Class #2235

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Let the music move you in this dynamic Mat workout with Courtney Miller! She teaches a Pilates, yoga, and dance fusion set to music that will keep you motivated as you start to feel the burn. She continuously flows from one exercise to the next, so the class feels like one seamless piece of movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls


Hi, I'm Courtney. I have a dynamic mat, yoga, dance fusion class for you today with some music. We love to move to music. Let it motivate you. Don't let it intimidate you.


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Looks great cant wait to try this:))
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Excellent class. Thank you!
There YOU are!!
I'm smiling even BEFORE beginning your class. )))))
YOU are one of my top 3 instruc.
Better then expected!!!!! Love it!!!!
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I am already putting this in my "favorites" and I haven't even taken it yet! SOOOO EXCITING!
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This for me embodied the joy of movement.
More like this!
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And I thought I was in good shape? What do I know anyways!
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level 2/3 + accelerated + Courtney = a LOT of work + LOT of fun . Did I say a LOT of work? I saw this new class posted last night and was eager to try it in the morning and thought I knew what I getting into. Kudos to you brave ladies for being filmed doing it!!! (Thank you Amy...I used you as my model as much as Courtney)
Wowww ! Now that's a workout !!! Love it :)
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HONESTLY--The Woman is a GENIUS. I LOVE THAT WORKOUT. I currently can only get through 40 minutes of it but that was the most Rejuvenating, awakening 40 minutes of my day so far. I had a 19 month old climbing on me during the bridge and butterfly moves and 4 other little kids hanging out next to be, coloring and encouraging me. "Wow, Mama, you're getting fit already!". I LOVE that workout. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! It's really, really Truly Fantastic. I can't wait to keep getting better at it!!!! FAN! TAS! TIC! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!
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