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Get ready to work hard in this Mat workout with Niedra! She works on opening the tight parts of the body by adding in extra stretches between some of the traditional Mat exercises. You will feel stronger and longer after taking this class!
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Dec 25, 2014
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Okay. So ladies, I'm so excited because you all my good friends. And what we're going to do today is just improv mat class bootcamp kind of thing where I have no idea what are going to do, but we're going to work hard and we're going to work quite fast. So we, before we actually start Pilati stance, lift all five toes up, lift your arches up, pull your size up and then spread the little toe on the Mat, the fourth toe on the Mat, the third toe on the mat, the second toe. If you can't do what you fake it and think you'd do it. And then the big toe on the mat. Now hold your elbows and lift the arms up over your head and see if you can pull the stomach way, way, way up. Case it.

Can you really grab the elbows with your arms? We're just getting a little stretch into the side body lift out of your waist, bend over to your right, lifting the right side up and the left side up. Come back up, lift a little bit further up and go to the other side and come back up and then bring the arms in front of you. Clasp your hands together, stretch the arms inside out. Lift the shoulders for a minute, broaden them and then press them down.

Keep pushing the hands away from me. Bring the arms up over your head again. Lift the waist up front body and back body. Narrow the hips up and over to the right and back and up and over to the left and back. Bring the arms back down on duty. Arms for a minute. Bend the right knee and as you bend the [inaudible] into the left hip, this area gets really, really tight. And then lengthen the tailbone down and lift up the stump to see work into this hip. Take your left hand with the wrist.

Stretch up and again bend or when push into the hip. As you open your side body out, come back up, bring the hands down. Bend the left knee. Press into the left hip. You really looking to get a stretch on this side to slightly tightening the buttock. Hold your right wrist, lift up, stretch, and then push into the hip. Lift in the waist and stretch a little bit further out. Come back up, bring the arms down, plus the hands behind your back.

Fingers claps. Lift the waist. Now see if you can broaden the shoulders without squeezing your shoulder. You're not trying to clench your shoulder blades together. Just bronze, the shoulders on the side body. Lift the sternum a little bit and then start pressing your elbows towards each other so you stretch into the Pec minor area. If you can keep lifting and opening the sternum up and then slide the hands down a little bit. Lifting the sternum up, rotting in the shoulders, lifting in the spine, and then relax. Shake your hands out.

Bring the hands out to the side. Lift the chest, but let the shoulders drop them. Little finger in. Try to touch the pad with the little finger. So Casey, little finger, that's it. Out Ring, finger out, middle finger out. Index out thumb and again, little finger, ring, finger, middle and thumb. Bramante used to do this on little finger ring, middle.

This one makes you extra smart. One Lamar time, little ring, middle index and thumb. And our casting nets. Curl them in, rotate them down and from the little fingers, spread them out and again, curl them in. Rotate them around, spur bred them out and again, curl the men, rotate them around, spread them out, shake them out. Come to the front of your mat, lift your chest up, narrow the hip, cross your feet. You all going to sit down on the mat and I'll just sit down nicely so it's better it all the way down onto the mat. Very good and cross your feet. Okay, let's have the knees very slightly apart.

Stretch arms out in front of you. Lift your waist up, lift your spine up and roll down an inch. Just an inch. So your tail is under you and Paul, the stomach muscles enhanced. Touch the mat, bring the arms up, pants, touch the mat, bring the arms up, hands, touch the mat, bring the arms up, bring the hands down in front of you. Long Net, roll another and see rolling towards a sacred, pulling the stomach in. Hands, touch and up and touch and up and touch and up. Hands in front of you. Curl a little bit further down so you can get onto the sacrum.

Length in the stomach again, down and up, down and up, down and up. Hands in front. Roll a little bit down so you're on your waist. See if you can link some the sacrum down and up, down and up. Down and up. Hands in front. Roll all the way down. Lengthening your spine all the way onto the mat.

Bring the feet a little bit closest. See if you can get incentive along. Narrow spine. Bring both knees up and tabletop position. Right foot taps. Left foot taps, right foot taps. Put taps, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch both knees up length in the stomach. Float both feet down on the mat, hands to the ceiling.

Pull the stomach muscles in as you lift your shoulders off the mat. Neck is long. Reach forward and lengthen down every time you lengthen down. Tried to get the upper spine a little bit longer. Lift up first to the ceiling and then curl the upper spine.

Reaching the hands towards the ankles and lower back down, lift up, reaching long and then see if you can get that opening between the shoulder blades as you deepen into the core and down. One more time. Lift up, crawl forward, and all the way down. Hands on the mat, knees into the chest. Lift your head and chest up. We're going to start with hundreds legs. Go to the sealing and breathing into three, four, five out. Two, three lower, little into four. Five out, two, three, lower, little into three. Five out, two, three. Lower more into three. Four, five out, two, three, lower more.

So keep going every time you lower and you'll go as low as you want to until you feel that maybe your back is starting to art so we stay high. But some of you probably can get almost to the mat and exhale two more times. Inhale, exhale and last one. Inhale and exhale. Float the legs all the way to the map. Long legs, arm to the ceiling. Stretch the arms over your head. Pull the shoulders up to the ears. Try and reach the hands as long back.

And now lengthen in the shoulder blades down the mat and pull them in towards your powerhouse. Again, stretch them out to maybe you go into a slightly longer arch and then pull the shoulders down so you can make the trunk slightly more compact. [inaudible] one more time. Lengthen out and then pull the shoulders down. Lift the arms up and peeling up into roll-up. Peel yourself off the mat. Scope the navel and stretch forward.

Head dives down between the aisles and roll back slow. First two times nice and slow. Lengthening the legs in our position. Lengthen out and again, lift your head in. Chest. Peel off the map. Looking to really warm up the spine.

Lift the waist stretch forward. Roll back, arms over your head. Now three times fast. Peel up and stretch. Roll back and down. Peel up and stretch. Keep the heels together. Reach the legs and toes in opposition. One more time. Curl up and roll back down on the Mat.

Just come get my the back on the mat here. Now. Legs along arms or to the dealing. Narrow the inner thighs. Lift your head and chest and stretch forward. Just hold this position deep in the stomach. Broad shoulder blades. Just for a minute. Let the shoulders come forward.

Imagine you have a magic circle, squeeze it so your pexa working and then roll back down onto the mat. Nice and long. I all of you set up for roll over. Everybody can get your feet over. Yes, I'm the only one who needs to watch myself. So narrow hips. Lift your legs up to the ceiling. Lift your hips, take the legs over, toes to the mat, press open the legs, press. Keep the legs as close to the floor as you can.

Using this to get articulation through the spine. Legs together. Again, lift up and stretch open press and then roll down. Lengthening the spine. Try to send the sit bones away from the heels. One more time. Lift up and over. Press Open, press and then roll down. Lengthening the spine, sending the sit bones away from your heels. Come together and reverse. Press the shoulders and elbows into the mat. As you press together, press and roll them, lengthening bones away and again, lift up over, prep together.

Press every time trying to get more space through the spinal column. One more time. Press over, press together, press pause. Hands over your head, grab your ankles, soften the knees a little bit. Lengthen the pubis away from the ribs and start rolling down. Letting the knees be soft so the sides get closer to the chest as you roll down.

So you're rolling back. That's it. Case the, say you soften the knees to get a deeper bend into the hips till the hips come down. Very good. Compass straight. Hold your right leg with both hands. Lower the left leg to the mat. Lift your head for a minute. Broaden the shoulders and send the left heel long and away from me to get a stretch. But on the mat and Amy, so the hip flexor open and then lower your spine back on the mat. Hands on down.

Four circles and cross circle around and up. Cross circled around and up. One more time. Reverse circle, circle. Circle one more time. Hold the leg, stretch it. Flex your foot, press the heel to the ceiling point.

Flex your foot point. Flex your foot point. Hands on the mat. Lengthen through the head is a leg low, is down long spine, long back, all the way down. Lift the other leg up. Pilati stance. Stretch leg, left hip long. Take a moment to lengths in the right leg away from you.

Lift your head for a minute. Look down at your big toe and make thee from the hip elongating out of the socket. Lower back down, looking to get your upper back long hands on the mat. Cross down, around and up. Down, around and up. One more time. This direction. Reverse down, around and up. Down, around and up. Down, around and up. One more time.

Hold the leg. Flex the foot. Point the foot. Flex the foot. Point the foot. Flex the foot point of what hands on the Mat. Lengthen the leg away from you. Lengthening up through the crown of the head. Arms over your head. Roll up to sitting. Position for rolling like a ball. Pop your bottom forward.

Hold your ankles. See if you can lift your feet. Start High. So start to get links in the waist. Pull the ribs back a little bit. Go right back. So you're just on your tailbone, but with a knife lift from here. Roll back and come right back up again. Roll down, up and balance. Hold again.

Roll back up and balance and again, roll back up and balance. Let go over your hands. Reach them in front of you. Pull the stomach in and Novak back again. Up in balance. And again, amazing. You're reading my mind, Heather, and up. One more time. Rolled back up and balanced. Hands by your ears. Elbows, touch the knees. Pull the stomach in and again, roll back, keeping the elbows and the knees together and rolled back up and balanced. One more time.

Roll back up and palace. Now hold this position. Can you stretch your legs out like a teaser? Open the legs out. Bring the legs back, bend the legs in. Scoop into the naval even more. And again, stretch. Open the legs out. Rolling the legs back now deepen into the stomach and pull the knees in. Oh, can you roll down from this position? Keeping the knees bent. That's it. To really work through the articulation.

Bring the knees in rock side to side for a minute. Just to release the spine. Curl up for single leg stretches. Deepening into the stomach. Left leg out. Pull the right knee in length in the lower back. Switch pull switch Paul switch. Pull now fast and switch. Since with, since switch and switch, switch and switch and switch and switch both knees in.

Lower your head and chest to the mat for a minute. Widen your shoulder blades. Get your spine long and crawl your head and chest. Stop. Hands on the mat. Double leg stretches slow. Extend those legs out. Deepening to the step arms to the ceiling. Arms by your ears to the side.

Bend the knees in deep in the curl. Lower your head, chest to the mat. Curl your head and chest. Stop. Hands to the floor. Legs out, arms to the ceiling behind you to the side. Deep in lift your chest even more. Lower your head and chest down. One more time. Lift legs out long. Arms Up, arms back or out. Deepen all the way in.

Crawl up even more. Lower down legs to the ceiling for scissors. Lift your head and chest, right leg in. Poor Pool. Really uses just to get a nice stretch to two, two, two, three, three. Okay, now keep going with flex feet. Try to get the trunk as quiet as you can both legs up in the knees in lower your head and chest to the mat.

So we'll do this now without arms. Curl your head into stop. Lift your legs and start again. But this time no movement in the body at all. So the legs are floating, but you don't want that kind of heave hole. Flex it. Keep going. That's it's very still body legs up. Bend the knees in. Lower down, hands behind your head just for a minute. Lengths in the back of the neck.

Curl up, lift the legs up, deepen into the powerhouse and narrow the hips. Float the legs away. Lift them up, float the legs away. Lift them up, float the legs away. Lift them up. Floats like the way. Lift them up. Bend the knees in, feet on the mat. Hands in prayer. Check that the spine is long in. The shoulders are wide. Lift your head and chest up and 10 Bob's here. Lift an inch.

Lower an inch. Lift and lower. Lift and lower. Lower five and six. We'll do eight because I'm doing them with you. And eight lower down.

Now lift up again and take the hands and chest and shoulders to the right. From your waist down. You're stable. And again, Barb and two three and four and five. Six, seven, eight. Lower Down Center. Lift and twist in the other direction and one to try to keep both shoulders off the mat. Four five, six, seven, eight and down. Left hand behind your head. Lift up and curl the left elbow towards the knee.

The right hand stretches and back again. Curl and twist and back. Curl and twist to the right and back. One more time. Curl and twist. Other hand curl and twist, so every time your whole right shoulder is twisting.

Try to get the left shoulder up if you can, and twist. Very good and twist. Very nice. Stretch your legs out, stretch your arms out and roll up to a sitting position. Peeling yourself off the mat. Very nice. Open spine. Stretch forward to lakes. Our width of the mat, maybe even a little wider. I like it a little wider. Flex your feet.

So just for a minute, hands behind your back without the heels moving. Can you bend your knees and then stretch. So the, he don't really want, just do this movement a few times. You get the sense of hindering from the knees and the hips. Very good. This is a little warm up to open up the back body. Now Ben, hold the toes, pull the stomach in and up and let you just have round over. Straighten the right knee. But as you straighten it, push backwards so you laying into your back body to open it up and straighten out. The left knee presses down and as you do a try to aim the stretch, did the center of the spine not the right and left side to right.

Knee goes down and bend. Left knee goes down. And Betsy really pulling backwards. As the knee is down, you pull back, you're tractioning backwards, like someone's grabbing your waist and Bandon than the other nigos down. So you're stretching even between your shoulder blades. Now both knees bent and both knees go straight at the same time to push backwards, spread your shoulder blades and let your head drop.

So it looks down towards the navel. Bend the knees again, pressing these down and pull backwards. Spreading between the shoulder blades, a head drops away, down stomach pulls in. And Ben, one more time, press and pull backwards. So you almost saw stretching the arms out as well. Keep the leg straight. Roll up to an upright position like the toes, long for full spine stretch forward. So have a look where your own are. You're trying to get your head there or closer to you.

So it's a really deep small position rather than a long one. When you're curling on a so nice lift, now drop your head and almost like try to get inside your own body. As you curling in. It's like your nose is going to your navel. And the top of your head is going towards the floor and then unravel the spy. Let the shoulders drop and lift and reach through the toes.

Reach through the fingers, lift and again curl in, widening between the shoulder blades, pulling the stomach and signal. Go a little bit lower and deeper. Trying to get that head down towards the Mat. Roll back up and come back up. Lifting shoulders down even more of Nice lift. One more time. Drop your head rounding. Pull back in the navel, pulled back in the stomach, spread the shoulder blades and take your head all the way to the mat that it will come back up. Bring your feet together.

Now variation of this to really get that flection in the spine and start to pull the ligaments apart. Let's have the hands behind your hand. Drop your head down and let the elbows come forward. Now imagine someone pushing your sternum backwards so it's like you're trying to push the sternum between your shoulder blades. Let the shoulders blade spread and curl down. Again, aiming the top of your head on your thighs. You have to let the stomach roll backwards and keep pulling the elbows to the floor and pulling the stomach and seeing that a little bit lower.

This can be very intense cause you're really working to open up all of this, the back, the ligaments, and the Vertebra very deeply. Keep pulling back with the stomach back with the rib cage back with the diaphragm. Roll back up, roll back up, roll back up. Hands Down lifts even get more nice space in your body. Let's have everybody slightly forward. Hands behind the knees. Open the legs up, scooping the naval, bend the knees back and again, lift and back and lift.

Bring the legs together. Bring the legs back, reach up towards the feet. If you can open like rocker, roll back to the shoulders. Roll right back up and balance coop, scooping the navel and again, roll back, row up balance, roll back. Keep that long. Open spine. One more time like this. Roll back and come back up and balance. Now let go. See if you fingertips can just brush your ankles if you can.

Are Close. Same distance, but nothing changes. Who like a China doll roll back. Keep the shoulder blades gliding down the back of the neck long. All the power in the middle of the party and up. Bring the legs together. Grab your legs. Can you send, which in? How close can you get into your legs?

You can cheat and soften the knees. That's it. Now try and lift deep inside the body. Hands on the mat. Roll down slowly to the mat. Hips are long and circle the legs to the right. Down, left and up. Court screw left down right and up. Right down.

Left in, up. Left down right and up. Float the legs to the mat all the way down. Arms over the head. Roll back up again for saw. Open the legs and flex your feet. Push the heels away and lift. Shoulders glide down.

The back of the neck is on. Everybody twists to the right both hips stay steady. Try and get the left hand reaching towards your little toe. The right hand way back. Try and twist a little bit further than dive your head down. Left ear to the outside of the knee.

How low down can you get an n? Three times you saw one, two, three, roll back up to the middle, twist to the other side. No movement in the hips at all. So twist, no shift in the hips. Lifting up, twist a little bit more poorly. Arms apart. Then dive your head down towards the knee and slide your ear to the outside. Three saws. One, two, three. Roll back up and center. Lifting up out of the hips.

Twist the first side. Stretch one stretch. Do stretch three and lift other side twist. Stretch one, two, three and lift first side, keep the sit bones stable, but see if you can really open up that back and lift. Other side twist. Stretch one, two, three and lift legs together and slow roll down onto your backs. Just to release the spine. Arms to the side. Bend your right knee into your chest.

Take your left hand to the outside of the knee and let's go for a little twist. Keep the right shoulder down as long as you can. Take the foot of the bent leg to the floor. See if you can touch the floor and then slowly push the knee down. Even if the shoulder reluctantly lifts off. See really working the twist.

Take a deep breath in hip and armpit. Move away from each other and lengthen out on back on your back. Bend the knee in. Stretch the leg out, arms to the again, bend the other leg up, hand on the knee, and first as you roll, keep the shoulder down. Then when you go further, try and get the foot touching the floor and slowly. If you can't keep going all the way, let the shoulder come up to start to work.

The twist of the body come back, bend both knees into the chest. Now everybody roll to your left side. In the left side you want your knees opposite your hip. You want the spine straight to making a box shape and the healed are in square, so it's all a 90 degree angle, so they feel the under the knees, the knees are opposite. The hips. Have a look at your knees. They should be stacked up one exactly on top of the other, which means the hips are one on top of the other. You want your back.

So spine long, one hand on top of the other. The head rests on the floor. So Casey, the left hand will be right in front of you and the right hand is on top of it. It's like you're clapping your hands. That's exactly it. Now head stays on the floor, right hand goes to the ailing from here. Now check that your knees don't move. In fact, you can take the left hand and just place them on top of the knee.

So it's holding your knee, cause your knees and hips will want to destabilize. Start Rolling the hand in the sole of the right side of your body. Out. It's your tr. You're going into a twist and let the ribs, um, ravel and unwind. So the hips and the knees and let the head follow the direction of the hands. So you really slowly look yes.

So let the whole body turn. But don't let the knees on stack. So the sensation will be that fromm, yes, from the hip, you're sending energy from your hip hop hip into your knee. Your knees should be a little bit higher up and then the arm and the hand and the ribs should have that much range of movement that should be genetically there where everybody would get really tight in the twist of the rib cage. Very good. Roll back on your backs. Bring the hand in so you close back on your back, bend your knees in and you will do the other side.

So everybody roll onto your yes. Other side. I lost it because I stood up. So you want this knees, right? One on top of the other, the feet [inaudible] so you have exactly 90 degree. Yes, exactly. Exactly. There the feet of flex, the hips on top of each other. The spinal column is straight. Hand on hand. Flex your feet right there. Flex. Good.

Now hands are straight in front of you. Now from here, take your left hand straight to the ceiling. The right hand comes down over the knee just to stabilize it and now start opening the shoulders, the hands and the ribs. Don't let the hips, the stabilize. So you create this huge opening. When the body fully unraveled, your shoulder blades should be on as well, not just the hand.

So if you're not there, there's room for growth. Greater whole, this stretch on a regular basis for up to a minute on each side to really allow, look at you. This is nice range of movement. Very good. Now the hand that's out the left hand, bring it back up. Close it in. Bring the other hand so it's right under you. Through your close. And now roll back in your backs. Bend both knees into your chest, rock side to side. Just to release your spine.

Everybody, let's have you all on your stomach, on your hands and knees. So let's have the knees hip with the part, the hands, knee, hip with the part elbows are straight. And just to stretch out the arms, fingers go back both hands back and just let everything unravel. Now roll backwards and slowly unpeel the hand from the Mat. Now you'll flip around back of the hand on the mat all the way down.

If it's challenging, you bend your elbows first and then see if you can straighten it. If it's too much, too far away, you bring the hands closer to the knees. See if you can lengthen up and lengthen the spine and roll through. Place the hands, heel of the hands together. Rock side to side.

Bend the elbows sideways a little bit so you bend the elbows out and then roll. Peel the hand off and now hands fingers towards each other so you can get the back along if you can. And again, rock side to side and peel the handoff to sit back for a minute and shake your hand. He's out back on your hands and knees. Shift the weight. Make sure the hands are right under the shoulders. Shift the weight on top of the hands and slightly all the floor like you're a cat.

Climbing the mat and make sure that the index finger and some are pressing strongly in. So this joint is anchoring. That's because your tendency will be to roll out a, keep the index finger joint pressing down, right? Like back. Should we go into plank position? Left leg back. So you're holding the position, but send the energy down into the firm and index finger. Yes. Lift your right leg up. Lower back, left leg, back and down. Right leg, back and down. Left leg, back and down. Right leg, back and down. Left leg, back and down. Now long spine, slowly lower yourself all the way to the mat.

Very good. Hands Long in front of you. Index. Uh, like corral what I call karate chops. Feet together. Lift your head and chest. Stop. Look between your hands. Get the back of the neck. Long and slow. Nope. Hands down though. Cam Casey, hands on the floor. Just a chest lifting. So you want to feel this upper back working so you can come pull the shoulders down, your back a little bit lower down for hit to the mat again. Lift your head and chest up, lengthening into the back of the neck and then slowly glide the hands in.

Yeah, a little bit sticky. Make fists with your hands. Press the knuckles together so that nut, yes, the knuckles will come together. So you have a slight v sensation. I use this to pull the stomach off the mat. That's a two. And then lengthen up through the crown of the head.

Keep the stomach lifting. So Thomas from your pubic bone up through the sternum, you want length and um, traction of the whole truck. Bend your right foot and keep that traction going. And squeeze the foot to your bottom. Keep lifting the stomach up. Lengthen down, lifting the stomach up. Left leg comes in, pull it in and lift the stomach. Don't let yourself sag down to let the leg bend and lengthen down. And again, right like comes in long trunk.

Try to keep that spine wrong so you really legs sitting out in the hip. Flexes left leg. Now think of the pubis bone pressing down to get even more openness in the hip flexors and down other leg. And now fast kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick lengths and everything down. Hands behind your back, elbows down. Turn your head to your left, right here on the mat. Feet together. AA Kicks. Then both feet kick, kick, kick and lengthen. Open the collar bones out other side.

Kick to three and open the collarbones out first side, kick two, three and squeeze the shoulder blades together. One more time. Kick two, three and squeeze the shoulder blades, Heather. Even more, even more. That set and down. Hands under your shoulders. Elbows in. So Amy, get that. That's it. Now everybody pull the shoulders to the ears, up to the ears. Pull the stomach in.

So you want to imagine the distance from your hips to your armpits is as long as possible. The shoulders have to go towards the ears to get the length. So instead of down up, lift your head and chest a little bit and pull the shoulders towards the ears more and then roll them away from the floor. So you push, you starting to push with your hands to get this and then start coming up. So you're stretching your front body. Think of the chest coming forward and then up, not just compressing into the lower back. Yes, come back down and again, lift your head and chest length in the front body. So it's like someone's grabbing your armpits and dragging them away from your hips. Open the front body and lift a little bit further up and down. And one more time like this. Lifting up, shoulders forward and up.

Opening the front high part of the sternum. Lifting back. The neck is long. So Heather Chin down. That's it. Top of the crown. Lifting up. Now come all the way to straight. Everybody just stretch out and let the hips get heavy so you really traction into the hip flexors. Lower back down. Bend both knees for rocking. Pull the feet in.

Now press the front of your groins into the mat to open them. Send the knees as far away from Yukon and lift up. Pressing way up. Open the shoulders. Come back down. Pull the feet to your bottom, lift up again and open down. Third time will go into rocking. Lift up. Try to lift even higher and then rock forward.

Wrap back and back and back and lower back down. Sit into your heals and stretch your back out. Who all the stomach up and I have to get my Mike organized. Hence stretch your back. Way Out, knees and feet together. Everybody walk your hands to the right and then walk your hands to the left.

Come back to the center. Hips go in one direction, fingertips in the other. So it's like someone's sitting on your bottom and pushing it towards your toes. Bring your hands to the floor by your feet with the palms up and then start rolling up to sitting. Very slowly. Pull the stomach in and roll up slowly opening up your back body again. Rolling up, rolling up, rolling up.

Rolling up to nice long open position. Come up on your knees. Let's have everybody in the middle of the mat facing this direction for side leg lifts. So sitting up nice and tall. See if you can bring the hips a little bit forward and lift up in the stomach. Right hand to the mat. Left hand out. Bring the other hand to the ceiling.

Watch that the elbow is going straight up and lengths in the waist. Lift the leg up, lower down. Lift the leg up, lower down, lift the leg up, lower down. Now see if you can just take the weight off and lift again. I'm not very good at that list again. And lift again and lift. Hold it and concenter.

We all need to work on that one other die and first lengthening out. Lift the leg and down and lift the leg and down and lift the leg and down. Now see if you can find your balance so you have to work a lot. Yes, Amy. That's the idea. And down, lift and down. Lift and down.

Sitting down onto your left hip, holding your ankle. Everybody left hip is on the mat. I will mirror image you. This hand comes up. Lift both sides of the waist up as much as you can and stretch you. Opening up the side ribs and lean into the hand stretch. So both sides of the waist.

Lengthen and use this hand to push the hips into the feet and back. Lift to the ceiling. First stretches far over as you can wrap the hand, round your head and up. Other side and stretch. Wrap the hand around your heads, which really working into the upper ribs as much as we can. One more time. Lift and over wrap.

Now lift both sides of the waist and curl your shoulders. Dowels heel facing the floor. Crawl out again. Stretch and other side lift. Open up those side ribs. Curl in a little bit and out.

Stretch. Swing to the other side. Lifting up Heather. You'll do the opposite. That's it. Stretch. Casey, do you want the opposite? Do you want, that's you're bending this way and stretch and lift and rap and lift and rap and lift. Wrap and twist and stretching out. And one more time. Other side. Lift and curl and stretch out and up.

Everybody swinging the legs to the front. Lift your legs up. Arms Long. We can't end without teaser. Roll back on the Mat. Roll up, roll back on the Mat. Roll up, roll back on the Mat. Roll Up. Hands up. Lower the legs. Lift lower, lift lower.

This is called praying and rolled down and tried to come up and touch your toes and down hopefully with control and up and down. One more time and up. Make Your v Bend the knees for seal. Clap three times. Clap, clap, clap, rollback, clap, clap, clap. Roll up, clap, clap, clap. Third one. You all stand up. One more time.

Last one. Cross your feet. Come to standing. Very good. Swivel yourselves around. Meaning mean. So here we are. Clap, clap, clap. Last one. You stand up, your feet across. You swivel around. So now you're in Pilati stands and walk down to the Mat. Amy's got the idea. Walk out to plank, right?

Three pushups for better for worse. One and two and three. Walk back. Roll up to an upright position. Lift up to the sitting. Try to touch the ceiling with your spine.

Arms all the way out and downturn to face the center. Thank you very much.


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Niedra Gabriel
Glad you enjoyed the workout.
What a wonderful Christmas present! Thank you for the great workout! I love when you move so quickly and gracefully through the movements.
Niedra Gabriel
How nice to read this - love that the workout was a " christmas gift" and your comment acted as a gift to me!
Happy Holidays Sherry, enjoy enjoy.
A great way to get back into it after a few days off :) thanks!
One of the best classes I've taken. Felt refreshing..thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Glad you enjoyed the class both of you - happy new year, keep moving, it is all good.
A lovely holiday treat, thank you and Happy New Year!
Beautiful As Always Niedra, Thank You
& A Very Very Happy New Year :)
Niedra Gabriel
Happy New year Louisa and Yogunda - thank you for all your wonderful support, enthusiasm and communication - on all websites. I look forward to meeting you someday ( sooner than later.)
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