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Reformer on the Wunda Chair

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Niedra Gabriel gives us a look at how Reformer work can be done on other pieces of equipment in this Wunda Chair workout. Her detailed cues and creativity make it so easy to follow along in this challenging class. There will be a few brand new exercises as well as variations to old favorites like the Hundred, Rowing, Down Stretch, and much more!
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Feb 04, 2015
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Good afternoon everybody. I'm here with Jennifer and with Colleen, my two very good friends and wonderful teachers and we are doing a second class in the series of showing how the reformer work can be done in other apparatus, which is just a fun, another way to interpret everything. But it's also really fun to combine this in a group class and we will have a third shoot where we demonstrate how this can be done as a group. Another way for small studio owners and big studio owners to take more advantage and offer more ways for people to work out. So some of the exercises are brand new maybe and some of them have been done for a long time. So we will start with footwork.

So here we have a grots chair when the chair, and this is a balanced body or chairs, I will mention spring tensions we have on the inner spring because this one has four springs, uh, two on the second to bottom hook on the grads. We have two middle springs. Again, there's no hard and fast rules with springs on chairs. I say this because people always want to know what the spring tension is. Every spring is slightly different. Highly, highly recommend tests, everything on your own body before you make your clients do it because you can avoid a lot of heart ache and um, very important actually to keep a sense of common sense and check the equipment before you start. But everybody's set to go Pilati stance. I like to have all five toes on so the little toe is a very important one as well. Hands are in front.

Nice lifted spine and press down and lift up and press down. Keep lifting up out of the sacrum. Try to keep the body nice and steady. Four and up five and up, six and up. Keep the heels steady there, Jennifer. Don't let them go down and up. Eight and nine and 10. Very good.

Put the hands behind you and bring your feet into bird on a per two knees and feet together. Extend the toes long and press down again. Press and up to an up three and up for an upkeep. Trying to get taller. That's it. Try to keep the height. Six and seven and eight. Nice, broad shoulders, nine and 10 heels. So nice flex feet.

Bring your hands into Jeannie or Dan to position one hand on top of the other. Big lift up out of the lower spine and push down again. Press and one press and two press and three press and for press and five press and six press and seven press and eight press and nine and press and 10 is that too heavy? A spring tension for you? Are you okay with that? I think it's okay. Okay, I can go down. Nope, that's, I was just wondering, um, to toes apart. Heels together for tendon stretch. Press the ledge halfway down.

Not Jennifer. I want, that's it. Now keep your knees steady. So push down a little bit more closed in. You can hold the front, push down, keep the knees where they are, flex your feet and press the ledge down and flex and press and flex and press and flex and press. Now you keep the step where it is. So the step no longer moves and you do this against the knees will go down. As you flex, the knees will get lower and lift and lower and lift.

So the steps should not be all the way down there, Jennifer. Three quarters of the way. That's it. So you have to really stabilize everything and press and let the step come all the way back up and get off the chair. Lie down on your back for hundreds. So you're going, don't be lying down with your head close to the, to the edge of the chair. You hold the step with your hands.

Bring the elbows about shoulder with. Pull the shoulders down your back and pull the chair down a little the ledge down a bit. Lift your head and chest up so you come into a scoop position, extend the legs out and take a deep breath in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe and breathe in and breathe out and breathe in. Filling the backlogs and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. And last one in and I've been the knees and drop your head down at the step. Come back up.

Next one will be short spine massage. So you hold the ledge the same way. Don't not necessarily have to pull it down, but use it as a stabilizer and both. You ladies just extend the legs at 45 degrees. Lift your hips up and bring the legs over your head so the feet. Touch the chair.

Now bend the knees and let the feet slide down to the step. Keep your feet there and you can flex your feet. If you want to roll your hips down away and be sure not to push into your knees, but work the trunk and then let go with your feet and bring your feet to your bottom. Row your hips down. Extend your legs out. Lift up and over again. Lift up and over, up and over. Touch the step the chair. I meant bend the knees. Flex your feet to the, to the ledge.

Now as you roll down, don't get into the legs. Work the trunk. Get that lower spine. Do not push into here. Work the pelvis down. That's it. And then push your feet to your bottom. Extend your legs out again. Lift your bottom up and over. Lift. Touch this chair. Bend your knees, Hook and roll down.

So you use this to really massage your back and you can really work the evenness into the hips. Bring your feet to your bottom. And last time, extend the legs out. Lift your bottom up and over. Bring your feet to the chair. Bend and come to the step and roll down. Really soften that upper middle waist and hips and bring your feet to your bottom. Keep your feet there. Let go of the ledge, the step. Set yourselves up for coordination.

So just like you were doing coordination on the Mat, curl your head in, chest up, and extend your arms and legs out. Open and close the legs. Bend your knees, Bend your arms, extend open and close. Very good bend. And then last one, extend opening, close and bend. And Ben dropped your head to the mat. Give your legs a little squeeze and a hug just to massage yourself and come up to sitting. You want to sit for the rowing, searing, you start out with your back to the s back to the chair. So you want to sit maybe a foot from the chair so you can actually reach it.

Okay. I maybe, let's have you set yourselves up with one middle spring. So we are going to adjust. Jennifer, you, yeah, this is good for you. Two Springs. Okay. So she put her chair on one lower and one just one on the bottom and one just one up. And um, Colleen has one middle spring on the grotty equipment. So nice lift through the spine, scoop your navel and round yourself back. Take your arms out to the side with a thumbs down. Stay there, push the arms as far back as you can and then bring your head forward.

Hold us steps. You can't go too far forward. Do not hyper. Extend the elbows and push that step down. Lifting the bally that this step. Come back up. Reach the arms up towards the ceiling. Scoop them all the way around. Grab your feet.

I like you to flex and pull away from your feet to open up the middle, lower and upper back, and then come up to sitting and start again. Roll back and just, that's right. Open your arms out, push back with those arms and then come forward. Put Your hands on the ledge. Can't go too far forward. Colleen, open up here. Now Push that ledge down, deepening into the back ribs. Let the step come up. Lift the arms up all the way over.

Grab the feet and pull back away from the feet and then come back up. Sitting nice and tall and roll back again. Scooping through the naval arms out with a some stound. Stay right there and push those arms as far back as you can internally rotate and then come forward and grab the top of the step. Push it down and deepen that sternum into the back ribs.

Lift the step up again. Reach the arms up all the way around. Grab your feet and open up your back body spread even between the shoulder blades. Come back up. Sit Up with the arms at a 90 degree angle. Take your armpits and prism down towards your waist. Armpits downs. Engage into the laughs. Good. Hinge back, long flat back. Come back up. Lift up long spine.

As you bend forward and bend your elbows back, good reach back. You have to roll back up to the step. Press it down again. Good adjustment here. Sweep the arms up all the way over. Grab your feet with your feet. Flex in just for a moment. Lift your head up, look at your toes and stretch your spine forward. And now bend forward again, keeping a nice long back as you can forward and come back up and repeat that. Lift your spine and hinge back long back. Come back up.

Lift. Stretch out. Long forward. Pull the arms back, grab the step and press it down. Lift it up, sweep the arms all the way up, all the way over. Grab your feet, lift your head up and arm bones back as you stretch forward and down, bend over so you bring your head down. Think of your head wanting to touch your big toe. Come back up for your last one and a little bit. Bring these arm bones. Yeah, and hinge back and come back up. Lift, stretch forward. Bring the arms back, hold the step, push it down, sweep the arms up, all the way over. Grab your feet, lift your head, stretch your chest forward and lengthen back down over the legs.

Make sure your kneecaps are going to the ceiling and come back up. Very nice. Swing around to face the chair. Your feet will be on either side of the chair and you are. If you can get a slight hugging feeling, that always helps work the inner thighs. So use this will be the equivalent of reaching from the shoulders. So nice if to Jennifer. The arm bodes just a little bit back. Good. Reach the arms out. Bring them down to the chair.

You may need to bend a little hinge forward. Push down with arms straight. Bring the arms up all the way out and lift out of your lower back. Starting again. Stretch out and reach hands to the step more lift.

Push down and lift the arms up all the way out and down. One more time. Reach out from the armpits. Forward to the ledge. Press that set that broad. Broaden your shoulders and up and reach the arms up all the way out and down. A reaching from the hips is going to feel just like spine stretch.

So scoop and slide your hands forward. Roll up enough that you can place your hands on the step and push the step down in a scoop to position so you roll back a little bit and release the step. Reach the arms up to the ceiling. Lift the spine way about of the lower back all the way out and down. And again, slide yourself forward in a scoop. Reach the hands to the step.

Push that step down. You can bend your elbows a little bit, Jennifer, and come back. Now lift all the way up. Lift the arms up more here, more back with the ribs out and down in, out to be in front of your peripheral, in your peripheral vision. One more time. Scoop your navel as you slide forward. Hands to the staff. Scoop that step way down. Lift the step back up. Now unraveled the spine, lifting out of that lower back and all the way in the hand. Stay in front of the shoulder line. So the knocked way back here, all the way down. Very good. Sit Cross legged diamond shape for saving the back of your head.

You want the thumbs right on the occipital bone and your elbows wide. So a little bit lower down for me. Hinge forward a bit out of the hips and then slide your hands up on a long diagonal and bend back. Elbows very, very wide and press and back. Really widen and squeezes shoulder blades. Press. I want these shoulder blades to gather and press and wide with those elbows and press and back. Last one like this, lift up out of the sacred hole. This position, lift the spine, lift the waist, lift through the fingers and take the arms out to the side.

Cross your feet the other way. In this position, get these elbows to lift way up and the palm to face front to more. Lift in the elbows, Colleen and there so you're not dipping down in the elbow. Shoulders are way down slightly. Squeeze your shoulder blades to yes. Now lift up. So as the hands come together, squeeze the arms together. You want the line of the lower knuckle, the lower risk to ma. Be in line and open out. Lift those elbows more, Colleen. And don't let the hands dip. Yes and schoolies and open.

Better and squeeze. Make sure the fingers line up with your solar plexus and open and Ooh. Ease those arms. Lifting the back and open. Lifting the elbows last fall. That was good, Colleen. Press and come back up. Very nice.

Shake your arms out and swan so you will. Ladies will stand up and come around. Say lying on the chair and press a step down. You're keeping the same spring tension. Make sure your shoulders are right above the wrists.

And Jennifer, you are very flexible shoulder girl. We need a little bit more of these rhomboids working for you. Okay, so now keeping the shoulders y slight contraction in the shoulder blades. Just lift your chest up so you lift all the way up. Lift out of the lower back out of your stomach and lower back down. So you're gonna pump up and down and press don't over.

Tuck in the pelvis and down and lift, rolling these shoulders back and opening up and down and lift and down. Now Jennifer, you bending your back a little bit more lifting. So we get this Ben. This is the era, despite that's much better, much better and down two more like that just because I'm happier with your back Ben now, but I want that to work and still to connect to the side, ribs and down. And last ones who really set a sacred very nicely when it does it the right way, not in a tucked position but heavily into the pelvis and down. Now for pulling on the straps, you stay here, pump your arms three times. Don't go up and down. Colleen, stay at the same height too, but the showed the delta is should be. That's it. Now you only lift from the center of your shoulder blade forward and up.

So the backbend is just here. Pull those shoulder blades together, press down again, nice and long. Pump three times. Keep those ribs law so you're not, oh, that's it. Now squeeze your shoulder blades and lift. Just bending, only upper back, not mower, back and down. Pump again, and pump better shape here and three and little back bend. It's more sense of lengthening, much better, much, much, much better. Okay, one hand comes up to the chair, to the top, and then you slide back and stand up. Roll yourself up. So we've done pulling on the straps in the reformer.

Now instead of doing t, we're going to do the pushup one because it works a lot into the lads. So let's have both of you. I think, Colleen, if you come on this side to both, both of you, we'll work the same way. Let's have you both lifting your arms up per minute. I think you want to say, oh no, no. This is good. You want to stand just in line with the hips in line with that ledge.

So bend yourselves forward and put one hand on the top and one hand on the chair on the step. Now Walk yourself out into a plank position and bend your left elbow. But you want to keep this rib cage square and the hips square and up and lower and up and lower and up and lower and up. Walk your feet back in and stand up. And Colleen, I want you to do this again because you were too far over to the left. I think it's going to be much more effective because you want the weight on this hand. This is to the side, but this is your strengthener.

So let's have you both do it one more time. Same side, arms up. Scoop your navel to bend over and walk your feet out to a plank. Now as you start to bend this left arm, you want to square off the ribcage so it doesn't twist. Hips are here. Ah, I think the spring is too light for you. Okay. Walk back in. Not the right spring tension.

So let's get you on cue. Middle ones just for a minute. Let's try better. So we're square cause you're looking to have this. That's it. Now I can see your lat starting to work. Just pump three times. Very important. This exercise, we're trying to get this stability in the trunk and not to twist or Torque, much better. Now we're beginning to have it. Walk your feet back in, roll back up. And because we've had some fiddle time as well, you can do three times on the other side. So let's have you ladies walk around. So, uh, think that's good.

Reach the arms up, scoop the naval and bend over. Walk out to a plank and just bend the left, the right arm slightly to square the shoulders as much as you can. Now bend the arm a little bit more and push up one and press and two and press and three. Walk your feet back in. Unravel your spine and roll your arms up and roll right back down again. Roll down and walk yourself out.

As you start to bend the arms, try to get the shoulder girdle straight. That's much better there, Jennifer. So you're trying to keep yourself square. It's not about getting the hand to the floor, it's about keeping the squareness. Walk your feet back in and roll your arms up.

And one more time. Roll your hands down. Walk yourself out into plank and you can already start bending the right arm to square better one and keep this square two and three walk your feet back in, roll your arms back up, all the way out and all the way down. Very, very nice. Okay, so the next one is equivalent, the backstroke on the reformer. And we're going to do attendance, stretch variation of it's, I'd like you both making sure you have the springs set, you have two middle springs. Do you think that'll be good for you? Sometimes we do high, low, but if you think middle is fine, this is a pretty light tension. So she's got two inner second to bottom springs, much more complicated and sophisticated. So let's have you both sitting, get your feet into a Pilati stance or parallel. It just depends upon the training you or and, or the angle you wanted to your hips and press a step down and lift your hips up so you're in this scooped position. You want to feel the weight into your hands.

And just while you're holding this position, lower your heels down, lift your heels up and lift the hips all the way up, pulling up as high as you can and flex your heels down in, up in the air, and lift up onto demi point and press allege back down again and lower the heels and lift the heels. You will need to take the weight into the hands to pull those hips up, pull them up, pull them up, pull them up, pull them up, stay high and lower the yields. Lift the heels and lower back down. Lower the heels, lift the heels, Paul the hips up as high as you can. Pope Book Book Book Book. Flex the feet and lift the heels and lower all the way back down.

Sit back on the chair, lift the feet up. So the spring tension has gone very nice, hard work and swing around for teaser. So you probably will want one middle spring is its arm. Unless it's spring tension. You're doing arm work, Jennifer. So whatever tension you like in a balanced body. Yeah, one.

Okay. So probably sitting with your hips more or less. In the middle of the chair. Depends how big or small the chair is. Lift your leg straight up in front of you and put this hand back on the, on the uh, step with the fingers pointing forward. Scoop the Navel and press the ledge all the way down and pump your arms three times. Ben, one staying at the same place, two and three and scoop the naval to roll yourself back up to a teaser position with your legs. Just long push down again, same thing again, we'll repeat this. So you send the articulation of the pelvis pump three times and one and two and three.

Keep those arms nice and long and scoop the naval to roll up to the top of the spring and then bend the knees to table top if you can. You want this scooped in the ribs shape for you. Push down again, press pump three times and one, two, three. Roll up, lifting the trunk up, trying to keep the leg stable, push down again. Press, scoping the naval pump three times and press and two and three and roll to the top of the spring. And now extend the legs out. Law Full teaser. Press down again, pump three times and one and two and three. Scoop the navel to roll yourself up.

And last time try to keep the leg stable there. Colleen, you're doing really well. Push one, push two, push three roll to the top of the spring. See if you can find your balance point reached their hands towards the feet. Bend the hands behind you. Clasp and stretch and lower the legs down. Open the arms out. Grab your ankles and just give yourselves a nice little stretch.

That was awesome. Ladies. Roll yourselves back up to sitting. Okay, so the next one is a long stretch series. So let's have you both come and stand in front facing the chair, lift your arms up and then bend forward. Put your hands on the step, push the step all the way down and walk your feet out to a plank. So you step out to a long plank position. Keep yourself centered and then roll the heels as back as far as you can go.

And then roll as far forward. Some people roll all the way over the toes and roll back and rock all the way forward. One more time. Roll back and rock all the way forward. Rock I halfway back and walk full in with your feet. Okay, very good. Let the step come all the way up.

Come up to standing position and the next one will be kneeling on the floor for down stretch. So kneeling down, you actually have to come down onto your knees and then let the step come up. So what you will do is press a step down so you scoop your naval, pressing the step down and roll back up. And now lift your chest a little bit. Gentle pressure into the step to get the length through the trunk and back to center. Scoop the naval to push the step down and roll up.

And again, that nice extension into the upper back, upper sternum, lifting back and straight. And one more time. Press down and come back up and try to have the extension right from above the so you're not working too much in the lower back. Opening up and back. Very good. So now press a step down. Step up onto your feet and lift your hips up here. Lift the hips up, and then walk your feet all the way out. So you come into a plank position. Lift your heads a little bit. Walk your feet back in, walk, walk, walk, walk quite close to your hands.

And then lift the step to the top of the spring, scooping your navel and push down again. Press down, walk your feet out, walk, walk, Walk to nice long plank position length in the upper back. Walk your feet back in. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, roll to the top of the spring. And one more time. Press down, walk your feet out. Nice to a nice long plank position. Long Spine. Walk your feet all the way back in and come up to the top of the spring. Roll, roll, roll.

Lift your arms up to the ceiling and all the way down. Now let's have you step a few inches away from the chair. Just a small amount for the elephant is the elephant like we do on the mat and the good old fashioned days. So the arms come up to the ceiling, scoop the navel and bring the hands down all the way to the front. Try to get your hands almost behind you heels if you can, or walk your feet forward. Either way so the hands are flat. Now try walking your feet back on your heels. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, and then walk your feet back.

Forward, forward, trying to keep yourself on your heels, on your heels, on your heel. Then you come as far forward as you can. Very good walk back again. You have to pull strongly into that stomach. Very good and walk forward again. Now as you do this, try not to throw the hips from side to side, but really work the leg from the hip. One more time. Walk back without too much w much better Jennifer. Walk, walk and walk and then come forward again. Forward, forward, forward and forward. Very good and roll.

All the way up, all the way up, all the way up, lift the arms up to the ceiling all the way out and all the way down. Very, very ladies. We're next one is a stomach massage to setup your springs for stomach massage. It will be the same spring tension that you use for footwork right at the beginning when you sit very similar to footwork, but you want to be really close to the front [inaudible] stance and actually slide your hands down the front of the chair a little bit. So you're in this scoop to c curve position. And here we go.

You push down and up one and press and two and press and three and press. And normally we add a flex points. So push down, hold it, flex your feet, point your feet, lift up, press flex point and up, flex, flex point and up and last one, press flex point and up. Bring your spine up to a straight position and take the hands back. So again you push down flex point and lift and press flex point and lift and press flex point and lift and press flex point. And Lift and press flex point and lift and press, flex point and lift, flex point and lift. And last one, flex point and lift. Very good.

Reach the hands in front of you four times pressing down solo one and up two and up three and up four. Now going for the twist, press down and twist. Bring the knees up and press down and twist and up and press down and twist and up. Last one, press down and twist and very, very nice. Now the next one is your short box. So I recommend a lighter spring for that. So come back to a sitting position and we will probably will want your pelvis a little bit further back, but you will figure this one out.

So first of all, press a step all the way down. Keep it there. Bring your hands to your naval for round back and round your spine and roll as far back as you can go comfortably. Keeping the step down. Roll back, sit up tall and again, roll back the same way. Scooping the naval. That is really to a certain extent up to you cause the little bit we can work, just see which one you prefer.

But you do want the legs parallel or an [inaudible] stance concept. Okay, so you've got the foot heel position and Jennifer's got the toll position. They're all valid because it's more like just a stabilizer for you. Now next one is flat back. Let's have your arms above your head as though you're holding a stick.

Nice lift. Keep that lift out of the sake room and hinge back long, flat back. Keep the step steady and come back up and lift and hinge back and come back up and lift and hinge back and come back up nice and bend to the right and come back and bend to the left and up and been to the right and up and been to the left and up and been to the right and, and last one. Bend to the left and up. And just to relax your legs for a minute, let the step come up, grab your knees and just bend over slightly. So you round yourself a little bit and then come back up to an upright position. Push the step down, lift your arms up for the twist. So lift, rotate to the right hips are steady as you hinge out.

So you reach out on a diagonal and comeback. Lift and twist to the left and hinge out and back and lift and twist to the right and hinge and back and to the left and hinge. And that keeping your collarbones wide the whole time. For one more time and hinge and back and to the left, twist, hinge and back. Let the knees come up for a minute and round your back and roll up again for the tree so you press down and bend your right knee in towards your chest.

This takes a lot of work in the pelvis to keep yourself steady and extend the leg three times. Reach one, reach to reach three flex some point. Walk your hands up if you like to flex and 0.1 flexing point to flex and 0.3 and then walk back climbing down, keeping your hips square and come back up again and lift. One more time. Walking down, trying to keep the hips square and come back up. Can you put more weight into the left one? Okay. And one more time. Walking down and come back up. Ah, now Ben, the foot, so the foot will come above the left knee. So you bend the right knee and hold the front of the chair or the side of the chair. Get a sense of square hips and bend over that front leg and come up and do the same with the other side. So you bend the other knee in.

Bring the knee in, see if you can keep your hips square and the leg three times lifted, one lifted, two lifted three. Walk your hands up. Flex 0.1, two, three and climbed down your leg. And there's a definitely a lot of work happening on the right side to keep you square and come back up and go down again scooping in. As you go back, pressing that step down and coming back up. And one more time down, you go and come back up and bend the knee. Place the foot on top of the knee, keep your hips square and over you go and come back up. Very nice and let the step come up and get your legs off.

So the next one you get off the chair is the equivalent, what we would do for a knee stretch series and the reformer is mountain climbing. So set the spring tension that you would like for that. So Jennifer has two on the inner, second to bottom rung and you have probably one high to middle ones. Okay, very good. So place your hands on the sides of the chair and Stepdad, Stepdad. Put the step down with your right foot. Good. Press down and bring your left foot up to the top of the chair right here. Check that your hips are really square and scoop the navel.

And if possible, can you reach your hands forward? Is it too much for you to be right at the front? No. Over here we're actually not going to lift upright, but we're going to stay forward. So we will start with some pumps with your hands down and then you just lighten the weight so you, your pressure is off the hands completely onto that right side. So shift into that right left leg and start pumping eight times pump n, two and three and four and five and six.

Now lightened the handhold and one and two stay curved over four and five and six and seven and a. Put the hands down and change legs. How they're like comes up. Square the hips as much as you can. Shift onto the right leg and start your pumps. And one n two n three and four and five, six, seven, eight. Lighten the tons.

Hold three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Step down. Very good. Down to the floor. The step comes up. You come up to standing and rest. Very good. Alright, so next one is late. No, it's not like circles. We're doing frogs first. Frogs then leg circles. That's right. So let's have you both lying on your back.

I have a tendency to lose my um, sequencing because it's a new piece of apparatus. The springs for this one, all you're going to do is hold with your hands. So when you're lying down, it's very similar to the position you had for the hundreds. So you have a slight stabilizing pulling in to anchor your shoulders into your back. Bring the knees up, heels together, toes apart. Knees, knees, knees apart. Heels together. I'm sorry, said Frog. So just like frogs on, press out in, in a few times with your legs and in and out and in and out and in and out.

And in one more time like this, press out and hold and five leg circles. One way. One, two, three, four, reverse it. And one, two, three, four and five. Bend your knees into your chest. Very, very nice. Now the next one is long spine, so you'll be going kind of over the way. You started for short spine and then lifting up. So extend the legs out, bring the hips up and over and then lift the legs to the ceiling. Up High Open. No. Keep the legs together and roll down.

Pressing the legs away from you. Take the legs out and again, bring the legs over. Lift the legs up high. Now open the legs, the width of your shoulders and hips, the legs out as best you can. That's the idea, Colleen and together. Amazing. Both of you. One more time. Bring the legs over and lift up high. Open the legs and press the legs away from you as you roll down. So you use this upper back stabilization to help you get that traction legs together. Reverse open and roll up.

Lift the legs up together and see how far you can press those legs away from you. They have to work the hips. That is awesome. Again, open the legs out and up together. Reach the legs away from you to roll down, working through the spine. One more time. Open the legs out, up together, hips from and rolled down. The vision is that you have this hovering long traction body. Very good. Bend the knees in. Very nice rock, rock back and forth a few times and bring yourselves up to standing position for running. So you turn around, put your hands in the back of the chair, step the step down and stand parallel position, toes and heels together.

Bring your shoulders as close over your wrist as you can with your navels. Scooped in your head down. And now press your right heel down, left heel pressed up, press and two m press and three and press and four and press n five and press. Let the head relax and press seven press eight press nine press seven 10 and press. Very good. Step down from here that this step come up. Turn around so you sit on the, let's have a pelvic lift. You were going to do the equivalent of, I call it bottoms up, but there's a bunch of different ways. Bridge position.

You want your hands behind you. Your feet will either be in Peloton stance or parallel and seek. Make sure your feet are in the middle of their Callie, not off to one side. So a little bit more to your left in relation to the chair. And now lift your hips up.

Try to get the hips in line with the armpit so you make a bridge position a straight line. Now push the ledge down, hips high and one, and press and press and press and press and press and sit back down on the step. And I would say that you are cooked and you are done. So we basically ran through the equivalent of something parallel to an intermediate reformer. This can be run hand in hand with someone doing the same exercise on the reformer or just as a brand new type of exercise that gets to work you very hard. So thank you ladies. Thank you so much. Enjoy. Bye.

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Creative and challenging, especially tree. You ladies made it look easy, and I know from practicing that it was not! Nice cueing as always, Niedra.
Niedra Gabriel
glad you enjoyed this workout, enjoy, enjoy.
Loved the workout and the creativity of taking the reformer exercises to the chair. Great! Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
I thought you may be from Israel Avishag, looking at your name, and I was right! so glad to know you are enjoying these classes.
I am from Israel too, and will be visiting in the summer, it is always good to know more pilates studios are opening and functioning in my home land.
Really? If you come for a workshop please let me know...... looking forward to more classes of yours!
Niedra Gabriel
Yes, I will be there in early september for a week and may do something through Chely's studio in Jerusalem. If you would like to be on my mailing list for activities drop me an email and I will add you on.
I really liked this class. I have a reformer and chair in my little studio so it will help me do a semiprivate session from time to time. Great class.
Niedra Gabriel
Wonderful Sandra - enjoy the challenge - it keeps the teacher " thinking on her feet".
Melissa C
A nice smooth delicious wunda workout. Love!

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