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Fitness Ball Fun

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Kristi and Meredith are back together in this fun Mat workout using the Fitness Ball! They include wonderful variations of traditional exercises designed to challenge your balance and stability while strengthening your entire body. As a bonus to this wonderful class, you can see the whales playing in the ocean! What a treat!
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So today, Ms Christie and I are going to teach on the ball. So we're going to start holding the ball and just letting it rest against where whatever part of your body it naturally rests on when your arms are straight, and then press lightly into your body with the ball. And as you press into the ball with your body, feel that your chest can just almost effortlessly start to rise up. We start with just a gentle back extension and then come back to a neutral position with your spine and then roll the spine down and use the ball as a weight. So you, we're rolled down, you're supporting yourself through the front of your body. The ball's going to go to the floor, adjust your hand so that the hands are on top of the ball and start tipping the pelvis forward. Allowing the spine to straight in the arms will straighten.

Reach out into a nice low, long back. From that place we're gonna roll the spine back up. So curling the body, not coming all the way up the ball, still on the floor. Tip The tailbone up again. Pour the pelvis forward, stretch the spine out, bringing the ribs further and further away from the pelvis as you go. And then from there we're going to curl the body back in and we'll do that one more time to being the pelvis, letting the spine just start gently mobilizing, feeling the stretch through the backs of the legs, trying to find a nice long back and then rolling the ball towards you. Hold with where you can pick it up and then roll the spine back up.

Continue lifting the arms as the body comes up straight so that the ball comes up over the top of their head and then stretch over to the ocean, our ocean or the television and lift and reach up and over to the opposite side. My next just suggested that was a lovely and center and then bring the ball back down the front of the body. So we'll repeat that one more time. We pressed the ball gently into the body. Feel as though your chest is lifting, but the ball is moving towards the floor and then find straight and then roll the ball. Now the ball literally is moving towards the floor but feel as though it's weighted and you're trying to hold it off the floor with your center all the way until it touches. Then stretch out through your spine. So always find to adjust the hands to where it seems like it suits you the best.

And then we're going to curl the back. So again, we started the movement through the pelvis. The spine stretches out, the chest reaches out and forwards and then we roll back in one and then take that one more time. Stretch out, tipping the pelvis forward, elongating through the spine, keeping the head lifted in line with the spine and then rounding up, being prepared to pick up the ball, roll the spine, lift the arms up overhead, reach over towards the ocean and let the power this time drift in the opposite direction. And then left. Move as though you're moving under water. Nice relaxed flowing from side to side and then lift the spine back up and bring the ball down to the floor. I'm going to come around in front of the ball. We're going to sit on the ball. So you want to position yourself on the ball so that your lower spine is supported by the ball. Arms are going to start by reaching forward.

And from there we're going to go over the back of the ball. So exhale and stretch a over the top. Lift the arms overhead, reach back if your head can reach the ball, let it rest. Bring your arms around to the sides and then roll yourself up so your ribs are just at the bottom or you're just at the bottom of your ribs. Rather reach back, arms come around, they circle to the sides, keeping the palms of the hands face up, the arms come forward and we lift just to the bottom of the ribs. One more time like that. Reach back, arching circle, arms forward and from there reach back to bring the hands behind the head. Inhale.

Now take the spine back and then as we exhale we're again just going to come right to the bottom of the rib cage. Keeping the pelvis in a neutral position. Breathe in, control the back, meaning don't just relax over the top of the ball and on the left and inhale, we stretch and exhale, we lift. Notice that you're not pressing forward on your head, but instead let the head rest in the hands. Just like a heavyweight. So we use the weight of the head to challenge the center of the body.

We curl up. Yeah, and we'll do four more. So inhale, and then as you exhale, ring the breath out of your body completely. And inhale, lift, exhale. And in here, and lift. Exhale. And one more. So now from the top, we're going to go little curls for so just tiny and back, little quicker. These are curl almost as though you're rebounding off the softness of the ball into that curl. We'll do four, three, two, and one. Okay, so now what we're going to do is we're going to walk back towards the ball and you can either have your feet separate or together.

I like to bring mine together because I find it's a, it's a fair balance challenge there. And then inhale here, as we exhale, we'll spiral towards the ocean. So wringing out the spy, there's a whale and you gotta acknowledge the whales. In whale there's a whale. And then coming back to center ever happened before. Okay. And then rotating to the other direction. We'll look at the, well next time we go. And then finding center and pressing the head into the hands. Rotating and lifting and finding center.

And Christy, we would've have never seen the whale if we hadn't done the ball class. That's right. I didn't know I was pouting about the ball class because I had something else in mind, but I'm thrilled. Thank you very much. Maybe your friend Mary. Okay, let's see. One more to eat side. So rotate, spiral up growing up out of the pelvis, lifting, lengthening the spine center and the last time and center. So we're going to walk back down again, placing the lower spine against the ball and we're going to do some rotation here. So any holes we reach back, exhale as we cert, coming up through center and then rotate and center and back and start coming through center. And then right at the bottom of the ribs we rotate, we find center and stretch back. So you're centering out before you go. [inaudible] coming up and center. I am rotating there.

I'm going back to center and then backwards and same on the way up up center roti. I think it's just a like a two step process. Okay. Like a chess lift with rotation. But then maybe we could try not doing that.

So what about what if we just go straight across and then center and back and straight across and center him back? We'll do that two more times in each direction. Yeah, up and across and back. Last time. Often in over us. I lost one on the other side. And then coming back to your center, reaching your arms forward.

So just when we'll go down towards the floor. So I've let my pelvis come away from my ball a little bit and I mean like a pretty low squat position. We're going to do a back bend here. You're going to press with your legs. You want to use the backs of your legs for support. Let the back go all the way over the top of the ball, make a circle with the arms, bring the arms for the ice, follow the arms, and then we've been back and again, push backs of the legs.

Help to support the lower spine. We stretch back. We make a big circle and we bet. And two more reaching up and back. Notice if the weight wants to shift from foot to foot, the ball wants to Shimmy from side to side. I try to keep everything nice and centered and then we'll reach their arms around and this time we'll just continue coming down until we land on the floor. I have an idea just behind your head. Okay. If I may. Yeah.

From here. So thinking of the squad and I was shimming a little bit, so I want to play with that. Even weight on the feet. You're going to just lift your hips up. I'm not articulating my head will rest on the ball until I'm in a bridge. Like position. Yeah. Again, no. Articulate and come right back down. Your head will come off the ball, support it and as if you're going to sit down fully, but you don't lift again.

So thinking hamstrings and glutes and still trying to work evenly and down and maybe the ball move a little bit. Not a whole lot of. Push it up big squeeze there. Make sure that you're not leaving the tail bumble or sorry, the pubic bumble low. Come down. Let's do about four more. Pushing up a tiny bit faster. One nice open chest and hinge down for us to feeling the weight of the feet. Maybe a little more in the heels but not fully. Kind of distribute the weight there. One more time.

We're going to stay up on this one and then either leave your hands there. I'm going to maybe suggest that we take the arms out to a t position. Your head should be resting, so if you have to adjust so your feet are where you feel support on the floor. Keep do that. Arms are reaching wide. Hips are nice and high. Try to shift laterally.

Translate the hips toward the ocean or to the front here without dipping. So you're just taking the waistline more to one side. Somewhat like when we were standing, bring it back to center. It's not very big. Take the waist to the other side. I'm not really translating a lot yet. I'm just trying to do at the waist and center.

So one like we'll take a little more weight, but I'm not coming off the other leg fully yet and center to the back. Now we're gonna make it a little bit bigger. Start at the same way. Go ahead and push into the waist. Now transfer a little further, but keep even the shoulder so the whole body's rolling a bit there. Almost like I'm going to come off the ball and then come back to center. Lead with the waist, reach it to the back.

Then you can travel the upper body a little. That just means that support is going to work even more. Whoa. And bring it back one more. Each way. Lead with the waist. Hips are level less. The upper body. Follow into that a little bit, but it doesn't dip down and pull everything center last one back. Hips first, then our providee and come center. Now keep the weight even on the feet. I'll do my best to describe what I'm going for here.

The arm closest to the back is going to start to come up. As you roll the ball back towards the back of the room. Look towards the front arm. Keep it in a t as if you're going to clap your hands. Hips stay level. It makes sense. I can't see ya. Yeah, come on back to that start position.

Do your best to keep the hips level and go the other way. So you sort of like someone pulls that front arm, you follow it, then rotate. Maybe the hip, some move a little, but that's not really the focus in. Come back again. It's more of a rotational type situation. Not to mention balance. Be pulled to the back, rotate over.

My head is still resting. It just rolls as I need it to and come back one more. Right. Reach and come back. Now from there, we're going to take the arms down by your side. Circle them just like we did before. Reach back into that, uh, back bend again.

Only this time you're a little more over the balls to take your time and then bend your knees, bring your arms around. And now let's go ahead and have a seat on the wall or on the floor and bring the ball out. Thank you. Okay, so let's take the w of similar theme as we roll back to the ground. The balls, you're going to go to a pelvic curl, so your fetal end up on the ball to just come down. And depending on how high the ball is, you'll, you'll adjust as needed. You don't want to roll up so high that you end up on your neck in an uncomfortable way, but feet are parallel.

Try to get all of your foot on the ball from here. We inhale, knees are at about 90 degrees. Maybe exhale, peel up. Try not to move the ball much at all as you roll up, minimizing how much pressures on the ball, but keep talking through the pelvis. So it feels like the front of the body straight. Use the back of your arms. Inhale and exhale. Melt it down from the upper back, the middle back, all the way down. Release the tailbone. Inhale. Exhale, peel it up. Of course there's some weight on your feet. When you get to the top though, imagine what you would do to take your weight off the ball. Don't, but give it a shot in your mind. Inhale, exhale, bring it down.

So much of our work relies on those hamstrings being under control. Again. Exhale, roll and get. Ah, ah, ah. Now when you're up here, push down on the ball. Really work the back of the legs. Inhale and exhale down. Lightening up on the feet ever so slightly. One more like that. Exhale, Keel it up. Feeling the belly haul out. Try not to roll your feet out, so get the big toe down the little toe down. You're here at the top. Stay here.

Inhale, exhale. As you press the legs away from you, press the ball away from you. Almost a straight inhale, bring it back in. Exhale, push out. Inhale back, and exhale. Trying to avoid increasing the pike at the hips. In other words, you don't want the butt to drop as the legs come back in. You go out as you're dragging the legs and you almost have to recommit to that Tuck of the pelvis. Let's do two more. One. Check your neck tension. One more. Bring the feet back in. Inhale and exhale down. With that.

Stretch the legs all the way out. Bend the right knee in. I get in close. Change legs. Bring the other leg in. So Yup, both legs out to the street, resting on or not resting, but on the ball. Curl up. So you're reaching your arms forward so you just have to trust me or I know we can't see each other with the balls. I'm going in towards the devil egg stretch basically.

So we're going to drag the all towards us and then adjust the feet so you really can hold it. Reaching to the ankles. Here we go. You're gonna push the ball away in here. It's okay if the feet flex on the ball. Exhale, bring it back and inhale. Reach a little downward. Press on the ball so that you get that sense of the back of the body working. Inhale and I tell drag in and exhale again and one more time and and hold onto the right needs.

So take it off the ball, stretch the left leg out. Really hug the right knee in today. Then we're going to draw the ball back in. Push it out with the right leg, left leg close and again switch. So when the ball's not doing much here, but you can use it as a reminder to engage the back of the thigh. Pull and pull in and pull.

Drag and push out. Good press and press and parece. One more time. Leave that leg out there. Both legs on top. Take the arms and head down from here. Adjusted so you're not going to put a lot of pressure into the back of the knees to maybe near the Achilles tendon is where most of your weight is.

We're doing another pelvic crow with straight legs or almost straight legs. Peel yourself up and then from there the right leg will come off. Get ready for it, kick it up. Same leg come down. Same leg comes up, up and down and up and down and up. One more time. Here it is. Put it down. Roll the upper body down and from here, just keep both legs straight. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Reaching for the ball. Just kinda like you're going to sit up, but you don't go right back down.

Inhale, exhale. The hips will roll up again. Left leg or opposite like kicks up, five, one and down. Here's two and down. Three down, four and five. Put it down. Inhale. Exhale. Roll it down from here. Inhale. Exhale, curl, head, neck and shoulders up. We're reaching the body forward as if you're going to do the a hundred but you're not. Inhale and exhale. Take it all the way down. Or maybe they are.

What are you going to have him do, Mary? I don't know yet. You're up. Oh, it's my turn. Okay, so we're going to curl up one more time. We're going to pull the ball in. Okay. Pick it up with your feet. Put it into your hands and straighten your legs out along the floor. Our ball reaches over ahead for the rollout. We're going to lift the head and chest, curl through the spine, reach forward over the feet, and then start lifting the ball up over head.

Follow the ball with your spreads who arising out on the diagonal, and then take the ball back down, and then Roald reaching the ball up over head. Let the head come down through that three times. Inhale to lift. Exhale, roll the ball forward. Keep the shoulders heavy. Inhale, reach the spine up along. Exhale, round and roll back sealing. The lower spines flatten and the ball goes back. Last one like that. Lift and roll reach Elan Gaye, dive back forward. Roll back down. So from there we lift the head and chest, flattening the spite.

Now think about the this happening from the center of the body, the abdominal Slat, and then the left leg floats. Then we're going to bend the knee in. Reach the ball over the top of the knee and come back down and pull the knee and reach back to pull the knee in. Stay lifted. Stretch that leg out onto the floor. Stretch forward with the body back into that back extension, lifting up, round, back, forward and roll back.

So coming all the way back first, arms go overhead, pick up the head and chest, reach forward, floating the right leg, and then we curl. Bending the knee underneath the ball and back and curl. It's like a single leg bending nene teaser or something and curl. Stretch out. Reach forward this time. Push the ball down on your feet. Take a stretch, then lifted up her reach. Find that flat back.

Then lift from here. Try to keep the ball over the top of your head. We're not going all the way down. This time we're just going to go down to the tips of the shoulder blade. Oh, you can do it. That's it. Good. Now the left leg comes again. The ball can go forward. We're going to tool west, single leg, bending leg teaser with a twist and turn and and turn and back.

Hold that leg, float the other lega switch, sigh and bend, twist and twist. And here's our last one. Twist and out. Hold it there. Lift the leg, roll the ball up, reach up into the teaser, lower the legs down, stretch the spine forward on the diagonal, and then around 'em put the ball on your feet. Pushed down for a stretch. You're up. Hm.

Thank you. How about spine twist? That's what I was thinking. Swear where side twist spine. Twist scientists. Yeah. Hold on. Okay. I want to do it my pants up. [inaudible] okay. Before you come up, are you stretching the tops of your feet? If not, make it so you can see you're almost pushing down on the toes. Yeah. Then slide the shoulders more forward so they really come off your back and then as you slide the shoulders back, flex your feet.

Pick up the ball into that same long spine that you had us doing a moment ago and sit up tall. Now if it's too much to keep your arms overhead for longer, you can actually bring the ball to your head. I kinda like this, I'm going to do it this way, but you could keep it straight because when I push onto the top of my head or pull down with the arms, I can also reach up into the wall. I kind of liked that feeling with a subtle press press with the palms to the front. Double Exhale, twist one, two, and the the devil part of it is really coming from the spine, whether you see it or not. I'm not squeezing harder with the hands. [inaudible] [inaudible] even taller. Still. Last two one. Oh you, you count too. So we'll do one more for one. For Mary. Since this has, she likes to count I think. Yeah, you're welcome. All right. From here, separate the feet to set the ball down in front of you on the back up.

Just a touch. Feet flex and you're tall again. So the hands are just about shoulder distance and you may find that you want to start with your hands a little further back. Thinking of spine stretch here. So we inhale, exhale. As you press forward, we often use the cue of going up and over the ball, but in this case we're allowing the ball to be that end point for us. The opposition of our resistance. The further the ball gets pushed forward, the further back you pull the spine. Then just inhale and exhale. We'll come back up with a little pressure downward on the ball.

You now I'll shorten the breath on this one. Exhale, press it out, stretch it. Go ahead. Enjoy the stretch. Try to get your head between your arms and then right away. Inhale, bring it back up. [inaudible] exhale, pressing forward strong legs as if you were hugging the ball with the ankles. It's a little further. They're a little further apart than that though, and in here [inaudible] and exhale. [inaudible] this time bring the ball only about halfway back from there and you may find you on. Move your arms forward that try it first without we go into that long spine again, so just a subtle downward pressure, but think of the upper arms pressing down to give you the long line.

Exhale round forward. I'm just going to stay here and go right back into that. Inhale into the long spine is a tilt to the pelvis just a little bit. Make sure you line the spine up and down. Bigger stretch. You can roll the ball a little there and inhale. We'll change this a little fine, that long line.

Then without rotating the body, pick up one arm and put it down other arm and put it down. Keep it going. Lean into it more and down and up. Down. One more time. Up and down the last arm, up and down from there. Take the big inhale. Get longer XL stretching forward.

Handing it back. Hm. Let's go up onto our knees. Okay. I think we should both face four. Let's come feet to the outside of the Mat. Everything. Okay, so I'm going to take us through some side lifts and then set you up for the sidekick. Okay. Okay, so what I want us to do is, what I like to do to get on the ball is get it wedged right up next to me and then I go onto it. And then if that's not comfortable on the bottom, and you just said adjusting that knee for comfort, but essentially you should be able to balance here without too much trouble with no arms. The outside leg, the straight leg is pressing into the floor.

We're going to bring the other hand behind the head and from here, reaching over the ball and then inhale, exhale, engaging that upper waistline. Now lift and reach back and lift and then feel as though you're staying engaged, but you're stretching out that engagement and elongation engagement on the way down. Lyft and Dan and we'll just do that four more times reaching up. I feel that as I lift up, I let my hip just press into the ball a little last two coming up and last one and Chris is going to take a sudden to some lateral [inaudible] hip work. So just come back over. You can put your hand on the ground or sometimes I like to hug the ball.

I like to hug the ball. Yeah. Okay, so we'll do that. And then the top arm for now, just leave it out or you can bring it to your waist wherever you need to and just lift that outside leg and touchdown [inaudible] and lift and seek. If you can go a little higher and make sure you're not piking hips back and lift down. Three moral one and I'm still thinking of that cue of pressing into the ball a little with the hip. You're lying on this 10 you stay up with it. Can you go any higher as well as keeping the hips forward. So check that out.

Circling to the front, kind of small. It's up and around. One and two and three of six. Here's four, five river, sit, finish it, go other way. One and two, three kneecap pointing. Basically forward. Here's five and six. Get Nice and high. Hand behind your head. Flex the foot, kick forward, pointing Sawyer back a little rolling of the ball spine, right a little, especially if it's a big ball, which it is for me. I can barely get over it.

Thery and go ahead and feel it. Go ahead and try a few. We really roll. Go ahead, let it sweep cause there's a balance factor in there too, right? The two more. Sorry, two more now forward and back. One more time. Forward and back to the side.

Just bring it down and let's just take a stretch. So you're going to put both knees down. Just slide the ball away and lean into that hip. I suppose we should do the other side, huh? Well first I'm going to do something else. Okay, so come on up. Alright.

He put the ball on the same side about underneath your hand instead of underneath your pelvis around, comes out to the side. We're going to do a little bit more lateral work. So we going to roll the ball away, take that straight arm over the head and then lift back up using those old legs or your feet together. Knees together. My knees are slightly apart, but my feet are together so I'm going to separate my feet. So I'm in parallel, but I'm not touching with my knees and then reaching over the top. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. Is it harder with sleep together? I just, you know me, I like to try. It probably doesn't matter. Does a lot of [inaudible] and then let's say I'm in a separate, again, I did try it. I like it. We're going to go over, but I want my safe space for this one.

We're going to turn towards the ball like a mermaid, reaching for the ball with that up RM and then reach out and lift and inhale. Push the ball away and exhale. Roll the spine around. So my pelvis goes back just a little bit. I'm letting it, but it's not a huge shift. It just makes way, we'll say for the rotation of the body and then back and then all the way and let's go the other side. So that top leg or the out leg is straight. Wedge the ball up underneath that hip and then we'll bring the bottom hand behind the head, the top arms, straight out, pushing into the floor with that straight leg.

We lift up and stretch over left. I think of like an accordion. It's you. Everything stays connected. It just gets longer and shorter and as it gets shorter, we push the air out of the body and we'll do four more. Lifting up and back and lifting. Um, back last two, one more time and then coming all the way down and either putting in arm on the floor or wrapping it around the ball. Get that big hug, sweep the leg out, long to pick it up.

I said light arm reaching and we went down and picked it back up just there or higher monitoring yourself on this here, I'll call that too. It sort of started in the halfway point. Here's three. And to reach [inaudible] five one more time, stay up on it, check your position, lining everything up. We'll pick us direction for six circles and one and full circle three. That means it gets a little behind you [inaudible] and reverse it. Take it the other way. Circle or it's not always as easy to go both directions, but sometimes it's just a little soft. You can do it.

It's that forest fire and here, since it's better when I don't have to, you know me too, but not even then pick up the leg a little more flexible. Come forward when we did the first few kind of still with some motion. Here's to shooting for eight on this one. A fair re try not to hunch the lower shoulder. Now allow for a little sweeping a rolling of the ribs forward or rolling of the ribs back.

As long as you're in control of it and you're not making huge adjustments on your knee. That's it. I think so. One more just in case PS cause why not? And then we bring it back to the side and down. Come up, stretched the ball away for the moment to get the hip out. A little stretch. If your knees can do that [inaudible] okay, so bringing the hand under the on top of the ball, not under the ball. Opposite arm out to the side. We pushed the ball away. Lift the arm up overhead, reaching, anchoring with the opposite knee and then lifting back up.

And this, I like to feel kind of floaty. I don't, I try not to engage or grab too much because just moving the body in that range will cause what needs to work to work as long as you keep your body nice and straight. And so now we'll add rotation. We inhale over and exhale creates that rotation, that mermaid ask movement and inhale back and exhale. There's moving the body with the breath, easing our way around towards the ball, coming back out and left. Last one. Inhaling over, exhaling around, inhaling back and exhaling all the way. Should we do some pushups? Yeah, I'm standing. Okay. You can take it. Oh you want me to teach them? Yeah. Okay.

So what I did, what I typically like to do is get away, um, backup off my mat so that I can put my body on the ball and then we're going to walk forward on the ball. So this is my, my happy place. My sweet spot is to be right about just underneath my knee caps. Let's pause here. Finding the center of the body, pushing the floor, hands into the floor and lifting up through the center. We are going to bend the elbows three and press two and press one and hold.

Keep their right leg on the ball with the left leg off. Three to what? Now? Come from there to the outside of the touch. Lift and back. Up Touch, lift and back. Ah, touch, lift and whole three pushups. Bend, keeping the arms close to the body. Keeping the shoulders under control. Here's number one. Holding right like comes off the ball. One side might feel a little harder. This one feels harder to me. Yes.

Two and three. And then talk. Go to the outside and back to the ball and to the outside and back to the bla and to the outside and back to the bond hold and three more pushups. Bend, stretch, one bend getting your arms nice and warm. [inaudible] is that what you call it? That's what I call it. Warm it instead of tired. You have to make your mind believe, but sometimes what? It doesn't want to really warm now. Okay, so now round your spine lifted. Pull the ball in towards you.

I'm bending my knees and bending my knees and reach out around the Spencer trying to curl the back before the knees start to pull and then reach out and something that works really well for me here is trying to stay really light on the Ballston. Don't bear down on the ball lift. Awesome. Let's do one more. Do you think we can do three more pushups? Christie? Maybe I can. I don't know if I can. Okay, let's try. Here we go. Bend, press one, Bend, press two, last one and now we'll walk back over the ball and Chrissy, I'll take it. Okay. I say let's get off our arms. Move The ball forward for Swan. Come part and I'll do it like this. Spine, Kirk diversion. I think that'll work here.

Okay, so put away your feeder on something stable. The Mat slightly turned out a lot. He's v and the size of the ball is going to meet her knees or just off the ground, but were otherwise able to balance hands behind your head. From here, we're just inhaling curling up to that nice level spine. Exhale down. If the turnout doesn't work in my, it's kind of not working for me cause the Balsa Vix, I'm going parallel with the fee either way and down the low back.

That doesn't do anything right. It's not arching. If anything goes into the ball, more the pelvic curl portion of it. Adding on, we inhale, lift up this time, extend the knees, extend the arms. Inhale refold the arms. Exhale, bend everything and go down. Hell, just the upper body first. Exhale, extend the arms and the legs. Extend and use the back of the legs.

Refold the arms only everything Benz and goes down. We're going to keep the leg straight for the next few. Inhale, go up. Sorry. Inhale, lift. They are providing my fault. Xcel extend arms and legs. Inhale refold the arms. Keep the leg straight. Just take the upper body down. Inhale, upper body lift.

Keep the knees straight and strong extending arms. Try and lift the upper back a little. Press the ribs into the ball. Refold arms and down. One more extent. Hold it there. [inaudible] reach forward until you can come onto your hands and your feet will come off the ground. So the ball supporting in the metal legs. Nice.

Since German backup just for us. But you're good again. So you're feeling supported. We've already got both legs off. Can you lift the right leg and I'm gonna tell you I'm sorry. The right arm and encourage the left leg. A tiny bit more of a don't lose the right.

Oh, put it down. I know. Think about it. You've got to lift that left arm, right? But think right, like first, both legs really. But that right leg, if you're lifting your left arm will help. Whoa. And down. Okay. Do it again. Alternating right. Isn't this fun? You'll give us something nice and secure after this.

You can always do your one feet on the ground. That's cool. But what fun is that? And don't do it to such contortion that you're hurting yourself. Either one more per arm. Right? Left. Oh, that one's a tough one for me. Other side. And can you give us something to end?

Let's just take a minute and just wrap the spine around the ball and rest. Rolling the ball either forward towards the pelvis or back towards the pelvis. Is that the way you see it? Or up towards the upper body and that will adjust the stretch. So we're all a little different. Finding the one that you need and then we're gonna come back down to the mat on our knees.

Readjust the ball so that here the knees aren't going to be right up against it, but your body's going to be on it. So knees or I don't know, like eight, 12 inches a foot away. So am just, the ball will hold me here essentially pretty easy. So the arms are just going to wrap around the ball, like you're giving it a big hug to keep the head just in line with the spine for this moment and simply just lift the arms out to the side so that'll turn on the upper back. Then roll the thumbs up, palm space up, start to lead back with your arms. The pelvis goes forward into the ball and you reach up and nice. That's a, it's a, this is one of my favorite ways to work. My back. Come back through center and over the top.

Her breath pattern that I like that you could choose would be to inhale the arms, exhale as the hands turn and we reach up. Now you can make this as big or as small as you want to. I try not to live too far off the ball. I'm trying to really concentrate on my upper back and then inhale and then exhale. Let's do that one more time and just see 'em and then it's as though the ribs go heavier in the foot, in the front of you, into the ball, but they don't lift off and then reach back to stray and down.

And let's do one big art. So we're going to lift the arms forward this time. Press the ball forward with your body lift like you're trying to back. Bend away from it. Big Arms Circle out to the side and then around over the top again. And let's just finish the class by just taking one more moment in lying over the top of the ball, allowing the knees to soften, allowing the breath to soften. Hello.

In the spine to stretch. Okay. Then from there, when you're ready, I'm gonna just come back down onto the floor and off the ball. Yay. Thank you. Oh, good call on the ball. Fun. Yeah.


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I had to watch twice. Once for the whale and once for your wonderful class! Great class ladies!
omg! I am still so excited to see this! Meri and I were clueless to the whales until just before the 4:50 mark (he/they show up at about 1:15) where we had to go outside and marvel for ten minutes! This was an amazing experience! I hope the class is good too!
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It was wonderful class, I enjoy it very much. Thank you ladies :)
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Double the fun! Thanks.
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Such a treat to have you both! And then to have the whales ...just knocked it out of the park! Keep theses coming. How about a class with an Overball and a class with a Theraband.
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Great great class!!!!!! Thank you, one of my favorits
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Excellent class and cues. Thanks
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Love it! Thank you!
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Great class :) I enjoyed both: the waves of the ocean and perfectly variations of exercises :) I feel inspired of this lesson. Thank you :)
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Nice! The whale was a nice touch too! Looks like they came in pretty close - so neat
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