Class #2076

Cadillac Workout

45 min - Class


Meredith is full of surprises in this stimulating Cadillac workout! She works with her friend, Sarah, on movements that will make you feel like you are floating through space. Enjoy variations to the Series of Five, Butterfly, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Feb 07, 2015
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Gorgeous. Really inspiring, stimulating work. Precision and flow! Thank you for bringing us this class!!
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Beautifully taught and executed!
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Beautiful session! I've always loved your cueing, and this class is no exception! I especially liked your cues for Tower, and hip extension rather than leg straightening in the footwork. And I loved the versions of the series of five that you wove in and the single leg work in the leg springs! Wonderful all around!
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loved of my fav
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Loved it!
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beautiful - thank you so much !!
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Yes! Another beautiful class.....especially loved tower ideas! Looking forward to trying them this week!
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loved the class. Meredith I love your encouraging words and visual ques.
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Love the creativity in this class, Meredith! Sarah executed it all beautifully!
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Loved this class!!!
Miss you both beautiful girls!
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