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Traditional Wunda Chair

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This class is intended for the experienced Pilates enthusiast who is well-versed in the repertoire. Adrianne takes Marta (an instructor) into advanced movements like Mountain Climber, Balance Control, and Corkscrew, each requiring a complete understanding of the chair and its mechanics. If you are not at an advanced level this class may be worth watching to see the level of concentration, control, and precision we hope to see from all of our students.
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Jul 06, 2010
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Okay. So I am going to have mark to do a one to chair workout today. And if you have a one to chair at home, you should be familiar with the springs already. Um, she didn't start with her foot work, which is the general rule for the chair is two springs for legs, one spring for arms. So it just depends on your body and what level you're at. You should know your springs. Let me have you move backwards a bit. Keep going. Right? So she's going to start with her heels up as high as she can.

Knees lined up with her hips and I'm going to have her cross her arms, which is a little more challenging. Kay, sitting as tall as you can. Let's have you pull your ribcage back, even mark, get those groups together. So she's really flattening out here so there's no gap or arch. And she's gonna Begin pumping the knees up and down for 20 counts. One, two and the accents up three, four, five. Watch that right knee. Six, seven. So her knees stay lined up with the hips the whole time. Eight nine, 10 and 10 way up to the, that's it. Three, four, five, six, seven carefully. Your upper body does move, not, and those roots stay together. 10 and hold go-to. Your arches needs together. This time I'm going to have to just do 10 okay.

Staying tall with your roof together. Shoulders right on top of your hips. Begin lowering and lifting. One and two. Squeeze your knees together. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Keep those knees together. Nine 10 go to your heels both feet flexed. Good. Stay tall and begin up in one knees together to three.

So she's trying to squeeze those knees together. Oop, she's kind of slipped back a little too far, so hold it for just a second. Move forward. I didn't see that. There you go. And now go ahead and pump one, two. We'll count that as three, four right in here. Five, six, seven tall, eight, nine and 10 go ahead and open your feet. Go back to your toes. Variation here. You can change it as you'd like. Only hip width apart and parallel. So your feet are exactly lined up with your knees.

I'm going to have her do it with her feet apart. Same thing. 10 counts, pumping up, one, two, three and not letting the upper body move. Five, six, seven, straight up, straight down with those knees. Eight, nine, and 10. All right, taking one leg straight out. [inaudible] still having your arms cross. Now, if that's too difficult, just put your hands at this side and you're going to hold on. Otherwise try to challenge yourself. Keep that heel up and 10 pumps. One Up, two up, three, four, five, six. There you go. Seven, eight, nine and 10 just watching her knee alignment, making sure that knee stays lined up with the foot and the hip so your right foot has move out just a little bit more. All right, keep that left leg extended out long and 10 pumps up. One, two, three.

Careful with that knee. That's it. Six, seven, eight controlling it. Nine and 10. All right, go ahead and step off and have her go into her tendon stretch. So she's on two springs. I'm going to have her stay on those two springs for just a moment to go into her tendon stretch. So place your hands here and we'll put one foot on the pedal and slowly lower it down, right? And you have to be careful that you don't step onto your own foot to make sure you have space behind you. When you lower that pedal down, that your other foot is out of the way, curl your chin to your chest and shift your shoulders on top of your wrist that's and get into a nice c curve. Really rounded.

Good shoulders are relaxed and then she's just going to start to lower her heels down as low as she can and lift her heels up and wrap the thought. So three counts down, one, two, three, up to three, lower, lower as low as you can. Lift, lift, lift, two, two, three, lift, lift, lift three. Still getting that curve. So everything's working. So it's not just the drop and lift, drop and lift. It's really wrapping the thighs, pulling up the powerhouse and getting those shoulders to pull down.

And if you notice, she's starting to shift her weight backwards if you want to keep that weight forward. So shoulders right on top of the wrist and really scooping up. That's said about two more, so about 10 times lift and last one, lower, lower, lower lift, lift, lift. Now I'm going to have her step off so carefully. Step off. You take one foot off and the other foot kind of lifts you up and then she's going to step off all the altogether and I'm going to have her go into her hundreds for a moment. Set. I'm going to turn this so that she can. Okay, so you can see and let's have you step to the front and then you'll sit down. Exactly. Lie Down, bring your knees into your chest.

This can be tough on the next thing. You might want to do it lying on the mat, but I'm going to have her stay on the chair for for now. Stretch your legs out and begin breathing. Deep breath in. Two, four, five x two five into four five two, three, five. Lower back, just a little bit here. There you go. XL Two sorry, five. So the tips of the shoulders or more on the mat than asked the mat. 32 four five. That's it. Lots of energy. Four five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five 50 to squeezing those inner thighs. Excellent. 62 exhale. Two, three, four, five 72 four five x three four five 82 exhale.

Two, three, four or five. Really pulling into five x two, three, four, five 100 Ben Journeys. Go ahead and step off. Then I'm going to turn the chair around so you can have a better view of what's just, okay. So let's go ahead and now that you should be pretty warmed up and then have you come back over to the side. And I'm going to have you do a little mountain climbing. So you'll place your hands back on here.

You'll place one foot lower the pedal down in order to step onto it. So she's on the ball of her foot of both feet. Heels are up as high as you can, and she's gonna take her right leg, starting with the right and put it on top of the pedal. Now not too turned out. You want to make sure that knees in front of you so a little bit more forward as though it's against the wall. You might have poles to hold on. You could hold onto those poles. More advanced is no poles at all.

She's going to curl her chin to your chest and find that secret, so get a good position before you begin. And I'm going to have her go into four sets of pumping the leg up and dance. It don't begin just yet. So she's going to stay in that seeker for four counts. Then she's going to come up working the hands off and come all the way to a standing and work her way down. So I'm going to do the counting. Four counts. Stay right in that position.

So really scooped and shoulders a little bit more forward. Here you go. Begin me. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now she starts to come up to me, up to the chest. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. She's on top of the mountain. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Working her way down the mountain. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and rest. So that'll get you tired pretty quick. Lower your leg. So that was four sets of four switching legs and ideally she should have had that mean a little bit more bent.

And again you can hold onto the Poles for support or you could just stay right in that seeker of the whole time and do that four sets of four or four sets of eight pumps coming up without actually taking the hands off. If you're not familiar with that just yet. All right, so nice deep sea and as that need comes up, she wants to curl that c even deeper. One, two, so eight counts, three, four, five, six, seven, eight coming up to three. Keep Your Chin tucked. Four stay there. Five, six, seven, eight. Now she's up for eight two, three, four. Then this knee, five, six, seven, eight. Work your way down to three up fat, six, seven, eight. Find the pedal. There you go.

Both feet on the pedal and just stay there for just a moment. I'm going to have her go into a pull up. All right, so curling your chin to your chest. Get into that. See again, so she's really filled up here. She tucked her hips. All right, so keeping those shoulders on top of the wrist a little bit more forward. Here you go. She's going to try to pull up in here. She's still on the same two springs that she started with all the way it now she's got to get all the way to the tippy top where it can't move anymore. Now Curl Your Chin more, drop your shoulders and now control the movement going down. That's it. As low as you can does she touches, and then she starts to brewing that back up, filling this up and not shifting too far forward either.

That's important too. This is pretty advanced what she's doing right now. Three, and especially like those mountain climbing's you might need to hold on the whole time, but try not to put too much weight on your arms and all the way up. This time, I'm going to have her hold it up and lower halfway down and cover right back up three times one all the way up to last one all the way up, up, up, up, and then control the movement. Go down and rest for just a second. All right, now I'd like her to try to do this on one side. So in other words, she's going to take one foot in front of, let's have you take your left. That's fine. You're right. Either one. Ideally you want to work your weaker side first.

So you would put your stronger leg in front. Hopefully you knew that which side that is. Otherwise, make sure you find out by going to an instructor, shift your weight forward, really scoop and you're going to begin to come up. Keep Your Chin Chin centered with your belly button. Okay. [inaudible] as high as you can. Drop those shoulders. Try not to lift with the shoulder wings and now slowly control it down touch.

And then she's going to come right back up three times all the way to the top. Get the shoulders out of the way. That's it. So no shoulders to the years. You want to keep their shoulders out of the ears and all the way up to the top and then halfway down and up three times and up. One pull up in here, two and three lower down and stay down switching sides. So she just re crosses her legs and you want to make sure that back foot that's on the pedal is kind of in a little bit further than normal. So more centered of your body. Okay. Really scooped that way you'll feel like get up better. Get that scoop. There you go.

Fill this up. Yes, and out control the movement. Go down. Okay, these are hard and cut them up. Yeah, and at any point if you come to one of these exercises that becomes too challenging. Just leave it out, skip it, come to the next exercise with us and lift, lift, lift. And she didn't come quite as far up as I would have liked her. So all the way to the top, there you go. Now fix your position, drop your shoulders, curl, Chin. There you go. Now go halfway down in all the way up. One, get this side to really work. Yes.

Two. One more time and up. And now control the movement. Take it down. All right, stay there. You exactly. You've recentered your feet. So they're both on the pedal again. And I'm going to have her finish with three going up. So getting recentered again, scooped.

And I begin to come up to the top up, ah, up and control the movement to go down and fill it up to three and all the way down. Get tuck that Chin a little bit more. There you go. Come up, hold your position up and make sure you're in a nice deep seat and those shoulders aren't popped up. And then you can go halfway down and back up. Three times to finish one. Pull up two. That's it. Really filling this up. Three and meltdown and you'll stay down. Alright, so I'm going to have her step off and then I'll have her do a little stretch. Tuck your chin. Last thing up is your head. So first she loves her leg. She's going to put her foot down. And then I'm gonna have her just drop down, reach for her toes.

And then just try to exactly shift your weight towards your toes and slowly start to round up. You might want to soften your knees a little bit. Shift that weight forward. Last thing up is your head good. Take both arms up and just stretch and drop your arms and exhale. Okay, I'm going to have her go ahead and go into a spine stretch. So I'm gonna drop to one spring. Okay, so, and I'm going to have you sit down on the floor facing me facing the pedal. That's it.

So both legs are on the outside and your arms length away. So your palms go on top of the pedal. Both feet stay flex and your fingers are long so you're not pulling with your fingers. All right. So what she's going to try to do here is just grow tall in her back and open the chest. So she's going to lower it down a little bit by pulling those shoulder wings down and squeezing her bottom and then lift the pedal.

So it's not a really big movement. The pedal is not going to the floor. It's not about that. It's really just working in here and lifting your spine, feeling his roots together. Good and lift and careful that your feet don't turn out. You want to keep them lined up with your hips the whole time and lift. Now I'm going to have her add to that, going deeper into her powerhouse, who she's going to first grow tall, then curl her chin to your her chest, trying to keep that pedal down and start to scoop, pushing her heels out, dropping the shoulders as she should.

Feel this and here, all through here. And now start to lift your back. So are you okay? Lift. Just checking, making sure she feels that right where she's supposed to. So it kind of feels like sit up. You're going to start to lower the pedal with your shoulders, opening the chest.

Then she's going to start to curl, trying to keep those shoulder wings pushing down and she tucks her hips to pull that pedal even deeper. So really pulling in, watch your feet. They're starting to roll out. That's it. And start to come up. So no more than about five of these lift. So about two to three more you can exhale as you take that down. Breathing's important, but it's not a specific breathing exercise.

It's it. Trying to keep the palms on there and not pulling with your fingers so much. Uh Huh. That's it. Now she can get even deeper there. That's it. And come on up to have you just do one more. Last one. So take a deep breath in and asked her to exhale. Shoulders down, lifting her basket back. So she's lengthening, and then she takes that into a seeker. Curling her hips under, keeping those shoulder wings pushing down and those hips stretching out by pushing her heels up. That's it.

So the length is happening through here and come on up. All right, I'm gonna have her go into a teaser stretch. So go ahead and drop your hands for a moment. She's on one spring. So we're just going to, since she's sitting down already, I'm going to have you bend your knees and place your feet. You might have to move forward a little bit.

So she's going to try to get her heels on top of here. This is challenging if you're not very flexible. She's pretty flexible, so she's able to get her legs up there, no problems. So just listen to your body again. The palms are on here so you're not gripping it. And what I'd like her to do is keep her feet there.

So just the heels are on is try to lift her back and open her chest so it's not, again, the pedal is not gonna move very far and left. You feel like you need to move backwards a little bit. Feel like she needs just a little more space for her arms so she can get a better to lift in her back in a better stretch. So it's just placement, knowing where your placement is and ideally she shouldn't bend her elbows, [inaudible] and lift. So the pedals not going very far, but she is getting a stretch up and a stretch right in the back of those legs and left. Now we're going to add on more of a challenge, so she'll start to lower the pedal. And as she does that, I want her to try to lift her legs, her feet off of them. That's it. You might not go anywhere. She's going, that's great. And now the rest, so lower the pedal. Lift your back. Try to lift both feet off at the same time in the hold. Lift, lift, lift and rest. One more time.

Lowering the peddle. Lift your legs and hold. Opening those shoulders. That's it. Don't let them roll forward to three and rest. Okay. Go ahead and let the pedal come up first and then you'll take your legs off. Great. I'm going to have her stand up and then I'll show you a different teaser where she's actually going to sit with her back to the pedal.

So you'll step to the front. You're going to sit down and you want to bet a hands with turn the bat. So that's your placement. And then she'll need to put her hands on the pedal behind her. All right, so we're going to start. Let's have you move a little to the right just to get centered.

So make sure your placement on the chair is right in the middle, your centered of it. All right, so your hands are on there. Don't actually push it down yet. Bring your knees in and then I'm going to have you take your leg straight, uh, up into a teaser position. So heels together just as open and I feel like you need to move forward a little bit more, too much, but enough so that you have some support behind you and make sure you back still supportive. All right, so she's nice, flat back. She's trying to stay tall and I can feel you shifting this way.

Push this hip forward. All right, you're ready. You're going to try to keep those legs up as she lowers the pedal just a little bit. It's not very far. Just about halfway down. Try not to let your legs job and lift. So I'm going to try to let go of her legs and see what happens and lower because the different exercise, if no one's holding you and left, it's not a really big movement with the arm so much as it is just holding your legs up and lift and you should feel this in here. One more time and lift that left side up and bend your knees and rest for a moment. So just about two or excuse me, three to five of those.

I'm going to have her go to the next one, which is actually to me is a little bit easier. You're gonna take your arms back. So you tried to do these two different styles, bringing her in, knees up, and then you're going to extend your leg straight out and you want to try to keep them hip level. So legs right here? Yeah, just getting her placements. Okay, so tall back again. Try to keep [inaudible] does legs hip level. You lower a little bit.

Ed left and I want you to really stretch that side out long, so be careful. There you go. So now she's lined up more with her hips too. I'm going to hold her legs a little bit cause they're dropping three by two mark. Try and keep those legs up. Don't let them drop down. So don't go so far down that through. Your legs drops. So just a little bit less on the down with the pedal stop and lift.

There you go. I'm going to have you do one more, eh, that's enough. Bend your knees and drop your legs. All right, stepping off, come back to the front. Since she's on one spring, I'll have her go ahead and go into a push down. So she's about a foot away from the pedal. Heels together, toes apart. Have her take both arms straight up. So she's in her plotty stance, right lengthening [inaudible]. She's gonna lift and place both hands on the pedal at the same time, keeping your weight towards those toes.

So the hips right on of the ankles back into a deep seat. It should be all through here that you're working and those wings. All right, she's going to begin by pulling up into her powerhouse to lower the pedal. Again, she's still on one spring. We haven't done much transition with that. Now her weight could be a little bit more forward towards her toes and not so locked in the knees.

You to be careful not to lock your knees here and begin to come up and she's trying to fill this up and not touch me and she comes up all the way up really deep. There you go. Now scoop up to pull it, push it down, no lock, knees, Nice soft knees and scoop up to come back up. That's it. So she gets those shoulder wings to push down. So she's really pulling up into there and lower and lifting up. That's it. One more time. She's going to take it down and stay down there. This time she'll, I'll have her turn her palms in so her fingers are like this so her elbows can open now before she begins, you want to get a nice c again, so fix your position and now I'm going to have her bender elbows and as she bins, as she's got a jaw, drop those shoulders and pull up into the ribs.

I don't know if she saw that. Let's try that again soon. Do let your roots kind of pop out and your shoulders. Okay, so she's in bad form right now. So let's see if you can see that. How she fixes it pulls up and then she's gonna see if you can watch those muscles. Now she's dropped her ribs against her. Just get a scoop back up. There you go. And lower. So it's very deep and lower and it's easy to just go like this.

You might feel it in your arms, but you're not really working. That powerhouse. Oops. Dropped the ribs again. There we go. Two more. Up and scoop. Good and lower. Tumor up and scoop. Deep, deep, deep. And last one up. Scope and lower. Now fix your hands so that they're straight again.

Your wrists are nice and straight. That's it. Pull up and slowly start to lift ghettos. Knees a bit and take that back down one more time. Good. Looks pretty good. A little bit deeper. Yes. And now she's going to come up to a standing position. So she comes up, she's still pulling up, dropping that tailbone. Both hands come off at the same time and she takes her arm straight up.

Nice deep breath and come up to your toes, check your balance and exhale, drop your arms to your side. Okay. All right. I'm going to probably let C go back. We'll do a, I'm going to have her do a little frog on here, some fog clips and went back and had her go back to two springs. So I'm going to have you first, just like you did for mountain climbing, you're going to kind of get into position by putting your hands in front of the pedal. One foot on the pedal, she'll lower it down and then she's going to step on. All right, so before she begins, she finds that c and then I'm gonna have her bend her knees into a frog position. So go ahead and bend your knees and kind of sit in it and then you need to change your hand position to the outside of the chair. And she, I want her to sit as close to her heels as she can.

So her knees are out. [inaudible] okay. That's it. Trying to stay in a seat and she can fix it as she goes. So this is a bit of arms here, Huh? And I'm going to have her try to lift the pedal up, heels to her bottom, and then I want her to pump the legs three times down, up one, two, getting deep into that c three and keep the heels up. And now bend your elbows out to the side and lift three times one, two pedal should go with you three and our legs. Three sets. One, two, three. No, just arms and up one.

Tuck those hips to three. Now just legs and one duck. Duck, tuck. Do Three. One more. Just arms one and up and down. Two Up, down three. And drop your legs. Straighten them out. Put Your hands here, Huh? And then you're going to step off one foot at a time. Carefully lift the pedal up.

Great. Place your foot down and round up. Always round up to protect your back. All right, I'm going to have her try to do, um, I was going to have you do your corkscrews here. So let's, they care if I move this back a little bit. Have you lie down on your back. So, and I'm going to adjust the spring that she lies down with her head to the pedal. Actually, I'm going to, sorry. Excuse me.

I'm going to keep it on two springs cause I don't really want the pedal to move so much and I am, what do I want to do that? Let's see. Let's first have you get centered. Move your hips a little to the left. All right. I am going to lower this down to a lighter spring cause careful of your shoulder shoe. I'm going to lower it down and then you just see where you are. Would just drop your head.

You might have to move down a little bit and then try to push that down. See if you're able to hold that down. She's on one spring right now. That feel too heavy. Okay. Can you hold it there? Nope. Okay. I'm gonna lighten up. Take your hands off. I'm gonna lift the pedal up.

So we're playing here and you go to a little bit lighter as light as spring as you can find. And Go ahead and place your hands back down. Got It. Now. Looks pretty good. Yeah. Take your like straight up. So she's gonna to keep that pedal down as she circles her legs like she would on the mat for corkscrew. She's going to circle the legs around trying not to [inaudible] to let that pedal moat and center and left and center.

Stay on that left hip a little bit more and center and left and center. Now I want her head to add on with the little jackknife. So in other words, was going to circle the leg around, around and left and try not to let that peddle lift as you lift the legs. And that's where the challenge becomes extremely difficult and left around and lift. So it doesn't have to be quite so big. Just the first four Vertebra off the bat to don't come all the way up. Just a little lift. That's it.

And rest and to the left and little lift. And one more set to the right. That's it. Keep those shoulders pushing them. That will help lift have last one left up and rest bed journeys. Now let's have her show how to lift the pedal up. Okay. And I'm spotting her. All right. Take your hands off. All right, let's have you just go ahead and get onto that mat there.

Okay. And I'm going to have her go into her roll ups just to kind of stretch out. So heels together and take your arms behind you more and turn your palms towards me. All right, so you're gonna start to round up peeling one vertebral off the mat to go over to the knees. Be Harder on the first one because you've been doing chair, and then you're going to start to take that down. Okay. And as soon as her head touches, she should come up. Nice deep breath in.

Peel off that Mat, soft feet, soft knees, and take that right back down. So a little bit more flow to it and exhale all the way over and articulating your spine to go down, you'll need to lengthen your right side more. Marta exhale. They'll let that right. He'll shift back. Keep those heels together. Don't let them move around her. She feels we're going like this. She means one hip was pulling back on her two more and exhale.

Okay, no momentum either. Last one, peeling off the mat, oh over to the knees. That's it. All the way over. And you're going to lie down and stay down and just move yourself down towards your feet a bit and go into your leg circles. So you bring one knee into your chest. Take that leg up and circle and right up to your nose. One to, don't let that right hip move. Sorry. Anchored that lower back more for so your belly button doesn't pop up. Five, reverse it five times and whip to knows. One. Kick it to, I want to just fix her like here. Three cause it's starting to veer out. Four and switch legs. Five, five circles each way and up to the nose. One both hips, nice and still.

Shoulders soft. Three and four long right leg and five reversing. Get that right leg even longer from the top of the thigh. Out Two and three. Stay on that right hip though. Four. That's it. Last one and five. All right. Go ahead and sit up.

You're going to go into rolling like a ball, so you'll actually lift your bottom to sit at your heels and begin to roll back and all the way up to balance and inhale. Exhale. This is a bit of a breathing exercise. You want to make sure exhaling as you come up. Okay. She's doing a little bit of a hop, so not so much hop coming up. That's it. More control. Two more. That's it.

That's it. One more time. Controlling it up. Place your feet down. She's going to lie back down to go into her stomach series. Now you could do this on the chair like she did the hundreds. She would lie the same way, but for purposes of just where she is right now, we'll just continue like this and switch legs.

Make sure your knee lines up with your ear, especially that right one. Yes. One, two, two. So always checking the alignment, right. Knees, right shoulder, left knee, left shoulder, out long with the legs. Get the stretch on the out and oh and last one. Each side left and both legs in double leg, arms and legs.

Go out and bring it together. Inhale, stretch. Exhale in to pan out and in three and out. Full out. That's it. Five filling in that lower back. Six two more and seven getting the rapids and thighs.

Eight one leg up, single like pool and won and won and switched to switch to two curl three. That's it for four. Four for not letting that tailbone come up with you. Straight Lake, six and six and reach for your heel more. That's it. You've got the flexibility to take advantage of it and both legs up, hands behind your head. Lower and left. Add One. I want you to push that right hip down a little bit more to now.

Even your heels. That's three. Four. Yeah. [inaudible] she saw me coming at lift way up here. Stay up there. Don't let that drop here. That's it. Two more en up. Last one going into your Chris Cross to finish. One that goes out and one, two to three, three.

Try to look towards that back elbow. She's doing great on the [inaudible] left here. She could stretch there. Now you might not be able to get that far without somebody giving you a little extra help. That's it. Sorry. John's at stretch and up and one more to each side and go ahead and sit up. Go into your sponge, stretch the legs apart, arms in front of you.

Nice deep breath in. You can take your legs out a little bit further than the mat and then go ahead and go as far down as you can without that tailbone coming up with you. And then come right back up. Nice deep breath in. Grow tall and exhale. Take that down and make sure your feet aren't turning out. There you go. And up. Three more. Nice deep breath in. Squeezing her bottom. Not Her knees. No, I can see her in her knees a little bit there. She relaxed them.

And two exam last one up and down and take your arms to the side. Go into your saw, you're going to turn, reach for your toe, staying on both hips. Come right back up, tall and center and turn stretch. So this stretch is here. Fill that in. That's it. So she's got a scoop and squeeze and center and turn and reach.

Okay up and send her one more teach. I careful not to lock your knees though and up and last one. Antar and reach up and lying to your side. For some sidekicks. It's it hip on top of hip, just lining up with the back of your mat.

And I'm going to have her take both hands behind her head. That's it. Keep your gaze forward. Spine long and begin front kicks. Kick, kick for a little bit more. Turned out with that left knee kick kick. So two clear kicks, little big, that's it. Three end kick kick, that's it.

Four and careful your elbow doesn't pop forward on those kicks five and kick kick six and kick kick seven. So hip on top. There you go. Get more control. So take it a little bit slower going back and stay in control of it and kick a kick. So here comes the control. That's it. Kick, kick and up and downs. Go up and reach your leg out. Good. Like an accordion stretch from the ribs out out, out for five, about eight times.

You can do anywhere from five to 10 of these. Six and seven and eight little circles. Five and five and one softer and both knees. Two, three, four. Chest open five and reverse it once. So you don't start hunting that up for about two, three, four and five and that's enough. I'm going to have her go to the other leg. So flip over. Why don't you go ahead and face forward still? Yeah, I have enough room behind you and get yourself lined up with the back of the mat still. Yeah. Okay. So hip hop type of hip. Hands behind your head. Chest is open, ribs are together.

Rotate your left knee a little bit more. That's it. So that inner thigh is rapping and kick, kick front eight times control. Ang kick, kick to eh kick, kick. That's it. Three kick, kick four kick, kick five kick up. Six get the length, stretching out. Seven last one, kick, kick and eight up and [inaudible] downs. So the upper body stays really solid too.

Now she's getting into length, coming down by lengthening out of the hip, three, four and you can see that by this, this lifting up. That's stretch j more seven and rib. Stay together and circles. One, two, three, four, softer in your knee. And I've been around two, three, four and five. All right, go ahead and stand up. I have you come back over here. I'm going to move the chair forward a little bit.

And when have you actually stepped to the front? Have her do some, if you don't have handles, um, probably skip this altogether. All right, I'm going to have you facing me, but since I'm here I'm going to have spot her. I'm going to have you step onto the pedal slippers. Put your hands in front, one foot on the pedal, you lower it down. She's back to two springs. All right. Place your right foot on top of the pedal like you would for mountain climbing.

So it's a little bit turned out and the knees inside those shoulders. All right. So what I'd like her to do is come up to a balance position. So she wants to keep that knee forward and you want to round up in a seeker. So do that again. So the last thing up should be her head in this nation, not shift. So they should stay aligned up with her hip the whole time. All right, now here's where it becomes challenging.

That's why he said if you have handles, that's ideal for this exercise. All right, she going to start to come up. So keep that knee slightly forward, not in front of your toes, just forward. And then she's going to try to come up. Now your tailbone is popped out, the headset, so flattening out and then she's going to try this leg. We'll end up straightening, but she's going to try to lift that left like up as high as she can, squaring her hips off that. That's it. That's it.

So you would be holding onto your handles. You're gonna take your left leg to the side. Now you might not be able to do that if the handle is there. So you would just take your left leg back on and demonstrate if the handles here, I would just have you passe. So bring the knee in and take the leg in front of you.

Try to lift that leg up, up, up. [inaudible] and Paul say take the leg behind you. Way Up with that left legs wearing the hips off. So it's about balancing. That's it. She's going to have, I'm going to have her plea a. So bend that knee, straighten the leg and go into a Relevate by lifting her. He tote, excuse me, her heels up. Square your hips. So that's it Kim, way up there with that left leg and go back into your play. Find the pedal. So I'm trying not to spot her. Ideally shift your shoulders a little bit forward as you go down.

So you stay in control. And then I'm going to have her place your hands back down and switch legs. So again, only do this if you have the handles because you don't have anybody spot and you certainly don't want to do this. All right, you're going to come up cause it's a balance exercise. And with the handles. Don't put your weight into them. Try not to hold on. Drop that tailbone a little bit more flattening out. That's it.

It's a really lifts as she should shift her shoulders a little bit more forward so that the weight isn't back here. It's that. Now she's going to try to lift that left leg up. Take your leg to this side. This part you would skip, but since she did on the other side, I'm going to have her do it. Lift, lift, lift. Take the leg behind you. Straight back. Then she's going to go into the Paseo, so bending the knee, drop that left hip. Mar. Push your left hip for Yap and then she's going to stretch your leg.

Lifting it up as high as she can and I'm going to give her a little extra support. Then journey. That's it. Take the leg behind you. Now her hips are off. That's it. Lift that LE, excuse me. Right like way up. Bend your right knee. Liang. Relevate up, up, up and clear. Find the pedal. Lower the pedal down.

Careful there. That's it. Both hands back on the pedal. Both feet on the pedal. All right? Carefully step off. One foot at a time. Drop Your Chin, make sure you round up. All right, I'm going to have her come to the front, going into a little bit of a push down. She some a drop her to one spring again cause she's going to just have her arms on here. So that's kind of the rule. If gesture arms around, then just go to one spring. All right, she's going to kneel on top of here and do that. Push down what?

So you have to take this slowly because you want to make sure you're balanced and it's not about the pedal going down, it's just a pull up into that powerhouse. So get your knees into more of a hip with pus position. Find a c curve and she's going to try to keep her hips as close to the top of the knees as she can. So she's going to slowly lower the pedal, filling this up. And then as she comes up she wants to Tuck into that seeker even more and lower and scoop and low as good. Now when she dropped the shoulder a little bit and now I can see her.

So I'm fixing her specific needs. Just be conscious as you're moving that you stay lined up shoulder to hip, hip to shoulder, and slowly come up. So it's not just down, up, down and up. As she was starting to do, it's really concentrated. Their shoulders pull down and you'd get that deep scoop. There it is tumor just like that. So that's why there isn't a lot of repetition because it's about doing it precisely and left. Now this one last one, she's gonna go down and then what I'd like her to do is come up and take both hands up and come up to a tall position.

So get those hips to curl under lift and then I'll have her step off. Okay. And then I want you to just finish up by standing against the wall. Walk both feet forward, keep your back against that wall. So getting rid of any gap between the back and the wall. All right, three big circles with your arms. Deep breath in and exhale. I'm actually going to come over to this side so I get a better view of you two more. And as those arms go down, we should see her. Ooh, Ooh.

Almost lengthening. So she's really growing taller. That's it. So she's working now, reverse your circles three times and exhale to soft in your knees. That's it. But your navel is pulling up and last one and exhale. Drop your head slowly. Start to take that down. Let your arms just, hey, no energy from you. Let those arms just drop. Still feel her, her working a little bit. Just relax those arms. Yeah, stop about there.

So hip level, give your arms a little push and begin to circle the arms and even a bigger push. And then let them just hang three, four, counting to five and then a little push to reverse your circles. One and two. Three and four and five. Now I'm going to have her start to come up working from that center right through the middle of her body. She wants to round up articulating and stacking one vertebra on top of the wall.

Put your palms back, let your chest open, but keep those your ribs against the wall. That's it. And Begin to walk your feet back, getting your heels to touch. Then you come up onto your toes set. So really lifting, filling this in. That's it. Now give yourself a little push to step away, going into a fluff.

And Wallah, there's her tall back and she's all done. Good job. Okay.


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I really enjoyed this workout this morning !! What a great way to start the day!! I like Adrianne's tone of voice and precise cueing.
Thank you Janice! this class was more for the participant to try some of the exercises and only observe some of the others. Several of them are advanced. I am happy to hear you enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed this work out start to finish
Adrianne ....such a natural teaching voice. Clear and concise. Good workout and choice of exercises.
I've watched this class several times and love it every time!
Very nice class.. calm voice and wonderful cues.
Great way to start the day. Will definitely do again.

Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed!
My back does feel taller thank you
An excellent class Adrianna, with clear clues and specific advices. Thank you!

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