Class #3672

Creative Mat Flow

40 min - Class


You will have fun with these creative variations by Moses Urbano! He starts by taking time to disconnect and breathe so you can be present in the class. He then moves on to unique transitions and exercises that will work your entire body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box (2), Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Welcome. Thank you for joining us for a little mat work. I've got my buddies here. This is a mat class for the men and your [inaudible] life. So, uh, we will start on the apparatus. Ac...


Very nice, thank you. Nice class, but ... how to persuade a man to practise pilates?
Perfect work.
loved watching these three!
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Viera, I now have four men in my Intermediate class. Two of which are sport cyclists and two of which are local farmers! It's taken me forever but am so pleased to have them and in fact they are probably amongst those that have most benefited and the most committed. It's taken me years to achieve but men are a bit like buses, none for what seems like forever and then they all come along at once :) Hope you find some soon because they're great to teach.
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Really enjoyed this class and your progressions! I first saw you on Romana’s video and your amazing form! So glad to have you here!
esta sembrao¡¡¡I love it
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nice ideas in there , maybe a little more flow would keep the class a little warmer and interested..?
Hi Moses! What a lovely surprise to see you here on PA! I just love your energy, and I'm sure these guys felt the work! Love and hugs from Helsinki.
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I enjoyed practicing along with the other guys, I could relate to them needing cues repeated.
Thank you Moses, hope we see more classes with you and your friends.
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This seemed more like a tutorial not a class,, too much talking.
Not my favorite
Agree with Erika. Not enough flow for a class and cues were difficult to follow. It would have been better as a tutorial
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