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Get ready to have fun on the Reformer in this challenging workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. From the time you get on the Reformer until you stand up at the end, you will work your whole body, even during the transitions. She also finds ways to relate all of the exercises to Mat exercises, so you can deepen your understanding of the method and connect deeper to your powerhouse.
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash for plots. Anytime. We're going to have a little fun on the reformer today. Kay. Starting off on four springs. When you get down on the reformer, you begin your work. Your workout starts in the very beginning and never ends right down into position. I like to place all my toes on the bar, find my entire pad of the foot, draw the heels together, keep my heels anchored as if they're glued cement. Oh, relax into the carriage and push off. One and two. Three [inaudible] for long spine, five six, seven, eight, nine and 10 pull the stomach in and change to the arches. Notice that every transition is an exercise.

When I'm changing my foot work, it's actually a double leg pull so that I never lose my connection to my powerhouse and to the spring. As I move double leg pull, flex the feet, heels one. Pull the toes back to the knees as the news come in, relax the chest and move the spring all the time in and out. In, in, in n n double leg. Pull lower to the tendon and down, down, down and up. Up up into two, two, and up. Up, up. Arrive deep and deep, and lift up, up, down, down, down, up, up, up, down, down, up, up, up, down, down, down. Stretch the knees. Make sure the knees don't bend on here. You're prepping for your hundred. You're making the spine long.

You're finding the two way. Stretch. Lengthening out of the heels. Lengthen together heads. Now Hook the foot. Do a single leg pull. Lengthen down, arms do a shaving head piece comes down. Arms come up. We're going to do a hundred called parallel planes. You lift the head up, connecting to the spring, lower an inch, stop lower and in. Stop, lowered in, stop. It's really nasty. Lowered in, stop, lowered in, stop lower and in. Stop, reach and pump.

Inhale and exhale. Schoolies the air out in five, four, three, two, one. Exhale. Five, four, three, two, one. Let's add the legs. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, four, five. Inhale, two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Field, Alonzo all the way up and squeeze them out. Out, out, out, out. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Feel two, three, four, and heel. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Exhale, exhale. Exhale. Exhale, teaser up to make a transition. Take off to outer springs. Come down for a short spinal massage thread through place in your thumb. Thread through. Now, very important to bring two legs up at once.

Hook into the same part and bend down. Stretch out. Take the tailbone off, lift up, hollow the waist. Bend the knees and let's roll down. Enrolling likable position. Stretch up. Push into the strap. Open the chest. There's your rowing right there. Bend the knees and roll down. Stretch out.

Press lift up. Let's give a nice stretch. This time. Bend. Stretch to the spine all the way down. Bend in one more time like that. Push into the strap. Open the chest hollow. Bend the knees. Stretch, and let's do my favorite one. One inch at a time. Press all the way up. Hollow. Bend the knees. Roll down an inch. Bring the feet seat, feet seat.

V, last one for the transition. Push into the strap. Bend the knees with the Keratome. Take the handles and rule up in a rolling like a ball position. Stretch out, open, close. Bend the knees. Arms stretched to bend the knees and arm. Stretch three at the beach.

Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete Band, Ben. Stretch, Pete, beat, beat, beat, beat Ben. Tomorrow two straps. A teaser up and around. Take off one spring length in the spine and rural back open. Push back, dive over. Lift the stomach off the thighs. Stretch around. Roll back open. Push back. Dive over. Time over. Dive over. Type over. Lift up. Stretch up, up, up. Scoop around. Last one.

Notice that the spring doesn't die and the strap stays alive the entire time and hinge back. Open the chest. Scoop up. Reach back. Interlace. Stretch up. One, two, three. Scoop around. Hinge back. Oh, open the chest like the second stomach massage. Reach the stomach pills back in. The chest opens and around. One more time and hinge back. Open the chest.

Pull the stomach and keep that spring alive. Stretch up, up, up, scoop and back. Place the handles down. Spin around. Pick up like you're doing. Long. Backstretch hands by the ribs. Pull this time again. Inhale, exhale all the way up. Try not to move. Carriage, don't move it. Don't move it. Don't move. Don't move. Don't move. And inhale. Exhale.

Inhale, fill the lungs left taller, don't move, don't move. Don't move. Lift up and relax. Inhale, exhale. You're grateful for the breath round. Then inhale, hold. Hold the breath. Hold the breath. Hold the breath. Hold the breath and good. Flex the feet. Head goes down. Slide all the way forward. Roll up without moving the carriage.

Lift up and relax again. Inhale, exhale down. Scoop, roll up. Don't move the carriage. Don't move it. Don't move it. Don't live it. Lift it up open and let's give the next one a big release. Just like in breaststroke. Inhale, press roll up. Lift the chest and open. Open, open, and from there scoop the stomach. Slide the fee. Press the fingers, press the knees down in.

Grow tall and two up and three up and four up. One more time, five up and a little crab switch. Inhale, open the chest. Open the back, open the chest, open the back, open the chest, open the back, reverse the breath. Fill the lungs, squeeze the lungs out, fill the lungs, grow tall, squeeze them out, fill them up, up, up. Take your two straps, hook them up, bring the head piece up. Use your stomach to come up and pick up your box. Now pick up your box using your stomach and holding the handles.

The handles are there for a reason. Center it. Bring the foot bar up. Now we're going to do a little swan paste in the foot bar. This is great for opening the chest and preparing for your long pulling strap. Press out one. Lift the chest up. Open the chest.

Lengthen down, stretch out. Lift up. Open the chest deeper. This time. Lengthen down. Push out, lift up. Open, open, open, open and down. Stretch up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Bend your elbows like shaving. Take your foot bar down, scoop to come up.

And Ray, from here you're going to line your shoulders up. I like to push out to grab my straps, pulling my stomach in. Hold the thumbs onto the strap, scoop this stomach off and open the chest up and don't let the spring die. Oh, it's one exercise, not three out to the T. Polonius is one continuous exercise that changes shape and increases with dynamic as it goes. Not 20 million exercises and repetitions.

Hold onto the handles. Scoop the stomach to come off. Add a spring so you're on two centers. Springs, hand, foot. Here's my table. Scoop into it in for my backstroke, up around scoop. Hold, hold, hold. Bend in, up around. Scoop Holt, hold, hold. Bend in, up around. Scoop. Hold whole told. Reverse, stripped out. Hold open up together. Tip it in. Stretch out.

Hold open up in, stretch out. Hold. Open up in teaser up teaser down. Remove a spring so you're on one spring for your teaser and scoop hands, heels, head all moving down. Pull back in the stomach to lift the arms. Pull back in the stomach, pull back up.

Now keep that connection to your back and your arms reached through that spring. Don't let it die and come up. Head, heels, hands. You need to be pushing that spring with your stomach, not with your arms and your legs and reach all the way up. Roll back five, four, three, two. Don't let it die. Roll up, up, up.

Let's do a little circle. Lift, circle, lift, circle, meltdown. Come up. Let's do a jockey. Horse pack. Bend your knees, hug the barrel with your knees. Squeeze it. Pour the stomach in and scoop and down. Scoop up and down, trying to keep the shoulders over the hips and come down again. Scoop and down. Scoop and down.

Scoop and down. Come down again. Scoop big circle. Stomach in and circle. Stomach in and come down. Excellent. Drop the straps. Always work your reformer from the foot bar down. Take your foot bar up at a spring.

Pick up by the handle, bring it to the back and then you're going to neatly step on. Plays a hand, a straight leg. So I'm already forward. Straight leg already forward. Push back and come in heels glued together and to press and come in, in, in um, three press and come in. Come so far forward that you melt right into the position without losing the connection XL.

Exhale more chest to the CIA. Okay. Exhale deeper, deeper, deeper. Your connection here. Don't just move the fee. Scoop up feet bottom. Bring it in.

Deepen up nose to the knees. There's your teaser scoop. [inaudible]. Stretch those knees up. Push back with the heels. Keep the connection in, in, in scoop up and drop your heels down. Push, dig it in. Push, dig it in. There's your teaser again. Dig It in. Lift the heel straight like back. Keep the box square. One, two, three. From there. Bend Journey. Lift your head, stretch up.

Open as if you're doing a snake in a twist and bring it down. Straight leg with square one, two, three. Bend your knees, stretch. There's your semi-circle. Reach deep and for a snake in a twist and step directly down from there. Add your springs so you have four springs on. Now when you remove the springs, you're going to take from the inside out, tailbone under. Keep those heels up. If your heels drop, your back will straighten.

You want to keep those heels up like enrolling like a ball so it keeps the low back. Open all the twos and go one and two and three heels up. Four heels up. Fuck heels. Right in line with the shoulders. There's my AA. Pull my rolling like a ball position and could take one middle spring off hands, go back. Open the chest out. Lower one heels up. Lower two, lower three, lower four, lift the waist.

Open five feels good. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 take another center went off. Keep your hands over the foot bar if possible. Then lift where the ceiling meets the wall. Scoop the stomach back. Lift up, up, up, up, up scoop. Lift up, up, up, up, up, stretch, twist in, oh stretch, twist in stretch, twist in stretch, twist, and in swing your legs to the side. Take your foot bar down. Fee into position for semicircle. Roll the bottom down. Stretch your arms up. Push into the bar.

Make two fists. If you want a little extra stretch, keep the heels up. Tip the pelvis down, stretch those arms all the way down. Push out. Tip the pelvis up and come in on this exercise. Even though I'm talking, you want to keep your jaw closed.

It connects to that first vertebra in the neck and you want to keep the tongue to the roof of your mouth so that you get the optimal stretch through your spine. Roll Up. Such a delicious exercise. Here you have your first stomach massage, your second stomach massage, your first knee, stretch your second knee stretch. Oh, all the tension that you might have. Just melt away and good. Give yourself a nice little stretch there. Grab onto the bar, be sure not to arch the back, but reach the knees away. Circle the arms around. Pull yourself back. Bring your head piece down and get ready for court.

Screw. Lift up. Keep it flat. Bring your left hip off your right hip on square the box right hip off, left hip on flat spine legs towards your nose opposite way, right hip off. It's a twist, not a side bend so the legs have to stay. This even low back up. Roll onto the right hip. Deep in it to the left hip and up. Don't let those toes go past your nose. They don't go back over your head.

They're here. So your chest is soft. You roll down into that tic top position, flat body tip, top position and up again down tick-tock position, flat or your spine to his position and up. Now we're going to lower to the old fashioned. This is the first way I learned it from the tick-tock position and you roll down and you're there and you reach, sorry, spine twist and here spine twist all the way to the side. Beautiful deep twist without shortening on one side and over.

Lift up. We're gonna do a nice deep twist. Maintain that twist all the way down, all the way over. Come up in the twist and center. Stay up in the twist all the way down, all the way over, all the way. Lift and up. Lengthen yourself. Roll down. Keep your head piece down because now we're going to do the short box.

I liked my short box here. SRE abouts is a very, very deep exercise series and I really feel that after all that rotation and stomach massage, you're ready to do it in the full order. The short box is put way down. After the second, after the second long box wrap the waist. Oh, let's have a little fun. Put your hands here. Lift the low back. Keep the headwear it is as if it's hooked on the ceiling. Touch the low back. Reach up with and touch the low back. Touch the low back. Lift your head up.

Touch the low back. Touch the low back. Touch the low back and lift up. Touch the low back. Touch the low back. Touch the little bat and lift. Now maintain that lift as you roll back this way so you're not going to sink.

You're going to keep it long all the way. Stretch back. Arms Up, elbows draw towards the knees and curl over. Lift up, roll back. Reach arm stretch. Grab the bottom. Stretch yourself out. Push with the heels. Two arms come up, scoop and over. Sit Up nice and tall.

Push out with the heels. Hands behind the head. Lift up tall. Go back one inch. Lift the lower stemi clues the ribs. Go back when each stomach ribs must be the theme today. Back one inch, lower stomach. Come up quickly lift. We did it in our a hundred we did it in our shorts vinyl, and now we're doing it in our short box and up. Lift up, up, up, and lengthen. Collarbones slightly in front of the hips.

Stretch over to the side for your side. Reach out and come up. Lift up tall. Over, over, over. Pull the stomach in to come up. Lift up over. Anchor the left hip. The left hip goes down to begin you returning up. Reach over right hip goes down and up and being naughty like I am.

I always do a little more of the exercises I like. Lift up and reach over. Over, over. Lift up. Lengthen over, over, over, and reach up. Twist. Reach out deep in the twist and center. Twist.

Reach out deep in the twist and center. Lift, twist. Reach out deep. The twist and center lift. Reach out deep in the twist and center. Sitting up tall for your tree. Hug that leg right into your chest. Remember, this is about the back, right? So you're gonna lift tall and too, do you see your single leg pull here? You see your single leg straight here, pull the stomach in. Bring your head to the knee. Pull the hips back, bend your elbows, keeping the stomach off the thigh for a rollup.

Pull the stomach back. Bend your elbows. Keep the stomach off the thigh for another roll up. Pull it back. Walk down your tree, opening your chest, reach back. There's your Highbridge on the reformer or the mat. Arms Up. Here's your balance. Control. Bend your elbows. Come in, go back, pull the stomach in.

Let's give it a nice deep stretch opening for our splits. Open the chest for that beautiful split at the end of an advanced reformer. You're prepping yourself already for that at this level, and lift up. Flex the foot. Push out with the heel. Lengthen up, up, up here as you're shaving and good other foot. Pull in.

This foot is off to the side for tension on the strap and as you go back, it's going to draw in always safety. Lift up the back and stretch one. Lift to lift. Three, walk to the ankle from here. Make sure your boxes square. Pull the stomach in, square the hips, bend the elbows. Keep the stomach off the thigh. Stretch. Push through this bottom leg. Paul, the stomach off of the thigh.

Crown they head to the knee and stretch back. Pull the stomach in, in, in, and stretch back. Walk down your tree. Keep tension. I'm pushing with my leg so that I get two way stretch as I reach. There's my bridge. Come up, pull the stomach in, in, in again. Pull the waistline back at the square, my hips like a little naughty and walk back. Push through this heel.

Reach the arm story back into that lovely backbend arms. Come up, pull in head to the knee. Now pull that leg back for a lovely split and open the chest up, up, up. Come up, head to knee. Lift up all the way up. Flex your toes, pull it back, shaved with your arms.

Pretend you're on the tower and you have that bar across your feet and you're pulling up taller and then be nasty. Pull your off of your thigh and good step down. First thing that we're going to do is we're going to pick up our box and we're going to move it off to the side and we're going to put on our long straps. Now you notice that I keep discussing other exercises while I'm working out. Exercises are not individual.

They are one exercise that just builds and builds and builds and that's the genius of the work and that's how you understand how to build the work is by seeing what exercise is in every exercise and then how you're going to use the method to improve it. So we can do a little long spinal preparation. I love this variation. It's beautiful. It feels just like spine stretch forward and it's really key at this point in the workout cause your spine is nice and open and ready for a big massage on two springs. Stretch out, take the bottom of oh open the legs and push into the strap so that you do a spine stretch forward. Ending at 90 degrees. Open the legs, draw the heels together, take the tailbone off, open, push into the strap. Keep the waist long, long, long, long, long, long law. Tailbone down, open. Press into the strap and up. Open. Push into the strap.

Roll down the spine with lymph open and reverse roll up together. Reach through the strap. Notice I don't say flat spine, arch, spine, anything. All I care about is that the spine is as long as possible. Roll up in a spine, stretch forward, reach, press, and here's my long stretch and the inside of my down stretch. When I'm looking at my stomach getting longer, here's my hundred position, my rowing position open. Like I said, one beautiful exercise that always changes shape and dynamics.

Reach, reach, reach from their reach back in the shaving position with the arms and you're going to lift your head piece up for nice big, relaxing legs. Circles, length in the spine and as you do your circles, keep pushing into that strap. You never, I don't think about resisting. I always think about pushing into the strap so that I get that length where my stomach's pulling. This way my legs are reaching that way and frog and push into the strap and push into the strap like I'm pushing the foot bar. Push into the strap. Notice the knee position. Same as my stomach massage, my ankle position, same as my stomach massage, same as my double leg pole. [inaudible] what a genius that man was. Take your two legs, reach back when you hook your straps and roll up. Pick up your bar. Oh, we're going to go into our new stretches.

Now when you get on right here is a single leg poll and a single leg pull. So I'm already engaged in scooped heels. Press against arms, press against and in. And can you see that first short box, the hug and the stomach. First stomach massage round in, in, in, in reverse, the arch.

Open all those positions of semicircle, the second stomach massage, the release of the hug, your down stretch. And now from here, try not to move. Lift the knees straight off. Push cit two, three, four. Let's do a little tiger and in and out and in and out and in and out. Little Fun in and out. Lie Down. I like to keep it on two springs for a nice relaxing run. Then when I do it at this level and I'm going to go into my splits, I keep it on too. At this point in my stage, my training, if I'm working at this level, I should have the control of the powerhouse to be able to do this exercise on two springs, desert stretch, wide position, tailbone, stretch out, scoop under, under, under, under, under stretch. This is such a great preparation for those sites.

Blitz. You scoop the stomach and you press out the knees and you deepen in just like in that semicircle, but now the legs are open. Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, long neck, open shoulders, relaxed, chest and good. Roll down. Step Up. Take your foot bar, place it down. I'd like to do this on one spring. You can do it on to step in the center here, left foot off, big toe. Hugs the corner. Susie Q, The foot out reached to the size of the room. Grow Tall. Press out. Oh, draw it in.

Stay here and lift. Lift, lift. Go out. Reach those arms far. Come in and live. Notice there's a pause. That's where the control comes in. Breach. This is your preparation into your star hold. You didn't know you're doing an advanced workout from the first day.

You come to the reformer, Susie Q. The foot over step always turn towards the foot bar cause it doesn't move. Take the other foot out. Weight on this leg. Susie Q. The other one over. Lengthen the arms. Reach out. Hold [inaudible].

Feel the outer edges of the feet. Draw the inner thighs together just like on the pelvic lift. [inaudible] lengthen out. Draw together and live out. Hold. Come up and [inaudible].

Wait on this leg. Suzy Q stepped down at a spring, so now I have two outside springs. Put the foot bar up and we're going to get ready for our front splits, which are continuation of our knee stretches and our single leg pull. Take the right foot, place it close to the hand. Susie Q. The left foot. Oh, let's be a little daring today. Let's lift that back heel, right? Can you see your single leg pole position? Stretch out?

Come in, keep this heels quiet. Just like on the rolling like a ball so that you're open. You're back. If I drop the heel, look at the change in the shape of my back, right? So you want to keep that heel up the entire time. Take the balance, reach forward. Lengthen, press and in press solid. Right here. Press and in.

Reach up and knelt right down. Connecting. Stretch. Lower the heel like on the stomach. Massage. Lift. Come in, bring the hip forward. Open the chest up, up, up, head down. Stretch out. Lower the heel. Lift the heel. Come up, trust up, up, up, head down. Stretch out. Lower the heel. Lift the heel, come up, and for a last glorious stretch. Keep that back heel attached. Keep the hip coming forward. Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up. Take this hand here, add a twist. Take the hand here, reach up at a side bend. Bring that hand down. Step the foot down.

Bring the other foot up next to the other hand so that your body is in line. Hip in line with knee in line with heel. Center the foot on both legs. Stretch and come in two and come in 30 and come in. Reach up and forward. Press and in two and in three and in.

Reach up. Stretch down. Bring the knee down, stretch out, lower the heel. Lift the heel. Come in, press up, up, up, head down. Stretch out. Lower the heel. Lift the heel, come up, lift up, up, up, up, stretch out. Lower the heel. Lift the heel, press up, reach forward, lift up, open the chest, open the chest, open the chest. Come in hand here, reached twist. Okay. Hand goes down, reach up, stretch over. Over. Over. Hand comes down.

Step off at all your springs. Make sure you leave your apparatus just like you got on. Thank you very much.


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bam! that's how it's done. you're awesome, thanks for sharing.
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Absolutely wonderful! Love it!
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Beautiful! Fantastic clean cueing!
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Amazing! I Love "one beautiful exercise" and it was.
it feels soon good!!! I was just off a long plane ride and then an other long bus ride- this helped me feel so much better!
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You are amazing! Congrats! Look forward to watch your next class??
Thank you Thank you!!!!! SOOON i hope!
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Hey the way you mention the names of other exercises while doing another really makes one think of how Joseph connected the entire system.
Really what a genius!
Thankyou for this insight
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You define Pilates! Strength stretch power control. You never miss. Thank you for sharing. Wish to see more,
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