come towards the mid thigh in help pose and exhale to lower down. Two more. Inhale, lengthen the crown of the head. Then move into the flection in hell to hold the draw the ABS. Throw the ELLs through the ABS and exhale to lower down. We're going to increase the strength in the abdominals. Inhale on the exhale.

Draw the hidden and chased forward for me. Maintain the height of the chase. Circle the arms. Reach and hold onto the back of your legs. Maintaining the neutral pelvic placement. Deepen the flection. Yes, the challenge mine. Maintain the flection in in their waist and in. Extend your arms up towards the ceiling. Keep the ABS sectors, those arms back, back, back. Bend your elbows. Oh, and lower down. The shaking is good.

Inhale and XL. Draw the hit and chase forward. Maintain a neutral pelvis. Inhale, reach. Hold onto the back of the legs. Increase the friction. Find your stability. Keep the mind focused on the abdominals. Good, Andre and lower down.

Can you do three more? Inhale and excel. Draw the hit and chase forward these L's on us in tight. Circle the arms and hold deep in deep and deep and keeping the shoulders out of the ears. Reach the arms. Remember when the body gets fatigued, it's when all the bad habits creep in and that's why we want to make sure that we might tighten the integrity of the work. Two more. Inhale and exhale, neutral pelvis, pelvis, yet maintain the flection deepened even deepen inquiries. Reach the arms. Hold it. Yeah, for a picture of my rent, insulate the hands and lower down. You've got one to go in. Helm and excel. Curl up, curl up.

Curl up in how? Hold Nice and slow and controlled in reach the arms up. This time, you're going to insulate your hands for the rotation on the XL to your right side in health center to your left side in health center, maintaining the pelvic stability throughout the movement. Think of the upper body moving as a satellite dish. As you rotate formal, breathe through it. Xcel, pause and hold. Pull down. Don't rush, Andre. Don't rush. Two more.

One more. Exhale. Inhale deeper, all the love of it and come down Walden. Bring your arms down by your side. We're going to give those abs a break, so just pull your right knee and your left knee into your chest. Give yourself a nice back stretch today. Seeing that I'm here, relax your head. I'll give you an assisted straight breathe in if you're at home doing this by yourself, but all means gentle stretches, pulling the knees. Inhale on the XL towards the chase, and just a lot of freedom in his spine to open up one more inhale because we're going to move into the hundreds and come back from here. Seeing that the legs up, engage the abdominals.

Bring your your shins up to 90 degrees. Extend your arms back over your head for me. Inhale, you're going to lift your arms to 90 then excel will I want to do that again because I'm dark. So precise. You're gonna slow it down. Bring the arms to 91st in order to protect the neck for me. Okay, Andre, so arms to 90 degrees. Then come into your flection. Extend your arms down. We're going to do a little combination. You on the inhale, pump the arms. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, stretch the legs to four. Five. Inhale, two, three, four, five and eight. Sell three.

Keep going with the rhythm. Inhale, I'm going to give you some cues. I want you to draw down into your legs and I want more power through the arms. Xcel to pump those arms on right. Pump those arms. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Engage the ebbs and prays through the hip extensors. We'll do two more.

Inhale to maintain a flection in the spine and excel to three engage, engage, and one more. Inhale, two, three, four, five and XL. Two, three, four. Pores being your knees. Maintain the flection in the spine and lower the chase down. Draw those knees into your chase. Again, the Santen they hate from side to side. Getting a little stretch and release in the neck and one more each way. Enjoy the quiet time and come back to the same surprise who rocked food on the floor.

Price your left foot on the floor. You're going to slide your right leg away. Slide your left leg, your right pre. We are preparing for the roll up. Extend your arms up to the ceiling, back over your head. Remember now this time, arms two 91st before the body comes into flection. Inhale, exhale to roll up into your seated position. Good in hell on the XL.

Draw deep into the abdominals. Articulate through your spine, lowering your arms down towards your hips. As the Scapula hits the floor, the arms and the chaste moves back. Keeping the ribs down in hell. Arms hit and chased into flection on the embrace. Embrace, embrace, embrace. Lift the head up for me and excel to roll up and we breathe in.

Arms parallel to the flow XL to roll down. I'm going to assist you on the legs. I'm not pressing him down. I'm literally just assisting, giving a little bit of tactile feedback. They reaching the arms back. Draw the ribs down. Yes, good correction and arms. Two 90 Hayden Chase simultaneously left up.

Exhale to roll up and hold and we pause. Inhale and excel. Colon, hold colon hole. It's all about the stability was in the movement. Maintaining stability was in the movement. Two more for me. Please sing the ribcage down. Inhale, Hayden, chase left. Exhale to roll up, up, up, making sure the shoulders end up over their hips. They thank you.

Inhale and excel to roll down. This is your last one row roll. You are doing so well and reach the arms back. Sings the rib cage down. So we're going to do a royal up. Inhale, lift your arms. Hayden chaste, XL. Roll Up. Moving into roiling lockable. Draw the heels into boards. Your glutes.

Place the hands down towards the mansion, hovering the toes up off the floor. Find your stability within the movement yet. Maintain the deep friction in that lower spine and in the upper spine. We'll just continue the curvature of that friction. Inhale and excel, hover. Great job.

And inhale and exhale. We're going to do two more. Then we're going to add in a little touch with the toes over their head. So one more to go. Andre in hell, back and excel this time. Roll back, arms side and back. Find the stability, hold all the holes. Oh, I need a hold. I need a hallways. This, the vanity. Oh, good chemo. And try and stretch that time strings a little bit more and yes, and hold and one more. This time I'm going to challenge him and he's going to come into a squat and stand up in hell and boom with your politesse principles.

And this is not cross fund control and yes, and inhale, I want control. I want control. So I'm just assisting Andre into this stand up. If you're doing this at home, over your clients, a good alternate. If I hear that bench crash, one more thought. I'm going to have on attack, control, control, control and grow. Keep the flection in the spine and two more and good. Last one and said row.

And Boom and come down control, control, control and no case allowed. But I was busy saying is if you are teaching this in a group class with your clients that can either cross the legs to stand up. Obviously if they don't have any knee issues or knee injuries. Alternatively they can just keep going with the roiling, knock the ball into the post position. So there's many variations. So from here we're going to do a little transition movements.

You come back into our seated position. So there's some, I'm going to get you to lift your right leg and lift leg individually off the floor. Hold onto the back of your legs with your hands, press into the extensors, lift your head and chase slowly, slowly, slowly and come down. Brilliant. Sit back onto your bench a little bit. We're going to move into the spinal seated spinal articulation and four Andres hamstrings. I'm going to use the barrel again. So again, if you're doing this at home, feel free to stay on your mat. We have to be kind to our clients to make sure they come back. So reach the arms out ahead of you. Extend your legs out. No, no excuses in our district, your legs. Okay, thank you.

And Flex those ankles. Breathe in on the exhale. Lower your hidden chin to chest rolling down, reaching good. Just maintain the healing line with the spine. That's great. Inhale on the XL. Praise into the abdominals. Articulate and set up tall, tall, tall, tall. Inhale and exhale lower they hidden chase. Articulate the spine. Roll down.

Inhale and exhale from the base of the spine. Bring Your Body into your upright seated position and hold it here for a second. I want to make sure that everything is active. The abdominals and the back extensors are in a relationship kind of lock of marriage. They need to work together. Inhale and exhale. That's when you supposed to say yes. Andre.

Flex your feet. Inhale and roll up. Roll Up. Articulate shoulders over your hips. Don't hinge. Backs that upright in hell and XL. Deep abdominals. Lowering the chin towards the chase. Rolling down from here. We're going to move into an extension. Reach your arms up. This time, I'm going to get you to bend your knee. So let's modify that for you.

Extend that back, the ebbs and the back if things are so in that relationship. So give me a little bit more thoracic extension. Lift your arms up a little bit more. Bring your arms closer to each other, closer to each other, and we're going to pulse the arms back. 14 Excel, nine. Excel. I'd keep lifting in the abdominals. Five. Good job for good alignments. Three, two, one.

Take one more little inhale. Inhale, extend. Just in those deep, extensive, and excel. Lower your body down and articulate. Back up into your seated position. Good stuff. Reach your arms over your head. Take a deep breath. Inhale, rotate your right side and just open your arms out to the side. Palms up. And inhale, lift and excel. Rotate palms up. Stay on your axes.

Inhale and exhale, rotate, reach and extend. Inhale, lift and exhale, reach and extend you leaning a little bit to the right side. Good. And two more left up, up, up, and rotate. External rotation. And one more. Inhale and exhale. And Inhale, lift. Reach up. Pause for me for five counts and I'm going to give him a little push and if he's going to fall over, then he, I know he doesn't have stability.

Fall down and relax. Good stuff. Okay. On your right side, face the front. Okay, the lying on your right side and your right elbow. We're going to move into some lateral work topic in front of the bottom leg. Make sure the right elbow stack right underneath the right shoulder. And again, both sides of the body are active bringing their head back in line with the spine. Oh, it's all about the precision of the movement. From here, you're going to inhale, move into the side bend preps or lift the hips up.

Reach your left arm out in line with your shoulder. Hold it. Yes. First established the position. So once the position is established and we have that symmetry in balance, we're going to move into some rotation. So we're going to breathe in for the preparation on the exhale. Thread the arm through underneath your waist, reaching to the beach reach retreat and inhale the beaches real.

By the way. Excel, open up into extension. Good. And Inhale and excel. Reach underneath, rotate, rotate, rotate in, held back. Boom. Establish the position. Then open up the chest. We'll do two more states. Inhale and exhale, rotate, rotate, rotate in, held back and excel. And one more. Inhale and excel.

Rotate and inhale back and move from the waste. From the waste from the waste. Andre. And inhale, pause and hug. Lengthen the crown of the head away. Yay. Did you feel that lower the hips down and reed left? Swing the legs around to the other side and then place the lift elbow on the floor.

Have the right leg in front of the lift leg this time and again, making sure they hit us in line with the spine, making sure those obliques are active, but on both sides and on the embrace. We lift the hips up. Good. Establish the position. Abdominals are leaning on the spine and on the XL. Straight the arm through. Rotate through the waist and then inhale back into the side. Position. XL, rotate, opening up from the waist and inhale, so making sure it's not just the arm moving. Hell, the movement is coming from the waist and inhale back into the t and excel.

Open Up. Good. Two more. Inhale, lack the landmines in this supporting arm and inhale back to the t and excel from the waste, the waste, the waste. And we'll do one more. Inhale and on the axl brace and reach through and inhale, lift and hold, and from the waist rotate. Keep the abdominals lifted and inhale to the t pose and hold and lower down. Good stuff. We're going to move onto your hands and knees, placing the hands right underneath the shoulders. We're going to move into a little sequence of full body integration.

Work on the exhale. Extend the right leg back, flex the foot into the mat, breathe in and on the XL. Save the left foot back. Good and Mike should the precision of the movement. The abdominals are active. You've got great shoulders stability. We're going to inhale here and on the XL. Just move the hips into a pipe for me. Bend your knees, Andre.

Kick that back to straight out holding it for three breaths in Hell and excel. Keeping the head in line with your spine active, make muscles XML rotation. One more breath. Inhale on the exhale you're going to move back into the plank position. Strike the pose here. Point your right foot up off the floor. Inhale for me on the XL.

Draw the write me into towards the nose and I'm going to allow the spine to go into a little bit of flection yet and we hold it for three breaks in hell. So finding your true strength in the stability of the movement as what we're after here. Inhale one more XL. Extend the leg back, pause and hold him in line with the spine. So coming back to your neutral position, bringing the right knee to the right elbow, holding it for three breaths. Inhale, inhale and exhale. Good. Keep lifting your abdominals into the spine. One more breath.

Inhale and excel. Reach back. We've got one more to go here in line with the spine and we take the needs of the opposite shoulder and we go into the rotation of the waist. Keeping the arms nice and straight. Lift up into the spine. Yes. One more brief and place the leg back and come back into your park. Modified Park was being nice. We're off to the strike back.

Remember the alignment of the neck. Thank you very much. Breathe in and exhale. Getting the mind ready for this second side. Inhale and ribs are in. We are off to this striper. One more. Inhale on the XL.

Back into your plank position, pointing the right foot up off the floor in hell. I'm the XL in gauge the abdominals. Draw the knee in. Going into the Rassic flection without dropping the hate. Too much. Too much. Yes. Inhale, lifting the abdominals into the spine, into the spine and stretch the leg back and hold. Good.

Thank you for the head onto the left elbow and inhale and exhale. Stretching the leg that's on the mat. Can you touch the mic? Can you touch the needs of the Alva? Yes. One more and stretch it out and hit in line with the spine and opposite side. Inhale, keep the abdominals lifting up. Remember again, when fatigue kicks in, we want to just bake, be a little bit more mindful, a little bit more intentional commitment to the exercise and stretch it back and hold. Place the fur down left into your bent knee pike, and this time we're going to see if you can straight straighten your knees a little bit more. Head in line with the spine hitting line. Much Beta.

One more breath. Inhale and exhale. Move the body back into the plank position. For five counts. We are going to lower the body towards the floor and we go one, two maintaining their alignment all the way down, four and five all the way down, all the way down, all the way down. Point your toes, flex your feet, pull up those quads, engage your abdominals and we're going to press up for five counts for five, four, four. Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out to one. We're going to repeat that twice. More. Inhale, prepare. Commit to the exercise. Andre and Xcel lower for five. Take the body down in one piece, four and three. Elbows into the sides, two and one and point the toes and flex the feet.

Draw the abdominals up, pull the knees up, tighten the ABS and brace. Two, three, four. You are dominating. And we're gonna do one more and lower down four, five, four, four. Maintain the alignment thing of my scalp. Stability three, two and one and that's it. Well done. Bring the hands underneath the forehead for me. We are going to move into back extension. Just take two breaths here.

Inhale and just breathe out and one mall and excel drawing the legs together. Drawing the abdominals up and off the floor. So we are going to talk at the thoracic extensors here on the in-breath. Bring your head and however the head and the arms and inch of the floor, that is even too much. And let's go down again. So think of that external rotation in the humerus. Yes, maintain that.

The lift is coming from the thoracic area into the cervical spine. That's bitter. Hold it. Day In hell. Again, we're going to hold the position for three braids and I'm just going to give a little resistance to make sure all the Craig muscles are intact and we're going to do one more inhale and on the exhale, bring the arms out into your rugby goalposts or your characters. If you speak American external, rotate the arms. Yes, Andre. That's it. Wide scapular wide scapula. Get that external, external, external, lifting the rest higher than the elbow. Bring their hands back underneath the forehead and lower down you.

Okay. Okay, we're going to that. Sam. This is your exercise. Engage your abdominals first. Let's do that again. Always engage the abdominals before we come into extinction. Yes, thank you. And hold it. Two more. Inhale, and these about 10% activation in the glutes. Ideally we don't want the feed to come up off the floor, moving the arms out into the rugby goalposts, getting that external rotation where your elbows want to come lower than the risk in order for the scaps to stay flush into your Beck and then just extend your arms out ahead of you Andre. Reach, reach, reach, maintaining the stability. In the spine being the elbows. You did that so well.

We're going to do two more. Maintain the stability in the spine and the lever. Extents. Deliver extremes and pain. Think of external rotation in the uterus. They thank you. And one more. Reach, reach, reach. Come on. This is your last exercise and being the elbows and lower down. Press back into your race position.

Okay. Okay. Now for the real taste coming back to our roll down, take a deep breath for me and breathe out. And again, inhale and exhale. Rolling up through your spine. Call Coco. Just come and stand on the floor. Standing sideways for me.

Checking in with your body feed parallel. Do you want to look at me? Yeah, you did so well. Take a deep breath. Inhale, engage those abs. Lower your chin, roll your body forward. Keep the palms facing each other. Good stuff. Look at that. Inhale and exhale. Do you think he's better? And we're going to do one more.

Inhale, total, total tall and exhale, rolling down, rolling down, moving through the spine. Inhale and excel. Engage the abdominals. Allow your back to work with the abdominals all the way into your perfect posture for the race of your life. Well done. Thanks for joining us, and we hope this workout is going to encourage you to stretch those hamstrings a little bit more.

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Fab workout, lovely dynamics between you 2, a real pleasure to watch this video. Really enjoy your teaching Tash, thank you
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A very productive way to engage us, bulky&tight guys, to follow a productive pattern to release hams and have an healthier lower back.
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One of the most enjoyable mat work outs I've seen, really engaging.
Awesome!!! Thank you Tash.
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Loved it!!! Just what I needed today!! xxx
Marlo P
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loved it
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Fun to watch and learn.
Great advantage as you prior mentioned, that he is a Chiropractor.

His knowledge definitly helps with his awarness and great execcution.
Karen V
2 people like this.
Excellent teaching and wonderful dynamic. I really enjoyed this session. Thank you!
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Had a good giggle.....plonkers!! Great workout...thoes poor hamstrings!!
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Awesome class awesome guy 💪🏻😉
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