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Spice up your routine with a Mixed Equipment workout with Niedra Gabriel! She teaches a Round Robin class where she does an intermediate Reformer workout on the Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac. They switch equipment every few exercises which creates a stimulating environment for the students as well as the instructor. Get ready to have some fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Mar 07, 2015
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Good afternoon everybody. I'm here with my wonderful friends and fellow teachers, Rebecca and Jennifer and Colleen and we're going to do around Robin workout where we do the equivalent of what the reformer intermediate level workout is and every few exercises we change equipment. This is an example of how a small studio owner can run a group class at intermediate level that it you can spice up what you can offer people. Um, this is the business side of the, of teaching, which means you can get more people, they paid less, you make more. And even though we often don't think about it, you know, it's good for everybody and it's worth it because it becomes much more interesting and stimulating.

Cause all of us are teacher and the students have to think a lot more and it's good for us to be constantly stimulated. So we are going to start at a tab. We are doing the equivalent of footwork and let's have everybody set up to go. And very often you can literally have people start to let you, all of you start and you do 10 in your Palati stats just to 10 variations. And so as a teacher, if you're running the class, you could synchronize this a little bit faster, Rebecca. So your, because this is intermediate level, we're assuming that we're kind of starting to warm up the body. And when you all stop, I'll know you finished your set of 10 and then move onto bird on a perch, really wrapped the toes around.

And here we go again and press and come in and press and come in and press and come in, press and in and press an in and press an into more times press. And in last one, press in on your heels, flex the feet, pull the toes way up and press out and come on in. And the focus is very much now on the flex opening, the whole sole of the foot if you can, and spreading the toes. And usually the little toe needs a little help working even more. Rebecca, can you pull the toes up a little bit further? And last one and now tendon stretch back to Pilati stance or everybody.

But Coleen, press out and flex and point. So that's a Jennifer. You don't want this. Okay, you're moving the step right now. Very good. So you do about five that way and then you keep the steps stationary for you and you move your knees up and down. And when you've done your 10 come all the way back in. Set yourselves up for hundreds I would suggest.

I'm going to lift the foot bar for you and you will be on the ground. Very good. Nice set up. Here we go. And press out into your hundred. Shake and breathing into three, four, five. Exhale. Four, five, two, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five. Suffer. Maxient very soft. Legs are power. Exhale, five. Exhale, six. Exhale, three, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, nine, four, five. Exhale, last one. And exhale. Bend your knees and come in.

Drop your head down. Rest for a second. Set yourselves up for short spine massage feet through the leather. This is a grad piece of equipment that Rebecca is working on, so she sees a new setup for her. Always a straps right by the heels. Long arms, knees only, shoulder width with the part not wider than that. Press out and lift up and over. Very good.

Bend the knees and roll down. Softening the legs so you work through the trunk, getting the ribs down, bend the knees and bring your feet to your bottom and press out and lift up again. Lifting way up and over. Bend the knees down. Soften the muscles of the legs and work through the hips. Do not push into here. Work into there. Yes, and then pull the feet down and again, if things happen over then the knees keep weighted into the left side as well.

Roll down. Nice, Nice, nice length in the right side of your hips. Good and down and again, pressing out, lift up and over. Bend the knees and roll. Rolled rob that spine down and bring your feet to your bottom and change over for coordination. You will. You can work it with your feet or handsprings, whichever you prefer. You will hold these one in one and elbows tight. Knees in, lift your head and chest up and arms and legs extend out. Open and close. Bend the knees, bend the arms, extend arms and legs out. Open and close. Keep your head up.

Bend and bend your elbows only. Extend out. Opening close. Bend your knees, Bend your arms, drop your head down and rest. Okay, now we do our round Robin. So we are going to move on to the rowing series. So for you Rebecca, I'll get the hand springs. Let's do this.

So you will have one spring there. Very good. Okay. Is everybody set to go all we need the bar for you, the board. Oh, okay. So nice and long. Makes sure you have sacred Wirtz you're good. Okay. Everybody round back, pulling into the powerhouse, arms out sums down. Push with those arms. Head forward sums. Touch behind for those with the straps, lift the arms up all the way around. Now when you grab the feet or that board, you pull backwards and spread the shoulder blades.

Pulling the shoulders away from the ears to open up between the shoulder blades. Come back up and roll back against scoping wide. Arms out. Push with those arms sums. Touch soft. Elbows down low. Stretch the arms away, up all the way around. Grab the feet, pull back into the navel and come back up one more time and roll back. Soften that sternum towards your shoulder blades. Arms Out, thumbs, touch, push. Come forward, Colleen. You're great.

Really let those shoulders widen and sweep the arms up all the way over and give yourselves a good stretch. Next one. Sitting up nice and tall. 90 degree angle with angle with the arms and hinge back. Long flat back long with the spine. Come back up and reach out. Long back, long spine. Two hinges from the hips. Now bring the hands behind you. Circle the arms.

Everybody grab your feet to the board. Lift your head up. Lengthen the spine, lifting the sternum up. Lengthen the back down. Bring your head towards your shins as are you trying to touch the crown of your head. Do your big toe. Come back up and again, lift your head and chest up. Shoulders back and hinge. Flat, back lift, stretch. Pull the ons long down and back. Breech all the way around. Very good length and lift your head up.

Links in the chest through the shoulders and pull down towards your legs to lengths and down. Come back up. And one more time. Out of those hips. Lift in, hinge. Come back up and long arms long back, long here, pulling back and big circle with those arms up all the way over. Lift your head, pull the shoulder blades down to your waist, lower down to the legs. Big Long stretch. Come back up and swing around to face the other ways to Colleen, your legs on either side of the chair, reaching from the shoulders, so you'll have to adjust depending upon the tension. Extend the arms out, lifting the powerhouse up. Bring the arms down, lift even higher out of the hips. Bring the arms up and reach into the spring or the strap if you have it.

And again, reach out, bring the arms down, getting taller in the spine, reach the arms up from the powerhouse all the way out. Lifting through the spine and relaxed. Last one and reach out. Bring the hands down, lifting even more here. Bring the arms up all the way out and down. Now flex the feet and reaching from the hips.

Scoop down and push beyond your heels. Roll Up. Good colleague. Lift the arms up all the way out and down and again, slide and push your heels in your hands away from you. Roll up, lifting that back up all the way out and down. And one more time. Slide forward Coleen school deeply into the ribs.

Lift up, up, up, out of those that lower back and out and down and shaving the back of the head. So cross-legged index finger on some together, hands behind the head, right at the base of the skull. And your fingers should be touching your head. Flat hand on your skull. Lift your head up, put your head into your hand flat. Touch your head. You have to shave it.

Then slide those hands up and elbows. Right, but that you just solo for that one, but lean a little further forward. Keep the backlog. That's a two just on a long diagonal. Very good. Like you're doing it on the mat. Very good. You want your legs crossed and press and last one, stretch up. Take the arms to the side. Cross your feet the other way. Lift up tall. Bring those arms together. Elbows lifted.

Good and out and close and open and close and open and close. Getting Taller every time. So you work the arms from the powers that had close and open. Very good. Get rid of the straps and round Robin to the next piece of equipment and swan you will do on the rolled. Let me, let's have you take this bar, this board and put it to the side. Long box up here. And Colleen, do you know the swan where you push out with the arms?

Yes. I want you to come up right away, down and up. So you're always working with straight arms and arching. You will have your hands here. You will lie on the board here with your shoulders over. So your hands, your arms need to be straight.

You probably need your feet over the edge. Woba little bit for the back. Perfect over there. So you'll push out for some time and then lift up. So, um, Jennifer, I want you to just look at that bar and make sure that it's even, it's not one high, one low even. So the that's better. Drop your head down. Very good. So everybody lift your chest up so you'll have to push out and hold it there and I'll come in and lift. What's that? Okay. So plus you girls are going to do is just lift up and lower down.

And Colleen you want to push out for a straight and then as you come in, quieting you sure. Oh, okay. Getting you a pad so you other girls keep going. So broaden the shoulders. You want to lift up into the stomach and pull the ribs a little back. That's better.

See work into your tailbone for your beautiful back and then as you can, okay, so Colleen, you want to do about three to five and everybody else is doing about 20 right? And press out and come in. Okay. Now everybody else, rest Colleen out with your arms, staying low, press out, lift your head. And as you come in you raise yourself up and press out again with your arms straight, lowering down and come in. So that was more the variation I was interested in having. You do so now pulling on the straps is next. So you will go into Flying Eagle with the arms springs.

I think I'm going to put them wider for you. You will do one, two, three and then just a little back bend into the upper spine. So here we go. So each of you just go into your own variation because it's a little bit different for each of you. But the big focus is to get the very upper part of the back from the shoulder blade up into the top of the neck to bend less than the lower body. So very hard area to get to work because usually it gets stiff and tight and then we're just working in the lower spine. So last time doing that variation.

Nice. Colleen, keep the legs long. So just upper back, not lower back and come down. T shape is next. So the two you, two girls regular t shape, you're going to get off and do the pushup. One working into your lat. Nice. Jennifer, the girls on the Cadillac and the reformer. If you can, you'll get your thumbs above your bottom and you will do three on each side there. Rebecca, nice work and other side for you and when you girls are done you will turn around and get yourself set up for backstroke. Very Good Rebecca. Nice work cause you're keeping the ribs so nice and square. You will be back on the floor holding the top the way you did for four hundreds so you will lie down, pull a little bit, lift your head and chest up so everybody lift your head and chest up, knees into your chest. Everybody arms and legs up except for you just legs up. Open the legs and stretch. That's all you're going to do.

Bend your knees in, Bend your knees in and lift and open and scoop. Make that upper back. We just tried to get to bend curving. So it's in deflection and last one up open and make those pecks start to really contract the sternum breasts down sums together tight and close the shoulders a little bit so you get this to wrap. Come back down. Very nice teaser for you teaser. We'll be over here for you.

Teaser will be sitting with your back to the ledge you've set up with your springs. Very good. Okay, so you two girls go into one arms, one legs and double and normal teaser variation and I think your defense will be on the steps. So do your three variations of teaser. So the first one, your legs alone, lower down pump three times with your arms. Pump, pump, pump and school pure self up. Good. Again, press down, pump three times. Pump, pump, pump and come up. Now bring your legs to table top. I want that teaser position a little bit more scooped in. Yes, but you need to go way down there and way down from [inaudible] and come up. Keeping that shape to the front trunk is what's contracting. One more time. Just like that. Scoop it here and come up.

And now your do full Deezer. Same thing. I want you to say no, not lit. Yes, yes. So this whole front part of your powerhouses now come up keeping, do not come up with your back muscles, your front muscle and one more time and come up. Reach towards your feet with your hands balance. Eventually both hands together and bend your knees to come down. Meaning when you let go of the step, both hands move at the same time, not hand hand. Right. Okay. So now we change around and we go into the long stretch series. So one more round Robin. Okay, so long stretch is plank position.

You want to be on two springs probably, but you're a lightweight so you may need to adjust it to one. We still see you're just going to go into regular plank like mat. So press down the ledge and out and in three times. Very good. And you girls roll back and forth with the heels and you'll roll out and in three times a week, that's it. Three the girls on the chair and the Cadillac.

Walk your feet in and you bend down. Four down, stretch. Bend your knees down and you will be kneeling. Very good. Here we are. You're going to be kneeling as well. Arms along for you and I, you know, do you know what your variation is? Okay, up stretch, Rebecca. Rebecca. Yes. No, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry. Down, stretch, down, stretch.

Lift your head and chest up. I want from your knees. Do armpits a straight line. Now push out and as you come in, lift the sterner up. Length in the trunk. Is this too tight? A spring for you? Okay. Yes. Two more times. Everybody. This variation scooping down for you long back. Oh, nice. Colleen.

Yes. Okay, and one more time. Scooping long and up. Now Jennifer will do the choreography. You push the ledge down and lift, straighten up. You're going to stand on demi point. There's your start position.

Bring your feet a little closer in. You'll put your hands on the mat and come up into a lifted position. Note with your feet. So you start high and you're going to lift your bottom up. So y'all got your bottom up, your heels up and your in heels are up against the shoulder rest for you up against the shoulder rest right now you girls will walk out to a long flat position, but keep your head in, head in and you'll push the machine out and you girls will walk back in. Your head is right in there.

I want you to push all the way until you come to plank. Push bottom tight head stays in and keep this position and bring yourself over. You want to do three variations three times and you do not lift your bottom up. You stay in plank pose. Come straight forward. Yes. Now you pipe. No pipe machine stays in one more time for you.

Push out head stays in. Come forward over the bar in this position and pike. Now you girls drop your heels down, toes lifted, you'll do elephant heels down. Toes up. Head is in Nice scoop and just walk halfway out the girls on the mat, keeping your heels down. Try to step into the heels and then walk out again at normal elephant, back and forth with your feet. About eight inches. Yes. And uh, Colleen tried to get those feet right up between your hands pressing into the heels. Now Jennifer tried to walk without your hips rising and loans.

Who really worked, right? Yes. So the pelvis is very stable. Excellent work, very safe. So you try not to flop the pelvis side to side but hinge the bone forward and back. Nice work and be careful. Don't, don't come up because you will drop yourself. Now you can come up. Be careful because you have the bar behind you. Lovely, lovely work. We do another round Robin now for stomach massage and I hope you girls know where you're going cause I don't say you will be with legs springs. I am actually let's change the spring for you because I think you'll do better just with, that's it. So you'll work with a slightly lighter spring.

You, I have the right hooks there. Okay. Yes. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Are you okay? Very good. Okay. So for the chair, you want to be in a scoop and you want to, if anything, take your hands lower down. So you're really in a deep secret when you can use a hold onto the chair to deepen into your powerhouse. Rebecca, you'll just adjust if it's too far too near. So here we go, press out and you'll do the flexing point. If you can add flexing point of this power to you.

Yes. Good girl. Yes. So do eight of those. I think Cadillac is the hardest one of this one for the people doing that. Of the variations you're working with. Okay. And after you've done this set flat backs of the arms along, don't hyper extend. I'm going to give you a hard time, not no risk, just pressing. I want you to work. Don't hyper. That's it. Do not hyper. Extend this lift in the middle.

That's it. Here we go. And press love lifting and people love to be knocked on the head. Nice, good press. And in press and in press flex point and in press flex point and into more flex point. And in last one. Stay in two springs. Unless it's too hard. Rebecca, I think let's have your hand out or to the side because the springs gonna mess you up and just out in in four times are down and you're going to go front and backward, down and up. That's it.

And then you're going for the tourists. It's tough. See if you can twist. So you're open. Yes. Twists and twist. Very good and rest. All right. Short box. Probably one spring for you.

Normal short box set up and get the board for you again. And this is where you go solo for short bucks. You're going solo. I'm actually not even sure. Don't, oh no, you're not going solo at first. You don't need this. You're just going to use the Rodin bar to begin with for round back.

And Jennifer, I know you're not familiar. This is a grads piece of equipment. So the setup is different. Yes. Further back. So your feet are in there. Wrap your hands around your waist for you and everybody roll back, rounding back and come back up. You can have your feet against the pole and just a minute. Let's, so everybody keep going except for Rebecca.

Let's have this a little bit lower. Yes, Rebecca, you want to take your head all the way back one last time going back and come back up and just take a breezer. Just nice little rest. Next one is flat back, so I'm going to give you all a stick. I just realized you have the roll down bar. You don't need a stick. Okay.

So everybody lifting their arms up and you can bend your knees if you wanted to get closer cause this is tough. The arms over your head, lengths up out of that lower back. Really lifting and narrowing the hips and hinge back nice and long with a spine and come back up and lift a little bit more and lengthen out long flat back and come back up. One more time. Lifting up nice and long, reaching long and come back up. Now bring the arms down and just round over for a minute. Letting everything relax and then roll back up again. Arms up over your head for side to side. Lifting way up, bend to the right and up.

Bend to the left and up and to the right and up. Bend to the left and up. Lift into the right and up and last one to the left and up and again. Arms down and just relax. Round your back. Let yourself to have a nice natural kind of slumped over.

Roll back up and go for your twist. Nice lift and twist to the right and hinge out and back up center. Lift and twist. Left and reach out and up and back. Center. Lift and twist, right.

And extend out from the hips to the armpits, even on both sides and center. Lift and twist. Left and reach out and back. And send it to. Imagine you're like a picture frame. So you want the trunk. One more time. Twist and reach out and come center. And last one, lift and twist. Left and reach out.

Long and back center. Bring the arms down that you had robbed for a minute. Relax. And if you've got a stick, just put it down. So for you you'd slide it underneath your legs and tree is next. So now you'll bring your legs together, you can move a little bit back if you want to. Some times is a strap here, but no strap on this machine and bend your right knee up towards your chest and lift the leg up and down and up.

Let's not have it so close to you and three. So I want more. That's better and down. Lift the leg up and flex and 0.3 times. You can walk your hands up if you want to and then climb down your leg going back. That's what I want to keep you to keep the femur and climb back up.

So three times down and up. You may work at a different speeds. I want soften your knees, soften. You need work just in the yes. So you stabilize the joint for you better and don't work for full range. At this point you, I want to get this powering up for you. Okay. And after you've done your three check that the hips feel even they should not have moved and then bend the knee onto the other leg for hip stretch.

Keep the hips even and bend over. Even imagine you're going straight forward from both sides of the pelvis. That's gone way off here. Okay. And then change sides. So check the both hips feel even before you bring the leg up.

Then bend the knee in. I want you slightly scooped. That's it. And lift and lower the leg three times [inaudible] and then lift the leg up and flex some 0.3 times. Keep the weight here and then climb down the leg and climb up. Not so close to you, Jennifer. Not so close. Good. Climb down again and climb up. Okay. And one more time going down, keeping the hips very square.

So you want that pelvis nice. And even and you then you work ranger movement after that. Very good. Bend the leg. Nice, easy stretch over keeping the hips, very squared. And then come on off. And let's round Robin to the last part.

So we're going to start here with legs circles and then going into long spy massage. So you will be on the floor holding on, but your head stays down. So you'll be doing leg circles. Two springs over here. You want legs? What's that? Let's get you, let's get you with the leg springs. Yes. So the way we going to do this is when you press your legs out, you going to do three circles with the legs and then you're going to add the rolling up open, roll down, up open, roll down. Then we'll do three circles flat the other way and then open the legs.

Roll up together. Roll down, up together, roll down. So very good. Everybody had rested. We'll be down for you even though the first part. Yeah. Okay. So here we go. Press out with the legs, lift the legs up a little bit. Open and down. Leg circles and up. Open and down. One more time like this. Now when we bring the legs together, you roll up onto your shoulders, open the legs and roll down. So Rebecca, you're trying to keep the legs as much over your hips as you can. And again, roll up, open the legs and that's it.

Legs together. Now we reverse the circle. Three circles fly with the back, flat three. Now you'll roll up with the legs apart, rolling up legs together, lengthening the legs away from you if you can. You've got the hardest job of all costs in free form and row down. And last one, look at that girl. Jennifer. What a powerhouse you are and down and now set yourselves up for running. So you will be on two springs. That's heavier and two middle springs over there.

Um, Jennifer, whoops. We need a bottom spring. Do you want to red, red or blue? Yep. Okay. So the way you're going to be doing this is here, parallel or Pilati stance, whatever your preferences, you want the weight right over the shoulders, keeping a school and you try not to wiggle around with the hips. I would push yourself a back. Um, if you can here, I think for you this size now lift the heels very high and scoop like crazy.

Way Forward. If you can, your shoulders should be over the wrist. Yes. Now you do. You're running from there. Yes. You know what Jennifer or not, I know your feet are much. Would get your heels Steve Toes together. Parallel of instead of turned out. And when you bend and flex, you don't move here at all.

So even if it's a small movement, so this leg wants to fly out. Yeah. And you do not let it do it. I'd rather you limit the range of movement, but you learn to keep the joint really stabilized for you and then come back in and you will do breathing. So we're gonna set you up with a k. Why don't you get the breathe of the Cadillac, the trapeze bar? It's right in the corner there you will be do normal pelvic lift. So you lift, go out, come back, roll down, lift, go out. So you going to roll down and up.

You roll up and roll down every time you're on four springs and you'll do the bottom up one. So you're going to be like this and you'll be definitely want a little bit of help for this one, unless you want to be ms power. But so you'll be here Pilati stand, you lift the hips, press it down, lifted up, scoop to sit, lift it up, press it down and down. So Colleen, let's keep the knees right in line. So you have a tendency, the feet turned out more than the knee. So track that this and this. You can go wide, but you granted even, and it's gonna feel like your feet are sickling because your feet are more turned out in your hips. Better, better, better.

So just watch that. This line is exactly do you know the breathing down with the arms up with the hips? Hold, hold, hold, scoop and soften. Very nice and come up with you. That's it. And then sit back. Good. So about five of those, and you've done about just two, a few more you'll do about, and Jennifer, we'll do about four. Oh, very good. And this will be, and here is Coleen finishing off. And ladies, you did a very, very nice classy round Robin.

We all learned a lot from this class. Have Fun with it. I think it will be a very stimulating program if you're out there in a studio somewhere, it'll definitely be stimulating for you as a teacher and stimulating for all of your students. So thank you ladies so very much.

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Thank you Niedra for this mixed equipment session. I teach many duet sessions and I appreciate the effort it takes as an instructor to provide stimulating and challenging material. I appreciate your work and always find segments to incorporate into my clients sessions as well as my group classes!!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Mary for your post. Looking at your bio you sound both physically fit yourself and a wonderful inspiring teacher. I am happy you got new ideas from this concept.
Niedra, thank you for yet another inspiring class. Working with those three apparati in my little home studio, I've been thinking of doing this but haven't yet had the chance (due to the different levels and paces that I often half in one class). I currently have my clients rotate from class to class and not necessarily within the same class. But this definitely gives a nice twist to the dynamics of a class with mixed equipment. Toda raba!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Avishag and Mary - teaching is solo creative, I am glad this has provided some stimulation and ideas for you both.
Thank you Niedra.I really love how you kept things moving.
Niedra, thank you for this mixed equipement session. It gave me several ideas as I have done mostly privates and starting to get more duets. This class was very inspiring, and I can't wait to incorporate many of the segment into my classes. Love the idea of a round robin and how it keeps everyone moving.
Niedra Gabriel
Yay Rachel, happy to get this post, as I can already see you enjoying the challenges of teaching a more complex structure and having you students love you for it. Interestingly, we must, as teachers be challenged in our teaching as well as have our students challenged. Enjoy - I can tell you LOVE teaching.
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This was a great class. I think it would also work for a private session. Keeps the client thinking and moving.
Niedra Gabriel
you are absolutely right Nicole, private clients could do this as well.
1 person likes this.
Thanks for some great inspiration. it looks equally challenging for both student and teacher.

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