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Creative Mat Flow

40 min - Class


You will have fun with these creative variations by Moses Urbano! He starts by taking time to disconnect and breathe so you can be present in the class. He then moves on to unique transitions and exercises that will work your entire body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box (2), Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Welcome. Thank you for joining us for a little mat work. I've got my buddies here. This is a mat class for the men and your [inaudible] life. So, uh, we will start on the apparatus. Actually, Gentleman Alejandro and Sam working with you today. So just follow us if you can or sit back and watch and take note and join us next time. What we're going to do is lie face down.

Before you lie face down, I'd like you to slide your blocks. So go ahead and come onto the mat. Just bend your knees, come sit down any way you can. You're going to take your blocks and slide them back for me. You're going to turn over onto your belly face down and take your arms down by your side, palms down, arms face the earth. Go ahead and lie face down. Okay.

Prone Class Preparation

And arms down by your side with the palms facing the earth. That's it. Great. Third, the reason we brought the blocks back is so that we can give you a little room so that shoulder line becomes a little bit more natural and less stressed. And if you have broad, strong shoulders, you may need to slide the boxes out just a bit to give the shoulder a little bit of room so you feel the line of the shoulder parallel to the hip as if you were standing, relaxing the shoulders, face one side of the room. Take a deep breath, forget the day. Bring your mind to class because we're going to work. So enjoy the moment. Okay, let your legs just be relaxed, hip with apart.

Your feet can roll out or in whatever your hips need to just let go so we can get to work and just a little bit. Turn your head to one side. Okay. Take a couple of breaths here. Okay. Take another breath.

Lift your head turned to the other side and we'll take a few breaths here. I don't know about you, but it's been a busy day and sometimes I just need to disconnect. So I need a moment. So join me for this minute and enjoy it. Take a few breaths here this time. Just flip your hand so the palms are facing up to the ceiling.

On this. Next breath. Bring your arms close to your body, off the blocks close to your body. Slide your legs together and bend your knees and sit back onto your heels. Sit back onto your knee, onto your heels, bending your knees. Just reach forward with your arms. Get a good stretch in your back. Okay.

And flip over onto your back side. And you'll notice that I brought my guys here a circle. So reach down by your side. Grab your magic circle. Keep your feet at the edge of the Mat, bend your knees and come forward. Bend your knees and come forward.

Hundred w/ Hip Abduction

So we're going to take the circle on the outside of your knees. Put the circle on the outside of your knees and separate your feet so your legs are hip width apart and lie back. Arms are down by your side. Keep your legs bent so that your legs are in a right angle. Open your chest. If you feel you're a little bit cramped, you can slide the blocks over to the side and just let your arms come over to the side if you need a little space. I love the versatility of the raised mat and the bar and the boxes so we can use them as we need to make space for the large, stiff guy in your class. Or that may be you. Keep the chest open.

Our arms are down by the side. The legs are pressing out into the circle to tighten the seat en. Lift your head look forward, and this is some way that you may want to try the hundred and bring your arms reaching forward, up and down to breathe in through your nose and exhale through your nose. Try to keep your shoulders over your hip line and do a spot check. Lie Back. Drop your head, only lift your head. Look forward, lift your head.

Look forward and pump there. After you've had a few of those and you feel your body a little warm, sit right up for me. We're gonna make a little adjustment. It's the sit up. Now we're going to move the circle so that it's inside your knees, so we're going to take the circle. Angled it this way. Keep the legs hip with the part here. Lie Back. Let your head fall. Keep the shoulders in line with the hips. Lift your head.

Hundred w/ Hip Adduction

Look forward again and pump from there. Breathe in through the nose. Exhale through the nose. Couple more breaths here. Yeah, give your body some space. Fill those lungs to fuel the body for what we're going to do next. Knees come into your chest. Take the circle.

Place the circle on the outside of your ankles. So we're going to take the circle. Now you're going to push out with the ankles. Keep your feet in my pointed forward and hold this balance. Use your seat to hold the circle out. Lift your head, look forward, just variations for you to try your hundred a little differently. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your nose.

Hundred w/ Outer Thigh Focus

Legs can go straight up to the ceiling. Okay. If your back is strong and you can do it, take your legs out to 45 degrees. Okay? If you're really strong, take your legs out so that the magic circle touches the mat and don't lose the stretch in the circle. Using your seat in and your legs out. W sorry there, and bend your knees.

Rest for a moment and we'll finish with something that may be a little familiar to you. Bring the circle inside your ankles, rest your head, rest your arms. Bend your knees en, rest your head, rest your arms. Catch your breath, lift your head. Look forward. Keep your shoulders on the mat, lift your head, look forward and pump the arms to breathe in. Five pumps to fill the lungs. Five pumps to empty the lungs. Legs go up to the ceiling from your seat. That circle gets smashed right there. Hold your belly strong.

Hundred w/ Inner Thigh Focus

Tighten your seat. Lower the legs to 45 hold if you got it. No lifting here, long and strong in the center. Lower the legs so the magic circle meets the Mat and finish your hundred there, or do the whole hundred there. Hug your knees into your chest. Great. Let's take that circle off to the side and lose it. Sit right up for me.

Take your strap and you're going to hook your feet into the strap. Slide back so your legs are locked under the strap. Bring your legs a little bit closer so your legs are a little parallel. When you flex your feet, make sure the ankle strap is at the ankle and the ball of the foot is forward of the heels, so we're locked in the ankles. The heels are further away than the ball of the foot.

Roll Up

As you lie back, don't lose this position. Lie Back, reached down by your side and grab your bar. Hold the bar in front. It's just on your right side here. Hold the bar in front of your legs. That's it. Reach the bar to the ceiling. Reached the bar back to the wall behind you. Hold it there. Touch the floor if you can. Any shoulder issues. Don't go back that far.

Now let your feet relax. At this point. Stretch your feet forward. Keep your feet forward. Lift your bar up to the ceiling. Hold. Flex your feet and get into your seat. Now there's your source of strength. Keep it tight. Lift your head and roll forward and reach past your feet.

If you can and roll back, lie flat. Your arms are to the ceiling is your back is flat. Lose the feet and reach the wall behind you with the arms. Let your feet go and engage your feet to lift the arms and roll forward and reach past your feet. And two more. Roll it out. When your back is flat, your arms are up.

Lose the feet, lose the seed, get a stretch, arms up, connect feet through the seat and up you go and reach, reach, reach, rollout, and reach back and lose the bar behind Ya. There we go. Let the bar come down by your side just to lose the bar down by your side. Take your feet out of the strap and you may want to use the boxes on the side. So use them so you have a point of stabilizing your body. So what we're going to do is we're going to open the chest, pressing the hands into the box with straight arms and tighten your seat.

Double Leg Lower Lift

You're going to lift your legs straight up to right angles. Lift your leg straight up both legs, straight up to right angles. Hold it here. Keep your feet reaching to the seat. Your toes touch the ceiling. As you lower the legs, they go across the ceiling and down the wall to lower the legs. That's it. And again, let your back release there. Get some, or get arrest.

Release your back forward and tight seat legs. Go straight up in line with your hips and lower the legs here. One more time. We're going to go up. Now we're going to open the legs, shoulder with the park. Open the legs, shoulder width apart. Keep them shoulder with the part as you lower the legs, keep them shoulder with the part. Now bring the legs together and bring the leg straight up and hold open legs.

Shoulder with the part drop shoulder with the park. Bring them together. One more time. Up, open and drop. Now we'll reverse. We're going to open first up to right angle together. Reach out to lower. Anchor the body by pressing with the arms.

Use your back to lift your legs. One more time. Open the legs, lift the legs up, hold legs together and drop the legs and bend your knees. Hug them into your chest, lift your head, roll yourself forward and up, and use the strap for the next. We're going to grab the strap. Stay seated now and find your legs out in line with your hips. Your legs are straight. Come forward so your ankles are locked into the strap. Keep your legs parallel. You're going to bend your left leg.

Leg Circle

Take it out of the strap. That's it. Keep this leg locked. You can slide back if you'd like. Push out the right leg so it stays under your hip line. Lie Back. Keep pushing that right leg out so it stays under your hip line.

Take your left leg straight up to the ceiling, and if you can bend your knee, give it a good stretch. Reach forward. Bring your head forward to your knee. Now Bend your knee as you lift your head and look forward. Find that your heel is between the two points of the toes. This alignment is key so that you work from your anchor point, a strong hip for good leg circle. Lock the leg heel between the toes. Don't let this change.

Drop your head, rest your arms, buyer's side. That leg is up to the ceiling or forward out in, up. And here we go. Let's circle in around and come up and hold. If you can take the hold, if you can take that leg all the way across, lift your hip and bring it down to the side of the mat all the way over to the side and right up. One more time. Lift your hip and come over.

Bring it down to the mat over to the side and lift it up. And one more gentleman. This way, make sure you're locked with the foot. It's anchored in the strap. And let's go the other way. So now we reverse it. We're going to go out, down to the mat, over and across. Swing that leg, open that pit. There we go.

You're locked with the strap. Feel the stretch. Feel the strength. Use the gut through the button. One more. Open out, circle around, cross it and up. Lift your head. Look forward. Keep your leg straight. If you can, climb up behind your leg all the way up. Keep that leg that's down there flexed and bend your arms and drop your head right forward into your leg as your stretch. Keep this foot flex, that's it. And Walk your hands down your leg.

Sit Tall and bend your knee and let's switch over to the other leg. Slide your left leg under the strap. Release the right legs they seated and push out so that this leg stays under the hip line and correct your foot. So your heel is between the two points of your toe and slide back. So you have this slide back and we go, that's it.

Find your alignment, stabilize, lie back and bring the right leg up in line with the hip. And now we're going to drop the leg over to cross. Lift your hip, get a good stretch in your back. Bring it down onto the mat and bring it over to the side and lift up center. Very important to keep that anchor leg working and around and up. Attic. Good stretch. Lift that leg up.

Lift that hip to cross that leg over and down, around and up. And let's add a little rhythm here. Lift it up, stretch it over, swing it around and come up. And now let's reverse it. Now we take it out to the side. Open that hip down to the mat over and lift up. Be Sure you lift that hip on the overreach me here. Lift your hip and come up and keep this working. Spot-Check here.

Lift your head. Look forward. Make sure your heel is between the two points of your toe and flex that the ankle. And last one out, around and up. One more. Out around in, up. Hold the leg up. Lift your head. Look forward. Reach behind your leg. Climb up, pull your body up to your leg, lift your chest, then drop your head at the end as you bend your arms to stretch your back to your leg. Flex the foot for a little extra stretch long foot here.

Climbed down your leg. Sit Tall, bend your knee, and now bring your body forward and reach over to the side. And let's grab your circle. Come all the way forward to the edge of your mat. Come all the way forward to the edge of your mat. Your feet will come off the mat. There we go. Cut.

Rolling Like A Ball

So we'll take the circle and we're going to put it on the outside of your knees. Your feet will come together, you'll need your knees will press out to the side so you can hold behind your knees or you can hold at the ankles. Whatever you can do, it's going to be a little bit deeper. Rolling like a ball. So lift your heels. So you're balancing on the tips of the toes. That's it. Lift your elbows out to the side and roll back and come forward off the mat. Forward hold, hold, hold. Push out the circle, stretching it out, roll it back and roll it up. And here we go.

Keep the heels close to your seat and out and come up. And one more. Push out with the knees and hold here. And let's change it up. So now we bring the circle inside the knees. As you place the circle, place it so the inside ring does not smash your chest.

So we'll take this and place it so it's this way and your feet are together. Keep them close to your seat. That's it. Don't let these kick out and again, balanced about one inch off the floor and roll it forward and roll it back and roll it up and one more. Roll it back and roll it up. This prop is excellent to help you find where you can dig deeper into your powerhouse, your core, your gut, your center. Take the circle off to the side.

Holding ankles. Pull the heels tightened to your seat. Wherever is comfortable for you. Your toes are pointing forward. You're one inch off the floor. Do not let the space between your chest and your knees increase any more than where you start. Roll it back and come right back to where you start and hold.

Roll it back and yeah, Yup. Adjust yourself so you don't fall off the mat and roll it back and roll it up and there's your balance. Point. Last one. Roll it back and roll it up and hold, hold, hold, live. Stretch yourself back. We're going to lie on your stomach. Flip over onto your stomach. Rollover under your stomach and arms are by your side.

Prone Spine Extension

You can put them on the mat close to your legs or use the blocks. If you need a little extra space, let your legs come apart. So their hip with the part. A good way to find that is put your heels together and separate your heels so that the heel points are between the two points of your feet. Lift your chest, look forward and stretch your arms and lift them up. Lift your chest, look forward, lock out your elbows and look up. Look up, look up and rest. Palms are facing up to the ceiling and lift your chest. Look up, stretch, stretch, stretch, and one more.

And lift your chest. Look up, lift your legs, hold, hold, hold superman and sit back onto your heels and stretch your arms in front. Okay. Sit back onto your heels and reach your arms forward and roll over onto your back and hug your knees to your chest. Okay. Lift your head. Look forward.

Single Leg Stretch

Hold one knee into your chest. The leg that's out wants to be the height of the heel, so your knees into the chest. Lift your heel. At least the height of the knee, if not higher, to bring the knee closer to your shoulder and hold that stretch. Bring the other leg in. You're holding both ankles, you're holding both ankles. If your heels are low, you may want to bring them up at least the height of your knees to really get that stretch from the small of the back. Switch the other leg to go out and as you reach the leg out, keep it in line with your hip so that your knee aligns the foot. Lift that heel, at least the height of your knee to give you the space to pull in.

One more on the other side. Bring that knee in. Find your alignment. Make sure your heels are at the height of your knees and release the other leg. Keep that heel up. Get that stretch here. Hip knee. Okay, follow the line. Here we go.

And both knees into your chest and rest. Okay. Lift your head. Look forward. Bring your knees into your chest, reach for your ankles. Stretch your arms down by your side. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling, arms down by your side and legs up to the ceiling. Let's find that chest expansion. Drop your head if you need to.

Double Leg Stretch Variation

Spot check. Arms are straight. Lift your head only that. Bend your knees. Grab your ankles. Inhale as you stretch the arms and reach the legs. Arms are down to the mat. Legs are up to the ceiling. Hold. Lift your head look forward, but not your shoulders. Keep your spine long and bend your knees in and grab the ankles.

That's it. Lift your head. Look forward. Now lift your head. Look forward. Grab your ankles, so lift your heels so they're the height of your knees and get the stretch. Their arms are down. Hold. Stretch your legs out in front of you where you can safely extend them without your back being in any compromised position. Bend your knees and reach forward for your ankles. That's it.

Arms go down to the mat. Anchor your body, stretch your legs out. Keep them in a position where you can stay in your seat and bend to grab your ankles. Inhale, when you stretch the arms and legs reach. Exhale, bend, empty the lungs. Inhale, reach to chest expansion. Exhale, bend. Grab your ankles with your hands and pull deeply into your chest. One more time. Inhale, reach, hold, hold, hold, and bend your knees. Come in quickly, flip over onto your stomach.

Superman quickly flip over to your stomach. Arms down by your side. Reach your arms. Lift your chest, lift your head. Look up tight seat. Lift your legs, legs to the ceiling. Up, up, up and down. Inhale, reach up. Lift your chest, lift your legs. Look up, up, up, and drop. Sit back on your heels quickly. Turn over onto your back and bend your right knee as you lie back.


Keep your right. Keep your other leg straight. Right knee is bent onto the floor. Lift your head. Look forward. Keep the leg that's down. Lift your head. Look forward. See that your hip, your knee air in one line. Lie Down with your head flat and with the seat.

Single Leg Lower Lift

Kick the legs straight up to the ceiling. Kick it up. Nope. The one that's straight. Your knee, that's bent, stays bent. The leg that's straight kicks up and lowers. Kick it up and lower. Swing it up high. Reach it low. Two more. Kick it up high. Reach it low. One more up and reach it down. Bend that knee.

Switch leg. Straighten the leg and swing it up with power. Let's see your seat. Do the lifting. Tighten your seat to kick it up and tighten your seat to lower the legs. Swing it up, swing it down. One more up, one more down. Switch leg. Then that knee, straighten the other. Kicked that leg one time.

Hold it up. Lift your head. Look forward. Reach up and grab that ankle. Okay, arms are straight, your back is flat. Take the other leg that's bent and straighten it out. Two 45 hold it at 45 use your seat to hold the leg there.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Lift your head, look forward, lift your head up so you'll look forward. And now switch legs and that one comes to 45 and this one is here. Hold, hold, switch leg. That one comes up and this one comes out. Hold. Hold one more time. Switch. You got control. Lower the legs using your seat. Don't pull the leg in your hand.

Lower the leg that's working down below from your seat. Lift it back to 45 hole and switch your leg. Hold it at 45 find your seat. Use your seat to lower the leg, not your thigh, and makes it heavy. I can feel it.

Use your seat to lift it at 45 and come up and switch. Lower your leg only if you're using your seat and control to switch. Lower your leg only to touch the floor. If you use your seat to lift. Switch here, switch there. One more here. One more there. And Hug your knees to your chest and rest. Catch your breath.

Lift your head. Look forward. Take your hands behind your head. You can clasp or interlock your fingers. Hands behind your head. Legs go up to the ceiling. Lower your legs to 45 degrees and hold, hold, hold. Take a breath and exhale to lift your legs up. Hold. Inhale, lower two 45 and hold this time. As you exhale, lower your legs to the floor.

Double Straight Leg Stretch

Inhale your legs to 45 and hold. Exhale, lift your legs to 90 stay with me. We're doing controller [inaudible] lower to 45 and hold. Where's your control? Where's your center? Where's your gut? Lower the floor. Hold 45 and hold up to 90 and hold.

Inhale the 45 exhale to the floor. Inhale to 45 hole. Exhale straight up. Inhale to the floor. Exhale to the ceiling. One more. Inhale, touch the floor. Exhale to the ceiling, and hug your knees quickly. Flip over onto your belly. Superman arms reach. Lift your chest, bend your knees, Bend your knees, Bend your knees, stretch out your legs and lower your chest and lift your chest. Look up, bend your knees.


Get a good stretch and stretch out your legs and roll over on your back. Sit Up. Come forward. Cool. Hook your feet here on the strap. That's grab your circle. Bring your knees so they're at 90 degrees. Come forward.

Neck Pull Variation

We're going to put the circle on the outside of your legs and separate your feet so you have a good connection with your strap at the ankles. Feet are flexed, hands behind your head. Elbows wide to the side. Lie Flat. That's it. Let your hips roll forward. Let them roll back. Lift your head and roll up. That's it. Some hip rolls here. Roll it out. Lie Flat, lie flat. Hips roll forward. Hips roll back and roll it up. No, no sleeping, roaming out. Life flat.

Hips roll forward. Hips roll back and come up and lie. Flat life flat. Hips roll forward. Hips roll back. Roll up and lie back. Lie Back, hips roll forward. Hips roll back in. Come up. That's it. Hips rule forward.

Hips roll back and come up to more your challenge. Keep your elbows wide to decide. You've got every prop here to help you execute and build strength. So let's do it one more. Roll it out, roll it under and come up. Thank you. That's your rollover. Stay Tall. Come forward.

Put the circle on the inside of your ankles. It's going to be so much easier here and inside your knees. Sorry. That's a whole nother exercise for next time. Feet hooked under the strap. Vive flat, hands behind your head. Here's your challenge. Keep the elbows wide behind your ear. Hips forward, hips back.

Roll it up and come up and roll back quickly. That's it. Hips forward, hips back and come up. That's it. Nice and two more. You've got to ebb and flow. You got to open to give it space. You've got to open to dig deeper. Here's where we find it. And last one. Good. Stay seated for me. We're going to take the circle off to the side. Slide back to your legs are now straight.

Neck Pull

Keep them hip with the part and it's going to make this exercise so much easier. Your hands behind your head and here we go. Neck Pole, roll up. Flex your feet. Sit Tall and lie flat and roll it up. Sit Tall, elbows wide behind your ears and roll it out from your seat all the way back. Last one. Roll it up, roll it up and roll it out.

Good. Quickly roll over onto your stomach. Stretch the arms out in front. That's it. Reach your arms out in front. Reach your legs out in front. Lift your chest, reach forward. Reach your arms in front and lower. Reach your arms out and lift up. Lift your legs up, up, up.


Just reach in front and down. One more time. Reach forward with your arms. Lift your legs and sit back on your heels and turn around face forward. Sit on the edge of your mat. This is just an order that you may enjoy or not. Sit forward at the edge of your mat.

Spine Stretch Forward

Take your legs out in front, slide, slide back. Take your legs out in front. Reach your arms in front for spine. Stretch forward and sit as tall as you can from your seat to the crown of your head. Let your feet just point forward so there's no tension in your thighs and drop your head and roll forward as you reach and roll back up and sit tall. If you can keep the arms parallel to the floor, that might be nice to different challenge forward where you can and come up when you flex your feet. Even at the same height as the mat.

Very challenging for a lot of people to get it get lifted from that small of the back so long in the feet. Tighten the seat to grow taller. Take a breath here. Drop your head and exhale to open the small of your back. First spine stretch forward. One more. Come up tall. We'll add a little something here. Lift your arms to the ceiling. Hello, reach forward to the front. Hello.

Grow Taller from here and drop your head and go forward to open here. That's it. And sit tall. Bend your knees. Let your knees open to the side. Reach on the top side of your ankles. Lift your heels. Feet are together. One leg comes up and down.

Open Leg Rocker Prep

Other leg comes up and down. One more time, each side and over. Lift your chest tall, nice and proud. Keep your chest tall. Try not to let anything from your rib cage up. Move it all both legs. Up and both legs down. That's it. Lift your chest proud and up with the legs. Hold it there. Bring your legs together. Hold it there. You got it, Sam.

You got it. Hold it there. Bring the legs together and bend at the knees. And here we go. Bend at the knees. Bend your knees and rest your feet. Slide your body back.

Use the blocks for this next exercise. The corkscrew lie flat on your back and the blocks are free to move as close into the mat or as wide as you need to. So you use the upper body strength of your body to stabilize the rotation of your legs on the hips. Here we go. Reach there on the other side. Legs come up to 90 degrees. Trust me, you'll want to use this prop. Try not to let your feet come apart as you bring the legs over to one side.


Lift your hips, bring your legs down in front to the center. Bring your legs over to the side. Here's your side, and come up center here. Hold. Bring your legs over to the other side. Lift your hip so the heels stay together. That's your stretch here and right down to the center and over to the other side. That's it. And come up center. So sometimes those blocks will get the arms out of the way.

Legs Right Center here over to one side. Lift that hip to get the stretch here, down. Center over to the other side. Lift your hip to get that stretch and back center here and bend your knees, hug them into your chest, lift your head and come right up. Sit forward. Legs wide.

Sit forward on the edge of your mat. Legs wide, straight feeder long arms reach wide to the side. That's it. And we're going to turn one way. Twist. Hello, hold, hold, hold. And if your partner is not quite as tall as you, you'll be in a different plane. Back to the center. Hold, twist the other way. Here we go. And twist. Reach a little forward. So your spine is over the small of your back and back to center. One more this time. However, back to center before you twist, we're going to bring the arms up.

Spine Twist

Parallel twist to one side. Now open the arms and reach forward the opposite arm to the opposite foot and drop your head forward to the knee and come up. Nope. Stay in your twist. Lift your arms up to the ceiling. Stay in your twist. Lift your arms up to the ceiling. Back to the center. Twist to the other side.


Now Open and reach the opposite arm to the opposite foot and drop your head to your knee and reach. Reach, reach to empty the lungs. Inhale, as you come up, bring your arms up, back to center and on your bellies quickly come forward. Your hands are on the floor. Flex your feet. Take your palms onto the floor, close to your waist, palms to the floor. Close to your waist. Four pushups. Bring your hands all the way down where your waist is right here, that it. Flex your feet. When you flex your feet, make sure the heels are forward of the ball of the feet. Use your seat.

Push Up

Use your dead lift. Lift, lift lifts. They forward heels forward of your toes. That it shift your weight forward and lift here. Bend your elbows, chest to the mat and push up. Lift, hold, bend. Lower the body. Keep the seat tight and press the earth away to lift up. One more bend and lift up.

Heels are forward of your toes. That's it. That's it. And come down. Bring your hands onto the mat. That's it. Bring your hands on the mat. Close to your chest, below your chest and push ups. Here we are. Flex your feet, heels forward of your toes, and bend the elbows into your ribs. Down, up one, down. Up to down. Up Three. Stay up. Walk your hands back to your feet. Now to walk your hands all the way back to your feet, lift your hips up. That's it. Reach forward with the arms.


Reach up to the ceiling with your arms up. That's it. Don't let your bottom go behind you. Keep your Baja before forward. Forward. You go down. That's it. Arms out bend Folarin. Keep your hips forward. That's it. Once you're down, tuck and roll like a ball bend, stay down.

Bend your knees and Tuck and roll. Roll forward, roll forward. Just drop, drop and roll forward. And there we go. NT your seal, hands under the ankles here, come to the edge of your mat. Come to the edge of your mat. So the feet are on the floor. And here we go. Rocket back and roll it up. Rock it back and roll it up. So stay forward here. Your hands are under your ankles for the seals.

Yes. And we're here. You're going to go back to there and right here and back to there and right here. Two more rock back. Roll it up. One more back. One more. Up. And sit onto your mat here. Take your box, bring it behind. Let's face this direction here. Sit in the center of your mat. Face forward. Face here.

Wide Second Stretch

Turn quickly. Face this direction. Sit here. Take your legs wide. Turn. Sit here. Take your legs wide. Yeah Gentleman, it's quite easy. Reach forward. Reach up, twist to one side. Reach over and grab your ankle. Bring your head to your knee and sit up tall.

Reach forward and turn to the other side and bend forward and reach over and grab the other ankle and reach away to come up and bend forward and go forward where you can stretch all the way forward. Let your head fall and sit right up tall. Don't use your hands. Just come right up with your belly. Reach forward. Bring your legs together, Bend your knees if you have good knees, reach forward with your arms and sit right up, up, and let's count them out. Thanks for joining. We'll see you next time. Five one, two, three, four, five.

Thanks for checking this out.


Very nice, thank you. Nice class, but ... how to persuade a man to practise pilates?
Perfect work.
jane Christie
loved watching these three!
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Viera, I now have four men in my Intermediate class. Two of which are sport cyclists and two of which are local farmers! It's taken me forever but am so pleased to have them and in fact they are probably amongst those that have most benefited and the most committed. It's taken me years to achieve but men are a bit like buses, none for what seems like forever and then they all come along at once :) Hope you find some soon because they're great to teach.
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Really enjoyed this class and your progressions! I first saw you on Romana’s video and your amazing form! So glad to have you here!
esta sembrao¡¡¡I love it
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nice ideas in there , maybe a little more flow would keep the class a little warmer and interested..?
Hi Moses! What a lovely surprise to see you here on PA! I just love your energy, and I'm sure these guys felt the work! Love and hugs from Helsinki.
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I enjoyed practicing along with the other guys, I could relate to them needing cues repeated.
Thank you Moses, hope we see more classes with you and your friends.
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This seemed more like a tutorial not a class,, too much talking.
Not my favorite
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Agree with Erika. Not enough flow for a class and cues were difficult to follow. It would have been better as a tutorial
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