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Meredith is full of surprises in this stimulating Cadillac workout! She works with her friend, Sarah, on movements that will make you feel like you are floating through space. Enjoy variations to the Series of Five, Butterfly, and so much more!
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Feb 07, 2015
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Okay. So today we're going to work on the Cadillac. It's a very special day cause I have my beautiful friend Sara here to work with me. So Sarah, come with me. We're gonna have you stand just at the back of the Cadillac and don't worry about the bar quite yet. So we'll just start with a couple of roll downs. So standing tall, let your arms come just to your sides and breathe in. And as you breathe out, allow your head to travel forward and then drawing in and up through the waist as you traveled downwards, letting the arms just be heavy.

Pause, inhale. And then exhale. Feel the pelvis start to change the pelvis wheels under so it comes right over the top of the knees, right over the tailbone. And then the spine stacks over the top. Inhale, prepare and excelling as you round down, letting the arms dangle, feeling the abdominals lifting, trying not to lean back. Okay. Lengthening the spine as you reached the floor in here.

Lucky Sarah is a lot more flexible than me. I'm getting jealous. Rounding the spine to come on. Beautiful. Okay. So taking a hold of the bar. So bend your elbows wide and just press the bar down and then moving through some cat stretches. So exhaling as you roll through this spine. So there's a rounded back. And then begin to eat. Elongate your spine, lifting the tailbone up, reaching out through the spine. Pause and inhale.

Exhale, wheeling the pelvis back under. Feel the backsides of the legs working just a little bit as you roll yourself up. And then standing tall right over the top of your feet. And inhale and press the arms and roll the spine down. Start undulating so you pour the pelvis forward, breathing in there, and then breathing out as you tip the tail back under. And then letting that movement just wave through the spine and coming all the way up to standing. And last one in and rounding.

Nice and reaching. Yeah, pause there, bend the elbows wide. Bring the bar towards the top of your head and then stretch the arms back forward and feel the spine length. And as the arms reach and inhale to bend and as the arms stretch you, there's this sensation of the whole spine stretching forward as well. And two more bent and press and one more bend and press and in here. And exhale as we roll the spine up, we're going to be hard pressed to find something to correct on Sarah today.

So we'll look really hard. There we go. Bend your elbows and lift the bar. Okay, so coming down onto the mat now we'll do a few to begin. So why don't you just start lying down on your back with your head at this end and then bringing your arms just above your shoulders. As you inhale, lift the head and chest up off the mat and then exhale as you roll through the spine, bringing the gaze forward, like you're climbing the wall with your eyes and inhale and exhaling as you round down and feel that the spine can still be elongated even as it's rounding. And we're not going to take the arms all the way back today. We're just going to let them come just over the shoulders as the head drops and inhale to lift and exhale as you are around.

And cirrus creating this beautiful long lines. So she's using her back extensors to keep that line. Inhale and exhale, feeling the pelvis begin the movement, letting that carry the rest of the spine into the mat. Reach the arms up and inhale head, chest up, and exhale as you curl the spine. Good. And feel the elongation of the spine and exhale to round the spine down.

So healing one vertebrae at a time, taking specific attention as you work through that lower spine. And then the head comes down. And we'll do one more inhale and exhale as you roll and inhale and exhale as you come all the way down. Beautiful Sarah, reach back with your hands for the bars. So there's just those vertical poles, these these metal poles on vertical balls.

That's okay. Bend your knees and lift one leg at a time into tabletop for this spine twist. So from here, allowing the ribs to settle towards the Mat. Inhale, let's go towards the left and exhale to come back and inhale to come towards me and exhale to come back. Beautiful. Keeping the feet right in front of the knees in hills. We reach across holding the ribs back there, not down all the way.

She's just concentrating on working away from them. And then feel that backwards. Slide towards the center of the spine as you come through center and inhaling, as you rotate towards me and feel that we're coming through the ribs, as you draw back, bringing the body back to the center, I just watched the hitch hiking of the hips. Inhale, as you reach over and exhale as you use the breath to bring the body to center and inhale, pick the hip hop instead of lifting it towards the ribs. Does that make sense? So what sometimes happens is as we get a little bit of a hip, it's pretty common. And so what I'm asking Sarah to do, instead of lifting her rib top hip towards her ribs, is just picking it up off the floor, off the mat, and she's doing beautifully and draw back. Good. And anyhow as you come towards me. Beautiful. You've got it.

And Xcel as you come back. All right, so let the feet come to the floor for just a moment. Reach back behind you for the bar curl. Been Bend your elbows and bringing the arms towards the ceiling. I don't have any springs on the bar at this point. Lift your head and chest. Keep your feet down just for the moment. Come down just a little from there, just to your bra line, Ben the arms and bring the arms behind you.

So what we're doing is just testing where Sarah needs to be and I think you need to be a little bit more forward, don't you? Yeah, I think that's going to be perfect. Okay, so from there you're going to lift one leg at a time. Up until your tabletop position. This is the double leg stretch. So bend the elbows, bring the arms to straight and narrow the hands. Good. So she's curled up into her double leg stretch position in Hilton. Bend the elbows wide, stretch the legs out.

Exhale to pull everything back, pushing the bar overhead. Inhale to reach out and exhale to pull back in. Good and in to reach out and exhale to hollow and drag as though you're pulling against resistance. And three more and pulling against resistance. She's got a nice stable spine here too.

And Ben. Good. And one can bet. Okay, so holding yourself here, push the arms into the bar and then send one leg forward and exhale and exhale. Exhale and exhale. And I want the feet to line up so the straight leg is going to drop a little and drop a little beautiful, good. And to feel the energy through that straight leg and the energy inwards to the bent knee. And let's do three and theory. You're doing okay and two and two and one and one positive.

Both knees in center. Inhale, prepare. So we're going to the criss cross. Take your right leg to straight, rotate your left leg, reach your right arm across and saw off the leg and center. Slow to the other side. And rotate in range and Xcel since use changing hands in the center but not losing the curl and exhale, true reach. And that's beautiful. Rotation.

You've got that Nice ribbed hit and center and rib to hit and center. And two more watching where you're going. That's it. And looking towards me as you turn towards me. [inaudible] and last time. Excellent. As you turn, rotate and center and turn rotate and center and lower your body down all the way. That's plenty good. All right, so what I'm going to do to set up the springs for some foot work when I'm gonna have you do while you wait for me to do that is open your feet to the outer edges of the map and keep your knees bent just like that. Draw both knees to the window.

So both knees in the same direction. Going to come towards me and then just use the back of this hit to press up and get that nice hip flexor stretch and then switch sides. And you've got time to do that. One more time on each side and then we'll be ready to go. Good then.

Okay, so is there a scooch towards me? We don't have that. Okay. Are you okay there? All right. So we're gonna bring both feet up under the bar on the heels. Okay.

So I'm just going to come and look from a different place. Okay. We've got a nice stable pelvis, got the backsides of the ribs resting on the mat. So we're gonna bend the knees on the inhale and stretch the legs as you exhale and inhale to bend and exhale to. So what I would like for you to think about, just keep your rhythm going instead of thinking about pushing from the front of the legs. Think about the dropping of the pelvis, starting the movement. So it's almost like you're trying to delay the bar, the pelvis drop.

That's it. That's it. Beautiful. And three more bent. The pelvis drops. There's a roll light pressure on the bar and stretch. Good and inhale. Yeah, I'm drawing that hip down. The both hips down and one more and beautiful. Come to your toes and then holding the feet in a plantar flexed position in a point.

Just roll into the inside of the toes slightly and inhale to bend your knees and feel that same energy, that down dropping of the pelvis as the bar moves. That in addition to the pelvis dropping down, we can create oppositional foot, two abdominals energy, the abdominals drawing down the front sides of the ribs, drawing down and Ben and stretch. So series, doing a beautiful job, just bending your knees to the point where there's no tailbone lifting off the mat. She knows right where to go. She does like to arch your middle back a little bit. So I'm just going to keep reminding her with my hand and we'll do two more. Inhale and watched the super nation of the ankles and reach out and last one and reach up. Beautiful. Externally, rotate the hips and still, just watch that, that rolling out.

So put a little pressure into your big toe joints. Beautiful and bend in here. Drawing the pelvis downs, pressing the legs all the way together and inhale, bend and exhale. Sometimes if you think about softening the breastbone, um, towards the ribs, rather than having to push the ribs down, the ribs will just fall into place on their own. And then, and breathing the right ribs specifically down. Good. And we'll do two more in here and X. Nice. And one more and exhale. Lovely. We're going to take the feet to the outside of the bar on the heels. Good. Watching that the knee is lined up with the second toe. Nice.

And bend the knees and press the pelvis down. So we want it to be a hip extension activity rather than a push through the front of the legs or that's my idea anyway, my idea. So it's a game I like to play with myself. How little can I use the friends of my legs until the very last moment. And for me, what it helps me do is, is really kind of soften into my hip joint.

It's bending and pressing. Okay. Let's do two more. Inhale and [inaudible] the pelvis down in stretch. Lovely. Last time. Good. That's come to the center, uh, on same wide position. On the fee point. The fee would come out of your point just slightly and put a little bit more pressure on your big toes. That's the ankle joint that I want. And then the knees and then feel the rib cage like think about, not even allow the ribs are like your go button. The drawing down of the ribs, a drawing down of the pelvis. That's where the movement starts.

I'm going to say nice and heavy with that right side. Good. Paul. Also create an inward energy as though you're trying to slide your legs together towards each other along that bar. And let's do three Raymour reaching nice and two more and reaching. I love it. Beautiful work. My friend. Come to the center of the bar. Your toes.

I'll move this across and then we'll just do 10 cavities. So I want you to drag down and then all the way up onto the toes and then pull and feel the front of the Shin, the muscle in the front of the Shin, the anterior to be Alice pulling the bar lower than the springs. We'll pull the bar. So we go beyond where the springs will take us. Nice. And she's working through her whole range, articulating through the foot. She articulates the foot, the pelvis stays heavy on the mat and we'll go four and flex three and flex two and flex. And then from there we begin our prances. So one knee bends, the other like poles and then there's a high position and a switch.

So one leg is pulling the bar down, but one leg straight on the other leg, the one that's not pulling the bar down is pushing up on the bar. So you've got an up down energy happening simultaneously. So pull, push and pull, push. And at the same time we're all monitoring the positioning of the pelvis, making sure that there's no upward shifting there, no lateral flection of the trunk. And we'll do two more. Okay. And last one.

Okay, so let's take both feet down for just a moment and then we're going to take one like backup. So I'm going to let you decide which leg you want to go back under the bar. Your foot. Okay. Okay. So we've got the left heel under the bar. We're just going to do the heel position today and we're going to do a little prep for an exercise that's coming later. So Sarah, want you to bend your left knee. Inhale as you exhale, stretch your left leg, and also flex the right hip, bringing the foot back to touch the bar.

Bend and extend and press that left leg down. And then exhale, reach back. And then again, the challenge for all of us is where is the pelvis in space? Can it stay down on the side of the body that the knee is bending? We feel that there's such stillness in the pelvis all the time. Just do two more. Yes. And on this last one, you'll do the same thing, but when you come back, you'll flex your foot, you'll slide it under the bar, and the other leg will reach for them.

Good. And so inhaling and exhaling, reach back. So from the abdominals, right, that's where that drawing of that straight leg comes in from the center of the body. Beautiful. Okay. And then, and reach, and two more. Inhale and exhale. Oh, last one, and exhale. I love it. So we're going to take that like down. We're going to bend this knee.

We're going to take that leg all the way out. Stretch it out along the mat. I'm going to have you scoot back so you're just at the edge of your skull on the Mat and we're going to do the bottom loaded roll up. Okay, so working with nice straight arms. One of my favorite things about this exercise is the energy that you can create oppositional arms to abdominals. So lifting the head and chest up off the mat, rolling the spine up. Good. Pressing all the way forward with the body. Beautiful. Inhale, bend the elbow, take the elbow slightly forward, stretch the arms out and exhale. Here it is. You push up on the bar as you undulate down through your spine, releasing all the way down. And this is a tough exercise.

She's doing beautifully. Exhale, rolling up, taking the body all the way through. Bend Elvis, slightly forward. I love it when the arms straighten, stretch the back and then round the spine down. We're going to do three more. And on the last two I'm going to give you a little surprise. Don't look forward. Look up. Beautiful.

Bend of a slightly forward head back a little bit. And reach and round. Go ahead and here comes your surprise. So we're going to come on the way down. Yeah, we're rolling out. And then she has no idea what's in store for her and stretch. Okay. So now round down, here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna go down to your shoulders. So you're in like the position that you were in when we warmed up right there. Inhale. Exhale. Lift the right leg to the bar. Pulled back, touch and press and exhale. And two and two and three. Beautiful. And three and four. What's the lifting of the right hip? The hiking of the right hand eye last time.

So length in the right ways. Yes. And last one on the left. Yeah. Good. And the leg goes down and the body goes all the way down. It's a little mean. [inaudible] okay, so we're going to go one more time. One more time. You have another surprise. You're gonna lift your head and chest.

Roll your spine, lifting tall. Ben neons. Beautiful. Stretch the arms. And now exhale. Roll yourself down into that same position. Think of pushing the bar up all the time. All the time. Right there, right there. Bend both knees. Slide your heels towards you. Lift the knees into the bar, press up with both legs.

Take your legs down as far as you can. Control your spine. Bend and reach up and press away and pull and reach up and press away and pull and reach up and press away. Last one, last full. When Ben lift up, press away. Bend your knees, place your feet down and lower your body. Beautiful job. You can let go of the bar and slide forward. We're about to head into the tower. Okay, so we're going to do two towers, just regular with both feet underneath the bar. I'm gonna, we're gonna wait, we've got lots of surprises for CIA today. Okay, so we're, we're starting. We've got the pelvis in the line, we've got the back of the rib cage heavy. The feet are pointed and we inhale and as we exhale, we tilt the tail, reaching up using the back extensors to help hold that lift.

Bend the knees. Inhale, go support from the back of the legs, stretcher and Xcel. As you roll your spine down and feel as though you're stretching. I'm actually pulling her pelvis towards me so she gets a nice stretch in her back end. Inhale, flex point and XL as you roll. Good, so you need the back of your legs here. All the time. Bend and stretch and around the spine down watching the lengthening the right side all the time and flex and point. Okay. Say, take your right foot off the bar. It's going to go to the mat.

We're going to do a single leg here. We inhale, we exhale, lift the right leg, right to here, roll up. The right leg is going to reach for the ceiling. Inhale, bend and stretch. Bring the leg back to touch the bod. The top of the foot comes to the bar and we roll the pelvis, roll the spine, and then as the hips touch, the right leg reaches the left foot, flexes and points and a little right leg comes up and we reach up for the sky. Pressing up with that, like bring the six slightly towards my hand and then bend and stretch.

The right leg comes back to meet the bar and the abdominal draw and here's that opposition. Or you push up with your legs as you pull down with your ads. Beautiful. And just reach and come back and slide this foot under the bar. Good. Left like to the mat. Okay, good. Inhale, lift the left leg. Exhale, roll up. So you use your left leg like you would in a jackknife. It reaches up in it, pushes and then bend. She's holding that pointed foot beautifully.

The leg comes back to touch the bar. The hip flexes, the pelvis is level as we peel the body down, stretching, good left, laid down, right, like flex and point and bring the leg back and roll out. Reaching, reaching, reaching. Just up past that bar. And Bend and stretch and the like comes back and we rolled down. Yes, yes, yes. Let's say comes down and flex and point and bent.

Nice work. Good. Say I was taking them all the work today and I just have to use my voice. Okay. Come up and turn yourself around. We're going to do some leg. So lying down on your back with your head at that end. And I'm coming away from the bars just a little bit. That's fine.

And bringing the feet into the straps shorter. Okay. So you can decide whether or not what? Where are you wanting your arms? They can either stay here or they can reach back for the Poles. Okay, so we're going to start with some frogs. We're going to bend. Okay. So holding right here, I'm just going to adjust your feet a tiny bit right there. And you're going to press out and Paul and breathing the legs forward.

Press out and Paul and press out. Softening the front of the body. Beautiful. And pull. And two more press. Okay. Here comes your next surprise. And Paul. So now I want you to press with this just your left leg. So press and switch and they meet like they're gonna touch on this switch and pull, holding the stability, this a challenging stability exercise and [inaudible].

Nice and switch. Okay, one more. And reach the brush past one another and last time on the other side, the brush past one another. And then beautiful take, have both legs out straight. Stretch your legs up and do three circles for me down, out, all the way around and up and down and maintaining that extra rotation of the hit and one more down, out, all the way around. And up here we're going to reverse now. So you're going to open and reach forwards and then pull from the front of the body, keeping the pelvis heavy and open and reach down and lift up and open.

And I reached down, I lift up. Okay, so now what's going to happen? You're going to take the left leg and it's going to go down. Just the left leg. Hold it right here, hovering it, reaching it towards the ocean, right leg circles down, out around. And, and, and Ah, if this looks easy because Sarah is a beautiful, beautiful bodies practitioner, it you, it's a, it's a big surprise when it's not okay. Say or the other way. So go out, go down, come together o n left and, and, and to gather and left and Ah, and and together and now both legs up, ready for the other side. Okay. Is that the other like goes down the right leg goes down and then we start with our down circles. A little left leg goes down, out around the reach of the right leg. Holds the pelvis still and yeah, and, and all round and, and, and, and all round and [inaudible] when you go out we go down, bring the legs together and, and Ah, and down, holding that right, like very stuff and lift. One more time. When you get to the other leg, they come up together.

So we reach up and I think that's enough. All right, good. Okay, Sarah, I'll hop off. We're going to grab the trap heats. Okay. Sarah, hop up onto the mat. You're going to stand so that you're facing this, this direction facing forward. And what I'd like for you to do is hold onto the bars with both hands and take one of your feet into the strap. Just position it how it feels. Good on you. I like it to be just about at my ankle, but you can, um, you can decide for yourself. So what I'm gonna have you do before we go anywhere is we're going to let this foot go a little bit more forward and we're going to really concentrate on keeping the left side of the pelvis for that society. That's going to want to lift on you. Okay. So the ribs are drawing back.

The back leg is absolutely straight. Good. I love that little butt work there. So we're going to bend the right knee and we're going to take the body backwards. It's an arc shape. So she's reaching behind herself and then using the arms, pull yourself up and then we'll slide up onto the right toes, following through with that, hit that front hit and then bend and reach back and pull. So those are rocking forward. And up and then our rocking down and back.

I love how straight that back leg is. Sarah. We're going to do choo more so reaching, abusing the back of the leg to help find the stretch in the front of the leg. Here comes the tough part. You're going to come up, hold yourself stable. We're going to transition. We're going to take that foot off. Step back. Nice job. Reach, step down, and then beautiful. And then reach.

Good. And I'm just watching the pelvis. Both of us are watching to make sure there's no rotation though. Rotation will happen at the very top, typically. Good. And then bend good. The ribs are sliding back the front ribs sliding into the backgrounds. Kinda one more time. Yeah. And then reaching up, reaching up, holding yourself.

Ready and step. It's a little higher than that. Okay Sir. Come with me one, pull up, go down, go down and back and then recheck. Step one foot down. Step the other foot down. Lovely. Well done. On stuck. Okay. All right, so we'll, let's get rid of this and then we'll set up for the cat stretch. Take your hands onto the barn. Okay. So is there, I'm gonna have you scoot back just a teeny bit that that's going to be perfect.

Okay. So where you have the pelvis right underneath the shoulders, the eyes are gonna look up just slightly and we're gonna press the arms down. Continue to exhale as you round through your spine, elongate through your back, coming into a nice flat spine. And then exhale, feel the pelvis shift using the back of the legs. So I'm going to be really mean and not allow her to shift back at all. And then the eyes come up and the bar comes up and we press the bar down and we round the spy, curling down and then begin to tilt the tailbone, pouring the pelvis forward. Good. Beautiful. And then we [inaudible] pull under, and here we have a combination of hamstrings and abdominals.

And that's how we're going to keep that pelvis right where we want it. Eyes up, arms bend, work the Barra, just like you work the bar down and push and around and roll out elongation. Let the head come up just a little bit. Perfect. And around tilting the pelvis. Oh, that's it. Worked for it. Good. And then, and straighten your arms again. So push the bar down. Yeah. So now take the hands closer together. We're gonna do a um, uh, cat stretch with rotation. Want you to bring one hand under. So what we're going to do is simultaneously round the spine, Sarah and rotate towards the right.

So you start going down when it feels natural, start to turn the body, but we still get that nice, beautiful long back. And then exhale as we curl back in and we just rotate back to straight. The arms are going to stay straight in front of you for this one and excelling as you round down and begin to rotate an e long each, stretching those lower ribs under in the upper ribs up and exhale as we pearl back in. Oh the way. Eyes Up. And one more rounding. Good. Beautiful. And reaching across gay. Not Nice. Beautiful.

Long back and curling and coming up and switch the whole of your hands. Nice. Good. And then here we go. We inhale, we roll, we begin each elongating. And this is the side we want to focus on this underneath side that stretch and then tilting and pooling back through. So nice rotational exercise and around and spy. So the ribs are relative to one another as the upper ribs try to lift the bottom ribs, sneak right under them, or the bottom ribs go under the top ribs and the top ribs have to move away to allow that rotation to happen.

And then round and all the way to the top. Gorgeous. Lift the arms, sit down, bring your feet up against the Poles. We're gonna do some push through with the side reach. Okay. Okay, so you're going to take a hold of your bar, lifting the spine up nice and Tom and have you just sit slightly backwards and then inhale and exhale, rotating the pelvis under, keeping the arms straight, keeping that nice connected position to the abdominals. Press the bar down and forward. Good. Stretching out all the way. I'll give her a little stretch here.

That's just how nice I am. And then Ilan gates will come up into back extension. Nice. This is an enviable position for me. And then round down. If only, if only someday, Sarah, that could be me. And then stay and take your right arm off. We're going to take the ride on back. We're going to press a both feet forward. We'll take this.

I'm just a little bit like that. Good. And then this one's going to continue reaching, continue reaching, continue reaching. Reach all the way up over the top of my head and then reach back, come back to the bar using the Righto obliques, rounding the spine, good rate and take the left arm back. Now reaching out, reaching out, allowing that right arm to rotate under, slightly coming all the way around, all the way, way around and then back all the way back to the bar and lifting the spine out. Beautiful. Let's go one more time rounding, keeping the arms straight, keeping the focus through the center of the body. Exhale and inhale, elongation. I love it. And exhale round and let's go the left side. This time first where you reach out, the right side of the pelvis stays heavy. We reach all the way around, all around, all around and back and back to the bar and a little bit more of spinal flection. That's it. All the way around.

All around. I'm making like a circular action around the spine coming back, bringing the hand to the bar. I lifting up all the way. Beautifully done. So we're going to set up for some arm work maxed. Okay, so Sarah, bring your arms at your sides. We're going to start with the hug a tree and then lean into the springs just a little bit. I'm going to slide in behind her. This is my favorite place to teach this.

I'm series so I can monitor the scapula. Exhale, press the arms and inhale to open. And something that I like to think about here is the the the trunk, kind of mimicking the movement of the arms cause that's what, that's what we're intending to do with our polities breath. True. We narrow the waist and we expand the repeats three-dimensionally so that can just happen as the arms are moving and reach open and press, push the sprit straps away from you just a little bit and give me a little serratus. Yup. Good, good. We're going to go one more time. So now into up circles. So we from there, rotate the palms down, reach back, feel the rotation, the movement in the shoulder blades without bringing the shoulder blades together and then bring the arms across so the shoulders stay broad on the back. They don't slide in and out, but they do rotate and reach up and open and back.

Nice. And reach up and rotate and back and two more. Reach and Roti and back and last one so the body stays perfectly still it and then wrote reverse. We go. As we rotate, we press the arms down. Beautiful. Open your over-correcting here just a little bit and press nice and open and away. Read it. Leaning into the springs, flying through the air and press. So it's like the springs are holding you up and you're floating through space.

We're going to do one more. Reach out. Lift up and press. Okay. Awesome. Sarah, just stand up for a second. So what we're going to do next is the butterfly. Okay. So you know the butterfly, but have a look here, cause we're gonna do say two regular butterflies, two regular butterflies. And then on the second two we're going to go and as you go into your butterfly, you're gonna lift your bottom knee in and you're going to come back out and lower your leg back down to the floor. Exactly. So kind of like a crisscross in theory. Okay.

So here we go. I'm going to come back behind you again. So good. Finding your springs, finding the tension that you want to work with. Inhale as you go laterally, rotate your spine. As you exhale, roll to reach on. I'm back. And then come back and center and inhale as you come towards me and reach the top arm over and down the back arm in and out, and then back and center and inhale. If you move the top round faster, it'll stay out of your way. There you go.

And then back, that's it. And up and inhale and rotate it. Keep the head up and Rory Cha and okay, so here comes that balance work. Just maybe go a little slow. The first one so you know what you've, what you've got pulling in and then coming back into the lateral flection as she steps into the floor and center and inhale and exhale using the standing leg as an anchor, reaching through and back. Nice and center. And one more.

So you're doing beautifully and drawing the knee into the chest and reaching back and center and Roti and drawing the knee into the chest and reaching back and center. Well done. Well done. Nice job. Okay, so we're gonna finish up with a little bit of back extension now. Okay. So coming back over to the push through barn and go ahead and lie down on your front. Sarah. Well I have you on one spring. Is that going to be good for a say, prone one and two? Yes. Good. Okay. So taking a hold of the bar, I'm going to have you scoot back a little bit. Okay. So just starting with a real sense simple movement.

We're gonna lift the head first, look forward a little bit. Yep. And then we're going to reverse articulate this spine. Keep it pretty small for now. Good. Pulling the shoulder blades out. So we just find that nice opera spinal extension and then reach out and, and head comes up and they roll a marble along the mat with your nose and reach Ya. Yeah, reach back down if you've got nice supported legs. Good support the front of the body one morning.

Well reaching, reaching, opening the front of the body and lowering down. K. I'm gonna change it. Okay. So I'd like for you to start doing exactly what you just did. Lift your head before you start to lift your spine. That's it. So we lift the top of the spine for us. Staying here, bend your elbows wide, keeping your body lifted. Stretch your arms back to straight and lower the body down. We're, and do that two more times. Let's inhale.

Lift the head before the spine brewing the rest of the body. Exhale, bend the arms. Inhale, stretch the arms and exhale lower the body. Good. Nice. One more warming up the back for the prone to which is just a little bit tougher than both of these put together. And then, and dress. I like how you're getting a little more and more high. Getting your back nice and warm. Okay, so for the last, for the grand finale, we're gonna bend the arm, stretch, arms overhead, lift the spy. Beautiful. Drop the head, lower the body between the arms, bend the elbows wide, stretch the bar apart and then bring the arms forward.

So both on that bending of the arms on the way up in the bending of the arms on the way down, you can take the elbows like we did in the bottom of loaded roll up. Just slightly forward. Inhale into a little bit more external rotation. It'll help you bend your arms. Not Too much, not too much. Not to cheat, but just to feel the ease and the shoulder joint better and lift. Let me get that back and down.

And Pool Bowling. I like it better. Should feel a little bit easier for you. Go last one, Ben and right. Nice and lift. Stay here. Bend your knees, bringing your knees towards the back of your head. So he's open up the whole front side of the body. I love it. And reach back and lower the body down and then [inaudible] and lower end.

Continue to hold onto the bar for just another moment. I'm just going to give her a little love here. Okay, so I'm holding the bar. You can let go. You're going to reach back and just sit on your feet just for a moment. Yeah, in rest position. [inaudible] and then coming back down and just stand in front of the Cadillac.

[inaudible] no, I'm going to stand behind you but you won't be able to hear what I have to say. Maybe I'll stand with Ya. We'll do it together. So we'll just take the items. Then I'll reach out in a reaching up like you're going to reach back and touch the Cadillac and then bringing the arms out and bringing the head down to the chest and rolling the spy. I'm just getting that nice fluid movement and inhale and exhale as you peel back, reaching, and then taking the arms up and slightly backwards to fall and back, and one more, rolling the spine down and inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Well, that's a wrap.


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Gorgeous. Really inspiring, stimulating work. Precision and flow! Thank you for bringing us this class!!
Beautifully taught and executed!
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Beautiful session! I've always loved your cueing, and this class is no exception! I especially liked your cues for Tower, and hip extension rather than leg straightening in the footwork. And I loved the versions of the series of five that you wove in and the single leg work in the leg springs! Wonderful all around!
Paola Maruca
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loved of my fav
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Loved it!
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beautiful - thank you so much !!
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Yes! Another beautiful class.....especially loved tower ideas! Looking forward to trying them this week!
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loved the class. Meredith I love your encouraging words and visual ques.
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Love the creativity in this class, Meredith! Sarah executed it all beautifully!
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Loved this class!!!
Miss you both beautiful girls!
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