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Cadillac Workout

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You will feel stronger and lighter after Ed Botha's Cadillac workout. He shows how you can use the springs for traction so you can add more length to your body. He also includes unilateral work like Single Leg Tower, Single Leg Squat, and more!
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Hi, my name is Ed Berta and today I'm going to be taking Qaeda through a Cadillac session. Right. So I'm going to have Kay to standing up nice and tall. All right, we're just going to start with two roll downs. So Katie, you can take a deep breath in for me and on your exhale allow your head to be heavy and gently rolling your spine down, one vertebra at a time. Great. So you can just hang out there for a sec. What I'm going to do is just bring your weight slightly forward. That's it. Excellent. And then taking a deep breath in and bring yourself back up.

So initiating from the abdominals, posterior tilt of the pelvis, that's it. And then right at the end you can return it to a neutral position. Great. So let's do that one more time. So exhaling, allow the head to be heavy. Good. And what I was saying to Kate is I was just moving her pelvis slightly forward, that it so she doesn't hyper extend into her knees. So she's got to work in those back of the legs.

We go soften a little bit there for me. And then rolling back up from Micaela. Excellent. Drawing down. So we dropping the sacrum towards the heels and building the spine back up tool. All right, so we're going to use a, a bit of a squat technique to get down. So while Kate is going to do it, she's got to hold onto the frame of the Cadillac, right? And I think [inaudible] slightly forward from you. So it's been a step forward and she's going to squat down and assistant squad with her arms.

So she's using those arms to help her and then she's going to walk her hands to the front. Excellent. So I think, let's just try that again. I'm going to bring you up again and take you a little bit further forward. Yeah, that's great. Okay, so super. So we're going to squat down one more time. Awesome. And then you're able to walk your hands down the frame and all the way down into your sitting position. Great. And having a seat. Perfect. Right? So as you're gonna bring your feet up against the uprights and we're going to take the roll up bar. So I've got the roller bar on two short yellow springs, or I like to call these the two arms springs and the bar is pretty much at my eye level here, which is about two inches above the little eyelids that I've got drilled into the pole. Okay. So from here we're going to start with a roller.

So on an exhale you're going to start articulating your spine down for me, Kayla, one vertebrae at a time, post area, tilt and rolling down. There we go. Bone by bone. Excellent. So in breath to prepare yourself, lifting head, chest, and exhaling, articulating up, keeping the seek of position for me and pause there. Take a deep breath in and exhaling. All right, so you can see that um, caters feet have come off the pole slightly, that doesn't matter at all. It's a natural action that happens as you start rolling backwards. So you're going to start lifting up again, hey, chest and rolling up all the way, keeping the shoulders down. Good. So the scapular broad, but trying to just draw the shoulder blades back slightly.

So I always like to say, I like to see a little bit of tone in those Scapula so you're not in a kyphotic position there. So we're going to repeat that two more times. Exhale to go back down. So just awakening the abdominals, stretching the spine, lifting up head, chest and exhaling. Rolling. Good. Inhaling and exhaling. Going back.

Good. Okay, now let's do that one last time. So she's gonna Inhale to come up to sitting and exhale and stack the spine up tall. Excellent. So what we're going to do is if you can bring your left hand to the middle of the bar and then you're going to bring your right arm up in line with your ear, right at all times, you're going to try keep this arm up in line with you. And we are going to do a roll up with one arm, right? So from that position, you're going to roll back down, trying to keep your shoulders squared off. And the long lever in the arms just challenges the obliques a little bit more.

All the way down. So we are coming up, hey chest and then exhaling and we going into us, he curve pours. But then this time we stack up at the top to finish off with a nice long lines. So we go back down into the c curve. There we go. So the arm just responds to whatever the spine is doing and down. Good. So we repeat that. So head, chest, excellent.

So anytime we take one arm off in our roll up, we really get a little bit more unilateral work of the obliques and we're going to go back and all the way down. Cool. And let's bring it up again. Inhaling and exhaling and coming up straight up. Good and back down to the center and changing of the side. So we've got the left arm up, right? And obviously if you struggle to keep your arm up above your head, you can give the elbow a little bit of a bend or possibly take the arm a little bit wider, right? But Kate is really flexible here, so she's doing a good job of holding it straight. So let's go down again.

Exhaling, concentrating on those obliques. I'm in line with ESC. You don't want to lose that line coming up. Hey, chest and exhaling. Good. And then building back up tall and exhale. That's it. Melting the spine down into the mat all the way. Good in breath, out, breath to come up and building up tall. This is our last one and we're going back down.

So gently sinking down Vertebra by Vertebra, reaching all the way along. Good. And inhale and exhale and bringing it back up and tall. Good. So she's going to take the outsides of the roller bar. [inaudible] so we're going to do a, a great exercise that incorporates the roller and a little bit of work of the rotators of the shoulder. So you're going to do a roller. When you get to the top, we're going to finish with arms overhead. All right, exactly. So from there we start articulating down into our seeker, so melting their back down. So get a good stretch vertebra by vertebra there.

And pause. Good. Inhaling, lift, head, chest, exhale, start rolling, and then start lifting. So there's a little bit of tension on the strap or the springs already there. Cool. So we're going back down. So lumber flection, super. All right. So it's quite a challenge to keep those arms up above the head against the little bit of resistance of the spring. So we're going, hey, chest and there I'm already starting to get a little bit of resistance.

They're lifting up excellent. And back and down. So there we go. Hanging into the springs and taking it back and down. We're going to do one more like that. Please can. So we go up, hey, chest, exhale, bringing it back up. Good. And lifting up head, chest, arms and pores. And we do five little pumps back with the arms. One, two, three. So drawing those shoulder blades down, four and five. Good. And bring it down with a bar. All right. All the way. Super. So to make it a little bit more challenging, we're going to bring both hands to the center. All right, so it's the same thing. So four, this is grateful. Flexible people like yourself there, right? So we're going to go back down, right? If you have any shoulder issues, I'd be very careful of keeping the arms too narrow. You can stick to the, the wider variation. All right, so we're going up again, head, chest, and bringing the arms up above their head. That's it.

And a little bit more stretch and back down. So we scope and bringing it back and down all the way. Excellent. So we're going to repeat two more times. Exhaling and lifting up and balding up into those shoulders. Scaps drawing down, arms drawing back and back and down to the bottom.

And one more time. And at the top we'll do the five little pumps when we get there, or pulses. So we're going up all the way. Keep little bit of tension on excellent. And we're going for five, four, three, two, and one. Hold. Good. Keep that, but attention and bring the arms all the way. Cool. All right. So you get all, you can keep hold of the, the roller bar.

And what we're gonna do is you're gonna bring your legs over the roller bar. All right. Setting up for a pelvic cull position. So you hooking the legs. All right. And then you should be able to let go and roll yourself down onto your back. So if you feel like you want more tension, which I possibly would give you, we could scoot back a little bit further and just create a little bit of tension. So what this does is it gives really nice traction on the pelvic core.

All right? On the way up and the way down. So you using obviously the back of the legs to keep that roll up are hooked in. Okay? So on an exhale, we're going into a posterior tilt of the pelvis and rolling up and up and up ribs staying connected. And so you can just imagine this roller is really pulling those thighs away from you. So the hip flexors or the quads are getting a bit of stretch. And then on the way down it's giving you something to roll against.

So as the back is coming down, you've got this nice traction as we roll into this deep curl and release. Cool. Alright, so let's do a couple of those. So we're going to go up again on your art breath. Excellent. So we're going up and we still always, we keeping this connection. So I always say we want to draw this boxer from the vitam ribs to the two hip bones or the Asi es and we want to keep that box and we go down again and roll and roll. Excellent. And release. Good.

So we'll do that twice more. These Kayla. So she's going up keeping that traction. Excellent. I'm coming back down. Good. Getting the stretch, getting the stretch all the way down. Super. One more time. So the exhale to bring it up.

Lovely. Good. I got into a little bit more posts. Steer it for me. Great. There we go. And coming back down, making sure those hamstrings are working, rolling through the lumbar spine and release. All right, so you're going to lift up your head and your chest and you're going to take hold of the bar for me. Excellent. Okay. So what we would do is if you can bring your legs up to a table top position super, and we're going to lower the arms down and the head and the chest can go down as well. Excellent. All right, so I'm going to bring her knees in a little bit there and I'm going to ask it her. Press her arms a little bit lower down. All right, so she's got to use the shoulder extensors there. Excellent. All the knees are going to come in a little bit there.

We're going to do a small spine to a supine. So inhaling, bringing both legs to me. So it's a small movement, very small because we've got the springs over there and then exhale to bring it back. But if she presses the bar lower down, then it's going to give her more space to move. So obviously I'm being a little bit hard on her here, but that's what we want. We want those strong shoulder extensors. Oh, key press thing. Excellent. Exhaling and coming across good. So we do one more on each side please. So we down. So opposite scap is staying down excellent.

And bringing it back in. I love it. Good and across and exhaling super. You can bring the legs down for a sec and bring the bar up behind the fires just to give yourself a little breather and relax for a sec. All right. Okay, so the next one, we're just going to do a hundred prep over there. So you're going to come up again reaching for the bar. Hey chest. Excellent. I'm going to roll you down a little bit lower. They're super, and then you got to bring the legs up to a tabletop. Excellent. Alright, so from there I'm just going to bring the arms down so I'm not going into a full hundred session there.

I'd just like you to start pressing down with the arms one and coming back up again. So we're just putting the emphasis on the shoulder extensors, so particularly the lat two and back in. Excellent. And while she's doing that, she's really deepening her connection of the abdominal area there. Excellent. So I'm not seeing any abdominal bulging, so we keeping the navel pulling in really firm and tight. Can you do that one more time there? Good Kate and press down and we're going to hold a hold.

Go down lower all the way. Super. And we're going to bring it up and I've got the bar and we're going to take the legs out or you can hook the bar with your legs and just bring yourselves back up into sitting for a second. Okay. Excellent work. So what we're going to do is we're going to scoot all the way back towards there. Push through Bar, right? But I'm going to set it up with them. Bottom loaded. So I need to put the safety on first so we don't want to forget the safety.

So I'm just wrapping it around the push through bar. I normally hook it on about the third loop and [inaudible] you can have a lie down onto your back for me. All right. So [inaudible] is really flexible so she could put her head within the frame of the Cadillac for most people. Definitely for myself, I need the extension to come off the end. All right. But what we're going to do is we're gonna do some footwork in internal rotation. So I'm going to use one red spring, right?

And from the kid is going to take her right their left leg up onto the right side of the bar on her toes. So just know that this leg is going into internal rotation, so her right leg extends down onto the mat. So this is great. It's going to give a great release on the it band. All right. On the outside of the glute and working into that little bit of internal rotation. All right? So we always, we're going to bend the knee right to halfway position. Okay? So the halfway position is not the comfortable zone.

So flexible clients or people that want to bring their knee right in, that's their happy place, right? I want a little bit of work on that leg. Okay. So she's holding tension on the spring there for me. So on an exhale, she's gonna press up through with a bar. So all the way trying to get full nth of that leg, the beautiful stretch, and then softening the knee in for me and just to about there and exhaling. That's it for two and bringing it back and again, exhaling for three, press through that leg. Good full extension. So tighten up through their kneecap a little bit. Good and bending.

And this leg is active. She's doing a good job to keep this leg pressing down and flat into the mat and pressing up through good and back in and exhaling good three more times. If we cater, exhaling as a shoulders open and relaxed. Good. And you can see this knee is an internal rotation in line with about the second or third toe and one last one. Excellent.

And she's going to bend the knee and I'll take the bar for you to get. So I normally like to just change the spring. I always like to have the foot to the opposite side of a single spring. All right, so this time right leg is coming up on the toes. Eff me. Left leg is fully lengthened.

Yeah, you're right there. Yeah. So internal rotation of the hip, you're going to bend the knee for me a little bit. Pause there. Keeping this hip down from hiking but still driving internal rotation and then she presses up and exhale for one. So we're doing about eight repetitions there ad [inaudible] too. And we really want to keep consistent in this ankle joint over here. [inaudible] added four. Excellent. So as you elongate, pull this hip back down into the mat.

That's a great, I have that. That's really gonna assist that stretch three more times. The one full drawing through that kneecap there. So pull it up. There we go. Good. And two more times pushing up one good.

Just doing great here. One last one, exhale and two, and bend the knee. Excellent. And I'll take the, the Barra. Okay, that's cool. So I'm going to take the bottom loaded spring off, right. I'm going to put one blue spring from the top right. And then I'm going to take the safety off. Um, and obviously if you, with bigger clients you can use two springs from the top. And again, possibly shifting them back because you'll see not everyone has the same shoulder flexibility as Kayla and she's going to take the bar for me. Legs are together adducted and doing a top loaded roll-up through. Okay.

So this is just watching the integrity of the shoulders and the rib cage here. So on an inhale, she's going to lift up head, chest, exhale, rolling all the way up through the bar and lifting, right. So you can see she's going into really strong shoulder flection here. She's going to bend the elbows just there, pushing up and rolling back and down. Excellent. So we're going to repeat that. So we're going to go up head, chest, exhale, rolling all the way up.

And then for, for most of us we would probably end up with a bar more or less to the top back end of our head. And she's going to bend and straighten. Excellent. And Rolling it back and all the way down articulating the spine. Good. And one last time for me, Keto. And you're going to just hold it at the top phase. So she's going to go up all the way up. She's going to bend and straighten and if you could hold there for a sec, if you don't mind, is that okay? Can I give you a little press?

So we just give her a little bit more of a stretch there. Obviously you've gotta be pretty careful with people with tight shoulders. And then she's going to come back down one vertebra at a time. Excellent. I've got the bar. You can roll yourself up to sitting. Yup. This comes to me. Cool. Right? So we'll get this out the way.

So we're going to go into some more abdominal work. So we're going to be working on this side using the rollout bar, right? Or taking, sorry, removing the roller ball. You're going to be using the short yellow springs and the long yellow springs. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring they long yellow springs to the two inside islands. Alright. And I've got the short yellow springs on the two outside islands. Okay.

So that's pretty important for us to get the mechanics right. Okay. So again, I've got the long yellow springs on the two inside islands and the short yellows on the outside. Right? So this is, we're going to do a variation of the knees and the straps. All right, so on the Cadillac, so what we have to do is I'm going to take your right leg, I'm sorry. Right leg. Yup. That's correct. Through the strap and hooking over the knee there and then down. So what we want to find, so if you can bring your leg over the sides. Yeah, that's perfectly right. So what we want to do is we need to get a little bit of traction on the spring. So from their caters going to lie down onto her back.

She's going to bring her legs up to the tabletop position there. All right. And that'll sot the springs out. So let's do that. Yep. So right now you see I've got straps wrapping around and the springs are wrapping over the ankles on the outside of her legs, right? She's going to start with the knees drawing in towards the chest. And I'm thinking she can get a little bit more tension on the strap.

So I'm going to ask you to reach for the uprights behind her so you can do a little bit of a pool and perfect. All right. So you want to use those to your advantage because you're working against resistance yet. Awesome. Alright, so hands behind your head for me. That's it. Fingers interlaced. And she's going to come up into a chest lift position there and she's going to bring in ease into her chest. So what's great about the Cadillac is that we can work unilaterally.

So she's got to keep the hip flexor working on the right and she's going to lengthen her left leg up and out. Inhale and exhale, bring it back and it awesome. And then the other side, so she goes left leg inhale. So it's a variation of a single leg stretch, I guess there. So while she keeps that connection inhaling and exhaling. Yeah. And your angle of your leg helps to keep the strap on your knee. Alright, so if you drop your legs too low, you can imagine the strap would want to slide off.

So it's important that you're not lowering your legs too far down when you straightening the leg. Excellent. And then you can relax back down for me. All right, so we're going to do double legs and straps so that you can take a deep breath in and exhale to come up and hold good. And both legs, God inhaling and exhaling. Good. And taking a deep breath in and exhale. That's too good. We're doing eight of those. Please go there and exhale for three. Good.

Not to lower the legs in breath and four really stay connected here and almost think of melting that low back down into the mat a little bit. Good and exhale. Good. Let's just do two more there at one. Good. One more time. She's doing good, strong workout and exhaling and hold. Draw the knees in a little bit deeper and I'll take hold of that and you can relax down. Give it a little break. Okay. Has any time you need a break, you just hug your knees into your chest and stay supported. Okay, you okay?

Cool. So I'm going to let go. You get to hold that position. If you don't mind [inaudible] pad, if you'd like to, you can put your feet down. [inaudible]. In fact, let's show this. Let's just put the names down for a sec and then you're going to come up into, you got it. Then into a setup position there and take hold of your springs there and over there. Okay. So we've got the legs in straps and we holding the two short yellows.

Now the right. So we're going to bring the legs up one at a time, back into your table, top one and two. Cool. Um, and we're going to lift up with the head in the chest. Excellent. You're going to turn your palms up to the sky, right? You're going to lengthen the legs out for me both legs again. So lift them up a little bit for the scraps. And as the knees come in, you're going to bend your elbows doing a bicep curl and we're going one and we go eight times and exhale and two very good. So that she's got to stay steady here. Three.

She's really got to work on a hollow position similar to her double leg stretch and for excellent. This is tough. And Five. Good job. Exhaling for six. Good, good. Keep it going. Seven. One more. Come on Kara, you got it. An eight and hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Lengthen the arms. Good. Keep the legs where they are. Head and chest to go down for a sec.

Turn the palms down to the mat. And all right, we're going to do our high row again. So come up again. Hey, chest just there. All right. Lengthen. The legs are bending the knees in, bending the elbows are to the sides. One. Good. So we are lifting the humerus pretty much in line with your shoulders too. So we do that five times, four. Three. Excellent. And for beautiful movement.

That's one more time and five really working on our pulling action and relax. I'll take the straps and we'll take the legs. Art. All right, good work. Cool. Alright. And up yet. Right. So what we're going to work on is a tower position. All right, so I'm going to set up top loaded, bottom loaded spring against, I put the safety on and we'll have Katie lying down with her head and her arms pushing against the uprights. So I'll just change or let me use the, and just for the sake of the camera.

So we've got the hands pressing against the, the uprights and I'm going to bring the bar for her and we're going to put one foot in. And then the other foot in. All right, so we start with the irregular tower position again. So what I want is I like to see her arms really active over there, right? We don't want to see any white knuckles. So she's pushing her, not pulling herself up on the Bar, right? So on the first repetition you can just keep the feet plantar flexed as they are. Okay, so we're not going to Dorsey flex yet. So she's going to take a breath into prepare.

And as she exhales she starts rolling up all the way up to the top of her shoulder blades. And then we're going to bend the knees. Inhale, pause there. Lengthen still on the inhale. And then exhaling as we coming back and down and down and down and pause and try and Kao. There we go. So she's drawing her sacrum right down onto my fingertips. Good. So now in long in breath, we are going to Dorsey flex the feet blond to flex the feet.

Exhale, we're going to articulate up. So she's rolling up again. Vertebra by Vertebra, pausing at the top, bending the knees and pour. So I don't want much more than 90 degree angle here cause we want those hip extensors staying engaged, supporting the lower back here. Press up through the legs and then articulate back down for me. She goes vertebra by Vertebra all the way, all the way, all the way and perfect Dorsey flex plan to flex and rolling up.

Excellent. And pause and bending the knees. Pause, straightening the knees and rolling back down. Slow the slightly, slightly, slightly, slightly, slightly, slightly. And all right, so what are we going to do is into a single leg tower so you can take your right leg off for me and it's going to stay vertical. All right, so your goal is to keep this leg vertical all the time again so your body will follow the ne, the normal pattern on the way up and just keep using this hip extensor. All right, on the right leg. So we're gonna flex and point and rolling up all the way through you keeping the little sizzle leg bend the left leg pose, straighten the left leg and rolling back all the way down. When we get to the bottom, we go into hip extension slowly, gently. So again, flexibility dependent, but you want to get out of this hip flexes or you just let it go. Lovely.

Stretch onto that Hammond string, holding that position there, and then bring the laid back up for me and you can change to the other side, right? So we're going to bring the left leg vertical. All right, so I'm gonna bring a little bit [inaudible]. That's it. Good. Keeping it nice tension through the quadriceps. Inhale his doors, he flex, straighten that leg a little bit. [inaudible] plantar flex, and then rolling the spine back up. Good. So it's all about this proprioception. I'm going to bring it a little bit towards you. That's it. Good. There we go. And then we bending the knee, pause, straightening the leg. Good. Just bring the leg up a little bit there and then rolling back down one vertebrae at a time, articulating strong, steady leg.

And then gently starting to lower this leg down and down and down and relax. Out of that left hip flexor using your hip extension. So you can always use a little bit of this hamstring, a little bit of the glute press down into the foot, a little bit of Plantar flection. Excellent. And I'll take the bar and release. All right, so if you could turn one 80 for me. So the head on the other side, are we going to do a couple of exercises in the hip work? So now what I'm going to do is we've run the setup that we had earlier where I had the two short springs on. The odds are on the outside, now they're going to move to the inside [inaudible] excellent. All right. And we're going to put the feet into the straps first.

So if you don't mind doing that. Excellent. Alright. And then the hands go into the straps and the arms up vertical, right? So in this exercise, it doesn't matter if you have a little bit of slack on the springs. All right? So it's more important that you have a little bit of tension on the leg springs. Okay. So at the moment we're in parallel with the arms and the legs. So Keto, what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a little bit of a cross pattern.

So you're going to press down with your left arm and with your right leg at the same time. So as you exhale, press down, left arm, right leg and bring it back up. So it's like a walking or a marching pattern. Then switch to the other side. There we go. Yeah. So it takes a little bit of thinking and bringing it back and a good. So we'll change.

So we go exhaling and bringing it back up to the top. Good. And exhaling, pressing down again, using this hip extend. Sit down at the bottom here and bringing it back in. Or when she's pressing down with her arm, she's using her lats over there. So press good and bringing it back and one more good and bringing it back up all the way. Right?

So she's going to go into a frog position with her legs. Excellent bent legs. So I'm just going to bring the arms to that shoulder with a pod position. And then from there she's going to do the frog with the legs. So when we're working with the Cadillac Springs, I want her to push on the same horizontal and she's going to press down with both arms. So we're going to go all the way out and she's going to bend back in good doors.

He flexing at the top and pressing art. Good and bending and excellent and repeat. So we go three more times. Here we go. One full elongation of those legs. Good. And bringing it back and in for four, two. So she's pressing out completely, fully lengthening the legs. Good.

And one more time and out-breath. Good. This time when the arms come back in, bend at the elbows into the triceps. So we go in and the same thing. So we're going to exhale and press one and into the frog with triceps and two. Good. Everyone loves their triceps homes that we all want. Good triceps. Three.

We can use them as often as possible here and exhale and good. Okay, let's do two more there for me and one Dorsi. Those feet for me. Good. And one more time and exhaling for two and back. Perfect. All right, so what are we going to do is you're going to press out for me and hold it out one more time. So as you presses out with her legs, she's gonna apply into flexing feet. Turn your palms to face your body.

Now we're going into some openings of the arms and the legs. So open arms and legs and exhale, bringing it back and squeezing together. Good. There we go. Inhaling, opening and art. Breath pulling together. Still keep good. There's your connection there. So opening. So naval is drawing in and up and press and again in and up and press. Excellent. In and up. And Perez.

So we are working with abduction and then resistance in the abduction and Pareto again, lats, terrorists, major adductors. Perez, go do two more and exhale for one. Very good. And she's going to do one more time and pressing out too and bend the elbows and the legs come back into the frog position. Well then. All right, so we'll take the legs out and I'll have you sitting up for me facing the push through bar. All right, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to hook up just one blue spring from the top, so it's quite a light spring, feet against the uprights and we'll go into a sitting forward. All right, so we'll add in a little bit of extension to it as well. So from the sitting tall position, on an exhale, she's going to go into a little bit of a posterior toe for me. Rolling back and down, pressing through the bar all the way and gently rolling through, keeping the shoulders away from the ears, going into a little bit of back extension and then rolling back all the way, bringing it all the way up to vertical and then beyond.

And then we push through and go all the way through this time into a little bit of, that's it, shoulder flection, and then back up to sitting. All right, so we're going to repeat that. So she's going to go lumber flection and you don't really need any assistance to do this. So you just release into the bar, make sure the shoulder blades are drawing back, lifting up through the thoracics or it might feel like the bar's pulling back towards you slightly. That's also okay. And then from there she's going to just roll straight back all the way through, bringing the bar up at the top and then push through a little bit deeper, deeper, deeper, right. What an option would be if you have someone to help you.

And particularly if it's someone a little bit bigger, I want you to hold on Nice and tight there for me. K You got it right and I'm actually going to push it so much that you're going to lift ride or the bar or the platform there. All right, so you're just into there getting some nice traction through your spine there and release it. Obviously it helps if you have someone a little bit bigger than you are to give you the system kit and you can release for me. Good. Pushing through into your extension, lifting up. Good and rolling back, back, back and bringing her all the way up and tall and just gently going through again and release. Good.

And you can hop off for a sec. So next we're going to be moving into some squatting exercises. So I'm just going to move the slider bar more or less to above a caters shoulder level, right? And we just got to make an adjustment here. I'm going to take the two long legs, springs off the two long yellows. We don't need those right now. And we're going to take the two short yellow springs and put them on the outside. Alex. So first Carrie, you gonna take those two grips. You're gonna have your palms facing up.

All right. A little bit of slack on the springs. That's important cause the tension comes out pretty quickly, right? And we're going to just go into the regular squat four or five times. So keeping the arms on the table top position. So you got to work the deltoids, so you're going to bend at the elbows and then she's going to suffer in her knees. Just going down straight down. That's it. Perfect. Pushing straight up and repeat and we're going to go down.

So abdominals are connecting. So it's just that sensation of sliding up and down a wall and you can lead a little bit more with your upper back on the way down. So as you leaning into the walls, yes, that's it. Excellent. So that puts a little bit more emphasis on the hip extensors as well. So there we go. Excellent. Cause the flexors they want to pull us forward.

So let's do twice more there for me. Okay. So we're going down and she's coming up. Good. One more time and she's going to go down and bringing it all the way. Excellence as you're working in arms two and release the arms. Okay. So now we need to take a little bit of tension off.

So she's going to come forward a little bit. The arms go back up and we're going to go into a single leg squat position. So Kelly gonna take one leg out in front of you. You can choose. All right. So she's got her right leg out. So she's gonna go into a gentle little squat down onto her. Left leg. Okay, so not a very deep squat.

She's going to push up and at the same time she's going to reach her right leg behind her and she's going to internally rotate her arms and take them into airplane arms, right while she's in this position. So she's in a hip extension at the back and trying to keep her pelvis level. She's going to swing the leg through to the front again, arms turn back up, palms out in front you and hold a chem. So let's repeat that twice more. So we're going to bend at the elbows, she's going to squat down, she's going to push up again and she's going to move forward internally. Rotate with the shoulders. Good.

And I want to see a little bit of tension through those springs. There we go. Good. And we're coming back up and you can flow straight into the next one. So bending the elbows, squatting down, inhaling, exhale to press up, folding forward at the hips and lengthening. So it's great work on this bottom hamstring here and isometric position and coming back up and all the way and changing legs for me. Cool. So we're going to do three times, right? Same thing on the other side.

So we're going to squat down on the right leg, push up on the right leg, swing the left leg through, and the arms out into the aeroplane. Turning the left hip down for me. Excellent. And swinging back up and palms up. Good. And off we go. Elbows squat. Push up through the right leg, swing the left leg through internally. Rotate a bit of tension on the straps. Good. And bringing it back and through and all the way up. And one more time.

So we're going to flexing the elbows, squatting down, pressing all the way up and swinging through and rotate internal with the shoulders. Press back with the palms and bringing it all the way back up and leg down and relax. Good. So we're gonna take the two short yellow springs off. I'm just going to place them on the mat. We're gonna use one long yellow legs spring, right? And I'm going to place the in the center eyelid there. All right.

And I'm just going to bring the slider bar down slightly. So not too much, just a couple of inches. And what were you going to have k to do is some rotation work. So yeah, if you could face the front of the room there and you're going to take the strap right in your left hand. Excellent. And your right hand is going to wrap over there. All right, so she's going to walk back so that this spring is in a straight line. Okay. And she's got a little bit of tension on the spring there. Now from the Getty, you're going to step back with your right leg for me into a lunge position and you're gonna rest down onto your toes. Excellent. Right?

So from this position here, she's going to stay isometric and she's going to rotate to her left side over that left leg and bringing it back into the center. And we go to same side. Exhale and press and bringing it back in. So what I'm going to ask you to do is can you drop this back and for me a little bit. There we go. Good. So we did a little bit more work there and exhaling for two.

So we working into those obliques and bringing it back in, but challenging the step stability of the base and we go again, exhaling and back in for me, Keto. Let's do two more times there for me please. Exhale, press good. Using those obliques and back in for me one more time and punch the arms out a little bit in front of you. That's a good longer lever. Makes a little bit more challenging and bringing it back in. Stepping back up. Cool. All right, so you're going to turn around to the other side. So you holding with your right hand in the right and you can walk out a little bit to the right side there. Get a little bit of tension on lefthand underneath, closing the arms, and then you're going to step back with your left leg behind you into a deep lunge position there. Excellent. Alright, so nice tight, long arms.

On Your exhale, you're going to rotate over to your right side. And Kay, if your eyes can follow your hands, that's it. So we don't want to overturn where the head, right? So we will be restricted by what our torso can do. Good. And bringing it back in. Excellent. I'd like you to sink a little bit lower so that needs just inches off the mat there and exhaling as we press much better and bringing it back in.

And let's just do two more there. Exhale to press and bring it back in. And last time from UK to exhale to press and back and stepping forward and relax. Good. Alright. Courtesy, you're going to stand up inside the frame of the Cadillac for me. All right. And what I'm going to do is I've got two grips and we're gonna put one on each side. Great.

She's going to hold onto the group there and what we're going to do is we're going to just do an assisted pull up position. So first just standing, holding. As we started the class, she's going to bend her knees and lower herself down into a squat position using her lats. She's going to pull herself back up. All right, so all we're doing is we're using the legs as a little bit of an assistant here into her prolapse. And she's going to press back up. Excellent. And we're going to go back down and we'll do that three times. So press up one and back and exhale to pressing with the legs, pulling with the arms. One last time they've Makeda and she's going to go up to the top.

So this time Carrie, are you gonna take your right leg in, extended out in front of you. So it's going to be a single leg squat with a pull up. So we're going to go down. So she's going all the way down and exhale to press one and inhaling, obviously strong quadriceps here and too, but we pushing author gluteal muscles and exhale foot three change legs for me. [inaudible] moving onto the other side.

So the leg is up and we're going to go down. Inhaling and exhaling for one. Excellent. Driving off this right glute for two, drawing with the lads and three and relax. Get okay. Can you in a hold on nice and tight. You're going to sink yourself down again. And once you get to the bottom there, you're going to bring your knees up to your chest and let your legs just hang.

So you want to steady yourself there on an inhale Kater we're going to take both legs over, let them hang down over the left side, and exhale, bring them up into your chest for some hanging leg raises and exhale up. So these exercises carry you. Just keep going there for me are preparing us for a lot of the hanging movements, the more advanced repertoire. Good. And we've got one more to go and we go across, finish it to the center there for me and bring it up. Good. And relax and back up to standing. Good work.

Just give the hands a little bit of a stretch up there for me. Alright. And then our last new moon we're going to do is we're going to hang back in the fuzzies. All right? And we're going to just work ourselves up into a straight line. And from there we're going to do a couple of pull throughs. All right, so we're gonna work the upper back, right? So we're going to step the right leg in through the fuzzies there and then we go through with the left leg hanging completely relaxed. Hips are soft, shoulders drawing away from the ear, so we engage there first and then rolling your spine up all the way up into a long lines. I'm going gonna pause you there. Yammer. Just going to drop in.

[inaudible] excellent. So she's got a nice long, strong position holding tight, a lot of effort through the knees. There we go. And on an exhale we're going to pull up for one and inhaling. So we want to keep tight. That's the important thing here too. The tidy, you keep your muscles here, the lighter, you'll feel three. So you don't want to be dead weight and exhaling for four. Let your head come back a little bit one more time.

If we catered and exhale for five this time, let's go a little bit deeper. Not three extension, but just pull yourself up a little bit higher. There we go. And bring it all the way and swinging the hips back, taking the left leg out, the right leg art and standing up tall. And we're gonna finish it out with a roll down. So just letting your arms relax again. So we back to where we started.

A little bit taller, a little bit stronger. Deep breath in and exhaling, letting your head be heavy. Excellent. Articulating all the way down. Remember what we did with the weight distribution earlier. We took the weight slightly for a little bit of softening of the knees so we don't hang into hyperextension.

Deep breath in at the bottom and exhaling to come back up. Thank you, Kayla. Thank you guys.


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Wonderful variations, thank you!
thank you ! top class!!
I would have paid to be on that cadillac. Fantastic work Ed...felt great. Loved the abs work, leg work with arms, basically everything ....More of Ed please ))))
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Ed, you are one of my Pilates heroes! Love your cueing, coaching, and choreography. If you can't draw more men into Pilates, I don't know who can.
Thank you for your kind words.
What a treat!! Loved it - many thanks!
Liked the variation and LOVED the challenge!
It gave me lots of inspiration for a dynamic flow in my next class, on CAD or even on mat using props. I enjoyed! Many thanks, Ed!
Beautiful class Ed as always ! Many thanks !
Great class. I watched it yesterday and I couldn't wait to get to the studio today to try it. Quite the challenge! Thank you.
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