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This is a 10-minute stretching class with a deep stretch for the quadriceps, hip flexors, and hamstrings followed by Amy bringing her students up to a standing position for a short section of balance work.
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Can we come up to our knees? We're going to start with some hip flexor stretching. We've done this one many times. So if you step your left foot forward and put your fingertips down by your foot, go ahead and extend that right leg back. All right, so your left knee is above your left ankle. So back up a little bit. Air me above ankle, right.

Okay. Now something I, when I'm working on the reformer cause cause there's a few exercises on the reformer or other equipment that has this angle to it. I want you to feel your hamstrings here, so I'm right. I'm going to squeeze the back of your leg, engage this. It's as if you're, I want you to think of the these back thigh muscles lifting to the ceiling, which really will open up the front of your hip more. Does that make sense? And then get that long spine that I've seen before. Yeah.

So your hamstrings should be active. It's also gonna help protect your knee or support your knee. Okay, this pretty square today. All right. Now can we straighten that front leg and your chest? Staying a little closer to your front thigh.

I know it. Stay with the breath that set you guys. I know. All right. Come back down into the the lens stretch. And then I do want us to put that back knee down on the mat.

Lower the foot and bring your hands up onto your thigh. Okay. So as we're in this stretch, uh, it is oh curse you probably feeling through the front of this hip. We could do two ways. We could approach it qualitatively. Two ways we could drop ourselves into it. See, I just kinda see that's not supportive. I'm just hanging in my, in my body there.

What I want us to try doing, it's going to be more intense, is to tilt your pelvis into, think of that almost a little tuck position. Alright, I'm putting weight on my hands, but I also have quite a bit of weight on this Shin in this foot. So it's almost as if I could, you know, come up off of that. That back Shin you guys check in. Yeah. I don't want you, if you, unless you really want to try that. You could, but that's what I mean. We're not bearing so far down. There's a lot of support and lift here. All right, we can try it next time or at home. Okay. Now the uh, the leg that's back. Let's also reach that arm forward and up.

So it was the arm comes up. It might intensify the stretch that's happening down through your hip. All right, that's going to be fine. If you'd like. I'm going to go a little bit farther and just think a little bit more of an upper back arch. Okay. Ribs are in. I'm still thinking I can kind of bear up onto that Shin so we're not resting on the wait down. Are you breathing? Hopefully this feels good.

I know it's a lot of work. Should we? That's going to be plenty of though guys. Bring that arm down and once again, I want you to extend that back leg, stretch it, but then hop that back foot forward. Kind of a couple hops and we'll change sides. Okay, so first coming into your lunge, kind of good old classic lunch. Knee over ankle can be up on your fingertips, feeling good and long, and your [inaudible] back. I want to make sure you're square. Very important.

Good. Long upper spine. Shoulders more down there. Yeah. And then again, check into your, the energy in the back of that thigh. Engage those hamstrings like they're coming to the ceiling. There you go. Let's Beth. That's set your guys focusing on the breath. Doing Great. Beautiful. Yep.

All right, good. Thank you. NL. Straighten the front leg and just take some inhale axios ever so slightly. Hardly anything. Ah, so square. Good. Our hamstrings are usually, they'll thank you later. Your lower back will thank you later for stretching. Well, I hope.

Okay. Come back down into the lunge. All right, now lower that acne. Okay. Bringing your torso up. Hands on your head. Okay. Yeah. So again, work a little bit more of that idea of pelvic tilt or press your pubic bone forward.

Oh yeah, I'm just going to check that. Yeah, I can, I can almost come up onto the back of my, the back foot and on my shin. Okay. And then arm long. So it's gonna be your the leg that's back, whatever leg is back all the way up. You feel fine. You could stop there. You wanted to go a little farther, like a cascade of energy coming up the front of your chest, your sternum, your eyes might now look up. You don't have to drop the head back though. Please breathe.

It's about the hike. Openness in your back and in between your desks and all the ligaments in the spine. Cool. All that cartilage. Getting more oxygen when blood flow and then coming down. Okay. And then extend your leg back. Hop that foot in and let's roll up to standing.

Nice. Easy. Roll Up. Okay. We'll do a couple more stretches from standing. So face me again and you can open up the legs into that turned out position. Heels are just a little wider than your hips. Toes, not too turned out. We'll do some lateral stretching. Okay. We did some on the floor with the hand weight, but this made me feel better.

So open up those arms, bring those ribs down in stable, long, low back. Bring your tail under more. Okay. Start with your left arm. Bring it up towards your ear. Let's breathe in there. Now though, both arms are going to bend or reach over to your right thinking a c curve in your spine. Stand very firm in your left foot. Okay, keep reaching to that side so the shoulders should stay square to the front hip, square to the front and that's bringing everything up. Arms level, other side, arm coming up and exhale as we bend, really reach into this space here. Solid in your right foot. How you're standing on that leg. You're bending over your waist.

Inhale and exhale. Come up a little more flow. Not that that wasn't just, maybe we'll go a little faster. Wow. To go overreach. Let this feel good. Hopefully it does. All the way up. Arm Level, a few more each side.

Arm Up to come over. Solid in your legs. Easy shoulders and the stay here. I think we can all reach more reach. Let me see. Go, go, go into that space. There we are and shh. Last one on left arm. My left. Exhale over. Go into that space. Ask the tissue stretch, stretch elongates and all the way up.

Okay. Bring your arms down. Walk your feet, toe, heel, toe, heel. I'm going to come to the floor for this because these maths do scoot every now and again and take your arms up. So I used to have dance. We're not going to do a geog right now. Even a little, just follow along. Let's move a little. So I'm bending the knees. Let's yourself round over your thighs.

Your arms are going to swing and it's kind of a sense, an ease, a little bit of balance. Challenge perhaps when a track your knees straight forward. I'm going to watch you a couple of times. There's a rebounding quality to have. Yeah, let the weight drop. Lift, drop left more times. Ah Yes. Two more. And are off your uplift.

And now one more slowly round your lower back and steed down. Let the arms hang [inaudible] if you could see yourself from the side Vena c curve, knees are bent. There's some space between your tummy and your thighs. [inaudible] yeah, just around there guys. [inaudible] unfold or roll back up to standing. Lengthening the knees.

We're coming right back up and again, just like last week, we're going to rise up onto the balls of the feet. All right, let's do about 10 so when we go up onto the balls of the feet or the front foot centers, engage the inner legs, wrap around to the seat, pull this back. I must rise up and lowering down and feel free to do something else with your arms if you need to. So maybe you may want to come here handling right and again, rising up and lowering down and rising up and lowering down. Staying tall as you bring your heels to the floor. Let's take four more. Yeah, we can do that. You can actually eat long gate taller when your heels come down, if stay conscious. And who else that thought of not really dropping the weight but placing the weight onto the heel. Two more times. Analysts and exhale and lower.

Now last time we're all going to stay lifted. Stay right there. Stay, stay, stay. All right. Yeah, cause we're going there. We're going to take our arms from the sides and up from the front end up. Either way. Stay up there, feel the balance. [inaudible] easy, easy arms. How effortless can we be in the balance? Say there, just float the arms down.

Hey, it's better each week. Let the heels come down. Let's do one final roll down to finish. Take a breath. That was really good. And here we go. Rounding forward, feel that wheel like quality through your spine. Soften your knees if you'd like to. Inhale and let's exhale. Enrolling, rolling all the way up.

I want to appreciate your focus today guys, and a little more fo thought I felt were a concentration in the room, which is helpful for me to guide you through and great work with the weights. Before you leave tonight, today you may want to just do a quick neck stretch just in case because if you're not, you were used to doing the weighted work. This could get a little um, talkative, shall we say? Have a great weekend. Stay cool. Thanks guys.


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Tough but GREAT stretch to warm up or down . Great to start the day and to end it!
Thank you Angie.....nice to hear from you!
I just started doing pilates last week due to body ache. I am 38 and felt like 88. Ja ja ja! This concerned me "greatly" because I know many women a lot older than I not aching as much as I. My own father is 68 and lifts weights like a guy of 25. Anyway, my sister told me about pilates. My first session was the Beginners Series #1 with Niedra Gabriel. Then I moved on to Pilates in Bed with Layla Khashoggi. I was looking for some stretches and found this section. Nice complement to what I'm doing. Thank you guys soooooo much! Pain, stress and stiffness is going away.
Hi Norili.....welcome to Pilates Anytime! Keep up the great work and enjoy this process. Pilates is an amazing movement system that will add so much to your life and will absolutely help ease aches, pains and stiffness. Looking forward to hearing from you again!
Hello Norili.... As I have heard so many times, in so many different disciplines, "Movement IS Medecine". And in my estimation it can be more powerful than nearly every answer, in so many parts of your life. It is FANTASTIC that you have taken the steps to begin a more fluid and comfortable life. Congratulations! Keep it up
Another fantastic class Amy. Perfect stretches for my tied legs from skiing hard all day.
Thank you Elizabeth!!
Love this! I did it after my run. Would love more classes like this - can you recommend some?
Hi Katie! Let me take a look at the inventory of classes for more stretching segments. I have a few on the site for sure....I really like to offer some 'pearls' for us to work with. :) Stay tuned!
Karen M
This was easy to follow and perfect stretch. I have been having a little neck pain and at the end of the video you mentioned to stretch you're neck, especially if using weights and I have been using weights on my own ( light 2lb weights) for my arms. Now I will stretch better. I always get a bit of education from pilates anytime videos. Thanks!!
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