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Draw deeply into the center of your body with this strong Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She works on bringing awareness to your body with fun but challenging sequences throughout the class. You will practice a Side Body series, a Push Up series, and much more!
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We're going to start. Um, we're gonna do a strong intermediate class today. I don't know if there's traffic where you live, but where we live there is, and we have one friend who is late, so don't mind her. She'll join us when she does. Here we go. Sit Tall. Hands behind your thighs. Close your eyes for a moment. Feel the weight of your feet on the mat.

Let's give yourself this moment in time in space to connect in your own body. Don't feel the weight of the body on the sitting bones. And as the weight of the body sits right on the sitting bones. This spiny Ilan gates and stretches upwards drawing your attention to the significance of the arms. Use the arms to feel that you're you lifting.

There's an active arm position here. Drawing the attention in your mind to the energy that runs up and down your spine. And finally drawing your attention to your breath. Inhaling and exhaling. So as we inhale, we feel the rib expand towards the elbows and let the elbows pull out slightly. Try to pull your legs apart, but don't let your legs pull apart with your legs and then exhale, push into your legs with your hands. But keep the legs still. Feel that, that that pressure, that outer pressure creates work through the center of the body. Mandy's here and we pull the legs up, man. We just started.

We're still bringing awareness to our bodies and we press the legs in and we build the spy and we pull apart. Don't let the knees move, but I want you to try to move them and then I want you to squeeze them and try to squeeze them together. But don't let them move still. And now if your eyes are still closed, open your eyes. Inhale here. As you exhale, let your pelvis start to mobilize. Feel the rotation in the pelvis. Keep the shoulders where they are.

Keep the arms as active as they are, but drawn deeply backwards. And inhale, lift the spine lightly, easily and exhale round the spy. We go down, we keep the head floating just above the shoulders and inhale to lift and exhale as we curl. Trying not to drop the head too deeply and inhale and exhale. Curl this spine, pause there, reach your arms forward, feel that you can create the same energy that you're having when you're holding your legs just by reaching your arms for it and roll back. So we draw the back down into the mat. We pause when you come to the lower back. We take the arms up open forward and the spine comes.

Find your round shape right over the pelvis. Lift your back, lift your arms, open your arms, round your spine, reach forward and inhale. Exhale, start rolling down. Feeling the feet on the mat, feeling that mobility in the spine in how recheck. Open forward and rural and reach and open and round. One more time. We take it down to the mat, down, down, getting the body nice and warm right away. Inhale, arms open and forward. [inaudible] and reach up and open and round.

Now let's take that in reverse. We're going to go lift up, lift up, open the arms, lift the overhead. I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted to do it, but that's how it is. And now we're going around down. Here we go. Find your way to your shoulders. Arms. Then arms overhead. But guess what? We're going to roll up into our, around Shane, rolling up into our around shade and then lift this way and lift that. Our arms open to the side. They lift back up, they round forward.

We roll down, we take the arms out, we lift the arms weight pressed down and reach up. Nice. Dab into that round position. We lift this spine with rat with us arms there we open, we take the arms back up over head last time. Where you around and roll and arms go all over here. Yeah, we reach up. You have to start going forward right away, right away. And then we will bring the arms out to the side and lift the spine and take the arm and from the back towards me, inhale and exhale. Rotate the pelvis under Paz.

Three lifts, one to [inaudible], three center the body over to the other side. Three lifts. One. If you get stuck or you feel like it's hard to come up, grab onto your leg, let your leg help you. You can leave it lifted off the floor and when you roll up, oh, all the way we come to center, we go back the way we can. So we're coming to the back of the room round. Feel the pelvis shift under shift under shift under now hold here.

No lifts. But we just lift the leg one and yeah, to the inside leg and down. Number three. And then we open. We changed directions. We go. One, two, three leg goes down. We inhale. Press back through your heels. Roll yourself up. Nice ladies. Open the arms out to the side. We're going to come down this way.

Here we go. If you need to bring your arms forward, you will, but try to keep the arms nice. And why do you decide they can come forward if you want? It's just a suggestion. Just a little challenge. Pause, pause and lift up. Three small, small, small, small, small two. One. Slide your feet into, touch your hands and lie back all the way.

Okay. I think we're all warm enough now to do a pelvic curl. Inhale and exhale. Feel the low back flat and again. Now we roll the spine, not moving the spine in the opposite direction. Feel that the back of the legs help us keep the hips high. The arms press down into the mat. We inhale and then we exhale.

Start from the breastbone and then undulate through the spine using the front of the body to move the back of the body through space. Release the tailbone down an inhale. As we exhale, flatten the spine first. Feel the arms reach out in front of you. Feel the heels dragging back towards the fingertips, the back of the neck. Elongating.

Inhale and exhale as we pulled one bone. Suspending the bone that's above that bone that you're placing in space, so we create some stretch in the body. Inhale, tailbone down. Exhale, peel up. Just one more. Notice all the time where the shoulders are in space. Do your shoulders as you round through the spine. Try to come up off the floor, and if so, let's keep them really actively backward. Pressing. Tell bone drops all the way down again in here. Exhale, roll in a pause at the top. Keeping the hips high.

Keep the weight of the body on the right leg. Lift the left leg, keep it bent, it goes down and comes up. Inhale down. Exhale, left. Inhale down. Exhale, lift. Last time. Exhale to lift. Pause there. Stretch the lay. We're gonna circle the leg. Three and two and one and then we're going to go the other direction. We circled three and two and one and now we take that like straight down and flex pole one straight down.

Flex pulled two of three straight down. Flex Pool. Hold point the foot and pike the leg in towards the body. As you peel your body down towards the floor, take that leg straight down to the mat. Lift the other leg off the floor, the one that's still bent the right leg. Hold onto the outside of the right leg with your left hand and twist to your left. Looking over your right shoulder breathing. Come back through center. Placing the feedback down, lining the heels up with this sitting wounds, making sure that the feet are just underneath the knees.

We inhale and now we exhale in peel, lifting the spine up one vertebrae at a time. Finding that nice high bridge position. Left leg stays as that anchor. The right leg floats and goes down and floats and goes down. Nice job ladies. Last one. Floats pass. We stretch. We do a little in circles. Stabilizing the pelvis, stabilizing the pelvis. Last one, a little out circle.

Here's three and two and one and now the leg goes straight down and flex point. Push and pull, pulling, push and pull. Point that foot pipe down, bringing the lake closer and closer. That's what I mean by Pike. Take that right. Like straight down onto the mat. Lift the left leg up, hold onto the outside of the left leg with the right hand and look over your left shoulder as you twist to your right. And then we come back center bending the bottom leg, bending the straight leg so the legs are back together. Squeeze the legs together. Reach up, bring the hands behind the head, let the elbows just float up off the floor.

We're going to take both knees towards me, letting the opposite foot lift up off the floor in Ham and XO e Roy. Reach back or roll the pelvis back. Any hills we go the other way. And X as we pull back and inhales Zika and exhale as we pulled back and inhale as we go and exhale as we pull back. So now I want us to inhale, go over, let the hip pelvis just float there in space. Exhale, lift the upper body Kirra and back and curl and work with resistance on the way down and three more. Curl and back and to the head and chest. Moving in one unit. And what I mean by that, so we're not pushing the head forward, we're carrying the head with the abdominals. We come back through center, we pull back through center. There we are right in the center perfectly.

And now we take the legs over to the other side in hand and exhale the chest curls fi and lining the knees. And the feet up as best that we can to really drawing deeply in through the center of the body theory and for and five we placed the head down, we inhale, we exhale, slide the body back through space. Yeah, ready? Lighten up in the feet, lift the head in, chest, lift the feet nice and light. Bring the knees right into the chest and India, tip the toes and XL draw. And then as the legs come in, press the chest forward and inhale.

Tip the toes so they are light. It's like they're going down and just testing water that you're just not quite certain about. It could be hot, could be freezing. You have to just go really lightly and pull and one more and pause legs. Go stray and pull in and stray and pull in and steroid pull in. Last two.

We take them out and bring them in and take them out and bring them in. I want us to rotate towards me and now take the legs out and bring them in and take them. And keeping the fetal lined at the knees. Leyenda and in two in and one and in center twists to the opposite direction and looking, just pass that out. Or like Adam, we go out and pull. Imagine that you have pulleys on your knees or you're pulling spring or weight or pushing against resistance. Twice more. Pull and last one and pull.

Center the body lightly placed the feet down. Stretch the arms forward. Stretch the legs out. You can glide them along your matter. You can take one leg out at a time. And from here we gather our energy together and we roll ourselves up and all the way over towards the feet. Take little stretch. Pull up your pants if necessary.

Take that stretch forward. The role, the [inaudible] lift the arms, bend the arms, hands behind the head, pressing the head into the hands. Feel, pull up on your head. Feel the length of the spine in a very slow rotation towards me. You could exhale there and in here, and a very slow rotation to the opposite side and inhale, slow, slow, but controlled. Slow. But like you're trying to milk it. Like you're wringing out a towel and you're just trying to get the very last drop and said, you're now a little quicker. We're not coming stopping center.

We're gonna swing, swing, switch, swing, swing, swing, swing, swing, swing, swing, swing, switch. And as you're going through that Switchie place, reach up taller swings, swing, reach up, taller swing, swing, swing, swing, last rapid Titian both signs, center arms, [inaudible] arms reach behind us. The hands come down. Push yourself away from the mat. Gather up the strength behind the length, the hands could, the fingers can face out or forward and we lift the hips. Deb, I think you're going to be happier if you actually take your arms behind you more and you can widen them a little bit. I'll just give you more space for your body so you don't want to have your hands right underneath you.

You want to give yourself enough space so that when you lift your pelvis, you can go backwards over your hands and be lined up that so much better. I love it. Yeah, and sit down. Good ad lead with the head, not by just throwing it back by, by just taking it straight back. So the relationship of the head above the shoulders doesn't change. The pelvis changes and that will make the head feel like it's shifting.

But it really just comes with the spine. Okay. I thought I had no thought. You knew that. I really did. I'm sorry. I have failed my student, but now you know, and now we go. And one more time lifting up, reaching up, drawing the abdominals down. We sit back down, we bend the knees, you reach around for the feet coming close at Nice and [inaudible].

Nice and tidy little ball and pick up the feet and then rock back and ou left. I wasn't so tidy Meredith, if that's okay. And reach back and sometimes just endeavoring to be tidy is enough. Unless you're my husband, which in that case is not enough at all. I've been back. Okay. And one more time can go back. And uh, Kay ladies, we're going to take the hands to the [inaudible].

I'm gonna push the knees into the hands, curl the spine back, curling, controlling into the double leg stretch position. And from there we reach out and pull and reach treading as your arms are going back and overhead, bring the arms together, the thumbs together and back. Try to send the feet straight out and straight back in and reach and drag. And two more. Reach out and pull a one way and pull.

And then hands on the knees. We push the knees. Find your ball. Control. Control. [inaudible]. Some days are better than others. Speaking about myself. Hands on the left knee. Both right leg out straight. Keep that right eye reaching. As you push your left knee into your hands.

We roll down. Rolled. Yeah, controlling. Bringing the left toes into alignment with the right toes. And we change one and one too. We're going to do eight, two, three, three, four. Curling the body. Pressing down.

Okay, so seven a Oh we have to do eight and a half cause we got to get to the right knee. Okay. And now we put what? Push. Oh, let me keep the hands on the right knee. And when you go down, down again, control. This is the hardest, right?

Figuring out how to get from up through the sticky spot in the back with control from here. Hands behind the head. We go Chris, Cross one one. Now I've got to lift. As you twist, we're going to do four like this three. So here's number four, four. Then we're going to take the outside hand across the front like four and four. Slicing that upper or the lower leg offset the knee. Three, four, four. We square off.

We take that left knee in the hands. We pushed the knee into the hand. Rolling. I cheated. If you need to know how to cheat, hold behind your leg. That's what we did. Bring the bottom lay again. Lift the back. Both shins parallel to the floor. We're going to do openly rock or the prep hold behind the legs.

We'll just do two. So we go back. Okay, and left. Thank you for telling me Amy Cheetah too. So ready. Should we do the full open the rocker? We'll take the ankles. We'll stretch. The knees. Stretch the spinal, do three here. So inhale and exhale and stretch. Keep the inner thighs strong and helps me to think about my glutes here.

Believe it or not. Two, one more. Okay, so now we are going to hold it. We're going to hold it, we're going to let go and I do five little lifts with the legs. One Oh five is so ambitious, Meredith's three, four, five and then we're going to lower the legs down and sit up all the way reaching the arms forward, spine stretch, inhaling and exhaling. Taken the head forward. We're just going to do one regular spine stretch, reaching down and down and down and then inhale and push your heels away from you in space as you roll through the spine and lift yourself back up again. Pause in here and exhale. Rounding, reaching lengths enough through the spine, coming into spine. Switch with extension, arms up near the ears, back, nice and long. Perfect.

Dem, and now we go down and just rebound. So how much can you, or how little rural down, how little efforting can you put into that upward movement? I feel like even here, if you put less effort into it, maybe it feels easier and it looks beautiful. So reach forward and then just slide up. Hmm.

Yeah, let's do two more. Inhale and exhale as we roll down, reach the arms, lengthen abdominals back towards the spine. And then just fall and stack. One more time. I'm going to change it at the bottom. Let me go down. We range. So now from here though, I'm, that's furthest away from me. So everybody rotates towards me.

Comes to the mat in between the feet, the other like reach or that's an arm. The other arm reaches out and then we shoot back to center. So it's a different energy. Now we put the hand down and we milk that stretch. We find that stretch and then one, two, three center and then switch. Yeah. So in the center I'm still on the diagonal all the time and then we shoot and rotate it.

Oh, Ben, Eh, center. Last one. Both sides rotate. Open, open. Oh. Then further at center and other side [inaudible]. Oh, pen. Yeah, center and sit up. Arms Open.

Turn. And now just the regular saw. So we go down with a flat spine. We take the arms energetically away from each other to sit up and we come center and inhale as you rotate and die and then reach out through this one sitting up and center and in here and stretch and reach and center and in. Yeah, stretch and reach up and center and inhale and stretch. Pause. Put the back hand on the floor, push with your back hand to pull your spine.

Your arm now is going to reach all the way up towards the air on that diagonal. And then we find center and inhale and forward. Back. Fingertips come to the floor, the front arm reaches a reaches for elongation. Feel that back up and center. Lower the arms down. Turn and face me, we're gonna stack the feet, line the heels up with the tailbone and come down onto the elbow.

Okay, so what I've done is created about a 90 degree angle with from my seat to move the feet a little bit this way, Deb. Yeah, about a 90 degree angle from ankle to knee to pelvis. And then we're gonna lift this arm straight up, throwing it up. Push. I bring the ribs back just a little bit, man. Oh, I love it. Okay, so we pushed the arm down to lift the ribs up and then we just flow. So each time we're going to add onto this, but I want to make sure that we can feel the work from the shoulder all the way to the pelvis. Just holding for about five. And then when you go down, don't lose that line. Nice. And now we come up again.

So we lift and now we're going to hold that the top leg is going to go up. Just keep the feet together and down. So you could also put your hand behind your head. Sometimes that feels better to me. Tells me where my head should be and relative to space.

It's up to you. Two more, one more. And then we go down with the knee. We go down with the pelvis, but you're still working. You're still in the middle of that exercise. Still in that bottom sideways. And again, we lift them and now Amy gets her wish we take the whole lega and uh, and the whole like, so when the upper legs lifting, we're pushing the bottom like down. So both sides of the body are strong. Last too, last time and I take the leg down, we're going to take the body down, but stay lifted through the waist.

God. And one more thing. We come on and now we're gonna go under big twist, big twist. Almost like you could reach and touch the far side of your mat and then unwind in here and exhale, big twist, reaching for the underside of the Mat and unwind. And three more reaching through and back and reaching through. Okay. Back last time. Reaching through and back and now letting the pelvis sit down, bringing the hand behind the head.

Everyone now stretch the leg out and we're just going to swing, swing and swing. Let it be nice and light and back. Just notice how you still have to create some stabilization from the bottom side of the body. I can't stop us at five. I think we have to do just three more, two more, and one where the arm is going to come up. As the leg goes to the back, it's going to come down near the front hand, rotate, lift up and forth through the spine. And now that back legs going up and back, eight times seven, six pulling the spine out and forward, finding the stretch through the waist. Three to whoo bend. Help yourself up. Take the [inaudible] bottom, like out from underneath the top leg and sit up all the way.

Mermaid, lots of beautiful mermaids in this room. So we're gonna go out across that way, across the pointed in the, think of it as [inaudible], away from the hip that was just working. And then round around or come around with a flat, a relatively flat back, what we're doing, rotation. And then push them out away and pull back through this. Bye.

So now you're definitely round and then lengthen the body back out against your back and extension. Unwind, lift up, reach up, dive over the side of you, and then come back again. So again, we hinge out. All right hand comes down. We keep this by an elongated as we turn the body and then we push them out away, drawing and feeling the pelvis rotate under. Find a stretch, find a long spine again. Unwind Lifter Arma. Reach up first and then over and then back. We'll just do one more so out and lands lightly.

Spine spirals. Push away from the mat with the abdominals round the spy. Re Straighten, unwind, lift up. The arm now is going to go over. Then it's going to come forward.

It's going to continue to go in at circle, you'll or emotion. The other am leaves the floor. That hand comes to the mat. Come up onto your knees, press into the front of the hips. This is a gift for all of us. We're going to make three big arms circles. There is one. Here's two and one more so springing the arm back overhead. As we sit the pelvis down, that arm just continues. It's circles back the other way.

The, or I'm on the mat, leaves the Mat, comes back into the side stretch position and we lift up and swing the legs around to the other side. So we're on our elbow, we have our heels in our knees lined up to create about a 90 degree angle. This time was lifted, spine lifted ribs in. Here we go, we float. And all we did here was just remember that the relationship between the side of the body is important to one, keep that relationship consistent, lower the pelvis and lift again. And now we go knee up and to, I'm imagining that someone's holding me up here, who wouldn't that be nice and last too.

And yeah, and again, if you want to put your hand behind your head and feel where your head is in space, we come down, that's fine. I like it. And lift and we go up and down and Ah, and Ah, and pushing both legs for five and down. The body comes down. This arm is going to be here now for our twist. So we lift on and we [inaudible] reaching all the way under back far side of the mat and then unwind and reach all the way under back of the net and unwind and three and back and too and back I last one and that. And then we just gently bring the hips down, hand behind the head, top leg out, and we go everyone together forward and stretch at oh angry and working on the stabilization through the trunk. Keeping the trunk very still. Yeah. Four back, three back to back one way and hold and comes around to the front, push off both arms, reach the spine out on the day I go and get that back leg nice and high.

Then press up in back. Eight, seven, six just reaches up and forward. Three, four, two. I don't know. Is that eight? Yay. And we come in and we n y into the mermaid. Still practicing. Maybe they should teach politesse teachers how to count first. That's a good first. Yeah. Great. Thank you. Can be a teacher. Unless you can count. How many teachers would there be? Very many, I don't think. Okay. So we are going every, you guys are coming towards one another.

We're going in over that back leg and then spiral and then we push them out away really around the spine and y and then back and left. That supporting him comes up and stretches over and then back out to the side. With the I'm then hinge hand comes down spiral and with a straight spine we round the spine, press the mat away, elongate the spy. I'm comes down, body lifts, up, arm lifts, up and over. One more, reaching out, down all round curl, Elan, open a holdover and around forward goes, the front of the spine follows. We come around to this side, we press into that hand, lift the hips and that top arm goes three circles, one and two and fury. And reach forward and let the pelvis come down. Continue around to this side and stretch to the side.

Yes, yes. I haven't come up. Come onto your hands and knees. It's nice, isn't it? Okay. All right, so we're going hands and knees and do something fun and you're ready for a little fun. Okay. So we're going to step one leg back.

Funny Equals pushups in my world. Ready? We're already one leg back. Second leg back. So we're going to find just that strong position. We're gonna round the spine and bend the knees, straighten the knees and straight in the back. Bend your elbows one time and straighten round your spine.

Then journeys, straighten your spine, straighten your legs, bend your elbows one time and one more sets of three ladies and back and bend and press. And now we're going to lift the hips up. I'm pressing the hips up, pressing the heels down, sweating that nice long line in the body, you know, lift the heels and the curl forward. So now one leg at a time, right leg is around. Step back, left leg round. Set that right leg round, step back. Lastly, we're around, set back one way, right way, and left flee. And now we hold ourself and we do three pushups in a row. What to theory.

And we lift K and now we go right leg up. We come down, we touch the mat, we bend, press, lift the leg and Arabesque. Nope. Right, like all the time. So I have my right leg in the air. Now I'm taking my right leg down to the mat. I put the top of my foot on the mat or you could just hover it. I don't care. Hovering is harder.

Of course we lift the lay endless the hips. One more forward down bend, then the leg and then it comes in and the other one comes in and we sit back [inaudible] and we'll get to the other side in just a second. But first we're going to come down onto her stomach. So bring yourself down onto your mat. Bring your hands together.

Yeah. Push the mat away from you. Lift the spine up. Feel the front two hip bones on the mat, but then try to lift the abdominals, the low abdominals off. Now we're just going to float the leg. So light flown. I go kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch. Ben, one knee. Focus on the stability of the torso by creating the work of the moving leg.

Very concentrated into the hamstrings. Paul Paul, stretch. Paul Paul, stretch, pull, stretch. Pull, pull, stretch. One more pull. Stretch Paul. Paul, pause. UNCLASP your hands. [inaudible] lower your body. Keeping the legs right with air. Turn your face in mind. Direction. Hands behind the back.

Elbows down on the mat and we kick. One, two, three. Hurry out and stretch and we kick. One, two, three. Let me reach out and stretch and we kick. One, two, three. Hurry, chatting. Stretch. One more. Kick. One, two, three. Reach out in stretch.

Take the arms out to the sides. Hold there. Lift the arm up like you're flying through the air. Three counting down. Two and one legs down. Four arms on the mat. Press up on your forearms. Sit back on your feet.

Stretch. [inaudible] okay, come back upon the hands and knees. Okay, so instead of rounding the spine, guys, we're going to keep the spine, but we're going to do the same sort of thing. So step back, step back. So the spine stays straight, but the knees still come down. So just drop the knees down. They may be just hover and then straighten arms and stretch. Nice. Strench arms stretch one way.

Knees stretch. You don't have to bend your arms. You could just hold your plane and then lift the pelvis, pressing the heels down, drawing the navel back towards the center of the spine. Lift the heels, articulate the spine forward, holding the pelvis, still holding the spine. So left knee in and back, right leg in and back. Left leg in and back. Right leg in. One more hole, three pushups or not. Or You could just come straight down onto your knees and do your pushups there, right? Just right where we just were. And three and we lift up and the rear left leg.

The left like kicks up in the air trying to get it nice and high when we come down top of the foot. Touches, elbows, stretch. Lift the leg first, then lift the body down. You could hover it if you're brave like dad and Mandy and less. I don't know it feeling so brave today. And Bend. Lift the leg first. Kick up, set the foot down and push back. One more time.

Push back, back. Bend the knees. Untuck the toes, reach back. So you're just hovering off your heels in this moment. And then we're gonna draw up through the center of the body. We're going to roll the SPINA and I start to bring the pelvis forward towards the hands, allow the head to start to lift. We transition into a straight body, transitioned from the straight body into an arc, lifting the chest, and then from there press the shins down into the mat, round the spine, lift, suspend like you're being pulled up through your waist and sit back towards your feet. And that stretch, keeping the arms where they are and then we haul it through the center of the body. We roll, he started to come forward as the body's preparing to go into an extension.

When I feel the backs of the legs, when I feel the abdominals ready to support that. And then we press and around, we get that beautiful stretch to the front of the body. Hopefully I do. And then up last one. Yeah. Hips come down.

Spinalis soft moving the body like a wave through wave like motion and then round and your reach. And then from that sitting position, just let yourself reach back and rest down on your feet for just a moment. I sometimes push with my hands trying to move my pelvis lower towards my feet. It's just a suggestion, an idea certainly not required. And then roll the spine up. So we're rolling up onto our knees and we're gonna bring our arms out to our side as though I was just float up in space.

And then in here and now around we roll the body back or we round the spine back. I want the arms to reach down towards the knee. That pelvis reaches back, the arms reach overhead and now round curling backwards, sitting back. Your arms just reached down towards the knees as a little five stretchy, but your pelvis comes up are still around though, so not quite as hard as it could be. Can reach up well the way and ran last time. Sitting back, stretching the front of this size, pressing the size forward, getting the stretch there, reaching out and up all the way, and then flex through the heels of the hands and push. Why? Open arms all the way down. Keep that energy through the heels of the hands. Feel that neurological stretch.

Perhaps let the hands go. Let them be soft. Float them up over head. Feel the spine. Lift up into the hands. Flex the hand. Push away, building the spine straighter, taller. Noticing the movement of energy and down. And one more Leesy. Arms Up. Good. Even go easier. I'm this down. Let's do it. Easy. Arms down.

Oh, it's changing the energy. We can change our energies all the time. It's a good reminder for me. Okay. Thanks girl.


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Meredith!!!! Thank you for the challenges you presented in this class. It was exactly what I needed, a change of energy!!!! Your advice and cueing were exactly what I needed. Xo

P.S. I cannot count and teach at the same time either. If this was a requirement I would be out of a job!
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thank you! this was a great body opening workout!
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amazing class. loved all the spine work. thank you!
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Fabulous class! Loved it.
As always, Meredith's class kicked my butt. Thanks for the wonderful mat class.
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Outstanding class. Thank you.
Loved this class Meri!!!
Hugs and kisses to you and my lovely Mandy????
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Liked the rotational moves nice flow in between
It seems nice n easy but wow- u made me work!!!!
Thank U !
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Amazing! I loved the way you stretched throughout and loved the push-ups! Thank you.
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