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Mat on the Spine Corrector

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Meredith Rogers teaches a Mat class using the Spine Corrector throughout the entire workout. Challenge your core stability by working on the smaller, uneven surface of the Spine Corrector, and enjoy exercises such as Push-Ups, Balance Control variations, Single Leg Teaser with Twist, Scissors, Helicopter, and Swimming.
What You'll Need: Mat, Spine Corrector

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Jul 21, 2014
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So we're going to work on the spine corrector today and there will be some getting up and moving it to the front or the back of the mat. We'll just, um, pretend that that's part of our workout, Huh? Not pretend it will be. Okay. So let's just start standing on our feet parallel fee. Reach your arms down to your sides with your palms facing back and then press back with your arms and hinge forward at your ankle so that the goal, like your tipping forward at the ankle joint, lift in and up through your center and then come so you're standing right over your feet and they lean back a little at your arms. Reach forward so you just counter balance and just did that game. You see where you're comfortable and where you're not comfortable.

So you reach for like a side picture, US ski jumper here right at the precipice of a mountain leaning, leaning and then standing upright and then back your fall at the game where you fall backward into someone's arms. I don't know if I would trust canvas to pick you up. Don't actually do it, then press the last one. Okay. And then just mind center over your feet here. Turning and palms to face in, in here. As we exhale, we're going to take the forehead to the floor, let the top of the head reach forward towards the floor and just roll yourself down. And as you roll down, lift through the center of your body so you decelerate that downward. The movement with your abdominals. The head is heavy, the arms are heavy.

Let's pause at the bottom and allow the knees to bend on the inhale and stretch on the exhale. Take another inhale breath and exhale. Lift through the center of your body like you're being pulled up from a rope around your waist. As we come up to standing, we'll begin to bring the arms out to the side, reaching east and west and then lifting up, creating energy through the body, energy through the arms. Push the arms back down to the sides of you. So we create that down. Push and uplift through this. Fine. And then let's take the head forward. Again, rounding down, exhaling, concentrating on the lift through the center is really the only thing that I want you to really do. I think about engaging a lot in healing at the bottom. Bend the knees and stretch this. Using this moment, this warming up moment as a check-in, feeling into your body, coming up all the way.

And then one more time taking the arms. Yeah. Ah, reaching, push the arms down, but feel as though you could actually grow two inches here, elongating through the spy. And then last time we roll the spine down. Rounding, rounding, rounding, a heaviness. Yep. Oh, the tension in your body. All the cricks in your neck, flowing out through the top of your head. Pause at the bottom to bend the knees. Inhale, stretch the legs. Exhale, pause, debris then, and lift. Exhale all the way.

All right, good. So let's sit down in our barrels in our spine correctors so they can just be as they are for the moment. You know, do I think you're going to all be okay? One of you went to, um, Rebecca school forward a little bit, so you guys have space for your arms. That's perfect. That's fine. Okay, so we reach the arms forward. The feet are just separate from one another about hip distance apart. Elongate through the spine and inhale as we exhale. First we're going to create a round back and then let the back start to come into the barrel. Once you hit that neutral position, then start to reach the arms up.

Allow the back to just cascade over the spine corrector, reaching the arms back. Take the arms around to the side, reaching east and west again. Let the arms come forward. Let the eyes come forward and roll the spine up. So we're sitting up tall again. We'll do that about three more times. Xelota curl the spine and then continue backwards towards the barrel.

Let the arms reach up, let the spine reach back, circle the arms wide, bring the arms forward, the eyes come forward as the arms reach forward and we roll up. It's a good idea. As the arms are reaching around to the side, let's round again to feel that you keep the palm facing up. So as they come up over the head, they can face one another and then keep the hands, the palms of the hands facing the ceiling, and maybe even lead a little bit with the pinky finger as you circle arms forward, eyes forward, and all the way at last one. Oh Hey dad, what about that extra thing? You don't want it. Sorry, and roll back again. The magical extra extra arch, reaching all the way, reaching around and then rolling up.

So from here we're going to take the hands behind the head. And so all of us have different flexibility ranges in our spine. So if your spine doesn't go all the way back over the barrel, just go to where it feels good for you. Round the spine. Again, try not to push the head forward, so keep the head with the hands, find your neutral line, and then stretch the body back. Inhale there as you exhale, lift, pressing the ribs into the barrel so you come up. So you're just floating off the bottoms of the ribs, little tiny bit higher.

Rebecca right there. And inhale to go back and exhale, draw in. Feel the hip bones. This two sides of the pelvis narrow the belly button, pushes back into the spine. Correct. We find our lift in hold and go back again. Generating the beginning of the work with the breath. Exhale following the breath. We bring the [inaudible], finding that nice neutral line floating right up off the bottom of the ribs. Looks great guys. Inhale back and exhale to lift. We'll do about five more.

These are tough. You got to take the abdominal muscles from that Essenture contraction. So we work as we go back, we work and stretch at the same time. And then from that lengthening contraction, we shorten not even short and just neutralize the muscle. Yep. Zac Muscles. Let's see. Three more.

I know that's not the right number, but that's okay. X has become a nice, I love it. It's good. Last to reach back control. Exhale to lift. Nice. Good check. If you're pushing your head forward, try not to do that. Uh, that was advice for myself. Advice for Hersa. Exhale to lift from here. Let's around the spine.

Create a concave, oddity through the abdominals and reach almost all the way over to the thighs and then hinge back or come back. So find your neutral fine. Come back to neutral there. Yep, Yep. And now curl forward from there. So what we were just doing is going from extension to neutral. And then now we're going from flection of the spine to neutral spine. So we draw and we reach up and over and then we inhale to unwind and find that straight line. Nice. Exhale, draw and lift up and over and inhale to come back. We'll just do two more like that.

So it's a deep flection. And as we come up off the barrel, we still create how narrow can you create your waist and back? Last time here, curl forward. Take a hold of your shins with your hands and just push back with your abdominal so you get a little stretch in your upper back and then pull, like you're pushing your knees into your body. Lift your backup tall. And then once again, we'll just reach back and take the hands behind the head. Paying attention to where the knees are. We want them to stay.

So we're going to inhale. We're going to draw in on the obliques and we're going to rotate towards the ocean. Lifting up as we do. So inhale as we come back to the middle. Exhale, draw in, rotate up and around. Nice. Beautiful. Inhale to center. So feel first that you're lifting. I actually pull up on my head a little bit just reminding myself or guiding myself into that awkward lifting.

Feeling beautiful. Inhale to center. Exhale to rotate. Finding the obliques, finding the spinal extensors and rotators. Inhale to center. Exhale to rotate. Inhale to center. One more time to each side. Exhale to rotate. Inhale to center. Exhale to rotate and find century again from here in a roll back all the way again, going back through, neutral into extension. Inhale, prepare.

As we exhale, we'll come through our neutral position. So you just feel your right at that bottom rib and then we're going to rotate across towards me. Fine. Center, rotate across the opposite direction. So you did a little flection with your rotation. Inhale to center and back. Exhale to lift. Neutral. Inhale, exhale, rotate. Inhale, center. Exhale, rotate. Inhale, center and back. We're going to do that three more times.

All the way through. Exhale, we lift up, pause, inhale, exhale, rotate, find center, rotate, find center and back. Oh yes. Last two, excelling. As we come up, find that neutral. Lift and twist. Center. Lift and twist. Said Chin and back. One more time. We're gonna stay at the top. I'm adding on excelling to lift. Awesome. Okay, turn, hold. And then create a little up and round.

Forward and back. Forward and back. Three more. Drawing in on that, sideways into the barrel, behind you two and back. One and back center and other side. Lifting up and back and rotating. As you lift and back and three and two and one center. Arms forward, arms reach up and back.

And this time you can just allow your back to relax as much as you can. Just hold your head down. If it's hurts your neck and reach around to your sides and then roll yourself all the way back up again. Cool. So what I want us to do now is we're going to scoot towards the very front edge. So I've taken my sitting bones and I've hooked them right over the front.

So they're in the front of that lip. And to take the legs out straight and to lower your body back down onto your barrel. Legs are going to be straight. And we're going to keep, we're not arching back this time, but we're just going to bring the head in line with the spine. Yep. So I'm Jacqueline. Lift up a little bit. So find your ribs right there. Inhale, exhale, reach the arms through space. Start to float the legs up. And then I want you to pull, trying to bring your legs all the way into your nose, all the way into your nose. And then we take the legs down and the arms reach back right there.

Inhale and exhale as we pull in the legs, float the arms, reach past the like, now we get a feel your leg muscles. You'll feel your hip places, you'll feel your cords pull deeply back. You'll feel your abs hopefully and reach back. We'll do three more. Inhale and XL lifting. Deb, you could also like when you're going back, just give yourself a little support with your head. Anyone can do that.

I'm speaking to Deb specifically. [inaudible] cause I know. Okay cause I know that she has a little bit of a neck thing happening today and [inaudible] cross. So always you know if the other stuff going on in your body create modifications for yourself. It's always fine. You could get Ben in the knees a little, right? You could bend the knees a little if you feel real tight in your hamstrings to try to get the legs in a little closer, a little closer. Hold here.

Stay right there. We're going to take one like just a little bit down and back. Same like down and back. You could hold onto your legs. Same Lake down and back. Opposite leg down and pull down. Pull down and pull. Bend your knees, place your feet down. And then once again, just take a stretch.

It's a different stretch here. You can even reach back and place the head against the barrel and the arms come around to the sides and then we're gonna rock up maybe. Okay, so now what are we going to do? Is to stand up. Flip your barrel. So it's exactly where it is, but it just turned in inward. So we're going to sit on the top [inaudible] I'm going to take the legs out in front and keep the seat a little bit separate from one another. This is spine stretch.

What's nice about having a little bit of elevation for the spine stretches that we get to avoid tightness in our legs. Inhale as we go. So we're going to round down. I want you to round inwards first. So as though you're going to take your forehead down between your knees and then start your reach outwards with your spine. Pause and inhale. Feel the shoulders settle on the back. Exhale, lift the spine back up. You can push down into your heels. Feel the backs of the legs working.

Lift all the way up to straight. Inhale again. CC, lean forward about three inches. Perfect. Exhale around down forehead goes down. So we take the forehead into the center of the knees and then once we get there as low as we can, then we stretch forward. Reaching the hands between the legs in here and exhale, roll the spine. Baca. Feel the shoulders. Settle away from the ears and [inaudible] this one right over the top of yourself. That's perfect. This time. Inhale. Exhale, round down.

So you're role, role roll. Oh Man. In here and we lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. We're going to add extension and we're going to do three. So echoing as you take your body down first and then lead with your arms, let your head come up with your arms. Tilt your tailbone back in. Reach out long on the diagonal. Yup. Arms all the way up to the years.

We take that additional stretch. We get our back extensors working, we take the arms forward and we roll through the spine to lift up. Inhale, tall, exhale to round. Anytime your body is going forward, there's always an oppositional backward. Pull through the abdominals. Inhale, reach the spine. Out Law. I like that modification in Dev. It's awesome.

Lift your just a little bit more Jacqueline. You're a breastbone. That's it. And dive back down and a roll back up. Yeah. And then let's do one more. So just up to sitting with the arms out in front of the arms are going to go down and the arms reach out.

Yeah. Let me take that long line through this spine. So come up on the diagonal, on the diagonal with the eyes looking down between the feet. Now just do a little couple of little backward presses with the arms. So just back feeling the opera spine. Active the opera back, working and back, your right and back and two and one. And now we're gonna sit up.

We're gonna take our arms out to our sides. We're going to twist this way in here. Keep the feet still. Exhale, dive down. Try to flatten out the back on the way down, and then reach even flatter as you come up. And then d rotate to center. Inhale. As we turn. Exhale as we reach out into the sauce. So keeping the spinal extensors working, lengthening all the time.

Lift up in here and exhale to center. Is there a mutiny going on? What's happening? Excellent. As you say, reach out and reach up and center and twist, working with the breath and we die forward. The back arm reaches back and down as your spine comes up and forward on that diagonal and find center. Couple more times. Rotate and reach and Elongate the back and center and rotate and re and elongate through the back and center and Roti and reach and elongate through the back and center. And last time here, rotating and reach and stretch out and up and find center. Okay, so bringing the arms down, we can keep the barrels as they are. Nope, I lied.

Bring them to the front of your mat and flip up. So we're standing on the mat. What I want you to do is take your arms out to your sides, reach them forward, and then with a flat back hinge four. And I only want you to just place your fingertips on the barrel. I'm going to walk my feet back a little because I want my feet to be just under my pelvis and I wish you would organize yourself the same way.

So you were going to lift up through the chest. Yeah, stick your butt out. That's it. Now just barely balancing on those fingertips. I want you to take your right leg back behind you. The right leg now is going to lift up until it becomes parallel with the body. Beautiful and down and lift up.

Same Way, good and down. So there's a moment when you get to the top where you feel like you're at your limit. I want you to just this explore that, push past it a little bit and down and I don't know if you can, I'm just suggesting that it's possible perhaps. And yeah, we're going to do two more reaching out. So want the weight in the leg as though you're barely using the fingertips or barely using the hands at all. Last time.

Hold here. Lighten up on the hands even more. Been like that. You're standing on. Reach that back like a little bit higher and straight. The standing wig in Hilton Bend. You got it. Excellent us stretch in Hilton Bend. Exhale to stretch in heel.

Lift that back leg as the knee bends and stretch. We're gonna do three more. Bend and stretch to bend and stretch. Last time bent and stretch. Place your hands on top of the barrel and it's good to make sure that your hands are just over the top of the barrel instead of sliding down the back just for comfort in your risks. Step yourself back into a front support position. Finding a nice long line through your body.

Hmm. Yeah. Good. From there, we're going to let the elbows come into the waist. Inhale and exhale. Press in, heel bend. Exhale, press. Inhale, bend. Nice. Beautifully done. Last two and press one more. And press hold here and push away from the barrel. Reach back, find a long back position, reaching back into the heels and then shift back forward over your feet. Sorry. Over your arms. Yeah. So back into plank. Lift the right leg up and then reach back and up.

And to let me do five. Uh, why? What do I like? Candy? Drop your pelvis a little bit last to last hole here, round your spine and bring the knee just over the top of the bearer and kickback length in the body. A little bit lower with the pelvis as well done around and kicked back and around and kick back and her around and kicked back. One more tie around and kicked back. Now we're going to take that leg and we're going to cross the body.

Reach across to the elbow and find a long line and reach across to the elbow. Feel the obliques working and back and across and back and across and back. Last one across and back. Step down five ups or not, right? You could always just hold your plank position.

Always just stay right where you are. Last to one more. Lift the hips. Walk in so that you're setting yourself up for that balance work. Again, reach down for your feet with your arms to little stretch down there. Take a breath, and then roll the spine all the way up and then from that place, take the arms out to the sides. Reach the arms in front, hinge forward. Remember it's just the fingertips that come to the barrel. Nice Light, nice light connection to the fingertips.

It's the left leg that goes behind us keeping the pelvis squared and we reached the leg. Ah, the left leg up and down. Uh, so using the arms, maybe even to push weight back into that standing way. We'll do four more. Keep the abdominals engaged lightly to support the spine. Last two and last one.

So we keep the leg in the air. Now we're gonna have the standing way and straight. And so I like to try to lift my back like higher as my standing leg bends and bend and stretch Ben. Beautiful and stretch four to go. Lifting the back leg, reaching it actively away, keeping the head in line with the spine, the weight of the body reaching back. Last two and lift. One more.

Add left. Am I going to step back or are you going to place the hands on the barrel? So go forward more with your hands steps. You're not on such a slant. That's it. And then step into your friend support position. Good. And I would do that. You too, Rebecca. So like, yeah, down here it's going to be just more pressure on the wrists. Okay.

So here we go. We've been the arms and straight and and Ben. Yeah. And straight or just holding plank. Helen is perfect. Last two and one and hold. Oh, we pushed back. Yes. And we stand on the feet, reaching back, trying to lengthen out through this spine and then come forward back over the hands in a stay. They're going to lift the left leg off the floor, reaching up and back. Up and back.

Up and back. Jacqueline, lower your pelvis just a little, that's it. Last two. It's not a big reach with that leg. It's pretty small. And last one, now we're gonna round and back. I did this in a different order. Just goes to show scattered brain. I am, but that's okay. We'll get the same amount on both sides and back. Classmen rounding and that can hold here and now we're gonna Karate springing the elbow to knee. To the elbow. Okay.

And back and across the body. So it's like a plank with a twist and that class to rotate and back. One more time. Rotate. Step back. Can we do five more pushups? Do you think you can try a bend or we don't, man. Elbows grazing the sides of the body. Abdominal strong.

Last two, last one. Oh, and how we push back. Step in. Find Your weight over your feet. You kneel there reaching down and Xcel as we roll ourselves all the way. All the way up to standing. [inaudible] Nice. Okay. So turn your bowels again.

So we're going to do some side work and I want you to be able to have some space for your legs and have some space for your arms. So maybe about the center of the mats. A good place to be. Yeah, that'd be good. Yeah, that'd be good. Sit on their bail on your hip. So we're going to line the body straight to go all the way down and then we're going to reach back and bring the hands behind the head.

So another option here would be to just bring one arm straight and that's, or just along your side. We're going to inhale here. As we exhale, we're going to draw into that sideways to the left. Notice if you're pushing up with your hat to try to pull, like pull on the next, so let's go is it goes long. Yeah. And then go down. Inhale. So the head doesn't go up. It goes out. Yeah. Better, good and down. So again, gather your energy through the middle of your body. So it's not a big movement, but it can be a very strong controlled, intense movement. It's definitely some work available there. And we'll do four more belly button to spine, leg presses, down, lift and down. It might be happier like this, Helen.

Just like that. Yeah. Okay. Last two. Nice. And one more time. Okay. And now we're going to go all the way down. I'm going to let the hand rest around the barrel and put this hand up here. You Ma, maybe you might want to support your neck. I don't know.

It'll lift your leg up. So we feel that now the weight of the leg in gauges, the obliques, we're going to swing the leg forward and reach it back and swing it forward and reach it. Push back and swing forward. And just notice as that leg moves, we're trying not to let the body rock back and forth and forward and back. So if that's not comfortable on your neck, you can do what candy's doing and reach down and support your head. I'll be fine.

And I do two more and back. One more. So now we're going to take that leg to the back room and take our free arm and reach forward. Now with this arm, I'm pushing into the barrel and rotating and the arm and the leg reach away from each other. Now that leg reaches up and back, up and back. A little gloop work up and back. Keep the stomach pulled in to support the spine. I'm gonna do four, three, two, one. Come back to center. Reach all the way over. Single a teaser with a twist just for you. Candy.

Yeah, he loves this one. So we're going to take that a straight leg and reach it back a little bit. Again, supporting your head if you need to. Inhale, as you exhale, that top arm is going to swing up. We're gonna reach up kit, try to find the leg with the hand and then reach over. Inhale, exhale, rotate, draw into, it's like the teaser that we did in the beginning. We're pulling that leg into the center of the body with our abdominals. Lift, touch, and reach over the top just to have more lift up, touch and reach over the top and I SLAs left touch and reach over the top and hold and just take that nice stretch and then reposition your body. If you're not there already, right to the front edge, right in the front edge of your barrel.

You just want a little bit of space to be able to lean back on too. So we're going to go all the way down. Again, hold the head. If you need neck support, take your top arm over your head. So shoulder stretches, a lot of stretches. You're gonna take your arm back first as you can't go any further back with your arm. Let your chest start to fall as your chest goes, let your pelvis start to follow. So you're rolling the hip open, rolling the shoulder open, and then we take the arm down towards the leg in, begins to reach out in front of us as it reaches out in front of you, pull back against it with your abdominals. Oh at back adjustment for me, reaching back, opening, letting the pelvis roll open so you're almost laying backwards in the barrel.

And then reach forward. Things to think about the leg that's on the ground. Reach it away from you all the time and with your abdominals. Pull up all the time. So there's an oppositional reach and both sides of the body and then reaching forward. So let's take that in reverse. We're going to go towards the leg and I'll lean back, lay back, open up the chest. As the arm starts to reach over the bottom, I'm let the pelvis rotate back to neutral. Reach forward, reach back, opening the shoulders, lifting up and around and center.

One more reach forward, reach back, lifting up and around and all the way back to center. And then once you get there, put your hand on your Berra. Pull the shot so we can do one or two things. You guys can flip or I can just watch the back of you, which I'm happy to do. There's a lot of moving up. A barrel. That's all right.

It's part of the tall part of it. Come a little this way with your upper body only. Yeah. So Debbie, your upper body is behind your pelvis. Come forward with your upper body. That's it. So here we go. We reach the hand behind the head, or we have one arm out to the side or down the side of the leg. You decide. Cc, bring just your upper body forward. That's perfect. And now we're going to lift that. Feel that sideways working. Try not to move the neck and stretch all the way over the top.

Gather your energy, pull in on your abs. It feel the f the, let's see, what do I want to say? Here's a way to think about it. Feel as you're lifting this, the top ribs slide down the front ribs, slide back and then we find that side waist and yeah, and lift. Good. And yeah, we have four to go. Lifting up, reaching long through the top of the head and down and three nice and uh, and to top rib slide down front, slide back and that gets you up onto those bottom ribs. Last one, lifting up, coming down and then we're just going to come down or we're going to let the arm rest or let the head rest on the hand until you decide what works best for you. Lift the top leg, flex the foot, kick that leg forward and back. Can you touch depth?

[inaudible] not quite and back. Try to keep as you go back a concentrated effort and keeping the knee straight. So it's not just a backward push, but it's Ab a way. Push a back and an away push. Nice. You have two to go. Nice one to go.

Feel in the back of that leg working. Pause there. Put, use the bottom hand. If you're not holding onto it to push into the barrel, reach the opposite. I'm an add and forward. You know that little rotation in tiny little lifts up and back with that, that leg, good reaching, working through the hip. So go for three, two [inaudible] and one taking the body down all the way.

The leg is going to stay slightly behind us and to take the arm up again, hold your head if you need the support in your neck, take that stretch. Inhale, draw in through that upper ob who reached the leg up. We try to touch the whatever ankle, toes, chin, and again swing left. And if you can use the bottom hand a little. If you need to, you can use it to help your body left. Beautiful and back and reach last to reach up, lift and back and over. One run each. Lift and back and over.

Then we're just gonna let the body hang for a moment. And then if you're not in the front of your barrel, organize yourself so that you are, here's our shoulders, um, stretches. They take the top arm up and a dive back, reach around, open up the chest, open up the hip and reach forward and the lift that reach back, letting the pelvis roll open again. Always find a support the head that feels better, feels necessary to you reaching up and back. And then we come back to center. High your own pace. Hey, your own time. We reversed. So we let the pelvis reach around, reach back, take the arm up overhead, push through the leg, reach around to the center, reach forward towards the hip, back all the way up around, over the top of the head and one really pulled back against you around as much as you can. Pull back against the spine with your abs to get the stretch through the spine as you go forward and then lean back into that arm as you reach back.

What am I going to just find center? Am I going to help ourselves up? And what I would like for us to do now is move your barrel forward from exactly where it is. So you want it a lit. We're going to go over the back of it. So you want a little mat space behind you and then do some scissors and some bicycle. So go this way Jacqueline towards dad. Okay, so sit in your barrel and the way you want to do that as you are, there's handles there. Here's her back a little further than ours. I'm Helen there way back there. It's their builtin though.

And you're just going to push yourself over. You want to get, we'll start to walk up with your feet. You want to get your Publix right on top and then slide over the back. So the pelvis is, you have legs are up, the pelvis is right on the top of the barrel and then bend your elbows and do a little pull with your arms. So you're very secure on the barrel. Lift the legs up. We're going to take their right leg down and their left leg back.

So I just want you to feel that the bottom leg is the, is the act of leg. It's the leg that's trying to move further. And then we're going to do a little double pull too. And Find Center and then reach, reach, and center. So the leg that's working hard is the bottom leg so that you can feel that we're trying to open up the front of that hip and pulse. Pulse Center, pulse, pulse center, pulse, Pulse Center.

Couple more times. Reach, reach center, reach, reach center. Last time here at others' side center. Take both legs, lower your legs in front of you only so far that you can really stabilize. Really stabilize the low back, but you can lower them enough so you feel a ton of ab work. Lift them to vertical.

Keep the middle back against the barrel as you now roll over. Look after your neck. Flex your feet, separate your feet, and then watching the line of your pelvis. Watching your hipbone. See that it's even as you just start to roll down onto the barrel, replacing the pelvis onto the barrel. Point the feet, the legs reached down. They come together in Hilton lift. Exhale, pull the abdominals in. Roll over, pause parallel to the floor.

Flex separate and press the pelvis down so the front of the body mobilizes the back of the body. We point the feet, we reach down and together. Let's do two more. Lift and rollover. Flex. Separate and roll. Yeah. Pulling together and lift [inaudible] and roll over. Last one. Yeah. So just let the barrel support the back flex separate and her roll down.

Reach down, come together, lift up, take the left leg down in the right leg towards you. Bend the left knee, push down with that leg, try to graze the edge of the barrel and then cycle through. So the left leg comes straight up, the right leg bends and grazes the barrel and we bicycle. So that bottom hamstring gets to do a lot of work. The pelvis should be in a nice place for you to just watch the line of it, keep it nice and stuff. Reached down and reached down. Reaching over the top of that lip. Last one. Pause here.

We're going to bend the top knee. We're going to bring the bottom leg straight up as we take the top leg bent and down. And then we bend the top knee. That bottomley goes, reaching down Ben and then and yeah, and one more to each side. And back and center. I think we can organize a helicopter guys. Let's try it. So let's find left leg down, right leg back in your periphery.

Watch your neighbor reach around to the side. Oh we got it. We got to get good all the way around and back. And then same side again. So right leg up, left leg down. One person start just ahead of the person next and then we rewrote you feel all of the points of that circle. Beautiful. And lift. One more time. Lift.

Yeah, we're the rock hats. It's a brain challenge. Other side, left leg back, right leg down. Roti. Yes. It's good around and I can reach and rotate. No little circus happening in here. Last one, reaching around.

Ah Right. Little levity. Never heard anyone been though top. Then the right knee towards the chest, lips. Let it flop there. Then take the left leg and reach it so far away from you that you get a stretch and then let it. Then in hang. We're just going to sit here for a second cause it feels good. So this isn't good. Comfortable on your lower back.

Probably pull back a little bit with your ads. If it's still not comfortable, don't do it, please. So let's real gently let that stretch go. Bring the knee towards the chest, their left knee towards the chest. Let the right leg stretch out that they're rightly hang, and then let that right like drop, bend and drop. Okay. So the trickiest part of this whole situation is how to get off with the sticky mat. So if you need help, I'm going to get myself down and I'll come help you.

But what I'm, when I want you to do is try to do this, bring your knees into your chest and just start to push the barrel away from you. Yeah, that was awesome. I'm so happy. Okay. Help yourself up. A last thing. We're going to do some back extension. So probably you want your barrels to be facing inwards. Put them about the center of the Mat. Good. So get on top of the barrel like this.

You're gonna put your pelvis on the top and then you're gonna rest your forearms down to just finding a comfortable place. My kneecaps are resting just inside of that lip. But we're all little, little bit different lengths. So the most important thing is you're comfortable. And then what I want you to do is put your elbows just underneath your shoulders. Okay? So feel this first draw backwards. So pull the arm bones back towards the barrel.

So that's going to turn on your upper back muscles, I hope, and then start lifting the heads. You look a little forward and then the elbows are gonna start to lift. And we're do using the backward drag of the shoulder blades to start lifting the elbows. The hand stay on the floor. Yep. So you're pushing up into a back extension. But what I want you to think about is not really pushing up at all, but instead of using the back end, now as we bend our arms, we drag the elbows towards one another slightly and back towards the spine corrector. Everyone feel your upper back? Yes.

Great shoulder blades. Slide down. We feel this gliding action of the Scapula. Then the elbows can leave the mat. I don't want you to think about pushing up with your arms, but if you need to you can use them a little. We find that nice upper back work. How's your shoulder going? Candy, candy sessions. Getting well through Flonase. Lots. Exciting. And let me lower down and let me slide the shoulders back and lift.

Bringing the chest here. Hold here, pull a little bit backwards with your hands and try to raise their breastbone a little more. Almost like you're trying to stretch your chest open and bend. And just one more time like that. Okay. So we're going to lift up. We're going to find that high left. And of course you'll only go up hi, has it feels good to you. And then what I want you to do from there is walk the hands a little bit forward so that your not in your highest back extension.

So you're fairly neutral on the barrel. And we're going to take the left arm and the right leg and we're going to reach out. And, uh, and then we're going to take the left leg and the right arm and I'm going to reach out and do a little supported swimming and down. And then the left arm in the right lane and yeah, and the ride, I'm in the left way and as the armless feel, the upper back really taking the majority of that work. It's not a high leg. And as the leg lifts, you can feel the pelvis staying heavy on the barrel. And then let's just do one more time on each side. Reaching. Yeah. Out in, up and down and out in a [inaudible]. Here's a little game.

Try to find in for me. No, let me think about it. I've got to be like right on my belly and I try to find a place to balance. So if you can just start playing with that, it's different for everyone. And then see if we can lift the arms and the lengths and alternates with me. Yeah, there it is.

Yeah. And rest the back. Just hang over the top of the barrel. So we're going to push back. We're going to slide down onto our knees and then if you can just get that barrel out of your way, it's probably shit away. Wherever. Yeah. And just sit back and stretch your back and then we're going to keeping the hands in front of us.

You're going to be good where you are. Candy. Just keep it. Keep it going. And just like that. I'm going to roll through the spine. So we come more over the hands. You don't have to put a lot of weight into your hands. And then tilt the tailbone up towards the ceiling so your back is arched and then reach back with an arched back all the way back towards your feet.

Stretching the arms out in front of us. And then we're going to roll the spine, so around, pull the abdominals up towards the spine. Come up over the hands, tilt the tailbone up so we undulate in the opposite direction and sit back. Last one, rolling up. [inaudible] okay. Reaching back. And then let's just roll up here. So we're on our knees.

I'm gonna turn and face in, but you guys can just keep right where you are. Just come up all the way onto your knees. Yup. Just right as you are as perfect. I'm going to take the arms up, reaching up, let the arms reach back with the back, reach back a little bit and reach the arms down. So similar move. Then when we started, as we started reaching the arms back down, so let's try this. Push the arms up. It's not a try, it's just an idea.

And then just let the arms melt back down. Fall back down. It's creating easiness, lateness. I see that one more time. Reaching out. Enough Push, energetic reach, lift, and as the arms fall down, and then is that heaviness. That ease happens in the arm, cos you can see, find an equal lot, easy lifting of the spy. And then as the arms come down, we [inaudible] finish class. We're done. [inaudible].


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Great! I felt flatter and longer after doing this. It's going into my fave queue. I have done the first 13 minutes 3 times now. It's great ab work!
Great class! Exactly what my back needed. Got all the kinks out:) thank you!
Thanks ladies! The spine corrector is one of my very favorite places to work.
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AMAZING! I feel wonderful after this class! It's gone to my favorites for sure :)
Thanks, Gail. Great to hear!
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Meredith, this class felt so great! Would you mind doing more on the spine corrector??.? You have such a gift!
Thanks Nicole. I won't film again until next month and then it will take quite a while for new classes to upload. I promise to try to create a new spine corrector class. In the meantime, there are already quite a few to choose from. Thank you for taking class with me. :)
Kim W
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This class made me happy! Love spine corrector. And did it all on the Pilates Arc, so it works well for both.
Yea, Kim! Way to be creative. Any arc like surface will do in a pinch... ;) Thanks for taking class with me.
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This is only my second sign correct her class ever… And I loved it. I feel so much better after doing this. In fact I didn't realize how tired I was in the upper body until that side lying series. Thank you for a wonderful class.
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