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Lively Spine Corrector

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Move like the waves in this lively Spine Corrector workout with Meredith Rogers. She invites to bring your mind into your body so you can find a nice lift throughout the class. She also makes sure that the class is fun so you don't notice how hard you are actually working.
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May 26, 2015
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Okay ladies, we are going to have fun. So what I want us to do is just separate your feet just a little bit so that they're parallel to one another. Rest your hands on the front sides of your knees and take just a moment with your eyes closed. So with the moment that we're taking now to just bring ourselves into this space, into our bodies, feeling the pelvis equally weighted on the barrel, the heaviness of the bones of the pelvis, and feel that as you sit here, you could potentially rise taller through this spine as though the head was filled with helium. So the pelvis is weighting the spine, but the head is pulling it in the opposite direction. And then bringing the awareness to the breath in me. I'll fill the ribs and exhale, let the ribs slide closed or closer to one another down the front of the body.

And let's take two more breaths. Inhale, filling the rims and exhale, noticing the the weight of the rib cage as it drops. One more breath in here and exhale. And then with open eyes, take another inhale. And as you exhale, hold yourself pretty firmly with your arms, but start to curl your low back. So see how far back you can get into the barrel without letting your shoulders go backwards. And then press your knees into your body and lift your spine back on straight again. Inhale and exhale. Curl the spine. So we draw back. We feel the abdominals.

Press back towards the barrel as though you're attempting to been in the belly button back. I can't quite get there without moving my shoulders backwards, so I'm just imagining and then press the arms back. Press the knees into the body, pushing the thigh bones deeper into the hip joints. One more time. Excelling as we curve the spine. As the lower spine curves, feel the upper spine reach up and over and then lifting the spine again. This time let go of your knees, reaching your arms forward, taking another breath. As you exhale, start to curl backwards. Now you can bring your shoulders back with you are going to go all the way over the back of the barrel. So as the upper body comes back, the arms are going to reach the head drops back, the arms come around to the sides, maybe they'll drag along the floor, the eyes come forward, the arms reach forward and we roll back up, lifting effortlessly through the spine. Inhale and exhale.

Rounding the spine, reaching back, taking the arms back with the head, reaching back with the arms. So using the arms to move the upper body and then reaching the arms wide palms face up as they come to the sides where you lift your head and roll forward. So when the arms are about in the t position, that's where I'm starting to lift back up. Let's do two more. Rolling backward, arching the spy, supporting the spine. So although there's this ease is relaxing, this back extension, we want to keep the front of the body focused, supportive arms come wide and reach forward and Arula. One more. Inhale and exhale. As we go back, there's a, we could just let the ribs go or we could gently hold back on them just a little bit. Reaching the arms around and rolling back up again. Lift the arms, interlock your fingers and bring your hands behind your head.

And I want you to feel that there is a pretty significant backward pressure of the head into the hands. So we feel the muscles in the neck working a little bit and then again without pushing the head forward, start to travel backwards over the barrel. So we reaching back, we arch the back, we inhale and then exhale, lifting through the sternum, believing the head back in the hand. So we just find a straight line pause. Inhale and exhale to stretch back in. He'll prepare. Exhale to lift, pause, sliding all the air out of the body.

Inhale and exhale. So we use that little moment of time at the top as we're pausing. Lift again to deepen, to look deeper in our own bodies, to to give ourself more work. Inhale and exhale to take it over the back. We're going to do about five more like this if you need to exhaling to lift.

If it gets too hard or it's too, too much for you, just bring your arms out in front of you or cross them over your chest. And here we go back and again, exhale as we lift, feeling the ribs, slide down the front of the body, and also slide into one another in ham. And exhale, stretching back. Last too. I don't know if that's actually five, but it will be what it is. Inhale and back. And then XL, finding your way to the top again. Pause here, taking other India and then exhale as we reach forward. So we flex the spine, but hang onto your work. Inhale back to straight. So come back Cecile, just to the rims. That's it. And exhale, flex and inhale back just to the straight back.

So instead of coming from neutral into or from extension to neutral, we're coming from neutral to flection. And just work your range work, arrange, feel that you're hollowing or tunneling through the waist and back. And we'll do three more. Exhale, lift an inhale back. Ben XL, lift Eh, and inhale back the gray way to get a lot of abdominal work. Last one, XLF round. I'm all the way over the size and then build the spine back up straight again. So we're lifting, sitting up tall. Inhale, exhale, step the feet together and twist the body towards me feeling that the knees stay aligned, pressed together. Inhale to center. Exhale as we lift. And I like the feeling for myself anyway and center of hooking my thumbs right at the base of my school and pulling up on my head so that that helps me to feel that idea of the spine floating the head, lifting the spine, falling down into the pelvis.

Nice and easy and light and center. We'll do two more to each direction. Feel the exchange of the ribs as the back one comes to the front, the front ribs, slides towards the spine. That exchange of the Rim and center. One more time through exhaling to rotate. Getting Taller, getting longer and center and exhale to rotate. Yeah, and finding center. Taking a breath in. We're going to go over the back.

Ghana. We're gonna pause. Let me get back. They're inhaling. Exhale, lift to your neutral position. Pause. Reach across towards me. Exhale, spiral the ribs. Inhale to the center. Exhale across the other way in hell to the center and over the top and Xcel. Finding that neutral, feeling the hip joints squeezing towards one another and rotate and center, letting the lower back be supported all the time.

Rotate and center and back. I mean hailing. Now. Exhale, lifting. Inhale, pause. Exhale, rotate. Inhale. As you pass through center. Exhale, rotate. Inhale as you pass through, center and back last two times. Excelling to lift and exhaling to twist at center to assist and center. And that. Here's our last one. Exhaling to left. Pause, turn, center, turn, center and back. I'm making a change.

Excelling to the left. Gets a little tough, Huh? Find your neutral pause. Rotate me. And five flection. One hollowing back to pressing the niece together. Three and four and five signed your center. Let's go backwards. [inaudible] uh Huh. Right, right. Amy. And so fun. And the lifting and then going across the other way and write Sarah.

One and two. Yeah, three. And then Sarah, if you can make it through this, I'm going to reward you with one of your favorite things and I promise this is five. And then come all the way. So we take here, arms forwards. And so now we're gonna reach back. We're gonna roll back towards me, roll back, take the arm, reach that arm, that top or I'm back and then reach back forward. So you're moving like a way we reach back hand goes to the floor, you can use it to Bush and then back and Marie. And this is for my good friends here and Marie and, and two more times reach and back. Hurry.

And that last one and that hurry and all the way up. Lovely. Okay, so we're going to move the barrel. It's going to come to the front of the Mat. Then this class is going to be part of your exercises are moving your barrels. Okay. So they'd be all, comes to the front of the Mat and the body goes back down on the mat on the back.

So you want to get organized so that we can bring the feet over the top of the barrel so that they can reach kind of in like a prehensile shape over the top. So we're rounding, letting the arch of the foot or letting the foot travel over the arc of the barrel, arms down at our sides, taking a breath to prepare, and then exhale, we lift up into a pelvic curl. So we press down and imagine here as you roll yourself up, look cramp that you're trying to pull the barrel towards you. That's exactly what made me just cramp right now happening again. Here we go ahead and roll down one vertebrae at a time.

Healing the extra space that you can create between your spinal bones, your vertebraes as you place them down on the mat in here. Exhale. Feel the pelvis lift up as the pelvis is lifting up, the arms are reaching forward, the feet are pressing down and back. We get that nice high lifted position in the pelvis. Inhale and exhale. We the spine finder rolling down one bone following the next until you reach all the way back and you find your neutral position.

We're gonna do that one more time. Excelling to lift up. Yeah. Pausing. Thinking about the pubic bone being the highest point in space above the two pelvic two hip bones and down we reach the arms forward, reaching for the barrel. Imagine that you could actually touch it. Maybe you can.

Then the head can slide back the other way and we can give ourselves [inaudible] a little bit in neck traction that way. And lifting. Rolling the spine up. So passing here, I want us to come halfway down so I only get in a nice rounded spine. Flex the feet, so just the heels are on the barrel and then we're doing a little pulses. So press with the hips and press.

So the abdominals draw down. It's like you're trying to round your body even more. As that's happening, your shoulders are pressing down in back your belly buttons. Pulling down into the mat. I'm going to do three to one. Let the feed come back down, roll the spine all the way up to the top.

Take the left leg up, stretch it right up to the ceiling and now he kicked the like down and pull and push. So as that leg moves down towards the barrel lift, using the back of that free moving leg, that's what's gonna help us keep the pelvis up nice and high. We're gonna go for and three feel like you're pushing through something solid too. And one we hold the leg. Want you to do a little circle to the inside of the body. What? Like you're stirring something thick. Three, four, five rivers, five [inaudible] the pelvis lifted. Keep using that supporting like your pelvis is high enough so that you can see it in your line of vision. So watch it stays still. Last one, pike the leg back towards the body.

Bring it back as far as you can and begin to roll yourself down all the way. Bringing the leg closer, closer, closer and yeah. Yup. And Roll app. Okay, so you get up nice, nice and high. We find our nice or nice stable position, the right leg lifts and then we push that like through space, reaching away and pull back so you could point on the way down and you could flex on the way back up and and reach. Check in with the arms, checking with the neck, make sure everything's Nice and easy, down and back and for and well, can we reach all the way down to the barrel?

I can't quite, I lost count anyone. Okay, two more then last one. Hold it on. Pause there. A little tiny in circle. One to the leg swings like a pendulum. Three, four, five rivers, five, four, three, two, one. And then we bring the leg away and towards the body as it comes in the lower spine has to start rounding. We roll the spine down, bringing the leg up close to the body and we come all the way down. Let's take the leg straight down on the barrel. Rested there both legs down. Is this possible? Let's find out. Arms overhead. Lift the head and chest.

Yeah, roll up. Oh yes. Oh yes. It might be. And Sorry Sarah, I reach and then her reach for it. Reach all the way out for your toes and then road. So what you could do, right, if that's not quite available for you, is you could lift up, you could find your head and chest position. And then you could walk up one leg, right? Let's all try that. Walk Up. One leg lift, the leg could go back down and we wrote down and back and then left. Let's do the other side. Picking up one way, walking up the leg, reaching, finding that nice lift better on that side.

And then letting the light go down. And then rolling down. Let's try one more with no walking if you can. Or two more in case you need to walk. So we'll do two more. Reaching. Rolling. Rolling. Ever reaching out for the fee and bringing the spine up and down.

Pushing the legs down sometimes helps. Last one. Lifting for me. Rolling. Nice. Sarah. Yeah. And hold it. Pause. Pause. We're going to lift the right leg up and up and down. It's like the single legged pike on the chair. Pause. Less leg up and down.

Uh, and then, uh, and now can we go both legs? Oh, is there an earthquake in [inaudible] ah, and Ah, and wrap your knees down. Slide back. Come on to your hands. [inaudible] okay, so from there I'm there. Amy are going to do some pushups. So setting the arms on the barrel right out to the outside, right where the frame is, and then sliding one leg back and sliding the opposite leg back. And just finding your plank position. I'm going to do three pushups.

One Nice and smooth. Two and theory, we're gonna hold a point. The right foot lifted up. Five, four, three, two [inaudible] one whole. And keep it in the air if you can. Three pushups, one nice and smooth too. Okay. Drury, pause. Bring the knee into the chest and bring it out and slide it across towards the left top and send it back. And I'll bring it wide of the bear onto the outside and center of the body.

Exhale and back and across and back and outside. Nice and no one around and across and wide and back. I'll step it in. And three pushups. One Bin, two bin three walk in. So from there, I want us to come into a position that's a lot like, um, uh, see the elephant where we're reaching, who are, we're more low than, than upright. Okay. Same leg, right?

Like slides back. It just comes to the floor squaring off the pelvis and then we take the leg into an Arabic. We read, reach up and reach and, and reach. Sending the body more forward and down and reach and down. One more reach. Hold here. Lighten up on your hands. Lean way back into that leg and bend and straight, no arms bending, just the knee, the left knee bend and stretch as the left knee bends. Bring the right leg up even higher and stretch and to stretch and won and stretch and then bring that leg back in. Reach backwards. I just lean back.

So you're bringing your pelvis back away from your hands, but your hands can stay where they are. And then coming back forward, stepping the legs back, finding again, you're playing position or your friend support position. And here we go. If it's sensitive on your risk, make sure your risks aren't sliding down the back. You want them to be right on the top. Here we go. Three pushups, one, two, three pass left leg lifts up one and two and three and four. The body stays so stable and hold and bend and press one and then am pressed to bend and whole Nigos into the chest. He reaches back, comes across to the right, Elba, reaches back, goes outside the left, Elba and center and round and back, across and back.

Outside and back. Last time, around and back, across and back, outside and back and down. Last three pushups for the whole day in this class. What can I promise you? They're the only ones I've done today. And three hand step in [inaudible]. Lean back, find your elephant, send the left leg back as down to the mat, squaring off the pelvis and then reach that like hair mask. And then Dad, I'm holding my pelvis square so I'm not rotating out through the hip with homemade, the the height of the leg, a little bit more challenging, but that's okay. Last to taking the body forward and down. Last one, hold knee bends and stretches and lift the left eye is the right knee Benz.

Think about where your rib cages. That's mostly for me, but it's a good reminder for most of us. Three last two, Eh, and one more. Yeah. And then we step in and we lean back, Eh, and then let's just take the arms down. Yeah. Stretching the spine a forward and then just start rolling through this spy coming up, pressing down with the feet, letting the head hang around herself all the way back up to the top.

Okay, so now we're going to move the barrels again so that you have space for a straight leg. So they'll go towards that other end of your mat. I'll just go right back in the middle. Okay. So coming s I don't know if you need to go all the way back. I just want you to be able to have a leg like this and not have to worry about each other. Yeah, good. Okay.

So we go all the way down and what am I going to do is I want you to organize your body so it's a little closer to the front than the back [inaudible] and then we're going to come down, we're going to take that bottom hand and press it into the barrel. So yeah, for the fingers can wrap around that, that'd be fine. Or they can stay straight opposite hand behind the head, lift a little bit, lifting the adjusting, do like that with your head. And then we're gonna flex and back. So you'll notice as the light comes forward, the, that's where it gets a little more challenging for me specifically on the shoulder stabilization.

So I'm pressing into my barrel as that happens and back and reach and push and reach and push for, imagine that you're trying to pull something as you're coming forward. Three, two and [inaudible] one. Then we're going to come from the back. We're gonna touch, we're going to go ah, and Ah, and back. Uh, imagine that you have to clear something that's higher than you want to clear. You don't have to challenge yourself every time. Up in, back in, do twice more up in forward. Ah, I've been back up and forward. Uh Huh.

Ben Back. Hold here. Take the hand from behind your head and bring it around and take your across the barrel too. So you're hugging the barrel with both arms. It doesn't have to be totally squared. I my elbows quite far out. And then present to the box. Lift the chest. Now take that leg back and up, back and back. It's like you're lifting it up and you're also trying to push it away. We'll do 10 of these. You said it is summertime after all three, two and one come back to the center.

Undo yourself. Lay over the barrel, hands behind your head. And this is where I do that little thumb trick again. So we're going to come from here. We're going to reach up, find your straight line, try not to push with your head and then go over the topic. And in here, so drawing in bottom, body, upper body, Paul Sierra, you're leaning back a little. That's better. And down and lift and yeah, and here we go again. I think we'll do this eight times. So we're halfway through.

So a year, four and back and Sherry and back. Remember to give yourself just so that little moment of pause at the top too and back and one [inaudible] and back. Take the arm all the way over. [inaudible] take an inhale here. Now that bottom leg is going to come up. We're going to do a rotation. We're going to reach up and touch our toes. Here we go in hand and rotate. Single leg teaser and hurry five. When you reach over the top, reach all the way back and find a stretch for Lyft three so it's like a c Pike really.

Last two could even use your bottom hand a little bit to help if you want it and then go all the way over and then make sure you're at the front cause you need the back. And we're going to start to move that arm backwards. Now as the arm moves backwards, we can let the pelvis opener into the bearer arm, comes around, it reaches for the spine, comes back towards straight reaches overhead such as the big circle arm. Enjoy, reach the leg that helps, like it's being pulled out of your body. And then back and one more reaching, letting the pelvis go, keep the abdominals functioning working.

That's another way to get a good stretch. And then if it's not comfortable for your neck, you could always just support your head. Let's go to the rivers. So we're going to go forward and back and, okay. All the way up and around and forward and back. Oh, the happened around.

And last one she says with regret. Oh, for now we have a whole nother side. Okay, so help yourself up. Yeah, I'm going to turn my barrel so I can see. You guys can turn so you can see or you can just turn around. It's up to you. I'm just, I just want my, I don't want to look away. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If I have to move my barrel, everyone moves to the bureau. Okay, awesome. Here we go.

Okay, so setting up, I'm coming up against the side of the barrel. Hand comes behind the head or pressing the head into the hands. Find your center, lift your leg, and then Paul, way forward and Josh, way back and pool and push. So keeping the spine still. Guess the name of the game. Just didn't do like that with your head again. That's it.

So like you're moving through something sticky, something mighty. And I'll ask this and back and forth and back, pressing the bottom. Orman and three and back. Nice. Good. Stabilized too. And back one more. We go to the back, we go down, we explore our [inaudible] and front and explore the like.

I like to think of it like being suspended in that up position and then dropping and suspended and dropping three more up around and down, up around and back to hop around and forward up around them. Back one up around and forward around in back. And then we retrieve the hand from behind the head, brewing it around the front. I'm just gonna bring it just over the top of my wrist. Rotating the spine, lifting, pressing the chest up in rotation. Then they'll lay, comes up off the floor, reaches back and to and reaching like you're trying to kick something away from you. Feeling the length of the neck, feeling the support through the front of the body. Form, reach and down, hugging the barrel. Two and one good.

And how he come back through the middle. I'm gonna reach all the way over the top and take a momentary stretch there, an inhale and then pike up towards that leg. Is it less and reach back, rotate, lift and all the way over. Stretching the leg away from the arm and three more all the way back to at all the way back and the last one and all the way back. And then we just reach back and bring the hands behind the head, feel the head centered in the hands, feel the alignment of the body, inhale, and then exhale, reaching up. It's not a huge movement. It's more of a lengthening movement than a w. I mean, I was going to say a lifting movement. I mean, it's certainly a lifting movement, but feel, I pull my body, my head in the direction that it's going straight out in front of me.

Straight out through the top of the head and down. I think I did that in the wrong order, but that's okay. It's too late now for that Lagary chowder. Yeah. And back and then [inaudible] and Matt and to, and Matt and one finding your best lift and then you're all the way down. Top. Arm reaches overhead and then we're gonna arch the body back, reach back, taking the arm around, leaning with the pelvis, and then letting the arm travel forward, bringing the body back into alignment, reach out, reach back, let it go. Slow milk, the stretch and forward one more reaching up in the back. Yeah, the forward and then reverse.

So we take the arm forward and we bring it back. Let it circle in the shoulder. Doing, reaching through the toe all the time. Toes and forward and back. Yes. That I would share last time. And then, okay, so now what we're going to do is we're going to help ourselves up and we're going to go over the back. So you might need to move your away just so you have enough space for your head and shoulders to be on the mat. How I like to do this is just hold on those little handles it all barrels, have some sort of handle thing, structured something pushed back with your legs.

Walk up to the barrel with your feet and then position yourself so you're calm through bleach placed on your head and shoulders. Okay? Yes, speech failure is one of my gifts. Take the legs straight up into the year. Okay, so we're going to start with some rollovers here. Just a gentle rollover. So what I want you to do is start to lower your legs and, and challenge yourself. Go as low as you can. Okay.

Towards look down. Sorry. Like we're all friends are laughing at me and they're making me a giggle. Okay? So towards, down, we're all there, right? We're holding onto earth centers. We're gonna lift the legs to vertical. Keep the middle back against the barrel as you tip your body over, bringing your legs parallel to the floor, then flex your feet, separate your legs, lower your legs as much as you can without losing the barrel behind you.

And then start rolling your spine down. Rounding down using your abdominals to place the pelvis points your feet as the legs come to vertical. Reach down as low as you can and bring the legs together. Inhale to bring the legs to vertical. Exhale, keeping the middle back against the barrel. We tip over. We find that parallel line we flax and separate. Yeah, and then maybe the legs will go all the way to the mat. Maybe they won't.

And then we roll down. Okay. We wrote down, we use the abdominals, we take the legs down separately and then they come together at that challenge. Point two more. Inhale and exhale. Sure. Rollover and flex. Separate in deeper to your center.

So lower and rural point. Circle touch last time. And your role over flex separate and Dan [inaudible] probably let them swing down and together lift them back up to vertical externally. Rotate the hips, look after your partner or you're a person next to you. We're going to open the length y. Yeah, good point the feet and then flex through the feet and push the legs together and then point through the feet and push open. So want you to create a moving energy, right? We don't just let the legs flop.

We imagine that we're trying to push something really heavy away or like someone's holding your legs together and you're prying them apart. And then as we come back in, we imagine that someone's holding our legs apart and we're having to press and back together. Let's do three more. Inhale, reach wider and squeeze and point. Reach wider every time. Wider and schoolies last one, reach and Scully. Bring the legs to parallel. Take the right leg down the left leg back into the scissors. We're going to pull, pull, find center and switch. Pull Pool.

So great place to practice a scissor on the mat. Really using the bottom leg. That's the trick in my brain anyway, so we try to find the connection of that bottom leg and maybe we even hold the top like back a little from coming very close to the body so that our body is the center of our scissor or the pelvis is the center of our scissor. Pull. Pull, switch, pull, pull. Switch to more. One more time. Both sides pull. Pull Center.

Total pull center into the bicycle, left leg down, right leg, back. Bend that left knee, reaching the toes, tip the edge of the barrel and cycle through. Find your scissor, bend the right knee and bicycle. And then so I want every time as you find as you're going through, you don't bend the bottom knee until you're in your scissor position. And then we go and then we go home. Imagine trying to lift the hips up off the bed one more and then pause in your scissor.

We're reversing top leg them's bottom like comes up straight. We reached down again, reaching for the lip of the barrel, reaching for the edge and push flush. Or I just caught myself bending my top leg too soon. Keep it straight. As long as you can keep it straight until that bottom leg reaches out and finds it. Scissor reach and last one coming up right now.

And then both legs back to the top again. External rotation of the hips. We're going to go into the helicopter. So again, look after your neighbor, left leg down, right leg. Explore your circle. Reach out, keep the pelvis down, reach all the way around and center, left leg down again, right leg back. Keep the lower spine stable, keep the rib stable, reach, explore, fine. All your ranges of motion. Again, like you're touching all the points of the circle simultaneously. Feel that stretch through the insides of the legs and to more in here and keeping the knees straight and back. Last one in. Yeah, reach.

Okay. And then back to center. So now we reversed, we go right leg down, left leg back, same idea, steady in the pelvis, rotating through the hips, reaching all the way around. Keep the bottom leg strong and center right leg down, left leg back or you reach around, reach around, reach around and center. And three more, Eh, is one leg faster than the other? Do they move at the same time too? Reaching and last one. Okay. And then both legs come up. So you can do a couple of, you can get down a couple of ways.

The first is to just flat push the barrel out from underneath you or you can roll over your head like do a back somersault and come off that way. I'm going to push, there's not really a perfect way, but look, we did it. That's good. Okay, so now we're going to go onto our front. If you want to look in, you can turn your barrels. If you're happy that way, that's fine. Brian, do a little back extension. Make sure you have enough room for your arms.

Okay, so we start, just know that wherever your body is in relationship to the apex of the barrel, the top of the barrel is where your um, extension is going to be focused. I'm right about my ribs and, and then I've got my feet flexed and my toes on the floor. Yup. And then the hands are going to go back behind the head. We can come all the way down. So I want us to start by engaging through the legs. Feel that you're lifting up off the barrel with your belly and then start pressing the head into the hands of the head is the first thing to lift.

Bringing the body out into a straight line. And then we're going to stretch the arms overhead. We're going to bend the elbows. Are we going to take the body over the top? Okay. Inhale as you left.

Exhale as you stretch. Inhale as you hands come back. Shoulders wide. Nice. And let's do three more in. You have to lift x out to stretch in, you know, to come back. An Xcel to go down and to war range and back. Yeah.

And the last one in here. Yeah, reach and back. And then, okay, so move yourself on your barrel. Try to find a place where your arms and your legs could float. So it might take a little organizing and then just start with the arms and the feet on the floor.

Arms are reaching out in front of you and you're going to take the left arm and the right leg and reach away and, and then right arm, left leg. Reach away. Keep the pelvis steady on the barrel and I'm flexing the foot each time it comes down to the floor and pushing away with it too and down and stretch long. So the foot points as it leaves the Mat and flexes to come home and pushes away and back. One more. Okay, so now we're going to try and balance after this. After this, we've got to finish the second side. Okay, so ready. Just have a little fun. So finding the legs, lifting the legs, lifting the arm and India.

Exhale, three breaths. Inhale, exhale in there. XL and arrest. Drape yourself over your beer. That's fun, but it's hard. It's hard to find the perfect place. So thanks for trying. Come back again. So you're back around the rims this time. Reach into that Small v position with your feet. So your hips are in external rotation. He hands come back behind the head again. We're going to add on a little bit bigger piece to our first back extension.

We're going to lift up now this time is the arm straight and we're going to lift the legs. They're not arc up off the barrel. Hold hands, come back and then everything goes back down. We're going to do three in Holis, the head and chest. Find a straight line x out everything lists. Inhale, hands back and exhale. Last one, Amia, Rita, excellent.

Everything reaches in your hands back and exhale. That's enough. Put your hands on the mat or on the floor. Push back, rest your hands, arms on the top of the barrel and sit back and stretch. Yeah. Okay. And then roll up. Don't bother moving your barrels.

It doesn't matter that you're not facing and we're just going to finish exactly the way we started. So sitting up, reaching forward, inhaling and then exhaling as you go back again. Again, allowing the spine to just melt into the barrel. Just melt into the barrel. Let it fully support you. Reach all the way that reach around. Lists the head roll up all the way. Yeah, just finding a little bit of ease in the body.

A little lightness in the body and down. Reaching back are coming back around and lift few touch each other. That's extra special, magical girl power and last time who are willing up to sitting. And then once again, just letting the arms rest on the front of the legs and closing the eyes. Yes. Sitting quietly, noticing the energy moving up and down the spine. Maybe the spine is lighter now, more easy.

And when you're ready to open your eyes, we're all done.


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Perfect class. Thank you Meredith.
1 person likes this.
Great class. Lengthening and strengthening.
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This was a great class. Loved the flow! And as always I love your cueing. Thanks!
Thanks so much ladies. I love to hear your feedback!
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Lovely, lovely routine ??
Kim W
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Meredith, you made this look too easy! Especially the Swan work towards the end! I am not there, yet, but made modifications, and got a great chest opener and ab stretch. Definitely worth a repeat!
Good to hear, Kim...I believe one should always modify to suit!
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Thanks a lot Meredith seeing you during your work teach me a lot!!! Big kiss !!!
Thank you, beautiful Ilaria! I miss you!! Sending you love!!!
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I really enjoy your classes! Intelligent humor and great cueing. Thank you.
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