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High-Engery Wunda Chair

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Kathryn Ross-Nash is back with a high-energy Wunda Chair workout that flows from one movement to the next. She starts with Mat work while the Wunda Chair is flipped into the "chair" position, so you can find your alignment and open up your back. She then goes into exercises that get deep into your powerhouse and that prepare you for the curveballs she throws in at the end including Rolling Like a Ball into Teaser. This is definitely a class you will want to repeat!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad

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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash. And if you notice I'm sitting in a one to chair. This is how the chair is meant to be worked out. No, just kidding. This is what people use to take home when they left New York City for the summer so that they would have their first home studio. Joe [inaudible] was so ahead of his time and it doubled as a very comfortable piece of furniture. One thing that I want you to notice is that other pieces of his equipment echo this angle, your spine corrector as well as the baby chair.

Each with little deeper progression. What's so lovely about this angle is that it makes your spine dropped down in the long gate. So especially for people who have a little sway in their back when they sit like this with their legs up in their knees down, like in the spine corrector or baby chair, it drops the tailbone down. And so they can really use the connection to their arms and fine. Len, I was lucky enough to, um, have a workshop from Dortay and she taught this and I just thought it was absolutely brilliant. And I have been working on it ever since. [inaudible] fortunately in our community we have people who are open and sharing and all of us are sharing all the work that we got from our first-generation teachers so that we could pass it on to each other and pass it on to you.

So today I'm gonna have the lovely Colleen can be my victim. She's going to begin sitting in the chair. Okay, good. So the first thing I want you to do, Coleen, is drop your tailbone all the way down. This is a good one for you cause you like to do that little Archie Archie. So can you feel bring it all? That's it. The allow it is all the way back.

So yeah, nice and straight. Now bring your elbows back. So this is sorta like a chest expansion, right? And you can feel your whole spine on that, right? So now what I want you to do is slide your hands forward and do a roll down. And just slide and keep your lower back and tailbone on there, doesn't it?

Feel good. And then roll back up and you can let the arms straight. And as you do it, it's Colleen's first time doing this. We didn't practice. Bring your elbows back and good slide forward. Good. Keep the connection, stretch the arms and pull the stomach back and roll up its PyLadies raw and open up the chest. And again, head drops, lift, lift, lift all the way down and come all the way up. Opening your chest. Good.

Now what I want you to do is you're going to use your stomach and you're going to stretch both legs out in front of you. Good. And reach your tailbone into that. That's it. Beautiful. Stretch your arms out in front and pump. Inhale, inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. So she has a nice straight, stable back. Her stomach is supporting her legs, not her talk or an arch. And she's just finding really beautiful length responding.

She's going to get a little more sassy with those arms so that she gets her circulation going. Right? Because this is a circulatory exercise and you're going to fill the lungs all the way up and you're going to exhale and ring it out. Ring it out, bring it out. He has a little higher so they connect to your back. That's it. Inhale deeply. See a little teaser happening there. Exhale, exhale. Exhale, relax your arms and bend your legs. Good arms go down. Now once again, bring your arms back here cause I want you to connect your arms to the back body. So you're going to press down here and press here at the same time without shifting, keeping your box square. Another stability exercise.

You're going to draw your knee up and slide your calf along the chair. Feel that in your stomach and slide down. This is your single light pole, right? And connect in. Is that Yummy? Yeah, and now it feels great, right? And up. Whenever I travel and I get home from traveling, I flip my chair and I do as much as possible of my mat work in this position because it really drops the spine down. Yeah. Opens up the back good and just gets me back in alignment after sitting on a plane forever and good.

Now we're going to make a little more difficult as this leg draws up. This one extent, good and down and switch and grow tall. Good. Callie and soften. Yeah, and slide up. Coordinate it and down. And now bring that knee in as you slide. Lift the knee Lithonia Aha and straight down.

And try not to let the leg go in and out of alignment draws straight up, up, up. Yes. Use the pressure on the chair so that you really feel the connection to your back body. As you're moving through space, you really feel the back body connection when you use the chair. Now bring your legs down. Now we're going to show you how difficult it is when your arms are not connected to your back. You're going to use your hands on your legs and you no longer have the connection here and you'll see the difference. How much harder is that?

And now that back body is so important to always be connected when you're working, the chair gives you, facilitates it. That's it. And draw up. Just wait. You get to the double. You might not like me after that and down and draw it in and in and down. Good. Give it arrest, elbows back. Two legs, draw in. And a good girl always have to find it that first time.

And draw the legs in. Keep your heels together and your knees together so your inner thighs are helping and down. Right and droid in, in. There's your little teaser and down, drawn in, in, in. And I'm happy you're gonna demonstrate this next one and not me. And bring the knees down and now you're going to take your hands off and use your arms and draw in. Exactly. And now I'm the same way and good.

And it really gets deep within the stomach where you're connecting and where the leg, that's your powerhouse, you know, I call it the trinity, your Tummy, your tushy and your inner thighs. All work together and down. Good girl. And pull in, in, in and down. Good. Bring your arms down. And what we do pent, we get to do straight. Straighten your right leg out and lifted straight up and grow tall. Yes. And down and up. Stretch up and down.

Keep that tailbone in [inaudible] and up. Lift up. Good. Oh, this is so good for you. And straight leg up. Lift up and down and up. Lift up are better and up. Reach up and down.

If you notice she got the reach out in that reach out is so important to like straight one leg up and down. Good and up. Just like you're on that ladder. Bowel right and reaching that leg to lift it and reach out of the hip. Yeah, reach out of the hip and reach out of the hip and I'll be kind and I won't make you do the doubles. Lower your legs down. Now I love twisting on a chair because it really helps you find your center and not add side bending to the twisting. Take your hands behind your head. Good.

Keep your elbows nice and open and you're going to turn to the right and keep your head back to me. Feel the difference. That's it. And Center. I'm steering and turn. Bring your head back. Head back. Good girl. That's it. And Center and reach. Open your elbows, both of them at and center and lift. Reach. She makes it look easy, but it's really not.

And Center and up reach. How good does it feel though? And Center, bring your arms down a moment. So it's great for if you tend to shift your pelvis when you twist, when you drop it down and you can anchor your legs against the chair, you won't get that shift. You'll just get the lift. So at once again, hands behind the head and you're going to twist. And now you're going to slide the uh, right knee up and you're going to reach down to the knee. Keep your head back, head back, head. There it is. And Center. Stay in the twist and change and lift, twist. Lift that knee.

Keep that knee coming in. That's it. Open the elbows. Open this elbow. Ah, good girl. And come up. Stay in the twist and come center. You lift, you deepen the twist. Good. Beautiful correction. Colleen, stay in the twist and you get a little more juice there cause you're open and up. Lift up. Touchdown. Look back at me when you see those beautiful eyes. Good girl up one more time and make sure that this nodding at left knee doesn't drop out to the side. Lift up, keep it right in line with the hip just as if you're on the math and lift up.

Now watch this left one good, good twist up reach. Keep that left leg in, in, head back, beautiful and come up and very, very nice. Good. Let's take your legs right there and you're gonna open them hips with and then flex your feedback and bring your arms forward for a spine stretch forward. Head drops down and curl into yourself. Anchoring the tailbone in the low back, down and rural all the way up.

How great does that feel? And stretch all the way down. Good. Keep it back. This is great for those people who like to lie down on their legs and not open their spine, lift up and it just feels absolutely delicious. I want to kick you off and let me do it and all the way down them all selfish that way and rural all the way up. Hands behind the head.

Good and you're going to touch the elbow to the knee for a side bend. I love to do side bending before I do twisting. Side bending is the mother of twisting and lift up and reach over. I'm giving her all this love because I'm going to torture her later and good. Now you're going to bring the elbow to the knee.

You're going to stay on that angle. As you come up, you're going to look towards your other knee and you're going to curl over bringing the crown of the head to the knee. Yes, and now deep in the twists and good over you. See how it's the same angle and lift up. Center your head crown of the head to the knee. Pull the waist back into the chair. They are you go and up and turn and reach.

Now just go over lengthens. Direct lift upbring the crown of the head to the knee. Excellent. So her box can stay square and her hips can stay anchored and she gets a true side bend and a true twist and over stretch. Lift up crown of the head to the knee and beautiful. Now bring your legs, hips with and round forward for the neck pole. Pull the waist back. Good. Sit up tall and now lift your head and open your chest and lengthen back.

How great does that feel? And lift. Inhale, exhale, lift the waist up. Up, up. Good girl. Roll Up. Lift up, stretch. Your alignment has improved since last year. Good work, stretch, stretch. Do you do plays and roll up and lift up? Up, up. Very good. Now since you did so well, arms down.

I'm going to give you a really great treat. Stand up. You're going to come stand on this side and you're going to have your heels together and you chose for the rules of the game or that the thighs have to stay on here and your feet have to stay under. You're going to slide down, reach forward, grab onto the chair, the pedal the chair and bring the pedal up. Okay. Lift up, bring your arms, shoulder height first. I prefer here cause I feel like when we go here we're going to go into her upper back. So I prefer to do a roll up from standing. Everybody has their own little thing. That's one of mine. Hold on to here.

None of them are wrong. They're just our preferences. And now what's going to track you up is your tailbone. How great does that feel? And then you're going to open to a swan and open the chest. Good. And lift up and scoop forward. Lengthen. Good girl, good. And tailbone drops Vertebra through vertebral. Squeeze the shoulder blades down, back in together. Lift the chest up in.

Grow good and lift. And again, see I can be nice. Stretch, not for long and good re up. I'm kidding. I reached sort of up up. Very nice. Now what I want you to do is you're going to take your right hand and place it on the center of the pedal. Your right hip against the good heels together. Toes apart.

We're going to lift up for a mermaid. So glue the arm to the ear. And you're going to let this pedal go over. How great does that feel? And reach out and come up and again, reach over, reach re and come up and again reach over. She's being very good in keeping her thigh against the edge. You're not going to necessarily have your foot against the edge cause everybody's thighs are a little different. Bigger than their heels.

I think last time I checked and up, up, up. Good. Now turn facing out with two hands on here for a long back stretch. Yeah. Bend your elbows. Good. And stretch them and bend and stretch and bend and stretch. And now like a swan, you're going to lift your and go back and let the pedal move away away.

Tailbone down, tailbone down and then come back up. Good. And again to help them open. Very good and come back up. How great does that feel? Yeah. Open slide my foot's there and come up, up, up face the other way for your other mermaid. Lift up.

Stretch my foot is underneath the chair so it doesn't move and reach up. Excellent. Lift, stretch. She's very good. She's not twisting at all. She's doing a lovely side bend. Lift up. They set me up with a ringer and reach out and up. Up. Very good. Turn to face here, and you're going to separate your feet wide for a spine.

Stretch forward parallel. So have your heels lineup. Take your feet a little more forward and squeeze the chair with your feet so that you engage your midline, right? Inhale up, squeeze that chair and Exhale, stretchable. Good. And Roll Up. What does it feel delicious. And let's do a little back. Then there. Open the chest so you get both flection and extension.

Careful not to sink in that low back as you go back, right? You want to find length. It's not a low back bend. It's a chest opening. So I want you to think about your getting so tall. You have nowhere else to go but back. And so this vertebral goes up and this one goes yes. You see the difference?

And let them one more time and stretch forward. Hug that peril. Good. Now this drags you up. Your hands don't want to come, but your tailbone says come home. Your hands go. No, I'm having a great time at the party and you're telling says it's midnight. Get home. Okay, it's two and stretch. Lift up. Lift up, lift up. Beautiful and good. Last time. Bring the chair forward. Roll down. Relax this taken in here.

Let go of the pedal and roll. Uh, to stand. Good girl. We're going to flip the chair of the other direction now. Excellent. Okay. Ready now we're going to do the hundred in this position. You're nice and warm and I was very kind. Now the fun begins. Okay, so come a little further this way. Cause you want your tailbone off the edge so that your whole box is supported by the chair.

And let's lift your arms and legs straight up to the ceiling and you're gonna lower them one inch, hold lower, another inch holds. So those arms are connected to the back. You feel the just like they were on the chair before and now pump, inhale, fill the lungs all the way up and exhale. And I like how she has her hands over her thighs. That changes the connection to the back on the reformer.

They can be out a little bit more, but when you're on this mat, you want them three to six inches over your thighs, a little higher. Ah, feel that. Inhale, fill those lungs up. Xcel. I'm wring it out, out, out, out. I'm not gonna make you do a a hundred cause you did some before in inhale XL. Ring it out, out, out, out, out, out, bed in for your series of five, one leg in, one leg out and pull one and pull two and keep pulling. So as she's suffering through this, we'll have a little discussion about this arm position. The reason why we have our arms here is not just so that we don't pull our knee.

It is that the length of my Shin is similar to the length of my collar bone so that it's easier at this point in the workout for my box to stay square. If I was like this, this side would be covering more real estate than this side. So when I have my hands like this, it's facilitating my box being square and at the beginning of a workout, you want to help find the alignment. Good. Two legs in. Grab the ankles all the way in. Squeeze it. Where's my little rolling? Like a ball. You're going to need that for later and stretch out. Long. Good.

Circle the arms around. Exhale, ring up the lungs. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Inhale. Fulfill those ones up. Reach your arms back more. Reach them, reach them. Reach and circle. Pool the systemic and exhale. That's a good girl. Inhale, fill it up. Circle around an exhale. Ring it out all the way in. Now push on me and stretch out. Push, push, push Rachel's arms. That's it. And circle around it. Resist, resist, resist. Yes, stretch out. Push on me.

Reach in, help fill those lungs up. Exhale, wring them out. Wring them out. Wring them out. Now you get a little sugar. One leg up, one leg down, and I'm going to stretch. You better anchor that stomach or you're going to fly off that chair. Reach, pull it back. Good. Reach, reach, reach, reach. Now pick it up and want fast too. And quick and quick. Find my hand by my hand. Stretch.

Get ready for those big splits later on in life. Breach, breach, breach, breach page, and good. Two legs up. Oh, let's have a little stuffing. Take your hands right here. Lower the legs and roll the upper body up a little bit. You feel that in your tongue. Now Bend your elbows like we do in the tree and keep your body where it is and lower down.

So for those people who like to cheat and not get their upper body up, this is a nasty little variation. Good. You feel that can yeah, and up. Up, up. Now stay right there. Don't lose your upper body. Take your hands behind your head and lower in and up. Good girl and lower in and up. You're not going to want to play with me anymore. Lower.

Pull a good girl. Lower. Pull it back and good Chris. Cross and touch the elbow to the Nice Day because you work so hard on, give you a little stretch and the other way, reach and [inaudible] and reach and stretch. I have her shoulder, not I have her back, not her joint. From here I move her from her rib cage reach and through.

Get close and intimate and ring out that back. Eh, very, very good. Good. Step Up. Okay. Right from there we're going to do your seated mermaid case. You're going to cross over here, right? Like good. Extend up. Now you just happened to find that pedal and reach over.

Notice that Coleen's fingers are pointing out. Stretch over. Just like when you're on the reformer and you're learning it and you're doing that stretch and come up or you're sliding your hand on the mat when you're doing that part of it. The fingers part point this way, reach good. Just like your star on the reformer and reach. But when we do the pumping part, which is next, her fingers are gonna point forward like they do in a side bend, reach up and over because this really has to be stable. Her shoulder, bend your elbow and push bend, push, bend, push. Come all the way up with a straight arm.

Now keep the pedal there and bend the elbow and keep the pedal up. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. Now push great pep preparation for your side bend and that awesome right there. And press. Bring the pedal up and then rule all the way up.

Very, very good turn. Face me, we can do a little dance on the chair. So we're going to do our snake and a twist prep, breaking down the snake and the twist. So you're going to have your arm up. Let's do this one first. Sorry. And you're going to reach this hand back behind you and you happen to find the pedal back there and you're going to pull the stomach in and then you're going to twist the upper body and then pull your stomach back. Now keep your head in the center. Where's your head? Get it center. Aha. Good.

And now pull the stomach in and come back up. Notice where I'm holding her. I'm holding her below the joint or below the joint. Not on a joint. Same thing with her hip. Bring your body back and pull the stomach in. The stomach moves the spring. There you go. Bring your head back, Helene. Good.

And then come back up in and up. And then sometimes if they're being naughty, I'll hold them with my legs and she's not though. Reach. Pull this back. That's it. Good. And then pull the stomach in. I use every body part I can when I'm spotting. Now we're going to do the twist.

Just like your twist on the floor, right? So we're on the reformer. Can you lift your last light back a tiny bit more so you can support your legs? That's it. This hand stays here and the shoulder. I want you to find that pedal with your shoulder. Good. Now this moves the pedal. This moves the pedal.

Waist moves the pedal. Hips stay square. Now come back waist, rib, shoulder. Keep your hand there, move the pedal with the shoulder. Move the pedal with the rib. Move the pedal with the waist. This hand stays here. Reaching opposition. Come back, waist. That was beautiful. And again, shoulder push, that new turn, that pedal moves. A little loose. Paddle moves, paddle moves. That's it.

Bring your head back a little and come back up and beautiful, clean other side. The spring moves because your powerhouse moves it. That's the only reason why it moves. Okay, lift up and go and find the powerhouse. Reach. Pull this back, pull this back open. Turn your head a little more. That's it. And I'll pull the stomach in and bring the pedal. Yes, yes.

Gorgeous. And again, lift, move, reach this back. Legs reaching opposition. Beautiful two way stretch and come up. Pull in, in, in, and again. Unfortunately you have to pay for all that lovely joy we had before and [inaudible] and pull the stomach back. Yes. Good. I love working the snake and twist like this because it breaks the components of it apart and then you don't have people collapsing when they're working.

So bring that arm right by your side. There you go. And then you're going to move that pedal with your twist. This hip anchors bring your head back a tiny bit. That's it. Now come back waist ribs and get longer, so don't just bring that pedal up. Move the pedal with the shoulder. Move the pedal with the rib, move it with your waist.

Now press on the pedal as you come up. It doesn't want to go home from the party, right pedals at the party. This hands gone. Time to come home, Colleen, you have to work tomorrow and the waste is come home and the ribs. They come home and lengthen all the way up. Beautiful other side mermaids. Cross the leg, extend all the way up. Reach over, anchor the hit and stretch.

Reach out and come up. Make sure you have really given a nice solid spot on the hips so that she can stretch for further. Then she went on her own and squeeze the juice out of it. Lift up and stretch. Oh over. Cool, beautiful pointed fingers the other way. Lift up. Stretch. Beautiful. Bend, straighten one, pen straight, two and strain three and Len thing come up.

At no time should she not feel secure in my spot. Bend the elbow. Excellent. Press one, press two, press three, come up up, bend the elbow first and come up with a dead spring. Ah, much harder, right? That's preparing you for taking it to the mat where you're not going to have that spring to resist and give you the two way stretch. Excellent. Let's come around and we are going to do our kneeling mermaid.

So first we're going to do our standing twist, so I want you to be right here and I want you to step by, lie a little further front. Okay. Rearranging the furniture, good and a little more to your left so that when you bring the pedal down, it's going to be right under your shoulder. Lift up the arms, bring the arm shoulder height. This arm's gonna pass down. And this is going to find the pedal with a square box. Now you want to make sure that her shoulders are over her. Aww over her hips, not where she wants to be apparently.

And round in. Pull the stomach in and press the pedal down. Yes, lift that arm and pull the stomach in and press the pedal down. Stretch this left arm and pull the stomach in. Stay there as you press the pedal down, twist and turn your head and your arm. Twist this hand. That's it. There's your spine twist and then scoop and round in.

Now get longer. Elongate as you twist. Yes, Coleen, and don't over do it. Reach your head out the window. Open the chest, good and untwist and bring the arm down. Roll up, lift the arms up and come down to Neil for your mermaids. Little overshot. Bring your knees back, good. Lift up and bring the hand down. Good.

Now pull the stomach up in there and you're gonna reach up and over. Straight arm press and reach. Upside bending and twisting. Are so important and we kind of get stuck. That Palladia is just flection and extension when doing your side bending and your twisting is what we do all day long. Stay there. Bend one, bend two, bend three, press down and come up, up, up. That's plenty. Tuck your feet underneath. Use your stomach and lengthen up.

Always finish arms up for a nice lift open and let's go to the other side maybe or for you. Take yourself back a tiny bit, a little more at it. Lift up arms, lift, arms come shoulder height. You want to get that length in the waist? Pass down. Don't shift back and tailbone and down and fill that rip. Calling good girl and down and in and come up. Keep it up. Now twist and get longer. Longer. The yes, fill that left rib and then untwist.

Scoop and two is, think about the last stomach massage, right where you scoop as you bring that peddle back and you twist as you elongate and you scoop and you roll up. Roll up rural up, very good and float right down to your knees. Better lift up and bring the hand down. Lengthen up and stretch over. Beautiful here. She's not shifting back at all. It's lovely and lengthen up.

And I want you to feel as if there's a cactus right here and you're going to lift. Ah, good. Now keep pushing down that pedal. As you come back, push the pedal, push the pedal, push the pedal. That's that. You feel the difference. Lift up, you control the spring. The spring doesn't control you. Good. And again, up and the next one you're going to pump. I think we did one extra. It's good for the side and Ben Straight in. One push.

Then straightened to push. Bend, straighten three, push roll all the way up. Put. Tuck your feet underneath. Lift up and open and press. Beautiful. Okay, so we're gonna do the side bend, lying on the chair. All the side bending you can ever want in this workout. Cut.

So we're going to begin in one long line and she's going to open her legs like she did. But the hardest thing is to keep the box square. So take this hand behind your head. Now, I don't want you to think about going up. I want you to think about lengthening out and bringing your ribs back and your head back there. Now lengthen out and come up, but reach out. You see an actively press on that pedal. As you come up, you feel the difference that connects right here and lengthen down. You want to actively go ahead and keep doing. You want to actively press on that pedal down so that your shoulder girdle is stable and you're not collapsing and hurting your shoulder. Very, very good and down. And let's get really nasty and close our legs.

And now the hard thing is is to stay in one long line and a lot of people want to bring their legs forward and their ribs forward. Like somebody we see. Reach up, press good there, the all that excellent reach out and lengthen. Most of the Times if people sit back in their hips, like when they're standing, they're gonna want to bring their legs forward. Now right from there, bring that pedal down and turn and bring two hands to the pedal. And I'm going to be a nice teacher and let you split your legs. Yes. And Now Ben, straighten one. Keep your hip on hip bend straightened two.

You see the snake and twist been string three. Now I'm going to be a little evil. Straight arms come up and open the chest and down. Straight arms come up, open the chest and down. Straight arms come up. Open the chest and down and good.

Draw your legs together. Turn to the side. Take your hands in the middle, hand behind the head, more length than you've had all day. And come up. Bend the knees and turn to face for the swan. When just one lift up. Don't lift up, bring the arms down. It's as important as how you get into it, right? It's one continuous exercise without stops. Let's try that again. So what I want you to do right, is you're going to get so long, so long that as you lengthen over the chair, you find the pedal with two hands and you elongate in that direction. So get a little closer to your chair. Maybe, maybe lift up. Yeah, I think that's good. And reach forward so much. There you go.

And then look at where you end up calling. No fuss, no Muss. Good. Lengthen the tailbone and open the chest. Good. And lift up ribs in shoulder blades together and lengthen down regional and come up shoulder blades together. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Pull that tummy in and lengthen down. Now as you come up, that tailbone has to reach an up at there and opposition squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and come down. And now you need to get up the same way you got off so long.

Float that pedal up. Say a prayer and use your stomach and roll. Look at that. Look at that. All along. You've had that in you. Good. Let's go on the other side of the hip. Good girl. That's not easy at all and being a little mean, lift up. But if you don't challenge it right, you never do it and lengthen up and lengthen down.

People think the advanced work is so difficult to do, but if you do your foundational work correctly, like Coleen's doing it, it builds it up. And then you're supposed to, I think split legs first. Yeah, that's okay. We're reversing it and damn good and rich. If you do that foundational work, you're ready to do any advanced work because it's just combinations of it and good. Now twist, keep them apart, right? That's it. And keep this hip on hip. Good and lift the chest up. All these exercises that we're doing are really your preparation for your snake in your twist on the reformer and lift up and Matt and left shoulder, back up. There you go. And down and pump.

One, two 30 free and turned sideways. Hand in the middle. Draw your legs together. Lengthen. Come up and bend your knees. Excellent. Okay, so what we're going to do now is have a little bit of more evilness. Thank you, Dana Santi. We're going to do your short box on the reformer, on a um, chair. I love to put this here because she's done all this abdominal work side body connection. Now we're getting a little more back body connection.

Whenever you're doing a Palladio's workout somewhere in your mind, you should have Joe's list of exercises and the order that he builds it and built it and replace it in that way. He did all the work for us to create a perfectly balanced workout. We just have to fill in the pieces. So good. Have your heels against their, have your knees over your heels. She's on one middle spring. Let's take your hands around your waist. Now Watch at your knees. Don't close too much. Yeah, you want to have it right in the alignment of the hit and roll back and don't let that pedal move and come back up. Oh, this should be your homework every day and good push on that chair.

Good. Push the pedal, push the battle, push the battle and up. I have no, I love this because it really hones the two directional stretch. Many times we go to roll back and we're not involved with the lower half and if you don't have a place to roll from, how are you going anywhere? Right? You need to move from a place. Otherwise you're gonna circle and come all the way up. Sit Up with the hands behind the head. Ribs in and tip back.

Ribs in ribs in ribs, in ribs, in ribs and ribs in supper and up. Ribs in ribs, in ribs, in ribs in. I'm going to have a barbecue, a high. You see what happened when you dropped them? Soft, soft, soft and soft. Soft, soft and I want you to notice something. Do that again. Colleen. When she softens her ribs, her bottom engages. I don't have to tell her to engage her bottom.

If I put her in the right position and she's doing the work, really pushing in her heels, really softening the bottom, engages the work. The exercise makes the work happen. Reach over. I don't like saying squeeze this and pull this in and do this because if the body's not in position, it can actually be detrimental. Good. Lift up and press on those heels. Good girl. Reach up and press on the heels. After all that side bending, you should be able to like go all the way to the water and reach and up and reach and up and sit up and twist and reach.

Good. This is great for those naughty students who like to move their hips when they twist. Can't do it here, right? [inaudible] you can do the exorcist tune. Turn all the way around and good. Take one leg out for the tree, hug it into your chest and stretch up and down and two, and Dan and three walk to the ankle. I'm going to be very kind to leave the lake there. Don't turn it out so much, right? So think about where your leg is.

When you do your front splits right on the bar, it's parallel, right? Bring your head down to your knee and lift up. Everybody likes to turn it out and then not get the stretch all the way in here. More parallel. Feel the difference. It's very nasty and come up. Think about your balance control, right?

How that foot is planted in the back and it's parallel. This is all building to that balance control where you're going to step up onto it and change licks. Every exercise built. There's your single leg pole right there, right? And stretch up and down and two and down. What smart man he was and bring your head down.

Who was a really genius of understanding the way we learn and the way that we lift up. Pull the stomach back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back. How many different ways can you do one exercise in, in, in, in, in, in, in how many different constraints and challenges? Good. Very good and step off. Very nice. Now you're going to turn face me. Come over to here. We're going to do your teasers. Do you need a pad or are you okay? Okay.

Get rid of these guys. Take your two legs up into your teaser and to do teaser one float up, legs up all the way up. I'm going to bring you a little hearsay. I gotcha. There you go. Good. Reach up. Hold your own legs and roll. Okay. I'll hold your legs and bend your elbows back. She's like, I'm tired.

Now use your stomach and open that chest. Beautiful. Now keep your stomach back there. Remember it likes to stay at the party and roll up. Keep that chest open. Think second. Stomach massage, right? Think rowing and come up. You see rowing their good second stomach massage where the stomach is pulling back and the chest is open.

Good and come up. Lift your arms up, lower your legs and roll. Bring your hands back and teaser too with the legs low or reverse swan. Pull back. They all have 20 million names and roll up. I go do this and roll back. Pull this back. Pull this back. Good reach with those beautiful legs and come up. This one's easier for you, Huh? And you're not going to like me for the next one.

And come up up, up open and chest. Roll back now. Arms come up, pedal comes up, lay comes up. Keep the hands on the pedal. Teaser three and down and move that spring with your stomach and whew. This spring with their stomach. And now stay up there. Colleen, keep your hands on the pedal. Reach to your nose and do hip circle around it up. Remember how we twist.

We lift the hip. We square the box, we lift the hip, we come to our nose, we lift the hip, we square the box, we lift the hip, we come to our nose and we go down, around and up. We go down around and up. Good girl. Bend your knees in. Good. Right from here, you're just going to turn face the other wave for wash a woman up. Stay there. Stand right here. I love this exercise because especially for students that like to arch their back a little bit. When you put the upper back in extension like in the elephant and the hips are over, the leg, hips are over the heels. The only place that can really move, it's going to be your powerhouse. Okay, so lift all the way up, heels together. Reach your hands down. Good girl. Round forward.

Bring your hands to the pedal. The rules of the game are what the arms can't touch and the legs can touch and stretch. Don't let those arms touch so your weight has to be more full. Where do you feel that [inaudible] now scoop in. That's it, Huh? No, no. So what happens is you like to push back a little bit, right? Yeah. So I that yeah, you feel where you feel I got you.

You are tiny. Remember I worked with Zach? Head down. He's 220 pounds. You're three pounds. Really? You're not going anywhere. Keep the head down and you got to look at your clothes, right and scoop. Good girl. You feel the difference and scoop. Go down. Stay there. Head down. Bend your elbows like a shape. Push one shave, one push.

This is your teaser shaving, right? Push. Push. Now Roll Up. Head down. Roll all the way up. I got you. You're not going anywhere. Excellent. And Open. Press down. Very, very, very good. Okay, so we're going to move it to two middle springs and I want you to do your tendon stretch now, which is the same exercise, right? But with the different constraints. So sit here, we're gonna do the one where he says good heels together, toes apart.

Now I want you to go onto the balls of your feet and place. Keep your heels down as long as possible. Do you see the difference? Right? So you're actually really stretching. Think about your tendon stretch on the reformer, right? And you don't want your thighs to touch and you're going to scoop up keeping the heels reaching down. Now push your heels down. Calling heels, press yes.

Head down scoop. Don't let your thighs touch or your calves touch. Keep forward. That's it. Same forward that I want from you, right? Scoop, scoop, scoop pads. A girl that was your best one. Can you feel the difference and up. Push the heels. Push the heels. Now push the tailbone through the heels and now pull. Drag the heels up, push the tailbone through the heels. Drag up.

Push the tailbone through the heels. Very good. Sit down. That's plenty. What you're going to do now that you've done all this opening of the low back, we're going to roll like a ball on the chair. I gotcha. I haven't lost anybody yet. He word is yet. Bend your knees in. Hold onto those ankles.

Say a prayer and rollback and come in and keep that head in. Trust it. Trust the exercise. Trust the exercise. Good rollback and come up into a teaser. Good. Bend your knees to rolling like a ball position. Roll back. Come up into a teaser. Good. Bend your knees.

That's what we're building to the whole time. Roll Up. Who knew that side bending was going to open up your back bend journeys Joe did and roll back and up. End in a teaser. Stay there. Bring your hands down and come down. No. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. The last exercise that we're going to suffer you with is the elephant. Okay, so all this is now we're taking that elephant. We've gone from here. We've done the teaser, the washer woman, all the same exercise.

Ready? Place your hands down. [inaudible] bring your feet up onto the pedal. Don't let the pedal move. I have the chair. Don't worry. Yep. Toes of the feet. Toes. Don't let the pedal move. That's it. Push up. Don't let that pedal move. Pedal has to be up. Lift your heels.

Good. Step off. So you want to get closer to this. I think you're a little too far so that you want to be like here and keep the pedal up as you go into position. Okay. In heels. Heels are great for your Tush. Good girl. Now stretch those arms and draw the pedal down.

Yes. And bring it up. This is the same as washerwoman. Lift this, draw the pedal down and bring it up and draw that pedal down. Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down. Go for it. I'm here and come up. Step one foot down. Step the other foot down. Roll Up. And I think you've had a sufficient eloquency. Beautiful.

She's still love me. Okay, good.


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Such a delightful young Lady demonstrating the exercises.
One cannot imagine Kathryn Ross Nash has come across many people with this young Lady's outstanding, ability.
After watching this Wunda Chair practice, it would seem that this piece of apparatus gives you all the ingredients that no other piece of the Classical Apparatus can, hence the reason Mr Pilates developed it for the Home Practitioner. The all in one with the Mat .

Kinney F
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FAB-U-LOUS! I just happen to have added a Wunda Chair in my living room as part of my furniture, so no excuses not to join in. Loved the Short Box, break down of the twists, the twist and reach in the One Arm Push Down, oh, and all the exercises seated in the chair. Actually, I loved it all and feel great and ready to go on with my day. Sequencing was KEY! Thanks for an excellent session!
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Such a fantastic session , wish I could train with you kathryn ross-nash, maybe some day....
Got a chair at home but not a wunda chair. hope to get a wunda chair in my living room soon.
The Mat- Colleen is AMAZING! i have been so blessed to have many wonderful instructors to work with.
lol yes Kinney ! I love that you actually have it in your living room!!!!!!!
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Wow! That was awesome, for so many reasons! First, anything with Kathy is amazing. I loved seeing the hands on help and the wonderful cueing and explanations on every move. I also have to give a lot of credit to Colleen, beautiful to watch! Let's have more Kathy!
thank you so much Sharon!!!!! Colleen is a gift!!!
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he vuelto a enamorarme de KR_N de su trabajo y de sus zapatos...She look better than ever.
Me likey! Truly fun!
Yeah! i LOVE that you had fun!!
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